nisshhhumphreybc: ping04:22
* nisshh thinks humphreybc is ignoring him... :)04:26
humphreybcnisshh: wazzup?04:28
godbyk-saganhumphreybc ignores everyone. don't take it personally, nisshh. :)04:29
humphreybcgodbyk-sagan: where are my translated editions?04:29
godbyk-saganwho knows?04:31
godbyk-sagani just got off the train today.04:31
godbyk-sagantomorrow's a holiday, so I'll have to do family stuff.04:31
humphreybcexcuses excuses :P04:31
godbyk-saganthen monday, I drive back home.04:31
godbyk-saganhumphreybc: I s'pose you could always step in and take over for me. ;-)04:31
humphreybcpah! I have enough to do as it is!04:31
godbyk-sagandid we get a USLC meeting scheduled?04:32
humphreybcdunno, i'm staying out of that04:32
godbyk-saganI just saw some of the emails flying by.04:33
godbyk-saganHaven't had time to read the thread yet.04:33
godbyk-saganI have a lot of catching up to do. :-/04:33
humphreybcjoin the club04:34
godbyk-saganyou still have school stuff?04:34
humphreybcnah, i've been doing other ubuntu things during these holidays04:34
humphreybclots of mockups for sites and themes and shit04:34
nisshhhumphreybc: your alive!04:35
humphreybcneed to write some more OMG! Ubuntu! articles04:35
humphreybcUSLC is but a dream right now04:35
godbyk-saganwe'll get there someday.04:35
humphreybcI need to get on to those quickstart booklets04:35
humphreybcyeah, eventually04:35
nisshhhumphreybc: i was just going to ask you what the hell is going on with the various projects and stuff lately, check the ML for lukes post04:36
humphreybcnisshh: yes I saw04:36
godbyk-saganyeah, what quick-start booklets are you wanting to do?04:36
humphreybcgodbyk-sagan: probably start with an installation one just to get the format and stuff down04:36
humphreybcnisshh: what do you want to know?04:36
humphreybcI've been planning on doing an update email for the team04:36
nisshhhumphreybc: oh good04:36
godbyk-saganhumphreybc: there was some chatter a while back on the ubuntu-docs mailing list about an 'installing ubuntu' guide.04:36
humphreybcgodbyk-sagan: course there was04:37
godbyk-saganthey were looking at just reusing our chapter as a start. not sure if anyone got anywhere with it or not.04:37
humphreybcprobably not04:37
godbyk-sagani haven't seen anything about it lately.04:37
humphreybcif I had a dollar for every time someone suggested something that wasn't done in that list...04:37
humphreybcat least they're not as bad as ayatana though04:37
nisshhi know iv been doing other stuff lately but i want to know whats happening with stuff like the learning centre and what is and isnt going in the 10.10 manual and whatnot04:37
godbyk-sagan(It bothers me that the right Shift key on my laptop doesn't work too well.  Means 'I' doesn't get capitalized as often as it should.)04:37
humphreybcnisshh: learning center is still a concept and under planning, probably won't happen for some time04:38
nisshhhumphreybc: right04:38
godbyk-saganthe ayatana list has been pretty noisy the past few months. I've gotten to the point where I don't bother to read the threads because i don't have enough time to participate anyway.04:38
humphreybc10.10 manual will basically be the same as 10.04 with a few chapters removed, and a couple of extra sections added plus of course updated screenshots04:38
humphreybcyeah, I don't read the shit in the ayatana mailing list04:38
nisshhhehe, ok04:38
godbyk-sagannisshh: we'll need to update the 10.10 manual to include all the new default apps, for instance.04:39
humphreybcbtw, i'm applying for membership on tuesday in #ubuntu-meeting at 1000 UTC, if anyone wants to show up and support me :)04:39
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: ah yea, i forgot about shotwell and that other one i cant remember04:40
nisshhhumphreybc: ill be your cheer squad!04:40
humphreybci'm slowly working through all my post it notes04:40
humphreybcoh yeah, I want to change our team name, btw04:41
nisshhhumphreybc: be great if we could find something for me to do now that im on mid year break for a few weeks04:41
