krypticis that when the next LTS would be released?00:00
phillwthe next LTS will be april 2012, but LTS are supported for five years00:01
krypticgot it00:06
phillwkryptic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS explains about the release schedule00:06
krypticdoes empathy support IRC?00:15
ddecatornot very well, but yes00:15
phillwkryptic: http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/FAQ#IRC00:17
phillwddecator: I'm still in the stone age and use pidgin :-) It supports IRC quite well enough for me ;-)00:25
ddecatori hear pidgin is decent for IRC, but empathy is pretty basic00:25
zkriesselol phillw00:26
zkriessephillw: come to -wiki00:26
DarkNemesis_hmm where to get a mirror from for brainstorm?01:10
DarkNemesis_ie the ubuntu site01:10
phillwhttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ is this what you need?01:12
phillwnhandler: ping01:52
zkriessephillw: whats up?01:52
phillwzkriesse: nothing,01:56
phillwhe is my master https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Structure01:56
zkriesseyes i know01:58
hobgoblinmorning nUboon2Age greenjon07:28
ddecatorevening hobgoblin and greenjon :)07:30
hobgoblinhi ddecator07:30
greenjonhehe. how goes it?07:30
hobgoblinslowly, it is first thing in the morning :)07:32
greenjonwhat time is it for you?07:32
ddecator2:33am here, and building xulrunner and firefox nightlies :)07:33
greenjoni shouldn't have evening exactly. it's 11:32 p.m. for me07:33
ddecatorsomeone is on the west coast :p07:33
greenjonnorthern cali07:33
greenjonused to be oregon until i decided for whatever reason to move here heh07:34
greenjonsorry if i'm a bit talkative. really bored and trying to unwind from a really stressful day07:35
greenjonhello zkriesse07:37
zkriesseuh hi?07:37
* zkriesse is a newb07:37
* ddecator was unaware zkriesse was a newb07:38
zkriesseddecator: you could have let me try and confuse greenjon07:38
zkriesseddecator: you done ruined my fun dog07:38
ddecatorzkriesse: i think the fact that you have voice kinda ruined that from the start >.>07:38
zkriesseddecator: sure07:38
greenjonah, but you couldn't have confused me. i come in here quite a bit. i just don't talk much :P07:38
ddecatorgreenjon: you lurker :p07:39
greenjonwas still worth a shot though. i'll give you that lol07:39
hobgoblinddecator: I was aware zkriesse was a noob ;)07:39
zkriessehobgoblin: hey you pixie07:39
hobgoblinno pixie here - maybe a piskie, maybe an elfy, a hobgoblin and a urukhai though :D07:40
zkriesseok i pick the urukhai07:40
* zkriesse is a Elf though07:40
hobgoblinfunny I thought you were a troll ...07:41
zkriesseoh shut up07:41
hobgoblinTHAT is against the CoC and as a voiced user - you shut up :)07:41
zkriesseoh hobgoblin you'll always be the best07:44
=== zkriesse is now known as Glorfindel
* Glorfindel annihilates hobgoblin the Urukhai07:56
hobgoblinmorning MarkDud07:57
Glorfindelhobgoblin: why sigh?07:58
MarkDudHello hobgoblin07:58
hobgoblinGlorfindel: you think that a nick change does these things - I actually am a goblin :D had you forgotten?07:59
Glorfindelhobgoblin: oh please08:00
Glorfindelhobgoblin: send me a pic then i'll believe you08:00
hobgoblinGlorfindel: I will get one of my lot to do a woodcarving in the tree just up the road from you - no camera I'm afraid08:01
hobgoblinall quiet on the western front then08:05
* Glorfindel stalks in08:06
hobgoblinand slips up08:06
Glorfindelforgot my bow08:07
hobgoblinyou don't need to bow - I really hate that08:07
Glorfindelah forget it08:07
=== Glorfindel is now known as zkriesse
ddecatormy transitioning from this convo to reddit and back is surprisingly smooth08:07
zkriessehey ddecator you play urban terror?08:08
ddecatorzkriesse: never heard of it08:08
* hobgoblin is urban terror08:08
zkriesseddecator: look it up in software center08:08
hobgoblinI hate that new app :(08:09
ddecatorzkriesse: not seein' it08:10
ddecatorhobgoblin: there's an app for that08:10
zkriesseddecator: your using 'buntu right?08:10
