lfitzis there a guide to install ubuntu onto an SD card?05:18
lfitzfor the sheevaplug05:18
lfitzis there a default password for root on ubuntu-arm i followed this guide: http://plugcomputer.org/plugwiki/index.php/Ubuntu_9.0.4_Plug_Computer_Distribution#Building_a_rootfs_to_install_Ubuntu_on_an_SD_Card_or_USB_Drive07:01
lfitzalso, i can login to the user account i created, but i cant login as root07:02
lfitzor sudo07:02
lfitzsudo outputs: must be setuid root07:02
lfitzugh, i chown'd everything so i could move it before putting it on the sd card and forgot...thats why that happened ^^^07:13
DanaGyeah, next time sudo tar. =รพ07:36
lfitzDanaG actually im still stuck07:38
lfitzdo i have to build the rootfs again?07:38
lfitzbecause i basically have no root, correct?07:38
sechristare there prebuilt armv6 images?08:06
sechristheh perhaps I should read further down the page next time. Found one08:07
sechristhttp://w3.impa.br/~gabrield/data/click.php?id=4 shows php source hehe08:08
dcordessomebody has a secret deb to fix rootstock ?11:19
dcordesso far it only worked with karmic in karmic for me11:22
dcordescreating lucid rootfs from lucid it hangs building iso locales or so (that's in bugzilla for 3 months or so)11:24
dcordesnot exactly specific to roostcok: getting lucid minimal rootfs and installing the desktop task results in dependency problems11:25
dcordesworked around it and got non working usb keyboard in gdm11:25
dcordesbuilding maverick image from lucid results in segfault11:26
dcordesalternatively, somebody has a clue where to get finished lucid or maverick desktop tarballs ?11:29
armin76sechrist: ubuntu doesn't support armv6 anymore, 9.10 is the last release supporting armv6+vfp(so no qualcomm)12:00
sechristarmin76: thanks, I figured this out a few hours ago12:00
armin76someone from ubuntu should answer those questions instead of me :)12:00
armin76dcordes: ogra is the one you should poke about it12:01
dcordesarmin76: it's armv7 only now ?12:02
dcordesogra: poke12:02
dcordeson a side note I considered reporting on bugzilla instead of here12:02
dcordesbut everything is present already12:02
dcordesI am just wondering if somebody is working on this12:03
armin76dcordes: yes12:03
dcordessechrist: which device do you have ?12:03
sechristdcordes: kindle12:04
dcordesisn't ubuntu a bit 'big' for it ?12:04
dcordesdid you consider something openembedded based ?12:04
sechristnfs dawg12:04
sechristnah I haven't, I can't replace the kernel either12:04
sechristI just wanted something to chroot into12:04
lfitzhi, my sheevaplug stops booting at uncompressing the kernel...booting the kernel.12:04
dcordesoh that sucks12:04
sechristwell I probably could replace the kernel12:05
sechristbut I don't have a serial cable. I don't want to risk a brick.12:05
dcordeslfitz: what build do you use?12:05
dcordessechrist: lol then don't :)12:05
lfitzdo you mean the kernel number?12:06
dcordeslfitz: I mean your entire setup12:06
lfitzuboot 3.4.1912:07
dcordesyou built this yourself ?12:07
lfitzit was working12:07
lfitzuntil i tried to go and install ubuntu :P12:07
lfitzi ran debian, now both sd cards stop at the same place12:07
dcordeson first look it seems unrealted to ubuntu12:07
dcordesmaybe file corruption?12:07
lfitzwell...not on the sd cards12:08
lfitzcause i have two12:08
lfitzpossibly on nand cause theres a crc error12:08
dcordesthere you go12:08
lfitzbut i think its unrelated12:08
dcordesrebuild the kernel12:08
lfitzcause it was booting debian from sd today12:08
dcordescopy it again12:08
dcordescheck md512:08
lfitzrebuild the kernel on sd card?12:09
lfitzi just downloaded it from sheeva.with-linux.com/sheeva12:09
dcordesI don't know how you build your kernel12:09
dcordesyou said you were building yourself.12:09
lfitzwell, heres what i have done...12:09
lfitzused rootstock to build a....?filesystem?....then downloaded the kernel headers, extracted them to the filesystem, and the modules12:10
dcordesarmin76: any clue where to get prebuilt arm tarballs ? I can only find some minimal builds.12:11
