KB1JWQobservererbrecher is trolling in #ubuntu02:38
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IdleOnejarHeadless trolling -ot, cursing and quitting, been told about !language a few times04:45
h00kI removed paulmer from #ubuntu for attitude, language, trolling, and am getting abusive /queries05:24
IdleOne@mark #ubuntu-offtopic jarHeadless trolling , cursing and quitting, been told about !language a few times05:26
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:26
hobgoblinmorning - anyone about?08:16
hobgoblinis it possible to do anything about idiots coming into channels from webchat/freenode?08:28
mneptokhobgoblin: what channels?08:34
hobgoblinubuntu-beginners - I see ikonia and h00k idling in there wondered if this was the channel to come too or would it be ubuntu-irc08:35
hobgoblinnot saying they are the issue though :)08:35
mneptokAFAIK -beginners is not a core channel.08:35
mneptokthus -irc would be best08:36
hobgoblink thanks mneptok08:36
ikoniais he saing myself and hook are an issue ?09:45
jussihe thought this place was the place to come since you and h0-0k idle in -beginners09:49
jussiand good morning!09:50
ikoniagood morning to you too09:50
jussisee PM09:50
mneptokmy fun op moment of the day:10:00
mneptok02:53 < asianmale> codebrainz: your gay as hell lol10:00
mneptok02:54 -!- asianmale was kicked from #ubuntu by mneptok [asianmale]10:00
mneptok02:54 < codebrainz> mneptok, thank you10:00
mneptok02:56 [Freenode] [msg(codebrainz)] i don't know if you're gay or not, but Hell is decidedly heterosexual. otherwise it would be far more fabulous, and better decorated.10:00
ikoniahello there oCean_11:32
oCean_good morning11:32
ikoniamorning to you11:32
oCean_<student> in #u seems chinese11:32
oCean_and not willing to go to the appropriate chan11:32
oCean_however, his ip is UK based11:32
ikoniaI'm watching11:32
ikoniano problem11:32
elkyHe really needs to learn to put his whole argument on one line.12:15
h00ker, wait, what?15:41
h00koh, I had to read the whole thing.15:42
h00kI was going to say...I'm definitely not causing any problems in -beginners15:42
jussih00k: you are a probblem everywhere...  what a re you on about? :P16:39
* jussi hugs h00k16:42
ubottuIn #kubuntu, IdleOne said: ubottu: ru is <reply> Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:27
tsimpson!no ru is <reply> Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:27
ubottuI'll remember that tsimpson17:27
ubottuIn ubottu, guntbert said: !noX is <reply> To start your system in text mode only (no gdm, no X) append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu.17:35
guntberthi, I'm here to "defend" my !noX proposal17:36
IdleOneguntbert: I was just think a link to a wiki that explains start to finish how that is done for newbies to be able to do it would be good17:37
guntbertIdleOne: that would certainly be good, but I'm afraid there is no such page, and newbies usually don't want to start text only anyway17:38
IdleOneWhat I mean is it may not be obvious to a new user how to get to the kernel line in the grub menu.17:39
guntbertIdleOne: ack, how about !noX is <reply> To start your system in text mode only (no gdm, no X) append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing <shift> during boot.17:40
IdleOnethere ya go17:40
IdleOnenow wait for someone with access to add it17:40
IdleOnetsimpson: perhaps ^^17:41
guntbertok, but there is no need for me to idle here in the meantime - thx for your ongoing support17:41
tsimpsonI'd *really* prefer a wiki page for that, and some people do still have the "old" grub17:41
tsimpsonalso, why not use the "recovery mode" option?17:42
IdleOneguntbert: perhaps you can add a section to the !grub2 wiki17:42
IdleOnewhen the section is added then maybe add a !noX alias17:43
tsimpsonavoid using "gdm" too, say something like "the login manager" to be more generic and less technical17:43
guntberttsimpson: 1) can we have it as a hint for the helpers in the meantime? 2) because it will work in /etc/default/grub too and we sometimes want a full but text only system17:44
guntbertavoiding "gdm" is fine17:45
tsimpson/etc/default/grub is for grub2 right? what about those who've upgraded?17:45
IdleOnestill using the old grub17:46
