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nigelbIdleOne: official representative of Canada? right03:42
valoriejust as you are for India03:43
valorieand me for the USA03:43
nigelbvalorie: IdleOne is from quebec, I was about to pull his leg about it :D03:44
valorieoooo, Quebecois!03:44
elkynigelb, he did say "the canadas"05:14
valorienicely spied, elky05:16
* valorie calls up the FBI05:16
IdleOneelky: you saw that huh05:32
nigelbelky: heh05:40
nigelbelky: good one ;)05:40
nigelbczajkowski: good morning! Hows your weekend?10:19
czajkowskiin bed watching tv on laptop10:22
czajkowskimothership found google earth last night and spent hours on it10:23
czajkowskilooking at places she lived years ago and zooming up to the house,10:23
czajkowskiit's a new toy for her10:23
* nigelb giggles at mothership10:27
czajkowskinigelb: all being and all knowing! trust me best name10:28
nigelbczajkowski: heh, agreed about all being and all knowing - all mom's are that way10:28
valoriewe just pretend well10:29
czajkowskivalorie: hah10:30
nigelbvalorie: aha, so that's the secret!10:41
valorieoh shoot, this is logged10:42
valorieI've lost plausible deniability10:42
valoriesorry, mothers of the world10:43
czajkowskivalorie: we wont tell10:43
valorieI've let down the side10:43
nigelbvalorie: the LOGS will haunt you!10:43
valorieyou sneaky lot already knew it anyway10:45
valorieI know you've gotten away with unspeakable crimes......10:45
valoriethe key bit: we love you anyway10:49
valoriethat's actually the secret10:49
czajkowskivalorie: how many kids do you have?10:56
valorie3 birth children10:57
valorieand Colin, whom I raised from 14 on10:57
valoriehe's 21 now10:57
czajkowskivalorie: wow 4 kids10:57
czajkowskivalorie: any of them converted to ubuntu :)10:58
valoriemy oldest is ...3510:58
valoriehe's the one who moved me to Mandrake, then Gentoo, and finally Kubuntu10:58
valoriesee, I have earned the linux grandma thing10:59
valoriebecause I had my grandson using Qimo last time they were over10:59
czajkowskigah the mothership staye up till 5am on google earth11:12
* valorie hopes not to do the same thing11:21
valorieniters all11:22
nigelbnight valorie :)11:23
czajkowskivalorie: nn11:27
czajkowskitime for some late breakie11:27
* nigelb yawns11:28
nigelbin retrospect, getting up at 3:30 am wasn't such a great idea11:29
czajkowskinigelb: why.... were you up that early?13:08
nigelbczajkowski: well, I got up thirsty, then I went to check what happened to the match, and then started readinhg a book, and ended up not going back to bed13:09
czajkowskiugh hate those nights13:14
nigelbthe only thing that's keping me awake is foosball ever 30 minutes :D13:15
czajkowskiinteresting blog post, some of the stuff I'd never evn thought of http://geekfeminism.org/2010/06/20/clothes-and-geek-feminism/  I just get dressed.13:35
czajkowskiwhich I found when reading http://geekfeminism.org/2010/06/17/can-you-dress-well-and-be-taken-seriously-as-a-woman-in-technology/13:36
czajkowskibut what is  a staqndard geek uniform?13:39
Pendulumczajkowski: I've always assumed it was geeky-tshirt or polo shirt & jeans or kahkis13:43
czajkowskiah gotcha13:44
czajkowskiI don't equate that to geeky though, but I guess it could be13:44
Pendulumwell I'm specifying geeky t-shirts there13:46
Pendulum(or geeky polo shirts)13:46
czajkowskithe 2nd post I liked to raised some interesting points on how people dress at work13:47
czajkowskiPendulum: you've seen me and see how I dress, it's not geeky, but I do love my jeans and hoddys in the winter, compared to my sister I dress like a slob. so I suspect it'll depend on where you work13:48
czajkowskiDo you think that dressing up in geek society is a privilege?13:48
czajkowskiis a questions raised.13:48
czajkowskiI don't think it is.  I think it's how ever a person feels comfortable13:48
PendulumI think dressing up + being taken seriously can be a privileged situation, but it's also pretty complicated13:52
Pendulumand isn't always a geek thing13:52
PendulumBut, I also don't think you dress particularly dressy13:53
PendulumI do think it's a lot about context13:56
Pendulumif you can dress corporate and still be taken seriously in a context where everyone around you is in jeans and a t-shirt, then in any circle you've got privlege13:57
PendulumI do think there can be pressure to blend in with the guys, though, at geek events13:57
Pendulumwhich is why I tend to (consciously) go the other way (not to mention the fact that I don't actually know where my jeans are)13:58
Pendulumand those articles only minorly touch on the ablism of clothing expectations14:06
czajkowskiaye perhaps just places I've worked it really didnt matter if I wore a dress, jeans or suit.  everyone wore what they liked tbh14:21
czajkowskibut then again small company14:21
czajkowskiapprox 28 inhouse stafff14:22
czajkowskihse as long as it was smart it was ok14:22
Pendulumoh, I totally stood out where I worked because I dressed "too nice"14:22
czajkowskiI did on ocassion when I'd gone weeks in hoodies and jeans to come in the next day in jeans heels and a going out top for post woerk drink14:24
czajkowskibut then agai my place was a tad weird.14:24

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