hobgoblinthe software centre08:10
greenjoni'm not fond of the software center myself...08:10
* greenjon shrugs08:11
ddecatorzkriesse: yes*08:11
* ddecator still uses synaptic08:11
zkriesseddecator: Urban Terror08:11
ddecatorzkriesse: nothin'08:12
jon__How many homosexuals can you fit into an industrial blender?08:12
zkriessejon__: ah thats not appropriate for this chanel08:12
hobgoblinignore the trolls08:13
zkriesseddecator: ah sorry..you need the GetDeb repository for it08:13
hobgoblinthey go away eventually08:13
ddecatorzkriesse: yah i don't have that anymore08:13
zkriesseddecator: ok get it back and then get urban terror08:13
ddecatorzkriesse: ...why?08:14
zkriesseddecator: because its awesome08:14
zkriesseddecator: and i wanna pawn you08:14
ddecatorzkriesse: i might another night, but not right now08:14
zkriesselet me know if you do08:14
ddecatorsure thing08:15
aweShould the police use midget officers for sting operations on paedophiles?08:15
greenjonthat is one bored troll...08:18
hobgoblinwell there are a couple of buntu ops idling in here - pity they are away08:19
ddecatorwoot, got FF 4 working again08:19
hobgoblinddecator: and what does FF4 bring that doesn;t include a few microseconds speed improvement?08:20
ddecatorhobgoblin: compared to which version of FF?08:21
hobgoblinwhatever is current in lucid08:21
raw__Does eating brown bread make you a racist?08:21
hobgoblingreenjon: ty - I rarely take any notice of any of the version numbers of anything other than the release :D08:22
zkriesseraw__: HAHA08:22
greenjoni only know because i just checked :P08:22
greenjoni knew it was 3.6.something08:22
zkriessegreenjon: you use ff?08:22
ddecatorFF 4 includes Sync (i think it's built in...i've always had it installed) and WebM support, plus the bit of extra speed. no major ui changes yet08:23
ddecator3.6.6 already has lorentz included08:23
zkriesselatah team08:25
greenjoncya :)08:26
ddecatorcya zkriesse08:26
=== Guest26822 is now known as Puck`
vaeyIf I steal a rotten apple, is that a crime?09:14
Puck`jesus will not love you, that's for sure09:15
seidosvaey, where are you "stealing" it from?09:18
seidosor is "a rotten apple" a euphemism for a macbook?09:19
Puck`guess we'll never find out09:20
hobgoblinplease don't feed the trolls - he's been in and out all morning09:22
hobgoblinand morning Puck`09:24
Puck`oh ya, hi there hobgoblin :P09:24
hobgoblinhow are you?09:28
Puck`sleepy still09:29
Puck`how you doin' goblin friend?09:34
hobgoblinpretty good thanks - you?09:39
Puck`i share your state of 'doin'09:39
greenjonk 1:46 a.m.09:46
greenjonnight guys09:46
Puck`c u09:46
=== Puck` is now known as Guest62446
lukjadguerd87 !12:19
lukjadGuest62446 !12:19
bobo123I have problems with getting games use the screen fullscreen....13:04
bobo123I assume that something fails at changing resolution so it paints black on the rest of the screen. are there something bad with my settings? I use nvidias graphic drivers13:05
geirhaI don't have time to help you at the moment, but I recommend you provide some additional info to make it easier for others to help you.  1. what type of game? native linux or windows via wine? 2) Using Compiz? 3) What resolution does the game try to use?13:29
bobo123both starcarft in wine, and for example extremtuxracer.13:30
bobo123I'll be back later13:30
=== Puck` is now known as Guest28700
mohi57o9hobgoblin, what application you prefer to create a movie?14:55
=== Guest28700 is now known as Puck`
hobgoblinmohi57o9: not something I have done15:12
mohi57o9aww ok15:12
bobo123mohi57o9: nice to hear that you are creating a movie, remember to tell us when it is finished :-) what kind of movie are you creating, a carton, a 3D computer graphics thing or one with live actors?15:21
mohi57o9bobo123, just a small skit like with live actors =]15:22
bobo123I think there are lots of good video editors, you could perhaps try cinelerra15:26
