berniedfarning: go to a classroom and you will cry twice00:24
berniedfarning: before you try to fix _any_ sugar-specific bug, make sure you apply all our patches00:24
lfaraonedfarning: i'll be online for a few more minutes, I think I'll tackle https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/601219 , it seems to be a trivial fix.01:18
lfaraone /j #sugar01:59
dipankardfarning, Hello.02:52
dfarningdipankar, good morning?02:53
dipankardfarning, yeah! How was your day?02:53
dfarningdipankar, It was very good.  we had several valuable discussion after you went to sleep.02:54
dfarningare you felling better today?02:54
dipankardfarning, yeah. I am fresh now.02:54
dfarningdipankar, nice.02:55
dipankardfarning, did you get a chance to go through Luke's email (via mailing list)02:55
dfarningdipankar, the one about testing sugar on ubuntu?02:57
dipankardfarning, no. The one about 'the activities getting installed in wrong directory'02:57
dipankarbrb in 1002:58
dfarningdipankar, yes, found it.02:59
dipankardfarning, where is the source of log-viewer-activity? I am unable to find it.03:09
dfarningdipankar, just the tarball alone? or packaged for debian or ubutu?03:12
dipankardfarning, like the other packages have a src folder. I don't seem to find it anywhere.03:12
dfarningdipankar, are you looking in the source package we were looking at yesterday03:14
dfarningif so, it is in the Log.activity dir.  there are only 3 .py file in the whole activity03:15
dipankardfarning, ok. where is the script file that copies the activity into the destinate folder03:17
dfarningdipankar, this package which we grabbed from ubuntu is using a slightly differenet packaging method03:19
dfarningit is using debhelper.  you can see that in the control file as:03:20
dfarning#!/usr/bin/make -f03:20
dfarning  03:20
dfarninginclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk03:20
dfarninginclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk03:20
dfarningdipankar, it stick everything in the package into the destination in the debian install file.03:21
dipankardfarning, Actually I somehow deleted the control file. :( I guess I will try regenerating it.03:21
dipankardfarning, ok.03:22
dfarningpart of packaging this activity will be adapting it to meet the style used for the rest of the sugar on ubuntu activities03:23
dfarningdipankar, this was last touched in 2007:)03:24
dipankardfarning, wow! Such long time back.03:24
dfarningdipankar, so to package this activity i would start by using another simple debain activity that you know is done correctly and modify it as needed.03:26
dipankardfarning, ok.03:27
dfarningdipankar, or have you looked at the contributing a new package on the page http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/GettingStartedGuide03:28
dfarningdipankar, ahh very cool lfaraone has set up a very nice skeleton as he refers to in the getting started guide.03:31
dipankardfarning, I agree with you lfaraone _has_ mentioned things clearly there.03:33
dfarningdipankar, the reason I suggested looking for a package we know works was to a the 'skeleton.'  but lfaraone did that for us all ready.03:34
dfarningdipankar, one thing I am unclear about is how to push a package to aloith.  Normally you have to define the url of the remote dir.03:39
dfarningis that done for us in this case?03:39
dipankardfarning, was going through logs, So I guess we can work on sugar-logviewer-activity with Luke's 'skeleton'03:39
dfarningdipankar, +103:40
dipankardfarning, yes the push should be to the ailoth ssh, in other words the git repo that you created at alioth.03:41
dfarningdipankar, ok I got it -- http://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/03:42
dipankardfarning, + the git repo directory. like 'sugar-logviewer-activity/' after that03:43
dfarningdipankar, do you have authority to push to collab-maint on aloith?03:44
dipankardfarning, yeah, you just need to add your ssh key in your alioth account.03:45
dipankarafter that you can push the changes.03:45
dfarningdipankar, ok got it, then after you have completed your final push, you send an email to the list asking for someone to review and sponsor the package?03:48
dipankardfarning, yes. If they like it they will accept the packages. :)03:49
dfarningdipankar, lets go for it:)  we can package it together. i'll do every thing accept the push and file the ITP bug:)03:50
dipankardfarning, there is a doubt though. Will the git repository that I have created in alioth will be used by Ubuntu?03:50
dfarningdipankar, we will worry about that later:)03:51
dipankardfarning, nice...03:52
