shaun__does anyone know how to use phpmyadmin01:36
shaun__I made a BIG ASS  mistake01:36
MTecknologyshaun__: yes- but don't the long long question mark thing and swear02:05
MTecknologyshaun__: oft' times it's better to just ask your question ;)02:06
shaun__sorry I just got a bit pissed02:24
shaun__see what I did was (I FEEL SO STUPID) I dropped all priviledges  to phpmyadmin :(02:25
shaun__do you perhaps know how I could get back in02:25
shaun__I was so close to installing drupal02:26
shaun__and sorry for swearing02:27
shaun__hello you still there02:29
shaun__Should I just reinstall Xampp02:34
shaun__I read something about editing the mysql config file02:44
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shaun__Can somebody assist me please?04:12
shaun__Anybody awake07:12
shaun__hey guys13:04
shaun__I've "finally" installed drupal13:05
jpds!weekend | shaun__14:31
ubot4shaun__: It's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.14:31
diekinewz2000: You there?19:57
diekinewz2000: I have that branch up; https://code.launchpad.net/~n0nl1nearsb0x/+junk/paste.ubuntu.com-new19:58
shaun___if you were talking to me19:58
shaun___oops sorry dieki had my brain malfunction for the day20:02
diekishaun__: That's okay, I've been having those too... :)20:03
shaun___ha ha20:03
diekiSo you are a 'community member' helping on the website?20:04
shaun___well trying20:04
diekiNot going so well?20:05
shaun___still trying to get the hang of how everything works20:05
diekiAh. Yeah, that can be tough.20:05
shaun___which site are you working on drupal's?20:06
shaun___or another  one20:06
diekiI actually have only created an updated 'theme' for paste.ubuntu.com.20:06
diekiI'm a 'community member' too. :)20:06
shaun___you know how to install a theme and put it into drupal20:07
diekiNo, actually. Sorry.20:07
diekiI wonder who designed (or, didn't design) the current paste.ubuntu.com...20:08
shaun___this is probably a stone aged question but does one have to be joined to get the theme20:08
shaun___for example joined to the drupal devs launchpad20:09
diekiI have no clue.20:10
shaun___oh nevermind just got answered20:10
shaun___need help23:24

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