DarkNemesis_i want to make i list of all uk government departments on twitter so i can keep a track of them but not have my main feed full of spam how can i make a list from downingstreetgov ?15:55
DarkNemesis_the people they follow15:56
bobo123if anyone what to do so fullscreen games can change the screen resolution fit their needa, just beep here and I'll be back later, ok?17:26
bobo123for example the native linux game Monsterz, that uses 640x480, but for me is presented in the middle of the 1600x1200 screen instead :-(17:27
bobo123I use nvidias graphic drivers, and I think I have compiz running (a ps shows /usr/bin/compiz running), but I certianly don't need it (should I turn compiź off and how?)17:29
krypticwhere can i find installed programs within the file system?17:39
philinux"/bin and /usr/bin"17:44
philinuxkryptic or go into synaptic and select the app in question and hit the installed files tab17:45
krypticphilinux:synaptic gives me many locations. im in a fix as to which one contains the file that runs the program17:51
kryptictried a couple but its no good17:52
philinuxkryptic: which program17:53
krypticprograms i install like xchat17:55
philinuxOr just xchat from a terminal will launch it.17:57
philinuxYou can use from the terminal "which xchat" without quotes17:58
philinuxOr "locate xchat" but then you get everything17:58
krypticnice. i was getting a little troubled17:59
philinuxkryptic: don't get troubled there's always an answer out there :)18:00
krypticphilinux:there certainly is18:09
bdfam0916Any gvfs experts out there?18:29
Fanshawehey everybody. I tried to configure LVM to recognise two apparently separate hard drives as one volume.18:49
FanshaweIt seems to have worked when I look at the disk usage analyser (with the total space showing up as the sum of both drives) but everytime I get close to 4GB (the space of the first device) I get low space warnings.18:50
FanshaweHave I done something wrong? Is there a simple way to recognise all devices as one drive so I can stop worrying about disk space?18:52
FanshaweIf I can't do that, is there a way to install new programs on the second drive?18:52
stlsaintFanshawe: one sec18:56
stlsaintyou have lvm configured correctly?18:58
stlsaintFanshawe: i suggest reading the man pages on lvm...its really short and easy to configure your current setup18:58
FanshaweAlright. Thanks. Any chance of a link?18:59
ubot2Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto18:59
stlsaintFanshawe: open a terminal and type: man lvm18:59
FanshaweOkay. It displays all of the commands... I can edit volumes from here?19:01
stlsaintFanshawe: are your volumes mounted currently?19:02
Fanshawethe second device is mounted, but I19:03
Fanshawe'm not sure if the volume is19:03
Zaximhello people19:04
ZaximI'm having a problem getting my xfs partition to mount19:05
stlsaintFanshawe: to maipulate volumes they must be unmounted...you may have to do your work via the livecd19:05
ZaximI think I was able to mount the volume once19:06
stlsaintZaxim: have tou tried mounting it in fstab?19:06
Zaximbut after that I keep getting xfs filesystem not recognized19:06
Zaximso I modprobed xfs, like google told me too19:06
Zaximmodprobe xfs, returns Error inserting xfs [PATH.ko]: Cannot allocate memory19:06
stlsaintZaxim: i have never modprobed a xfs setup so honestly im probably of no use to ya19:07
Zaximthanks anyway :)19:08
Zaximanyone else know what could be my problem? I think it's a general issue with loading kernel modules and not being able to allocate memory, but google hasn't been able to help me19:08
* zkriesse has no idea atm sorry19:10
Zaximit's all gravy I guess19:10
stlsaintzkriesse: LOL...wheres ibuclaw when you need him!!19:11
zkriessestlsaint: i know right!19:11
Zaximwho is this ibuclaw you speak of?19:12
zkriesseZaxim: A super uber awesome dude who knows everything19:12
zkriesseZaxim: he's nobody19:12
Zaxima nobody, yet super awesome, an interesting dichotomy19:13
zkriesseIt's called sarcasm19:13
