Laneywhat does -proposed build against?00:27
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YokoZarScottK: is it time for an ia32-libs SRU for Lucid?  Some of the component libraries have been updated05:16
ScottKYokoZar: Could be.  I'm not on the SRU team, so my opinion doesn't count any more than yours.06:02
YokoZarScottK: was more asking if you remember seeing any libraries pass by the archive06:03
ScottKI don't recall.06:03
YokoZaropenal I can definitely think of as one of em06:03
jdongYokoZar: you mean just to pick up all the SRU'ed libraries?06:20
YokoZarjdong: Yeah06:20
jdonghmm, how many SRU's related to stuff in ia32libs have we done?06:20
YokoZarjdong: possibly a security update or two is in there as well06:21
jdongYokoZar: oh if that's the case I'm definitely receptive to the idea06:21
YokoZarjdong: I don't know, but I do know there was a pretty important one for openal-soft (affects wine apps that use openal)06:21
jdongthe challenge is, what's the testing procedure? :)06:21
jdongok that sounds like a good rationale too06:21
YokoZarwell, run apps that use ia32-libs (Wine and a few others) and make sure nothing breaks too06:21
YokoZarall I can think of really06:22
jdonghaha yeah it's the 2nd half of the sentence that I'm scratching my head about :)06:22
YokoZarme too06:22
jdongbut yeah I've got no big objections :)06:22
jdongit definitely sounds worthwhile to me06:23
jdongand given that it's only propagating already approved SRU/-security updates to 32-bit apps on amd64, that sounds quite reasonable06:23
YokoZarYeah it's a very simple update06:23
YokoZaralbeit a very large in filesize one06:24
YokoZarI'll file the bug when I get home, and try to upload something into proposed tomorrow when I can mooch some good internet06:25
jdongok sweet06:25
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* samiz is away: Away17:28
zygahello guys17:54
zygait seems that recent OO.org build is broken17:54
zyga$ dpkg-query -S /@OOBASISDIR@17:54
zygaopenoffice.org-filter-binfilter: /@OOBASISDIR@17:54
zygathe directory '@OOBASISDIR@' is in my / directory17:54
zygaInstalled: 1:3.2.1~rc2-2ubuntu117:55
akshaybI am getting kernel error while installing maverick alpha 2 on notebook. Any suggestions ?18:16
akshayband after error I get redirected to kernel shell prompt18:17
ansgarakshayb: Wrong channel. I think #ubuntu+1 might be the right one.18:21
ansgar*argh* ECHAN myself :/18:22
nailoraare there some problems with the ubuntu keyserver? i get lots of timeouts18:26
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