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Pendulumdoes anyone know if the OMG!Ubuntu guys have an IRC channel?13:08
Pendulumakgraner: I've got about 1/2 of ITB done and in, however, I'm getting error messages when I try to go to anything on OMG!Ubuntu13:17
Pendulumdownforme says it's just me so I don't know if anyone else can do those articles13:17
Pendulumif not I suggest just leaving the links in without summaries for now as I'm sure the site and content will be back up within a day (if it's truly down)13:18
Pendulumakgraner: nevermind, now they're working so I'll get those done13:20
Pendulumakgraner: ITB is done13:29
akgranerGood Morning :-)14:32
Pendulumakgraner: ITB is done and on the google doc (because the etherpad seemed to be empty)14:43
PendulumI am heading out shortly to go ruin my shoulders at a historical museum with really really yummy cookies14:43
akgranerPendulum, thank you!14:44
akgranerHave fun - Happy 4th!14:45
Pendulumthanks! you too!14:55
nhandlerPendulum: #omg!ubuntu!15:23
akgranerhighvoltage, how goes the planet summaries  - internalkernel how goes in other news?16:07
nhandlerakgraner: I'm going to be out this afternoon, so I'll do the Team Reports in an hour. I just hope not to many teams were planning on doing their reports later today16:10
akgranernhandler, nods...  I plan on publishing around 5pm16:11
akgranernhandler, you always ask them to have them in on Saturdays iirc and remind them a week before - so if it doesn't go in  - it's not on you :-)16:12
akgranerto have it in on Saturdays (dang I am expecting you to read my mind)  sorry about that  - missing word fail there16:13
akgranerI am bummed the other past editors I asked to comment only one did :-( - I suppose life happens though16:20
internalkernelakgraner: gotta run out for a bit, but I'll hit other news when I get back... tanx!16:32
akgranernhandler, add what you have and just let me know which teams I should check on before I publish and I'll just add them manually..16:37
nhandlerakgraner: I'm not as concerned about the LoCos, I would have liked it if some of the Councils had finished their reports. I think I'll start sending my reminder to the team councils mailing list in the future. But the councils are the only teams I would check on16:55
akgranernhandler, gotcha - I'll check on the before I publish then16:56
nhandlerThanks a lot akgraner16:56
akgranernhandler, no worries  - and enjoy your afternoon! and Happy 4th!16:57
akgranernhandler, just let me know when you have added the reports :-) just so I know when you've done your thing - thanks!17:35
nhandlerakgraner: I'm running to the store, and I'll add them when I return. I've started formatting them, and just have to fix CammelCases17:35
akgranerawesome!  Thanks!17:36
highvoltageakgraner: shey!17:36
highvoltageoops, hey :)17:36
highvoltageI had lots of interruptions but I'm getting into the UWN stuff now17:37
akgranerok let me know if you need some help I'm finishing up a few things will be out of the wiki in just a sec17:41
akgranerok I am out of the wiki for anyone who needs to get in there for a few17:44
nhandlerakgraner: Team Reports are up18:31
akgranernhandler, thank you!18:31
nhandlerI've told people who looked like they might be working on reports to ping you and me in here when they are done18:31
akgranerThank you!18:32
nhandlerAlso, I forgot that the upcoming meetings section was still done by hand. I could probably borrow some ClassBot code and automate that section. Would this help you scott_ev ?18:32
akgranernhandler, that would help all of us ;-)18:33
highvoltagenhandler: cool, I said to akgraner just last week it would be really cool if that was automated!18:33
nhandlerIf I remember after the holidays, I'll start looking into it.18:34
nhandlerhighvoltage: Yeah, it seems like a very tedious task (I must give scott_ev credit for doing that :) )18:34
akgranernhandler, if you have time then great!18:34
nhandlerakgraner: Most of the code is already written. I just need to modify it to display the output in wiki format18:35
akgraneroh cool!18:35
zkriesseakgraner: and I'll be writing the BT report here today18:46
akgranerBT report?18:46
zkriesseBeginners Team18:47
akgranerahhh - just let me know the link when you have it finished18:47
zkriessescott_ev: ya 'round?19:14
highvoltageakgraner: I sometimes have some trouble summarizing some entries because I'm not sure what angle the summary should take, or what the important parts are that should be emphasized19:39
highvoltagethis one is an example of that: http://blog.brettalton.com/2010/07/02/local-school-board-and-ubuntu/19:39
* akgraner looks19:39
highvoltageis the story here that they are warming up to Ubuntu, that 3 years desktop support is still short for some companies or that some 3rd party providers just suck at supporting their own products?19:40
highvoltage(or perhaps all of that?)19:40
scott_evzkriesse: mormnin19:42
scott_evakgraner: mornin19:42
