Scoobydoomaxwellian System>Prefs>Keyboard shortcuts00:00
soadkombuchaIs it at all possible to remove panels from one workspace and not the others so one workspace shows ONLY the desktop?00:00
DasEihomiziado: you can just ask for possibilities for now, as the box isn't in reach, but if money isn't the issue, a tft will be best for such, or is it a lcd tv also on hdmi ?00:00
maxwellianScoobydoo: I'm using Xfce, not Gnome, so I have to do a little translating here...00:00
Scoobydoomacwellian: Just need to figure out how to open a new terminal window with python running in it00:01
homiziadoDasEi it is a lcd tv on hdmi00:01
ZykoticK9Scoobydoo, "gnome-terminal -e python"00:01
ScoobydooZykoticK9: Saves the day!00:02
maxwellianScoobydoo: Yay! :)00:02
treble54with ubuntu (8.10 specifically atm), how do I set up dual monitors with different resolutions, not mirrored? is there a guide people usually recommend ? I have an intel 945 (or 965, I'm not exactly sure, but it is one of the two) graphics chipset00:02
DasEihomiziado: well.. don't know how far linux is on the latest developments, but then playing around with ssh and config is real promising00:02
DasEitreble54: nvidia is still doing it best, but might look :00:03
maxwellianNitzchONot: So after updating grub, burg is gone?  Is that it?00:03
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:03
robertzaccourshould i install 64 bit or 32 bit chrome browser?00:04
NitzchONotmaxwellian, yes, i updated GRUB2 today and after the reboot, my BURG's gone :<00:04
soadkombucharobertzaccour: Depends on the processor you have... And Chrome 64 bit isn't out yet?00:04
DasEirobertzaccour: depends on your host OS00:04
maxwellianNitzchONot: Is it actually uninstalled?  Or just not running on startup?00:04
robertzaccoursoadkombucha, yes it is look http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html00:05
soadkombucharobertzaccour: Hmm.00:05
soadkombucharobertzaccour: Chances are I have it installed already then00:05
treble54whenever I connect a second monitor to my laptop, ubuntu detects it (using the application "Monitor Resolution Settings" or "Screen Resolution" in Control Center), but gives me this message when trying to apply any change outside of mirroring my laptop's screen:00:05
treble54"Monitor Resolution Settings has detected that the virtual resolution must be set in your configuration file in order to apply your settings. Would you like Screen Resolution to set the virtual resolution for you? (Recommended)"00:05
NitzchONotmaxwellian, no, it's installed.. it didnt got removed. It just got 'overwritten' by GRUB and doesnt load anymore.00:06
maxwellianNitzchONot: Looking here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Burg/  it seems burg-install might be your answer...00:06
robertzaccoursoadkombucha, :D00:07
ftnHey there. I remember that in previous versions kazehakase  was in the repos but I can't find it in lucid. Do you know where can I find it?, please00:07
soadkombucharobertzaccour: Haha. I'm currently installing a Windows XP VBox and I'm going to run it seamlessly.00:07
Alan502_ubuntu is not using the correct interface to connect to the internet for some apps00:07
homiziadoDasEi sorry for the delay, just plugged everything and am in recovery mode00:08
NitzchONotmaxwellian, thanks. Im gonna reboot (damn thats the only way :< ) and i'll come back with the results.. thanks for your time :D00:08
DasEihomiziado: fine , I just read up some more about caky, it also has dvi then00:08
maxwellianNitzchONot: Hold on...00:08
maxwellianNitzchONot: Is burg-emu of any use?00:09
NitzchONotmaxwellian, Dont think so, it just emulates how burg will look.00:09
maxwellianAlan502_: Which interface is the "correct" one, and which one do you think is being used instead?00:09
maxwellianNitzchONot: Okay, good luck!00:09
DasEihomiziado: is it connected to internet, too ?00:09
NitzchONotmaxwellian, cheers, thanks :)00:09
Alan502_ppp0, and i think apps are tyring to connect using eth000:09
Alan502_maxwellian,  ppp0, and i think apps are tyring to connect using eth000:09
robertzaccourchrome is just fine now yay00:10
robertzaccourremoved chromium00:10
soadkombucharobertzaccour: Woot.00:10
soadkombucharobertzaccour: They're the same thing00:10
treble54DasEi: even though I do not have an nvidia graphics chipset, can I still use the nvidia program to manage my dual monitor setup ?00:10
Alan502_maxwellian, the reason why i think they are using eth0 is because when i disconnect eth0 everything works fine00:10
homiziadoDasEi i don't think so but i have wifi00:10
robertzaccoursoadkombucha, thats weird, chromium was buggy, but chrome isn't00:10
Alan502_maxwellian, but when i connect it i can't use the internet00:10
homiziadoDasEi should be able to connect if from wifi but not configured00:10
soadkombucharobertzaccour: Yeah but the only difference between the two is a different colored logo and Chrome has Google Tracking00:11
DasEitreble54: no, bu there are ways to configure xorg for dualhead.. mm onboard chips might be a hassle00:11
maxwellianAlan502_: Does it affect every application, or just your browser?00:11
Alan502_maxwellian, every application00:11
maxwellianAlan502_: Really, your apps are not going to know which interface they're using.00:11
DasEihomiziado: there is a router present providing dhcp ?00:11
maxwellianAlan502_: Has this setup worked before?00:11
NitzchONotmaxwellian, thanks mate, "burg-install" worked! Cheers:D00:11
maxwellianNitzchONot: Great news!  Have fun!00:12
DasEihomiziado: sudo dhclientt00:12
homiziadoDasEi i'm not sure how to check that but i have a router00:12
Alan502_maxwellian, :/ no, i just started using a mobile/broadband and eth0 together00:12
DasEihomiziado: sudo dhclient00:12
Alan502_maxwellian, actually, i could get get it a little better by selecting "use this connection onlly for resources on its network" under "routes" of the ipv4 tab of eth000:13
robertzaccoursoadkombucha, how come chromium was buggy them? also is there a chromium 64 bit?00:13
soadkombucharobertzaccour: I'm not exactly sure.00:13
soadkombucharobertzaccour: On either account.00:13
Alan502_maxwellian, i could use xchat, firefox, squid still couldn't connect to the internet though00:13
DasEihomiziado: any ip found ?00:14
maxwellianAlan502_: What do you mean, couldn't connect to the Internet?00:14
maxwellianAlan502_: If you were using those programs, you were connected.00:14
DasEihomiziado: you can check, if ssh is already installed : sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart00:14
homiziadoDasEi not sure how to interpret the output but I don't think so00:15
maxwellianAlan502_: Oh, were you saying only Squid couldn't connect?00:15
Alan502_maxwellian, i mean that they were running fine didn't have internet access00:15
Alan502_maxwellian, yes :P sorry00:15
=== rsfaze-afk is now known as rsfaze
Alan502_maxwellian, that, after i had selected "use this connection only for resources on this network"00:15
meowbuntuminty frosted lans is quite today00:15
DasEihomiziado: if client was succesful, some iface would have assigned an ip00:15
meowbuntuoh there you are00:16
Alan502_maxwellian, squid and ALL my apps work fine accessing the internet when i disconnect eth0 though00:16
LinuxGuy2009I installed the "preload" package and was wondering if I need to create a startup entry or if its handled automatically?00:16
homiziadoDasEi command not found00:16
maxwellianAlan502_: It sounds like you are having a route table issue.  Unfortunately I'm not super knowledgeable in that area. :P00:16
Alan502_maxwellian, eth0 is what's giving me all the trouble :(00:16
DasEihomiziado: the ssh one  ? so not installed then00:16
Alan502_maxwellian, lol yeah i guess so00:16
homiziadoDasEi but man ssh tells me it exists?00:16
maxwellianAlan502_: Can you run netstat -nr00:16
homiziadoDasEi, yes the ssh00:16
Alan502_maxwellian, UH        0 0          0 ppp000:17
Alan502_192.168.0.0   U         0 0          0 eth000:17
Alan502_169.254.0.0     U         0 0          0 ppp000:17
Alan502_0.0.0.0         UG        0 0          0 ppp000:17
FloodBot3Alan502_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:17
maxwellianAnd put the results up in ubuntu.pastebin.com00:17
maxwellianAlan502_: Whoops, sorry...should have gotten to you earlier.00:17
Alan502_haha, my fault00:17
Alan502_i knew about this earlier00:17
meowbuntui am looking for a way to connect remotely to my friends computer what is the best option for me. i may need access to his windows os or other linux os00:17
RocketLauncherI have attempted to install Ubuntu from my flash drive using Unetbootin. When booting from flash drive, it skips it and goes on back to Windows. That's if I format it FAT32. If it's NTFS, I get BOOTMGR MISSING00:17
DasEihomiziado:  : sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start          ,but same as above00:17
knoppiesmeowbuntu, VNC might be what you looking for.00:17
Alan502_maxwellian, http://paste.ubuntu.com/458530/00:17
maxwellianAlan502_: You have two default routes.00:17
soadkombuchaRocketLauncher: Do it with FAT32 and make sure to set USB as the primary boot device using your BIOS settings00:18
Alan502_maxwellian, so that could be the problem?00:18
meowbuntuRocketLauncher: does it have the unetbootin screen with boot prompt coming up00:18
meowbuntuvnc ok is that availble on ubuntu00:18
Line_hello Ive set up virtualization in server 10.04 and i can access my virtual pcs using vnc over lan, but I cannot outside of my network, how can i enable outside connections?00:18
homiziadoDasEi also command not found00:18
maxwellianAlan502_: My understanding is that when you try to access anything on the Internet, your computer looks up the default route so it knows who to connect to first.00:18
maxwellianAlan502_: Since you have two default routes, they are probably interfering with each other.00:19
Alan502_maxwellian, aha00:19
SuperMiguelwhats faster jwm or fluxbox???00:19
Alan502_maxwellian, which are the default routes?00:19
DasEihomiziado: so either we need to fiugre out a working inetconnction first, or use a usb stick and get a deb for ssh from the lappi00:19
meowbuntuRocketLauncher: HELLO DID YOU GET THAT00:19
soadkombuchameowbuntu: I also said something and he apparently didn't get that either00:20
inspironhey guys how can I determine what connection my hard-drive has? I did lspci and it says my montherboard has IDE SATA interface I think that my HDD is SCSI though00:20
codebrainzinspiron, look at the cables :)00:20
maxwellianAlan502_: Is it possible to disable the ppp0 device?  To see if that also solves the problem?00:21
DasEiinspiron: hwinfo is more detailed, better install gnome-device-manager,  bill gates is near ;-)00:21
maxwellianAlan502_: I want to be more certain that it's the fact that they co-exist that's causing the issue.00:21
maxwellianAlan502_: I don't know anything about ppp0, though.00:21
vaulZykoticK9: Well, they have support not only for 4,096 cores now.00:21
DasEihomiziado: so there are ethernetports, too , is there a free one on your router   ?00:22
Alan502_maxwellian, it's just a mobile/broadband connection. I'll disable it and copy the netstat -nr for you00:22
Alan502_maxwellian, ppp0 is how we are chatting though, so 'll log out for a few moments00:22
meowbuntuok soadkombucha00:22
RocketLauncherI have attempted to install Ubuntu from my flash drive using Unetbootin. When booting from flash drive, it skips it and goes on back to Windows. That's if I format it FAT32. If it's NTFS, I get BOOTMGR MISSING00:22
vaulZykoticK9: It is really easy to get lubvdpau working with VLC now.00:22
homiziadoDasEi there is but too far away from the tv00:22
DasEiRocketLauncher: see 2 answers above00:23
maxwellianAlan502_: I thought nothing worked when both were enabled?00:23
KapliHi, I am on ubuntu 10.04, when I put a file on my desktop it doesn't show up, it shows up in nautilus but not when i look at my desktop00:23
vaulZykoticK9: Everything neccessary is present in repositories.00:23
ZykoticK9vaul, i have NO idea!  I just read the news that the feature was added!  I use mplayer for everything myself.00:23
homiziadoDasEi, sorry waht is lappi? I'm searching for a deb00:23
RocketLauncherDasEi: i d/c'd so i couldn't see them. i was lagging like crazy earlier00:23
DasEihomiziado: I ask it to get it to networking ~inet00:23
ZykoticK9vaul, i HIGHLY doubt the version you need is in any repose.  check webpd8 site?00:23
DasEihomiziado: lappi = laptop00:23
vaulZykoticK9: Just install VLC, libvdpau — both from repositories, mark the checkbox «Use hardware acceleration» in VLC, and voiala!00:24
RocketLauncherDasEi: could you tell me the two answers again?00:24
ZykoticK9vaul, NICE00:24
DasEiRocketLauncher: fat is the right format for unetbootin, let it enough time to finish, unmount cleanly, set bios to boot from usb , should do the job00:24
vaulZykoticK9: Unfortunately, support is not perfect, so system load is still high, but acceptable.00:25
meowbuntuknoppies: ok vnc may be what is the application for ubuntu called00:25
Alan502maxwellian, this is the output of netstat -nr when ppp0 is disabled: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458534/00:25
vaulZykoticK9: So, thanks again — I'll be going.00:25
meowbuntu!ask | meowbuntu00:26
ubottumeowbuntu, please see my private message00:26
maxwellianAlan502: And everything works?00:26
Alan502maxwellian, when i disable ppp0? no, because i have no internet connection through eth000:26
=== paddymelon is now known as confuzzled
Alan502maxwellian, i already enabled ppp0 again00:27
Capt_Blackwooddoes anybody know where the "Themes" are stored00:27
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, so when ppp0 is disabled, and it's just ethernet, you have no connectivity?00:28
DasEihomiziado: the question about the giganetports was for internet on the calebox, so additional software can be easily pulled from the web00:28
Capt_Blackwoodgot one that didn't install properly00:28
Alan502maxwellian, yeah00:28
ZykoticK9I'm running into a problem with xulrunner-1.9.2 on 10.04.  Update Manager is asking for a "partial" upgrade, to remove this package,  which will break gnome-shell (which I realize is NOT essential) - any way around this?00:28
Alan502maxwellian, i have newtork connectivity, but can't access the internet at all00:28
maxwellianAlan502: Why do you have both devices again?00:28
DasEiZykoticK9: try from runlevel one with option --dry-run to see apt's suggestion ?00:29
homiziadoDasEi do you think it can be done without it ethernet access to the router?00:29
Alan502maxwellian, the only reason why i have both devices active is because i must share this ppp0 connection with my sister >:( and i used to do it through ICS with windows00:29
Alan502maxwellian, so for linux, i installed squid on my machine00:29
Alan502maxwellian, and i will let her browser connect to squid00:30
homiziadoDasEi sorry still searching for ssh .deb file00:30
DasEihomiziado: I think so, but as this is really new stuff, it would be nice (and much safer) to have a view inside this box, not acting on a crystal ball00:30
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, so describe your setup to me.  You have cable, DSL, dialup, what?00:30
Alan502maxwellian, I have a 3G modem connected to this computer, that's ppp0 from which i access the internet00:31
Alan502maxwell_, then i have eth0 which is a network card connected to a router00:31
=== Colrol is now known as Rolcol
Alan502maxwellian,  then i have eth0 which is a network card connected to a router00:31
Alan502maxwell_, sry00:31
Alan502maxwellian, hmmm on this machine i have squid00:32
=== macode is now known as macode|afk
maxwellianAlan502: Wireless modem?00:32
Alan502maxwellian, yeah a 3G wireless modem00:32
Alan502maxwellian, that's ppp000:33
meowbuntuthere are several apps in synaptic that are to do with vnc "tightvncserver",  "xtightvncserver", "x2vnc"and "tsclient"  i am not sure what to use i need to access windoes and linux computers to help ppl and teach them stuff.00:33
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, so without your sister mucking things up, your normal setup would be the wireless modem, and that would communicate through the ppp0 interface?00:33
meowbuntumint is my first choice00:33
Alan502maxwellian, the router to which eth0 is connected is a simple wireless router, just the router and me00:33
meowbuntubut ubuntu is a good os i use as my server00:34
Alan502maxwellian, yes, if i wouldn't have to include my sister in this network i would just unplug eth0 and connect to the internet with ppp0 normally00:34
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, but you can't get rid of her, so you added a wireless router, which is connected to your machine via ethernet.00:34
Alan502maxwell_, right!00:34
maxwellianAlan502: And she is supposed to be connecting via the router.00:34
Alan502maxwellian, yup00:35
=== fabio is now known as fabiobik
treble54how would I find out what max screen resolution my graphics chipset (Intel 945GM) can handle ?00:35
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, so I don't really know how this works, but it seems to me that your machine is assuming that both the ppp0 interface and the eth0 interface are good options to get out to the Internet.00:36
maxwellianAlan502: But really, only the ppp0 is going to get you very far.  The eth0 will only take you to your sister, at best.00:36
Alan502maxwellian, uhu, and that's why i can't connect to the internet with eth0 plugged00:36
Alan502maxwellian, right :P00:37
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, so hold on, let me look up some routing info.00:37
Alan502maxwellian, ok take your time :D00:37
homiziadoDasEi just plugged the usb to the machine00:37
Alan502treble54,  you normally know your max resolution from your provider00:37
jacob_hey guys, I have ubuntu 10.04, and when I suspend my computer, I can't resume, so is there a solution to this problem?00:38
DasEihomiziado: containing the ssh-deb ?00:38
Alan502treble54,  from intel, in this case00:38
homiziadoDasEi yes00:38
codebrainztreble54, http://www.intel.com/design/mobile/datashts/309219.htm00:38
DasEihomiziado: sudo fdisk -l  , which device ?00:38
codebrainztreble54, section 1.300:38
daichihey all, i remember a program which allowed apache to create vhosts on the fly00:38
daichii think it started with r00:39
daichii can't remember the name00:39
DasEidaichi: rapache ?!00:39
daichiomg! duh yes00:39
homiziadoDasEui /dev/sdb/ ?00:39
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, so right now, you've disconnected the ethernet?00:39
daichithanks :D00:39
homiziadoDasEi /dev/sdb ?00:39
DasEihomiziado: prbly,  yes /dev/sdb1  I assume00:39
Alan502maxwellian, yep00:40
DasEihomiziado: sudo mkdir /media/stick00:40
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com00:40
homiziadoDasEi I think so also00:40
DasEihomiziado: sudo mount /dev/sdb1  /media/stick00:40
maxwellianAlan502: Go into the Terminal and type "traceroute google.com"00:40
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:40
DasEihomiziado: cd /media/stick00:41
DasEihomiziado: ls00:41
Alan502maxwellian, ok it's running now00:41
DasEihomiziado: ssh-deb there ?00:41
lpetrovwhy the fuck after dist-upgrading from 8.04 to 10.04 all my storage devices got changed from /dev/hdx -> /dev/sdx ? and the more important question, why didnt the upgrade just replaced all paths in /dev/fstab ??00:42
homiziadoDasEi no :(00:42
nerdy_kidi dont think apt-get is auto updating like I have it set to do in synaptic, how can i fix this?  I did a ground up install so i might be missing a few packages. thanks!00:42
maxwellianlpetrov: Language.00:42
DasEihomiziado: sudo mkdir /media/stick00:42
inspironso how can I find what connection is used by my HDD? lscpi?00:42
claygis it possible to have windows 7 ubuntu and xp pro on one systerm/;00:42
DasEihomiziado: sudo mount /dev/sdb1  /media/stick00:42
DasEihomiziado: cd /media/stick00:42
DasEihomiziado: ls00:42
DasEils = "LS"00:42
homiziadoDasEi "is already mounted on /media/stick"00:42
lpetrovmaxwellian: i'm mad.. 4hours downtime because of startup screen sayn' "cant find /dev/hdx"00:42
Alan502maxwellian, let me paste the output....00:43
maxwellianclayg: Have you tried looking up something like "triple boot" in google?00:43
DasEihomiziado: was just a repeattition, case you missed a step00:43
Alan502maxwellian, http://paste.ubuntu.com/458537/00:43
inspironlpetrov: Because that's ubuntu - it's made to work as it is but it has 1000s of bugs. I've NEVER made a successful dist-upgrade so far. But if you want the latest and greatest and a system which makes minimal use of the VERY VERY POWERFUL command line then use ubuntu00:44
maxwellianAlan502: Uh...was that with the ethernet unplugged?00:44
claygmaxwellian, Npo00:44
claygmaxwellian, I have not but I'll take that question as a suggestion and do so, thanks00:44
Alan502maxwellian, yeah, weird but i can still ping google....00:44
codebrainznerdy_kid, i think it does this via the Update Manager (system->administration->update manager->Settings)00:44
homiziadoDasEi weird  ... no files00:44
Alan502maxwellian, i'm running traceroute again00:45
Alan502maxwellian, just in case00:45
maxwellianAlan502: It should show the different machines you're connecting to to reach Google.00:45
homiziadoDasEi should I try another usb?00:45
nerdy_kidcodebrainz yeah under "software sources", i have that set to "daily" but i dont think it works.00:45
inspironlpetrov: if you are running a server consider debian. Ubuntu you will have to change at least once every 3 years and changes are drastic. Files are no longer used, have changed places or whatever.00:45
homiziadoDasEi... I transfered the .deb from a mac, any influence?00:46
Alan502maxwellian, hahaha i got the same again xD00:46
lpetrovinspiron: thanks, that is what i wanned to hear :)00:46
Alan502maxwellian, let me paste it to you anyway00:46
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, so the only interface enabled right now is ppp0?00:46
meowbuntuubuntu rocks00:46
DasEihomiziado: sure no drive-miss ? prbly there will just be sda and sdb .. errrm mac-deb  or a deb from web, d/l by mac ?00:46
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!00:46
codebrainznerdy_kid, you just want the upgrades to automatically install?00:46
Alan502maxwellian, yes :)00:47
homiziadoDasEi download from a mac and put on the usb from the mac00:47
=== ocatacoo is now known as ocatacoo06
Alan502maxwellian, running ifconfig doesn't show any adress under eth000:47
nerdy_kidcodebrainz no just notify me00:47
maxwellianAlan502: The traceroute indicates to me that you cannot, in fact, reach Google.00:47
Alan502maxwellian, so i'm sure eth0 is disable00:47
DasEihomiziado: which filesystem does the stick have ?00:47
Alan502maxwellian, i can ping it though00:47
maxwellianAlan502: Hrm...00:47
codebrainznerdy_kid, yeah, then where i said under Update Manager00:47
Alan502maxwellian, PING www.l.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.00:47
DasEihomiziado: sudo fdisk -l00:47
Alan50264 bytes from mia04s03-in-f104.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=531 ms00:47
Alan50264 bytes from mia04s03-in-f104.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=55 time=539 ms00:47
FloodBot3Alan502: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:47
homiziadoDasEi not sure but I can reformat it00:48
DasEihomiziado: sudo fdisk -l00:48
nerdy_kidcodebrainz right i have that set00:48
maxwellianAlan502: Don't paste in here.00:48
Alan502sorry again00:48
DasEihomiziado: if mount hasn't complained, won't be the issue then00:48
inspironAnyone know how to ubottu we know we know - don't use debian repos in ubuntu. Otherwise ubuntu might actually stop crashing and work properly. On ubuntu I'm afraid to update because I don't know whether the next update is not going to make my system unusable. I do agree that ubuntu does a lot but it's not my cup of tea. I need something which is ROCK solid.00:48
inspironanyone know how to find out what connection my HDD has? Is it SATA? SCSI?00:49
maxwellianAlan502: Can you pastebin the contents of /etc/network/interfaces?00:49
homiziadoDasEi "warning: gpt (guid partition  table) detected on /dev/sdb the util fdisk does not support gpt. use gnu parted" ?00:49
codebrainznerdy_kid, and it doesn't pop up from time to time with the new updates?00:49
sebsebsebinspiron: Rock solid,  probably about the closest your going to get Linux distrowise is Debian Stable00:49
homiziadoDasEi can be a cause?00:50
inspironsebsebseb: and that's what I'm running00:50
DasEihomiziado: there are some basic tries one could do on graphics, but as this iegd with hdmi is very new to me, I'd like to know more about the environment beforehands00:50
Alan502maxwellian, ok...00:50
Alan502maxwellian, pasting..00:50
sebsebsebinspiron: well in that case support is #debian00:50
nerdy_kidcodebrainz no; i have another pc though and it works fine.00:50
Alan502maxwellian, http://paste.ubuntu.com/458540/00:51
DasEihomiziado: seems like mac table then, use fat or ntfs ?!00:51
inspironsebsebseb: yeah but I need something different - I want to find out what connection my HDD has00:51
codebrainznerdy_kid, yeah, not sure.  the packages are 'update-manager*' and 'update-notifier*'00:51
homiziadoDasEi not sure which it is but its not fat00:51
maxwellianAlan502: Okay, nothing weird there.00:51
codebrainznerdy_kid, and 'update-inetd'00:52
DasEihomiziado: sudo fdisk -l     will tell you about fs00:52
sebsebsebinspiron: well then support is ##hardware00:52
DasEiinspiron: gnome-device-manager tried ??!00:52
Alan502maxwellian, nope, arghhh but can't i select only just one interface as default with route?00:52
LJRuffinspiron, also try parted -l, which will tell you the UID's, filesystems, etc...00:52
maxwellianAlan502: Unfortunately, what you're trying to do is foreign to me, and I'm not sure it's even possible.00:54
nerdy_kidcodebrainz hmm i dont have a /etc/inetd.conf, i think im supposed to have that?00:54
nerdy_kideven though the package is installed00:54
maxwellianAlan502: At least, you may have to do some router configuration in addition to whatever you do to your own machine.00:54
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Alan502maxwellian, ahhh well,  but THANKS for your time :) at least i got an idea of what could be the problem00:54
codebrainznerdy_kid, i do, but it's empty00:55
Alan502maxwellian, what type of configuration on my router?00:55
maxwellianAlan502: Stick around if you can, maybe someone will come on who can help more with weird networking.00:55
tripelbwill someone please look at this pastebin with the log file in it. I've asked 3 times over a period of 5 hours. !!  --Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/dthSQbYs00:55
Alan502maxwellian, ok i'll try the forums probably00:55
tripelbthanks!!! ia00:55
maxwellianAlan502: Your router has to know how to pass information between networks.  Don't know if it's going to know what you're trying to do by default.00:55
Agu10I have compiz installed, and I enabled it via "Compiz Fusion Icon" app. but everytime I boot ubuntu, and log-in, it is disabled... how could I solve this?00:56
Alan502maxwellian, ok, thanks!00:56
inspironwell I mean it says SATA but the connector is like the pins on a mmc or sd card - the flat ones00:56
DasEitripelb: try another app, else medium might be incompatible00:56
DasEitripelb: sudo apt-get install k3b brasero00:56
codebrainzAgu10, Settings->Appearances->Visual Effects->Extra is probably the easiest00:57
maxwellianAlan502: Sure, sorry I wasn't more help.  I'm reading up on multiple default paths, maybe something will come up. :)00:57
DasEiinspiron: that's sata then00:57
Alan502maxwellian, ok :D00:57
Agu10codebrainz, no, because I'd loose my compiz config00:57
vol7ronhello all00:58
codebrainzAgu10, it will load whatever you've set in compiz config settings manager00:58
DasEiinspiron: ide is the 80 (40) post-connector , sata 1/2/3  the ~4cm width plug00:58
inspironDasEi: Once I bought a SATA enclosure and it required those needle pins, not the flat card-like ones00:58
Agu10codebrainz, are you sure? I once did that, and it disabled all the plugins, if I remember right00:58
vol7roncan someone help me out with bash, i'm new to it and am not sure where to define my functions00:58
DasEiinspiron: p-ata likely00:59
inspironDasEi: the enclosure is pata you mean?00:59
codebrainzAgu10, no i'm not sure, but worse case scenario, you spend 2 minutes reconfiguring it00:59
DasEivol7ron: script or aliases ?00:59
nerdy_kidcodebrainz http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1152521 same issue00:59
DasEiinspiron: p-ata likely if owns the needle one type, yup00:59
vol7ronDasEi, either.  I'm used to doing something like: alias emacs "emacs \!* &"01:00
Agu10codebrainz, that won't make it be enabled when I log-in, will it?01:00
jimjimhey room01:00
Agu10and why not the Compiz Fusion Icon then??01:00
codebrainzAgu10, it does for me :)01:00
vol7ronDasEi, I imagine the bash equivalent would be: emacs(){emacs $@ &;}01:00
codebrainzAgu10, i don't think i have said icon01:00
Agu10what's the problem why it goes back to Metacity?01:00
DasEivol7ron: /etc/bash.bashrc01:00
codebrainzAgu10, unless compiz isn't working, it shouldn't fallback to metacity01:01
jimjimi need help getting my resolution properly set on my Parallels virtalization of Ubuntu 10.401:01
vol7ronDasEi, so ~/.bashrc wouldn't work?01:01
Agu10codebrainz, it IS working. that's why I don't understand why it starts metacity instead01:01
DasEivol7ron: there you can have a line like alias check="sudo apt-get update"01:02
RocketLauncherI still can't get Ubuntu to install off a flash drive. It still skips when I try to boot from it01:02
DasEivol7ron: once you open a new shell, it'll work01:02
vol7rondasei, i could have that same line in my ~/.bash_aliases01:02
codebrainzAgu10, it's hacky, but you could add a start up program with the command 'compiz --replace' but you shouldn't need to do that01:02
MaRk-IRocketLauncher: you need to set your bios to boot from USB media01:02
DasEivol7ron: yes01:02
Agu10codebrainz, I'll try that01:02
vol7ronthat doesn't help01:02
jimjim i need help getting my resolution properly set on my Parallels virtalization of Ubuntu 10.401:02
RocketLauncherMaRk-I: I'll try again01:02
airtonixAgu10, have you got fusion-icon installed (it'll make managing compiz easier)01:03
vol7ronthe problem is the error, I'll see if someone knows in  #bash01:03
codebrainznerdy_kid, not sure, short of trying to reinstall the packages i listed01:03
Agu10airtonix, yes, I do01:03
=== KnightStalker is now known as Guest10989
Agu10airtonix, but even if I enable it, next time I boot and log-in, it's disabled :S01:03
MaRk-IAgu10:  and codebrainz  is correct you need to enable compiz through system preferences01:03
Agu10it appears as enabled in the menu though01:03
airtonixAgu10, whats disabled ?01:03
Agu10airtonix, metacity's running instead01:04
DasEivol7ron: I don't know the syntax for bash_aliases from my head, might be different01:04
nerdy_kidcodebrainz im also missing the "dist upgrade" part of software sources...strange!  ok well thanks! :)01:04
clemHello,I have a question about deb package,for example,if I install a php5-cgi package by aptitude,how can I know the configure options of the package,from aptitude program or php executable file?01:04
vol7rondasei, the problem is bash can't take parameters like csh can.01:05
DasEihomiziado: as time is running on, configuring your wireless is a more common job on that atom-platform, and would also ease install of ssh01:05
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:05
Zombu2hello there01:05
codebrainzclem, you mean to see the configure options that the binaries were built with?01:05
behappy1_ I have an IP attack my server on port 80 I try to block it with iptables but its still attack , is there any thing to do to drop this IP immediately ?01:05
Mr_Sonomaanyone know a good how to on setting up ircd-hybrid with hybserv? having a few issues getting them to play nicely together.01:06
=== serhat is now known as serolizm
nerdy_kidcodebrainz ah i found it, missing the update notifier package, i had all the update manager packages though :) thanks!01:06
DasEivol7ron: it can, least it's in-build ones like date n time, else need a script01:06
codebrainznerdy_kid, good stuff!01:06
Zombu2does anyone know how to use pxe to boot windows over a lan???01:06
RocketLauncherMaRk-I: tried it, still skips01:06
=== v1ad_ is now known as v1ad
homiziadoDasEi ok I was just trying to reformat the usb and repeating the commands01:07
MaRk-IRocketLauncher: are you sure you're selecting the usb as a boot media?01:07
clemYes,codebrainz,that is really what I need!01:07
homiziadoDasEi could you just tell me more or less what would be the steps you would do afterwards?01:07
codebrainzclem, i *believe* you can find this if you do 'apt-get source thepackage' (could be wrong)01:07
RocketLauncherMaRk-I: there's USB-FDD and USB-ZIP. I just put them on boot #1 and #2 since i didnt know which one was which01:08
DasEihomiziado: yes, install some helping apps : pastebinit, hwinfo, htop ,  check the hardware, backup a possible xorg-configuration and then try to configure x for hdmi01:08
behappy1_    376
MaRk-IRocketLauncher:  heh well you need to know which one, also you could try pressing F10 and select the appropiate USB01:08
RocketLauncherMaRk-I: yeah i did that01:09
RocketLauncherwhich i got the sure-fire one01:09
DasEihomiziado: check if the sources.list ist complete, check the syslog, check dmesg01:09
MaRk-Ihow did you burn the iso in the usb?01:09
DasEiMaRk-I: unetbootin he used01:10
MaRk-Ithat should work01:10
clemcodebrainz,the command will download a source package, but I need a string of configure options.01:10
MaRk-Istill that usb.fdd doenst look good lol  a usb floppy?01:10
homiziadoDasEi ok and thanks a lot for your time and patience :)01:10
RocketLauncherMaRk-I: i used unetbootin01:10
DasEiRocketLauncher: you verified the d/L (md5sum) ? right architectuure (no x64 on i386 ?)01:11
RocketLauncherDasEi: yes and yes01:11
DasEihomiziado: as said, interesting stuff you pulled apart there, these atoms are really neat in consumption01:11
jake_hi all01:12
evonHello everyone. Something is eating up my CPU power and I don't know what. The computer was working fine yesterday with the exact same settings. Can someone please advise me on how to trouble shoot this? I have already tried system monitor but it does not told me anything useful. It shows that most things are not using the CPU at all and there are only 2 other things that are using about 15% each.01:12
MaRk-Ievon:  open a terminal and type: top01:12
Daekdroomevon, have you made it show you processes from all users?01:12
homiziadoDasEi green and no windows tax :) tks again!01:13
MaRk-Iyou'll see the processes and which one is eating up cpu/mem01:13
jake_I am having all the trouble in the world trying to get my sound going. I have an intel D865GLC mobo, with 82801EB/ER on board sound01:13
DasEiRocketLauncher: so it boots, and then .. what happens after saying grub .. isolinux  ?01:13
evonDaekdroom. there is only one user. Me ;-)01:13
codebrainzclem, totally guessing, but under thepackage/debian/rules maybe01:13
clemcodebrainz,could you tell me something about how can I get the configure options form a source package?01:14
Daekdroomevon, but some processes are ran under a user called "root" when they need acess to certain folders and configs..01:14
Daekdroomevon, the graphical server, for example, and it's not an unusual cause for CPU hogging..01:14
jake_i even removed my tv card, which shard an irq with it. I have had issues in the past with that card not sharing01:14
codebrainzclem, apt-get source thepackage, and then cd thepackage-version/debian and then cat rules (it looks like some configure options in there, but not really sure)01:14
evonDaekdroom. how do i check for this?01:14
DasEijake_ : sudo apt-get install alsamixergui01:15
MaRk-Ijake_: press alt-f2 type: padevchooser01:15
Daekdroomevon, top command, as mentioned above.01:15
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
evonDaekdroom. So here's an update. I've restarted my compiz and everything is fine now. But why would this happen in the first place?01:15
Ha4poon02:15 ||| Slayer [~Gentoo@] has quit Client Quit01:15
Ha4poon02:15 ||| Slayer [~Gentoo@] has quit Client Quit01:15
clemThere is no debian file or directory in my source package,codebrainz.01:16
jake_DasEi, I tried alsamixer (not gui) and nothing is muted01:16
codebrainzclem, http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dreq.en.html#s-rules01:16
Daekdroomevon, that isn't enough to identify a cause..01:16
ballongenhow do i install VLC 0.9.8 ?? my vlc-rar-plugin dont work on 1.001:16
jake_DasEi, but i'll install it anyways01:16
codebrainzclem, otherwise, i'm afraid i can't help much more :)01:16
evonDaekdroom. That top command is pretty cool. It's showing that Xorg is hogging 50% of the CPU01:16
=== behappy1_ is now known as be_happy
DasEijake_ :  alsamixergui (gui) also displays if snd-module was found, but mute is also to be checked01:16
evonDaekdroom. Any suggestions how I would go about gathering more info?01:16
Daekdroomevon, oh well, I'm not very into Xorg problems.01:17
MaRk-IDasEi: the reason he has no audio is pulseaudio selecting "digital stereo" instead of analog01:17
clemOK,anyway,thank you,codebrainz.01:17
MaRk-Ihe needs to change it to analog01:17
jake_DasEi, it just says "card pulseaudio, chip pulseaudio"01:17
DasEievon:  htop is even nicer01:17
evonDaekdroom. Cool. thanks anyway for the help. at least i learned 2 new commands01:18
ballongenpulseaudio with network streaming works unbelievable well, wathcing a movie through it now. :)01:18
jake_MaRk-I, I have padevchooser installed. Its an applet, correct? There are many options, which should I look for?01:19
evondasei: you're right htop is nicer01:19
DasEijake_: system > preferences > sound  , mind what MaRk-I said, try changing the device01:19
MaRk-Ijake_: go to volume control01:19
DasEievon : sort by F601:19
Agent_bobdefault fonts 10 for everything ?    no wonder i can't read anything on a default install01:19
MaRk-Iwhere it says "configuration" select "analog output" instead of digital01:19
ballongenwhere can i find vlc 0.9.8 old package? in a .deb?01:20
ballongenwould it work to install?01:20
DasEievon : another possib is conky, which can run as single window and highly configurable ( if you want to spend more time..)01:20
MaRk-Ijake_: "Analog01:21
MaRk-I*Analog stereo duplex"01:21
evonDasei, i've tried conky and I don't want to spend more time ;-)01:21
p_alright... so i have both sun's java and openjdk, how do set sun's java to be active/default/whatever work in here01:21
jake_MaRk-I, I have no configuration tab. I went "volume control -> preferences -> output" and observed that the "connector" value was set to "Analog Output / Amplified"01:21
DasEiballongen: it would, but you'd have to lock it in apt then, and there are security-fixes getting lost then01:21
jake_MaRk-I, I'll change it now to *Analog stereo duplex"01:22
ballongenDasEi, sweet, how do i lock it in apt?01:22
p_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Choosing the default Java to use01:23
jake_MaRk-I, Okay, I went "volume control -> preferences -> Hardware" and changed the profile option to "analog stereo duplex"01:23
sudosusomeone can help me in private?01:23
bazhangsudosu, ask here01:23
MaRk-Ijake_: ok log out of ur desktop log back in should work01:23
jake_MaRk-I, oh okay. I'll give it a go. Maybe not logging out was the issue I was having all along01:24
