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coz_hey guys... has lucid's wallpaper options been fixed in maverick?00:54
coz_is there a hash for maverick iso?00:59
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drdozerHi - I updated to Merecat 2 days ago11:18
drdozerit went very well11:18
drdozerexcept, if the screensaver comes on, I can't get back into kde11:18
coz_hey guys... so far on maveick the wallpaper options are still not working... is this planned to be fixed??12:19
Crashbitcoz_: working correctly for me12:20
coz_Crashbit,  I meant on dual monitor systems12:21
CrashbitI have only one monitor12:22
coz_Crashbit,  yes on single monitor they sort of pretend to work :)  but on dual monitors they dont work at all12:22
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/16:07
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DrHalan1i still have nouveau booting instead of nivdia-current19:29
BUGabundo$ acpi -t19:31
BUGabundoThermal 0: ok, 76.0 degrees C19:31
BUGabundoI bet my CPU is throtling now19:31
BUGabundothat why its soooo slow19:32
DrHalan1can i somehow remove the novueau kernel module to prevent it from being loaded?19:34
DrHalan1it is already blacklisted..19:34
bjsniderDrHalan1, make sure the nvidia driver is listed in /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:50
DrHalanbjsinsider i've run the nvidia-xconfig thing so it should..20:55
DrHalanmh doesn't hlep21:00
DrHalani think the problem is not the xorg-conf but the kernel loading nouveau21:00
Volkodavhttp://pastie.org/1030372  does that look like the disk is dying ?21:02
bjsniderVolkodav, why not look in the palimpsest utility? system>administration>disk utility21:04
bjsniderthat gives you the smart data21:04
Volkodavmakes sense21:04
Volkodavit keeps unmounting this sucker21:04
Volkodavsmart says it has a few bad blocks - same as xfs utilities21:07
DrHalan"modprobe nvidia" tells me "nvidia not found "21:07
DrHalanam i missing a kernel module?21:07
Volkodavi guess it is going down - f@#$ng Western Digital piece of shit - the 4 th drive is dying on me with a year21:08
bjsniderDrHalan, run the command: dkms status21:08
DrHalannvidia-current, 256.35, 2.6.35-6-generic, x86_64: installed21:08
DrHalanlooks fine..21:08
bjsnidercheck this:21:08
DrHalanor maybe jockey is broken and jsut tellls me its not activated..21:08
bjsnidercat /lib/nvidia-current/modprobe.conf21:09
DrHalanbut i have kms so i must just noveau21:09
DrHalanblacklist nouveau21:09
DrHalanblacklist lbm-nouveau21:09
DrHalanblacklist nvidia-17321:09
DrHalanblacklist nvidia-9621:09
DrHalanthat looks fine too..21:09
DrHalanwhat video cards are supported by the newest driver?21:09
bjsnidercat /usr/lib/nvidia-current/modprobe.conf21:09
DrHalani have a GeForce 7900 GT21:09
bjsniderthat is supported21:10
DrHalansays: alias nvidia nvidia-current21:10
bjsniderput that in the other file too21:10
DrHalandoes taht set the name for the kernel module?21:10
bjsnidersudo echo "alias nvidia nvidia-current" >> /lib/nvidia-current/modprobe.conf21:10
bjsniderit means the nvidia-current module is also going to be called nvidia21:11
DrHalanit says permission denied21:11
DrHalanill use gedit21:11
DrHalanokay i guess i have to reboot21:12
bjsnidertry the modprobe command now21:12
DrHalanoh okay it didn't output anything so i guessed it worked21:12
bjsniderit did21:12
DrHalanif i restart now will it default to nvidia?21:12
bjsniderit will21:13
bjsnidervery much so21:13
DrHalanokay ill try that21:13
DrHalanthank you very much :)21:13
DrHalanjockey still says that nvidia-current isn't used but according to the logfile it is21:20

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