MuscovyCould someone explain how publishing code in projects works? From what I've read, it only sounds like a database, and not an actual repository.03:36
lifelessMuscovy: what do you mean?03:38
MuscovyIs the code in a Launchpad project accessible like a PPA?03:39
lifelessdo you mean source code or executable code? PPA's store executable code, bzr branches store source code, and a project in LP can have both bzr branches and PPAs for it.03:40
MuscovyExecutable code.03:42
lifelessFor that you want a PPA03:45
MuscovySo the bzr branches are basically a sharing system for the source code specifically?03:47
lifelessbzr is a source code versioning system03:49
MuscovyOk, thanks!03:50
faleI'm looking for soyuz source... but I can't find it... is it close source?11:50
lifeless_bzr branch lp:launchpad11:51
lifeless_will get it11:51
lifeless_its part of launchpad11:51
poolie_hi lifeless_11:51
lifeless_the wiki dev.launchpad.net has much more info11:51
lifeless_including a HOWTO for getting up and going with a development environment11:51
lifeless_hi poolie_11:51
faleuh, thankyou :) I was looging at lp:soyuz :)11:51
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lifelesspoolie_: how is your weekend ?11:54
poolie_good, i rode around the south end of the blue mountains today11:54
poolie_it was cold but fun11:54
* Ng hrms at the translation export branch feature - can I not set it to export to a team branch? trunk for my project is owned by the project team12:28
Ng(it's happy to import from the team trunk branch, fwiw)12:29
lifelessI'm not sure, but perhaps its because it is a conceptual user12:30
lifelesspossibly you don't own the team or something?12:30
lifelessPerhaps ask a question on rosetta?12:30
Ngyeah I'll do that, I'm definitely the team admin12:31
lifelessadmin != owner12:31
lifelessnot that owner should be needed for this IMNSHO12:31
NgI set it to a test branch overnight and it's done exactly the right thing with its automated commit, and the build recipe test I did also appears to be full of win, so I was hoping that I was one local cron trigger away from daily builds with fresh translations :)12:31
Nga good point, but I'm the owner too12:32
wgrantI believe you can only se the export branch to one that you own.12:33
lifelessyou could change ownership to you12:33
lifelessset it12:33
lifelessand change it back12:33
wgrantIt doesn't complain, however, if you temporarily change the ownership, configure the  branch, then change it back.12:33
wgrantRight, that works.12:33
lifelessis there a bug on that?12:33
Ngcute :)12:34
wgrantBug #40726012:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 407260 in Launchpad Translations "Translations export branch can't be team-owned (affected: 8, heat: 27)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40726012:34
Ngawesome, thanks guys :)12:35
Lord_DeviI have a real newbie question. Kind of embarrassing really. I've just subscribed to my first Launchpad mailing list. But I do not recognize things I am used from old MajorDomo lists.. I made a post to a team list, and upon receiving a reply to my post I noticed that the From field has the private address of the actual sender to the list rather than the email of the list itself. Ok.. So if I reply to that email it should go to th16:05
Lord_Devie sender and not back to the list I thought. Unless.. I opened the Email details and tried to search for a Reply-To: field that perhaps is not visible in the main header.. And no! So there is no Reply-To: field inside the email, and the sender is the actual sender, not the list! So HOW do I reply to the email via the mailing list then?16:05
Lord_DeviI MUST be missing something INCREDIBLY obvious..16:06
Lord_DeviOk.. I think I found the answer pouring through help.launchpad.net, at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/33649 it seems to be instructing me to use "Reply to All" in my email client. Sorry to bother you guys.16:12
Kangaroooim registrant of https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-theme/+spec/orange-ud-theme but this blueprint doesnt show in https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/~kangarooo/+specs?role=registrant16:53
mwhudsonKangarooo: probably because it's obsolete16:55
Kangarooomwhudson: ah maybe couse its made that its Completed ?16:58
mwhudsonsomething like that yeah16:58
Kangaroooah now i see where that obsolete can be changed.. whats use of obsolete? when to use that?16:59
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LaserJockdoes anybody happen to know how often LP retries a PPA package that is in dep wait?20:55
geserLaserJock: it should happen once the dep is there, but I don't know how often the script for is run20:57
LaserJockgeser: any rough idea? like daily or more often?20:58
gesermore often, several times an hour I guess20:59
mwhudsonLaserJock: looks like hourly, but don't quote me on that21:00
geserwhy? does it work for you?21:00
LaserJockwell, I've been waiting for Unity packages for over a day21:00
LaserJockfinally unity got built but of course it was built last21:00
LaserJockso 2 dependent packages are in dep wait21:01
LaserJockjust a "OMG, I want the latest crack" question :-)21:01
geserhave you the link to that PPA?21:02
geserinteresting, I assumed it should have been picked up by now21:26
LaserJockgeser: it is now, now waiting for a build22:42
LaserJockthe i386 builds must have been really backed up22:42
LaserJockit took 30+ hrs I think for the unity package to get a build22:42
geserLaserJock: not anymore (only 175 jobs in queue), but there was an archive test-rebuild in the recent days23:04
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