gnomefreakmicahg: xul2.0? if so yay!02:07
micahggnomefreak: I didn't merge it yet, will do Sat night02:10
micahgso, sun night will probably be the first build02:10
gnomefreakmicahg: ok but havent seen any update ina  day or 2 on the mozilla packages02:10
micahggnomefreak: yeah, that's why02:11
gnomefreakah ok02:11
gnomefreakmicahg: i just sent an email i got from a user to the mailing list02:11
micahggnomefreak: is it urgent?02:11
gnomefreakonce i get the email to let it go through i will02:12
gnomefreakmicahg: no transations for 3.6 IIRC02:12
gnomefreakI've a translation of firefox 3.6 in friulian02:12
micahggnomefreak: ugh, ok, well, I can't look into that right now, will look sat night02:12
gnomefreaki didnt expect you to i would have thought chris would have liked to know since i thought he did more ont he translation end02:13
micahggnomefreak: k, I'm off for tonight, I'll be on tomorrow night02:13
micahggnomefreak: I hope he enjoys the weekend :)02:13
gnomefreakmicahg: ill be here a bit longer have a good night02:13
micahggnomefreak: thanks02:13
bobby_Okay, anyone know when FF4.0 nightlies are coming to the PPA? I can't install from the .tar.bz2 file :(03:45
ddecator_bobby_: hopefully tomorrow night03:46
ddecator_bobby_: at this point, there aren't really any differences from 3.7 yet03:46
bobby_Actually, wasn't the Jaegar (or whatever it is called, so many random names), JS engine updated when the went to 4.0 nightlies?03:47
ddecator_i don't think it's included yet, not from what i can tell03:47
bobby_Oh okay... I thought it was... I was wondering why it was so slow...  :P, yeah the current engine is really... Far behind Chrome and Opera :(03:48
ddecator_dang, songbird rolled back to 1.9.0a...03:48
ddecator_not sure, but now i have to update the branch -_-03:48
bobby_I can hear the fireworks going :D, I guess that is my cue to get to bed. Cya later.03:49
ddecator_anyway, the FF 4 branch is almost ready, we just need to figure out what to do about it not having a codename yet03:49
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gnomefreakanyone here that i can remove from channel? i would like to test my changes to my "ops" script17:38
kylehuffgnomefreak: sure, go for it..17:39
gnomefreakkylehuff: thanks17:40
gnomefreakwell shit17:40
gnomefreakkylehuff: sorry my changes didnt take it seems17:40
gnomefreakbe back17:41
gnomefreakok that sucks. i cant find the problem :(17:42
gnomefreakkbrosnan: thanks for letting me test17:43
gnomefreakalso found a way to get my bookmarks toolbar back17:44
gnomefreakkylehuff: that was for you17:44
kylehuffroger, and np17:44
Milos_SDWhen can we espect Firefox 4.0b2pre?18:15
Milos_SDor any version of Firefox 4?18:15
ddecatorMilos_SD: hopefully tonight18:16
Milos_SDis that the answer everyday? I aksed that few days ago, and got the same answer :D18:16
ddecatori just updated the branch with some patch changes i had to make a couple days ago, hopefully it will get reviewed tonight and we can decide what to do about it not having a codename yet, the rest is already set18:17
Milos_SDcool :)18:17
ddecatorMilos_SD: heh, well micah has been busy, but he said yesterday he plans to review it tonight. if it doesn't build tonight, it will at least be updated and should build tomorrow18:17
Milos_SDthanks for the answer :)18:17
ddecatorno problem :)18:18
gnomefreakright now 3.7 is pretty much there18:30
ddecatoryah, they're still pretty much the same18:30
gnomefreakbe back. phone18:30
ddecatori think a lot of people expected jaegermonkey, which isn't in 4.0 yet (from what i can tell)18:31
ddecatoralright, gotta go do some work, i'll be back tonight to help figure out the FF 4.0 stuff18:33
gnomefreakddecator: have fun18:43
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