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zusholstein,  ya there?02:43
holsteinhey zus08:46
holsteini was about to run out08:47
zusholstein,  :)08:47
holsteini saw you pinged me :)08:47
holsteinwhats up?08:47
zusi found a video08:47
zuson  hooking an amp and guitar to the pc08:47
zusjust as i thought....08:47
holsteindid you try it yet?08:47
zusno im not at home08:48
zusim at my best mates. my home away from home08:48
holsteinlet me know how it goes08:48
zusi came on to ask around if there is a ppa for like huludesktop for linux or such..08:48
zusi sure will, i just got home from the pub08:49
holsteini just installed the .deb from the site08:49
holsteinfor hulu08:49
zusi seen a vid  youtube saying ti was cool, not informitive beyond that lol08:49
holsteini havnet noticed a PPA that has it in there08:49
zusnever used it b408:50
holsteinthe 'app' or whatever08:50
holsteini liked it08:50
holsteinits cool they wrote a linux version too08:50
zusno hulu in general i know its like tv shows but never been on it08:50
holsteinworked well for me08:51
holsteinyeah, its cool08:51
holsteinand the desktop app is just that much nicer08:51
zusmight can watch the terminator series 2 then08:51
zuslove summer glau08:51
holsteinit ran great on my EEEpc 900 even08:51
holsteini had to mess with the quality setting a bit08:51
zusi also grabbed skype too im waiting on a day to walmart to buy a headset & mic.08:52
zusnow to make friends and put all this social networking crap to use  hahaha08:53
holsteinwell, i gotta try and sleep for a bit08:53
holsteini got an early rehersal tomorrow08:53
zusaye im trying to wind down myself08:53
holsteinearly for me at least ;)08:53
zusfew pints of newcastle only to sit b4 bed,08:53
zusrest easy.08:54
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subaubui've recently tried to update to ubuntu studio...but i don't think it installed properly19:01
Traveler5i recently tried to upgrade 10.4 ubuntu to ubuntu studio...i don't think it installed properly...19:41
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