DasEiballongen: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html  , section 3.1001:24
jake_MaRk-I, there is no sounds playing right now, hopefully a log out will fix it01:24
MaRk-Ijake_:  you need to restart pulse to take efect01:24
MaRk-Igood luck01:24
ballongenDasEi, sweet again, thank you01:24
pabloarrubuntu one ask me always when the system is starting01:27
pabloarris annoying01:27
McFly2008anyone can help with grub?01:27
McFly2008I tried ti setup a USB boot, but it gets stuck01:28
pabloarrubuntu one ask me always when the system is starting01:28
pabloarris annoying01:28
jake_MaRk-I, that didn't seem to work01:28
pabloarrhow i cant off01:28
MaRk-Ijake_: you dont have sound system wide or just a specific program?01:28
tkesslerI just installed a fresh copy of 10.04 and I'm using a "02:02.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs [SB Live! Value] EMU10k1X" and can't get any output.  I checked my settings in alsamixer and the volume is up on everything.  I checked my sound preferences in System -> Preferences -> Sound  too01:29
pabloarrubuntu one ask me always when the system is starting01:29
pabloarrplease help01:29
IdleOne!es | pabloarr01:29
ubottupabloarr: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:29
malgorathIs it normal for ubuntu to us up almost 800M of memory just running basic setup with gnome?01:29
xanguapabloarr: do you have automatic log in activated¿¿01:29
tkesslerpabloarr:  go to System -> Preferences -> Startup   .. is it listed there?01:29
pabloarrcome on man!01:30
jake_MaRk-I, system wide. Nothing plays01:30
pabloarrxangua: vos estabas en ubuntues01:30
ph0xideany non interactive pop3 client01:30
MaRk-Ijake_: dang, sorry I have also an intel sound and that usually the problem the "analog"01:30
MaRk-Iother than that I have no idea01:31
jake_MaRk-I, lsmod gives me snd_intel8x0 amoung other things01:31
=== DaZ^ is now known as DaZ
=== STiK_ is now known as STiK
jake_MaRk-I, okay thanks anyway. Maybe I should chuck my yamaha ymf724 in and diusable onboard and see if that works01:31
MaRk-Ijake_:  good luck01:32
jake_MaRk-I, np :)01:32
tripelbDasei what does the k3b do?  I already have brasero and it failed first. Did you understand the fail log?01:32
pabloarrtkessler: yes...but i want ubunu one...I will not be prompted for a password01:32
tripelbwill someone please look at this pastebin with the log file in it. I've asked 3 times over a period of 5 hours. !!  --Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/dthSQbYs  --- (I tried brasero first.)01:33
=== malgorath_ is now known as Malgorath
pabloarrtkessler: yes...but i want ubunu one...I will not be prompted for a password01:33
MalgorathSo what is normal memory consumption for 10.04 Ubuntu running Gnome.01:34
_Elbachacospake spanidh?01:34
zinHI ,everybody I just switched to ubuntu but my linux is running way too hot in idle state .01:34
SRejectMalgorath, depends on what things u have installed01:34
tkesslerpabloarr:  I'm trying to get my dad's sound working so i can't look at my setup right now , but I have ubuntu one at home and it starts up without prompting for a password01:35
zinhablo espanol?01:35
MalgorathSReject, Basic laptop install is all01:35
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:35
bazhangzin _Elbachaco /join #ubuntu-es01:35
SRejectfresh install01:35
_Elbachaco[zin] q bien01:35
_Elbachaco[zin] hablame01:36
bazhang_Elbachaco, zin its english only here01:36
pabloarrtkessler: ok...the pass deposit is bloqued..say01:36
zinI never had this problem in ista only with ubuntu01:36
_Elbachaco[bazhang] spake spanish?01:36
SRejectzin, the reson u are prompted for a password no matter what, is b/c there are 2 accounts created. Root and User01:37
blaze||hello does anyone know if ubuntu 1.04 32 bit recognizes 4gb of ram01:37
bazhang_Elbachaco, no. /join #ubuntu-es for spanish01:37
bazhangblaze||, with the pae kernel sure01:37
zinIs there anyone here who know of a workaround for this problem01:37
SRejectblaze||, 10.04? Yes ut dies01:37
SRejectit oes*01:37
xangua!pae | blaze||01:37
ubottublaze||: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info01:37
Malgorath_Elbachaco, ¡No hablamos español aquí, su inglés solamente!01:38
bazhangblaze||, install linux pae kernel and it will01:38
Malgorathbah I was delayed :p01:38
zinI'm really thinking of removing ubuntu because of thsi temperature problem.01:38
zin90°C in idle state , it's way too much.01:39
GreenmeanieCan anyone help me please?01:39
razorryeah my desk gets burned too01:39
SRejectblaze||: Both the CD and DVD installer of Ubuntu 10.04 automatically installs the PAE enabled kernel if it detects more than 3 Gb of available memory. In the case of the liveCD, a working network connection is required, since the PAE enabled kernel packages are not present on the CD.01:39
zinnot a joke , it' sreally annonying01:40
bazhangGreenmeanie, ask a question first01:40
MalgorathGreenmeanie, don't ask to ask, fastest way to ignoresville :-/01:40
daichiwhat does ::1 mean in /etc/hosts file?01:40
Greenmeanie9.04 no sound but when i run sound test or rythmbox its ok01:40
zinThe problem with linux distribution is that there is even fewer internet support than for windows really.01:40
MalgorathGreenmeanie, any reason you didn't update to 10.04?01:40
Greenmeaniefps drops01:41
bazhangzin, did you wish to trouble shoot or just chat01:41
Greenmeaniei just went back to 9.04 then01:41
_ElbachacoShit Stupids01:41
bazhang_Elbachaco, no cursing here. please stop01:41
IdleOne!language | _Elbachaco01:41
ubottu_Elbachaco: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:41
Greenmeanieil update to 9.1001:41
zinI want some help for this problem really , pretty please big technorati show me the way.701:42
Alan502_Elbachaco, /join #ubuntu-es pendejo01:42
Malgorathzin, #1 ubuntu has a much larger user base and support base then windows(especially free), #2 complaining about linux in a linux distro channel probably wont win you many friends, and can lead to being Off-topic and moved to OT channel.01:42
xanguaAlan502: neither you can offend01:42
Alan502xangua, xD ok01:43
bazhangAlan502, that language is unacceptable.01:43
Alan502ok ok :)01:43
osmodivsHow do I PM?01:43
bazhangosmodivs, better to ask here01:43
_Elbachaco[Alan502] the mother01:43
osmodivslike, this :Alan502: Hello01:43
Alan502osmodivs, hi :)01:43
osmodivsSo, how do i PM?01:44
osmodivsyes, like that01:44
Alan502on IRC? just /msg user message here01:44
bazhangosmodivs, ask them first, then /msg nickname hello01:44
osmodivscan you give me an example?01:44
bazhangosmodivs, I just did01:44
osmodivsAlan502, can i send yo a PM?01:44
Alan502osmodivs, of course :) /msg Alan502 hi01:45
_ElbachacoBe kept silent stupids go to the shit foreign homosexuals take his mothers01:45
osmodivslike that?01:45
osmodivsSo I can talk to someone specificaly, and my message do not get lost in the crowd01:45
Alan502osmodivs, yeah, excellent. Are you new to irc?01:46
storrgieanyone know anything about persistant interfaces?01:46
bazhangosmodivs, ask here01:46
jamil_1hi, it takes forever to setup acpi-support-base (0.137-3) when i do sudo dpkg --configure -a01:46
osmodivsIs there a way to save channels so I dont have to look for them everytime i log in?01:47
bazhangosmodivs, which client01:47
sevenseekerdoes anyone have a system that involves zero editing of xorg or other config files... to simply plug and go with an external monitor or projector on a laptop or other dual display system?01:48
sevenseekersystem meaning process and/or tools... url would be nice... google is often NOT your friend01:48
bazhangosmodivs, blender is not an irc client01:48
osmodivswell, I found it here01:48
osmodivsin the list channel01:49
bazhangosmodivs, what irc client are you using01:49
IdleOne-osmodivs- VERSION xchat 2.8.6 Ubuntu01:49
Malgorathsevenseeker, google is always your friend, you just have to like a real person know how to manipulate and use that friendship to better your needs01:49
Alan502osmodivs, are you using xchat?01:49
inductiveloadhi! anybody know about rss-glx screensavers? i can see an xml file for each screensaver in the source which appears to describe a settings window (spinbuttons for parameters, etc), but I don't see how to get to that window. anyone know?01:49
osmodivsIsn't anybody else using this client?01:49
Alan502what client?01:50
=== audumla is now known as audumla|afk
sevenseekermalgorath, yes... I guess the long uneeded explanation is that I need authoritative, accurate, and timely solutions... not archives that require days of fiddling which I have zero time for01:50
bazhangosmodivs, its easy. go to xchat -->network list -->ubuntu servers-->click edit--->add the channels you wish to auto join01:50
sevenseekergoogle is just google01:50
IdleOneosmodivs: many use xchat, what is your question?01:50
osmodivsWell, all of this chat lingo is new to me01:50
sevenseekerRTFM responses are RTFM responses01:50
osmodivssave channels01:50
osmodivshow to?01:50
bazhangosmodivs, see my explanation above01:50
SIRENis there a keybord command for bringing up bash?01:50
Alan502but what client are you using?01:51
IdleOneosmodivs: right click on the channel name then click Add to favorites01:51
osmodivsAh, ok01:51
IdleOneAlan502: he is using Xchat01:51
MaRk-Iosmodivs: you click Xchat menu, servers list, select freenode, edit and there's a line to auto join channels01:51
Alan502IdleOne, ok01:51
Malgorathsevenseeker, your solution isn't gonna be easily found probably, most things when you plug them in require some configs to work correctly. You could actually right a BASH script to update things when you plug stuff in so you can just cp a config file here and backup the original01:51
osmodivsTHX EVERYBODY! I am outta here to the Blender channel01:51
IdleOneosmodivs: welcome01:52
Alan502Is somebody here good with network routes? I got an issue with ubuntu having two default routes...01:52
MarupaIs there any way to stream music played from rhythmbox TO a shoutcast server?  I don't want to listen to a shoutcast server.01:52
tripelb ----Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/dthSQbYs  --- (I tried brasero first.)01:53
jamil_1hi, it stucks at setting up acpi-support-base (0.137-3) when i do sudo dpkg --configure -a01:53
jarHeadlessis there a way to make my mouse pointer always go to the centre of my screen?01:54
zuscan i use gwibber social client for skype as well?01:54
bazhangzus, not that I know of, skype is proprietary and very locked down01:55
xanguaand skype is not a social network :S01:56
greezmunkeyjarHeadless: I don't know about that, but here is an easy way to visually locate you mouse pointer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/linux/seeing/pointer/locating/sub_3.shtml01:56
sevenseekerMalgorath, thank you.  That is however unacceptable as this is for my mom and wife.  It is a clear shame that the open source community has yet to figure this out.  If I won the lottery and had a few years I guess I would do it myself... not being a c-guru and having to work and support  fam, guess Mac is my friend, thanks01:56
zusso id have to have skype open if i am expecting a call?01:56
MaRk-IMarupa: you mean listen to a shoutcast stream in rhytmbox instead of shoutcast page?01:56
bazhangzus, why not check skype documentation for that01:57
bazhangsevenseeker, in my experience projectors and such will generally work, not sure why you would need a script for that01:58
packratso, my sd card wont mount when i insert it into my AAO running UNR 10.04.  how do i shot mounting?01:58
Malgorathsevenseeker, they can't click an icon? BASH scripts do not require C knowledge01:58
greezmunkeypackrat: this doc may be of some help: http://www.google.com/linux?hl=en&q=sdricoh_cs&btnG=Search01:59
zusbazhang,  thanks then, i will.01:59
sevenseekerMalgorath icon?  Is there a stock program that they can click?01:59
Malgorathsevenseeker, you can link BASH scripts to an icon01:59
packratgreezmunkey, is that the reader that the AAO has?01:59
MalgorathKinda like how in windows you can run shell scripts from a shortcut01:59
sevenseekerMalgorath, ok, I will google for some examples of those scripts01:59
sevenseekermy knowledge of gui's is sadly limited, I am used to servers :(02:00
k0rnIm having a problem geting a splash screen to work. Im using the Splash Screen Utility but its not working.02:00
greezmunkeypackrat: idk, what is an AAA - the doc I sent concerns sd readers in general (sort of)02:00
k0rnim useing Ubuntu 10.0402:00
packratAcer Aspire One02:00
Malgorathsevenseeker, umm bash is CLI and used by a lot of server admins02:00
greezmunkeypackrat: I said it may be of some help, check it out and see :)02:01
MarupaMaRk-I, No.  i want to stream, not listen.02:01
daichihi i want to use the apache command (a2ensite) to enable my sites using a bash script -- what command do i enter in the script?02:01
sevenseekermalgorath, yup, never said it wasn't... but logically and easily deduce-able by my statements and initial query are the fact that I don't know how to do it02:01
Malgorathsevenseeker, you know how to copy a file from the command line?02:02
MaRk-IMarupa: I doubt you can, you have to setup an icecast/shoutcast server, do a google search02:02
packratgreezmunkey, sadly, im not entirely sure what to do with the information in the link you provided.  im fairly green with linux02:02
sevenseekermalgorath, not in the mood for pissing contests02:02
SIRENis there a keybord combation to bring up bash?02:02
k0rnanybody know how to get a splash screen working02:02
MarupaMaRk-I, I have a shoutcast server set up, but I do not want to do a playlist like it supports.  I want to do live DJing.02:03
wodKaHi, I'm getting a weird issue with ubuntu on my laptop where everything freezes/wifi disconnects/etc after like 30 seconds of being inactive, then unfreezes after moving the mouse. I made a video of it if it helps :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzQHzIjQaws02:03
Malgorathsevenseeker, wasn't a pissing contest and I can see now your just lazy. So enjoy life. I was helping you but your being ignorant02:03
bazhangMalgorath, sevenseeker lets please move on02:03
bazhang!abs | sevenseeker02:03
ubottusevenseeker: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/02:03
sevenseekermalgorath, yup... it is a pissing contest if nothing else by your 'I can see now you are just lazy' thanks for giving oss another black eye... move on02:03
sevenseekerI feel like this is the gentoo channel02:03
=== audumla|afk is now known as audumla
bazhangsevenseeker, check that guide, perhaps #bash will be willing to help you02:04
Line_I cannot get vnc_listen = "" in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf to work! someone please help?!!02:04
sevenseekerbash isn't the issue02:04
thune3SIREN: you can set one in System->Prefs->Keyboard Shortcuts [add button]02:04
sevenseekerxorg is02:04
sevenseekerxorg is a beast in my experience, albeit limited, to make 'smart'02:04
cjdevlinsevenseeker: this may helphttp://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/X.Org/Dual_Monitors02:04
Malgorathbazhang, he is to lazy or ignornat to probably change the projector resolution when he plugs it in cause he bought a cheap projector.02:04
daichihttp://www.commandlineidiot.com/blog/2007/plate-up-bash-script-for-apache-vhost-setup/ -- i am using this guide to create vhosts. how can i sym-link my created vhost in the /etc/apache2/sites-available folder02:04
greezmunkeypackrat: at the bottom of the resulting page there is a link to a howto on mounting sd cards in linux. That's probably a good start.02:04
sevenseekerso I naively assumed there would be some smart systems for managing a common issue02:04
bazhangMalgorath, that's not necessary, lets move on02:05
laiemanHi. Is there a protocol, e.g VNC, that allows you to have steamless-windows which RDP (RemoteApp) and Citrix offers?02:05
daichiaccording to the guides sym-link -- it creates a new folder, so the created vhost ends up in /etc/apache2/available-sites/available-sites -- the last being the symbolic link02:05
MaRk-IMarupa: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143455502:05
Malgorathbazhang, sorry just tired of immature people coming into a channel and thinking we will just have the instant fix and when we don't 'we are giving OSS another black eye'02:05
sevenseekerOSS is thought of in many circles to be the realm of bad attitude trolls hacking away in their mom's basements... I have been fighting this for more than a decade, now I feel like it is 2 steps back02:06
sevenseekerMalgorath, spare me02:06
wodKaanyone have any ideas for my problem? :(02:06
wodKaim so lost with this02:06
ohziewodKa, Sorry, I've been flipping in and out02:06
ohzieLet me read it.02:07
MalgorathwodKa, looks like it might be a powersave issue, is it a laptop?02:07
wodKait is a laptop02:07
wodKaive disabled everything in power management02:07
MarupaIDJC does not do what I need.02:07
MalgorathwodKa, does it do it if you turn of the wifi?02:07
wodKaill let you know in about 30 seconds02:08
Malgorather turn off the wifi even02:08
wodKayup still does it02:08
Alan502How to know which user is running a daemon?02:08
MalgorathwodKa, checked the usual log files?02:08
wodKawhere can i check those?02:09
Malgorathin the /var/log directory02:09
k0rncan someone help me with getting a splash screen to work.02:09
Malgorathalso do dmesg | more and read through for errors02:09
cjdevlinAlan502: at the terminal type: top02:09
jimi_Sometimes, when I view a flash app a bunch of times, it stops displaying until i restart firefox, what could cause this?02:09
=== audumla is now known as audumla|afk
tripelb ----Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/dthSQbYs  --- (I tried brasero first.)02:09
MalgorathAlan502, if you know the daemon name like httpd you can also do: ps aux | grep httpd02:10
sevenseekerok, so lets start over... what is the right tool or google search string for enabling a laptop to connect at anytime to arbitrary projectors or external monitors both of high quality and resolution via a vga or perhaps a hdmi connection?02:10
Alan502cjdevlin, nevermind, i found out. Can I make auto eth0 not available to an specific user?02:10
Alan502Malgorath, i found out, but know i want to block a networking interface to that specific user02:10
ohziesevenseeker, There is no easy way, it requires reconfiguring and restarting X.02:10
inductiveloadtripelb: are you sure it is blank?02:10
tripelb---- I just did sudo apt-get install k3b brasero and there are all kind of errors as it is intslling. Will my life thn be worse?02:10
ohziesevenseeker, The easiest way I have found is through KDE's screen setup02:11
tripelbinductiveload, I thought so. If it is not blank then it would get seen.02:11
ohziesevenseeker, it seems to be built a little better than Gnome's, from what I can tell02:11
tripelbI'll try the next disk. I only tried 2. none have failed before inductiveload02:11
MarupaMaRk-I, IDJC does not do what I want it to do.  I need a program that has, as amarok or rhythmbox has, a library of MP3s I can search through.02:11
ohziesevenseeker, but it will only work with Open Source drivers. the closed source nvidia driver blows for changing x configs.02:11
inductiveloadhmm, i had a problem with a half-burned disc with gnomebaker last week02:12
tripelbi've had no half burned disks before but maybe inductiveload02:12
wodKanothing in dmsg, theres a bunch of logs which one(s) should i look in?02:12
FabParmaPlease, how to create a link to "aptitude" to work as root?02:13
cjdevlinsevenseeker: xrandr and turning off the laptop display is going to be your best bet02:13
sevenseekerok, guys... thanks... sad to hear but thank you.  Is there an effort sorta like the LDTP project, to improve this?  I will gladly help the effort in any way I can02:14
fuyaohow do i get ibus on interpid?02:14
spiol78I have an issue with my wireless card not being recognized.  It is an ipw2100 and it stopped working for after a reboot.  Can somebody help me trouble shoot it?02:14
spiol78ipw2100: eth1: Firmware 'ipw2100-1/3.fw' not available or load failed02:14
spiol78ipw2100: eth1: ipw2100_get_firmware failed -202:14
spiol78ipw2100: eth1: Failed to power on the adapter.02:14
spiol78ipw2100: eth1: Failed to start the firmware.02:14
FloodBot3spiol78: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:14
FabParmaPlease, how to create a link to "aptitude" to work "aptitude" as root askink for password on launch02:14
wodKaI don't really see anything in the couple logs i  looked at, i dont relaly know what i'm looking for but nothing that hits me in the face as "error" or anything.02:15
RocketLauncheri tried to install ubuntu from flash drive using unetbootin but it just skips it when i try to boot from it. whats wrong?02:15
sevenseekercjdevlin... I tried mucking through the different laptop display settings but it didn't like any.  The external displays I am using to test are admittedly higher than my laptops display, though not by much02:15
MalgorathwodKa, sorry doing 4 things at once right now, does the laptop run another OS fine?02:15
greezmunkeysevenseeker: you, figure out what resulotions you plan to use in advance - xrandr is good for that, then build those into your Xorg.conf file. Then whilst in Gnome, or whatever window manager, ctrl+alt and + or - will cycle through the resolutions you have "preprogrammed"02:15
tripelbinductiveload, same thing. Question: did you look at the pastebin?02:16
inductiveloadpastebin where?02:16
wodKaMalgorath: yeah it runs vista fine, i actually formatted and reinstalled it last night since ubuntu has been unusable because of this. 8.04 and 8.10 worked fine, ever since the 9.x series i've gotten this issue02:16
wodKarunning off live cd to test this stuff right now02:16
inductiveloadno, one sec02:16
Alan502How can i configure the networking of a system user?02:17
tripelb ----Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/dthSQbYs  --- (I tried brasero first.)  -----  I can look and see if my new results are the same.02:17
tripelbinductiveload, just above02:17
MalgorathwodKa, what about 10.04?02:17
wodKa10.04 LTS is the disc i have in right now02:17
inductiveloadyep, well looks like it can't see a disc (seems like my problem, but I didn't look at the log for that, just changed the disc and away i went)02:18
inductiveloadother that that, i may not be very useful to you...02:18
maxwellianAlan502: Sorry, that's probably not the path you need to take bud...02:18
wodKai reinstalled 8.04 just to see what it would do, and it worked great. updated from that and iirc it started freezing again after i finished the updates02:18
FabParmaPlease, how to create a link on desktop for "aptitude" to work as root, maybe asking for password on launch? At the moment it works only as unpreveliged task02:18
sevenseekergreezmunkey, thanks... I am not sure if the current xorg uses the ancient (as I am) modedisplay settings, can I just put in lines that say the resolution, depth, and Hz and then be done with it?02:19
maxwellianFabParma: If you're doing GUI stuff, have you considered Update Manger or Synaptic?02:19
cannonfodderhey is there a shell command that lists my main system stats ...i want to post them on craigslist so i can sell my laptop02:20
=== audumla|afk is now known as audumla
tripelbinductiveload, almost the same. here's the new one http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GhgeZ40u02:20
daichilooking for assistance -> http://pastebin.com/CTSfT95Q02:20
cjdevlinsevenseeker: did you read the how to i recommended? they are both from this article: http://www.linux-magazine.com/Issues/2008/95/ASK-KLAUS02:20
tripelbinductiveload, please use my name in lines where I should read it. ty02:20
cjdevlindownload and read the pdf. then try to do something. let us know what the problems you are having.02:21
tripelbdaichi state your problem so someone who might know can read it02:21
daichii put all info in the pastebin02:21
=== Georg is now known as Georgiy
MarupaSo it is not possible to stream audio from rhythmbox or amarok to a shoutcast server?02:21
greezmunkeysevenseeker: that hasn't changed a lot that I could see. Here is my xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458562/02:22
cannonfodderhey you guys...is there a tool in ubuntu or a terminal command that will show my system stats?  i want to post my stats on craigslist so i can sell my computer02:22
maxwelliandaichi: Give me a minute, I'm having trouble understanding your problem.02:22
maxwelliandaichi: Just need to read it again a couple of times. :P02:23
inductiveloadtribelb: i don't really know more than that,,,i'm just sayin' i had a similar problem recently02:23
inductiveloadbut seems not related02:23
sevenseekercjdevlin, thanks for that... yeah I read it and realized I had tried most of it already... sadly.  At least to switch to clone and extend sytems.  I have an ATI system so maybe that is part of the problem.02:24
greezmunkeysevenseeker: and here is xrandr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458565/02:24
fuyaohow do i get ibus on interpid?02:24
sevenseekergreezmunkey, looks familiar enough... thank you a TON02:24
cjdevlinthe xrandr option usually works. where did you run into problems?02:25
=== netrat is now known as netbookrat
greezmunkeysevenseeker: heh, as you can see from my xorg.conf, I've pretty much tried everything I could to get the most of my ATI adapter, I runs as well as possible now, but it still isn't good enough to run compiz...02:25
sevenseekercjdevlin, well it flickrs and wavers on the external monitor or projector system... while I blow it off I am tired of folks complaining and saying 'use windows' grrrrr02:25
wodKaanyone else willing to help me out since the guy that was helping me left? :/ im about to give up02:26
maxwelliandaichi: Is your goal to be able to use this script as is?02:26
soreaugreezmunkey: Can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log?02:26
maxwelliandaichi: Or are you trying to make your own using it as a model?02:26
greezmunkeysoreau: sure02:26
jarHeadlesswel my thx is centred now!02:26
sevenseekercjdevlin, not sure what the prob is... back in crt days I just mucked with the refresh rate o.O02:26
daichimaking my own as a model02:26
daichiit works great02:27
cjdevlindaichi: are you trying to allow all users to have their own web space?02:27
daichibut the problem is -- the apache command to enable the vhosts - a2ensite only works for sites in the folder '/etc/apache2/sites-available'02:27
greezmunkeysoreau: here you are: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458568/02:28
wildbatproblem. if i set xchat in Startup Application, the tray icon fail to show, and can't switch back to xchat once you minimize to tray icon ~ any fix for that ?02:28
ScuniziwodKa: have you attempted to fresh install 10.04?02:28
FabParmamaxwellian: I was wrong, I meant "synaptic" in my answer. I cant start "synaptic" via a normal link, if I do it I get "synaptic" working as unprevileged ... any idea? in more, what is the "update manager"? Do you mean the "Ubuntu software center"?02:28
maxwelliandaichi: So you're trying to make the folders under /etc/apache2/sites-available/ symlink to folders in your home directory?02:29
greezmunkeysoreau: my adapter does not have enough memory... ;(02:29
wodKaScunizi: yes, 9.04, 9.10, and 10.04. all give me the same problem02:29
daichiso teh vhost gets created in /home/USER/www-config/sites-available/VHOST which creates a symbolic link to /etc/apache2/sites-available/sites-available02:29
soreaugreezmunkey: Yea, that's ati rage, probably over 10 years old. It is not capable of running compiz02:29
cjdevlinsevenseeker: for anyone to be able to help you with your issue we have to follow the format of: 1) this is the goal  2) i tried this - then tell us what happened vs what you expected02:29
ScuniziwodKa: and since I'm late to the party.. what is the problem?02:29
Alan502maxwellian, i figured out, to solve my problem i can click "use this connection only for resources on its network" on gnome-network-manager. This only applies to my user though, and squid is running under proxy. Do you know how can i do the same but with the system account "squid"02:29
greezmunkeysoreau: yeah, I gave it hell trying though!02:29
maxwelliandaichi: If I'm understanding it properly, you have those links backwards.02:29
cjdevlinsevenseeker: even though there isn't a fancy automatic gui, there is usually a 'simple' way to achieve what people are looking for02:30
wodKaScunizi: everything freezes and processes running stop (wifi, downloads, music, etc) after about 30 seconds of inactivity. moving the mouse or any other kind of user input makes it snap out02:30
soreaugreezmunkey: heh. nowadays, nearly all ati cards that are compiz capable work with the default radeon driver02:30
daichiin my main sites-available folder (/etc/apache2/sites-available) i have another folder in it -- which is the symbolic link of the sites-available folder in "/home/user/www-config/sites-available"02:31
ScuniziwodKa: anything show up on dmesg?02:31
sevenseekercjdevlin: optimistically I agree, its just that I am clueless in this domain... however, I will say that xrandr has brought me success on various netbooks (with my 'dynamic' requirement)02:31
wodKaScunizi: i don't know what i'm looking for but theres nothing obvious sticking out to me02:31
jarHeadlesscan i set my left/right mouse botton to snap to the centre of my screen02:31
Mr_Sonomaanyone know a good how to on setting up ircd-hybrid with hybserv? having a few issues getting them to play nicely together.02:31
maxwellianFabParma: try making the link 'gksudo synaptic'02:31
=== macode|afk is now known as macode
daichithat symbolic link folders content should copied to the main sites-available folder, instead of into another folder02:32
soreaugreezmunkey: The good news is, that you can get a card made in this past century that can run compiz for next to nothing02:32
cjdevlindaichi: i believe maxwellian is correct, symbolic links don't create directories: they are just pointers02:32
greezmunkeysoreau: yeah, this is a Dell 600SC that I got for free, so I'm cool withit. I was given an Ultium 2 tape drive recently, and a compatible adaptec scsi board (that actually works in this 600 - also free) so, all in all I'm doing ok.02:32
=== kull_ is now known as SolomonKane
antonio_hey everyone02:32
soreaugreezmunkey: neat02:32
daichiso, instead of having, /etc/apache2/sites-available/sites-available/VHOST, it should be /etc/apache2/sites-available/VHOST02:32
ScuniziwodKa: should be at the tail end of the file.. and if it's not looking like a sore thumb then probably doesn't show there.. Is this a home built machine, store bought, desktop or laptop?02:32
daichithe directory exists02:33
maxwellianAlan502: I'm sorry, that's even less obvious to me. :(02:33
cjdevlinsevenseeker: is your goal to get a monitor/lcd setup working on a computer that you wife/grandmother is going to be using?02:33
greezmunkeysoreau: free computer, free operating system, fix the bugs, next? Use it guilt free :)02:33
wodKaScunizi: store bought gateway laptop, ran 8.04 and 8.10 fine as well as vista02:33
antonio_I've got a training video that I bought and downloaded, and I used devede to encode it...and brasero to burn it.  It won't play on my magnavox cheapy from walmart...02:33
bellmanwhere does pcmanfm get its ' installed application' list from?02:33
antonio_Is there any way to specify the region code either when burning or encoding the dvd?02:33
maxwelliandaichi: /etc/apache2/sites-available/VHOST should be a symlink to the VHOST in your home directory.02:33
un214shouldn't it set it to any region?02:33
ScuniziwodKa: vista isn't a good comparison.. 8.04 & 8.10 are.. the question is what's changed enough to give the machine a headache..02:34
dive-oAnybody know how to fix Ubuntu 10 so that I don't have to redo my compiz settings every time I log in? It loses them on reboot every time - yet once I re-enable effects in the appearance menu, everything comes back and I just need to re-enable desktop cube/rotate cube02:34
maxwellianAlan502: I don't think you can set up per-user networking.02:34
daichithe script creates the VHOST in teh home folder -- i want to link it to the /etc/apache2/sites-available folder02:34
dive-othis only happens on one machine, and I'm not sure why - I use the same compiz setup on others, this one has just been upgraded thru more versions of ubuntu02:34
wildbat!who | daichi02:34
ubottudaichi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:34
antonio_is pal used in europe and ntsc used in the us?02:34
maxwelliandaichi: You are not understanding what a symlink is.02:34
soreaudive-o: Install simple-ccsm package, then select Custom from gnome-appearance-properties (sys>prefes>appearance>visual effects)02:35
ScuniziwodKa: could be a touchpad thing..  maybe ACPI... AH! do you have a separate /home directory?02:35
daichimaxwellian: the script creates the VHOST in teh home folder -- i want to link it to the /etc/apache2/sites-available folder02:35
wildbatdive-o, may be try purge and reinstalled?02:35
un214antonio_: you see, the actual DVDCSS key resides in a part of the DVD that is blanked out on consumer DVDR's so there is no CSS and therefore region code is kinda pointless02:35
maxwelliandaichi: A symlink does not copy or move anything around.02:35
maxwelliandaichi: It's like a shortcut in Windows.02:35
dive-owildbat: purge and reinstall compiz?02:35
wodKaScunizi: not that i know of, everything on the install was default. clean format and install02:35
jarHeadlessantonio   PAL is for anyone in eropa02:35
wildbatdive-o, yes02:35
Alan502maxwellian, ok thanks :)02:35
dive-oGuess I could try that, I was hoping there was a better answer02:35
soreaudive-o: reinstalling compiz will effectively accomplish nothing02:35
antonio_ok un214: if I burned it as pal would that keep it from playing on a player here in the us?02:35
dive-osoreau: that's my suspicion as well02:36
wodKaantonio_ yes02:36
ScuniziwodKa: so no separate home with old stuff lying around.. well.. that makes it more difficult.. what's the make and model of the gateway?02:36
maxwelliandaichi: What you want to happen is that when you run that Apache setup utility, it will look in the /etc/.../sites-available/VHOST and will FOLLOW the symlink back to your home directory.02:36
antonio_wodka: haha...thanks02:36
dive-osoreau: I'm wondering if my config is just old enough that the newer gnome doesn't like saving it, or something similar02:36
un214antonio_: maybe but a computer player would be able to play it anyway even if the hardware player couldn't02:36
wildbatdive-o, soreau it work for me at least02:36
ScuniziwodKa: DOH!  what's the model of the gateway02:36
soreaudive-o: Install simple-ccsm package, then select Custom from gnome-appearance-properties (sys>prefes>appearance>visual effects) then you might want to close all windows and go to sys>prefs>startup applications>options and click Remember Currently Running Applications02:36
antonio_un214: explains why it works on my comuter :D02:36
jarHeadlessantonio   PAL is for anyone in eropa02:36
jarHeadlessantonio   PAL is for anyone in eropa02:36
thune3antonio_: also consider that some cheap/old dvd players don't work with dvd+-rw, but may work with dvd+r/dvd-r02:37
wodKaScunizi: it's a M-153xl02:37
un214I don't think Europa has any population02:37
dive-osoreau: trying that now02:37
soreaudive-o: Also to reset all compiz settings, use ccsm>Preferences>Reset to Defaults02:37
jarHeadlessantonio depends on your hardware02:37
un214jarHedless: Europa is a moon of Jupiter, Europe is a continent of Earth02:37
jarHeadlessantonio_: depends on your hardware02:38
un214jarHeadless: Europa is a moon of Jupiter, Europe is a continent of Earth02:38
wodKaScunizi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzQHzIjQaws02:38
daichiok, if i understand this -- i have a folder ABC and inside this folder is a file, help. /ABC/help.  I want to copy/link the help file to /etc/apache2/sites-available. with the current symb link. it creates the shortcut to the folder so that it appears as /etc/apache2/sitesavailable/ABC/help02:39
jarHeadlessun214: and your point is?02:39
greezmunkeyI thought Europa is where the mysterious onyx monolith from 2001 came from...02:39
daichiso hwo can i remove the ABC out of the symb link02:39
xxiao_i have some dpkg-ed packages on ubuntu, is there a command i do to find all them out?02:40
=== bburhans_ is now known as bburhans
cjdevlindaichi: i've been following your thread for a bit, and i still am having trouble figuring out what the goal is. why do you want/need to create virtual hosts from a bash script? the one downloaded directly from the site will work. if you just want to set up web space for many users, that is not what vhosts are for02:40
un214greezmunkey, so did I02:40
xxiao_want to find out any packages that are not in standard ubuntu repo before I upgrade from 8.04 to 10.0402:40
daichii want to have many development sites to play around with. so i want to create vhosts on the fly with a script02:40
=== thoffmeyer|AFK is now known as thoffmeyer
xxiao_dpkg -l can not really tell02:41
maxwelliandaichi: ln -s /etc/apache2/sitesavailable/help ~/ABC/help02:41
greezmunkeyun214: Hal was a pretty cool character, it was probably running ubuntu ;)02:41
maxwelliandaichi: Er, sites-available02:41
daichilet me try that02:41
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
un214I always thought HAL ran AIX02:41
maxwelliandaichi: Those are not real filenames, obviously.02:41
greezmunkeyun214: er, nevermind, it had sound.02:41
antonio_hopefully this damn dvd will play02:41
ScuniziwodKa: most likely it's related to the ATI card.. but I"m guessing.. there have been issues with ATI after a certain release because X.org was updated and the drivers ATI provided were for specific cards only.. Unfortunately I"m no ATI guy.. Nvidia here.. which has always worked well except on my machine with 10.04 ubuntu.. but fine with Kubuntu.. have you tried kubuntu?02:41
daichimaxwellian: ^^ i know02:41
un214greezmunkey: HAL = IBM02:41
cjdevlindaichi: the other option is right click and create link02:42
daichicjdevlin: i want to get used to the terminal02:42
dive-osoreau: that made it worse. Now not only do I get no window decorations when I login, but it draws my left monitor about 2" off the side of the screen until I go set it to normal again02:42
greezmunkeyun214: That's right! heh, I should rent it again.02:42
wodKai haven't, i actually read a thread about it on a kubuntu forum though with the same problem. he also had an ati card but no one was able to solve the problem02:42
maxwelliandaichi: As you should. :)02:43
dive-ogonna try resetting to defaults and giving that a shot02:43
soreaudive-o: Did you hit the 'remember currently running applications button' after selecting Custom?02:43
ScuniziwodKa: I'd betchya a dollar to a donut that it's the ATI card doing it.02:43
wodKawonderful :/02:43
dive-osoreau: no, because I'm still trying to get it to forget to start 4 gnome-terminals02:43
soreaudive-o: You exit out of all other windows first02:44
ScuniziwodKa: check the ati site and see what cards are supported by the latest driver for linux.. see if you card is listed..02:44
soreaudive-o: Close all windows and go to sys>prefs>startup applications>options and click Remember Currently Running Applications02:44
dive-oright - I mean I don't generally like the "remember running apps" setting - if I want it running, I start it. Why should ccsm be any different?02:44
soreaudive-o: while compiz is running02:44
ScuniziwodKa: then I think there's an ATI driver and one produced by someone else.. checkem' both out to see if they may work.. sorry.. that's about all I can offer.02:45
