unomiWhere can I find the script that ubiquity uses for install?00:04
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jpdsunomi: apt-get source ubiquity and look at scripts/install.py?00:16
unomithanks, jpds there wouldn't be a way to modify it from a usb-stick install medium?00:18
jpdsunomi: ubiquity: /usr/share/ubiquity/install.py00:19
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unomiunfortunately I am not seeing any references to parted in there00:27
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YokoZarjdong: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ia32-libs/+bug/60149902:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 601499 in ia32-libs (Ubuntu) "[lucid] ia32-libs stable release update" [Undecided,New]02:13
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philsfwhat's the proper channel to ask about packages from the canonical DX team PPA?04:08
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hungerAny idea why schroot no longer works in maverick with encrypted homedirs? Used to work fine in lucid:-(11:26
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hungerReplacing bind with rbind in the line mounting /home in /etc/schroot/default/fstab fixes schroot for me:-)13:55
aranddebian-installer takes 1h+, whereas ubiquity takes ~20min, to install an equivalent standard desktop install. Is this how things are and should be? Or should this be brought up as a bug report?14:13
njinAlternate version is extudied to work on pc with low ram14:26
arandnjin: re. ubiquity / d-i ... So the adaptation for low memory usage comes at the toll of d-i not using system resources even if they exist? I was under the impression that d-i was meant for far more than just lowmem installs..?16:43
njinarand: i'm not an expert, the only things that i can see is D.I. is used in alternate versions, Ubiquity in others, and effectively on the same machine is slower than ubiquity16:52
arandnjin: Yep, I just did an equivalent desktop install on the same machine using both the liveCD and the alternate installer, at the diff in time was at least 40min. Which does seem a bit odd.16:56
njinno, i'm an iso-tester and the difference isn't about 40 min, it can be about 10-1516:59
jdongdo other SRU team members have an opinion on the massive Banshee diff sitting in lucid unapproved?17:33
Laneybugfix uploads have generally been accepted so far17:52
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Carb0ndoes anyone know which part of ubuntu 10.04 is responsible for drawing/loading the desktop wallpaper by default? like is it nautilus?18:40
micahgCarb0n: execute this and then click on the desktop: xprop | grep CLASS18:42
Carb0ncool thanks18:43
jussiIs anyone here familiar with #ubuntu-toolchain and whether it is still used or needed?19:23
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abhi_navi want to know why evolution is preferd over thunderbird? I am just a regular user. want to know20:27
micahgabhi_nav: it's personal preference20:35
abhi_navmicahg, no. I want to know reason why evolution is default. is it best? if yes then tell me so20:36
micahgabhi_nav: probably because it integrates better into the desktop20:36
abhi_navmicahg, ok. thanks :)20:36
micahgabhi_nav: but you're free to use whatever client you like20:36
abhi_navmicahg, yah I know. I just wanted to know whic is the best? its ok20:37
micahgabhi_nav: it depends on the person20:38
abhi_navmicahg, you mean persons likes or you mean persons requirements?20:38
micahgabhi_nav: both :)20:38
abhi_navmicahg, hmm20:38
abhi_navmicahg, I am a comp engg student. I do little contributin using laucnpad etc. and no prefessional work still now. so which one you wll recommend for me?20:51
micahgabhi_nav: I can't be impartial as I'm one of the Mozilla maintainers :), try both if you don't have a preference and keep using the one you like more20:52
abhi_navmicahg, :( ok. btw thanks.20:52
cjwatsonarand: that's how things are and should be.  unpacking .debs is more flexible, but is intrinsically slower than copying a filesystem22:12
cjwatsonarand: (although there is an existing open bug that we should be telling dpkg to use unsafe I/O during installation, which would make d-i faster)22:14
lifelesscjwatson: has anyone looked into the dpkg safe IO implementation - reading the db doesn't seem like it should be writing, and reading shows up as slow22:14
arandcjwatson: Okay, right, I wasn't aware of a major diff in the way they installed the system, but then it makes quite a lot of sense I guess, thanks for the info!22:15
cjwatsonlifeless: that's orthogonal22:16
cjwatsonarand: completely different installation method22:16
lifelesscjwatson: ok, different cause for that slowdown?22:16
cjwatsonlifeless: the unsafe I/O thing is specifically and only due to the recent sync changes - I don't want to scope-creep into speeding up db reading22:17
cjwatsonlifeless: (which, if it were to be optimised, could be done generically and wouldn't need to be specific to installation)22:17
lifelesscjwatson: for clarity, it seemed to me that db reading took a nosedive at the same time safe-IO arrived.22:17
lifelesscjwatson: I had thought they were thus related22:17
cjwatsonit can't be related22:17
cjwatsonit actually should have speeded up around that time, though!22:18
cjwatson    - Use FIEMAP when available (on Linux based systems) to sort the .list22:18
cjwatson      files loading order. With a cold cache it improves up to a 70%.22:18
cjwatson      Thanks to Morten Hustveit <morten@debian.org>. LP: #44211422:18
cjwatsonand it did improve things for me, IIRC, I seem to remember testing that22:19
cjwatsonso maybe somewhat system-specific, though I don't know how - if it's reproducible in a Debian chroot, maybe take it upstream?22:19
lifelesscjwatson: when I get some spare cycles I'll have a fiddle. No promises - more than slightly frenetic at the moment.22:20
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chervaWhat part of ubuntu is responsible for the laptops Fn+F1-12 shortcuts ?23:44
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