unomiwhere can I get to the ubiquity install script?00:00
hggdhabsolutely -1 to any user-data-cleaning programme... the data is the user's property, we cannot delete it00:17
ddecatorhggdh: +100:17
ddecatorto your statement, now the idea00:18
hggdhddecator: is it (-1 +1), or -(1 +1)?00:18
ddecatorhggdh: uh...(-1 +1)00:19
ddecatori think :p00:19
hggdhddecator: :-)00:19
hggdhbut if one writes a programme that will take care on what it does to remove user data, I have no issue. My issue is with 'apt-get purge xyz' deleting user data00:20
penguin42hggdh: Where was the user data?01:17
penguin42hmm bed01:28
vishhmm, a weird doubt , doesnt the ubuntu server use the same packages as the ubuntu-desktop?09:28
micahgvish: same repo09:28
vishmicahg: can the two set different preferences? within a package?09:29
micahgvish: what do you mean?09:29
Kangarooomaybe ubuntu dekstop installing also installs another package witch contains specific configuration. server maybe has all default settings..09:30
vishmicahg: like for ex: if we take package X has a preference : desktop team wants a preference while the server team does not what to use that , is there a way for setting different preferences?09:30
vishyeah , like default settings..09:31
micahgvish: idk, possibly, is there a particular bug?09:31
vishmicahg: sudo server team says desktop can show password , while it does not want to do that09:31
vishsudo :*09:32
vishshow password in the sense , show the ******09:32
micahgvish: k, what you descrive as the server preference is standard behaviour09:32
vishyeah , while the desktop can set the preference to show the password?09:33
micahgvish: no, gksu or kdesu can do that09:34
vishmicahg: actually sudo can also do that , we just havent turned it on. :s09:34
* micahg doesn't see why we'd change the standard behaviour09:35
micahgvish: k, but globally, I don't see the point, it's a cli app09:36
vishmicahg: in a desktop it is the only app which does not show the pwd stars while every other location the stars are there09:37
micahgvish: yes, but it's not a desktop app, but a cli app09:37
vishwhy does that have to matter , it is in a desktop behaving differently , cli or not seems irrelevant09:38
micahgvish: but it's not, just because all the gui dialog boxes behave a certain way doesn't mean all the cli apps need to do the same thing09:39
vishmicahg: why not? why do they have to act differently?09:39
* vish doesnt understand09:40
micahgvish: it's not the same interface09:40
* micahg is guessing, not quoting doctrine09:40
vishif not same interface , why the problem09:40
micahgvish: you said there was a problem, not me :P09:41
vishi meant why the problem of *not* showing ;)09:41
vishmicahg: the tradition to not show pwd stars was inherited from servers for security reasons09:41
micahgvish: because you're changing something fundamental about the cli09:41
vishhuh? so why is terminal included ?09:42
vishif it is not going to be part of the desktop.09:42
micahgvish: for people who like a cli :)09:42
vishmicahg: yeah , those people can turn off the option ;)09:43
* micahg doesn't think things should be fundamentally different09:43
micahgvish: if anything, I'd say there should be another package in the sudo source that can enable the parameter09:43
micahgand *not* install it by default09:44
vishnah , pwd stars by default ;)09:44
vishmicahg: "fundamentals" is just another way of saying "I'm used to this so why change" ;)09:44
micahgvish: no, it's a matter of making an app consistent across platforms and distros09:45
vishmicahg: hmm?  we are concerned about consistency with other distros? but not *within* the distro ;)09:45
micahgvish: that *is* being consistent w/in the distro to keep it off09:46
vishmicahg: how? is it consistent within a desktop?09:46
micahgvish: who's floating around the idea anyways09:46
Kangarooomicahg: i need knowlegde about triaging bugs.. im in bugsquad joined can i get mentorship one day?10:56
micahgKangarooo: I'm about to go to sleep, in about 8 hours I can answer some questions11:06
Kangarooook micahg11:06
micahgKangarooo: there might be other people around to help11:06
Kangarooomeanwhile ill request mentorship as its written in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors11:07
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penguin42Does anyone know what /var/run/gdm/auth-for-* is ?12:12
penguin42ah, Xauthority files moved to there?12:12
penguin42bug 511493 feels like it should be split into two ?12:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 511493 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "Add Acrobat reader and flash restrictions (affects: 1) (heat: 23)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51149312:47
hggdhpenguin42: ideally they should have been split, yes. But Kees already accepted the bug as is, so no big deal18:04
penguin42fair enough18:05
DrKenobiHi! I found something but I'm not sure if it's a bug or not. When you do something (install, remove) with Gnome-terminal you will see this question: "Do you want to continue [Y/n]?". If you press enter you confirm the action, it's like typing "Y". Is this OK?18:32
KangaroooDrKenobi: yes couse maybe you make up or mind when ull see how much programms will be installed18:33
penguin42DrKenobi: I suspect it depends the app that is doing it18:33
micahgDrKenobi: if you do it with aptitude you always see it, if with apt-get only if there's more than one app to install18:33
penguin42DrKenobi: Generally if the Y has been highlighted (by capitalising) that means the guy who wrote it wanted it as the default18:33
DrKenobipenguin42: I also thought that, but I was not sure18:34
Kangarooopenguin42: capital letter option means enter will execute that i think18:34
penguin42DrKenobi: It's a convention rather than a rule, so most things that give you a choice will make one of them the default; typically either the one that is less dangerous or maybe the same as the old setting18:35
DrKenobiOK, thank you penguin42 18:37
DrKenobiKangarooo micahg18:37
KangaroooDrKenobi: yes? about mentorship?18:39
DrKenobiKangarooo: yes18:40
Kangaroooim ready whenever mentor is ready. michael will be my mentor? in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors i see hess available from 0:00 utc now is 18:0018:45
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