lfitzalong with uimage12:11
tmzt_does qemu-debootstrap work?12:11
lfitzpreferably i would like to default the plug, but i dont know if its possible...12:11
dcordesthis all irrelevant if your kernel fails uncompressing12:11
dcordesyou flash the kernal image to nand ?12:11
lfitzis there an easier way to restore the factory install12:11
armin76dcordes: sorry i don't, i don't even use ubuntu myself12:11
dcordeshi tmzt_12:12
tmzt_sechrist: isn't kindle arm11?12:12
dcordestmzt_: big rootstock disappointment here12:12
dcordestmzt_: did you ever use it ?12:12
tmzt_no, I'm just reading the changelogs on my maverick update12:13
tmzt_I hadn't heard of qemu-debootstrap before12:13
dcordestmzt_: it is installed on my lucid host12:13
tmzt_cp $(which "qemu-$qemu_arch-static") "$target/usr/bin"12:16
tmzt_run chroot "$target" /debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage12:16
lfitzdcordes:  would it be wise to set the username in rootstock to root12:16
sechristtmzt_: you reading wikipedia?12:16
tmzt_that's from the script, okay12:16
tmzt_sechrist: no, why?12:16
sechristtmzt_: because it's armv612:16
tmzt_yep, armv6==arm1112:16
tmzt_neither is supported in lucid or maverick to my knowledge12:16
sechristI'm running 912:16
lfitzdcordes:  http://plugcomputer.org/plugwiki/index.php/Ubuntu_9.0.4_Plug_Computer_Distribution#Building_a_rootfs_to_install_Ubuntu_on_an_SD_Card_or_USB_Drive12:18
lfitzthats the guide i followed...12:19
sechristso is cross compiling even worth trying12:20
sechristor is there like architecture-sound emulators (I'm thinking qemu but I haven't ever used it)12:20
dcordeslfitz: You should download the kernel place the uImage in the boot directory of the filesystem12:21
sechristlike a full running arm nix system inside an emu on x8612:21
dcordeslfitz: make sure nothing goes wrong during that step12:21
dcordeslfitz: check md5sum of kernel inside your SD /boot/ vs kernel image from the download source12:21
lfitzwell sheeva.with-linux.com has kernel-headers...12:21
lfitzis that the kernel...12:21
dcordesthis is the kernel12:22
dcordesget this along with the modules http://sheeva.with-linux.com/sheeva/2.6.34/sheeva-2.6.34-Modules.tar.gz12:22
lfitzwhat about kernel headers, no need for it?12:23
dcordesthis is the device specific part you need12:23
dcordesunless you want to compile some modules12:23
dcordeslater on12:23
lfitzso im running rootstock again to build the rootfs, and then ill add sheeva-2.6.34-uImage to \\boot and sheeva-2.6.34-Modules (extracted) to rootfs12:24
lfitzerr //boot12:24
lfitz/ boot12:24
dcordesif you still have the .tar.gz from your previous roostcok build, you do not need to build it again12:25
tmzt_sheeva only has one ethernet?12:25
lfitzdump it to sd card, modify the environment settings to boot from sd and hopefully boot sucessfully...12:25
lfitztmzt_:  yes only one12:25
dcordestmzt_: uboot able to mount rootfs ?12:26
dcordestmzt_: just wondering if he needs to flash uimage12:26
tmzt_too bad, I might need a voip proxy for a project12:26
tmzt_dcordes: what do you mean?12:26
tmzt_if I understand rootfs is just a kernel parameter12:26
dcordeslfitz: he's told to put uImage in /boot12:27
dcordesand I'm wondering if the bootloader can access it12:27
dcordesor if he needs to flash12:27
lfitzyeah, it can access uImage, its offset at 0x8000000012:28
lfitzand it reads all the bytes12:28
lfitzi mean, the total number of bytes of the uImage12:29
dcordeslfitz: so you got anywhere with the clean reinstall ?14:06
sechristdcordes: I'm having weird issues where I can't access the internet inside my chroot, but I can outside14:26
sechristI mounted the various system endpoints and stuff too.. no idea14:27
tmzt_probably dns14:27
sechristpinging fails14:27
tmzt_copy /etc/resolv.conf14:27
sechrist"operation not permitted"14:27
sechristnot dns14:27
tmzt_you don't have root?14:27
sechristof course I have root14:27
sechristI don't have strace in the chroot but i'll try and copy the one I have over14:28
dcordessechrist: I have hada similar problem in karmic where I could not user network interfaces as non privileged user. this was native rather than chroot14:28
