bencrisfordhighvoltage: you've arrived!  congratulations :)21:43
bencrisfordif thats the right word... :)21:43
highvoltagebencrisford: heh, I guess :)22:12
bencrisfordhighvoltage: meetings back to normal now then?22:15
highvoltagebencrisford: yep, technically it's just one of them that's been cancelled (the other one we kind of forgot about)22:17
highvoltageor two, maybe, the two weeks have just been a blur :)22:18
highvoltagebut things should back to normal or even better now22:18
bencrisfordhighvoltage: ok lol, it feels like ages since weve had a meeting to me :/, but that just might be because ive been kind of inactive these past few weeks also22:18
bencrisfordand even better - yay :D22:18
highvoltageyeah my internet connection is more than double as fast as my old one and I don't have to pay per GB, so syncing isos/repositories/etc won't be so much of an issue :)22:19
bencrisfordthats cool :)22:20
bencrisfordhow was your travelling?  I imagine there were lots of people travelling home after the footie?22:21

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