humphreybcnisshh: fix bugs, start figuring out what's new in maverick and make a list of stuff we need to change/add/remove for 10.10 manual04:41
humphreybcinstall maverick alpha 2 in a virtualbox and list shit in an etherpad04:42
nisshhhumphreybc: yea, the problem with making a list now is stuff will change since its only alpha 2 :)04:42
humphreybcwell, go into #ubuntu-desktop and pester the shit out of Rick and the gang to figure out what's going to stay the same04:42
nisshhhehe, yea ill start with that04:43
humphreybcalso, find out what's happening with their developers manual04:43
humphreybcand ask if they need any help04:43
humphreybcand help godbyk get translations out ASAP04:43
humphreybclike, this week04:43
nisshhare there lots of finished ones are there?04:43
humphreybci'll be around a bit more this week04:43
humphreybcI think german, galician, english UK, spanish are done?04:44
humphreybcat least04:44
nisshhi know the german one has been sitting there for like a month now04:44
godbyk-saganthe only ones I've had contact with recently are german and greek.04:44
humphreybcokay, well, sort out what needs to be fixed for them, hunt down the right people and release them04:44
godbyk-sagani think the english uk, galician, etc. are still being edited.04:44
humphreybcand start brainstorming a new name for our team04:45
humphreybcmaybe changing for maverick, or maverick +104:45
godbyk-saganhumphreybc: what kind of new name are you thinking about?04:45
humphreybcsomething that is better than our current one04:46
godbyk-saganhumphreybc: as in, what should it encompass? what's wrong with the existing name, etc.?04:46
humphreybccurrent name was only meant to be temporary04:46
godbyk-saganoops. :)04:46
humphreybcwell, for one, very soon we won't just be making manuals04:46
humphreybcand it's a shit name, not original, not catchy, far too literal and doesn't embody everything we do. it's also too long.04:46
humphreybci have one or two ideas for new ones, but i'm still mulling04:47
godbyk-sagani see.04:47
nisshhhumphreybc: what are your ideas on the name so far, maybe ill get inspired04:47
humphreybcso I looked at what we do04:48
humphreybcand we create materials and programs that aid us in making materials to _help users_04:48
humphreybcwe're a support team, right?04:48
nisshhtechnically yes04:48
humphreybcso I started looking up the words "help" and "support" in different languages04:48
humphreybcyou know, because "Project Help" or "Project Support" is a bit gay04:48
nisshhvery gay04:48
humphreybcanyway, the Maori word for "help" is "Awhina" (pronounced "ow-feena")04:49
humphreybcProject Awhina04:49
humphreybcor, the spanish translation of help is "Ayuda"04:49
humphreybcProject Ayuda04:49
godbyk-saganThen you have to tackle the pronunciation issues.04:49
humphreybcbut that's about all I have04:49
godbyk-sagan(that's the major downside of foreign words... people mispronouncing them all the time.)04:49
humphreybcgodbyk-sagan: I don't think that's a huge issue, Ubuntu has pronunciation issues04:50
humphreybcanyway, something to think about04:50
nisshhthats true04:50
godbyk-saganoo-boon-too.  it's just that simple. :)04:50
humphreybcI don't think they're particularly good04:50
godbyk-sagannot oo-bun-too.04:50
* humphreybc says oo-bun-too04:50
godbyk-sagannot uh-bun-too.04:50
godbyk-saganhumphreybc is wrong. :)04:50
humphreybci know04:51
humphreybcanyway, i gotta boot into windows and do some work04:51
nisshhi know people who say U-bunt-u04:51
humphreybci'll be back on IRC in a sec04:51
humphreybcwindows 7 is actually pretty nice04:51
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: did humphreybc just say that windows is NICE!?04:52
godbyk-sagansounded like it to me.04:52
godbyk-saganbut he clings to photoshop, too. ;-)04:52
* nisshh hides04:52
godbyk-sagannisshh: Ssh! He's back!04:55
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: aaaaahhhhhh ruuunnnn!04:56
godbyk-saganhumphreybc: nothing. ;-)04:59
* nisshh is still running away...05:00