sechristadded as comment to gist above14:29
sechristO.o @ that14:29
sechristumoven input/output error14:30
sechristso it's a ptrace problem?14:31
sechristoooh it's not that14:36
sechristit's getuid32 failing14:36
sechristoh, no, meh14:38
dcordessechrist: did you do lucid lynx tarball with rootstock ?14:39
sechristnah this is armv614:39
sechristit's 9.10.214:39
sechristubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel to be exact I guess14:40
sechristI extracted the rootfs tarball and just mounted it14:40
sechristI didn't need to provision it or anything right?14:40
sechristit's not like I was booting off of it14:40
dcordesjust wondering cause I have severe problems creating tarballs with roostock with anything > karmic14:41
sechristv6 device running v7 code?14:41
sechristmystery solved14:57
sechristpermissions error14:57
sechristsome critical shit was owned by my macbook user14:57
tmzt_did you post an strace?14:58
tmzt_I think I know the issue but I'd like to confirm14:58
sechristdude I am totally apt-get installing on a kindle. huuah15:00
tmzt_I think it wasn't able to read either /etc/resolv.conf or other /etc/ file or a required lib because of the permissions issue15:00
sechristmost likely a lib15:00
sechristI did a few stats and went doh when I saw the userid owning the files was 503, so I did a find/exec loop15:01
Jameswstubbsogra, Is this http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/mobile/ possible on armv6?15:44
JameswstubbsI'd like to use it for iPhone port15:53
GrueMasterJameswstubbs: The image you are referring to at ~ogra/mobile is specific to an Intel project over two years ago.  It is not arm based, it is lpia (Intel Atom/Poulsbo).16:14
JameswstubbsHm, Is there a list of the software/configs so I can check ports.ubuntu.com16:16
JameswstubbsMaybe piece bits together16:16
GrueMasterEsentially, Jaunty is Armv5, Karmic is Armv6+vfp, and Lucid+ is Armv7+thumb2.16:18
GrueMasterI don'tknow what is in the original iPhone.  You might want to stick with debian.16:18
GrueMasterAt least that way you can have access to the latest software but built for older hardware.16:19
JameswstubbsI've just finished booting Karmic on the iPhone 3g, I'm wanting to choose a more appropriate wm before release,16:19
JameswstubbsConsidering matchbox16:19
JameswstubbsBut this is more attractive16:19
gsneddersThe 3G is a Cortex A8, AFAIK16:23
gsneddersOh, it's only the 3GS that's Cortex A816:23
JameswstubbsYep, i think iphone 4 is a4 or whatever it's called. Im only working on 2G and 3G atm16:24
gsneddersA4 is just a Cortex A8 impl16:24
JameswstubbsI havn't looked into, I can't afford one16:25
lfitzhi, i can boot ubuntu on my sheevaplug from an sd card now...however i can not login, i followed this guide...17:35
lfitzat this section: '  sudo ./rootstock -f sheevaplug -l [username] -p nosoup4u -d jaunty --serial ttyS0 --seed ssh' i set my username to root17:36
lfitzwith a temp password17:37
lfitzand i tried to login as root with the temp passwd and even the default password in that line and it says login incorrect...17:37
lfitzsince the fs is on sd can i edit a text file such as /etc/passwd to add a new user/pass?17:37
lfitzor does it need to be done, once logged in...17:37
lfitzhi orga: the README in rootstock fs says to contact you here... or by email, are you around?17:39
dcordeslfitz: can you share how you came over the can't extract kernel Image problem ? was the reason you did not have a kernel image in /boot ?19:53
dcordeslfitz: ogra is busy fixing rootstock I guess :P19:54
dcordeslfitz: are you 100% sure you usin the same password you specified with the rootstock command ?19:54
lfitzdcordes:  100% sure20:34
lfitzit worked initially, on the first attempt...but when i tried to switch to root i got an error 'setuid root'20:35
lfitzor whenever i tried to sudo i got that error20:35
lfitzdcordes:  i switched from ext3 to ext2 because i only had one partition20:36
lfitzthe command to boot is ext2load20:36
