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fuyaohow do i get ibus for interpid?02:13
fuyaoand im on interpid because my laptop is old with the ati driver02:14
TheDochi there is there a command i can use find out what graphics card i have i know its nvidia but not sure as just tried doing 1 install and had to start again02:30
TheDocon xubuntu02:31
_Techie_lspci | grep VGA02:31
TheDocthank you02:33
TheDocwell i got option of 3 i chose newest one seems it never worked with this card  00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)  it restarted then never loaded sorry being a pain in the butt02:34
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CinGRanyone using virtualbox?02:58
_Techie_i use it occasionaly02:58
CinGRperhaps you can help me, i have the puel Vbox and cant get usb to work in it02:59
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Raggsi am fairly sure that the permissions are right03:00
_Techie_did you install it from the repositories03:00
_Techie_and its not OSE?03:00
Raggsyes, PUEL03:01
Raggsoh, and guest additions is installed03:01
_Techie_hrmm, im not entirely sure whats happening, but just incase you didnt know.. theres a USB menu on the bottom of the virtual display window03:01
Raggsyeah, all the devices are greyed out03:02
Raggsasking in vbox too03:03
Raggs_Techie_, aggravating03:08
Raggshi ron_o03:11
Raggshows it goin?03:12
ron_opretty slow, but even. :)03:12
Raggsthat can be good03:12
Raggsron_o, know vbox well?03:19
ron_oRaggs, no..03:22
ron_oI use it only on occasion.03:22
ron_owhat you trying to do?03:23
Raggsget usb to work03:23
ron_oRaggs, you can't, Unless you pay.03:27
ron_oUSB doesn't work on the free version.03:28
ron_oTry KVM/QEMU..03:28
Raggsron_o, it is supposed to work in the PUEL version03:29
Raggsyeah, not the ose version03:30
ron_oYou paid?03:31
ron_oI don't know what PUEL is.03:31
Raggsit is a private eval version,03:31
ron_oahh. then I don't know. There's #vbox to go to.03:32
Raggsand i am there as well03:33
Raggsron_o, reinstall and it all works04:03
ron_ogood for you.04:03
Raggsi am surprised04:03
Raggsi am not an optimistic person i suppose04:04
ron_owith computers, I don't blame you.04:04
ron_owho needs to study for weeks to solve one problem.04:05
ron_obut computers are DIY.04:05
ron_oI can't believe GeekSquads prices for things. Like $300 to install some video card.04:05
Raggsron_o, they are nuts04:06
ron_oand for Windows? it's made to almost plug and play.04:07
Raggsron_o, i agree, ubuntu is improving as well04:08
ron_oit still has a long way to go, but right now it's stable as can be. I can go months without restarting anything.04:08
Raggsron_o, i suspect i could as well, if this werent a laptop04:09
ron_ousing vbox on a laptop. Why?04:13
Raggsneed Xp for school04:13
Raggsalso need linux04:14
ron_oI can't wait for the day when computers are powerful enough you can have 3 OSs running at once without any slowdowns.04:14
ron_oyah, I see.04:14
ron_oeven with my Core2Duo overclocked and 3GB RAM things get slow while running VBox.04:14
Raggslinux doesnt need much ramm and XP isnt terrible either04:15
Raggsi have XP set with 1 G04:15
ron_owell, linux doesn't but my web browsers seem to need a ton of RAM.04:15
Raggsthat is true04:15
ron_omemory leaks galore.04:15
ron_oBut I just upgraded Opera to 10.6.. so we'll see.04:16
ron_oI have muliple.. Opera and then Firefox too... mostly firefox for Flash and Javascript.04:16
_Techie_ron_o, you will find that firefox comes a RAM whore due to flash, its extremely bulky and not very well done04:29
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MrNazso i have to buy a macbook 15". how well is the hardware in the macbooks supported by ubuntu? still patchy?07:08
Sysi!macbook | MrNaz07:36
ubottuMrNaz: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:36
SysiMrNaz: also HW information there07:36
MrNazi feel ashamed even considering an apple product07:37
MrNazwhy wont the smell get off my hands07:37
Sysithey have nice hardware07:37
Sysii just don't like osx07:37
MrNazthey have nice *looking* hardware07:37
Sysialso cheap by specs (laptops)07:38
Sysiin here finland at least07:38
Sysig2g →07:38
MrNazeh? macbooks are cheap on the specs?07:41
MrNazhere in aus they are a 20%+ premium on the hardware along compared to dell07:41
_Techie_MrNaz, you do realise... you just compared mac to dell... offcourse mac is gonna look good when put up against dell machines07:58
Sysibattery life is expensive08:51
bjorkintoshso i installed xubuntu by copying everything onto my existing broken installation.16:45
bjorkintoshyet  some things remain broken.16:46