nisshhnow this is what i call a bit paranoid: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/07/ubuntu-1010-countdown-script-lets-you.html05:01
godbyk-sagannisshh: yeah, I don't need to know that every time I log in. thanks, anyway.05:03
godbyk-saganwell, guys, I think I'm going to go to bed and read for a while.05:03
godbyk-saganI didn't get much sleep on the train.05:03
nisshhok fair enough, i dont want to use that script either tbh, i can count :)05:06
nisshhhumphreybc: http://typewith.me/h2Y9bitvCI05:10
nisshhif you can think of any more changes that have happened please add them05:11
humphreybci don't think banshee is going to replace rhythmbox05:11
nisshhi will install maverick a2 today05:11
humphreybcand the global menu won't be in the desktop, just netbook (for now)05:11
nisshhhumphreybc: i dont either but i just put it there05:11
nisshhah ok05:11
nisshhhumphreybc: any other app changes other than shotwell?05:12
humphreybcI don't think so05:12
nisshhare there any ubuntu one changes do you know?05:13
humphreybcnot sure05:13
nisshhhmm, ok ill post this to the ML and see what others say05:14
nisshhusing my new GMAIL account!05:14
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nisshhhumphreybc: mail sent to the ML05:19
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thorwilnisshh: good idea to start documenting changes for 10.009:14
nisshhthorwil: thanks09:32
nisshhfeel free to add stuff09:33
thorwilhi daker11:05
dakerthorwil, thanks for what you have done :)11:06
thorwildaker: you're welcome. do you have a favorite already?11:08
dakernot yet i waiting for replies from the loco11:09
askhl_Hi.  Roughly how frequently do you build the manual?  We've gone from 8% to 23% since last build, and it would be nice to sort of have a look at the big picture16:24
askhl_(I refer to the reports on builds.ubuntu-manual.org)16:25
askhl_Also I'm talking about translations, by the way16:25
askhl__(sorry for popping out so quickly, battery was low)16:36
godbyk-saganaskhl__: I build the manuals by running a script; it's not automated.16:47
godbyk-saganaskhl__: I've been away at a conference this past week and a half.16:47
godbyk-saganaskhl__: I will be home again late Monday or Tuesday, so I'll upload new builds then.16:47
askhl__godbyk-sagan, great, I look forward to seeing all new the Danish text in 'print' :)16:50
jenkinshello all16:52
godbyk-saganHey, jenkins.  Did you ever get ops sorted out on your new nick?16:53
jenkinsyep i think juss-i did it for me16:54
godbyk-saganaskhl__: Definitely. It's also a lot easier to read through and spot typos and other errors. :)16:54
godbyk-sagansomeday someone will have to show me how to use ops.16:55
godbyk-sagan(i was a channel op about 15 years ago on a different network, but it wasn't something i had to request and then abdicate all the time.)16:55
jenkinsgodbyk-sagan: I will show you some time if have worked out how to do it and i have a good link16:56
godbyk-saganjenkins: sounds like a plan.16:58
jenkinssorry that should read i haev worked it out16:59
godbyk-saganjenkins: Do you have a link handy to our translations to do list?16:59
godbyk-saganjenkins: Can you remind me what all I need to do for the German and Greek translations?16:59
jenkinsi have the link here16:59
godbyk-saganI'm going to take a shower and wake up.  Then I'll go through my recent email and see where we left off on the translations.17:01
godbyk-saganI have dinner tonight at my grandmother's house, but I should have a few hours this afternoon to play around.17:02
jenkinsI have just sent you the latest file form c7p and all that needs doing is to compile it and fix the error due to the glossary17:02
jenkinsand then a double check17:02
godbyk-saganyeah, when I get home I need to ensure that the makefile and build script use the same build procedure.17:02
godbyk-saganjenkins: has this file been updated in bzr yet?17:03
jenkinsgerman we have a whole load of stuff that has been translated and needs to be added, I also have some adjusments form thorwil to the translations on the mailing list17:03