Zaximwhich has been proven countless time to not translate well over the internet :)19:14
stlsaintZaxim: ibuclaw is one of the people in this channel who could help you...a few others arond just not in right now19:14
phillwZaxim: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1277883 may be of help to you, i've no experirence of xfs19:14
Zaximthat looks promising. Since my issue appears to be the kernel module, and not fstab19:15
stlsaintZaxim: my i ask why you choose xfs over ext4 or btrfs?19:16
ZaximI have a 1TB drive with media on it, like movies and music, that I've had for like two years. I went with XFS because of the alleged better handling of large files19:16
ZaximI am tempted to just reformat this drive to ext4 or something, because I do have all the files backed up19:17
Zaximbut this does concern me that I can't load any xfs drives :(19:17
Zaximstlsaint: and what is btrfs?19:18
stlsaintZaxim: all benchmarks really do show ext4 as the better filesystem!19:18
stlsaintZaxim: btrfs==the FUTURE!!19:18
Zaximah, based on btrees19:19
ZaximI'm liking this fault tolerance stuff19:20
stlsaintZaxim: system restore also!19:20
ZaximI assume I'd have to do something crazy like compile my own kernel?19:20
stlsaintZaxim: nope19:21
stlsaintZaxim: actually btrfs is already in fedora and is moving quikly into mainstream ubuntu19:21
Zaximwe'll have to see what the perf is like19:22
phillwstlsaint: i was under the impression that btrfs is not quite ready for / ?19:22
stlsaintphillw: on the contrary it is IMO19:23
stlsaintit has already been put in use...19:23
Zaximto be fair, people are usually pretty cautious, look how long it took before ext4 was accepted as / vs ext319:23
phillwi'm still on ext4, but am following the discussion on the 10.10 testing area.19:23
Zaximok, another newbie question, how do I see what version of a package I have installed?19:25
zkriesseZaxim: which package19:26
geirhaaptitude show mountall  or  aptitude -F %V search mountall19:27
phillwZaxim: mountall --version19:27
Zaximhmm ok19:28
Zaximso phillw, the thread you linked me too was referring to versions of mountall lower than 2.019:28
phillwit was about the most recent one i could find. most of others refer back to 7.04 !!!19:29
Zaximthat's what I found too with my google searching19:29
Zaximbut no dice, I'm running on 2.15 evidently19:29
Zaximand I'm not convinced it's an fstab issue19:29
zkriessehey phillw off topic, how's Lubuntu?19:31
phillwcoming alon well, alpha2 for 10.10 is out and about19:35
=== zkriesse is now known as mohi
=== mohi is now known as zkriesse
stlsaintcareful zkriesse :P19:48
zkriessestlsaint: careful?19:49
stlsaintzkriesse: you know how folks feel about name changing in the channel19:49
stlsaintjust dont want folks getting *too* frisky...NOT saying your doing anything wrong19:50
zkriessestlsaint: ah yes, i was just checking the info on a nick19:50
win_2_linuxsoftware center, synoptic nor apt-get is working19:55
win_2_linuxsoftware center and synaptic start then go gray and quit19:56
zkriessewin_2_linux: what did you do?19:57
win_2_linuxnothing havent used them in a few days,19:57
win_2_linuxjust tried apt-get upgrade because the upgrade manager doesn't work either19:57
win_2_linuxand i get bus errordepency tree19:58
win_2_linuxoops thats errordependency tree19:59
win_2_linux/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/apt/aptcache.py:40: GtkWarning: gtk_container_add: assertion `GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed20:01
win_2_linux  gtk.main_iteration()20:01
win_2_linuxBus error20:01
win_2_linuxthis what i get when i try to run it from terminal20:01
phillwwin_2_linux: head over to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1500473 it looks like your issue, and has a solved tag (I love solved tags :-D )20:04
win_2_linuxok will try20:05
win_2_linuxnope didn't solve it for me20:11
win_2_linuxstill grays out and quits20:11
phillwfrom terminal, does gksudo software-center20:18
win_2_linuxstarts up turns gray and quits20:19