soreaudive-o: The problem is there is a bug where after upgrading, it will want to start compiz.real but it does not exist. It needs to be told to start 'compiz'02:45
taninmade first drum roll sound then sound dies 10.0402:45
osmodivsIs there a way to share pictures in this chat ? I want to explain something to other guys in another channel02:46
soreaudive-o: It's a ubuntu thing02:46
dive-osoreau: ahh, okay02:46
osmodivsAnd, since i do not speak good english, i would like to comunicate with pictures02:46
wodKaScunizi: the driver on their site says "Automated installer and Display Drivers for X.Org 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, or 7.5"02:46
dive-osoreau: that makes more sense :) I was thinking I probably had some obscure compiz setting somewhere that I'd forgotten about that it just wasn't compatible with02:46
dive-ogiving that a try now :)02:46
LJRuffosmodivs, what is your native language?02:46
wodKais one of those the current version of x.org?02:46
ScuniziwodKa: yes.. but what cards does it support02:46
=== macode is now known as macode|afk
wodKathat's on the driver page for the mobility 4000-series driver02:47
ScuniziwodKa: the current versioin is 7.1 or above.. not sure which02:47
taninhelp sound02:47
MaRk-Iosmodivs: you can upload a picture to a site and share the resulting link... example:  http://img.flashtux.org/02:47
soreauwodKa: Why are you trying to install fglrx?02:47
jarHeadlessEuropa is one of the smoothest objects in the Solar System hence europe!02:47
soreauwodKa: On 10.04, the radeon driver should already be working02:47
Scunizisoreau: wodka has issues with the computer simply stopping all processes until a key is pressed or the mouse is moved.02:47
cannonfodderhey you guys...i created a bash script called airnuke.sh   and chmod +x airnuke.sh   then why i try  sudo ./airnuke.sh  says cannot open file ....whats going on?02:47
soreauScunizi: So the first thing to try is the vesa driver, which is already installed as well02:48
soreaunot fglrd02:48
soreauScunizi: This would tell whether the problem is with the graphics driver or not02:48
antonio_jarheadless: I'm using devede to encode the iso again..this time with ntsc.  Since I'm playing this on a standalone dvd player, should I have to worry about region codes?02:48
cannonfodderwhy isnt my bash script running?02:48
Scunizisoreau: let wodKa know.. I've gotta run.. the idea was to verify that the current driver worked on his particular card.. not to replace the driver.02:49
soreaucannonfodder: because you didn't make it executable02:49
cannonfodderi did02:49
johngilbroughI'm new to xchat - How do you not cause an automatic join to #ubuntu?02:49
cannonfoddersudo chmod +x02:49
wodKathanks for trying Scunizi02:49
antonio_apparently with this cruddy dvd player you can't make it region free02:49
ScuniziwodKa: good luck!02:49
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=== thoffmeyer|AFK is now known as thoffmeyer
v1adto automatically join ubuntu channel right click and add 2 favorites02:49
soreauwodKa: Can you show the output of 'glxinfo|grep renderer'?02:50
dive-osoreau: that worked perfectly :) thanks!02:50
jarHeadlessantonio_: are you encoding from ntsc to pal?02:50
soreaudive-o: Cool, gald to help ;-)02:50
soreauglad, too02:50
johngilbroughvlad - right click where?02:50
v1adon the channel name02:50
un214the two scariest sounds in starcraft "ghost reporting" "nuclear missile ready"02:50
v1adleft side02:50
wodKa"the program 'glxinfo' is currently not installed."02:50
un214never play with sound on at a lan party02:50
TomT64un214: played sc2 yet?02:50
antonio_jarheadless: I downloaded a training video that I bought a few weeks ago..02:50
soreauwodKa: Please use my nick in what you say so I get highlighted here02:51
TomT64just wait till you click on an SCV02:51
antonio_with it being a downloaded avi, is pal/ntsc already embedded on it?02:51
wodKasoreau: sure sorry02:51
robertzaccourdoes anyone know how to upload a video to youtube without the quality being really crappy?02:51
robertzaccourlooks fine in totem, crappy on youtube02:51
TomT64robertzaccour: start with the size being really crappy02:51
robertzaccourtomatto_, how do i fix that?02:52
jarHeadlessantonio_: well if you bought the thing surely its in the format you need!02:52
soreauwodKa: So it tells you which package provides glxinfo and you're installing it, right?02:52
TomT64you're using ubuntu?02:52
robertzaccourtomatto_, yes02:52
antonio_jarheadless: how can I tell what format its in?02:52
TomT64I don't know if there's a virtualdub download, but it should be able to convert any home made video in any way you want02:53
wodKasoreau: yes apparently i have to add universe or something, im looking for it02:53
jarHeadlessantonio_: it depends on what you downloaded02:53
soreauwodKa: see sys>admin>software sources02:53
jarHeadlessantonio_: avi is pretty common02:53
soreauwodKa: You can check all five main repos are enabled02:53
wodKasoreau: it's installing02:53
cannonfodderhey you guys...why is my bash script being stupid...it keeps saying cannot open file....  i did chmod +x airnuke.sh    then when i try  sudo ./airnuke.sh   says cannot open file02:53
antonio_also when I searched for my dvd player to find the region code I found this "DVD with region codes other than 1 or ALL"02:54
* dive-o ponders - is there a recommended way to get a kerberos ticket upon login? I wasn't planning on kerberizing auth on my workstation, but the first thing I do when logging in is kinit so I can get into other stuff02:54
wodKasoreau: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R600 (RV630 9581) 20090101 x86/MMX/SSE2 TCL DRI202:54
antonio_how would I make it a region 1? can this be specified in either devede or brasero?02:55
jarHeadlessantonio_: so your player is suspect!02:55
soreauwodKa: Ok, does /etc/X11/xorg.conf exist?02:55
antonio_"The owner’s manuals notes that there are many unplayable discs and these are: DVD-RAM, DVD-audio, CD-I (I think), photo CD, video CD, DVD with region codes other than 1 or ALL"02:55
jarHeadlessantonio_: where are you based    europe or usa?02:55
wodKasoreau: no02:56
jarHeadlessantonio_: wheres your player from and wheres your download from?02:57
antonio_player is from the us...02:57
antonio_I downloaded the training video from a us site...while the speaker on the training speaks with an english accent..so methinks it might be encoded in pal02:58
antonio_and the site isn't up anymore, as it was a "special event" - a kind of promotion type thing02:58
soreauwodKa: How long do these 'stops' happen and can you re-describe your problem in detail?02:58
antonio_last time I encoded it with devede, I didn't bother to change it to ntsc...but this time around I did...so I'm hoping it will play02:59
jarHeadlessantonio_: I m   sure you usa player can play PAL files03:00
wodKasoreau: happens after 10 seconds to a minute or so of inactivity, everything on the screen freezes and processes stop (wifi shuts off, music stops playing, etc) indefinitely until i press a key, move the mouse, flip the wifi button off and on, anything. i put a video of it on youtube if you want to see it in action, its pretty much just that description though.03:00
jarHeadlessantonio_: but yhis is very odd if it cant03:00
antonio_do you think it makes a difference by not encoding at in devede as ntsc?03:01
wodKasoreau: it has happened since 9.04, 9.10, and now 10.04. 8.04 and 8.10 worked great back when i used those.03:01
antonio_jarheadless: the player I have is the Magnavox DP100MW8B03:02
nanothiefOn the ubuntu download page http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download it states that 64 bit isn't recommended for daily desktop usage, however on the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit page it recommends 64bit. Which is should I get (computer is definitely capable of 64bit)03:02
jarHeadlessnanothief: if uyou can do 64bit all is well03:02
wodKasoreau it's on a gateway m-153xl laptop, tried both 32 and 64-bit versions as well03:02
jarHeadlessantonio_: Im a bit lost here now to be honest03:03
antonio_ah ok...03:03
jarHeadlessantonio_: Im in europe so PAL is king!03:03
nanothiefjarHeadless: that's good, I currently have more than 4gb of RAM, and it seems to be wasted atm. Are the flash problems mostly solved (heard there was a lot of problems with that in the past)?03:03
soreauwodKa: ok, sounds like a kernel/driver/module bug. So this has always happened on the same machine, right? Do 'lsmod' then start blacklisting modules starting with the obvious problematic ones like wifi and video, then maybe even some audio driver or any other strange module could cause the issue03:04
anthony_how can i adjust my brightness on ubuntu 5.10 on a imac g303:05
jarHeadlessnanothief:  well Im running 64bit flash for the last few months with no problems03:05
anthony_how can i adjust my brightness on ubuntu 5.10 on a imac g3?03:05
IdleOne!patience | anthony_03:05
ubottuanthony_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:05
nanothiefjarHeadless: great well thanks for the help03:06
anthony_how can i adjust my brightness on ubuntu 5.10 on a imac g3?03:06
IdleOneanthony_: Please do not repeat to quickly.03:06
jarHeadlessnanothief:  I didnt really help much but np :)03:06
anthony_how can i adjust my brightness on ubuntu 5.10 on a imac g3?03:06
wodKasoreau how do you blacklist modules?03:06
wildbatanthony_, 5.10? i don't think it is supported anymore03:07
antonio_jarheadless: I thought it might have been the type of dvds I used...so I tested the same dvd type (sony dvd+r) of another movie..and it worked...03:07
jarHeadlessantonio_: ok  well thats good!03:08
ABBADONHi, I just tried to boot the 2.6.32-23-generic kernel on Ubuntu 10.04 - it was working fine last night, but when I tried to boot into it today, it wouldn't boot, so I tried to boot into recovery mode.  No dice - it throws a segfault error 6 in libc-2.11.1.so03:09
ABBADONI did some searching for the error on Google, and apparently it's a bug in plymouth.  I was wondering, has anyone else had this error, and if so, is there a fix?  I can provide logs if needed.03:09
spiol78My wireless card is not recognized.  Here are the details http://paste.ubuntu.com/458571/   Could somebody help me trouble shoot this issue?03:09
=== DaZ is now known as Guest68904
jarHeadlessantonio_: so maybe it wasnt a PAL verses NTSC problem   (but it dosent matter really)03:09
ABBADONBy the way, this issue does not happen in 2.6.32-22-generic.03:09
LJRuffspiol78, ifconfig wlan0 up03:10
LJRuffeth1 is for ethernet interfaces.03:10
spiol78LJRuff - tried that03:10
LJRuffspiol78, Is your wireless light on?03:10
antonio_is there any terminal command to eject a disc from a dvd/cd player?03:11
IdleOneABBADON: you can search on launchpad.net to see if a bug has been filed and any possible work arounds/fixes03:11
spiol78LJRuff - it doesn't have a light :(03:11
FabParmaHow to run file.sh directly in the terminal skipping the ask if I want to display it etc?03:11
ABBADONIdleOne: Thanks, will do.  Is there any way to fix any broken packages in 2.3.32-23 from another kernel version?03:12
airtonixantonio_, eject ? or umount03:12
antonio_never mind, found it ;)03:12
spiol78LJRuff - the laptop doesn't have a light to tell if its on or off03:12
thune3ABBADON: i'm a proponent of hanging-back/reverting on a minor kernel upgrade if it causes problems. Stick with the one that works (unless you are into the debugging) The03:12
LJRuffspiol78, one moment03:12
spiol78LJRuff - did you see the dmesg errors03:12
wodKasoreau: ran out of time to play with this tonight, thanks for your help03:12
LJRuffspiol78, yes, I am working on it now.03:12
spiol78LJRuff - thanks03:13
shpookHello everyone. Is there a way to manually fetch the firmware that b43-fwcutter downloads? I don't have wired access on the ubuntu machine.03:13
ABBADONthune3: Ok, so stick with the working kernel for now, then.  Am I still able to use the patched Intel drivers I got from the PPA mentioned in the release notes for 10.04?03:13
antonio_so I have this dvd that wont play on my dvdplayer...is there any software that can tell me what region it is burned as?03:14
corstar@antonio_ if the cd/dvd is stuck, wine eject gets the bugger out03:14
LJRuffspiol78, you can try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=258603:14
spiol78LJRuff - ok03:14
Reallycooldoes sfill preserve files that haven't been deleted?03:14
antonio_corstar: already got it, thanks03:14
spiol78LJRuff - I think that has potential... I am trying it now03:15
thune3ABBADON: i asusme so, those drivers were published two weeks ago.03:15
jarHeadlessantonio_: were you having hardware issues?03:16
antonio_with my standalone one?03:16
shpookOr, yet, is there anyway to get wireless working without having any type of wired connection?03:17
LJRuffshpook, depends on if you have the firmware available03:17
jarHeadlessantonio_: yeah I guess03:18
shpookLJRuff: well, from what I've gathered, b43-fwcutter is supposed to fetch the firmware, but it needs a network connection. :/03:18
ABBADONthune3: Ok, just making sure.  Those drivers solved my shutdown issue, which is good, but I just wanted to make sure they don't depend on the newest kernel version.  Thank you thune3 and IdleOne for your help.03:18
antonio_well, since I have this dvd that wont play on the standalone, I'd like to see if I can tell what region the dvd is encoded in...03:19
LJRuffshpook, What card are you using?03:19
shpookLJRuff: Broadcom 430603:19
josephnexushello everyone, would someone here be able to help me reproduce a fairly annoying bug I believe I've found?03:19
josephnexusI can reliably recreate it on my machine03:20
LJRuffshpook, is the machine connected to the internet?03:21
spiol78LJRuff - I still have the error03:21
LJRuffspiol78, lsmod | grep -i net03:21
spiol78LJRuff - nothing returned03:21
shpookLJRuff: not at all, I only have wireless available. iwconfig shows wlan0, but ifconfig doesn't.03:22
LJRuffshpook, is the wireless light on?03:22
LJRuffspiol78, hmmm, one moment while I look around03:22
shpookLJRuff: Yessir, I've been bit by that bug before. :D03:22
jarHeadlessantonio_: maybe you should invest in a region free player!03:22
spiol78LJRuff - no problem... I have been looking all day03:22
LJRuffshpook, Do you have wpa?03:23
antonio_jarheadless: yeah I know, but in the meantime, I simply want to find out what the region is of this dvd that I just burned..03:23
antonio_is this possible?03:23
josephnexuscan someone here (in their spare time) set their screensaver to come on in a short time (like 5 minutes or something) and then click on applications (or any other menu) and leave with the menu open?  Whenever I have a menu open, the screensaver doesn't ever seem to start03:23
shpookLJRuff: No, it's a completely open network, nothing special, no security, no MAC filtering, nothing.03:23
bitphazerDoes anyone know any open source web mail service?03:24
LJRuffshpook, iwconfig wlan0 essid "enter wireless ssid here" > /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf03:24
josephnexusbitphazer, what do you mean?03:24
denonso.. how old/ancient/etc is Ubuntu 8.04 in the scheme of things? for a handful of reasons I need to run vmware server on a box, and afaik, that's the latest ubuntu that's officially supported03:24
LJRuffshpook my bad03:24
LJRuffshpook, don't use that03:24
bitphazerAn hotmail alternative i.e.03:24
LJRuffshpook, iwconfig wlan0 essid "enter wireless ssid here"03:25
LJRuffthat one03:25
josephnexusbitphazer, you could set up a server and run squirrel mail or roundcube on it03:25
josephnexusis that what you are asking?03:25
Flanneldenon: 8.04 was released in April of 2008 (that's where the numbers come from). It's an LTS, and is supported for three years on the desktop (Until April of 2011) and five on the server.  10.04 is the most recent LTS (being released in April of this year) for comparison.03:25
bitphazerOh, yes!03:25
shpookLJRuff: "SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not permitted."03:25
LJRuffshpook, sudo it03:26
denonFlannel: hmm.. this would be server, of course. I assume the 64-bit ver would easily support 12GB and a 3ware card.. seems to me the 3ware support was mostly fixed in 6.x03:26
LJRuffspiol78, did this happen after a kernel update?03:26
trentDoes anybody know good resources/tutorial for how to build php website that can easily be scaled onto multiple servers - I am starting a rebuild and want to keep the scale solution in mind from the start but I have no experience in amking a website work across a server farm situation03:27
Flanneldenon: Yes on the 12GB, I have no idea on the 3ware card03:27
spiol78LJRuff - no... I was playing around with aircrack03:27
LJRuffspiol78, has it worked before?03:27
Flanneltrent: You might try ##php03:27
LJRuff!hi | crunchbang03:27
ubottucrunchbang: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:27
Segojosephnexux, are they in the ubuntu repository?03:27
jarHeadlessantonio_: Region codes are a permanent part of the disc so where did yourv disc come from?03:27
LJRuffshpook, if it works then dhcpcd wlan0 and you're good to go03:27
shpookLJRuff: I knew that. :) It went through, but to no avail. nm-applet lists Wireless Networks as "device not ready"03:27
antonio_ah, so blank disks already have a region code set?03:28
spiol78LJRuff - Yes... I worked perfect.  Any wireless card I put in the laptop doesn't work.  It also effects my other Ubuntu partition.03:28
denonFlannel: is the ubuntu server disc a live cd as well? or is that just the desktop stuff?03:28
LJRuffspiol78, any wireless card you put into the computer fails to work???03:28
bitphazerjosephnexus: Just hoping that there will be something ready03:28
spiol78LJRuff - I had this problem before and the solution was to boot into Windows, but I don't use Windows anymore03:28
josephnexusbitphazer: i don't understand... I could be getting lost in the overall business of the channel, go ahead and PM me pls03:29
spiol78LJRuff - Correct, my PCMCIA card won't work in that laptop, but works in other laptops03:29
Flanneldenon: No, just the desktop CD is a liveCD, the alternate and server CDs are just installers (and rescue CDs)03:29
LJRuffspiol78, same here. = / I won't touch windows. Put in a card and then reinstall ubuntu is the only thing I can think of. Otherwise it's beyond my capabilities to help. Sorry03:29
denonFlannel: nod, k thanks03:29
shpookLJRuff: Don't have dhcpcd installed. Always a wall. :)03:29
trentoh woop  yes thanks Flannel03:29
antonio_jarheadless: its a blank dvd that I bought here in the us...are blank dvds already setup with certain region codes?03:30
spiol78LJRuff - Thanks for your help.  I am trying to avoid installing again, but I might have to.03:30
LJRuffshpook, you're going to need to hook that machine to a network via wire then.03:30
jarHeadlessantonio_: NO!03:30
bitphazer josephnexus: No, you are understand exactly what I say!03:30
LJRuffspiol78, Sorry! But sometimes that's the only thing we can really suggest. I know reinstalls suck. = /03:30
antonio_ok, thats what I thought..03:30
josephnexusAre you looking for a service to have an address?03:30
josephnexusor are you trying to set up a server?03:30
spiol78LJRuff - I could install Windows, but I gave that CD away!03:30
bitphazer josephnexus: And you gave me already the answer, thanks!03:31
antonio_What I want to do is to test the dvd that wont play on the player...is there any software that will tell you what region code it has on it?03:31
nurealhey, why isn't truecrypt in the repositories?03:31
josephnexusok, bitphazer, glad I could help03:31
LJRuffspiol78, =P03:31
spiol78LJRuff - Something in the Windows boot process solves it03:31
shpookLJRuff: I had a feeling you would say that. I'll put it to the side and try to bring it to work Wednesday. :) Thanks very much for the help, regardless.03:31
crunchbangspiol78: which card?03:31
=== audumla is now known as audumla|afk
LJRuffshpook, yw03:32
LJRuffcrunchbang, intel 210003:32
spiol78crunchbang - any card03:33
spiol78crunchbang - http://paste.ubuntu.com/458571/03:33
C4coloI just installed 10.4 and I made sure to install the de-css libraries and w32codecs packages but I still have very bad image data corruption playing a dvd.  I even ripped the dvd to a .iso file and mounted it and played it direct from the hard drive with the same blocky corruption.03:33
C4colois there something I need to do to get dvd playback working on 10.4?03:33
spiol78crunchbang - the weird thing is that it effects the other partition of Ubuntu03:34
guyqHi everyboby03:34
crunchbangspiol78: this is wireless right?  why eth1?03:34
C4colovlc plays choppy and has multi-colored blocks intermixed with good video data, movie player reports an error and fails to play anything.03:34
SegoC4colo, I had the same problem, I tried differnt player like mplayer, gnome player, and found that different ones would play blocky bad graphics and some woujldn't.03:35
jarHeadlessantonio_: you need to explain more03:35
spiol78crunchbang - Yes, it is wireless.  The wired works fine.  eth1 is what it was assigned.  It happens on my PCMCIA ath0 card03:35
spiol78crunchbang - its actually wlan003:35
C4coloSego, do you know which one worked and which would you suggest I try?  I have the default movie player app and vlc now.  That is all I tried03:36
crunchbangspiol78: what happens with sudo iwlist scan?03:36
Segoapt-get mplayer for one03:36
antonio_jarheadless: when I encoded the dvd with devede, I think it had pal set on it automatically...so I'm encoding another one with ntsc selected to see if it makes a differece...03:36
Segotry the ubuntu rep as well, good stuff in there.03:36
C4colook, doing so now03:36
ne7workhello all03:36
ne7workplease someone tell me how to run database_installer.sh03:36
antonio_what I want to do, is to test the dvd that was encoded with the pal setting..to see what region the dvd is03:36
jarHeadlessantonio_: you seem to me to be running aroud in circles03:36
dive-one7work: sh database_installer.sh03:36
spiol78crunchbang - Interface doesn't support scanning - eth1 and lo... not wifi listed03:37
crunchbangspiol78: what chipset is this supposed to be?03:37
spiol78crunchbang - eth0 not eth103:37
ne7workdive-o and says me can't open..03:37
dive-one7work: what's the exact error?03:37
crunchbangspiol78: the wlan0 interface isn't setup because there is no driver03:37
ne7worksh: Can't open datebase_installer.sh03:37
spiol78crunchbang - intel and atheros03:38
X32Im having a problem where I need to remove this in iptables and change RETURN to ACCEPT RETURN     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere            tcp dpt:500103:38
dive-oI thought you said it was database_installer.sh, not datebase_installer.sh03:38
spiol78crunchbang - it acts like all wireless interfaces are dead03:38
ne7workdive-o and now what03:38
ne7worki don't understand you03:38
dive-oyou asked how to run database_installer.sh, then said datebase_installer.sh wasn't found03:39
dive-odatebase and database are two different words...03:39
spiol78crunchbang - did you see the dmesg errors?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/458571/03:39
crunchbanglet me look - was googling your card03:40
trentBackup solution question: I am new to Ubunto - migrated last week from Vista and very happy, I understand I can easly rsync my home directory as a bacup solution, howvere is there a recommened way to do backup such that if I kove HD I don't have to reinstall all programs again03:41
ridinhow do i remove the system tray icon in opera 10.603:41
crunchbangspiol78: does the adapter need to be activated in the bios?  This is built-in adapter?03:41
guyqso many people03:42
ne7workdive-o can you help me with l2 server?03:42
ubnunthow can i adjust my brightness on ubuntu 5.10 on a imac g3?03:42
X32nevermind I guess I fixed it already since the media server showed up03:42
spiol78crunchbang - I have checked the bios.  Turned it off and on... no dice03:42
ubnunthow can i adjust my brightness on ubuntu 5.10 on a imac g3?03:43
Black_Phantomubnunt ubuntu 5.10 ;/ ?03:43
Black_Phantomare you sure its ubuntu 5.10 ?03:43
spiol78crunchbang - I had this issue before on a different distro on different hardware.  The solution was to boot into Windows.03:43
SamualI have a samba share running on Ubuntu 10.04, but for some reason it's impossible to access.. Every time I try and connect, it prompts for the password and user -- I enter the correct info, but it just prompts for the info again and again03:44
spiol78crunchbang - I didn't have to do anything with the Linux install.  Just boot into Windows.03:44
crunchbangspiol78: lets check the pci id#03:44
SamualAny ideas?03:44
RoastedSamual, what are the permissions on the samba share?03:44
spiol78crunchbang - how do I do that?03:44
crunchbangspiol78: lspci -v and look for your adapter info03:45
RoastedSamual, samba interacts directly with the users of the system, so the "users" on the system need to have access to the folder you're sharing out via samba.03:45
SamualRoasted, not sure, I just added it to share from Nautilus -- It used to work previously a long time ago03:45
crunchbangspiol78: looking for a number letter combo 123:abc03:45
RoastedSamual, where is the share located?03:45
SamualRoasted, the share is on a mounted storage drive (Not the main hard drive)03:45
RoastedSamual, what is the path of the drive03:46
=== audumla is now known as audumla|afk
Samual- /media/Storage/03:46
spiol78crunchbang - where do I look?03:46
RoastedSamual, what are the permissions, owner, and group ownership to that folder03:46
SamualI'm sure the user has access, as I use files from it all the time?03:46
crunchbangspiol78: in a terminal type "lspci -v"03:46
RoastedSamual, well, let's make sure before we dive in further :)03:46
steven__dose someone know something i can download to make rap beats03:46
crunchbangspiol78: look for wireless adapter03:47
spiol78crunchbang - sorry... missed that one03:47
spiol78crunchbang - I am there03:47
SamualOwner is my user, "create and delete files"  -- But hmm, it says under Others "none"03:47
RoastedSamual, its fine if it says none under others, AS LONG AS your user is owner or group.03:47
SamualI'm owner and group, so03:47
RoastedSamual, in fact, its a good thing to have nothing (or at the very least, read only) permissions as "all others" for security reasons.03:47
spiol78crunchbang - 02:03:003:48
RoastedSamual, and "you" are the user in question, right?03:48
RoastedSamual, do you have a samba user that matches your ubuntu user?03:48
crunchbangspiol78: try this instead "sudo lshw - C network"03:48
RoastedSamual, aka, you need a "samba" user on top of your system user.03:48
subledubHi dears, i have a probleme In the Ubuntu netbook edition, i loose Applications menu content03:48
=== miguel_ is now known as Guest50249
SamualI didn't set up any samba user, Roasted03:48
RoastedSamual, hm, I always do.03:48
Guest50249Whats the default color saturation in the background of xfce??03:48
SamualRoasted, mind helping me set that up then?03:48
RoastedSamual, I didnt think samba would work WITHOUT a samba user...03:49
RoastedSamual, absolutely.03:49
Roastedsamferry, are you using a GUI application to set up samba shares, etc?03:49
RoastedSamual, *03:49
FloodBot3Roasted: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:49
SamualRoasted, yes, Properties > Share03:49
subledubit seams a beug, bc i can't edit anymore Principale Menu editor03:49
RoastedSamual, that's sharing via nautilus, not necessarily through a samba gui utility.03:49
spiol78crunchbang - trying something... I will try that in a sec03:49
RoastedSamual, I'm going to just give you a command to run to add the user, alright? Afterwards, I'll direct you to a samba GUI tool I recommend. Very easy to use, manage, etc.03:50
RoastedSamual, what is the name of your user? Is it by chance, samual?03:50
SamualRoasted, Haha yes, samual.03:50
RoastedSamual, run this: sudo smbpasswd -a samual03:50
mirskenscan anyone help me with an audio issue?03:50
RoastedSamual, it'll ask for your root pw, type it. Then it'll ask for your samba password.03:50
ne7workunexpected operator?03:51
ne7workwhat is that?03:51
RoastedSamual, you can make your samba password anything. To be honest, I use the same password as I do for my system.03:51
RoastedSamual, so I have "jason" on Ubuntu, but I at one time ran sudo smbpasswd -a jason too and added a "samba" user.03:51
spiol78crunchbang - did it lshw -C network03:51
spiol78crunchbang - what do you need?03:51
SamualRoasted, okay, added03:51
RoastedSamual, then try on your windows box to connect to it. If it doesn't work, no problem, there's another thing we can try .03:52
ss7I am installing ubuntu server; partitions /home and swap are to be encrypted. can I enter a key remotely (ssh) to allow access to /home and swap in the event of powerfailure/reboot?03:52
jacob_hey guys, I can't resume after sleep, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, do you have any idea about this problem, thx in advance03:52
SamualRoasted, aha, it worked.03:52
crunchbangspiol78: missed lshw -C03:52
RoastedSamual, I honestly don't know how it worked before :P03:52
crunchbangspiol78: can you pastebin lspci -v output03:52
RoastedSamual, I always thought you needed samba users + ubuntu users to "play together" for it to actively work.03:52
Guest50249Whats the default color saturation in the background of xfce??03:52
spiol78crunchbang - ok... it will take a minute03:52
RoastedSamual, there's a few things I'd liket o point out that may help you in the future, though... assuming you have another 5 minutes to spare?03:53
SamualRoasted, thanks mate -- So what is that tool you recommended for samba? But well, I don't know how it worked before either :P It was always flakey before03:53
RoastedSamual, youre on 10.04 right?03:53
SamualRoasted, sure. and yes i'm on 10.04.03:53
RoastedSamual, fire up software center and search for "samba". The 2nd option that comes back with the sub heading "create, modify, and delete samba shares". Download that quick.03:54
RoastedSamual, its a very simple, basic, easy to use tool for samba if you just want to set up quick home sharing.03:54
SamualI never use software center, too slow -- What is the package name precisely?03:54
RoastedSamual, system-config-samba in synaptic.03:54
RoastedSamual, you on an old box or something? Software center is relatively snappy over here. :P03:55
SamualRoasted, nah, it's just buggy. Some times I can't install apps through it either, it will just freeze. -- I also don't have compositing right now, which adds to slowness.03:55
RoastedSamual, *shrug*. Can't say I ever had a problem with it. I still prefer hitting up terminal for apt-get but software center is a pretty decent app as far as I can tell.03:56
steven__i need help03:56
RoastedSamual, did you manage to get that package, though?03:56
steven__how can i make raps beats on linux what do i need to download03:56
SamualRoasted, I normally just use the terminal for everything -- I may seem like a relatively oblivious user to Samba, but i've been using Linux for years ^_^03:56
mirskensis there anyone available that can help me figure out why i can't hear any audio on ubuntu? I am new to the system and have tried various fixes I found online but nothing has worked. It's a Sony Vaio.03:57
SamualBut, yeah I got it03:57
RoastedSamual, very nice. I'm a big fan of terminal too.03:57
RoastedSamual, hit up System - Admin - Samba. That's the gui tool you just downloaded.03:57
RoastedSamual, if you hit preferences and then samba users, you can add users here. This is the equivalent of "sudo smbpasswd -a samual" that you ran a few minutes ago.03:58
SamualRoasted, oh the other reason for slowness is my swap file by the way -- I forgot to remove it earlier, so the kernel keeps aggressively swapping things when I have 3gb+left to spare03:58
steven__Samual: can you help me out03:58
RoastedSamual, whats nice is, you can quickly add new shares if you hit the plus sign on the main page. Additionally, once you hit the plus sign and add the path of your directory to share, you can set share name, description, and whether or not you want it to be writable + visible.03:58
Samualsteven__, what's the problem?03:59
RoastedSamual, then, under the "access" tab you can pick and choose what users you want to have access to that share. Even if your Linux permissions are 777 on the folder you're sharing, Samba would restrict them at a user level if you have restricted them from access via this menu.03:59
steven__Samual: what do i need to down load to make rap beats03:59
crunchbangspiol78: hows it going?03:59
RoastedSamual, This is very nice, because my computer has extra drives in it to act as a backup server. I don't want my parents to stumble across my brother's backed up pictures, documents, etc, so I said only curtis can have access to curtis, only tyler can have access to tyler, etc, so that way things are securely separated.04:00
C4coloSego, thank you, mplayer can play it but I had to symlink /dev/cdrom to /dev/dvd04:00
RoastedSamual, all of these changes you make in this simple tool directly change the config file for samba, which is located in /etc/samba/smb.conf if you ever wanted to check it out. I used to make changes in the GUI and then re-check the config file, just to see how this GUI tool adds/removes entries04:00
SamualRoasted, interesting, thanks for this tool too, although i'm the only one who will be accessing the data ^_- -- Unless my wife gets curious, but still no issues.04:00
C4coloand it did not show up in the menus, I have to run it from the command line, but it does decode the dvd video well.04:00
ne7workplease someone help me with l2 server :(04:00
RoastedSamual, well, keep it in mind, because its extremely handy. My ubuntu box has several shares on it besides backup documentation. One for media, one for "guest" access in case my buddy comes over and wants to transfer some files to my box and doesnt have a flash drive, etc.04:01
Samualsteven__, not sure, I don't really know any good opensource programs for that.. Most of the things i've seen are for e.g. techno songs though04:02
FabParmaI would like to install samba but i am afraid that it takes too much resource. do you know more or less the real amount of resouces used when is idle?04:02
RoastedSamual, the beautiful thing about samba is it works with mac, linux, and windows... and since I have 3 windows boxes here, 1 linux laptop, 3 linux desktops, and a mac laptop, everything plays nicely. :) I can stream music to my old ibook laptop in the garage from my ubuntu box.04:02
RoastedFabParma, let me see if it shows up in my resources listing, 1 second04:02
SamualEr, he left...04:03
SamualI was going to recommend some apps..04:03
FabParmaRoasted: thanks04:03
spiol78crunchbang - almost there04:03
RoastedFabParma, its not under system monitor. Know any terminal apps to find what samba may be using?04:03
SamualRoasted, yeah, the computer I was accessing this with was actually an Ubuntu laptop04:03
RoastedSamual, yeah, if youre doing linux to linux and thats IT and thats all itll ever be, NFS is nice to use too.04:03
spiol78crunchbang - thanks for waiting http://paste.ubuntu.com/458596/04:04
RoastedSamual, I like a wide variety of support though, since I have windows, mac, and linux boxes, so samba is really a sure-fire win.04:04
SamualNah I have windows computers as well04:04
FabParmaRoasted:  not present typing "top"?04:04
ylmfI like Ice cream04:04
RoastedFabParma, Im not seein git. I have top running now04:04
=== bob_ is now known as RKMay
SamualAnyway, gotta go, thanks again04:04
RoastedFabParma, I really, really doubt samba uses much resources though04:04
RoastedSamual, no problem man. Enjoy!04:04
RoastedFabParma, I've ran samba on pretty old laptops. Its just a file sharing protocol.04:05
crunchbangspiol78: "sudo modprobe ipw2100"04:05
RoastedFabParma, the only "hit" my computer takes is when somebody is writing a massive amount of data to my computer as I'm using it. Then it's just regular resource wear as the hard drives write the data that the user is p ushing to their share.04:05
spiol78crunchbang - it doesn't return anything04:05
crunchbangspiol78: its not supposed to04:06
UrLamemy nmap is saying "Warning: Hostname locahost resolves to 2 IPs. Using" what does this mean ??04:06
RoastedFabParma, but I have 3rd party apps for those guys to auto-backup at 4 am, and it only lasts a few seconds, so I never see any performance hit :)04:06
crunchbangspiol78: "lsmod" and look for ipw210004:06
=== UrLame is now known as Mqueue
spiol78crunchbang - check out http://paste.ubuntu.com/458571/  lsmod is towards the bottomm04:06
=== hebert is now known as hebertsilva
spiol78crunchmod - ipw2100 69768004:07
crunchbangspiol78: in a terminal type "lsmod" and look for ipw2100 - we are verifying the driver got loaded04:07
FabParmaRoasted: a: ps command select all processes on a terminal, including those of other users04:07
Mqueuecan anyone help me with nmap showing 2 ips please :)04:08
RoastedFabParma, still not seeing nay output04:08
RoastedFabParma, yet my samba is running. My virtual machines can see my shares, etc.04:08
spiol78crunchbang - it is there ipw2100 69768004:08
ainsophwhen i run steam through wine it works but when i try to run coutner striek source it stays stuck at the preparing to launch window04:08
ainsophdoes anyone know why that may be04:08
crunchbangspiol78: Now in a terminal type "ifconfig" and tell me what interfaces you see now04:09
spiol78crunchbang - lo and eth004:09
spiol78crunchbang - ifconfig -a returns the same04:09
crunchbangspiol78: are you using the computer right now to chat with me?04:09
spiol78crunchbang - no04:10
crunchbangspiol78: did you compile anything yourself?04:10
spiol78crunchbang - no04:10
FabParmaRoasted: ps aux | less this is the good one04:11
mirskensSince installing Ubuntu yesterday on my Sony Vaio, I have not been able to hear any audio. I have tried basic fixes such as adjusting the channels/volume levels in terminal, updating, etc. It seems to be that my driver is not supported. Is there any solutions, such as a way to download a different driver?04:11
ridinhow do i remove the system tray icon in opera 10.604:12
crunchbangspiol78: are you using gnome?04:12
FabParmaRoasted: try this, im sure that youll'se samba04:12
RoastedFabParma, theres so much there, and nothing "samba" sticks out. I'm tellin ya though, I run it on old laptops, old desktops, etc.... samba yields no difference in resource usage that I can tell04:12
sejukserver irc.plasa.com04:12
spiol78crunchbang - yes and no... I have 2 partitions with the same issue.  One gnome and the other KDE04:12
crunchbangspiol78: which one are you working on this problem in?04:13
spiol78crunchband - kde04:13
FabParmaRoasted: thank you for your opininion04:13
crunchbangspiol78: do you see a network icon on the panel?  What does it show?  Is wireless enabled according to the icon?04:13
blendmaster1024what is a paste site where i can set a password?04:13
spiol78crunchbang - it doesn't see the wireless04:14
jarHeadlessblendmaster1024: paste site???04:14
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:14
blendmaster1024jarHeadless, like pastebin.com but where I can set a password04:14
crunchbangspiol78: is there an option to "enable" wireless - there is in the gnome manager via icon04:15
spiol78crunchbang - it feels like the problem is at the lower levels because it effects 2 partitions04:15
jarHeadlessblendmaster1024: pastebin is a public arena04:15
spiol78crunchbang - the gnome wireless indicator will not let me enable wireless.  Its grayed out.04:15