zkriessehey scott_ev how ya doin19:42
scott_evtime to do my part19:42
scott_evso far, so good - got my starbucks and waiting on morning meds to work19:42
zkriesseeh editing some wiki....19:42
akgranerhighvoltage,  see  http://ietherpad.com/UWN19:46
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scott_evzkriesse: mine is looking pretty good19:47
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highvoltageakgraner: ah, pros-and-cons angle... thanks!19:49
akgraneryep.. it's important for the developers to see how things are being used - and what happens when things aren't supported anymore19:50
akgranernot that it changes people's minds but lets everyone know what and how people are using Ubuntu19:50
scott_evwow, I've never seen etherpad before19:50
akgranerscott_ev, I like it  - it's like gobby19:51
akgranerbut it's web based and now it's been open sourced19:51
scott_evnice simple kayout19:51
akgranerit's great for real time joint collaboration19:51
scott_evI found my new desktop Ubuntu derivative19:54
scott_evINX Linux19:55
czajkowskiIrish team report is a bit late so if too late we understand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/TeamReports/10/June19:55
scott_evczajkowski: I bet it can still be incorporated but it's up to our overworked benevolent editor akgraner19:57
czajkowskiaye like I said I know tis late19:58
czajkowskione of the guys who always does it completely forgot and then we had a mini emergecny at home, so if it can, that's great if not, we understand19:58
czajkowskiscott_ev: thanks19:58
scott_evczajkowski: just make sure you talk to akgraner19:59
czajkowskiakgraner: you about ?19:59
scott_evI'm in no position of decision making19:59
czajkowskiscott_ev: aye aye, tis cool, will poke akgraner19:59
highvoltageit's also kind of hard to summarize someone's entry if you don't completely agree with them :)20:00
akgranerczajkowski, yep we'll add it - thanks20:01
czajkowskiakgraner: *hugs* thanks20:02
czajkowskihighvoltage: bless :)20:02
akgranervery welcome20:02
highvoltageczajkowski: bless?20:02
czajkowskihighvoltage: doesnt come across well on irc, picture my tone :) at your comment20:02
akgranerhighvoltage, that's why i try not to apply what i think on a person level until monday20:03
akgranerpersonal i mean20:03
highvoltageczajkowski: :)20:03
highvoltageakgraner: woops, forgot to say, the summaries are done but I'm not sure how good they are, mind taking a look for some feedback?20:35
akgranerhighvoltage, sure i'll take a look and let you know :-)20:35
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scott_evakgraner: finished upcoming meetings & events21:18
scott_evit's in the wiki21:18
akgranerscott_ev, thanks!21:18
scott_evnp. it's kinda fun21:19
akgranerscott_ev, check those dates ;-)21:20
akgraneralso pull the LoCo team meetings off the UWN list I'll send out a note and link to the LoCo Team meeting Calendar next week and ask newz2000 to add a header and links to all the Calendars21:23
akgranerI created the new one and we'll get it up and start adding too it next week21:24
akgranerDon't take them off the Fridge Calendar  - just don't put them into UWN21:24
scott_evOK, that's gonna start next week  - nice21:26
holsteinakgraner: ping21:29
* holstein just making sure everything is covered21:29
holsteini picked up another gig for tonite, and im going to be leaving soon :/21:30
akgranerholstein, have fun!21:30
akgranerwe'll be finished shortly so no worries21:31
holsteini'll get back on the wagon next week21:31
akgranerscott_ev, nods yep the upcoming events goes from Monday to Sunday21:31
akgranerholstein, thanks21:31
scott_evisn't that what I did?  lemme check21:33
akgranerscott_ev, you did - I was agreeing and adding that for the benefit of everyone21:34
cjohnstonakgraner: if something could be included on user day saturday would be much apprecieated.. i dont have time to write anything right now21:34
scott_evah, OK21:34
cjohnstonmaybe Pendulum or pleia2 could21:34
akgranercjohnston, let me see it it has been mentioned somewhere we are about to publish in about 45 minutes21:34
akgranerif it has21:34
cjohnstonI just added the loco dir meeting thursday too21:35
akgraneris it on the calendar?21:35
cjohnstonit is now21:35
cjohnstoni added it21:35
akgranerthe Fridge Calendar too21:35
cjohnstoni added to fridge cal and uwn meetings list21:36
akgraneryou are cutting it close :-)21:36
cjohnstonits not my meeting...21:36
cjohnstonthere is a article in the uwn about it tho21:36
akgraneryep Daniel added it21:50
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akgranerhey folks I am adding the ION summaries  if you want to read through the newsletter and see if there are any glaring spelling or grammar errors  - let me know22:10
scott_ev....don't read upcomming meetings & events....22:13
akgranerinternalkernel, hey!22:20
akgranercan you start proofing I am adding the ION summaries..22:20

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