paultagdoctormo: all your tests say OK00:26
doctormopaultag: Great00:26
paultagdoctormo: I have a failure00:27
paultagdoctormo: http://pastebin.com/7j29cz3z00:27
paultagdoctormo: there are the errors00:28
doctormopaultag: The first failure I get too, but all those errors I don't. do you not have a tests/data directory?00:38
paultagI do00:39
paultagI just ran all the py files in the top level00:39
doctormopaultag: Huh, any ideas your end and how to run these kinda of tests?00:47
paultagdoctormo: erm, I'd need to look thru the code, give me a few, I just beached the sailbot, I was jut out on the Ocean00:47
doctormoNice, hope you had a good time.00:48
paultagdoctormo: I did, it was outstanding out00:48
doctormopaultag: Let me know what you think of the code, it's translated from perl, I figured it'd be useful for testing the forms in starf01:10
paultagdoctormo: :)01:42
paultagdoctormo: Will do!01:43
nhandlerAnyone from the Community Council up and awake? It would be nice to have a team report this month15:31
nhandlerSame for Forum and LoCo council15:32
jussiczajkowski: popey ^^16:35
czajkowskipaultag: you around to do loco council report I'm at aunties home from hospital wiht her baby so not around17:21
paultagczajkowski: Oh christ17:23
paultagczajkowski: please, do your thing. Please.17:23
paultagczajkowski: I've got a handle on stuff, take your time.17:23
nhandlerpaultag: If you do the report, please say so in -news (to make sure it gets included)17:37
czajkowskigreg-g: ping20:40
doctormoEvening czajkowski22:00

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