blendmaster1024jarHeadless, exactly, I want something where I can set a password04:15
crunchbangspiol78: did you say this was a build-in adapter?04:16
blendmaster1024wait nevermind! thanks anyway04:16
spiol78crunchband - built in and PCMCIA... the PCMCIA works fine in my other laptop04:16
jarHeadlessblendmaster1024: password for what?04:16
crunchbangspiol78: so you have two adapters - a pcmcia card and a built-in wireless adapter?04:17
spiol78crunchbang - correct... two adapters04:17
crunchbangspiol78: and you want to get the build-in one working, i.e Lan2100?04:17
spiol78crunchbang - I want to get both working... I am working on the internal.  I think both will be fix if one gets fixed04:18
Sc00t3rAnyone got a clue why right now I can't find an IDE drive in the Ubuntu Install while I can find it in Disk Utility?04:18
crunchbangspiol78: only in the internal has the same chipset/driver as the external04:18
whatTurtlehow can i generate keyboard signals from bash shell ?04:19
spiol78crunchbang - different chipsets.  This isn't a chipset issue04:19
spiol78crunchbang - its not your normal wireless issue04:19
crunchbangspiol78: definitely not the normal issue :)04:19
crunchbangspiol78: what version is the pcmcia card?04:19
whatTurtleHi does anybody remember how can i generate keyboard signals from bash shell ?04:20
spiol78crunchbang - this is why I want to fix it.  I had this before and I fixed it by booting into Windows and then booting into Linux04:20
whatTurtlethere is a command starting with x but i don't remember .. grrrrrr :(04:20
spiol78crunchbang - its a proxim 8470-wd04:20
crunchbangspiol78: that fixed it forever until you installed new linux?04:20
bastid_raZorwhatTurtle: xev ?04:20
spiol78crunchbang - that was on a different distro on different hardware04:21
spiol78crunchbang - I was playing around with aircrack and rebooted... then all wireless went dead04:21
crunchbangspiol78: never used aircrack....04:22
spiol78crunchbang - something in the Windows boot process fixed it last time... I don't use windows anymore04:22
robertzaccouri'm trying to figure out how to upload videos to youtube without the videos losing quality. i converted the ogv with devede, and upload, and its bad quality. am i missing something? is there a screencast program that records in anything besides ogv?04:22
whatTurtlebastid_raZor,  hmmm that one finds the keybord events i want one that binds events...04:22
spiol78crunchbang - I suspect that Windows resets something in the boot and Linux doesn't04:22
whatTurtlefrom bash shell.. but probably they would be using the same libraries...04:23
crunchbangspiol78: according to the ubuntu wiki, the 2100 should work out of the box ....04:23
spiol78crunchbang - it was working just fine04:23
crunchbangspiol78: you were playing with aircrack in kde or gnome?04:23
spiol78crunchbang - kde04:23
unomiHi, I have a mobo with 1 sata connector, is it possible to connect 2 hdds to it?04:24
crunchbangspiol78: what happens now when you boot gnome?04:24
FabParmaRoasted:  i found a tool very usefull. if you want try it "sudo apt-get install htop" it swos all process, you can scroll down to see everything an in more pressing f3 you ca searche exactly the process that you are looking for04:24
whatTurtlebastid_raZor,  i think i found it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04:24
crunchbangspiol78: I'm assuming you did not install aircrack in gnome as well??04:24
spiol78crunchbang - same thing... and its on a different partition04:24
whatTurtlebastid_raZor,  it's xdotool :-) :-)04:24
robertzaccourspiol78, if you install a DE in crunchbang, then whats the point of crunchbang?04:24
whatTurtlebastid_raZor,  http://www.semicomplete.com/blog/projects/xdotool/04:25
spiol78crunchbang - gnome is an almost untouched install of the latest Ubuntu release04:25
whatTurtlei am happy now :-) I just typed apt-cache search keyboard :-) ;)04:25
crunchbangspiol78: same kernal for both the kde and ubuntu install?04:25
whatTurtleby guys have a nice day/night whatever :-)04:25
spiol78crunchbang - nope... different kernals04:26
crunchbangspiol78: and the lan2100 just worked in gnome as well?04:26
spiol78crunchbang - everything worked perfect... no issues at all04:26
aurillianceHow can I record the currently playing audio?04:26
spiol78crunchbang - now all wireless is dead in both partitions04:27
crunchbangspiol78: I would uninstall aircrack myself04:27
mkquistaurilliance: what are you using to play it?04:27
spiol78crunchbang - its not going to solve it.  It only runs when I run it04:27
aurilliancemkquist, myspace music04:28
mkquistaurilliance: streaming station?04:28
mkquistaurilliance: i think thats flash04:28
spiol78crunchbang - its lower level... do you know of any lower level tools?  Something that can reset the firmware?04:28
aurilliancemkquist, yes04:28
aurillianceI just want to record what is going to my headphones socket...04:28
MaRk-Ispiol78: you already checked in aircrack-ng room? maybe your cards are stuck in raw mode04:29
mkquistaurilliance: you might find a 'flash get' plugin for your browser...04:29
sprout`I'm running UNR on a Dell Mini 10 - I got wireless to work shortly, but now it's claiming to connect but not actually connecting. Where do I start to diagnose? ping says connect: Network is unreachable04:29
crunchbangspiol78: ...hmm... it would have to be another native linux driver for the lan 2100 or something04:29
nitram9Hi I've never used IRC before so bare with me please (and teach me what I'm doing wrong)  I have a 10.04 wubi install.  It now crashes when it's supposed to be loading grub.  When I turn it on it goes to the windows boot loader where I choose ubuntu.  It immediately resets at that point with no error messages.  I have booted in windows and found that \ubuntu\disks\boot\grub is empty04:30
Zelozelosaurilliance, i just got here, but r u trying to upgrade to flash 10 on a 64bit?04:30
spiol78MaRK-I - nobody is responding04:30
nitram9Any help04:30
crunchbangspiol78: maybe google if the manufacturer has a linux driver you can try04:30
aurillianceZelozelos, nope04:30
TuxthePenguinIf I recall Wubi doesn't use GRUB. Am I right?04:30
spiol78MaRk-I - raw mode ... I need to look into that04:30
TuxthePenguinI thought it used GRUB4DOS04:30
nitram9I believe it does or atleast it did when i was using 9.1004:31
nitram9maybe when I upgraded they made a change.04:31
spiol78crunchbang - I don't think its a driver issue because booting into window and making no changes in linux solves it04:31
NiteSnowoh dear god ecryptfs04:31
gallifreyhow do I connect to my wifi on ubuntu-netbook04:31
NiteSnowIt's not decrypting at login04:31
gallifreyit's tricky nhasian04:31
TuxthePenguinnitram9: Do you have any data on it (Did you just install it)04:31
gallifreyer nhandler04:31
TuxthePenguingallifrey: Is there a WIFI icon (Wireless of some sort) on your top panel?04:32
nhandlergallifrey: Double tab-fail04:32
nhasiangallifrey, sorry what was that?04:32
nitram9Ok no I didn't just install it I've been using it for a few months.  I just did one of those nearly daily updates and there was an error.  Something with a linux header update.04:32
gallifreynhasian: yeah04:32
spiol78MaRk-I - I am googling raw mode... thanks for the tip04:32
NiteSnowgallifrey, click it04:32
nitram9I didn't record that error unfortunately.04:33
NiteSnowgallifrey, then click the access point you want to connect to04:33
gallifreyshe said the pannel is missing04:33
MaRk-Ispiol78: yw just a hunch04:33
sprout`What if it says I've connected but both Firefox and ping can't find anything?04:33
NiteSnowgallifrey, now ID'm lost04:33
crunchbangspiol78: you might want to google aircrack and your Lan2100 and see if others have reported the loss of networking.04:33
nitram9I had restarted initially because it became slow and it also just announced to me that it was goiing to run in low graphics mode.  those may be red herrings though04:33
Zelozelosnitram9, is the old grub still there? can u use that one? that happened 2 me once n i fixed it by uninstalling the new one04:33
gallifreyme too04:33
nitram9There is no grub04:34
nitram9I'm worried it was corrupted.04:34
nitram9and so in windows it doesn't show up.04:34
v1adgood thing i never went the wubi route04:34
Zelozelosahh...duh u're usin Wubi ;)04:34
NiteSnowanyways how do i get the ecryptfs to decrypt on login i have my passphrase04:34
ilumihey guys, if the girl you loved liked to get naked and play at front of other guys, would this make you jealous? yes or no?04:35
nitram9my suspicion is that I just have to get the grub stuff back but I don't know what should be there and what confige I will need.  Is there a menu.lst,  do I need a grub executable?04:35
NiteSnowilumi, #ubuntu-offtopic04:35
Zelozelosilumi wrong room dude, try ubuntu-offtopic rofl04:35
gallifreyI told her she should just throw the netbook away04:36
NiteSnowZelozelos, beat you to it :)04:36
gallifreyor place a timelock on it04:36
spiol78crunchbang - googled that, the dmesg and every other error all day04:36
NiteSnowgallifrey, if she doesn't want it send it to me04:36
ilumiplease just some yes or nos04:36
gallifreyNiteSnow: it's like a 4 year old eeepc - 4 gigs04:36
nitram9So does anyone know if there is a page somewhere that lists what should be installed in a 10.04 wubi install.04:36
inno89can anyone help a newbie with a really annoying problem after my installation of 10.04? my touchpad isn't working at all and nothing works so far :(04:36
NiteSnowgallifrey, I can do a lot with that :)04:36
gallifreyNiteSnow: it takes care of it self, no help needed04:37
spiol78MaRk-I - do you think this will help???  http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=airdriver-ng  MaRk-I04:37
gallifreyinno89: run the command 'sudo jockey'04:37
nitram9I'm new to irc and everythingg is flying by how do I search for comments directed towards me or rather filter for comments to me.04:38
gallifreyah, I love this stuff04:38
inno89gallifrey: what would that do04:38
inno89cause it's not even recognizing it04:38
gallifreyinno89: it opens a program that searches for proprietary apps04:38
crunchbangspiol78: gotta go.  Good luck!04:38
gallifreyi think it lives in admin or preferences04:38
MaRk-Ispiol78: you know when you typed (i.e. airmon-ng wlan0 start), do the opposite like airmon-ng wlan0 stop04:38
inno89ok i will try it. thanks04:38
gallifreyit looks like a soundcard04:38
spiol78crunchbang - thanks for all the help04:38
abidi just installed lampp, everythings goes well until i change the Document root, lampp says, Error 1, bla bla... anyone has a suggestion? thx04:38
crunchbangnight o/04:39
spiol78MaRk-I - I rebooted since then... that didn't help04:39
ChogyDanabid: Can you pastebin the whole error?04:40
MaRk-Ispiol78: can you put it in monitor mode??04:40
spiol78MaRk-I - nope... the card is not found at all04:40
spiol78MaRk-I - nothing in ifconfig -a04:40
spiol78MaRk-I - My other partition doesn't even work!!!04:41
MaRk-Ispiol78: tried the livecd?04:41
ennuiIs there a way to hide the window titlebars displayed at the top of windows by metacity in gnome? they take up a lot of space when you have several windows open04:41
spiol78MaRk-I - thought about that.... I haven't done it yet04:42
spiol78MaRk-I - trying the liveCD now04:43
abidsorry i just uninstalled it, and try them one via apt-get. if I didn't miss spell it, it say "I have no idea, try community help" or st. similar04:43
MaRk-Ispiol78: good luck04:43
fuyaoi got a problem that i dont know the answer of04:44
=== DJGB is now known as Unix
fuyaoim trying to save a file from a download, then it give me this error04:44
fuyaoError stating file '/home/fuyao/Downloads': No such file or directory04:44
=== Unix is now known as DJGB
volvehey all, is there any sort of gui app to setup MD RAID arrays?04:45
LJRufffuyao, Then the directory doesn't exist.04:45
fuyaoshould i create one?04:46
LJRufffuyao, if you intend to save there, it'd be a good idea.04:46
TuxthePenguinfuyao: sure04:46
fuyaook thanks guys04:46
spiol78MaRk-I - WOW... THE CARD SHOWED UP04:47
MaRk-Ispiol78: I think it has to do because the card staid in "raw/monitor" mode04:47
MaRk-Inow you have to find out how to get it out of that state04:48
nitram9Is there anyone thinking about my problem and helping me or does no one have any ideas? In otherwords should I just give up here and look somewhere else?04:48
spiol78MaRk-I - booted back into the install... it still doesn't work04:48
spiol78MaRk-I - I think you are right about raw/monitor mode04:49
Mqueuenitram9>> what was your question again ?04:49
MaRk-Ispiol78: only aricrack ppl might help, that's all I can think of sorry04:50
emstrandI can't figure out how to use empathy or should just keep using XChat?04:50
spiol78MaRk-I - thanks for the help... I think you have me going in the right direction04:51
MaRk-Ispiol78: yw04:51
Mqueue<emstrand> it's easy what's the problem with it04:52
reeseHi...Has anyone else had the Python issue with the current 10.04 image?  I tried downloading the ISO from both bittorrent and directly from the Ubuntu site and I get the same issue with both images.  When I burn the image to CD and put it in the drive, I get all sorts of "Disc missing" Python errors.  And when I try to boot from the burned disc, it starts loading the Ubuntu booter and then says something about not being able to read th04:52
OpenNoobAnyone here using Openfiler?04:52
emstrand<Mqueue> Guess im just dumb04:53
Chaorainhey all, I:m trying to convert a video file and I was wondering what happened to VLC:s wizard? Following a guide04:53
ChogyDanreese: try checking the cd04:53
OpenNoobI keep hearing how Linux does not require a reboot after updates but my install of Xbuntu needed 3 restarts tonight - what gives?04:54
Mqueue<emstrand> just add your account and that should be it04:54
Mqueue<emstrand> where r u stuck04:55
ChaorainOpenNoob: some things do, most don:t04:55
emstrandMqueue: I'll try again with more patience04:55
ChogyDanOpenNoob: depends on what was updated.  Kernel upgrades will probably always need a reboot.04:55
nitram9Mqueue:  I have a 10.04 wubi install.  grub does not load the computer simply resets.  when I load windows my ubuntu/disks/boot/grub folder is empty.  I suspect everything that was in that folder was corrupted or deleted.  how do I rebuild that?  was there supposed to be stuff in there to start with?04:55
Mqueue<emstrand> u using 10 ubuntu ?04:55
OpenNoobok I was just surprised - I dont think it was kernel - is rebooting getting more common as linux progresses?04:55
red2kicOpenNoob: No. :<04:56
reesechogydan: the CD is fine...Like I said I've tried burning many times with ISO's from multiple sources.  Nothing wrong with my burner or the discs I'm using.  (and no I'm not a noob, not just burning the .iso onto the cd by itself).  And when I put it in with Windows running, after I keep clicking OK to those Python errors it works.  Still get the "can't find disc" errors from the booter though, which is weird because it finds the disc 04:56
emstrandMqueue: Yes 10.04.. it didn't find any channels04:57
OpenNoobI have say Xbuntu is running nice on this Celeron 1.6 and 512k Dell04:57
reeseI would just boot from USB but the computer I'm trying to install it on won't boot from USB04:57
Mqueuenitram9 i think u didn't install the bootloader when installing ubuntu04:57
Roastedreese, does it support usb booting?04:58
robertzaccourIn Pitivi>Project Settings, what settings should i choose in the "Export to" part at the bottom? It takes a long time to transcode and I wanna make sure I do it right. Thanks in advance.04:58
reesenope :(04:58
Roastedreese, check out plop boot cd.04:58
robertzaccourI'm trying to put recordmydesktop screencasts on youtube04:58
kmanHi all.  Webmin - Just installed. Error trying to run webmin with Ubunto 10.04 server.  Error is "no such file or directory" when run https://localhost:10000 any suggestions?04:58
ChogyDanreese: is this wubi?04:58
Roastedreese, you put the CD in, fire it up, and itll "force" a usb boot (as long as the usb drive is in of course) and it'll boot accordingly.04:58
nitram9well that's not it since I've been using this for months.  but the solution to that problem would probably solve mine.04:58
Roastedreese, Plop Boot CD - remember it. :P04:58
emstrandgotta go watch fireworks now...bye04:58
mirskensI am having problems with audio on my newly installed Ubuntu. I am using a Sony Vaio and am not getting any audio at all (it worked fine previously in Windows 7). I have tried basic fixes such as adjusting volume levels, using the system controls, etc. Any advice on how I can fix the problem, or, if necessary, switch to an audio driver that Ubuntu can support?04:59
nitram9I can't just reinstall because I have tons of un-committed work on that image.04:59
kmanAny webmin users out there?04:59
Roastedmirskens, by chance, is PCM muted?04:59
mirskensroasted, sorry i am new to this, what is PCM?04:59
Roastedmirskens, you know in windows how in your advanced volume control you have volume in 1 slider, and wav in another slider, and if either is muted, you have ZERO sound?05:00
reeseyes, Wubi...I can't find a distribution of 10.04 without it?  as for Plop - I'll try the CD version.  I tried to just do the PLoP boot hack on the other box, but it's got some crazy installation of XP Media Center that I can't find boot.ini on for the life of me05:00
Roastedmirskens, thats kind of like PCM/volume in linux. Two individual sliders, both need to be set appropriately or itll be muted.05:00
Roastedmirskens, its just a quick thought, I have no idea if itll help, but lets make sure... are you on ubuntu 10.04?05:00
reeseThanks very much for the help!05:00
mirskensroasted - where can i check the settings for PCM, then?05:00
mirskensroasted, yes i'm on 10.0405:01
Roastedmirskens, hm, in the GUI I'm not sure where it's located in 10.04. They must have moved it from where I previously remember it.05:01
ChogyDan!wubi | nitram905:01
ubottunitram9: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.05:01
Roastedmirskens, open a terminal and type "alsamixer" and hit enter05:01
Roastedmirskens, you should see several sliders. PCM (for me) is the 2nd slider over. Is it muted?05:01
ChogyDannitram9: there are directions on how to boot a livecd and recover with that05:01
nitram9ChogyDan:  What does !wubi | nitram9 mean05:02
nitram9ChogyDan:  don't use wubi?05:02
bullgard4What does "stripped" mean in '~$ file /usr/bin/make; /usr/bin/make: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped'?05:03
ChogyDannitram9: I directed ubottu to send you a message05:03
LinuxFetusHey the ubuntu updater thingy just ran and gave me this error: http://pastebin.com/fXtbnM3Z05:03
MqueueWubi is lame..lol..it just sounds lame05:03
mirskensroasted, it says "100<>100" for the PCM slider.05:03
RoastedLinuxFetus, if I remember correctly I got the same error...05:03
nitram9ChongyDan: Ha and what does that mean?  sorry I have never used irc before.05:03
OpenNoobAnyone here using Openfiler?05:03
Roastedmirskens, what does it say for "master"05:03
ChogyDanLinuxFetus: the graphical updater?05:03
LinuxFetusChogyDan: Yeah.05:04
mirskensRoasted, master slider says 00 and it has a colored bar running all the way to the top05:04
andwhat's this?05:04
ChogyDan!ubottu | nitram905:04
ubottunitram9: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots05:04
abidnow everything seems to runs smooth. I just purge apache2, php5, and mysql-server then reinstall the lampp, change to DocumentRoot again, restart the lampp, and.. goooooall05:04
LinuxFetusChogyDan: It's a GUI that says "Update Manager" in the title bar.05:04
Roastedmirskens, under the PCM slider, there is an icon just above the 100 <> 100 you saw05:04
ChogyDanLinuxFetus: mind using a terminal?  can you run: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?05:05
Roastedmirskens, itll either say MM, or have a green square with 00 in it. Whcih is it?05:05
nitram9ChongyDan: oh get it now.05:05
ChogyDanLinuxFetus: and then pastebin the output05:05
inno89I tried running sudo jockey, but it did nothing for my touchpad05:05
mirskensroasted, most of the other sliders have either a green square with 00 or MM, but there is no such thing on the PCM slider05:05
Roastedmirskens, ah, for me its the opposite - I have nothing for master, but for pcm I have that option. That's probably because pcm may be listed as your primary audio adjustment device.05:06
Roastedmirskens, let me think a minute...05:06
Roastedmirskens, highlight the master slider, and bring it up to about 3005:06
Roastedmirskens, then play some sort of audio and see if you hear output05:06
inno89is there any way for it to search specficailly search for touchpad driver sor something05:07
LinuxFetusChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/r1FqC3f7  Oh yeah one more thing - It told me it couldn't find a menu.lst file in my grub directory and it asked me if I wanted to create one and I said no the first time, but then it kept asking me, so I said yes.05:07
ChogyDaninno89: I think it is the synaptic driver05:07
tripelb ----Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GhgeZ40u --- (I tried brasero first.)  -----  I can look and see if my new results are the same.05:07
mirskensroasted, no luck with that, still no audio05:08
Roastedmirskens, is there a "MM" under master?05:08
ChogyDanLinuxFetus: try sudo apt-get update, then repeat the earlier command05:08
mirskensroasted, no, it says 00 in the box and then 30 below that for Master05:08
Roastedmirskens, and PCM has 00 in the box and is maxed?05:09
ross_is that a good dictionary program for ubuntu that i can install05:09
Roastedross_, have you checked software center by chance?05:09
mirskensroasted, there is no box for the 00 in PCM, but it does say "100<>100" underneath where that box should be05:09
Roastedmirskens, ahhh thats right. I forgot you said that.05:09
ShadowFoxBiHhey anybody around?05:10
Roastedmirskens, what kind of sound card do you have05:10
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, theres 1,290 of us aro und05:10
ShadowFoxBiHlol great I need some help05:10
LinuxFetusChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/F6YA5Nne05:10
Roastedask away and if anybody can help, they'll chime in. :)05:10
Te3-BloodyIronhi i just uninstalled mythtv and a bunch of other related packages and now my package manager can't find any mythtv package to install except the backend05:10
ShadowFoxBiHjust switched to 10.04 and I am having wifi issues05:10
Te3-BloodyIronall i want is the front end05:10
LJRuff!ask | ShadowFoxBiH05:10
ubottuShadowFoxBiH: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:10
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, what card?05:10
Te3-BloodyIroni've tried rebooting and reloading the sources, but to no avail05:10
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, can you see the wireless network?05:11
ShadowFoxBiHjust wont let me connect to it05:11
=== rabies_ is now known as rabies
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, by chance, if you remove security, can you connect? (had this issue with an atheros card at one point)05:11
inno89My touchpad still isn't working, neither for ubuntu 9 or fedora :(05:11
ShadowFoxBiHI havent tried that05:11
ShadowFoxBiHI use wpa2 as security05:11
rabiespeople takin my nickname...05:11
ShadowFoxBiHbecause lots of people around me steal internet05:11
mirskensroasted, it is an Intel 340005:12
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, well, 2 minutes wont hurt. I'd remove security and see if you can connect then.05:12
Roastedmirskens, is this a laptop?05:12
Te3-BloodyIroncan i get some help with my issue with my packages not showing up for mythtv?05:12
rabiesannyywhoo, anyone know why when copying a 9.10 cd to a usb drive and running syslinux it wont boot?05:12
ChogyDanLinuxFetus: doesn't look like there is a problem05:12
ShadowFoxBiHalright let me give it a try05:12
rabiesim using this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:12
mirskensroasted, it is a laptop, sony vaio vcpeb11fm05:12
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, this would at least differentiate if you CAN Connect vs if the security is preventing it05:12
LinuxFetusChogyDan: Alright, cool.05:12
ShadowFoxBiHalright I can confirm that without the wpa2 enabled it connects05:12
ChogyDaninno89: I suggest googlin your laptop model and ubuntu, see what other people's experience have been05:12
rabieswhat am i doing wrong? =(05:13
LinuxFetusChogyDan: Tanks.05:13
LinuxFetusChogyDan: *Thanks.05:13
inno89i tried that, cant find any05:13
Roastedmirskens, hmm... I'm not too sure bro. All I know to check for is the obvious things (muted, etc) and the PCM + Master, making sure both are NOT muted and both have adequate sound level.05:13
ChogyDaninno89: what is the model?05:13
Roastedmirskens, for example, when I hit volume up/down, it changes master. AS a result, I leave PCM maxed @ 10005:13
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, hmm... okay... what if you clock the security back to standard WPA - can you connect then?05:13
inno89it's a vaio f1205:14
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, so WPA and WPA2 bomb out for ya?05:14
ShadowFoxBiHyeah basically05:14
ShadowFoxBiHshould i give wep a try?05:14
ShadowFoxBiHor see if i can find some drivers?05:14
Roastedyou COULD... but I had this issue with an Atheros card, and it didnt like ANY security.05:14
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, did you install restricted drivers? Or was it auto detected?05:14
ShadowFoxBiHauto detected05:14
ShadowFoxBiHmost of my peripherals work05:14
ShadowFoxBiHeven the touch pad05:15
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, I don't have much experience with realtek. I went through hell getting my RTL8187B supported. Once 8.10 acme out, it supported it out of box - but around that time, the laptop died. :P05:15
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, it worked fine in 9.10?05:15
ShadowFoxBiHwell someone else said update ubuntu to see if an update will fix the issue let me give that a try05:15
ShadowFoxBiHbefore I decided to hardwire my laptop05:15
Roastedlets back up a second05:15
Roastedat any given point in time, did THIS laptop with this realtek card work with wpa2?05:16
ChogyDaninno89: have you tried the 32bit livecd, rather than the 64bit wubi?05:16
=== tinlun is now known as 15SAAHG7S
ShadowFoxBiHworks with my windows 7 install05:16
Roastedwhat about linux05:16
Roasteddid you ever run an older version of linux and it work05:16
Te3-BloodyIroncan anyone please help me with my problem?05:16
ShadowFoxBiHnope just did a fresh install of linux05:16
Te3-BloodyIronnobody is addressing me05:16
Roastedbecause it works in windows doesnt mean itll work in linux, and vice versa. :P05:16
inno89chogydan: i havent done that yet but this seems to be a kernal issue from what i read05:16
ShadowFoxBiHI had xubuntu on another laptop05:16
RoastedIve had stuff work in linux that hardly worked in windows, and other way around at times too.05:16
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, ok, whats up?05:17
ChogyDaninno89: are you sure that is the model?  f12?05:17
ShadowFoxBiHyeah well I hate windows05:17
Te3-BloodyIronso i upgraded to ub 10.0405:17
ShadowFoxBiHI used ubuntu up untill my old laptop died05:17
Te3-BloodyIronand i tried to run mythtv-frontend a few minutes ago and it complained about a vdpau issue05:17
rabiesno one understands me either! -o_o05:17
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, I'm not too sure what else you can do. I know in synaptic there should be a WPA supplicant installed, but I think that comes installed from the get go.05:17
Te3-BloodyIronso i figured hey maybe i should just reinstall the frontend05:17
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, what exact realtek card is it05:17
Te3-BloodyIronso i removed all the mythtv packages on this system (not my backend)05:17
inno89Chogydan: try VPCF1. it's referred ot as the f12 too05:17
Te3-BloodyIronand now it's not showing up in my package manager05:17
ShadowFoxBiHno clue i dont even know how to check lol05:18
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, i have absolutely no idea, but did you search the bugzilla on launchpad?05:18
Te3-BloodyIroni've rebooted and reloaded the sources a couple times, no luck05:18
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, go to terminal and run "lspci"05:18
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, at the end there should be 2 network controllers. 1 wired, 1 wireless.05:18
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, whats the wireless one say05:18
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, maybe its not in the new repos?05:18
Te3-BloodyIroni've googled it and couldn't come up with worthwhile keywords, i assume it also crawled bugzilla05:18
Te3-BloodyIronbut no i have not directly consulted bugzilla05:18
Te3-BloodyIrontertl3: why would they remove mythtv from the repos?05:18
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, i would search the official docs in launchpad05:19
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, idk, do you have a better explination05:19
inno89Chogydan: i've done so much stuff with that xorg.conf file but nothing works, i mean the system doesnt even detect it05:19
Te3-BloodyIronis there anything else i can do in the mean time?05:19
ShadowFoxBiHrealtek semi co device 817205:19
ShadowFoxBiHrev 1005:19
Chaorainhey, I have a dual boot system with 10.04 and Win 7. Can I use Wine to run programs on my Windows partition?05:19
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, is there a Mythtv wiki or anyithng?05:19
Te3-BloodyIronthis isn't a myth issue, it's an ubuntu issue05:20
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, official documentation is essentail for these things05:20
augustoMy Netbook does not recognize my Wifi Atheros AR 2427..05:20
nitram9!ask | /me05:20
ubottu/me: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:20
emstrandBack from the fireworks 15min worth05:20
ShadowFoxBiHlol damn 297 update05:20
tertl3Te3-BloodyIron, if all else fails, try Fedora :)  jk, but not really05:20
ShadowFoxBiH297 mb05:21
ChogyDaninno89: I think that model is the f11, anyway: http://code.google.com/p/vaio-f11-linux/issues/detail?id=105:21
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, read post number 10 of this forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135304905:21
augustoMy Netbook does not recognize my Wifi Atheros AR 2427..How can i get help?05:21
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, they talk about downloading the driver straight from realtek and installing05:21
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, worth a shot I suppose05:21
inno89ChogyDan: f11 was the older model. the f12 came out last week05:21
ShadowFoxBiHthanks roasted you are a lifesaver05:21
=== y is now known as Guest44597
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, Ive recently become a huge intel fan with wireless with linux. I had a broadcom in my laptop and it would connect to some networks, but not others.05:21
frithDoes xfce ONLY use the power management settings for the monitor, or is there a way to use a screensaver with it? The goal is to have it auto-lock my screen and put my monitor to sleep05:22
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, I bought an intel card for 13 bucks, B G N card brand new on amazon.com. Solved 100% of my problems.05:22
jamil_1Hi, When apt-get stucks at setting up acpid. any suggestions ?05:22
ShadowFoxBiHhey you got any advice on where to get some drivers for an intel HD audio card?05:22
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, Atheros is real good too from what I understand. But keep in mind if this drives you NUTS and you just want a card that works well, look up what kind of form factor your wireless card is and see if you can grab an intel for a few bucks.05:22
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, It sucks but, its not Ubuntu's fault that companies put out crappy drivers. Atheros and Intel however have proven themselves to me in the wireless department. Broadcom, however, sucks. Badly.05:23
augustoMy Netbook does not recognize my Wifi Atheros AR 2427.. Any sugestion?05:23
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, not sure. My audio has always worked out of box. *shrug*05:23
ShadowFoxBiHwell it works05:23
ShadowFoxBiHjust i know my speakers can go louder05:23
Roastedaugusto, can you see the network?05:23
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, maybe your PCM is low.05:23
ShadowFoxBiHhow do i check?05:23
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, run alsamixer in terminal and check the levels of PCM and Master. They both need to be @ adequate settings for it to work, similar to Volume + Wave sliders in Windows.05:24
ChogyDaninno89: it looks like it will be fixed with the next release, or if you want to download the .34 kernel from the mainline ppa05:24
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, I leave PCM maxed @  100 and just up/down the master volume when needed.05:24
ShadowFoxBiHalright let me check05:24
bribroderaugusto, have you confirmed that your OS has drivers for the card?05:24
inno89ChogyDan: how can i do that?05:24
augustotyping  lspci appears Atheros..05:24
cameron_Hi all. I was hoping someone could help me diagnose a wireless problem05:24
ShadowFoxBiHpcm is at 100%05:25
robertzaccouremma, i'm gonna switch to youtube if i can get it uploaded right05:25
ShadowFoxBiHmight just be a driver issue05:25
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, below the slider, there should be either 00 or MM05:25
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, what is it05:25
augustoUbuntu netbook 10.04 installed05:25
ShadowFoxBiHunder PCM there is nothing05:25
ChogyDaninno89: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/MainlineBuilds05:25
cameron_a very slow connection.05:25
Roastedcameron_, whats the story?05:25
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, k, thats fine05:25
RoastedShadowFoxBiH, as long as its not at 005:26
NiteSnowso does anyone know anything about ecryptfs ?05:26
tenochslbguys is it possible for a sound card to burn out or something like that?05:26
ShadowFoxBiHyeah its probably a driver issue I will go see if i can find some drivers05:26
emstrandShadowFoxBiH: Had the same prob ..turned out to be my onboard sound05:26
=== ubuntu is now known as ioxe
Roastedemstrand, fixable?05:27
jamil_1hi, apt-get hangs at while setting up acpid.05:27
=== KnightStalker is now known as Guest92107
emstrandRoasted: put in a PCI sound card05:27
Roastedemstrand, well, yeah - hard to do on a laptop :P05:27
ioxewhen i run glxgears i get "1596 frames in 5.0 seconds"; is that allot? how do i know if 3d is enabled? is sticking this gfx card into and older computer effecting the fps?05:28
emstrandRoasted: sorry05:28
inno89Chogydan: so I dwonload the linux-headers-2.6.34-020634-generic_2.6.34-020634_amd64.deb, correct?05:28
augustolspci --> NetworkController Atheros Comunications Inc. Device 002c (rev01) What does it means? but05:28
cameron_Roasted I have a dsl connectionat about 17Mb/s  and can stream video at about 5mb/s on other connections (wireless) but on my ubuntu machine I can barly get 1Kb05:28
bribroderaugusto, one-hit fix is often to apt-get remove network-manager and apt-get install wicd05:28
=== Guest92107 is now known as KnightStalker
v1adthe 2.6.35 kernel been out for a few months also05:28
Roastedcameron_, is this for everything? like if you go on youtube, does it run very slow?05:29
ShadowFoxBiHemstrand i know my speakers can go louder since i used them in win 705:29
ShadowFoxBiHjust now they seem to be weak05:29
bribroderthe default net manager is notoriously bad for wifi05:29
Roastedbribroder, not really. It used to be a lot worse. I would HARDLY call network manager "notoriously bad"05:29
cameron_Roasted, Yes. It takes about 10mins to buffer then bufferes every 3-4 secs05:29
Roastedwhile you CAN try wicd to see if the issue solves it, its not always the case.05:29
ShadowFoxBiHoh lol rookie mistake i didnt check the audio lvl in music lvl05:29
emstrandShadowFoxBiH: I have some external tiny speakers05:30
RoastedWICD's development is so slow these days its hard for me to trust it.05:30
v1adRoasted, it sounds good though05:30
Slookbribroder, it works fine for me, - gateway nv53 - then again no 2 computers are the same05:30
bribroderRoasted, IMHO. Not as bad as it used to be != good05:30
Roastedvladwhat does.05:30
ShadowFoxBiHoh and anyone know where i can find a nice music player05:30
Roastedbribroder, it used to suck. It used to flat out suck. I admit.05:30
v1adnotoriously bad05:30
Roastedbribroder, today I would hardly call it bad, though.05:30
ShadowFoxBiHthe standard one is not my favorite05:30
v1adnowadays its decent05:30
v1adi still like Wicd though05:30
RoastedI like wicd too. but its development is "wicked" slow :P05:31
bribroderRoasted, possibly it's improved since I left it05:31
v1adit is05:31
Slookglad I could see he IRC since i'm always on the forum, I'll be back later05:31
Roastedpretty much has 1 or 2 guys working on it on random weekends.05:31
bribroderbut wicd has always just worked for me05:31
Roastedbribroder, it was "getting there" in 9.04. 9.10 I thought highly of it. 10.04 seems better yet.05:31
linux_is_my_herohow do i get chromium for ubuntu?05:31
Roastedbribroder, I like WICD myself too.05:31
vijay1hello everybody!05:31
Roastedlinux_is_my_hero, in the software center05:31
ShadowFoxBiHjust use the software center05:31
vijay1 i am asking a strange question from all of you05:31
ShadowFoxBiHand search chrome05:31
vijay1which one is better windows or ubuntu05:32
ShadowFoxBiHubuntu my friend05:32
ShadowFoxBiHscrew windows05:32
v1adapt-cache search filename05:32
vijay1i have a very bad experience with ubuntu 10.04 even bad than ubuntu 8.1005:32
v1adto me ubuntu05:32
v1adso far no bsod in ubuntu05:32
bribroderRoasted, I think net-man is great for ethernet connections; my complaint is mostly with its wifi handling05:32
cameron_I prefer ubuntu even when I can get my wireless working05:32
NiteSnowv1ad, you can't get a bsod in ubuntu lol05:33
ShadowFoxBiHoh anyone know why flash 10 isnt available on 64 bit ubuntu?05:33
v1adlol i know05:33
Roastedbribroder, my opinion about 9.04, 9.10, and 10.04's network manager was STRICTLY from a wireless standpoint.05:33
Roastedbribroder, wired is.. whatever. It works, never had an issue, etc. The only time I interact with network manager is through my wireless machines.05:33
bribroderShadowFoxBiH, http://www.duber.com/LetsTalk/playerCheck.html says flash 10 is installed on my 64 bit 10.0405:34
ShadowFoxBiHhmm youtube is asking me for flash05:34
Roastedbribroder, not to mention the quality of the card/driver plays a huge role in it. For example, I ran a Broadcom in my laptop w/ STA drivers. Network Manager sucked, WICD sucked, I had issues no matter what I did. Random disconnects, some networks connected, others didnt connect (for whatever reason), etc.05:34
bribroderapt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:34
bullgardWhat does "stripped" mean in '~$ file /usr/bin/make; /usr/bin/make: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped'?05:34
Roastedbribroder, ended up grabbing an Intel BGN card brand new off Amazon for 13 bucks. Plopped it in. 100% of my problems are GONE. I connect to networks in 5-7 seconds instead of 30-35 seconds like it was on my broadcom. Not to mention, at work I can walk VERY fast and bounce from access to access point without the connection dropping. With the broadcom, it would drop unless I took milimeter baby steps down the hall.05:35