dipankardfarning, okay now that we have got a fine idea of git working, I guess we have to wait for Luke to tell more details03:53
dfarningdipankar, first step looks like filing a ITP.  Yep.... lets stumble through and have some question ready when he is available:)03:54
dipankardfarning, ITP? :(03:55
dfarningdipankar, an ITP is an Intent To Package.  we want to let everyone know that we are working on this package.03:56
dfarningnear the bottom of the getting started page is a link how to file a ITP.\03:57
dipankardfarning, But I guess thats after uploading the packages.03:58
ankurdfarning,  good morning03:59
dfarningdipankar, actually you want to get in the habit of doing that first so others know what you are working on and don't start working on the same package.03:59
dfarningankur, good morning:) did you switch computers?  You nickname is much shorter:)04:00
ankurno, i just chose a different nick name. :)04:01
dfarningdipankar, I just checked and version 23 at http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/fructose/Log/Log-23.tar.bz2 is the most recent tarball.04:01
dfarningankur, what do you have scheuled for this morning?04:02
dfarningankur, if you have some debugging to do alsroot is in #sugar and might be able to get you started.  he is in europe so he is either up really early or really late:)04:04
dipankardfarning, I think ankur and me have to work on the bugs that you found out04:04
dipankardfarning, manu Sir sent and e-mail regarding that04:04
dfarningdipankar, cool go for it. we can package later.  I actually just packaged the log-viewer according to the instructions and it worked:)04:05
dipankardfarning, right on! that quick?04:07
dfarningbetween our discusion and luke's instructions it is pretty easy:)04:08
dfarningdipankar, which surprised me:)04:08
dipankardfarning, what all changes did you make?04:08
ankurdfarning,  my net connections is giving me jitters .04:09
ankurmanu sir sent a email last night regarding regarding some bugs, i guess i should start working on it .04:09
dfarningdipankar, just the stuff luke listed. the dependencey were all the same as in the skeleton.04:10
dfarningankur, I see you are fading in and out.  do you want to start with the network bug with dipankar?04:11
ankurdfarning,  i would be glad to do so04:12
dipankardfarning, ankur is having trouble with internet.04:12
dipankarlemme check when alsroot will be free..04:13
* alsroot is all time open for questions04:14
dfarningdipankar, ankur -- great. I am going to write an QA plan while you get the process started.  I'll be back in about 30 minutes.04:14
dipankaralsroot, I got it :)04:15
dfarningalsroot, :)04:15
dipankardfarning, ok.04:15
dipankaralsroot, I have to run the checks on system for the bug. How about I contact you in 15 minutes?04:16
alsrootdipankar: ok04:16
dipankaralsroot, my first problem is I am unable to see anybody on neighbourhodd04:29
alsrootdipankar: can you make Chat shared or it fails to share?04:29
dipankaralsroot, I am unable to find the chat-activity04:31
alsrootdipankar: ok, what you have for `ps aux | grep telepa`?04:31
dipankardalsroot, dipankar@dipankar-desktop:/usr/bin$ ps aux | grep telpa04:35
dipankarddipankar  1660  0.0  0.0   3320   792 pts/0    S+   09:03   0:00 grep --color=auto telpa04:35
=== dipankar is now known as dipankarl
alsrootdipankard: could you enable all debug output http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/BugSquad/Get_Logs#Enabling_Sugar_debug_logging and pastebin presenceservice.log and shell.log04:37
alsrootand also telepathy*.log04:37
alsrootdipankard: and you need to restart sugar after setting up debug04:38
dipankardalsroot, I am running an emulator on Ubuntu04:38
alsrootdipankard: then, just restart it04:39
dipankardalsroot, also I guess I have all debug files generated04:39
dipankardshell.log : http://paste.ubuntu.com/458974/04:41
dipankardalsroot, presenceservice.log is empty04:43
alsrootdipankard: that means you didn't uncommented all lines in debug file http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/BugSquad/Get_Logs#Enabling_Sugar_debug_logging04:44
dipankardalsroot, ohk. then I will do that and join in a couple of minutes04:44
dipankardalsroot, ok done04:55
dipankardalsroot, the presenceservice.log : http://paste.ubuntu.com/458980/04:56
dipankardalsroot, the telepathy-gabble.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458981/04:57
dipankardalsroot, the telepathy-salut.log :04:58
alsrootdipankard: was sugar-emulator stopped before you got logs?05:00
dipankardalsroot, yes. I closed and then took the logs out05:00
alsrootdipankard: you need to take logs when sugar-emulator is running, otherwise logs contain bunch of exit related stuff05:01