lfitzso i figured ext2 fs would be best20:36
lfitzbasically /boot needs to be ext220:36
dcordesI see20:37
dcordesso that was the source of the unable to uncompress image erorr ?20:37
lfitzim not sure....but i think thats the only thing i changed...20:37
lfitzi would rewrite the section in the plugwiki about using rootstockfs, its missing a few words (not meaning to insult anyone) but its a little hard to follow20:38
dcordesgo for it that's why it's a wiki20:39
lfitzbut thats not ubuntu-arm... its at plugwiki / ubuntu 9.0420:39
lfitzalright :)20:39
dcordesI've been asking you so that others can contribute when they read the logs of this channel20:40
dcordesfoss we are doomed to work toegether20:40
lfitzokay, thats a good idea :)20:40
dcordesso to get back to your login problem20:41
lfitzi will try to write the rootfs from scratch for sheevaplug entirely :)20:41
dcordesI've had the exact same problem20:41
dcordeswith lucid lynx rootstock20:41
lfitzno way! :P20:41
dcordesit is specific to rootstock20:41
dcordesand seems to exist across different versions20:42
lfitzi switched the sd card into my laptop and tried chrooting to it so i could add users20:42
lfitzbut that didnt work either20:42
dcordesyxou don't need to  chroot20:42
lfitzno exec error20:42
dcordesyou can spare the chroot part20:42
dcordesjust mount he rootfs20:42
dcordesand copy the passwd and groups etc from your known work ubuntu rootfs.20:42
lfitz/etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow?20:44
lfitzokay that works, however it only works for one user the primary user and not the root account20:48
lfitzand it logins then quickly logs out20:48
lfitzcould it be because i dont have a /home/dir20:48
dcordeslfitz: what is it ?20:51
lfitzum, i copied the /etc files you mentioned20:51
lfitzbut the /home/username directory on the sd cards dont exist..yet20:51
dcordesI mean, you logging in on the text terminal or graphical ?20:52
dcordesok it worked for me w/o /home/username20:53
dcordesjust got warning20:53
lfitzi get the default log in message20:53
lfitzbut then im asked for my password again20:53
lfitzusername and password*20:53
lfitzdcordes:  ^^20:56
dcordesI hate roostock20:57
dcordesI mean it's not a bad concept20:57
dcordesbut needs much love20:57
dcordesspent way too much time wit it this week20:57
lfitzany idea how to get the default ubuntu image back?20:58
dcordeslfitz: ask #ubuntu20:58
lfitzokay, thanks20:58
lfitzthank you for the help20:58
dcordesthe cause of the problem is specific to rootstock20:58
dcordesor the arm repos...20:58
dcordesbut way to solve it is generic so you can go ask anywhere20:59
dcordesno problem20:59
dcordesyou welcome20:59
dcordeswhat do you mean get default ubuntu image back ?20:59
lfitzdcordes:  the plug ships with ubuntu installed21:08
lfitzbut i think i bricked it just now21:08
dcordesput your cheepoplug in the trashcan and get something decent like new gumstix21:09
zumbiarmin76: remember where i used to work? right by us are developing a new product based on igepv2 :)21:15
JameswstubbsHow do use apt-cache with rootstock?21:32
michaelh1 Jameswstubbs: I've used rootstock with apt-cacher-ng quite happily...21:40
michaelh1(oh, sorry, wrong tool)21:40
JameswstubbsDo you just install apt-cache on host machine?21:40
JameswstubbsAnything else need to be done?21:40
JameswstubbsI spent 6 hours making a ubuntu-rootfs only to accidently format my image :p21:41
michaelh1What would you like to achieve?21:42
JameswstubbsTo not need to download all the dpkg's over and over again21:43
JameswstubbsI might just make a backup of the tarball this time21:43
michaelh1Ah.  A couple of options - use --copy-package-cache/--save-package-cache, or use a APT proxy like apt-cacher-ng21:44
michaelh1I use the latter and am quite happy with it.  Set http_proxy and /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/proxy to point to the cache and the rest just flows...21:45
JameswstubbsAh thank you :) I think i'll use --copy-package-cache21:48

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