ShadowFoxBiHhey bribroder it says the file doesnt exist05:35
int__heya. trying to troubleshoot a synaptic touchpad issue in X.  my device is recognized and used by X as the mouse input.. but `synclient -m 1` shows no input coming from the device. anyone have experience with this?05:35
Roastedbribroder, point being, the card/driver plays a bigger role (imho) than network manager vs wicd (these days, at least).05:35
bribroderRoasted, you're probably right about the hardware mattering way more05:36
Roastedbribroder, however, wicd is NICE with it easily being able to select alternative drivers right there in the GUI.05:36
bribroderRoasted, my experience with net-man was in a low-end netbook05:36
Roastedbribroder, by chance, what kind of network card were you running?05:36
Roastedbribroder, wireless-card wise.05:36
bribroderShadowFoxBiH, you need to enable the partner repos in the update manager and reload05:36
vijay1I HAVE PROBLEM connecting via bluetooth GPRS and i also searched ubuntu wiki andfollowed instructions and typed some commands ,edit some files  and got result zero05:36
linux_is_my_heroalright chromium is up and running...whats the best way to get flash plugins for it05:37
bribroderRoasted, let me check... it was in an Eee PC 1008-HA05:37
bribroderwhich has since gone somewhere, but I'm not sure where, lol05:37
nurealhey, why isn't truecrypt in the repositories?05:37
vijay1is there  no gui to connect via bluetooth gprs05:37
TuxthePenguinlinux_is_my_hero: try installing the package ubuntu-restricted-extras05:37
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, check the flash its probably already working05:37
linux_is_my_heroTuxthePenguin: already have it :-)05:38
TuxthePenguinoh, then it should be working05:38
IdleOnelinux_is_my_hero: install flashplugin-installer05:38
linux_is_my_herov1ad: firefox is acting finicky so installed chromium...yet chromium is getting errors when i open flash sites like youtube05:38
Roastedbribroder, do you by chance have the machine there? I'm trying to google for it and Im not finding an exact brand name of wireless card it had.05:38
vijay1now what to do in that case? when i am unable to get resolution greater than 800x60005:39
linux_is_my_heroidleOne: trying now :-)05:39
bribroderRoasted, hunting for it... somewhere around here05:39
TuxthePenguinGood Night guys :)05:39
Avaszwhich ap can be used to open/edit sqlite2 file?05:39
vijay1infact my laptop is able to provide resolution 1280X?05:40
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, fine lets go the easy way. http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ download the APT 105:40
ShadowFoxBiHthanks bribroder05:40
linux_is_my_heroidleOne: i get this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/458618/05:40
IdleOnelinux_is_my_hero: don't worry bout that05:41
v1ad<linux_is_my_hero, or u could download the .deb05:41
Roastedbribroder, sounds like its an atehros card.05:41
bribroderRoasted, found it!! booting05:41
IdleOnelinux you can run apt-get autoremove like it says if you want to05:41
Roastedbribroder, its weird, because atheros is normally looked at  as a well supported linux company.05:41
IdleOnelinux_is_my_hero:  you can run apt-get autoremove like it says if you want to05:41
linux_is_my_herov1ad: I get the message "adobe-flashplugin" is virtual05:41
Roastedbribroder, but I have a laptop here that has an atheros card. Works fine in 9.04, but in 9.10 and 10.04, itll only connect if theres no security.05:42
Roastedbribroder, needless to say, I ordered a linux wifi card for it earlier today to replace it. :P05:42
bribroderRoasted, yeah, my issues started in 9.1005:42
Roastedbribroder, an intel wifi card*05:42
=== chattan1 is now known as chattan
IdleOnelinux_is_my_hero: ok well seems flash is installed. test it.05:42
vijay1it hangs after  every boot on  many machines that my friend's have05:42
linux_is_my_heroIdleOne: youtube still doesn't work whats another flash-based site?05:42
bribroderRoasted, my biggest problem was that if I tried to load anything bigger than a website the connection would drop05:42
Roastedbribroder, yeah. Gotta love that :P05:43
vijay1than what is better?05:43
bribroderRoasted, installed wicd and the issue was gone05:43
Roastedbribroder, I dont mean to sound like a big fan boy, but going from a problematic broadcom to a 100% working intel that wouldnt drop connection no matter what I did, it just surprised me.05:43
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, if you are not running x64 then run the .deb if you are let me know and ill find u a auntomated script05:43
Roastedbribroder, not to mention, wicd could have used a different driver by default than network manager.05:43
bribroderRoasted, no I completely agree. I should just replace that piece of shit and call it a day05:43
Roastedbribroder, thats what's great about open source software. We have choice. Dont like net man? get wicd. etc. :P05:44
IdleOne!language | bribroder05:44
ubottubribroder: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:44
mcl0vindpkg: error processing gnome-power-manager (--configure):  package gnome-power-manager is already installed and configured05:44
mcl0vinErrors were encountered while processing:  gnome-power-manager05:44
linux_is_my_herov1ad: how do i get a x64 .deb for flash 10?05:44
IdleOnelinux_is_my_hero: umm the adobe site has a flash test05:44
linux_is_my_herov1ad: i run x6405:44
Roastedbribroder, I was just trying to give network manager credit cause I DO think they've come a long way in the recent year or so.05:44
mcl0vin^^ 9.10 can someone help me please05:44
bribroderRoasted, Atheros AR928505:44
karen20100702HELP! I accidently missed an dot, and chmodded recusrivly everything from / - can you solve my "failed to connect to configuration server" error I get when I log in?05:44
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, there is no .deb ill go get u the script off the forums05:44
linux_is_my_herov1ad: thanks :-)05:45
linux_is_my_heroIdleOne: whats the link?05:45
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, first enable the partner repository and then sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:45
mcl0vinon my way to home from a long day, wife calls and say that the box was not responding so she figure if she turn off the power and turn it back everything will be cool.05:46
Roastedbribroder, scanned forums for that card in the title, some users reported issues with it. :(05:46
mcl0vinby the time i am home i got the warm welcoming , so i looked at the screen and there it is , "The configuration default for GNOME power manager didn't installed correctly"05:46
linux_is_my_herobribroder: how do i enable repos?05:47
mirskensI am new to ubuntu and having an audio issue on my Sony laptop. I spoke with roasted earlier, he suggested adjusting the PCM and master audio controls in alsamixer. At first I heard no sound at all, but I now am able to hear a very faint sound through headphones only, not through the main speakers. All levels are maxed. Any advice?05:48
bribroderRoasted, yeah it's not a very good card. I think it recently just killed itself05:48
linux_is_my_herolinux_is_my_hero<--kinda new to this. :-(05:48
edtMy wife wanted a system easier to maintain so I just install 10.04 on her laptop - it had arch on it before.  Its now sluggish so slow as to be almost unusable.  Is there a checklist somewhere?  There were NO speed problems on arch running kde4...05:48
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, Sytem menu > Administration > Update Manager > Settings button in the lower left05:48
linux_is_my_herobriboder: thanks :-)05:48
Roastedbribroder, not to mention, I'm reading now that installing the backports often enable better support for atheros cards. Not sure what thats about... never heard of that fix, but some users reported it working05:48
Voldenetedt, checklist?05:48
karen20100702HELP! I accidently missed an dot, and chmodded recusrivly everything from / - can you solve my "failed to connect to configuration server" error I get when I log in? (GNOME)05:49
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, great no more x64 flash support. ill see how we can install a different 105:49
robertzaccourI'm converting an ogv to avi. does it matter which audio and video codecs I choose?05:49
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, then the "Other Software" tab and make sure that the first item is checked--it should say partner at the end05:49
edtto figure out why ubuntu is so much slower that arch linux?05:49
robertzaccouri'm doin it with Pitivi05:49
bullgardWhat does "stripped" mean in '~$ file /usr/bin/make; /usr/bin/make: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped'?05:49
Voldenetcheck your vid driver05:49
Voldenetyour kernel config05:49
Voldenetand compare them05:49
linux_is_my_herobriboder: http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner?05:50
statimive got a ton of weird file looking things in /lost+found/ ... ive ran fsck and im able to boot up ok.  but i cant get rid of this stuff... is there a right way to do this?05:50
edtfor example open office opened in seconds on arch - it taked minutes on ubuntu05:50
linux_is_my_herov1ad: thanks for your help :-)05:50
bribroderRoasted, I did get the backported drivers working temporarily, but it wasn't very well behaved05:50
jarHeadlessbullgard:you try ne not!05:50
Voldenetedt, i believe it is a matter of compiling05:50
Voldenetwhat amount of ram does this notebook have?05:51
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, that sounds correct05:51
edtVoldenet I used a stock kernel on arch.  started with .32 and upgraded to .33 both were fast05:51
karen20100702Could somebody please pastebin a "ls -la" of their home dir?05:51
karen20100702I need to fix permissions05:51
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, Check it, it close, and reload05:51
linux_is_my_herobriboder: it was already checked :-)05:52
VoldenetKardos, fixing permissions is ineffective and usually does not work05:52
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, then you should be good... just do sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree05:52
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, er that's flashPLUGIN05:52
Voldenetchmod -R is imo the most dangerous command now05:52
vijay1it hangs after every boot on my many friend's machine while they have popular hardware ,so i will have to uninstall it from their machines ,what could i do? and i also tried to change their file systems from ext4 to ext3 but could not:'(05:52
linux_is_my_herobriboder: i did/  whats a good site to check it on? besides youtube05:52
karen20100702Voldenet: COuld have been an rm! :)05:52
bullgardjarHeadless: I beg your pardon?05:52
robertzaccourI'm converting an ogv to avi. does it matter which audio and video codecs I choose? I'm using Pitivi05:52
Voldenetkaren20100702, well, rm and dd are not participating in competition05:53
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, registers mine as LNX 10.1.53.somethingsomething05:53
edtVoldenet I've been running linux for 10 years - this is the first time I've ever had it behave this badly.  Looks like the write drivers have been detected but something is killing performance on the laptop.05:53
Voldenetedt: iotop05:53
Voldenet2 tools to run05:54
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, u try this? "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer"05:54
vijay1on some machine where it is running smoothely ,games makes it defeat against windows05:54
linux_is_my_herov1ad: that was the first thing i tried. :-(05:55
karen20100702Anyway, pastebin your "ls -la" in home, anyone? Other than /home, everything else is easyish to fix.05:55
bribroderRoasted, I did get it working with backported drivers, but it still wasn't working very well with WPA2 security05:55
robertzaccourI'm converting an ogv to avi. does it matter which audio and video codecs I choose? I'm using Pitivi05:55
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, i know they disabled the older support :[05:55
murftownI heard linux is good05:56
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, let me see something else also05:56
linux_is_my_herov1ad: why is it difficult to get flash support for a popular browser? i know people are dumb, but these people are software engineers.  kinda sad....05:56
linux_is_my_heroyou'd think they would do it right the first time05:56
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, did flashplugin-nonfree not work out?05:56
linux_is_my_herobriboder: testing right now05:56
mcl0vinhow do i reconfigure gnome-power-manager05:57
linux_is_my_herobriboder: adobe's site gives me results similar to yours, and it is finding it. :-)05:57
karen20100702Please somebody post their "ls -la" output for their home dir on pastebin, I messed up my permissions with a chmod in the wrong place!05:57
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, sounds like it works, then05:57
linux_is_my_herobriboder: so we jsut went "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" and that did it :-)05:57
linux_is_my_herobriboder: what about java?05:58
MaRk-Ikaren20100702: have you tried: chown -r user:user /home/user      ?05:58
bribroderthe package is sun-java6-jre05:58
soreaukaren20100702: try chown -R $USER $HOME05:58
NeverCastlinux-is-my-hero, You can either use use sun java or OpenJDK05:58
valkurewho needs help one ata time05:58
linux_is_my_heronevercast: frostwire is installing right now so we shall see...its putting in sun java :-)05:59
karen20100702MaRk-I: Ownership hasn't changed. Some things don't like their new 0777 permissions!05:59
NeverCastlinux_is_my_hero, Love Frostwire :P05:59
linux_is_my_herothank you everyone for your help :-)05:59
linux_is_my_herobriboder: nice work ;-)05:59
NeverCastlinux_is_my_hero, I was hoping there would be an Ares for Linux, but no.. I'll have to port it or something05:59
bribroderlinux_is_my_hero, my pleasure05:59
linux_is_my_heronevercast: yeah, i like it too. i stopped using limewire because it got too big...then i left windows forever.05:59
mcl0vin'sudo dpkg --configure gnome-power-manager <----how can i force this please05:59
NeverCastlinux_is_my_hero, I'm on my way to leaving windows06:00
linux_is_my_herobriboder: thats what she said.06:00
NeverCastlinux_is_my_hero, But since I'm a windows developer..06:00
linux_is_my_heronevercast: its like getting a divorce...lol06:00
bribroderhaha, /nick bribroder_is_my_hero06:00
NeverCastlinux_is_my_hero, it might take a while longer06:00
NeverCastlinux_is_my_hero, Haha yeah :P06:00
bahiehey.. where i can view all my system icons? i forgot the directory :'(06:00
linux_is_my_heronevercast: i like the pwoer and versatility of windows, just not all the unnecessary backdoors and the fact that it uses a lot more system resources06:01
soreaubahie: /usr/share/icons?06:01
karen20100702Please somebody post their "ls -la" output for their home dir on pastebin, I need to fix my permissions!06:01
soreaukaren20100702: try chown -R $USER $HOME06:01
=== tik_ is now known as TiK_
Dr_Williskaren20100702:  most everhting is owned by the user06:01
linux_is_my_herogoodnight everyone06:02
NeverCastlinux_is_my_hero, Lol.. Yeah Windows is a whore, but I love Windows 706:02
karen20100702soreau: thanks, but the owner is fine, it's the permissions. Dr_Willis: Yes, but some things need a specific permission otherwise they are ignored, e.g. .dmrc has to be always 0644. THere are others that I can't remember06:02
bribroderRoasted, I think that drivers for the AR card in my netbook aren't even included in the 10.04 release anymore :p06:02
bahiesoreau, yes.. thanks but there is also one more place..06:02
Roastedbribroder, what.. why?06:02
Roastedwhy would they kick drivers out?06:02
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, i got an idea just did it to myself06:02
Dr_Williskaren20100702:  you can delete .dmrc and it will get remade as needed06:02
v1adworks great06:03
v1adthe new flash player06:03
Dr_Williskaren20100702:  .ssh and the files in it are also special i recall06:03
leoechevarriahey there06:03
bribroderRoasted, I tried booting it into a minimal install and the network cards aren't detected06:03
MaRk-Ikaren20100702:   http://pastebin.com/KpQttRXL06:03
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, go to the flash website and download the .tar.gz06:03
karen20100702MaRk-I: Thanks very much!06:03
Roastedbribroder, is it perhaps possible that the minimal install, by default, supports quite a bit less?06:03
v1adlinux_is_my_hero, flash player and extract it to your desktop06:03
Dr_Willisbribroder: wired or wireless network cards?06:04
v1ado he left06:04
leoechevarriai just got one little question: i've just installed ubuntu lucid in a hard drive containing windows xp. Now when i try to update grub it doesn't find windows installation. I haven't deleted any partition of the installed windows (i've just resized it), any idea?06:04
bribroderkaren20100702, move the things you want to keep to a backup folder and get yourself a new profile06:04
v1adjust installed the new flash 32bit on my x64 system works great06:04
bribroderDr_Willis, Roasted, one second, testing some more06:05
TiK_i installed th 64 bit flash works great06:05
bahiev1ad, now watch the cpu usage..06:05
bribroderit's fast and furious in here this friday night06:05
bahieTiK_, lovelt cpu ussage aint it?06:05
v1adbahie, got the i7 920 and overclocked to 3.606:05
Dr_Willisbribroder:  actually its sort of quiet. :)06:05
bahiev1ad, doesn't matter..probably will consume 20% of ur i7..which is ALOT06:06
OpenNoobhow can I tell if I am getting the proper performance from my video card chip06:06
v1adbahie, 8 cores 4 physical 4 virtual. will never reach 20 %06:06
Dr_WillisOpenNoob:  and whats your video card?06:07
karen20100702Woo! Solved. Needed to clear /tmp aswell, as all the locks had the wrong permission06:07
OpenNoobIntegrated Radeon X20006:07
OpenNoob 32006:07
OpenNoobOptiplex 320 Dell06:07
MaRk-Ikaren20100702: good06:08
karen20100702THanks everyone. Bye06:08
abhijainhelp me i want cd dvd writer for ubuntu lucid06:09
ubuntuhello can someone help me correctly install ubuntu and windows seven in a dual boot...i already have windows 7 installed and i am in the partitioning step for ubuntu's installation06:09
TiK_choose advanced06:10
Kardosabhijain, k3b?06:10
macoubuntu: simply select the "install alongside the existing os" option. itll show a diagram of how much of the disk goes to each OS06:10
v1adbahie, looking and my cpu and can't even tell a loss of performance with flash running06:10
abhijainKardos: gnome baker06:10
macoubuntu: you can grab the handle and drag it a bit to determine how many GB of your hard disk go to windows and how many to ubuntu. thats all you need to do06:11
TiK_nah chose advanced06:11
Kardosok use that06:11
macoTiK_: that requires far too much explanation and has no net benefit06:11
abhijainKardos: which one is best06:11
Kardosive only used k3b. it does what i need to do :)06:11
ubuntumaco i would like to partition manually though... could you help me put the correct settings on the new partition06:11
Dr_WillisI do find that windows can resize the windows partitions faster then the resizer tool in the ubuntu installer.06:11
Kardosthat seems like a data-dependent situation DrW06:12
mirskensi am seeking advice on an audio problem -- using ubuntu on a sony laptop -- audio is coming in very quietly through headphones and not at all through the main speakers. All levels are maxed in alsamixer. Any suggestions? It previously worked fine in Windows 7 (recently switched to ubuntu)06:12
TiK_ububtu: choose advanced and select the partition06:12
Kardosa fair comparison would have to have the same files arranged in the same fashion before resizing06:12
Dr_Willisubuntu:  you may want to use windows to resize the partition (shrink it) and leave a section of the HD unallocated at the end for you to do your custome partioning layout in.06:12
ubuntutik: yes i am there06:12
macoubuntu: its not going to be any different... but sure fine. just edit the existing windows partition so its set to a smaller size. add a new partition thats 2x the size of your ram and set it to "use as: swap" then for the rest of the empty space set it to "use as: ext4" (or ext3 if you want something more tried-and-tested but a bit slower) and set its mount point to /06:12
TiK_ubuntu: you can select the old partition under advanced06:13
ubuntui clicked on the free space and selected add... should i choose primary or logical06:13
bribroder*cries* why is my flash stick refusing to umount?06:13
sdwrageHey guys. I have a Microsoft Sidewinder Plug & Play (Yeah yeah... Micro$haft)... is there a way to get it to play nicely with Ubuntu?06:13
macoTiK_: primary06:13
Dr_WillisKardos:  ive have seen it be like 4x+ faster..  Not tried it in win7. or in 10.X   but about a year ago. it took windows about 10 min to resize and ubuntu took like 40+ min.06:13
TiK_why would he make another partition on his windows 7 drive when he has a ubuntu one alrady06:13
TiK_he allready did that06:13
macoTiK_: you can have 4 primaries or you can do 3 primary and 1 logical. since you only need 3 partitions total though, primary is fine06:13
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
abhijainKardos: i want to install xp3 in my system but i know that occur the grub issue. is there any possibility to solve or recover in lucid06:13
ubuntuDr_Willis i already have my windows partition the size i want it to be06:14
Dr_WillisIve also noticed lately windows7 comming with all 4 primary partitions allready setup and used.. making resizing much harder.06:14
macoTiK_: no he doesnt...06:14
TiK_yes he does06:14
macoTiK_:  he said he has windows and now he's trying to install ubuntu06:14
Kardosyeah but ya gotta do a fair comparison!! if ubuntu has to move 50gb of files, and win7 has to move 2gb, obv win7 wins06:14
macoTiK_: he said nothing about already having ubuntu there06:14
Dr_Willisubuntu:  so repartition the otehr space as needed.  I tend to use 4 primaries.  (windows) (/) (/home) and (swap)06:14
TiK_he sid he is trying to fix an allready installed ubuntu06:14
Kardosanyway, kind of a tangent to whatever the actual discussion is on, carry on!06:14
macoTiK_: and will you please learn to highlight people instead of talking to the wall?06:14
macoTiK_: no he didnt06:15
macoTiK_: all he said was "hello can someone help me correctly install ubuntu and windows seven in a dual boot...i already have windows 7 installed and i am in the partitioning step for ubuntu's installation"06:15
macoTiK_: nothing there about a broken install06:15
sdwrageanyone know?06:15
ubuntuyes i already have windows installed on a 100 gb partition...now i want to install ubuntu and i am in the partitioning step ... there is about 60 gb free space06:15
Kardosabhijain: sorry i dont understand what you're talking about :/06:15
macosdwrage: i dont even know what a sidewinder is. sounds like a remote control toy car06:16
macosdwrage: in fact i remember remote control toy cars by that name06:16
sdwragemaco, It is a gamepad controller06:16
scripwarlockany improvements abou splash in lucid?06:16
macoscripwarlock: uhhh as compared to...?06:17
Dr_Willisscripwarlock:  its using Plymouth now. Not usplash or whatever other splash's have beenused in the past.06:17
prince_jammysyou'd need the remote control toy car kernel modules06:17
abhijain2Kardos: grub issue06:17
hotfloppyubuntu : just put your cd and follow on screen instruction.. make sure to choose side by side installation.. or if you prefer, you can manually arrange the partition..06:17
scripwarlockhmm some of my mahcines in my cyber shop reso is 800x60006:17
ubuntufor the ubuntu partition should i choose primary or logical? and what should be the mount point?06:17
bribroderDr_Willis, do you have any thoughts on swapd vs. a swap partition?06:17
Dr_Willissdwrage:  My old MS sidewinder gamepad has worked for me in the past. Its possible you need to manually load a module for it.06:17
abhijain2Kardos: grub issue dual boot with xp3/ windows in lucid06:18
Dr_Willisprince_jammys:  i always set up a swap partition at the end of every HD on my systems.06:18
Sam_FisherHowdy Ya'll06:18
bribroderubuntu, choose primary and the mount point is /06:18
scripwarlockdunno if this bug or just a default splash reso06:18
Kardosyeah sorry you were talking about burning software before, i missed the transition06:18
prince_jammysDr_Willis: cool :)06:18
ubuntuhotfloppy: yes i am already there. i am in the advanced partitioning step06:18
=== Guest21836 is now known as more
Sam_FisherI am buying an AMD X6 1055T from Fry's for $500 and wonder if it will run Ubuntu?06:18
ubuntubribroder ok thanks and should i create a swap partition and a seperate partition for grub?06:19
=== more is now known as Guest83981
bribroderubuntu, how much ram do you have?06:19
ubuntubribroder i have 4gb of ram06:19
hotfloppyubuntu: so, need some more help? if not, good luck then :)06:19
sdwrageDr_Willis, what do you mean?06:19
abhijain2guys i want to install windows on my another partition can any body help me how can i recover my grub after installation06:19
bribroderubuntu, it's generally considered unnecessary to have a swap partition with +2gb of ram06:20
scripwarlockabhjain, what version of ubuntu using?06:20
bribroderubuntu, I recommend installing the package swapd after your first boot06:20
scripwarlockabhijain, what version of ubuntu using?06:20
abhijain2scripwarlock: 10.4 lucid06:20
bribroderubuntu, that's a program which dynamically handles a swap file for you and gets rid of it when not needed06:20
bribroderubuntu, so there's no wasted disk space06:20
richie0i copied a shell script to install an autopackage file and the mdsums don't match.  how do i fix this?06:20
ubuntuok could you show me how to do that after my first boot06:20
scripwarlockabhijain, plug your usb or live cd06:20
Dr_Willissdwrage:  devices use 'modules' in ubuntu. You may need to 'sudo modprobe WHATEVER' to get tjhe proper module. Theres several differnt sidewinder gamepads i recall.06:20
bribroderubuntu, you should probably create a separate home partition for all your personal files06:21
abhijain2scripwarlock: i have live cd06:21
abhijain2scripwarlock: den06:21
bribroderbut you may want to pad / with a few extra G's06:21
sdwrageDr_Willis, how would I get the "WHATEVER"06:21
scripwarlockabhijain, start reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:22
abhijain2scripwarlock: after live cd steps. grub 2 or grub 106:22
ubuntubribroder after i create a separate home partition will ubuntu automatically detect it as the home partition or will i need to change some settings to tell it that i have a separate home partition06:22
scripwarlockgrub 206:22
scripwarlockabhijain, grub 206:22
hotfloppyubuntu: better to make swap partition up to 2gb if you plan to use hibernation and dont forget to separate /home partition so you can reformat your Ubuntu without losing all you data..06:22
bribroderubuntu, as long as you set the mount point of your home partition as /home it will be incorporated automatically06:23
sdwrageDr_Willis, could I get a list of devices? is there a way to?06:23
bribroderubuntu, and it doesn't matter if it's a primary or a logical06:23
Sam_FisherI am buying an AMD X6 1055T from Fry's for $500 and wonder if it will run Ubuntu?06:23
Dr_Willissdwrage:  what is your exact controller? is it usb? or the older gameport?06:23
ubuntuok thanks and should the /home be primary or logical?06:23
Dr_Willissdwrage:  how are you even testing the gamepadd?06:23
sigmab3tahey guys. logging in takes a really long time on my desktop. like, almost a minute and a half. but it only takes a long time the first time after a reboot - i.e. subsequent logins are like 5 seconds, but if i reboot, getting to the login screen takes like 15 seconds, and then logging in takes forever again. this is uncharacteristic. any ideas?06:23
sdwrageDr_Willis, emulator06:24
Dr_Willisubuntu: I tend to use all primaries. Unless I need more then 4 partitions06:24
bribroderubuntu: /agree with Dr_Willis06:24
Dr_Willissdwrage:  try it in some other programs also.  ,  plug it in, check 'dmesg' output after a few sec ..06:24
sdwragegamepad = Sidewinder Gamepad Plug & Play USB06:24
yuggeHey guys, what is a good way to toggle the screensaver from the terminal?06:24
ubuntudr_willis ok thanks so the grub partition will be primary too...correct?06:24
Dr_Willisubuntu:  the /boot/ partition can be primary. but i dont bother with a /boot/ parittion much these days06:25
scripwarlockabhijain, much simplier guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:25
bribroderubuntu: more /agree with Dr_Willis :p06:25
sdwrageDr_Willis, [32576.454075] input: Microsoft Microsoft SideWinder Plug & Play Game Pad as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb4/4-1/4-1:1.0/input/input606:25
ubuntubribroder & dr_willis what size do you recommend for the ubuntu partition06:26
hotfloppyubuntu: in my box, i just have 3 partition.. / , /home and swap :D06:26
yuggetried xset -dpms but it still seems to fade out06:26
xxxx16480hi guys... i need help with a little issue in rhythmbox...06:26
banisterfiendhi...i have a 3g modem and i am trying to share its internet around my house in a wireless network. I bought a 'belkin wireless router' (as they did not sell access points) and i put the router in 'access point mode'. The other computers can now see the belkin wireless on the wifi list...but connecting to it doesn't allow them to use the internet. What do i do?06:26
bribroderubuntu, I would go with 15-3006:26
bribroderubuntu, and the rest for /home06:27
xxxx16480hi guys... i need help with a little issue in rhythmbox...  send me private PLZ...06:27
Dr_Willissdwrage:  now in a terminal try -->  cat /dev/input/js006:27
ubuntuok thank you all you have been very helpfull06:27
84XAAKY1M!ask | xxxx1648006:27
ubottuxxxx16480: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:27
Dr_Willissdwrage:  then wiggle the pad/buttons06:27
sdwrageDr_Willis, getting weird characters06:28
Dr_Willissdwrage:  it should print out random charaters if its working.  ctrl-c to quit that test06:28
Dr_Willissdwrage:  so.. it works. :)06:28
Dr_Willissdwrage:  configure whatever programs you are using to use /dev/input/js006:28
sdwrageok... I will try that06:28
Dr_Willissdwrage:  a lot of OLD programs would default to /dev/js0 which is not corr3xct these days06:28
Dr_Willis!info jstest-gtk06:29
ubottuPackage jstest-gtk does not exist in lucid06:29
=== SpyderBite is now known as Spyder|zzz
Dr_WillisHmm. I got jstest-gtk from some repo/ppa -06:29
DeaD_SouLthe ISP in my country is blocking most technical sites, is there anyway solve that? any tip at all? (btw, the proxies address are too slow)06:31
Dr_Willissdwrage:  from the 'getdeb' unofficial repos i got jstest-gtk that lets you test out the joysticks in a nice gui. theres proberly other tools out that are similer.06:31
bribroderDr_Willis, Roaster, It looks like they took out the atl1c driver support06:32
sdwrageDr_Willis, sweet :) thank you for all of your help!06:32
yuggesdwrage, Joystick trouble? A last resort might be to use http://qjoypad.sourceforge.net/ to emulate keyboard presses using the joystick06:32
yuggeKinda like joytokey for windows06:33
sdwrageyugge, thanks :)06:33
tripelb ----Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GhgeZ40u --- (I tried brasero first.)  -----  I can look and see if my new results are the same.  (been asking this since yesterday eve)06:35
DeaD_SouLany ideas06:35
chalcednyhow does one download 10.04? it's big for our CD?06:35
EvilTrekchalcedny:  its an ISO file, and downloading it and burning to a CD will work fine.06:36
xxxx16480I had a little issue: I HAVE ALL MY SONGS IN A HDD, and i play them on my RHYTHMBOX, but when i close and open the program it shows me a message that "ALL FILES MISSING".... any ideas  ???...06:37
tucemiuxchalcedny, are you downloading ubuntu or ubuntustudio?06:37
frumiousDeaD_SouL, not an expert but there are relatively cheap/free providers of SSH tunnels.  Much luck.06:37
Dr_Willischalcedny:  and how big is your cd? it can fit on a standard 700mb cd I recall.06:37
jalex_brownDoes anyone here use Chromium?06:37
Dr_Willischalcedny:  theres also some confuseion lately with the 'MB' vs 'MiB' sizes being displayed by some apps06:37
DeaD_SouLfrumious: great, can you help me with links, howtos, tutorials, anything..!06:38
ubuntu_hi everyone06:38
xxxx16480I had a little issue: I HAVE ALL MY SONGS IN A HDD, and i play them on my RHYTHMBOX, but when i close and open the program it shows me a message that "ALL FILES MISSING".... any ideas  ???...06:38
ubuntubribroder & Dr_Willis: the windows install has two partitions, one for the system files and one for the OS, and i am creating 3 partitions in ubuntu (/ ; /home ; /boot) that adds up to five. Dr_Willis advised to keep less than four primary (i am not sure if both windows partitions are primary but i am guessing they are) so should i make one of them logical or keep all five of them primary?06:38
ubuntu_can someone help me with fixing my MBR?06:38
ubuntu_I tried following the steps on the wiki but it isn't working06:39
Dr_Willisubuntu_:  you Must use one logical + extended also06:39
jalex_brownI'm trying to figure out if there is a way to completely disable the status bar in Chromium (the one at the bottom that only shows when pages load or you hover over a link).06:39
Dr_Willisubuntu_:  you CANT have more then 4 primaries.06:39
bribroderubuntu, set your fourth partition to logical06:39
ubuntu_sorry, I don't know what that means06:39
bribroderubuntu, and then you will be able to create more06:39
bribroderubuntu just make sure your third partition is / and is a primary partition06:40
* Dr_Willis thinks the Ubuntu* nicks need to change nicks.06:40
boxbeatsyhi, can somebody help me install screen on cygwin?06:40
=== ubuntu is now known as blaze||
boxbeatsyi'm trying to follow these directions: http://osdir.com/ml/screen-users-gnu/2010-01/msg00031.html06:40
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu
boxbeatsybut i dont know where execvpe.patch is06:40
Dr_Willisboxbeatsy:  check the cygwin website/docs and channel? i recall it having some gui installer tool/package manager that made it rather easy to do that.06:40
ubuntuI'm not sure what's wrong with it though06:40
chalcednyDr_Willis, ty my husband was doing it, not sure yet what he did06:40
ubuntuwindows broke grub when I reinstalled it06:40
xanguajalex_brown: i see no statusbar in chromium06:40
boxbeatsyo hmm ok ill check thanks Dr_Willis06:40
blaze||bribroder ok so make / primary, /boot primary, and /home logical?06:41
bribroderubuntu, boot a livecd and type sudo grub-install /dev/sda06:41
ubuntuI tried06:41
ubuntuit gives me an error06:41
jalex_brownXangua: I downloaded Chromium, and it is just a little box in the bottom left that will only show up when pages are loading or you hover over a link.06:41
ubuntuI'm on a liveUSB right now06:41
ubuntuthis is the error: grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub.06:42
ubuntuNo path or device is specified.06:42
ubuntuTry ``grub-probe --help'' for more information.06:42
ubuntuAuto-detection of a filesystem module failed.06:42
ubuntuPlease specify the module with the option `--modules' explicitly.06:42
FloodBot3ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
bribroderblaze||, IMHO you don't need /boot, but if you prefer it, then it should be your third primary partition06:42
bribroderblaze||, after you create your third primary and make your first logical partition, you'll find that the first logical partition doesn't actually appear to exist06:43
ubuntu@bribroder so something went horribly wrong06:43
ubuntubribroder: the liveCD can't install grub06:43
blaze||bribroder, i installed ubuntu 10.04 before and i did not create a /boot partition and it ruined my windows installation somehow so i just want to be safe06:43
bribroderubuntu, put your error in pastebin or something and drop us a link06:43
ubuntubribroder: ok06:43
Dr_Willisblaze||:  use of /boot/ does not make windows any safer.. i imagine somthing else webt wrong..06:44
ubuntubribroder: this is the link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458639/06:44
Dr_Willisblaze||:  dont forget as swap partition also.06:44
blaze||Dr_Willis it something went wrong with grub and my windows boot loader06:44
bribroderubuntu can you install it to the master boot record? use /dev/sda instead of sda606:45
ubuntuone moment06:45
jalex_brownThis is what I'm talking about.06:45
ubuntubribroder: same error06:45
blaze||Dr_Willis is it recommended to have a swap partition even though i have 4 gb of ram? if i should, should it be a logical partition?06:45
bribroderI've already mentioned the swapd package as an alternative to a swap partition06:46
bribroderyour choice, just like /boot :p06:46
ubuntubribroder: so what options do I have?06:46
=== DJGB is now known as djg
=== djg is now known as djgb
blaze||bribroder ok i will install it there, i did not know that was the mbr06:47
blaze||bribroder, i think i will use swapd06:47
bribroderubuntu ok I think this is what you need: mount --bind /dev /mnt/new/dev06:47
ubuntubribroder: what will that do?06:47
bribroderblaze||, ok so you have two windows partitions which are primaries, your /boot partition which is a primary06:48
bribroderyou need to add the host's nodes to the livecd environment06:48
bribroderblaze||, and then the rest of your partitions, however many more that follow, are all logical06:48
blaze||bribroder can i clarify something.... when i make a /boot partition, that is where grub will be installed right?06:49
bribroderblaze||, correct06:49
bribroderreference Dr_Willis06:49
macobribroder: not quite how logical works06:49
blaze||maco how does logical work?06:50
bribrodermaco, his logicals will show up as sda5+ though, right? and sda4 won't exist?06:50
macobribroder: you need an extended partition to put the logicals inside06:50
Dr_Willisblaze||:  i always make a swap partition. of at least 512mb..   You may not want more.06:50
macoyou cant just put them right after the primary without encapsulating in an extended partition06:50
ubuntubribroder: what will that command do?06:50
Dr_Willisblaze||:  grub FILES and the kernel can be in /boot/ grub still 'installs' to the MBR of the hard drive.06:51
Dr_Willisblaze||:  i dont see much need for a /boot/ partition except in special cases these days06:51
ubuntubribroder: it says that it doesn't exist06:51
blaze||Dr_Willis ok i will not make a /boot and i will keep 4 primary partitions to make it easier06:51
bribroderubuntu http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/06:52
mcl0vinguys df -k return 100% used how can i find which are the big files in my system06:52
ubuntubribroder: ok, I'll check back once I'm done with it06:52
bribrodermcl0vin, Applications > Accessories > Disk Usage Analyzer06:53
tripelbmy CD drive can read a CD but cant see a blank one. I want to burn and it used to work. Please help06:53
bribroderubuntu kk06:53
mcl0vinbribroder: cli please06:53
mcl0vini can access my desktop06:53
xxxx16480I had a little issue: I HAVE ALL MY SONGS IN A HDD, and i play them on my RHYTHMBOX, but when i close and open the program it shows me a message that "ALL FILES MISSING" and i have to rescan all the files to add them to the library...06:54
blaze||Dr_Willis is it ok to have the swap partition be logical? or should i just use swapd like bribroder recommended06:54
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:54
