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ScottKlfaraone: It needs tech board approval, but in theory, yes.05:16
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RainCTAny idea why this watch file isn't working anymore?       version=314:04
RainCThttp://sourceforge.jp/projects/julius/files/index.php /projects/julius/downloads/(?:\d+)/julius-([0-9a-z\.]+)\.tar\.gz14:04
tumbleweedRainCT: why don't you use the sf.net redirector?14:12
RainCTtumbleweed: cause it's for sourceforge.net, not sourceforge.jp14:12
tumbleweedduh :)14:13
tumbleweedRainCT: anyway, the answer is that they have a trailing / in each href14:23
RainCToh, indeed14:24
RainCTtumbleweed: Thanks.14:26
abhi_navshadeslayer, : ping14:55
abhi_navshadeslayer, you there?14:55
abhi_navok anyone here free to talk?14:58
abhi_navregarding I want to update a package.14:58
abhi_navmay I recommend a package to update?15:04
abhi_navhey anyone please respond. asldfasjfkjd015:04
abhi_navanyone free to update a package?15:04
jpds!weekend | abhi_nav15:08
ubottuabhi_nav: It's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.15:08
abhi_navwhat ? weekend? xxx ?15:08
abhi_navis this channel for paid developers? I just want to suggest one package to update15:09
abhi_navgreat in channel but not respoing. now m leaving. shadeslayer if anytime you come and if have my msg plsg try to come in #ubuntu. :(15:09
IdleOneabhi_nav: the same guidelines apply in this channel as in all Ubuntu irc channels. Please be patient.15:09
shadeslayerif he would have just mentioned what package :P16:59
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bluefoxicythunderbird is great20:32
bluefoxicywhen you hit "reply" to a really fucking long message, it hangs for 15 minutes.20:32
bluefoxicyat 100% CPU20:32
micahg!language | bluefoxicy20:33
ubottubluefoxicy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:33
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ricardo_arroyohi i want to know how to put a version of a program23:19
ricardo_arroyoi clone glide and i want to put the day of the program in the deb23:20
ricardo_arroyosomething like glide_0.1-0 git2010070123:21
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