win_2_linuxdoesn't even ask me for my password, apt-get doesn't work either nor synaptic nor upgrade center20:20
win_2_linuxthey all worked fine a couple of days ago, thats the last time I used them20:20
phillwhave you recently added ubuntu-restricted-extras to your repo list?20:20
=== pedro_ is now known as pedro3005
win_2_linuxphillw no20:21
win_2_linux/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/apt/aptcache.py:40: GtkWarning: gtk_container_add: assertion `GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed20:22
win_2_linux  gtk.main_iteration()20:22
win_2_linuxthats what i get when trying to run it from terminal also20:22
win_2_linuxtrying to run synaptic from terminal sudo synaptic i get bus error20:23
newboon2age_win_2_linux: hi20:24
win_2_linuxhi newboon my turn with problem LOL20:24
newboon2age_win_2_linux: :/   at least you have ubuntu companions to help figure it out...20:25
win_2_linuxthis is going in my blog20:25
phillwwin_2_linux: try post #6 from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/59112920:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 591129 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Install Button not Working - nothing happens (affects: 2) (heat: 133)" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:25
phillwit seems to be a policy kit related problem, from reading the thread on the forum.20:26
win_2_linuxoh phillw apt-get doesn't work either gives me depencendcy tree error20:28
win_2_linuxOk I tried the policy kit and it still gives me the same problem, they gray out wont start doesn't ask for pw20:29
phillwthat sounds as if something has tried to install and failed20:29
newboon2age_win_2_linux: post #7 on that bug really sounds similar to what you're describing.20:30
win_2_linuxyes that is it, now if something installed and failed and is tying things up how do i find out what program tried to install and fail so i can kill it :)20:32
phillwhe he - I'm just looking that up :-020:32
newboon2age_phillw: if something tried to install and failed isn't there an apt-get command to clean things up?20:33
newboon2age_phillw: win_2_linux I'm thinking that's what i had to do before...20:33
win_2_linuxgood thinking newboon20:33
win_2_linuxoh whenever i try to run apt-get i get dependency tree erros bus error20:35
win_2_linuxso apt get is froze in time too20:35
win_2_linuxfunny thing i don't remember installing anything and not having it not complete, i haven't used apt-get or synaptic or software center in a few days20:36
newboon2age_phillw: win_2_linux: maybe apt-get check  first cuz that's checks for broken dependencies.  if you can run it of course.20:36
win_2_linuxwill try20:36
win_2_linuxnope same bus errordepenccy tree thing20:36
win_2_linuxsudo apt-get check20:37
win_2_linuxReading package lists... Done20:37
win_2_linuxBus errordependency tree... 0%20:37
phillwsudo apt-get -f install20:38
win_2_linuxok things worked20:43
al_win_2_linux: are you going to sign yourself on to that bug so it can get some developer love?20:43
win_2_linuxafter i did sudo apt-get -f install then i was able to do upgrade and pdate20:43
win_2_linuxno need to it's already tehre20:44
phillwthe -f option will try to tidy things up when they are in an unexpected state.20:44
al_win_2_linux: oh that's you.   Did you mark 'affects you' and subscribe to it to?20:44
win_2_linuxno i didn't know how to do that, but it seems to be working now20:45
al_win_2_linux: do you have a launchpad account yet?20:46
=== al_ is now known as newboon2age_
win_2_linuxyes i think i do when i joined the nyc loco group20:46
newboon2age_sorry, al's me and i'm al...20:47
newboon2age_well, i'm not really al but my computer thinks i am.20:47
newboon2age_if you log into you launchpad account then you'll be able to leave a comment there, mark that it affects you, subscribe and I'll follow up w/ it by marking it confirmed.  Then the bug squad and developers can get ahold of you to ask any additional questions they need.  If you have that terminal output it'd be handy to put it into a comment too.20:50