bjorkintoshis there a repair option?16:46
bjorkintosha direct install would have hosed the existing system so i didn't use it.16:47
bazhangbjorkintosh, separate home partition?16:52
bjorkintoshheheh. of course not :)16:53
bazhangbjorkintosh, back-ups?16:54
bjorkintoshthe machine in question isn't connected to the intertubes, so i have to handle it very delicately.16:54
bjorkintoshnot enough harddisks for that :(16:54
bazhangbjorkintosh, by copy you mean cp? dd? not clear what exactly your methodology was here16:54
bjorkintoshi used cp.16:55
bazhangno arguments?16:55
bjorkintoshmy previous installation wasn't working at all.16:55
bjorkintoshso i cp-ed everything to get it working. and it sort-of does.16:55
bazhangwonder if you missed the hidden (.) files16:55
bjorkintoshexcept, tweaking anything causes it to fail.16:55
bjorkintoshno. i used cp -rR16:56
bazhangare you able to make back-ups of any of it at this point?16:56
bjorkintoshnah. it's a rather old machine with fairly limited space.16:56
bjorkintoshi haven't upgraded any of my hardware in eons...16:56
bjorkintoshthe data in /home is safe.16:57
bazhangany specific error messages you could pastebin?16:57
bjorkintoshhowever, since the machine is no longer connectable to the intertubes (without some hardware upgrades), i'm reluctant to mess with a fresh install.16:57
bjorkintoshno errors. it's just 'not quite right'.16:57
bjorkintosha fresh install would work best, but i'm afraid to.16:58
bazhangbjorkintosh, absent error messages, not sure how to troubleshoot/advise16:58
bjorkintoshyeah. is there no repair disk for xubuntu?16:58
bjorkintoshor a repair mode?16:58
bjorkintoshi think it's just some errors in /var and /etc16:59
bazhangrecovery mode? from the grub menu?16:59
bjorkintoshhmm. the install CD doesn't show such a thing.16:59
sambaDwolhello everybody16:59
bjorkintosheg: the sound which was working just fine, is now b0rked.17:00
bjorkintoshthings like that.17:01
bjorkintoshand gdm is back, even though i want nothing to do with it.17:01
bjorkintoshremoving it from /init caused the system to hang.17:01
bjorkintosherr. /etc/init17:01
bjorkintoshafter a reboot, it wouldn't work.17:01
bjorkintoshX, ie.17:02
bjorkintoshit seemed to just hang.17:02
williamXhello everybody17:16
kunsolehi. I'm looking to buy a netbook.. best candidates I've found are the Asus Eee PC Seashell and Samsung N210..17:57
kunsoleI was wondering if either one of these is more or lesscompatible with Xubuntu ?17:58
fuyaohow do i set autostart application on 8.1018:31
Sysi(8.10 isn't supported very long anymore)18:32
Sysisettings → sesions and startup should have something18:32
bazhangits already end of life18:33
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.18:33
fuyaobut my laptop can only have 8.1018:36
fuyaoor the 3D accelaration would not work18:36
fuyaoi checked session and startup, there is no anything about setting up autostart18:37
andy_ok, so ive done some searching arround the web but nothing seems to work or make sensee. I need to modify a shortcut from the applications menu, but i can seem to understand how to modify the xfce-applications.menu file correctly19:35
andy_but just cant get to edit it. I just need for an aplication to be run as root, or atleast for it to ask for root password19:36
andy_how can i do this?19:36
andy_btw, im using 10.419:36
TheSheepandy_: you can do it by using gksu in front of the command19:45
andy_yup, but where do i edit the command line, its definetly not in xfce-applications.menu file19:45
andy_but i thnk i know now what to do thanks19:46
TheSheepandy_: the applications menu is build from files in /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications, if you want to modify any of them, just copy it from the first directory to the second and edit -- they are normal text files19:46
andy_yeah, just found that way, thanksssssss19:47
sean-laptophello all.. anyone here familiar with running xubunt on thinkpads20:36
sean-laptopcause i am trying to get my darn battery meter to show up but the xfce plugin just stays at 50%20:37
mr_pouituse xfce4-power-manager and not xfce4-battery-plugin20:40
sean-laptopwont show it20:41
sean-laptopi went to >applications >accessories >powermanagement20:42
sean-laptopand it will only show an icon when i plug it in20:42
sean-laptopi read that thinkpads are problematic20:42
sean-laptopwell older ones like mine (T20 series.. 8 years old)20:42
Sysisee settings20:43
Sysior well, it should show in any case20:43
sean-laptopsorry i meant >settings>power management20:43

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