jenkinsgodbyk-sagan: nope not as far as i know17:03
godbyk-saganalso, I had a chat with Don Knuth about some margin-note stuff while we walked to the restaurant.  I also chatted with the guy who gave this talk: http://tug.org/tug2010/abstracts/hicks.txt17:04
godbyk-saganSo hopefully we'll get the margin notes to work a bit more smoothly in the future.17:04
godbyk-saganbe back in about 30 minutes.17:05
godbyk-saganBack now.17:49
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jenkins_be back later18:19
jenkinsevening all19:13
zkriessehey jenkins19:13
* jenkins thinks about the things still to do on quickshot19:15
godbyk-saganhow's quickshot coming along?  or has quickshot development been on hiatus, too?19:15
jenkinsquickshot is getting there i have to gui to a stage where we have buttons that make windows appear. I need to do the stuff in between and I am poking the layout as I notice it looking wrong.19:17
jenkinsflan: is doing well on the server19:17
godbyk-saganI know flan's made a lot of progress on the server side, it seems.19:17
jenkinsthe in between bits will be easy enough, mostly looking at cross linux support and better ways of doing things19:18
godbyk-saganI see.19:18
flanI'm at a standstill because I'm preparing to move.19:44
flanI'll still makde advances whenever I have time.19:44
godbyk-saganflan: where are you moving to?19:44
flanJust elsewhere in Calgary.19:45
flanFirst home-thing.19:45
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thorwiljenkins, flan, vish: thoughts on this very rough quickshot icon concept?19:49
vishthorwil: hmm, which one?19:49
* jenkins looks19:50
thorwilvish: the one i forgot to paste :919:50
godbyk-saganthorwil: do you think that the camera being viewed from that angle would be recognizable as such?19:51
jenkinsI am not much of an artist but is the stack of pictures the desktop or a window or just a image?19:51
flanThough it'd totally ruin the shading, it kinda seems liek the camera should be below or to the side of the target.19:51
* vish likey camera ;)19:52
thorwilthis illustrates the origin of the concept: http://www.photoinfos.com/Fotolabor/Repro/repro-002.jpg19:52
flanMaybe something more like a consumer-grade digital camera might be more immediately recognizable.19:52
thorwilgodbyk-sagan: a bit stylized it might work well enough. not the optimal view of a camera, but can't tell the story otherwise19:53
thorwiljenkins: it's a stack of screenshots to be taken19:53
godbyk-saganthorwil: Right. As long as the camera is recognizable as a camera. :)19:53
jenkinsok makes sense.19:54
godbyk-saganI think it'd be better if the viewing angle were different. Perhaps an isometric side view.  We don't usually think of taking pictures of a screen from above like that.19:54
jenkinsthe only tiny bit of an idea is I like the shutter icon and it's jagged curve and may be make it so you were looking though a camera lense. showing that you are looking through a lense by the picture being cut at the top and bottom (or sides) with a wiggle like on the lense of http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7d/Panasonic_DMC-TZ3.JPG&imgrefurl=http://commons.wiki19:55
* jenkins not sure if the link is long enough19:56
godbyk-saganlink no worky.19:56
jenkinsthats better19:56
godbyk-saganah, that works19:56
jenkinsI have no idea how to do it and it could look rubish. but thats my only idea19:56
flanWhat about a straight-on view of a camera like the one Lunk just linked, but branded with the name 'Quickshot'?19:58
jenkinsmay be do thorwil's idea but looking from behind the camera19:59
flanI can't type.19:59
jenkinsbut not a dirrect view a slight angle19:59
thorwilflan: open the Applications menu, Accesoires. than think about a readable "brand" name again ;)19:59
godbyk-saganthorwil: Sorry you asked yet? :)19:59
godbyk-saganI like the F-Spot shutter icon. Can we just steal it from them. ;-)20:00
thorwilgodbyk-sagan: nah, my nerves are made of rust ... eh steel20:00