win_2_linuxok how do you mark it affects me, i just left a comment on what phillw suggested20:50
duanedesignthere should be a link at the top of the bug20:51
win_2_linuxi see affects project, affect distribution but no affects me20:52
win_2_linuxfound it20:53
phillwThis bug affects 3 people. Does this bug affect you?20:53
* phillw i had to sign on to my launchpad accounr20:54
newboon2age_phillw: i guess it would help if win_2_linux would need to give his os version # and the version of  software center, and apt-get???  What's the standard procedure on that?20:56
=== pedro_ is now known as pedro3005
win_2_linuxoh i always forget that, since windows every assumed xp vista at the time lol21:01
win_2_linuxi forget about linux lol21:01
win_2_linuxlucid 10.0421:01
win_2_linuxnow i'm readying about gnupg keys something i've not read about21:01
phillwuname -a will give the version of ubuntu he is on21:01
win_2_linux10.04 lucid21:02
phillwapt-get -v will give the version of apt-get.21:02
phillwwin_2_linux: add that to the posting you made on the bug report :-)21:05
phillw*add those *21:05
newboon2age_phillw: win_2_linux since the bug is written v the software center, it'd probably be good to get that version # too... yes?21:07
phillwnewboon2age_: you cannot really put too much information on.21:08
newboon2age_phillw: win_2_linux I suppose an easy way to get that is to look in Synaptic, if you don't know the CL command.21:08
newboon2age_phillw: win_2_linux: yeah, to avoid the dreaded 'incomplete bug' :)21:09
win_2_linuxso now i'm doing a gpug key lol21:11
newboon2age_win_2_linux: btw, in case you're wondering i haven't discovered a way to actually update a comment, so i think it has to be a new comment.21:11
duanedesignyeah once you make a comment on Launchpad there is no changing or deleting it21:12
win_2_linuxoh they don't offer edit21:12
duanedesignyou can edit the 'Bug Description' on a bug. But not the 'Comments'21:12
newboon2age_win_2_linux: were you able to get the version number for software center also?21:13
duanedesignHelp > About  will also give you the version info21:15
newboon2age_duanedesign: good call!21:15
win_2_linuxbut apparently the bug wasn't with those programs it was with something didn't install and tied things up21:17
win_2_linuxwhen I did was phillw suggested, it cleared things up and i was able to use apt-get, synaptic and software center21:17
newboon2age_win_2_linux: well the bug is really about how software center handles that situation.  The situation will happen from time to time, but does USC handle it gracefully or silently and inexplicably fail?  Right now its failing in a way that doesn't give a clue as to what to do and a new user (which is the target audience for USC) will be flumoxed.21:21
Imykyis there a bash command I can use to make a beep?21:22
shredder12hi everyone, I am having a little trouble with the basic linux ownership issue. I have a file created my me in my home directory, when I try to change the ownership to another user, I get "operation not permitted". Shouldn't the owner of the file be able to change the ownership?21:24
phillwshredder12: when you do 'ls -l filename' does it show as being owned by you?21:25
newboon2age_win_2_linux: okay, I'm not sure if you caught the request to post that info on the bug report, so i guess i'll add it.21:25
shredder12phillw, yes my user name appears in both the owner and the group columns21:26
phillwokies, one min, shredder12 let me just check somthing21:28
phillwhmm, I'd not come accross that before, seems that you need to use sudo chown, and not just chown. No, I'm not sure why :-)21:30
shredder12phillw, I that worked but don't know why would I need sudo. Thanks for your time though :)21:33
phillwi'm not sure, you didn't used to when i leaned unix many, many moons ago21:33
