zacharyhi can i put Transmission on my computer which has mythbuntu?03:04
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Guest94537i would like to download torrents onto that cpu03:04
tgm4883Guest94537, apt-get install transmission?03:36
Shadow__Xis there a way to figure out which sata port a hard drive is located on07:53
Shadow__Xa drive is failing but i am not sure which one07:53
rhpot1991Shadow__X: a should be your first, if you run disk utility it will tell you in there08:00
rhpot1991might need to install it if you are on pure mythbuntu, gnome-disk-utility08:02
rhpot1991bed time, good luck08:02
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: yeah thanks i was thinking of using smartctl --all and getting the serial from there08:03
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anvI lost tv-output after changeing resolutin on my monitor, I have radeon X550 (vga/composite outputs)15:32
anvI need to enable it but I don't know how.15:39
anvthere was handy tool in synaptics: arandr to graphically arrange tv outputs.15:50
anvno I were happy too soon, can get close those original settings but not as those were in beginning, if someone can tell how to reset or get the original screen settings?16:52
anvnot to flood, but to describe more specific the problem, my monitor were on 1024x768 and TV 800x600 . so the mythbuntu menu showed full on both screens and now menus show only partially in TV, it somehow zoomed to fit also in TV, same with videos which were full view on TV, are now in corner of TV.18:21
kapcom01hello, i have done this http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_dvb.php and it works.. i can watch dv channels.. but on mythtv it doesnt detect any channel.. i used EIT but nothing.. i am in athens/greece.. what can i do?23:42
Zinn[parker1.co.uk] Testing Your DVB Card23:42
kapcom01it works with mplayer dvb://Film but i dont know what to do on mythtv23:44

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