bribrodermcl0vin, I guess you could do:   find / -size +10000k -print0 | xargs -0 ls -l06:54
xxxx16480I had a little issue: I HAVE ALL MY SONGS IN A HDD, and i play them on my RHYTHMBOX, but when i close and open the program it shows me a message that "ALL FILES MISSING" and i have to rescan all the files to add them to the library...    SEN A PRIVATE PLZ.....06:54
bullgardWhat does "stripped" mean in '~$ file /usr/bin/make; /usr/bin/make: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped'?06:54
bribrodermcl0vin, the / is your <path>06:55
ActionParsnipxxxx16480: no need for the caps dude, and keep support in channel06:55
mcl0vinbribroder: +10000k this is how much please06:56
ActionParsnipbullgard: its a compile thing. You can make the binary, then strip it. Not sure what's removed but it makes it smaller as far as I'm aware. I'd ask in #c06:56
bribroder10000k = 10mb. 1000k per mb06:56
DocPlatypusokay... just upgraded to 10.04 from 9.10. I'm having a problem with sound. most desktop apps play sound fine, including Firefox, but one of my games does not (Nexuiz).06:56
ubuntubribroder: it fails at step 506:56
DocPlatypusthe sound applet in the toolbar when I go to tweak the volumes says "waiting for sound system to respond"06:57
mcl0vinbribroder: well i need to search for Gigs06:57
ubuntubribroder: actually, one moment06:57
bribroderubuntu, I may have gotten you off on the wrong foot... I hate to say it, but you may want to reboot and try again06:57
bullgardActionParsnip: I will give it a try in #c06:57
xxxx16480I had a little issue: I HAVE ALL MY SONGS IN A HDD, and i play them on my RHYTHMBOX, but when i close and open the program it shows me a message that "ALL FILES MISSING" and i have to rescan all the files to add them to the library...  SEND A PRIVATE PLZZ...06:57
ubuntuI'll be back once I get everything setup06:57
bribrodermcl0vin, then do the math. there's 1,000 mb in 1gb06:57
ActionParsnipxxxx16480: make sure you are the owner of all of you home folder, may help: cd /home; sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ./$USER06:57
DocPlatypusxxxx16480: we keep answers in channel here06:58
bribrodermcl0vin, you can also use other symbols than k... try m for megabytes06:58
=== glanleml is now known as Klan
xxxx16480im sure that im owner of all my home folder06:58
ActionParsnipxxxx16480: if you don't have write access to the config for rhythmbox it cannot store the config you set06:58
ActionParsnipxxxx16480: its worth running to make sure06:59
int__anyone with any idea why `synclient -m` would report no activity on a trackpad configured  in xorg.conf and recognized/used by X?06:59
xxxx16480ok, ill check06:59
tripelbplease help?06:59
tripelbmy CD drive can read a CD but cant see a blank one. I want to burn and it used to work. Please help06:59
ActionParsniptripelb: what apps have you tried burning with?07:00
tripelbhi ActionParsnip brasero gnomemaster07:00
tripelbhi ActionParsnip brasero gnomeBAKER07:00
bribroderblaze||, going well?07:00
slgmaanyone ever pair their iphone/ipod touch with ubuntu via bluetooth?07:01
tripelbActionParsnip, . I tried it again today and have a new pastebin  ----Why did my gnomebaker disk burner fail to like the disk I put in??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GhgeZ40u --- (I tried brasero first.)  -----  I can look and see if my new results are the same.07:01
slgmai was curious about playing music over bluetooth from my ipod07:01
bribroderslgma, let me know if you hear of anyone getting an iphone 3gs to work07:01
ActionParsniptripelb: if you have a cd in the drive and run: sudo lshw -C disk ,does it show the optical drive as having media in. You can use a disk with data on to compare output07:01
slgmawell i came across a post about it07:02
slgmabut it seemed a bit too over complicated07:02
slgmaim sure theres an easier way to do it07:02
MrNazso i have to buy a macbook 15". how well is the hardware in the macbooks supported by ubuntu? still patchy?07:02
bribroderslgma, this is the best I've heard of: http://www.rockbox.org/07:02
ActionParsniptripelb: might be -C drive ,I never remember which it is :(07:02
tripelbActionParsnip, = ActionIntelligence   -- I'll try it.07:02
tucemiuxyoure going to get a mac? LoL07:02
bribroderslgma, not bluetooth but at least it works07:02
slgmathis plays it over bluetooth bri?07:02
slgmawell its worthless then07:02
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:03
slgmarhythmbox works 100% with all ipods07:03
slgmaif youre using the cord07:03
|GaiJin|bribroder, I have an iphone 3gs, and if your talking about getting it to mount... I have no problems in 10.0407:03
slgmano point in using this piece of crap07:03
kernelshieldare available for anybody out there? I need help.07:03
kernelshieldI want to modify XMMS logo. How do I change the logo on the panel?07:03
kernelshieldIt looks ugly, I'm talking about the square logo07:03
slgmai just wanna be able to make ubuntu act like a headset and stream audio from the ipod over bluetooth07:03
Dr_Williskernelshield:  where did you get 'xmms' from ?07:03
slgmathanks for the help though07:03
slgmabut rhythmbox handles wired support easily07:03
bribroderslgma, /facepalm, forgot about that :P07:03
tripelbActionParsnip, told me this --   capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd     configuration: ansiversion=5 status=open07:03
ActionParsnipkernelshield: right click it -> properties. Then click the icon. You can now set it07:04
kernelshieldActionParsnip. i know but i want to change icon on bottom panel07:04
macoslgma: ipods arent mass storage devices so you cant really mount them to access stuff randomly like you would access a folder.. im not sure what youre asking to do can be done in linxu07:04
tripelbActionParsnip, oops the door is open I'll repeat it07:04
ActionParsniptripelb: doh07:04
slgmafirst of all they are mass storage devices07:04
slgmaand can be mounted with no configuration07:05
slgmaand you can access files/folder and all that07:05
blaze||bribroder can i send you a pm?07:05
ActionParsnipkernelshield: not sure there. If you modify the .desktop in /usr/share/applications it may respect it07:05
slgmayou can also sync the music with rhtyhmbox just fine07:05
ActionParsnipkernelshield: copy the standing one to $HOME so you have the original07:05
slgmawhat im trying to do is possible because i seen a post about it from a month or two ago, it just seemed over complicated for such a simple process and was wondering if anyone figured out a better way07:05
slgmai can do it just fine plugged in, rhythbmox auto mounts my ipod and plays music from it with no problem07:06
slgmaid just like to be able to do it via bluetooth07:06
bribroderslgma, you're after bluetooth transfers, right?07:06
slgmaand floodbot is about to cry so ill be quiet for a few07:06
slgmano, just streaming07:06
slgmatransfers work fine07:06
tripelbActionParsnip, oops the door is open I'll repeat it    capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd      configuration: ansiversion=5 status=busy   Wait,again  ---- configuration: ansiversion=5 status=nodisc07:07
slgmaread the link i posted it will explain what im trying to do07:07
R3cur51v3I bought a USB to serial converter on eBay. When I do sudo lsusb, the command hangs for about 3 seconds and then returns, and the converter doesn't show up in the output. Is it broken, then?07:07
slgmato get ubuntu to act like a wireless headset and make my ipod pair with it and stream over it07:07
ActionParsnipslgma: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146418907:08
ActionParsnipYeah same07:08
Dr_WillisR3cur51v3:   check the end of 'dmesg' output after you plug it in also. Its possible it needs a module loaded.. or its possible its not supported by linux.  or it maybe broken.07:08
slgmaactionparsnip i just pasted that link07:08
slgmaliterally 3 minutes ago07:08
ActionParsnipIts marked as solved dude07:08
ActionParsnipslgma: I realised dude. Chillout07:08
slgmayea in a very ghetto way, thats why i asked if anyone knew of a better way07:08
=== Lance_ is now known as Guest45174
Guest45174bribroder: I'm back07:09
slgmai am chilled out, dont be a douchebag07:09
ActionParsnipslgma: if it works then id use it07:09
Guest45174bribroder: standby, it need to fix chatzilla07:09
slgmaif youre just gonna read bits and piece of what im typing then dont bother to attempt to answer the question07:09
slgmano shit, i asked if anyone knew of an easier way07:09
ActionParsniptripelb: tried a different brand of disks?07:09
lapionhmm latest maverick backported-lucid kernel seems to be stablest so for for i915 with i855 chipset07:10
ActionParsnip!caps | xxxx1648007:10
KnightStalkerstop caps locking07:10
ubottuxxxx16480: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:10
lapionxxxx16480, please no SHOUTING07:10
greezmunkeyslgma: people here a volunteers, please be kind, and respectful, or go away.07:10
xxxx16480ok, sorry07:10
macoslgma: watch your langauge07:10
slgmagreeze please m,ind youre own business07:10
slgmaway to swing from my testicles in a group07:10
slgmagonna give me stretch marks07:10
ActionParsnipxxxx16480: log a bug then is all I can suggest07:10
greezmunkeyslgma: this is my business.07:11
slgmathanks alot for reading all that i said before spouting out answers07:11
kernelshieldActionParsnip: http://i45.tinypic.com/10mszdy.png07:11
slgmai told him thanks for the attempt but to read all of what people say before answering the question next time07:11
kernelshieldthis is my problem.07:11
xxxx16480and what can i do then ?07:11
ubuntubribroder: okay, I'm back07:11
ubuntubribroder: so what now?07:11
NssOnei'm having an issue with bchunk is anybody here has any insight07:12
frumiousI have a question that is very important to me and you all better answer it in the proper tone, or else!07:12
NssOnejust thought i'd try here07:12
tripelbActionParsnip, 1. discard almost everything I said. put in a recorded disk. learned it is in drive 0. shows=> configuration: mount.fstype=iso9660 mount.options=ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,utf8 state=mounted ------NOW I look and there is a blank cd in the other drive. Did something get confused becasue of that? now I will see if I can burn. ie I'll try it again. (Yes that shouldnt mess it up but I've been able to burn just fine till this time-o07:12
tripelbf-trials in the last 4-5 days of agony and woe. :)07:12
bribroderubuntu did you reboot to a livecd and give it another try?07:12
ActionParsnipI just read the guide he posted. Its not hard at all. Probably thinks its hard because its not using some gui stuff07:12
lapiononly problem I have is that I do not get oss-devices in it07:12
ubuntubribroder: I rebooted07:12
ubuntubribroder: but I haven't tried again yet07:12
ubuntubribroder: I have a question07:13
NssOnek, i try using bchunk to convert a bin/toc but i get this "ouch, no space after track" error and nothing happens07:13
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  but the terminal is 'scary'! :)07:13
NssOneany insight?07:13
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: totally07:13
ubuntubribroder: I used a utility to make the live CD rather than just burn the .iso directly onto the flash drive07:13
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: I bet his other pc is a mac07:13
ubuntubribroder: could that be causing the issue?07:13
tucemiuxanyone knows how I can bind "CTRL-ESC" to the main menu?07:14
|GaiJin|well... first linux I sat my ass on was gentoo... so the terminal isn't too scary.07:14
|GaiJin|seems some peeps are just abit afraid to learn07:14
ActionParsnipubuntu: did you md5 test the iso?07:14
R3cur51v3Dr_Willis, I get "device descriptor read/64, error -71"07:14
bribroderubuntu, unetbootin works fine if that's what you used... but if you're on a flash stick, I bet your hard drive is sdb not sda07:14
vu1kantucemiux: system>prefs>keyboard shortcuts07:15
R3cur51v3Dr_Willis, that one of the last lines in the output of dmesg when I plug the device in.07:15
ActionParsnip|GaiJin|: snap. Teaches a lot07:15
bribroderubuntu, type sudo fdisk -l and see where your root is07:15
tucemiuxvulkan which one of the 300 options would it be? im looking at it right now07:15
|GaiJin|thought me alot atleast... very little I remember, but you quickly learn wherte to get help, and how to ask:D07:15
bribroderubuntu, I thought of mentioning that but figured you were on a livecd :p07:16
vu1kantucemiux: "show the panel's main menu"07:16
ubuntubribroder: no I'm on a usb07:16
ubuntuone sec07:16
ActionParsnipubuntu: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded?07:17
Dr_WillisR3cur51v3:  You could try it on other machines, or even a windows box see if it works there.  Ive not used those sort of devices in ages. but the last one i did use. I just plugged it in. and it worked.07:17
ubuntubribroder: linux is on sda6 and the linux swap/solaris is sda707:17
R3cur51v3Dr_Willis, even if I don't have drivers, it should still be recognized by lsusb, no?07:17
ubuntuactionparsnip: no I didn't07:17
ActionParsnipubuntu: then how do you know the file is error free and complete?07:18
tucemiuxvu1kan, thanks!!  It worked!  and remove the 1 from the nickname please!! 0_o07:18
ubuntuactionparsnip: but it's the same file I used that I had stored on another hard drive as I used to install the ubuntu I'm using now07:18
ubuntuactionparsnip: I guess I don't07:18
vu1kantucemiux: type 'vu' and press <tab>07:18
jalex_brownIt seems that there is NO WAY to disable the status bubble in Chromium.07:18
vu1kanit works on any nick and in the terminal07:18
ActionParsnipubuntu: its worth a check. Takes a few seconds07:18
bribroderubuntu, how fried is your boot sequence? does it put you in the grub rescue prompt?07:19
ubuntubribroder: no it just goes to windows07:19
bribroderubuntu, /agree with ActionParsnip07:19
Mqueuecan anyone help me with Belkin 4050 usb wireless card ??07:19
greezmunkeyR3cur51v3: how much did you pay for it? Some of the cheaper converters can be, well, troublesome.07:19
kickingintenderevolution looks ages old infront of outlook07:19
bribroderevolution is sad, sad, sack of dung07:19
tucemiuxvu1kan, yes i know but i kept typing the first three letters, anyway thank you for the help! good night!07:20
ActionParsnipgreezmunkey: run: sudo lshw -C network ,you will be told the chip. The make/model is fairly moot07:20
jalex_brownDoes Chromium have an IRC channel?07:20
ubuntuactionparsnip: how do I check?07:20
Mqueuecan anyone help me with Belkin F6D4050 v 1 usb wireless card ??07:20
R3cur51v3greezmunkey, bottom dollar on eBay: $2 with shipping07:20
red2kicubuntu: Type this "/nick AOL_Disc"07:20
ActionParsnipUbuntu: md5sum filename07:20
tucemiuxMqueue, it's supported it should work right out of the box, what problem are you having?07:20
greezmunkeyR3cur51v3: did you see what ActionParsnip sent me, try that...07:20
NiteSnowMqueue, pm me the output of lspci07:21
greezmunkeyR3cur51v3: nevermind.07:21
ActionParsnipMqueue: sudo lshw -C network ,websearch for the product line to find guides07:21
NiteSnowMqueue, pm me the output of lsusb **07:21
Mqueuei just need help setting it up ..i have markvell drivers setup but they are not working with aircrack so i need this usb to work07:21
tucemiuxMqueue, i meant to say **if** the hardware is supported then it should work out of the box, but what problem are you having?07:21
greezmunkeyR3cur51v3: you could try sudo lshw, to see if that shows anything - worth a shot.07:21
|GaiJin|anyone know if there is a nowdays version of gedestlet or something similar for gnome?07:21
Mqueuemoe@moe-desktop:~$ lsusb07:21
MqueueBus 005 Device 002: ID 045e:0039 Microsoft Corp. IntelliMouse Optical07:21
MqueueBus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:21
MqueueBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:21
MqueueBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:21
FloodBot3Mqueue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:21
MqueueBus 002 Device 002: ID 045e:00b4 Microsoft Corp.07:21
ubuntuactionparsnip: it's running the check now07:22
tucemiuxMqueue, youre supposed to send NiteSnow a PM07:22
ubuntuActionParsnip: what sum should I get?07:22
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.07:23
ubuntuActionParsnip: It's clean07:23
kickingintenderubuntu he quit07:24
ubuntuI didn't see an exit message07:24
red2kicI love my ubuntu setup.07:24
=== Guest83981 is now known as guess
ubuntubribroder: so now what?07:24
greezmunkey|GaiJin|: heh, I haven't thought of that word (your nick) in years. I was stationed in Japan in the late eighties.07:24
|GaiJin|greezmunkey, yes... you would have been yelled that after abunch of times07:25
bribroderubuntu, I'm not entirely sure, if that guide didn't work out... it's worth trying again from the livecd, I may have given you the wrong first step initially07:25
bribroderat least out of order07:26
greezmunkey|GaiJin|: I made it my nickname while I was there. It was all great fun.07:26
BlackWebis anyone familiar with vector linux07:26
Dr_WillisBlackWeb:  i imaghine they have their own support channel/site07:26
tripelbaction parsnip quit and I find my drive cant see a blank disk any more. what could be up?07:26
tripelbitt says nodisc07:26
tripelbshould it?07:26
BlackWebo wrong tab07:27
|GaiJin|greezmunkey, :D kinda like what I am doing. Had a japanese Sensei who kept calling me it... so ended up with it07:27
|GaiJin|still does, just rarer nowdays...07:27
greezmunkey|GaiJin|: there are pleanty worse...back to work.07:27
Dr_WillisBlackWeb:  :) and i dident see the point of using vector linux over Kubuntu - last i tried vectorlinux07:27
rema_xzhi everybody!07:29
tripelbwhat should "sudo lshw -C disk" say if there is a blank cd in the drive?  It says this for a burned disk -> configuration: ansiversion=5 mount.fstype=iso9660 mount.options=ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,utf8 state=mounted status=ready07:29
r_f_ai installed sqlite3-documentation - where can I read it?07:29
tripelbotherwise it always says no disk07:29
tripelbrema_xz, can yo help me?07:30
greezmunkeytripelb: I'll shove one in there and see, brb.07:30
bribroderubuntu let us know how it goes07:30
tripelbthanks greezmunkey I've been unable o burn for days. Asking to look at my pastebin log file didnt get me anyone to help.07:30
|GaiJin|when playing movies, the movie is kinda blue, light blue hue on the entire movie. Is there a place with an answer for this?07:30
Dr_Willis|GaiJin|:  what video chipset?07:31
abhi_navI am here07:31
ubuntubribroder: I think I have a cd here07:31
Dr_Willis|GaiJin|:  the nvidia-settings tool has some adjustments. Or the video player may also have some adjustments for that,.07:31
ubuntubribroder: I'll be back in a little bit07:31
keonhi everyone, my ubuntu no longer loads with the panel and bar underneath, i cannot figure out whats wrong!07:32
rema_xztripelb:  ask your question to everybody please. if someone knows will answer you. if i can i will be happy to answer you.07:32
BlackWebDr_Willis ya I personally use ubuntu for personal computer. Trying Gave it a try and on another computer and running into screen resolution problems :)07:32
|GaiJin|yeah... but it just happened, it was picture perfect some hours ago:D07:32
greezmunkeytripelb: The only real diff is status=ready07:32
rema_xzi am susing ubuntu 10.04. i have installed elementary-thme for gnome properly. but i am getting an error when i check the updates. : W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4D17133CFC5D50C5     . for me it is not problem to see this erorr mesaage but ubuntu will be update the other packages ?07:32
|GaiJin|in same player with same movie07:32
abhi_navrema_xz, for such users use !pm factoid07:32
rema_xz abhi_nav: please write ytour problem again to me. i delete the log.07:33
abhi_navrema_xz, no not myy problem. i am telling you to use !pm factoid. you just type a long line regarding not pm to you to tripelb07:33
rema_xz abhi_nav: ok. sorry . i am doing so musch thinks. my fall...07:33
abhi_navrema_xz, ok07:34
|GaiJin|brb... need a relo07:34
keonhey, my ubuntu doesnt have any panels anymore, whats wrong?07:34
red2kic!resetpanels | keon07:34
ubottukeon: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:34
tripelbgreezmunkey, nope I dont get that. worked a week ago.07:34
keonred2kic, gnome-panel: no process found07:35
greezmunkeytripelb: you are sure the hardware is cool? Have you recently updated your system? What about burning software, changes there?07:36
soadkombucha|GaiJin|: welcome back07:36
red2kickeon: You're not using Gnome?07:36
abhi_navrema_xz, there is info to authenticate keys here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu07:36
tripelbgreezmunkey, neither drive sees. no hardware changes. ubuntu updates.07:36
keonIm using xfce07:36
|GaiJin|thanks. using the 173 NV>IDIA driver from the hardware thingy makes my video blue. Just switched back to the current version07:36
keonIm very new to ubuntu07:36
tripelbgreezmunkey, I also added gnomebaker and tried that ditto07:37
shubbari compiled installed mencoder, but now its not listed as installed in apt-get or synaptic, how can i fix this?07:37
cntrationalkeon: xubuntu? that's the name of the xfce version of ubuntu07:37
red2kickeon: Ah I see. I don't know. Somebody with XFCE experiences will have to help you on fixing the panels.07:37
tripelbI just want a working system. Ubuntu NRFPT07:37
keoncntrational, thats what Im using07:37
tripelbit's a project07:37
greezmunkeytripelb: I'd crack the box open, and verify that everything is seated well, and try again first.07:37
cntrationalkeon: yeah07:37
keonthis is bothering my very much, its very inconvenient to not have a panel07:37
tripelboh, greezmunkey thanks. I'm screwed.07:38
keonCan anyone help me?07:38
greezmunkeytripelb: why?07:38
abhi_navkeon, http://forum.xfce.org/index.php?topic=3477.007:38
cntrationaliirc, it's called "xfce4-panel" in xfce07:38
cntrationalthe process, that is07:38
soadkombuchaWhere do programs install to if they don't go to /opt07:38
xanguakeon: xfce4-panel07:38
xanguakeon: better ask in #xubuntu for xfce related07:38
tripelbkeon could your panel be there? is there a box with a small arrow at the right or the left where the panel should be? (it can hide you know and it does it mysteriously on my computer.07:39
abhi_navI gave him the link.07:39
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  when using the package manager  they can go all over the place where their 'parts' are supposed to go. You can use the package manager tools to see exactly what files they put where.07:39
bribrodersoadkombucha, /usr/bin usually07:39
prince_jammys!filesystem  | soadkombucha07:39
ubottusoadkombucha: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier07:39
keonabhi_nav thank you very much, after viewing that topic I tried the first command and got the error xfce4-panel not running, so I ran it and it worked. I dont know why it didnt run itself07:39
keonthanks a lot man07:39
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  /opt/ wouldbe for stuff thats not normally in the repos. or you compiled from source.07:39
soadkombuchaYeah. I just can't find BatMon but it's not running properly anyway. I'll look for something else.07:40
Dr_Willis!find batmon07:40
ubottuFound: batmon.app07:40
Dr_Willis!info batmon.app07:40
ubottubatmon.app (source: batmon.app): Battery monitor for GNUstep. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-5build1 (lucid), package size 16 kB, installed size 156 kB07:40
soadkombuchabattery monitor07:40
soadkombuchaIf we're Jamaican maybe07:40
ubuntubribroder: I found a liveCD07:41
soadkombuchaUgh I need a non-acpi based hardware monitor07:41
ubuntunow what?07:41
greezmunkeyHoly manhole covers Batman, they went into the sewers...07:41
ubuntutry again?07:41
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  some gnustep apps do have .app as part of their name. :)07:41
bribroderubuntu yup, go for it07:41
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Do you know of any hardware monitoring apps that would work with ACPI disabled or am I screwed?07:41
abhi_navkeon, ok! if you first do all your homework ie.. wiki,help pages, man pages and google and respective forum then majority times you may dont need to come here you already get easily answer. ofcourse you are always welcome here too.! ;)07:41
ubuntubribroder: a link back to that page would be nice :p07:41
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  no idea. I rarely bother with hardware mionitoring07:42
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I don't really need to worry about it with a 12 cell battery I just would LIKE to knowe07:42
bribroderubuntu http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/07:42
abhi_navsoadkombucha, i tryid batmom some time ago and itts not working properly for me too.07:43
waieezHello, could anyone suggest to me a good program to convert a .bin file to an iso?07:43
=== me is now known as Guest53877
keonabhi_nav , believe me I did. Im very new to ubuntu and didn't know what the exact problem was so it was hard to find help on the net. My best option was to come here, but I ended up figuring out sort of on my own with your help , thanks again!07:44
soadkombuchaabhi_nav: Hardware monitoring needs acpi which I have off07:44
abhi_navkeon, yes you are always welcome here. :)07:44
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  if acpi was working. You may get longer battery life also. but ive not had issues with acpi in ages07:44
cntrationalkeon: a note, the xfce version of ubuntu is usually referred to as xubuntu07:44
abhi_navsoadkombucha, ok07:44
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: My computer simply will not boot if ACPI is enabled.07:44
Dr_Williswaieez:  theres one called bchunk i think07:45
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: It doesn't matter what distribution I run, it causes kernel crashes07:45
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  that is weird.  try 10.10 perhaps?07:45
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  if that works - then theres at least a light at the end of the tunnle.07:45
abhi_navkeon, yah. and you alwasy get more information regarding xfce desktop version of ubuntu in #xubuntu channel. if not you can come here always.07:45
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I'm not talking just Ubuntu. I tried Fedora, Mint, Arch, OpenSUSE, Zevin, and a bunch others07:45
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: It just doesn't work.07:46
kickingintendernever heard of zevin07:46
ubuntubribroder: it says this: sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu07:46
Andre_good morning from portugal. I'd like to get some help related to installing ubuntu dualbooting with windows, where windows is already installed on my computer.07:46
abhi_navhi kickingintender07:46
ubuntuthen it says it worked07:46
soadkombuchazoran maybe07:46
ubuntulemme paste it07:46
soadkombuchaI can't remember exactly some weird name07:46
Dr_WillisAndre_:  scandisk/defrag the windows system.. then boot the cd. and follow the installer. It shouldent be too hard.07:46
abhi_navyou mean 'Xandros'?07:46
kickingintenderits easy andre07:46
Andre_thanks, Dr_Willis07:47
ubuntubribroder: this is the out put from the last step: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458653/07:47
soadkombuchaIt IS Zorin http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2010/06/zorin-3-distro-review.html07:47
kickingintenderok....i know that07:47
soadkombuchaUbuntu derivative, but I was trying to cover my bases07:47
bribroderubuntu, try restarting, with fingers crossed07:48
ubuntubribroder: copy that, I'll come back07:48
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  sounds like a underlieing kernel issue - Thats why i suggested trying 10.10 its got a newer kernel.07:48
abhi_navsoadkombucha, here some major linx listed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Linux_distributions07:48
kickingintenderDr_Willis can i resize my ubuntu partition without messing grub207:48
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  or perhaps some other sourced based disrtos where you can play with kernels easier07:49
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: What's the kernel version?07:49
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I'm on 2.6.32-23-preempt07:49
Dr_Williskickingintender:   You should be able to. if you just resize. and not move it.07:49
kickingintenderwith what app07:49
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  no idea. I havent tried 10.10 yet. I dont keep up with kenels. last i had toworry about kernelw as a few yrs back with a 'new' laptop that had flakey linu support.   but the next release then fixed all my issues. :)07:49
Dr_Williskickingintender:  gparted from a live cd. is what i normally use.07:50
Dr_Williskickingintender:  you may want to give more details as to whatyou are trying to do07:50
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: But I'll try it.07:50
abhi_navsoadkombucha, thats your blog?07:50
soadkombuchaabhi_nav: Nope, a friend of a friend07:51
abhi_navsoadkombucha, ohhh07:51
kickingintenderi have xp & ubuntu,after installing xp i wanted 2 install ubuntu on 5gb of hdd space but ubuntu took 12gb of hdd space07:51
larryAmenconk 显示温度的 插件,里面的datatype07:52
Dr_Williskickingintender:  i would suggest at leat 20gb for a useable ubuntu install.07:52
tripelbgreezmunkey, I'm not taking it  apart. it worked. I have to pay time warner. if I break the connection it will be dead. It's 2 drives ---wait, it can see a pre-burnt disk so that means it is sitting properly,, right?07:52
tripelbthe bottom one sees neither07:52
larryAmen/join #ubuntu-cn07:52
brunsgenusdoes anyone know where I might be able to go to find a programmers who might be interested in modifying simple website software?07:52
kickingintenderi dont use ubuntu apps as much as i use windows apps07:52
greezmunkeytripelb: yeah, I'd say so.07:52
Dr_Williskickingintender:  you could alwaos use ubuntu inside virtualbox on windows.07:53
Lancelotbribroder: it worked!07:53
Lancelotbribroder: I've never been so happy to see my desktop background!07:53
bribrodersoadkombucha, latest kernel is 2.6.32-23. you can check yours with uname -r07:53
tripelbgreezmunkey, another day07:53
bribroderLancelot, that's great :D07:53
Lancelotbribroder: thanks very much for the help07:53
abhi_navkickingintender, there are so many great aps for linux. I use them. I hardly go to my vista .though it is geniune.07:53
bribroderLancelot, you followed the guide, that's the hard part07:54
Lancelotbribroder: i really appreciate it. I was about to give up and reinstall07:54
Lancelotyeah, no kidding :p07:54
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  Yep. I rarely need windows for real 'work' these days :)07:54
abhi_navDr_Willis, :)07:54
bribroderglad to help07:54
* Dr_Willis just wonders why these web sites take 30+ min to print out on his new brother hl printer. they print.. its just real slow.. so i cant figure out where to look at for the issue07:55
kickingintenderutorrent,mysql,quicktime and ms word .....alternatives are not compelling07:55
Dr_WillisThe 15+ yr old laser printer seems to print the same sites  100x faster07:55
bribrodersomeone kill me, my flash drives are refusing to umount07:56
veirkovhey ya!!!07:56
kickingintenderthen force bribroder07:56
bribroderdoes anyone know if copy operations across drives can mess with your flash drives?07:56
abhi_navI am here since about 20 weeks and for the first time i saw Dr_Willis also have some issue to solve. ;) I just seen you helping only. :)07:56
Dr_Willisbribroder:  try mounting them by hand.07:57
bribroderDr_Willis, HL-2040?07:57
kickingintenderhe meant unmount willis07:57
Lancelotbribroder: no, not in my experience07:57
Lancelotbribroder: I've done it tons of times with no issues07:57
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  Yea. Its real weird. I print some gfx inensive web site to the Brother Printer.. it takeing 30+ min to process/spool and print. It could be its just transfering a LOT of data over wireless.07:57
abhi_navDr_Willis, hmm :)07:58
kickingintenderalso there isnt a good alternative for daemon tools in ubuntu07:58
bribroderDr_Willis, try a different print queue?07:58
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  less image intensive sites dont have the  issue. and the old HP printer on the parallel port also prints them faster.07:58
Lancelotbribroder: before I go, could you give me that link again? I wanna bookmark it for future reference07:58
abhi_navDr_Willis, I see.07:58
Dr_Willisbribroder:  using the lpd/lpq feature of teh wireless printer right now. I may hook it up via wire and see if it goes any better.. but thats defeating the purpose of me buying a wireless printer. :)07:58
=== MePHiSTo1 is now known as Sup|Away
Lancelotbribroder: nevermind, I found it. Well I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day of installing crap on windows07:59
bribroderLancelot, http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/07:59
kickingintenderDr_Willis can u tell me alternative for mounting iso images in ubuntu07:59
Lancelotbribroder, thanks again07:59
zeffire_scan someone please tell me what is the "source code" option on the "ubuntu software" tab at the "software source" ?07:59
bribroderhaha have fun with microsoft07:59
bribroderhave a good night, Lancelot07:59
* Lancelot vomits07:59
Lancelotyou too07:59
Dr_WillisI need to track down a 'better' web site printing front end. Firefox and other browsers juat have way to many issues these days with some sites. For example I get 1 page thast actually prints from this (very neat info) site08:00
abhi_navkickingintender, furiousiso mount?08:00
Dr_WillisPage 2 of 2 - is totally blank. so i loose half the info on the site08:00
bribroderDr_Willis, can you use IPP instead of lpd/q?08:00
Dr_Williskickingintender:  when in doubt use the Mount command.08:00
Dr_Willisbribroder:  it might be able to. the printer showed up as like 5 different 'things' in the CUPS scans.. smb, ipp, and a few others.08:01
kickingintenderabhi_nav do u think can i mount other types of images also with that tool08:01
zeffire_s can someone please tell me what is the "source code" option on the "ubuntu software" tab at the "software source" ?08:01
Dr_Willisbribroder:  right now its using --> dnssd://Brother%20HL-2170W%20series._printer._tcp.local/          whatever dnssd: is08:01
abhi_navkickingintender, give it a try. see its discriptin in ufs08:02
Dr_Williszeffire_s:  that enables the 'source' repoositories. if you ever need them. Most people dont08:02
bribroderDr_Willis, my brother is slightly better behaved with IPP, but similarly slow08:02
Dr_Williszeffire_s:  if you ever want to do development, or compile stuff/recompile packages08:02
zeffire_sDr_Willis: i will unchecked it. i dont want the source code of the softwares..08:02
abhi_navzeffire_s, it is used to tell the ubuntu if user wants to download the source of repsective software or not? if not selected it will only download program if selected it wll also donwload its source code. source code is the tihng used to compile and install program. in short its the code08:02
Dr_Williszeffire_s:  it dosent install the code till you ask for it. but removing it will gain a little speed on updates08:03
inertialin ubuntu netbook edition how do i change the command line of shortcuts on the 'desktop'? i  need to add an extra argument to one08:03
brunsgenusDoes anyone know where I could find an irc with programmers in it? I need to find one to pay to do some website work.08:03
zeffire_sDr_Willis abhi_nav: ok thank you!08:03
Dr_Willisbribroder:  i will try that. So far this slowness is the ionly issue ive had with that printer08:03
macobrunsgenus: well thats offtopic for here, but maybe in #ubuntu-offtopic ?08:03
abhi_navzeffire_s, welcome. :)08:03
prince_jammysbrunsgenus: there is ##programming08:03
linux_is_my_heroI'm having trouble playing dvd's08:04
linux_is_my_heroits saying it cannot read from specific resource08:04
linux_is_my_heroits not my drive, and its not my dvd...i have a fresh install of ubuntu08:04
Motilonhello evry1. I suffered a power outage while upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04. Now, I cant boot with ubuntu (I did once though). Tryin to reinstall, Im asked which  file system i want for that partition. Which one should I select? TIA08:04
abhi_nav!dvd | linux_is_my_hero08:04
ubottulinux_is_my_hero: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:04
abhi_navlinux_is_my_hero, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs08:05
=== DaZ is now known as Guest64050
Motilonhello evry1. I suffered a power outage while upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04. Now, I cant boot with ubuntu (I did once though). Tryin to reinstall, Im asked which  file system i want for that partition. Which one should I select? TIA08:07
abhi_navMotilon, file system? for lucid? select ext408:08
abhi_navkickingintender, you will get its info in ubuntu software center (USF)08:08
abhi_navkickingintender, click on more info button08:08
kickingintenderso is it available in software center08:08
Motilonabhi_nav: ok, thx08:09
naftilos76hi, is there an app in ubuntu that lets me edit boot options like which kernel to use etc?08:11
kickingintendernaftilos76 no08:11
Dr_Willisnaftilos76:  theres limited gui tools for that task. theres the grub2 configs you can edit via a text editor to change most anything. Once you learn how08:11
prince_jammysan editor, and /etc/default/grub08:11
WXZis there anyway to organize files without actually changing their physical location and name?08:11
WXZlike a little virtual drawer which you can hover over?08:12
naftilos76prince_jammys: i know that! just thought that there would be something else! thnks anyway...\08:12
prince_jammysnaftilos76: i know you know that. i wasn't being entirely serious08:12
bribroderWXZ what do you want to do? how do you want to 'virtually' organize them?08:12
WXZwell a little drawer that I can "hover" over08:13
kickingintenderbrasero says some plugins are missing how 2 install them08:13
WXZand it pops out all the files I put in there would be nice08:13
WXZor atleast some kind of box on my desktop, everything within the box is part of group A or something08:13
WXZI was (will?) actually go as far as redrawing the desktop background08:14
WXZbut I thought I'd come here before I do something stupid08:14
naftilos76prince_jammys: my wireless microsoft keyboard ver 1.1 does not work when i get the menu to select kernel but it works if i select to get into the BIOS. have you got any idea what is causing that? is there an option in /etc/default/grub?08:14
bribroderWXZ, so like... shortcuts to files? in a folder on your desktop?08:14
WXZmmm... that doesn't really work08:15
Dr_Willisnaftilos76:  Ive had some machines where USB keyboards dont work in the GRUB menus. but do in BIOS. Theres a 'legacy' usb option in bios that MIGHT make them work in the grub menus.08:15
WXZunless I name all the shortcuts with a special prefix08:15
WXZso I know they're all part of the same group :s08:15
Dr_WillisWXZ:  with soft links. you can organize all sorts of things.. but that may get complex08:16
bribroderWXZ, use folders within folders to create groups08:16
WXZI don't want to use folders though, that's the point08:16
naftilos76Dr_Willis: ok thanks! I ve got that disabled! I'll try enabling it! thanks08:16
WXZchanging the physical location of the files = a no no08:16
naftilos76see you in a min...08:16
bribroderWXZ, if you make shortcuts also known as soft links or symbolic links, you can use folders without actually moving the original file08:17