duanedesignmaybe because you are the owner now but you are changing it to not yo21:34
phillwduanedesign: no, you could change it from you to someone else, just not the other way round without using sudo21:34
mohi57o9can one alter the owner privilege as a root??21:36
phillwyeah, that's what using sudo does ;-)21:36
win_2_linuxwhy do i need a gpg key for launchpad?21:37
ImykyIs there a command i can run from a terminal that will make an audiable beep?21:37
mohi57o9phillw i missed your line. I am in half sleep now :D21:37
phillwwin_2_linux: you do not need one unless you want to digitally sign stuff (like the Code of Contact).21:38
shredder12hi duanedesign mohi57o9 while googling i found that this feature might have been removed because changing the ownership to another user can cause trouble as the file will be counted in that user's quota. so, trouble with large file21:39
phillwImyky: have a read of http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/bash-beep-322799/21:40
shredder12and btw man page of chown doesn't say anything about this issue21:40
phillwbut I do not have beep installed either.21:40
mohi57o9phillw me too. coz my mom s sleeping outside and she ll know that I am awake :P21:41
phillwshredder12: btw, one of the most useful commands is sudo !!  :-) As it places a sudo in front of the last command and re-runs it.21:44
phillwmake me a sandwich .... make it yourself .... sudo !! .... okay21:44
duanedesignthat is pretty handy21:46
shredder12phillw, yeah bash provides you with some amazing shortcuts which makes life on cmd very easy. I once wrote about bash shortcuts, hardly any of them now21:46
shredder12*hardly remember21:46
duanedesignzsh, with the right config file, is pretty amazing too21:47
phillwi use sudo !! a lot, as I'm forever moving files around on my web area, or editing files etc. :-)21:47
shredder12phillw, a tip for you, if you don't already know this, you can use !-n to refer to the command n lines back e.g !-2 to call the second last command21:50
phillwi use my up and down arrows :-), but thanks for the tip21:50
phillwyou can also do a search, but I can't remember that one, so it is not one I have used too often :-)21:51
shredder12ah... I think it was !?string?, haven't used it for a while either21:52
=== ZachK_ is now known as zkriesse
phillwA database analyst walks into a bar and goes up to two tables. "Hi. Can I join you?"22:10
duanedesignphillw: lol, thats bad22:39
phillwi love the *whoosh* factor ;-)22:42
win_2_linuxthanks for all your help22:49
win_2_linuxbtw, i didn't understand about putting a bug report in when it was just badly or partially installed programs22:50
win_2_linuxso it wasn't a bug with ubuntu or the software center, apt or synoptic22:51
newboon2age_win_2_linux: the bug was that software center doesn't provide any feedback as to why its not working.23:20
newboon2age_if you go to the bug report now, you'll see i wrote up a whole thing on it (post #9) including all the work around steps you took.23:21
newboon2age_win_2_linux: the work around that worked for you wasn't a bug or a bug fix, it was just a work around for the actual bug.  Bascially it just doesn't trigger the bug then, but the bug in U23:23
newboon2age_win_2_linux: the bug in USC is still there..23:23
win_2_linuxi c23:24
win_2_linuxi get it.  ok the software center, apt and synaptic should have told me what was wrong instead of a the crypitc message of bus error23:25
newboon2age_win_2_linux: well at LEAST the USC.  I don't necessarily expect it from Synaptic.  Believe it or not Synaptic gives a lot MORE feedback than the KDE equivalent in Kubuntu.23:26
phillwwin_2_linux: that's the one!! they should fail gracefully and not sit there and sulk :-)23:26
newboon2age_KPackageKit.  It looks nice, but it gives very little feedback.  So several times it has just sat there stalled, not telling me anything.  I had to run it and apt-get from the terminal to figure out what was going on.23:28