guntbertIdleOne: I'm a bit pressed for time, and writing articles is not something I do very well, so I'd like to not edit the wiki :-)17:46
IdleOneguntbert: if you look at the wiki, you will see that it doesn't have to be Shakespear :)17:46
IdleOneand you can take your time to edit the wiki.17:47
guntbertok, how about that: just add the factoid now and I'll edit the wiki and then we change the factoid (I've seen questions "how can I start without X" nearly every day)17:48
guntbertpromised, I'll edit it17:48
tsimpsonit'd need to be be applicable to both grubs17:49
guntberttsimpson: ack, I'll check on that and return later17:50
tsimpson!nox is <reply> To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot.17:51
ubottuI'll remember that, tsimpson17:51
tsimpsonbut plz to fix later ^ :)17:51
guntbertpromised :-)17:51
guntbertbye for now17:52
ubottuslidinghorn called the ops in #ubuntu (h3n)18:48
guntbertHi, its me again :-)19:55
ubottuprince_jammys called the ops in #ubuntu (grobe0ba)19:55
guntbertupon looking into the wiki for the promised edit I fond that the !grub2 factoid points to a page whuch has NOTE: A more recent version of the information on this page can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2  .19:55
guntberton it as first line - 2 questions arise: should the factoid be changed? where should I make the edit for booting into text mode19:56
guntbertoh my god, *that* happens when I try to type fast : s/fond/found/;  s/whuch/which/20:02
FlannelHmm, yeah, that factoid should be changed.  No idea why the grub2 folks were using wiki.ubuntu.com for that anyway20:07
guntbertFlannel: so we go with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 ?20:08
Flannelguntbert: From a quick cursory glance, looks like all/most of the information from the wiki page is on help, so pretend the wiki page doesn't exist20:08
Flannelguntbert: Yeah, per wiki20:08
guntbertFlannel: ok, thx20:09
h00kjussi: all I do is cause problems. You've found me out.23:22
h00kikonia: that works, too.23:27
ikoniaasking for #991 numbers, omg, ranting about americans, I'm yet to see a line of help23:28
ikoniaand he's doing the same in #backtrack-linux23:29
ikoniaso I think we can take it his intentions where not "help"23:29
ikoniahe's back23:30
ikoniaI'm speaking to him in pm23:31
h00kwho'se that, val or hiexpo?23:31
ikoniawhat a surprise it was an #archlinux-offtopic guy posting the stupid flash links23:33
ValkyrieI'd like to report an unfairban/false claims23:34
ValkyrieI'll post the screenshots.23:34
ikoniaplease do23:34
ikoniayes ?23:35
ikoniaand ?23:35
ValkyrieSorry. Second pic refuses to upload23:37
ValkyrieI'll go to another source.23:37
ValkyrieOne se.23:37
ikoniathere isn't a second picture23:37
ikoniathat's the full conversation23:37
ikoniaI'm curious to what this second picture will be23:37
ValkyrieJust highlighting the bullshit 'abuse in pm' Because, I saw no direct attack in that PM23:38
ikoniaValkyrie: again yes ?23:38
h00kI don't see any problems.23:38
ValkyrieI'm not sure however, how he took it23:38
ikoniaValkyrie: I asked you a simple question, and you told me the channel has a stick up it's ass23:38
ValkyrieYou can surely see why I said it, no?23:38
ValkyrieYou're more oblivious than I thought.23:38
ikonia"why did you post that link" which is a stupid flash video in a support channel23:39
ikoniait's s pretty ressonable question23:39
ValkyriePlease, i'd rather talk to someone other than the person who banned me23:39
ikoniano problem then23:39
ValkyrieAnd, I answered reasonably.23:39
ValkyrieI told you, straight up, that people need'a laugh once in a while.23:39
ValkyrieWhich. Was the answer.23:39
ValkyrieComma, not period23:39
ValkyriexD Sorry23:39
h00kValkyrie: the purpose of that channel isn't to make people laugh or post offtopic .swfs in the channel. It's quite easily hilighted in the /topic of the channel.23:40
h00kValkyrie: do you have any more business here?23:42
h00kValkyrie: If you don't, take a look at the !guidelines I had ubottu link you23:43
h00kValkyrie: also, /part the channel and feel free to stop back in 24 hours to discuss your ban.23:44
* h00k shrugs23:45

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