bribrodercan someone trigger that thing that tells you to address people you're talking to so it's not lost in the chatter?08:17
WXZso have a folder of "soft links" is what you're saying08:17
prince_jammys!who | bribroder08:18
ubottubribroder: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:18
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:18
reya2276How can I get rhythembox to detect my ipof touch with IOS4?08:18
WXZwell alright, not exactly what I was hoping for08:18
WXZbut thanks08:18
prince_jammysWXZ: there's likely an applet/app/gizmo that does what you want08:18
bribroderWXZ, you could try Avant Window Navigator08:18
prince_jammyscheck out the apps that come with gnome's panel08:19
WXZall the add-to ones08:19
WXZI'll do it, but I don't think there are none (atleast in the standard ones, maybe I could d/l some though)08:20
frumiousWho would win in a fight, #ubuntu's bots or #debian's?08:20
prince_jammysdpkg is a serious contender.08:21
bribroderwxz, check out AWN08:21
WXZyeah, I'm dling it now08:21
bribroderyou can put folders in a dock-like thing and they pop up with their contents08:21
bribroderWXZ, still need to put the links in the folder, though, AFAIK08:22
WXZI know08:22
WXZyou have any idea how to do the folder thing though?08:22
bribroderso you have a file you want to put in the folder08:25
bribroderright click, make link08:25
bribroderdrag to folder08:25
WXZyeah, I know08:25
WXZI'm talking about the avant thing, where you can put that folder on the navbar08:25
WXZand make it pop up08:25
abhi_navWXZ, i use cairo dock08:25
robertzaccourwhen will youtube make ogv compatible?08:26
bribroderWXZ, http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2007/09/avant-window-navigator-gets-blingtastic-new-applets.ars08:26
abhi_navWXZ, http://linuxowns.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/the-best-and-worst-docks-for-ubuntu/08:26
prince_jammysbattle of the long-ass URLs08:26
kickingintenderthey are not bling thing IMHO08:27
WXZI'll go look for the stacks applet then brib08:27
kickingintenderprince_jammys watch ur languages08:28
prince_jammysi shall08:28
robertzaccouris there a desktop recorder that records in avi?08:28
prince_jammysu should watch ur english, too.08:28
prince_jammys2, rather.08:28
WXZthat's almost exactly what I'm looking for bribroder08:28
kickingintenderiam quiet lucky that i can talk in english08:28
prince_jammysaren't we all08:29
bribroderWXZ, glad to help08:29
abhi_navprince_jammys, istunbul08:29
bribroderAnyone know if you can force the minimal install to use another source besides the archive mirrors?08:30
Dr_WillisYea - my printer is printing faster now. :) The Forums are so handy08:30
bribroderDr_Willis, what was the fix?08:30
DanDareI wont gdm at Ubuntu start. I can just delete /etc/init/gdm.conf ?08:31
DanDare*I dont want08:31
bribroderDanDare, sudo apt-get remove gdm08:31
DanDareoh yeah thanks08:31
prince_jammysDanDare: sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove08:32
Dr_Willisbribroder:   chaged the uri, and the driver to  the generic plc5 simplied driver. :) let me find the url i used08:32
Dr_Willisbribroder:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1461480&highlight=brother+printer+slow08:32
prince_jammysDanDare: or, yeah, uninstall it if that's what you want.08:32
bribroderprince is more correct08:32
DanDareyes sounds just perfect08:32
Dr_Willisbribroder:  next to the last post on the page.. scroll WAY down. :)08:32
bribroderDr_Willis, thanks... I'll give this a shot tomorrow morning, see if I kick it into gear08:33
MinusSevenWhat's the correct way to delete entries from the grub bootup menu?08:34
udssr_shortyhi! do you know when the firefox 3.6 update for karmic will be available??? i thought this would happen shortly after 3.6.4 is released...08:34
bribroderudssr_shorty, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-firefox-3-6-in-ubuntu-karmicjauntyintrepidhardy.html08:35
Dr_Willisbribroder:  yea. I bookmarked that url. and added a comment for my exact printer. Hope it gets fixed in the next release. Ive not seen any lost functionality from using the generic drivers.08:36
Dr_Willisudssr_shorty:  i had some firefox update today. but I have a lot of extra ppa's enabled.08:37
Dr_Willisudssr_shorty:  useing 3.6.6 right now.08:37
Dr_Willisso it may get ported to the older releases real soon.08:37
udssr_shortybribroder, Dr_Willis , thanks08:38
mneptok*if* you have the backports repo enabled08:38
denonve t08:38
Dr_Willismneptok:  aha. yea. Frogot about that.08:39
Dr_Willisudssr_shorty:  so be sure to enable the Backports repository08:39
udssr_shortyDr_Willis, ok thanks i will check08:39
mikeXyis it the same code for all pc hardwares to show speed of fans , temperatures of cpu ,hdd, gpu, motherboard ?08:39
Dr_WillismikeXy:  that sort of info is often very very different from one  PC maker/mb/ to another. it can cause a lot of problems08:40
mattwj2002hi guys.....I have a question how long would it take to convert a 2 TB hard from ext3 to ntfs using a gparted live CD....I know I am off topic a bit08:41
mattwj2002any ideas?08:41
Dr_WillisIm am not even sure gparted can Convert from ext3 to NTFS.08:42
mattwj2002I think it can08:42
mattwj2002any guesses if it can?08:42
mattwj2002time guesses I mean08:42
Dr_Willismattwj2002:  try it and see. i dont think it can.08:42
Dr_Willisit would depend on how full the HD is. :)08:43
Dr_Willisand i would say a few hrs.. to be safe08:43
chalcednymy husband tried to upgrade his ubuntu to 10.04, it's erroring and won't finish the bootup. Verifying DMI Pool Data --- GRUB loading stage 5, GRUB loading, please wait.. and freezes.08:43
=== VZCB is now known as Princekid
chalcednyi apologize for needing help - we probably did this before, a few years ago, but I don't have a good memory08:44
mattwj2002it has complete ntfs abilities08:45
KnightStalkerHow to make backups from Ubuntu?08:45
bribroderchalcedny, it's no problem, everyone here is a volunteer, not a slave08:45
hiexpoupgrade from one distro  to another = train wreck08:45
ShadowFoxBiHoh anyone know a quick way to install beryl on 10.04/08:45
u_pilli am using ubuntu 10.04. i write to dns adres textbox this :,,, . now it is looking first to google dns and if it fails it looks for opendns ? is that true ?08:46
bribroderchalcedny, I agree with hiexpo... if possible, backup your data and reformat the machine08:46
chalcednybribroder, thank you, i do volunteer on another nwtwork and here.. but i hate being stupid.08:46
LSD|NinjaShadowFoxBiH: bereyl's been deprecated for quite some time now, everything's been rolled into compiz-fusion (which is installed by default and activated automatically on compatible hardware on Ubuntu) now08:46
bribroderchalcedny, upgrading can be a tremendous hassle, and a fresh install takes about 20 minutes depending on hard drive size08:46
ShadowFoxBiHhmm what hardware is required for compiz?08:47
bribroderu_pill, that's correct08:47
chalcednybribroder, he didn't do backups and has things we can't lose08:47
mattwj2002yeah I just installed ubuntu today08:47
u_pillbribroder ok. thanks!08:47
chalcednyi could scream08:47
mattwj2002it was really  fast!08:47
Dr_WillisShadowFoxBiH:  hardware withs upported 3d drivers.08:47
mattwj200210.04 is great!08:47
bribroderchalcedny, you have a live cd, right? no external backup drive?08:47
ShadowFoxBiHok so does that include integrated graphics or no?08:47
Dr_WillisShadowFoxBiH:  totally depends on the chipset.08:48
LSD|NinjaShadowFoxBiH: depends on the chipset08:48
Dr_Willisthe fact they are Integerated - dosent matter08:48
ShadowFoxBiHok well I have a newer chipset08:48
ShadowFoxBiHinte mobile 4 chipset08:48
hiexpochalcedny,  not knowing is notdefxined as stupid /// stupid is answering a ?  you don't know the answer to08:48
LSD|NinjaShadowFoxBiH: Intel 915 an up support it, SiS don't as near as I can tell and I have no clue about VIA08:48
hiexpo^ not defined08:49
ShadowFoxBiHwell mine is newer than the 915 chipset08:49
Dr_WillisShadowFoxBiH:  try enabling compiz and play with the effects.. see if they work08:49
ShadowFoxBiHhow do you enable it?08:50
LSD|NinjaShadowFoxBiH: easiest way to check is to go into System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects and see if it's set to either "Normal" or "Extra" and if not, try selecting one. You'll be told one way or the other if they work or not08:50
ShadowFoxBiHi have extra on08:50
ShadowFoxBiHno issues08:50
Dr_WillisShadowFoxBiH:  then its working.. :)08:50
Dr_WillisShadowFoxBiH:  hold down the windows key and move the mouse wheel08:50
Loshkimattwj2002: are you still there?08:50
mattwj2002yeah I am here08:50
Dr_Willisthats the 'zoom' feature my wife loves08:50
ShadowFoxBiHlol its nice08:51
hiexpoalsoneed simple ccsm08:51
mattwj2002what is up?08:51
Dr_Willis!manual | ShadowFoxBiH08:51
ubottuShadowFoxBiH: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:51
ShadowFoxBiHI am used to fedora but ubuntu is not exactly the same08:51
Loshkimattwj2002: I wouldn't take that 'complete ntfs capabilities' too seriously. Unless it's changed recently, ubuntu's ntfs implementation still lacked some key features e.g. a full filesystem check capability. And I'm with Dr_Willis about converting from ext3 to ntfs -- I don't recall anyone ever doing that via gparted before...08:52
hiexpoShadowFoxBiH,  get simple ccsm also me be on there already not sure but with it you can do even more neat stuff08:53
mattwj2002I'll let you know in about 20 minutes08:53
mattwj2002I thought I did it before08:53
mattwj2002I just couldn't remember for sure08:53
Loshkimattwj2002: I definitely believe that you could create an ntfs partition and copy the contents of an ext3 partition to it, but an in-place conversion sounds unlikely, to be honest...08:54
ShadowFoxBiHis there really a rain feature?08:54
delete_wi am using ubuntu 10.04. from live cd conky and "system monitor" shows that i am not using swap space(ok for that). but when i install it on hdd conky and "system monitor" shows that i am using 1 gb swap space. but i am sure that i have not make a swap space on installation. i re-installed ubuntu again but the problem not solved. my hardware is good : i have 2gb ddr2 ram, intel with 4 cpu. normally i have never use up on 1 gb ram. so why ubuntu uses swap spa08:54
hiexpodelete_w, you need swap08:54
delete_whiexpo: no i dont need.08:55
Dr_WillisShadowFoxBiH:  compiz has so many useless eyecandy effects..its scary08:55
ShadowFoxBiHlol well time to find out how many there actually are08:55
bribroderdelete_w, did you let ubuntu automatically partition the hard drives during the install?08:55
delete_whiexpo: i normally always have at least 1 gb free on my ram.08:55
delete_wbribroder: no. i did manually.08:55
delete_wbribroder:  i look for gparted for a swap space but there is no a swap space.08:56
LoshkiDr_Willis: useful eyecandy. Interesting concept....08:56
SwedeMikedelete_w: linux will generally swap out unused memory so it can have a more effective disk cache, you can google for "swappiness" if you want to change this behaviour.08:56
zusdones one need to sign up and register with hulu b4 downloading hulu desktop for linux? or no?08:56
Dr_WillisYou really Do want at least a small swap partition. That can save your backside if somthign goes berzerk and starts grabing all the ram. I also recall some benchmarks ages ago (out of date? now) that showed even if not used. some how you did benifit from having a small swap parittion.08:56
bribroderdelete_w, type free-m and pastebin the output08:56
bribrodersorry, free -m08:56
delete_w bribroder: free-m: command not found08:57
hiexpofree -m08:57
SwedeMikedelete_w: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq08:58
delete_wbribroder http://textsnip.com/777a8308:58
halvorsI have set Some startup programs by the "Setting Programs to Start Automatically When You Log In" in the Startup programs dialog. But how remove them again?08:59
halvorsAlso dont start up last session...08:59
bribroderwow, I guess you have swap... does it show up in fdisk?09:00
SwedeMike!hi | techproman09:00
ubottutechproman: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:00
techpromanwhats up?09:00
MeekroSo I installed the Intel i7 980X CPU (3.33 gHz, 6 cores with hyperthreading) on my server, but /proc/cpuinfo is reporting each of 12 cores at only 1600mHz. That doesn't seem right09:00
zamnedixanyone know if theres a window manager out there that supports windows that rotate or change shape?09:00
SwedeMikeMeekro: it'll clock down the CPUs when they're not used to save power.09:01
halvorsAnyone kan help me?09:01
techpromanWith what?09:01
MeekroSwedeMike: but it's still aware of their full potential when they're needed? is there any way I can clock them up to convince myself of that?09:01
halvors have set Some startup programs by the "Setting Programs to Start Automatically When You Log In" in the Startup programs dialog. But how remove them again? Also dont start up last session...09:01
halvorsWith this....09:01
SwedeMikeMeekro: do something that'll keep them busy and check. play a media file or something09:02
dugger5688Meekro: CPUs are scaled down. With a CPU that fast it will rarely go very high.09:02
LoshkiMeekro: isn't there some kind of benchmark you can run?09:02
MeekroLoshki: if you know of a good CPU benchmarking tool, I'd love to give it a shot09:03
Dr_Williszamnedix:  there was one called 'metisse' (i think thats spelt right) that had all sorts of weird effects like that. Compiz has Some features like that. but it depends on wha tyou need.09:03
Dr_Williszamnedix:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metisse09:04
LoshkiMeekro: I see a bunch of hits when I google "ubuntu cpu benchmark". Poke around those a bit...09:04
Dr_WillisMetisse video --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxsUKX6xXyE09:04
KnightStalkerAny applications to backup Ubuntu?09:04
halvorstheckmroman: Do cant help me?09:05
Loshki!backup | KnightStalker09:05
xtheunknown0I can't login!09:05
bribroderwhat happened to that delete_w dude09:05
ubottuKnightStalker: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:05
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:05
halvors teckproman: Do cant help me?09:05
Dr_Williszamnedix:  if you really want ty try it -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149096009:05
SwedeMikehalvors: stop doing that.09:05
sylonhmm xscreensaver is coming on even if i select the "disable screensaver" option in VLC, is this cause it only works with gnome-screensaver or something?09:05
KnightStalkerhmm I actually want to clone ALL of my Ubuntu09:05
zamnedixThanks Dr_Willis09:06
SwedeMikehalvors: ask your question once every 30 minutes or so until someone answers, don't harass people.09:06
halvorsSwedeMike: Stop doing what?09:06
xtheunknown0Can someone please help me with my login problems?09:06
guest2has anybody booted lucid with ati 5770 gfx? i upgraded linux-firmware from lucid-proposed repos and installed driver from ati website... but the display still goes to sleep on boot09:06
SwedeMike!details | xtheunknown009:06
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning09:06
ubottuxtheunknown0: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:06
halvorsI only mean that is bad that you can do some Options but not get it back to default....09:07
bribroderhalvors, open the CLI and go to ~/.config/autostart09:07
LoshkiKnightStalker: Ironically, that isn't what ubottu calls cloning. You want to look for 'bare metal backup' or some such...09:07
oCean_xtheunknown0: describe your issue (detailed) to the channel (try to keep it in one single line)09:07
halvorsI should do it in GUI09:07
delete_wbribroder: what you mean what happened ?09:07
xtheunknown0@ubottu: I enter my password, it's the right password, the screen flashes like I'm about to log onto Lucid, but then it goes back to the login screen.09:07
Dr_Willisxtheunknown0:  ubottu  is a bot. :) ie: a program.09:08
delete_wbribroder: i have not make any swap space. so which space using ubuntu now ?09:08
bribroderdelete_w, does your mysterious swap space show up in fdisk?09:08
Dr_Willisxtheunknown0:  try making a new user. see if they can login.09:08
SwedeMikedelete_w: did you even read the swap FAQ page I pasted to you?09:08
bribroderhalvors, CLI = command line interface09:08
codebrainzxtheunknown0, also try "failsafe" option in the login window09:08
xtheunknown0How do I make a new user using the command line?09:08
Dr_Willisxtheunknown0:  sudo adduser billgates, then  sudo passwd billgates09:09
halvorsbribroder: And then?09:09
delete_wSwedeMike: i have already read it. many time. i just found to kill command to use swap space. but this is just a temp solution.09:09
halvorsBut its bad it is no GUI, it do Ubuntu useless for normal users...09:09
bribroderhalvors, delete the items from the autostart folder you don't wish to start anymore09:09
delete_wbribroder no. ithere is no a space 1 gb on my all hdd.09:09
SwedeMikedelete_w: look in /etc/fstab, there will be a line regarding swap there.09:09
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot09:09
halvorsIs does not list up anymore...09:10
nowimproveduh I always forget09:10
MadRobotHi all. It seems I have the following apt authentication issue. I'm really not sure how to fix it: http://pastebin.com/EecBqL4909:10
nowimprovedhow to I switch to gnome09:10
MadRobotAnd help please?09:10
Dr_WillisI dont even have an Autostart folder that i can find. :)09:10
bribroderhalvors, then get dirty and get in the CLI. the sooner you start, the sooner you master it09:10
nowimprovedfrom fluxbox, back to the default setup that is09:10
corecodesomehow my /dev/shm is not created with go+w09:10
corecodewhere can i set this?09:10
Dr_Willisnowimproved:  at the login screen. menu item at bottom.09:10
corecodechromium needs this to run09:10
KnightStalkerLoshki: where can I find a bare metal backup software?09:10
delete_wSwedeMike: no any swap work on fstab file.09:10
nowimprovedDr_Willis, I don't have that, I have to move a file..09:10
bribroderdelete_w, pastebin your fstab?09:11
halvorsbribroder: If it is not possible i will go to reinstall my computer, and switch to Window (Much better)...09:11
xtheunknown0No, billgates can't log on either09:11
Dr_Willisnowimproved: You are logging in via the console and using startx ?09:11
delete_wbribroder http://textsnip.com/4eca6509:11
Dr_Willisnowimproved:  the .Xsession and .xinitrc files are normally used by startx09:11
oCean_delete_w: the command "swapon -s" should show you which partition(s) and/or files are used as swapdevices09:12
nowimprovedDr_Willis, oh yes09:12
LoshkiKnightStalker: check out http://www.mondorescue.org/about.shtml09:12
codebrainzxtheunknown0, did you try the "failsafe" option in the login window?09:12
delete_woCean_: FilenameTypeSizeUsedPriority09:12
delete_w/dev/ramzswap0                          partition1030232010009:12
delete_w 09:12
bribroderhalvors, if you're giving up you can /leave09:12
xtheunknown0I was sudo apt-get "removing" lots of the things beginning with evolution; I think I might have removed sth like acpi, I just used a lot of tabbing09:12
MadRobotHow do I fix an apt authentication problem?09:12
xtheunknown0How do I try failsafe?09:12
halvorsbribroder: I want to do it with GUI not CLI09:13
codebrainzxtheunknown0, it's in the session drop down box iirc09:13
SwedeMikedelete_w: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=726874109:13
arunkumar413i'm trying to build NM tried to install by typing ./configure got this output http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/JA1TfjaP09:13
bribroderhalvors, your GUI is clearly not working. you need to try something else.09:13
xtheunknown0I don't understand codebrainz09:13
codebrainzKnightStalker, if you just want a bit for bit backup, you can use dd or one of it's descendants.09:14
halvorsbribroder: It's bad it not are possible to use Ubuntu for normal user. You need to be a programmer to use it?09:14
codebrainzxtheunknown0, where you type your username/password, there should be a drop down box for session, and in there, there should be a "safe" option or some such09:14
bribroderhalvors, maybe you're not a normal user09:15
xtheunknown0Ah - I must have sudo apt-get removed it because I only have Language and Keyboard !!! :o09:15
bribroderhalvors, maybe you should take the advice offered to you09:15
ShadowFoxBiHlol halvors what in the world are you talking about09:15
ShadowFoxBiHprogramming yeah right09:15
corecodewhere do i find the mdadm-raid upstat script?09:15
ShadowFoxBiHdo you even know how to program your vcr son ?09:15
bribroderlol i'm a political science student... if I can figure out how to delete the crap from my autostart, you can do it too09:16
halvorsI ask, whay is Ubuntu not avaliable to use without useing the terminal?09:16
bribroder /ignore09:16
ShadowFoxBiHbecause halvors you are not using windows09:16
codebrainzxtheunknown0, i don't use gdm, but i think it's a different drop down box than that09:16
halvorsI have never used Windows before, how is it?09:17
oCean_!ot | halvors09:17
ubottuhalvors: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:17
guest2it's an excellent workstation os09:17
Loshkimattwj2002: your 20 minutes is about up. Do you have anything to report?09:17
KnightStalkerand a terrible client09:17
delete_wSwedeMike: OK. i try it. i have to restart to see. if the problem still i will come back. thank you!09:17
* Dr_Willis missed the memo on when we 'had to limit ourselfs to the gui'09:17
guest2so.. nobody has lucid working with 5770?09:17
ShadowFoxBiHi have lucid working with 597009:18
mattwj20025 or 10 more09:18
bribroder!manual | Dr_Willis09:18
guest2how did you get it to boot?09:18
ShadowFoxBiHjust seems to be a bit sluggish09:18
ubottuDr_Willis: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:18
Dr_Willisbribroder:  I helped edit that during beta. :)09:18
guest2my display goes into sleep mode whenever I start X..09:18
halvorsShadowFoxBiH: Maybe one reason to people not use Linux ;)09:18
xtheunknown0codebrainz there are no other clickable items on my login screen09:18
bribroderDr_Willis, does it explain how to firefox??09:18
Dr_WillisNow we have all totally frogotten halvors  actual problem.09:18
guest2I installed official ati drivers, fglrx.. nothing works09:19
Dr_Willisbribroder:  not sure. ive not really looked at the other changes since early beta.09:19
codebrainzxtheunknown0, i'm pretty sure there is, make sure your username is selected, and i think it's along the bottom09:19
Loshkimattwj2002: the suspense is killing me....09:19
Dr_Willisbribroder:  i did print it out at work and gave a few copies to people. :)09:19
DocPlatypusokay, my filesystem just got corrupted and I lost the preferences and administration menus in GNOME. what do I need to reinstall to get them back?09:20
arunkumar413help me friends09:20
lindsaymobil22I know this is offtopic but no one is on the ubuntu offtopics or mint offtopics, so, has anyone tried manhattan os beta 1? its based on ubuntu09:20
guest2there's dozens of confirmed cases on launchpad, and the only official response was a new linux-firmware package in lucid-proposed which doesn't work09:21
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  theres always #linux channel09:21
bribroderlindsaymobil22, looks interesting! i may check it out09:21
lindsaymobil22thanx dr_willis09:22
lindsaymobil22Dr-Willis what server does it use09:22
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  i find most ubuntu variants are not really worth messing with. :)09:22
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  Hmm? #linux channel is here on freenode..09:22
bribroderguest2, did you try the Hardware Drivers application? it's usually pretty good with ATI drivers09:22
lindsaymobil22thank you09:22
ShadowFoxBiHyeah i got my 5970 to work with a new set of drivers09:22
xtheunknown0@codebrainz - Well it isn't - it's just language and keyboard - not that different to http://images.pcworld.com/howto/graphics/158059-Ubuntu-18-Login-Screen_copy_350.jpg after clicking on username09:22
Loshkilindsaymobil22: just what the world needed. Another linux distro....09:22
guest2bribroder, i'm 100% unable to use/start X09:23
Dr_WillisLoshki:  but it has prettier thmes and artwork!09:23
bribroderoh, balls09:23
codebrainzxtheunknown0, in that version, you would use the "Select Session..." option in the menu, but i think the new version is a bit different09:23
dugger5688You guys should remember that when Ubuntu was forked people probably said over in #debian, "oh great another crappy off-shoot"09:23
guest2ShadowFoxBiH, from ati website?09:23
alsayedI'm printing from XP to Ubuntu printer but it's not working. It was working before. now I can't find it in the share but I can see a shared file09:24
ShadowFoxBiHgood luck getting drivers from there that work09:24
guest2where did you get yours from?09:24
ShadowFoxBiHlet me find the link09:25
mattwj2002I have the results09:25
Loshkimattwj2002: tell us...09:25
xtheunknown0Can someone tell me how to try log in using failsafe mode in 10.04?09:25
mattwj2002you can't convert09:25
bribroderguest2, can you try startx in TTY 9 10 11 or 12?09:25
bribroderxtheunknown0, hold shift during boot09:25
guest2i don't have tty 9 10 11 or 1209:25
ShadowFoxBiHguest2 try the drivers form the ati website seems they got new ones09:25
chalcedonythe ubuntu page says not to get 64 bit for regular desktop use? the chip i have is an amd 64, should i just not get it?09:25
mattwj2002luckily I'll have a bunch of free space09:26
mattwj2002so I can resize, move, etc09:26
bribroderchalcedony, I've used 64bit on AMDs and Intels in my home desktop, it seems great to me09:26
mattwj2002it will take a while though09:26
Loshkimattwj2002: remind me why you wanted to go from ext3 to ntfs in the first place?09:27
bribroderxtheunknown0, and when grub shows up select recovery mode09:27
arunkumar413what does this mean  configure: error: wireless-tools library and development headers >= 28pre9 not installed or not functional09:27
codebrainzxtheunknown0, for example, this: http://ubuntu-pics.de/bild/20128/gdm_screenshot_buzQpR.png  do you see the Sessions drop down?09:27
chalcedonyi have 64 bit on my desktop now, but it's 9.0409:27
bribroderchalcedny, can you backup to an external?09:27
oCean_arunkumar413: that means something is not installed right?09:27
xtheunknown0@codebrainz: no09:27
codebrainzxtheunknown0, or with the default theme: http://www.debianadmin.com/wp-content/gallery/1004/1.png09:27
arunkumar413oCean_: but it is installed09:27
mattwj2002I have a dual boot Ubuntu and Windows09:27
oCean_arunkumar413: ?09:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:28
Dr_Willischalcedony:  the site is a little old and over-consertive I use 64bit whenever i can.  How much ram do you have?09:28
mattwj2002I want access in both operating systems09:28
arunkumar413oCean_: i'm trying to build nm from source09:28
xtheunknown0codebrainz: no again09:28
mattwj2002Loshki: you still here?09:28
=== Nijverheid is now known as Guest43521
codebrainzxtheunknown0, i suppose it's possible you delete gnome.  you could try to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop package and have it dragged back in09:28
mattwj2002dang netsplit09:28
chalcedonyi don't know what's on the box i'm building, the issue is that the box can't see the new onboard lan card with 8.04 - needs the upgrade - 1 gig ram - it's not for gaming it's for storage mostly09:29
oCean_arunkumar413: yes, and...?09:29
=== Me is now known as Guest13091
xtheunknown0I've got the first two (language and keyboard) but like I said, I lost session.09:29
arunkumar413when i tried to configure i got that error09:29
Dr_Willischalcedony:  if you have 4gb+ ram - then you will want to go with 64bit - for a fileserver. It proberly wont matter.09:29
oCean_arunkumar413: install what it asks for.09:30
Dr_Willischalcedony:  theres very few reasons to not use 64bit these days09:30
codebrainzxtheunknown0, other than reinstalling gnome (as above), I'm not sure what else you could do.09:30
mattwj2002qpt what the heck?09:30
chalcedonyDr_Willis, ok ty09:30
arunkumar413oCean_: ya tried,it says the version is already the newest.see this  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/JA1TfjaP09:30
bribroderwhy is complaining about raping women and calling us fags?09:31
oCean_bribroder: just ignore please09:31
chalcedonybribroder, ignore it it's someone teasing09:31
bribroderstruck me as ironic :)09:31
codebrainzbribroder, his mom wouldn't give him his allowance09:31
quietonelucid is really slow, 5 seconds for most mouse clicks to respond but same hardware works great in gNewSense. Where do I start looking to 'fix' this?09:31
xtheunknown0Alright then: I sudo iwlist wlan0 scan in CLI, then iwconfig, then dhclient but I can't sudo apt-get anything09:31
geohackercould someone help me as I'm not able to send files from my old nokia 6600 via bluetooth to my lucid box.09:31
mattwj2002I have found that vnc is really slow with lucid09:32
mattwj2002unusedly slow09:32
oCean_arunkumar413: ok, you're close, but missing the point :) It says it is missing the wirelesstools development files. Not wireless tools itself09:32
oCean_arunkumar413: wait, let me see which package it is09:32
arunkumar413oCean_: how to proceed09:32
guest2doesn't even boot on 6-12 month old ati cards ;(09:32
damian_-_should lamp be in the repos? what package should i be searching for09:33
dugger5688Ummm... probably Apache and MySQL09:33
Dr_Willis!lamp | damian_-_09:33
ubottudamian_-_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:33
guest2lighttpd & postgresql09:34
oCean_arunkumar413: I think I found the package, but let me show you: Go to http://packages.ubuntu.com, enter "wireless development" in searchbox, tick the descriptions and it'll show up with relevant packages09:34
quietonemattwj2002, not using vnc09:34
guest2hrm, after reinstalling ati drivers.. 'X' in recovery console now open a blank screen.. but booting ubuntu still causes monitor to go into standby :(09:34
oCean_arunkumar413: my guess is you need package "libiw-dev"09:35
geohackeri'm not able send/receive files from my nokia 6600 in ubuntu lucid. using bluez. any clue?09:35
gryllidaWhat application do you recommend me to open / convert .chm (MS HTML Help) files? There are several of them in the Software Center (xCHM, E-book reader, CHM Viewer, ChmSee) -- how do I choose?09:36
Dr_Willisgryllida:  try one.. if you dont like it.. try another.09:36
guest2so, how do i tell what is causing the sleeping monitor issue09:36
bribroderguest2, does this happen right after a fresh install?09:37
guest2yes, lucid has no support for 6-12 month old ati cards09:37
geohackerplease help me with the bluetooth09:37
guest2had to use text-based installer..09:37
codebrainzgryllida, i've used chmsee, it works fine for opening09:38
dugger5688guest2: which card?09:38
guest2doesn't even drop back to low-resolution vesa..09:38
bribroderguest2, :\ I have a Radeon 4850, works perfectly09:38
guest2but that's 12+ months old09:38
bribroderso specifically that period09:38
arunkumar413oCean_: sorry my network is slow09:39
Jordan_Uguest2: Hold shift during boot and choose the recovery mode option. Then choose the root shell with networking option and run "sudo jockey-text" to install the proprietary ATI drivers.09:39
gryllidacodebrainz, Dr_Willis, Why are there several of them in first place?09:39
guest2i'm in recovery mode, I intalled the ati drivers09:40
codebrainzgryllida, choice09:40
guest2the monitor still goes into standby on boot09:40
Jordan_Uguest2: How did you install them?09:40
guest2 ./ati-driver-intaller*09:41
guest2installed xorg 7.5 driver for debian-style distro..09:41
guest2then i ran ati-config --initial to create the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file..09:41
Jordan_Uguest2: It's best to use the packaged drivers.09:41
dugger5688Boy am I glad I DON'T have ATI :-D09:41
arunkumar413oCean_: its asking for dbus09:42
dugger5688But yes, Jordan_U is correct.09:42
bribroderguest2, have you tried booting with the nomodeset option?09:42
arunkumar413oCean_: No package 'dbus-1' found09:42
arunkumar413No package 'dbus-glib-1' found09:42
Dr_Willisgryllida:  why should there only be 1 :)09:42
guest2bribroder, via cd or hdd?09:43
geohackerplease help with the bluetooth.09:43
Dr_Willisgryllida:  xchm is prioberly using the original/minimal X libs. Others are proberly designed with different goals. and are not as old.09:43
Jordan_Uguest2: In fact, I'm not sure if ATI's installer disables KMS, which is not compatible witht the proprietary drivers.09:43
simargeohacker, whats the matter09:43
geohackersimar: just that I cannot send/recieve files from my nokia 6600 old one09:43
geohackersimar: using bluez.09:44
bribroderguest2, hdd... add it to grub and update-grub09:44
simargeohacker, geohacker which ubutnu version are you using?09:44
guest2jordan_u, so i'd need to remove those? any idea what they are called?09:44
geohackersimar: im on lucid.09:44
techpromanWhat good things can you do on ubuntu>09:45
bribroderguest2, more specifically, edit /etc/default/grub and add nomodeset to the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="09:45
techpromancause I have it as my main machine09:45
bribroderguest2, then update-grub09:45
oCean_arunkumar413: If you insist on rebuilding/compiling it yourself, restart your search at packages.ubuntu.com, and find all dependencies you need. Could be lots of work, that is why we recommend to use packages from the repositories09:45
simargeohacker, whats the error message?09:45
Dr_Willistechproman:  its a computer operationg system.. it does whatever other Computer/OS can do.. basically anything.09:45
bribrodertechproman, investigate to discover09:45
Dr_Willis!manual | techproman09:45
ubottutechproman: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:45
geohackersimar: when i click bluetooth dun, it says, connection failed. Service not supported. but I had used it in other windows boxes.09:45
geohackersimar: and also not able to send files, says unable to connect even though its on and discoverable.09:46
appi_uppiHi, Are there any known issues after upgrading ubuntu 9.04 to 10.04 version?09:46
Dr_Willisgeohacker:  the other day -i had to use teh phone to pair with the PC befor i could use the 2 together.. if i tried to use the PC to pair with the Phone. it dident work right.09:46
Jordan_Uguest2: First remove the drivers installed by ATI's installer, and the Xorg.conf that it created. Then run "jockey-text" to install and configure the packaged drivers.09:46
Dr_Willisappi_uppi:  theres some issues with video cards/drivers and wireless.09:46
Dr_Willisappi_uppi:  but it all depends on yoru exact setup09:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:47
guest2bribroder, that didn't work ;(09:47
geohackersimar: so ? what do you suggest me to do?09:47
bribroderguest2, you followed up with update-grub, yes?09:48
appi_uppiDr_Willis, Oh ok, then will try to install the fresh one.09:48
guest2monitor still goes into "no signal" 5 seconds after booting09:48
appi_uppiDr_Willis, thanks for your info09:48
simargeohacker, try to pair from the phone. Sometimes the connection request from the pc may be of some other format like using some fixed keys etc...09:48
geohackersimar: tried. but still i cannot use the bluetooth DUN nor send files09:49
guest2Jordan_U, won't that put it into the initial state?09:49
simargeohacker, make your pc discoverable in the option menu in the bluetooth icon09:49
Jordan_Uguest2: No, the packaged proprietary drivers are not installed by default.09:49
geohackersimar: tried that. i can pair, but cannot send/recieve files or use bluetooth DUN09:50
simargeohacker, ok, have you tried this for other phhones?09:50
simargeohacker, does that work?09:50
bribroderguest2, the restricted drivers are definitely a good bed09:50
geohackersimar: yeah it works with other phones. but not with this particular one.09:51
geohackersimar: but i can confirm this is not an issue with my phone.09:52
Dr_WillisIve had Phones that connect to each other.. then have a problem with one specific phone also.  I can get bluetooth workign good withmy phone -> linux. but i cant get it working  from Phone->windows. :) go figure.09:53
bribroderguest2, if restricted drivers don't work, have you tried xforcevesa?09:54
simargeohacker, This is the issue of the command the serial commands that are send while object push or others. 600 is a old phone may have old specifications.  try googling around may be you could find somthing then ask in chat .. or you may also ask in ubuntu forums09:54
arunkumar413oCean_:what does this means  "Alternatively, you may set the environment variables DBUS_CFLAGS09:54
arunkumar413and DBUS_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.See the pkg-config man page for more details."09:54
guest2hrm, Cannot connect to D-BUS when I run jockey-text09:55
guest2bribroder, not yet09:55
arunkumar413oCean_: how to set those variables09:55
bribroderguest2, some forum posts suggest that may work09:55
simarxtheunknown0, hi09:56
simarxtheunknown0, what your issue?09:56
xtheunknown0What is the package for the Session pop-up menu at the bottom of the login screen for Lucid?09:56
bribroderi think that's just part of gdm?09:56
Jordan_Uguest2: Try running "service dbus start" before "jockey-text"09:56
Dr_Willisxtheunknown0:  those get generated from the various foo.desktop files in specific locations09:56
xtheunknown0B/c I was sudo apt-get removing a handful of packages using the tab button a lot and now I've lost the Session pop-up menu at the start.09:57
Dr_Willisxtheunknown0:  for example -> /usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop09:57
bribroderis there *any way* to skip loading network drivers on the minimal install?09:58
codebrainzxtheunknown0, like i said before, you're best bet is probably just to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop package to drag in all the crap you probably need to get up and running (ie. gnome)09:58
simarDoes anyone know what are the packages about  is kbd, gpm general purpose mouse driver , evdev and mousedev .. these are drivers but for what purposes ???09:59
=== macode|afk is now known as macode
Dr_Willissimar:  dont do 'HELP' like that..09:59
Dr_Willissimar:  gpm = mouse support in the console.09:59
ikoniasimar: whoaaa calm down09:59
xtheunknown0A hah - do I need acpi-support, acpid, or any of the evolutions?09:59
ikoniasimar: what do you want to do09:59
guest2"service dbus start" > "unable to connect to Upstart"09:59
Dr_Willissimar:  fire up synaptic and read their descriptions.09:59
simarikonia, I'm a new triager resaerching on touchpads ..10:00
Dr_Willissimar:  gpm is only needed if youw ant to use the mouse on the console.10:00
ikoniasimar: ok - so if you are part of the simar then you should know that this channel is for ubuntu support only, not generic linux questions10:00
simarDr_Willis, I got gpm . Is it a part of default installation?10:00
Jordan_Uguest2: Did you use the recovery mode boot option or did you do something like adding init=/bin/bash as a kernel paramter to get to a shell at boot?10:01
guest2i used rescue console10:01
xtheunknown0I'm trying to apt-get install stuff and I get Could not resolve 'au.archive.ubuntu.com' - what can I do?10:01
simarikonia, ya thats why i ask question about the general information about packages that i mentioned..10:01
simarDr_Willis, whats kbd?10:02
guest2i guess things are very b0rked...10:02
guest2i'll try jockey-text after a fresh reinstall10:02
simarxtheunknown0, you have an improper internet connection i suppose10:03
guest2Jordan_U, should I expect forcevesa to work with the standard iso?10:03