flanI suppose it'd look too much like the 'Take Screenshot' item, too...20:01
flanOkay, bad idea.20:01
vishgodbyk-sagan: yeah , f-spot is pretty neat  thorwil: any idea who did the f-spot icon?20:02
godbyk-saganHey, c7p. Have I had you guys translate the back-cover text yet?20:03
c7pback cover ?20:03
c7plet me find the text20:03
godbyk-saganc7p: Yeah, the few paragraphs on the back cover of the printed book.20:04
godbyk-saganthorwil will need that so he can create the cover.20:04
* vish brb20:04
c7pwell colophon => translated, that's the only paragraphs at the end of file20:05
c7pi mean the translated20:05
godbyk-saganc7p: Okay. Let me send you the paragraphs.  They're short.20:07
c7pah btw should the "Creative Commons Notice" be translated >20:07
c7pok :)20:07
godbyk-saganc7p: Where does that text appear?20:07
c7pits on the license section20:08
jenkinsi like the swirl of the fspot icon. what about looking through  that short of shape at some screenshots.  the trouble is it may not show in the icon it would when we use the logo in the program its self20:09
thorwilc7p: i think godbyk means the text on the backside of the lulu cover: http://pastebin.com/6nYhxSYR20:10
c7pthx thorwil :)20:11
godbyk-saganthorwil: Yeah, that's the text.  Thanks!20:12
godbyk-saganI was having trouble tracking it down.20:12
godbyk-saganc7p: That's the text that appears on the back cover of the printed book.  If you can translate that text and email it to thorwil, we should be able to get the cover created soon.20:13
jenkinsthorwil: I think that the jury is out on that idea I like the use of the pile of screenshots rather than just one20:13
thorwilgodbyk-sagan: the lulu_en.svg is the only place it exists as text, i think :/20:13
godbyk-saganthorwil: Quite possibly.  I just found a copy of that file in the lucid-1e-en repository.20:13
jenkinsits very hard to think off what to do for an icon20:13
vishlets just be lazy and use "QS" as the icon ;p20:19
thorwilah, this model would really help with recognizability: http://jasonglewis.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/FujiFilm-GF670-Professional-medium-format-folding-camera-top.jpg !!20:22
jenkinsyea what about from that view and have the stack of screenshot in front of it20:23
jenkinswould it look a bit small in the menu? I suppose it depends on detail20:24
thorwiljenkins: camera straight down is pretty much the only way how i can show a stack and camera in one perspective and keeping it somewhat simple on the camera20:26
jenkinsfair enough, you are far better at inkscape than i am20:27
c7pwhat do you mean by "scanning documents" (http://pastebin.com/6nYhxSYR) ?20:29
thorwilthe real quickshot: http://www.cbmhardware.de/misc/joystick/39.jpg. i think my brother one of those for his amiga 200020:29
Guest93627σαρωση εγγραφων20:30
c7pthat icon should be the "Take screenshot" buttom ;P20:30
thorwilc7p: scanning documents -> http://www.itreviews.co.uk/graphics/normal/hardware/h1376.jpg20:30
c7pnice thx20:30
* thorwil hopes we actually have a section about scanning20:32
jenkinsΕλπίζω κόλαση είχατε μια καλή ημέρα c7p και Guest9362720:32
c7phaha jenkins whats that20:33
jenkinsits greek, i think. In english it is "hello hope you had a good day"20:33
jenkinstypo this is it γειά σου20:34
jenkins ελπίζω να είχατε μια καλή ημέρα20:34
c7p"I hope hell you had a good day c7p anf Guest93627" that's what first message20:34
c7pthe second is ok :P20:34
jenkinshehe I should check what i type20:35
c7pthe first message was*20:35
c7pGuest93627: http://pastebin.gr/953 check it20:38
jenkinsgodbyk-sagan: how would i go about searching every file in a folder and its subfolders for the work wnck ?20:47
jenkins*do you know20:48
jenkinsno worries found it thanks20:49
jenkinsgood night all20:56
c7pnight jenkins20:56
dakergood evening / morning21:48
c7phi daker21:49
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c7pgodbyk-sagan: the back cover text has been translated and sent to thorwil, anything else ?22:07
c7pnight all22:24

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