newboon2age_In Synaptic at least you can open the provided terminal window and get an idea of what's happening.  KPackageKit doesn't have that.23:30
newboon2age_win_2_linux: phillw: duanedesign: zkriesse: w/ my gf, in celebration of independence day we're going to make a 'revolutionary act' by running Portable Ubuntu (basically Karmic) for Windows on my gf's computer.  Its the first real step she'll have taken to start the migration (which I've been steadily preparing for).23:34
phillwwin_2_linux: apt-get is better than most in suggesting how to repair things.23:34
phillwnewboon2age_: if her machine can boot from a usb-stick, put a persistent version of lubuntu 10.04 on it, it runs really snapiily from usb (end of advert for the baby of the family)23:36
newboon2age_a revolutionary step v the oppressive monopoly M$.  Then I might demo a Wubi install.  Then maybe we'll take the rev. step v. computers in generally of going our for a hike. :)23:36
newboon2age_phillw: yes, i've run xubuntu (which i had mixed feelings about) but I haven't tried Lubuntu yet.  I like the idea of running from a USB pen drive. :)23:38
newboon2age_Its a netbook so at some point we might test drive UNE on it too...23:39
phillwxubuntu has gotten somewhat larger over the years, have a look at the default apps for lubuntu (things like it uses Chromium as the default browser instead of Firefox) - lubuntu does run on netbooks, but there is not a dedicated release for it as yet. If you have problems with screen size etc., then give me a shout on #lubuntu and I'll ask on the mailing list for you.23:41
phillwnewboon2age_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu23:41
phillw'unofficial' lubuntu  stuff is over at http://forum.phillw.net/viewforum.php?f=18  :-D23:43
newboon2age_phillw: speaking of alt versions of Ubuntu, i was noticing how much unhappiness there is in the Kubuntu camp about lack of Canonical and Ubuntu community support. :/  I hope this will improve in the future.23:44
newboon2age_phillw: i realize its hard for Ubuntu to give attention in too many directions, but especially w/ Kubuntu this will probably need to improve in the future.23:46
newboon2age_phillw: win_2_linux: off to do this thing...23:49
phillwi cannot speak for the other flavours, I have 'vanilla' ubuntu 10.04 and the dev 10.10 installed, but my production environment is lubuntu 10.04, with the 10.10 there also for testing with.23:49
newboon2age_phillw: yes, my main machine is ubuntu 10.04, upgraded to Ubuntu Studio, and then i've been experimenting w/ Kubuntu in Wubi install...23:51
newboon2age_phillw: since my gf is a little familiar w/ KDE from past use.  Unfortunately there are some key parts of Kubuntu that aren't quite up to the level of Ubuntu which will probably prevent it from being what she uses at least to begin w/23:52
phillwhe he, i had something like 5 partitions on during the 10.04 test cycle, I do not mind setting a few GB over to the test systems.23:52
phillwmy ist linux was knoppix, from quite a few years ago, I found kde to be nice. But I really like the low resource usage of lubuntu, as I only have a Celeron M processor 440 with 1GB RAM and running my development LAMP stuff on it, so every bit saved by the OS is better for me :-)23:54
win_2_linuxnewboon2age she can use ubuntu and just install kde23:55
newboon2age_phillw: btw, I found a cool way to check out a distro using MultiBoot and VirtualBox.  Drag and Drop .iso and it launches. http://tinyurl.com/2a6ovye23:57
phillwyou can add xubuntu, kubuntu and vanilla and remove them quite easily. Adding lubuntu is also easy, but we do not have a 'totally remove' it script yet.23:57
phillwI know you can use grub2 to boot from iso images23:58
newboon2age_phillw: i've read about adding the different desktop packages and also just choosing the option at login but i haven't gotten that working yet.23:59
phillwdrs305 wrote something up for that, I can go dig it out for you, if you want.23:59

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