mwhudsonwell, if you /want/ to make life hard for yourself...00:00
lifelessnot really00:00
lifelessI'm a bit short on disk right now, which is adding to the mess00:00
lifelesswhich reminds me, I think aptitude is failing to give me back a gb or three00:00
lifelessah yes, 1.2GB back00:02
lifelessthank you linux-image00:02
lifelessmwhudson: may entertain you - I just found a knit1 version of lp on my disk00:05
mwhudsongetting rid of that should save some space :)00:05
mwhudsonunless it's terribly old, i guess00:05
* mwhudson zzzz00:06
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lifelessrighto, bombs away on ec2test. Time to sleep14:03
mwhudsongosh make build takes a long time16:56
jmlmwhudson, 'make compile' is almost always enough.17:08
* mwhudson hmms17:09
mwhudson    ImportError: No module named uuid17:09
mwhudsonoh right, sourcecode17:09
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lifelessdoesn't it piss you off when you can't find a web site you knew a year ago21:23
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