xtheunknown0@simar: What do you mean by that?10:03
guest2or should I use the alt iso which takes ~90 mins to install10:03
galorinI just found a USB joypad in my box-o-bits, and I want to get it working.  Is there a GUI calibrator and something to do mapping?10:03
ikoniasimar: improper internet connection ???10:03
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
codebrainzxtheunknown0, the mirror works fine here through firefox, are you connected to the net?  can you ping that address?10:04
simarikonia, I mean not a working connection. I get such errors when the internet connection is down..10:04
ikoniasimar: what about DNS - could it not just be a dns issue ?10:04
xtheunknown0No, I can't ping it10:04
ikoniaxtheunknown0: can you resolve anything else ?10:05
xtheunknown0How do I try to resolve something else?10:05
baeroHi all, can someone help me? I have hp probook 4515s, and after cca. 10-15min my lcd backlight get lower,,, how to incrace it againt? i can't fix it with power management. Tnx10:05
ikoniaxtheunknown0: can you browse any websites in the browser ?10:05
simarikonia,may be but i could be about connection also ..10:05
xtheunknown0I'm in the CLI because I can't actually login.10:05
codebrainzxtheunknown0, try pinging google.com or other websites10:05
ikoniaxtheunknown0: you can't login ???10:05
simarikonia, whats the right channel to ask the question about the driver packages ..10:06
ikoniasimar: ask with the driver maintainers10:06
ikoniasimar: sorry, the package maintainers10:06
ikoniasimar: if you look on launchpad.net you'll find out who  maintains the package and you can contact them10:06
xtheunknown0B/c the password I enter is right but the screen flashes and sends me back to the login screen.10:06
Jordan_Uguest2: If upstart isn't working properly then you have more serious problems than graphics.10:06
ikoniaxtheunknown0: ok - so how did you get to the command line ?10:06
ikoniaxtheunknown0: you would still have to login to get a command prompt10:07
ikoniaxtheunknown0: ok, now I see where you are going10:07
simarikonia, ok but i think synaptics is not on launchpad? Does in your knowledge they have a channel on irc?10:07
ikoniaxtheunknown0: you've not logged into the desktop, so gnome-network-manager has not configured your network connection for you yet10:07
xtheunknown0OK...so what can I do about this?10:07
ikoniasimar: synaptics is the package manager, not the package, you want to ask the maintainers of the packages gdm, etc10:07
codebrainzikonia, doesn't the NetworkManager daemon handle that outside of Gnome?10:08
ikoniacodebrainz: no10:08
ikoniacodebrainz: only activates when you login10:08
ikoniaactually - that's not quite true10:08
simarikonia, i'm talking about xserver-xorg-input-synaptics this is the touchpad drivers and not a part of x.10:08
codebrainzikonia, i think only nm-applet is after the login, networkmanager itself should run on boot, no?10:09
ikoniasimar: ok - so talk to the person who maintains xserver-xorg-input-synaptics10:09
ikoniacodebrainz: correct, better description of what I was trying to say, thank you10:09
simarikonia, ok thanks10:09
Jordan_Uguest2: When booting the Desktop CD try pressing f4 and choosing safe graphics mode.10:09
abhi_navarunkumar413, what my guess is in the configuration file of that nm, you wll find this things10:10
Jordan_Ucodebrainz: Connections are only made before login if they are "shared to all users"10:10
gprajeeshhi all10:10
ja660khey all, i just reinstalled ubuntu, but i cant remember what apt-get i need so i can start developing and video codecs?10:10
can__hi everybody10:10
gprajeeshanybdy hav any idea why the ubuntu 10.04 taskbar freeze ?10:11
xtheunknown0So how do I properly connect to the network found by iwconfig?10:11
codebrainzja660k, what kind of development?10:11
abhi_navja660k, for which platform you want to develop using which language etc?10:11
guest2Jordan_U, there is no such mode10:11
=== david is now known as Guest11243
AhoxHi, is it possible to mount an ext3 partition s.t. only root has read/write access and everyone else ro?10:11
codebrainzxtheunknown0, is there no way to use a hard wired connection temporarily?10:11
gprajeeshany help on taskbar freeze bug ?10:11
guest2just "normal", "use driver update disc", "oem install (for manufacturers)"10:11
xtheunknown0@codebrainz: Oh ok10:12
ja660kcodebrainz, any... i remember just installing something via apt, then getting whatever language i needed.10:12
Ahoxja660k,  for videocodes have a look at medibuntu10:12
ja660kAhox kk10:12
gprajeeshanyone help in taskbar freeze bug10:12
=== wildbat is now known as wildbat|GER-GOAL
Jordan_Uguest2: Did you press F4?10:12
codebrainzja660k, it's completely dependant on which language and such you want to use.  are you thinking of build-essential?10:12
ja660kcodebrainz.. yes! :-D thankyou... btw, what does that do?10:13
gprajeeshhi codebrainz... could you help on taskbar freezi ng problem10:13
Jordan_Uguest2: I just checked that the option exists on an lubuntu 10.04 LiveCD, so I would expect it to be there in the standard Ubuntu CD as well.10:13
codebrainzja660k, "This package contains an informational list of packages which are10:13
codebrainz considered essential for building Debian packages.  This package also10:13
codebrainz depends on the packages on that list, to make it easy to have the10:13
codebrainz build-essential packages installed." -dpkg10:13
guest2Jordan_U, F4 on the display where it says "try Ubuntu without installing, install ubuntu, check disc for defects" etc?10:14
ja660kcodebrainz, thanks :)10:14
Jordan_Uguest2: Yes.10:14
gprajeeshguest2 please help on taskbar freezing issue10:14
guest2Joradan_U, does not have that option10:14
abhi_navja660k, eclipse,netbeans, codelite,quntaplus,devhelp?10:14
codebrainzgprajeesh, are you talking about gnome-panel?10:14
gprajeeshJordan_U can u help on taskbar freeze bug10:15
gprajeeshit freezs randmoly10:15
guest2is there a value I can type in the boot options?10:15
can__greetings eartlings10:15
gprajeeshand i hav to restart the system after tht10:15
gprajeeshny idea Codebrainz10:15
guest2hrm xforcevesa10:16
can__i have a quiestion please10:16
gprajeeshCodebrainz any help10:16
* guest2 predicts it fall over again10:16
can__im trying to get my webcam to work in the gos dist. Please help10:17
ikoniacan__: sorry, but Gos is not supported here10:17
guest2oh, xforcevesa does work :)10:17
codebrainzgprajeesh, relax, and keep it in the channel10:17
kvikendeHello. Are there any way to remove the Ubuntu specific translations and only use the official GNOME ones?10:17
guest2(i think)10:17
can__thought it was based on ubuntu?10:18
guest2yes, it does \o/10:18
codebrainzgprajeesh, keep it in the channel, lots of smart people here10:18
guest2hooray :-)10:18
Dr_Willis!webcam | can__10:18
ubottucan__: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras10:18
ikoniacan__: it is based on ubuntu - but its not ubuntu, so it's not supported here as it is different10:18
gprajeeshanyone on genome panel freeze bug please10:19
joshmuffin!details | can__10:19
ubottucan__: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:19
Dr_Williscan__:  install cheese see if it works. If it dosent.. well its possible its not supported by linux yet.10:19
cpufreqhelp5how do i find he correct govener and drivers for my p4...for cpu overclocking??10:19
ikoniajoshmuffin: no details, it's not supported here10:19
=== angela is now known as firefoz
ikoniaDr_Willis: gos is not supported here10:19
can__ubuntu version 810:19
=== Me is now known as Guest80624
ikoniacan__: it's not10:19
Dr_Williscan__:  i suggest using a more up to date release of ubuntu.10:19
joshmuffincan__, seeing as im not allowed to help you here, as it upsets some :S:S would you like to pm10:19
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: there isn't such as thing as "cpu" drivers, overclocking is a hardware thing10:20
Dr_Williscan__:  it will have more support.10:20
guest2ubuntu is finally sexy enough to cause me to drop linux mint..10:20
cpufreqhelp5can, many people aren't on the 8.04 "page" anymore10:20
gprajeeshthe problem is the Genome panel freezes. i am using ubuntu 10.0410:20
gprajeeshafter the freeze i have to restart the system10:20
joshmuffin!offtopic | guest210:20
ubottuguest2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:20
ikoniajoshmuffin: good attitude, thank you10:20
guest2ok josmuffin10:21
ikoniajoshmuffin: (I meant helping the guy out in pm)10:21
joshmuffinikonia, sorry i just think that we should help if we can10:21
can__well tell that to my ibm thinkpad ? i tried ubuntu 9 and possibly ten but it had a fit lol!10:21
cpufreqhelp5ok hhow do i setup cpufreq properly for my hw?10:21
codebrainzgprajeesh, maybe it's this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/18754010:21
Pirate_Hunterhow do I go about checking/outputting an in-depth view/list of all processes an application uses?10:21
can__so i went back to basics10:21
ikoniajoshmuffin: that's not the channel policy, but you're welcome to help in pm, thats super cool10:21
nwq6152cpufreqhelp5: cpufreq is *not* for overclocking10:21
cpufreqhelp5can.. th alt instaler are about 700mb10:21
joshmuffinikonia, okay, sorry for the attitude10:22
Dr_Williscan__:  Most thinkpads should be very well supported.   Perhaps check the forums for your exact make/model to see what issues others have had.10:22
cpufreqhelp5so it can't be used to change the cpu frequency?10:22
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: not beyond it's bounds. as I've said, overclocking is a hardware change, not software10:22
dugger5688ubuntu 9 and 10 don't exist, ubuntu is versioned by $YEAR.$MONTH10:23
cpufreqhelp5i do have powernow-d...10:23
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: that makes no differece10:23
cpufreqhelp5ikonia, software like cpufreq and powernow d have options to change the cpu freq.. i just need the governer setup10:23
cpufreqhelp5software changes the hardware settings..10:24
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: they are not used for overclocking10:24
cpufreqhelp5i can't set things up by hooking wires to random pins...10:24
codebrainzPirate_Hunter, i think something like ps -A | grep whatever10:24
cpufreqhelp5software is used for that now10:24
dugger5688cpufreqhel5: until more recent chips CPU scaling has only been available on Laptops. Recent CPUs have unlocked the multipliers somewhat to allow for scaling but you won't be able to overclock from inside the OS. The max clock is set in the BIOS10:24
nwq6152cpufreqhelp5: cpufreq uses standard cpu features to *lower* the freq in order to save battery life. overclocking is very board specific and not what cpufreq is intended for.10:24
xtheunknown0I've been able to sudo apt-get install acpi-support and acpid but get 404'ed for gnome-applets and the rest of those packages - why???10:24
joshmuffinxtheunknown0, your sources correct?10:25
codebrainzxtheunknown0, have you run apt-get update? does that run fine?10:25
cpufreqhelp5ook.. you can set the front side bus...thats what i want to do..and overclocking is what i want to do10:25
xtheunknown0codebrainz: no, lol10:25
Dr_Willisxtheunknown0:  edit the sources.list and remove the au. at the start of those entries.  it could be that server is down10:26
Dr_Willisxtheunknown0:  or having issues10:26
cpufreqhelp5i don't want to change multiplyers in the cpu or it's voltages.. and frontside bus has no locks that i know of..10:26
nwq6152cpufreqhelp5: right, and that is not covered by any standards. each board manufacturer does its own proprietary shit.10:26
xtheunknown0Dr_Willis: nah - it's looking ok10:26
dugger5688cpufreqhelp5: this isn't the place to ask how to change the FSB speeds. If you don't already know how to do so, then you shouldn't be OC'ing.10:27
ikonianwq6152: easy on the lnaguage please10:27
xtheunknown0It's working!!!10:27
cpufreqhelp5dugger, software called setfsb does not work in linux...10:27
nwq6152ikonia: just telling what absence of standards is10:27
ikonianwq6152: yes, but you don't need to use offensive language10:27
xtheunknown0Now how do I remove billgates (an account temporarily created)?10:27
ikoniacordel: stop that please.10:27
ikoniaxtheunknown0: use the useradmin gui10:28
ikoniaxtheunknown0: system -> administration -> users and groups10:28
cpufreqhelp5knwoin g how to mess up text files has nothing to do with wanting my computer to go faster, unless that is my only option in linux10:28
xtheunknown0What about CLI - that's how I created billgates10:28
ikoniaxtheunknown0: userdel -r billgates10:28
cordelok i want to stream music10:28
Nigehello, I am trying to boot off a live cd, but I have hit the 5750 raedon bug where I am greeted with a blank screen, I am looking for the cure to this problem10:28
xtheunknown0Thank you, ikonia10:28
dugger5688cpufreqhelp5: you CAN'T OC from inside an operating system! Your motherboard sets it at boot and is locked until the next cold boot.10:29
cpufreqhelp5setfsb is not its own operateing system...10:29
xtheunknown0Awesome - everything works now!!!10:29
cpufreqhelp5and it can change fsb settings10:29
cordelyeah asus mother boards are awesome for oc10:29
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, will try10:29
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: ok, so we need to step back here. This channel is for ubuntu support issues, overclocking your hardware is nothing to do with ubuntu, so try a better channel dedicated to hardware/overlocking10:30
xtheunknown0Thanks to everyone - include ikonia, your pal around an hour ago and codebrainz!10:30
cpufreqhelp5ubuntu is the operateing system...10:30
kvikendeI try again: Are there any way to remove the Ubuntu specific translations and only use the official GNOME ones?10:30
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: yes, and we've told you the tools you want to use are not for overclocking,10:30
cpufreqhelp5that controls the hw i want to overclock..10:30
=== samitheb1rber is now known as samitheberber
joshmuffincpufreqhelp5, overclocking is a hardware thing, ubuntu is software.10:31
codebrainzcpufreqhelp5, check with your motherboard/cpu manufacturer and see if they provide a linux utility to change this stuff10:31
cpufreqhelp5is that an ubuntu hardware? or ubuntu overclock?10:31
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: this will be the last time it's explained. The tools you want to use in ubuntu are not for overclocking.10:31
cpufreqhelp5stop saying it's hw only..its not..softaware is used to change these settings..10:31
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: yes, but the software you want to use is NOT for overclocking10:32
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: it's normally do through the bios or specific software, which is not within ubuntu10:32
xtheunknown0So when you guys get the Update Manger screen, how do you guys decide what to install? Do you google the various packages, do you go here to talk about it, do you go to a forum?10:32
cpufreqhelp5so there is no ubuntu hw or ubuntu overclocking channel?10:32
joshmuffinnor related to ubuntu10:32
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: there is no such thing10:32
oCean_xtheunknown0: I always install all updates10:32
kvikendextheunknown0: I take everything.10:32
cpufreqhelp5so then i'm stuck here...10:32
dugger5688Even then I wouldn't try to fiddle with FSB settings while running anyway incase it borks something.10:33
oCean_xtheunknown0: because I trust all my sources10:33
joshmuffincpufreqhelp5, overclocking has nothing to do with ubuntu10:33
cpufreqhelp5looking for somone who knows what to do10:33
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: you're welcome to ubuntu support here, but stop asking for overclocking support, the tools you want to use are not in ubuntu10:33
bazhangtry ##hardware10:33
yeryrytry ##hardware10:33
yeryryor google10:33
guessI use 10.04 on a Dell Latitude with Intel Mobile IntelB. GM45 Express graphics chipset. Every once in a while Gnome replaces my screen with something colourful but inreadable, and then quickly returns to the normal display. Is that normal or something to worry about?10:33
joshmuffincpufreqhelp5, it can be done with or without many different os's depending on your cpu ect10:33
cpufreqhelp5i tried google, but those comands did not work10:33
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: because (as you've been told) the tools you want are not in ubuntu10:33
bazhangcpufreqhelp5, none the less, its off topic here10:33
cpufreqhelp5and apparantly i can't set my fsb or cpu clock speeds with those tools10:34
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: correcct10:34
cpufreqhelp5even tho it's in the softwares documantation and others have used it for overclocking10:34
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: what software documentation ?10:35
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: please show me the documentation that says it's for overclocking your hardware10:35
KnightStalkerhow to disable ICMP completely?10:35
cpufreqhelp5my only issue is those commands don't work for me..and the "govener" has not been setup yet10:35
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: show me the documentation that tells me the tools are used for overclocking10:35
nwq6152KnightStalker: bad idea10:35
KnightStalkernwq6152 :p10:35
ja660khey, what does this segment mean, in .bashrc in the PS1 variable ... "${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}"10:36
codebrainzcpufreqhelp5, are you talking about the cpufreq utility?10:36
dugger5688cpu scaling != overclocking10:36
codebrainzcpu scaling == underclocking :)10:36
nwq6152KnightStalker: for example, disabling icmp make ipv6 unusable10:36
KnightStalkerI can make exception for that10:36
chirpisWhat about plurbs?10:36
* joshmuffin is trying very hard not to loose his temper10:36
nwq6152KnightStalker: and in ipv4 disabling icmp, it breaks pmtu discovery10:37
chirpisAnd skiggles?10:37
cameron_Who here is a gdm expert?10:37
dugger5688could always just \/ignore10:37
cpufreqhelp5well for one thing nvclock defies the theory  that i need to use hardware clock..i've used that to overclock my nvidia 5500 successfully10:37
nwq6152KnightStalker: path mtu discovery10:37
cpufreqhelp5without editing any bios files10:37
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: no more discussion, show me the documentation that shows me the tools you want to use are for overclocking your cpu10:37
dugger5688Nvidia GPU = controlled by board firmware and can be messed with at runtime w/o bringing the system down. CPU, not so much.10:38
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: overclocking a video card is different, show me the documentation that says "these tools are used for overclocking"10:38
Dr_Willisja660k:  PS1 = the bash prompt variable.  example -->  PS1='---->'10:38
nwq6152KnightStalker: disable icmp and you will wonder why certain websites won't work anymore10:38
Dr_Willisja660k:  that changes your shells prompt. Theres fancy codes you can use to get different things.10:38
KnightStalkernwq6152,k :p I changed my mind ;p10:38
Dr_Willisja660k:  the ${} stuff is command/variable replacement to get different effects.10:39
ja660kDr_willis, i know, im trying to be all 1337 and change the colors, but what does... ${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)} do? i echo $debian_chroot, and its empty?10:39
Dr_Willisja660k:  that debian_chroot would be a variable set if you are chrooted into a system10:39
Dr_Willisja660k:  so empty otherwise. :)10:39
ja660kdr_willis, spoke to soon :) thanks10:39
cpufreqhelp5oh i see10:39
oCean_!hi | redhat10:40
ubotturedhat: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:40
can__can you use your sony digital camera as a webcam ?10:40
cpufreqhelp5linux assumes that everyone buys and builds their own pc's so they must already have bios features that overclock...so you don't have anyone building such software for linux??10:40
ikoniacan__: please stop asking you've been told gos is not supported here10:40
Dr_Williscan__:  depends on the camera. Ive seen some that have that feature10:40
guest2oh god..10:40
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: show me the documentation that says these tools are for overclockng - or stop discussing it10:41
=== karthik is now known as Guest67212
codebrainzcpufreqhelp5, knock yourself out :)  http://www.intel.com/products/processor/manuals/10:41
can__ikonia i know that im not asking you and this is not related to gos thank you10:41
ikoniacan__: it's also offtopic as this channel is for ubuntu support only10:41
can__simple yes or no thaks10:41
cpufreqhelp5i'm just looking for help from the peole who support the os i'm using...10:42
can__im asking you10:42
ikoniacan__: stop asking10:42
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: and you've been told, more than once it's not for overclocking, so stop asking10:42
can__does anybody else know ?10:42
Spyzerhi all, using the startup disk creator can i make kubuntu startup disk from "ubuntu" as well ???10:42
ikoniacan__: do not ask again for offtopic support10:43
cpufreqhelp5so then move on to something that does...your basically telling me i have to buy a motherboard with very limited overclocking options..and build en entirely new pc just to overclock under ubuntu...10:43
codebrainzcan__, if it's supported by v4l2 then yes, you can use it for a webcam10:43
Nigeoh dear the 10.04 live cd does really not like my system :(10:43
cameron_It's a bit busy here. Can anyone recommend a channel where I can get support on getting X started? (I can't go online as I can't start X)10:43
ikoniaNige: what's up10:43
bazhangNige, tried the alternate cd?10:43
can__thank you thats all i needed to know10:44
Nigebazhang,  not yet, I go download it10:44
dugger5688cpufreqhelp5, RTFM10:44
cpufreqhelp5that was un called for...10:44
oCean_dugger5688: don't do that10:44
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: that is your only warning - drop it10:44
bazhangcameron_, what about starting up in recovery mode10:44
Nigeikonia, I am gretted by io errors and blank screen when booting off the live cd, which is odd because I can boot into windows 7 fine. This is brand new pc so there shouldnt be an issue10:45
bazhangcameron_, hold shift at boot and choose recovery mode10:45
dugger5688What kind of errors?10:45
ikoniaNige: io errors suggest it's not burnt correctly10:45
theanalystany googlecl users here?10:45
reiserxmy intrenet service provider has blocked youtube.com. i use google dns . but i can not go just to youtube because it is blocked also by ip number. where i can found ip numbers for youtube.com for my country ?10:45
cpufreqhelp5sorry if i upset you.. i would just like to be able to do it..10:45
=== ian__ is now known as iflema
Nigehmm, I can reburn it, i might do a checksum as well10:45
cameron_bazhang, I'll give it a go thanks.10:45
bazhangNige, did you md5 the iso and burn very slowly, followed by a disk integrity check?10:45
ikoniacpufreqhelp5: and you've been told "they are not the tools"10:45
codebrainzreiserx, where do you live china?10:46
Spyzerhi all, using the startup disk creator can i make kubuntu startup disk from "ubuntu" as well ???10:46
theanalystany googlecl users here?10:46
reiserxcodebrainz:  turkey.10:46
Spyzerplease answer10:46
AhmedBHSpyzer: Yeah ?10:46
Dr_WillisSpyzer:  yes.10:46
codebrainzreiserx, they actually block the whole youtube.com domain!?10:46
bazhangSpyzer, sure, or unetbootin, which is my preference10:46
cpufreqhelp5code what?!10:46
Dr_WillisSpyzer:  dont follow questions with 'please answeer.. and help me,.. and so forth...'10:46
NigeI hardly ever do the integrity check, firstime I have had a cd fail :( I have been using it from hardy10:46
KnightStalkerreiserx,use IPv6 I say XD,it bypasses the blocks in here(Iran)10:47
ikoniaNige: every now and then one slips in10:47
dugger5688I've had a few burn badly, sometimes it's a failing drive on the machine I'm booting. It happens :-)10:47
Dr_WillisSpyzer:  Startup Disk creator should work with all the official ubujntu variants. but the server edition I think wont work. or alt-installer.10:47
Spyzer<Dr_Willis>:well when i asked before nobody replied so i had to add up please :)10:47
reiserxcodebrainz: i dont know whta you tell me . but i know that we can not go by changing our dns google or opendns because there is a way to clok a site "by blocking ip " way.10:47
Nigeyep, anyways I will go away and check those things and then come back, thanks for the advise :)10:47
Dr_WillisSpyzer:  i was allready typing the answer when you said please.. :)10:47
bazhangSpyzer, many or most live iso will work with unetbootin10:47
Dr_WillisSpyzer:  you could of jsut tried it also.. :)10:47
Dr_WillisSpyzer:  for NON-ubuntu variants and other disrtos. unetbootin would be the tool to sue.10:48
codebrainzreiserx, bummer.  other than what KnightStalker said, you could try something like TOR i guess?10:48
cpufreqhelp5soo, some channel suggestions for (un-mentionable)10:48
reiserxcodebrainz: i just need the ip of youtube.10:48
teknohanhi I nedd to learn where wine keeps folders !10:48
reiserxcodebrainz:  there are many ip s for youtbe. i need them.10:48
dugger5688You've been told. #hardware, also use a search provider for 'overclock BIOS'10:49
Dr_Willisteknohan:  .wine/XXXXXX10:49
reiserxsome people give me some ips fotr youtube but they are going to google.com :( i dont know why .10:49
Dr_Willisteknohan:  it can also use links to your users other directories.10:49
reiserxthey said that it is working now..10:49
geirhateknohan: ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/...10:49
reiserxbut not for me.10:49
teknohangeirha: thanks alot10:50
KnightStalkeryep,that goes to google10:50
oCean_reiserx: http://compnetworking.about.com/od/traceipaddresses/f/youtube-ip-addr.htm do these work?10:50
reiserxcodebrainz:  that is not working. can you connect to youtube with ?10:50
codebrainzyeah, same here, i got it from ping youtube.com10:50
codebrainzreiserx, no it goes to google10:50
dugger5688DNS fail....10:50
theanalystany google cl users here?10:51
AhmedBHwhats apcalc ?10:51
reiserxoCean_: no they are not working for me.10:51
reiserxi think i have to use turkish forums to do it. you can not help me from other countrys ...10:52
reiserxthank you!10:52
KnightStalkerhow to setup a proxy server?10:52
oCean_reiserx: there is also turkish irc: #ubuntu-tr10:52
codebrainzit blows my mind that governments sensor out a whole huge domain like youtube.com10:52
reiserx oCean_: they have blocked me . i have to go to pardus cahannel.10:52
dugger5688Try VPN maybe.10:52
oCean_codebrainz: don't start that discussion10:53
Spyzerone more question, will the start up disk creator make a bootable usb without differentiating between 64 bit or 32 bit iso images ????10:53
oCean_!crosspost | KnightStalker10:54
ubottuKnightStalker: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.10:54
dugger5688Spyzer: not sure what you're asking. If you use a 32 it'll be a 32 live USB, 64 will be 64.10:54
KnightStalkeroCean_ I just remembered that server related questions goes there10:54
KnightStalkersomeone else told me that some while ago10:54
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Spyzerno i mean if i make a usb pendrive from a 64 bit iso image on a 32 bit system (having the host ubuntu), will that be fine???10:54
cameron_Help Help Help! I can't start my x server! the driver isn't mounting on boot for some reason and when I load it manually I get a purple screen and can't do anything.10:55
bazhangcameron_, what about recovery mode10:56
theanalysthas anybody worked googlecl with a non gmail account?10:56
=== Guest64050 is now known as DaZ
erUSULtheanalyst: well i spect googlecl to *only* work on/with google services10:57
cameron_bazhang, I couldn;t get into recovery mode. No matter what I hold down at boot it takes me straiht to the login screen (command line).10:57
bazhangcameron_, what version of ubuntu10:57
cameron_bazhang, 9.1010:58
MadRobotHi all. It seems I have the following apt authentication issue. I'm really not sure how to fix it: http://pastebin.com/EecBqL4910:58
theanalysterUSUL,  so can't get it working using a yahoo/open id account? I mean blogger,picassa supports them rite?10:58
MadRobotAny help please?10:58
erUSULtheanalyst: blogger and picassa are google products. yahoo mail is not10:59
codebrainzcameron_, what happens when you run /etc/init.d/gdm start?  what about 'startx'?10:59
ubottuGetting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys <key> && gpg --export --armor <key> | sudo apt-key add - »11:00
cameron_codebrainz, the screen flikers a little and that's it.11:00
theanalysterUSUL, i don't mean yahoomail ,i meant i can use picassa,blogger using my yahoo account, can't however get googlecl working with that11:00
codebrainzcameron_, and it drops back to text-mode?11:00
cameron_codebrainz, yes11:00
codebrainzcameron_, and it used to work fine?  what changed?  updates?11:01
snowyrooftopsI've got an old laptop that doesn't support booting from USB. Is there anything I could do to boot with one version of Linux and have the distro switch over to USB so I can use the CD drive?11:02
snowyrooftopsI know I ought to be installing Linux to the hard drive, but the drive is clunky... read errors and almost on it's last leg11:02
ikoniasnowyrooftops: you can use a bootcd to boot a usb11:02
snowyrooftopsikonia: Is there anyway to get the CD out after having Linux running?11:03
cameron_codebrainz, Oh yes sorry I should have started with that. The bleeding edge compat-wireless package.11:03
ikoniasnowyrooftops: depends if you're just booting from it (yes) or running the OS from it (no)11:03
snowyrooftopsikonia: Perhaps something like a chroot to switch over11:03
Pirate_Huntersnowyrooftops, probably the simplest answer can' you change the hard disk and does it even support usb booting11:03
snowyrooftopsikonia: I haven't been able to figure out how to boot from a CD but run the OS from USB11:03
ikoniasnowyrooftops: you'd need to make a custom boot disk, that saw the usb device as a "disk"11:03
snowyrooftopsPirate_Hunter: It's a pretty old notebook... doesn't support SATA so I can't get parts for it11:04
wildbat|GER-GOAL!plop | snowyrooftops11:04
snowyrooftopsPirate_Hunter: I'm just using it as an experiment11:04
snowyrooftopswildbat|GER-GOAL: What's a plop?11:04
snowyrooftopsikonia: Do you mean install grub on a CD?11:04
wildbat|GER-GOALerrr ~ just google plop ~ it's bootloader can boot USB11:04
codebrainzcameron_, hmm, not sure what to do.  i guess you can check the xorg log file and see if anything useful is in there11:05
ikoniasnowyrooftops: actually lilo works better on a cd11:05
Pirate_Huntersnowyrooftops, no worries, follow ikonia's suggestion I would be interested in finding out how to do that make the system see the usb as a hard drive11:05
ikoniaPirate_Hunter: correct11:05
ikoniaPirate_Hunter: some of the boot cd software can see a usb disk as a hard disk11:05
snowyrooftopsI'll look up Plop11:05
codebrainzi think you could also put the kernel and initrd on a cd and have it mount the rootfs from the USB drive once the kernel starts11:06
ikoniacodebrainz: that's pretty much it11:07
cameron_codebrainz, It says there is no driver. which is confirmed by lspci, when I manually load nvidiafb everything goes cactus.11:07
Pirate_Hunterikonia, excellent you're a genius been looking for something like this for a few years, wish I had my old machine, oh well better late than never and wildbat|GER-GOAL  thanks for that info just browsed their website11:07
snowyrooftopsIs there are way I could boot a text-only distro of Linux from CD and then chroot over to the USB drive after mounting it?11:07
codebrainzcameron_, isn't nvidiafb just for the framebuffer?  i think it's called nv or nvidia11:08
elghDoes anybody have problems with Wireless Network? In Mint 9 and Ubuntu 10.04, my password doesn't work... =/11:08
ikoniaPirate_Hunter: to be honest I've never got it %100 to work as I've never had to and only really "played with it",11:08
ikoniaPirate_Hunter: it's certainly do-able though11:08
cameron_codebrainz, what's the modprobe command that lists all available drivers?11:09
Pirate_Huntersnowyrooftops, I think plop might do the trick check it out and tell me how it goes http://www.plop.at/en/home.html11:09
snowyrooftopsBTW, Plop uses LILO too11:10
Pirate_Hunterikonia, I wasn't even aware it was possible until today (this is one of the reasons I can never forget this place)11:10
codebrainzsnowyrooftops, probably easiest to put a bootloader (lilo,syslinux,etc) on the CD with vmlinuz(kernel) and initd.img and configure the root option in the bootloader to point to your usb stick11:10
snowyrooftopsI wonder why the Linux community decided to drop floppy-boot support11:10
Spyzerwhich irc channel is most suitable for asking questions about unetbootin ??11:10
erUSULcameron_: modprobe -l ?11:10
codebrainzsnowyrooftops, when did they do that?11:10
ikoniaPirate_Hunter: it's someting I should do from start to end, I've just never bothered11:10
erUSULsnowyrooftops: becouse floppy disks died ?11:10
cameron_erUSUL, thanks11:10
snowyrooftopscodebrainz: Thanks, will try that... I came across some old distros that boot from floppy11:10
Pirate_Huntersnowyrooftops, you can always upgrade to grub once the os is installed and hmmm lilo is not bad I've used it before11:10
snowyrooftopscodebrainz: I've read notes on kernel 2.6.x not supporting floppy-boot11:11
codebrainzsnowyrooftops, i think it can do it, but it's so bloated now, that it'd take a lot of disks11:11
Pirate_Huntersnowyrooftops, if you just want to slap a minimal os than go for puppy/dns tyring ubuntu might be overload on that comp11:12
snowyrooftopserUSUL: Fair enough, but I meant that for old systems11:12
erUSULsnowyrooftops: the kernel wont boot from floppy how it used. int now ( well since 2.6.x) needs a bootloader in floppies too11:12
Dr_WillisPleasse insert disk # 194 to boot the system11:12
erUSULsnowyrooftops: installing grub in a floppy is easy enough11:12
snowyrooftopsDr_Willis: LOL! I remember installing Windows from floppies :-)11:12
Dr_Willissnowyrooftops:  tiny core linux = 10mb. :)11:12
erUSULsnowyrooftops: but anyway; try to find a kernel this days that fits in a floppy11:13
purveshhow to extract .7z files at Ubuntu 10.04 ?11:13
erUSULsnowyrooftops: 600 KiB kernels are long go11:13
snowyrooftopsDr_Willis: Tiny core is pretty good for a test environment.11:13
erUSUL!info p7z-full11:13
ubottuPackage p7z-full does not exist in lucid11:13
erUSUL!info pzip-full11:13
ubottuPackage pzip-full does not exist in lucid11:13
wildbat|GER-GOALLOL erUSUL11:13
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Pirate_Hunterikonia, actually that gives me a couple of ideas, I could have a custom install of a linux os on a 16GB pen drive and use plop to load it up on machines that don't support usb booting as it is independent from the BIOS as it states on their site11:13
codebrainzsnowyrooftops, you can also whip up a pretty darn small linux with buildroot (my last one was around 12MB)11:13
erUSULpurvesh: is p7zip-full11:14
purvesherUSUL, ok.11:14
Dr_Willis quit11:14
ikoniaPirate_Hunter: that's it, you've got the idea11:14
erUSULwildbat|GER-GOAL: yep i just returned -ENOTENOUGHCOFFEE :)11:14
* erUSUL points out http://gujin.sourceforge.net/ <<< boot loader11:15
wildbat|GER-GOALerUSUL, you pour extra cup ~ :> waiting for Germany to own Argentina11:16
Pirate_Hunterikonia, thanks for the info now i am going dormant again11:16
erUSULwildbat|GER-GOAL: i'm waiting for an Argentina - Spain semi-final ;P11:17
* wildbat|GER-GOAL starts to throws shoes at erUSUL xD11:17
purvesherUSUL, u know command to install unrar ?11:18
erUSUL!rar | purvesh11:18
ubottupurvesh: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free11:18
erUSULpurvesh: so « sudo aptitude install unrar » or unrar-free11:20
purvesherUSUL, Thanx buddy. :)11:21
someone235hi, I need help with Brasero. I put in a data disk a list of songs, and it sort them automatically by filename. how can I force him to maintain the original order?11:22
cameron_Can someone do me a huge favor and post the direct link to the nvidia drivers for linux so I can wget the package.11:24
Pirate_Huntercameron_, why can't you just go to their website I would but I dont have nvidia and they have different types of drivers11:26
cameron_kevin, thank you.11:27
kevin_np :o)11:27
cameron_Pirate_Hunter, because I can't open a browser. I have no x server.11:28
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Dr_Williswas it links or lynx that had a framebuffer gui mode? :)11:29
Dr_Willisor both..11:29
Dr_WillisHandy for web surfing from the console.11:29
cameron_Dr_Willis, What is it?11:30
Dr_Williscameron_:  a console based qweb  browser. Theres several of them. One (or more) had a graphical mode that was more like a 'normal' browser. instead of juist a text mode briowser11:30
Dr_Willis!info links11:31
ubottulinks (source: links2): Web browser running in text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2-1build1 (lucid), package size 510 kB, installed size 1168 kB11:31
kielanmatthi all11:31
kielanmattI have a problem with irda11:31
cameron_Dr_Willis, Can you think of a package name that I could apt-get?11:31
kielanmattexactly same one as that11:31
Dr_Williscameron_:  bot said 'links'  :) as the pacakge name for a browser. or theres 'lynx'11:32
Dr_Willis!info lynx11:32
ubottulynx (source: lynx-cur): Text-mode WWW Browser (transitional package). In component main, is extra. Version 2.8.8dev.2-1 (lucid), package size 210 kB, installed size 248 kB11:32
cameron_Dr_Willis, Thanks Doc, I'll give them a go.11:33
decodersince the last updates, my gf's notebook plays sound with a high pitch, like a higher sampling rate11:38
decoderat least in firefox/flash11:39
decoderknown issue?11:39
zambai'm having a stupid time with text files encoded in different charset.. for one reason 'file' recognizes one of them as "Non-ISO extended-ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators", whereas the other is recognized as "ISO-8859 text, with CRLF line terminators" and i have no idea why the difference.. what determines how it's classified?11:39
zambafor some reason*11:39
elghWhy can I use Facebook in Pidgin in Mint but not in Ubuntu?11:39
asigelgh: do you have the java runtime installed?11:41
Geierelgh: maybe sudo apt-get install pidgin-facebookchat11:41
braiampelgh: Geier has the reason, is a plugin.11:42
bullgard4'~$ startx; Fatal server error: Server is already active for display 0; If this server is no longer ruunning, remove /tmp/.X0-lock and start again.' How to check on the command line if the X server is running?11:44
elghPre-installed plugin in Mint?11:45
Pirate_Hunterbraiamp, I think they would've worked it out sooner or later specially since Geier just told them11:45
david651just installed the ununtu, thanks guys, looks great11:45
braiampps ax | grep Xorg11:45
david651210 updates :)11:46
elghThank you :)11:46
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  ps ax | grep SOMEPATTERN11:46
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  is one way11:46
Nigebbs testing cd11:48
bullgard4Dr_Willis: what do you mean by "SOMEPATTERN"?11:52
darthow can i set ftp server on apache211:52
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  a regular expression pattern. See example that braiamp  gave,11:53
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal11:53
Dr_WillisHmm :) no grep factoid11:53
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erUSULDr_Willis: use --> pgrep