mcl0vinon my way to home from a long day, wife calls and say that the box was not responding so she figure if she turn off the power and turn it back everything will be cool.05:27
mcl0vinby the time i am home i got the warm welcoming , so i looked at the screen and there it is , "The configuration default for GNOME power manager didn't installed correctly"05:27
mcl0vinand everytime i try to login i get this msg05:27
Infl8ableSoulm8did you try?: sudo apt-get upgrade05:33
Infl8ableSoulm8or something like that05:33
Infl8ableSoulm8to try to finish installing the package?05:33
Infl8ableSoulm8or there may be a better-suited dpkg command to run the install configuration again05:34
mcl0vinno i didn't05:35
mcl0vincups cups-client cups-common libcups2 libcupscgi1 libcupsdriver1 libcupsimage2 libcupsmime105:35
mcl0vin  libcupsppdc1 libtiff4 sudo05:35
mcl0vin11 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.05:35
mcl0vinNeed to get 4,300kB of archives.05:35
mcl0vinAfter this operation, 8,192B of additional disk space will be used.05:35
mcl0vinDo you want to continue [Y/n]?05:36
Infl8ableSoulm8try sudo dpkg --configure gnome-power-manager05:36
Infl8ableSoulm8although it couldn't hurt to upgrade those items.05:37
mcl0vini did the upgrade05:41
mcl0vindpkg: error processing gnome-power-manager (--configure):05:43
mcl0vin package gnome-power-manager is already installed and configured05:43
mcl0vinErrors were encountered while processing:05:43
mcl0vin gnome-power-manager05:43
Infl8ableSoulm8maybe sudo dpkg --force-configure gnome-power-manager05:48
mcl0vinbut the thing is that i am not running gnome05:48
mcl0vini run xfce05:49
mcl0vini mean, this is what i thought mythbuntu uses05:49
Infl8ableSoulm8yeah, but you can install gnome components.06:01
Infl8ableSoulm8if you don't need the power manager, you could just remove it.06:02
Infl8ableSoulm8that is, that computer isn't running on  laptop, is it?06:02
Infl8ableSoulm8I'm pretty sure the gnome power manager monitors bttery life?06:03
Infl8ableSoulm8looks like it is capable of reducing CPU freq, spinning down the HD, etc.06:04
mcl0vini think this is my problem http://pastebin.com/swbdbwpU06:28
Infl8ableSoulm8I can see that causing some issues.06:29
mcl0vinnow comes the big issue "DELETE"06:32
Infl8ableSoulm8never would have thought of disk space, though.06:32
mcl0vinthere is one show that my 3 yrs old love...if i delete it am a dead man06:32
Infl8ableSoulm8you're running a myth backend on a 100GB hard drive? :x06:32
mcl0vinall my live tv are like this how would i know which one06:33
mcl0vini tried to login the mythweb and no luck06:33
Infl8ableSoulm8you'd have to delete them from inside mythtv06:33
mcl0vinwell how and i can;t get it to run06:33
Infl8ableSoulm8you could movesome of those mpgs to a different computer manually06:34
mcl0vinxprop:  unable to open display ''06:34
mcl0vinmythfrontend.real: cannot connect to X server06:34
Infl8ableSoulm8mythtv will complain about the database and the filesystem not matching06:34
Infl8ableSoulm8but it won't harm anything, in theory06:35
Infl8ableSoulm8also, you should probably think about getting a bigger hard drive.06:35
* Infl8ableSoulm8 nods.06:35
mcl0vinhow would i know what is the bigest file so i can move it06:36
Infl8ableSoulm8or transcoding to mp4 and archiving the files somewhere else.06:36
Infl8ableSoulm8du ?06:36
Infl8ableSoulm8should list the files and their sizes in the specified directory, I think06:37
Infl8ableSoulm8not particularly human-readable.06:38
Infl8ableSoulm8and it recursively lists feils in all subdirectories.06:39
Infl8ableSoulm8ls -lh06:40
Infl8ableSoulm8gives you a list of files in current dir and uses human-readable sizes06:40
Infl8ableSoulm8so you get things like 2G, 546M, 23K06:40
Infl8ableSoulm8you need to look in the directories where myth saves recorded shows.06:45
mcl0vincan't remember were heheh06:45
Infl8ableSoulm8i think by defulat it's in /var somewhere?06:45
qwebirc97919it seems that when i download metadata for my videos I am getting the synopsis but not the cover art or fan art. It was working up until a couple of days ago.14:47
qwebirc97919can someone give me the syntax to use wget for coverart? i tried wget and the image url and it just pulls the index not image15:38
qwebirc97919had to use wget -O to force it to save how i needed it. any answers to why mythtv stopped downloading the coverart and fanart?16:58

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