dipankardalsroot, what can be the possible error?05:04
alsrootdipankard: dunno, at least if there is no either telepathy-gabble nor telepathy-salut in `ps` it should be something network related05:05
dipankardalsroot, This is strange. Before I registered I used to see a lot of sugar users05:06
dipankardalsroot, now not a single user. This is not possible that each time I enter neighbourhood view no user is online05:07
* alsroot didn't touch registering related code and dunno how it works05:07
dipankardalsroot, can you see other sugar users in 'nieghbourhood view'05:09
alsrootdipankard: nope, /me tries to investigate, it could be that jabber server is offline05:12
alsrootdipankard: looks like I also can't connect to jabber.sugarlabs.org05:14
dfarningdipankar did we lose ankur due to network issues?05:14
dipankarddfarning, ankur is off for breakfast05:15
alsrootdfarning: anyway, sugar should fallback to salut backend (like it does in my case), and e.g. sharing should work in activities -- could you check if any activity can start sharing05:16
alsrootdfarning: sorry, dipankard05:16
dfarningdipankard, thanks05:16
dipankardalsroot, ok let me check05:17
dipankardalsroot, strange no activity is coming on neighbourhood. they earlier used to05:19
alsrootdipankard: do you have telepathy-salut in `ps`?05:19
alsrootin `ps aux`05:20
dipankardalsroot, how do I check ? :P05:20
alsrootdipankard: in Terminal, type "ps aux | grep telepathy-salut"05:20
dipankarddipankar  1816  0.0  0.0   3320   792 pts/0    S+   09:51   0:00 grep --color=auto telepathy-slaut05:21
dipankardalsroot, ^^05:21
alsrootdipankard: hmm, it's already not only jabber server issue..05:21
alsrootdipankard: could you: restart sugar, not closing sugar-emulator, pastebin logs once more05:22
kandarpkdipankard: Hi05:27
dipankardkandarpk, hi sir goodmorning05:27
kandarpkgood morning05:27
kandarpkdipankard: do you know how to access control panel as mentioned by manu sir in the mail ?05:28
dipankardkandarpk, its just the settings option , when you right click on the XO guy05:29
alsrootdipankard: and there is no telepathy-salut in "ps aux | grep telepathy-salut"?05:29
dipankardi found on alsroot05:29
dipankarddipankar  1816  0.0  0.0   3320   792 pts/0    S+   09:51   0:00 grep --color=auto telepathy-slaut05:29
alsrootdipankard: it's just an echo of your `ps` command, not telepathy-slaut itself05:30
dipankardalsroot, ok.05:31
alsrootdipankard: looks like telepathy-slaut died, could you pastbin telepathy-salut.log once more05:31
kandarpkdfarning: around ?05:31
dfarningkandarpk, good morning.05:31
kandarpkgood morning05:31
dipankardalsroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/458994/05:32
dfarningkandarpk, what to you have scheldaled for this morning?05:32
kandarpkdfarning: there's a bug in sugar05:32
kandarpkeven though I do not have a 3g modem, there is an icon to set up a 3g modem05:32
kandarpkdfarning: any pointers ?05:33
dipankardeveryone: there is an important bug to be fixed in neighbourhood view05:34
dipankardbug: Can't find other Sugar Users in 'Neighbourhood View'05:34
dfarningkandarpk, I have no idea on this one.  It would seem to me that sugar should do some sort of hardware detection before showing the incon in the control panel.05:34
kandarpkdfarning: exactly05:35
dipankardsituation: We cannot find anybody. If running on laptop we can only see the wifi access points05:35
alsrootdipankard: maybe tp-salut exits unexpectedly, could you add "export PRESENCE_SERVICE_DEBUG=disable-gabble" to ~/.sugar/debug, just in case call "killall python2.6", start sugar, you should see "telepathy-salut" in "ps aux | grep telepathy-salut"05:36
kandarpkdfarning: will try to resolve this issue later05:36
dfarningkandarpk, but since sugar was originally written for a specific piece of hardward  (the XO) I don't know what sort of detection mecainism is in place.05:37
kandarpkdfarning: Ok, now I now some reason for this issue05:37
dfarningkandarpk, when you are ready to work on it I would suggest pinging bernie, tomeu, alsroot, or sible upstream05:37
dipankardalsroot, I have to reboot I guess05:39
kandarpkdfarning: dipankard and alsroot are working on neighbourhood issue, joining them, will ping them when it gets resolved05:39
kandarpk*them=bernie, tomeu, alsroot, sible05:39
kandarpkdfarning: what should happen on starting neighbourhood ?05:40
dfarningkandarpk, sounds good.  alsroot is very good:)05:41
dfarningkandarpk, Are you asking about the issues alsroot and dipankar are working on?05:41
kandarpkdfarning: yes05:41
kandarpkdfarning: do not know what is the expected behaviour05:42
kandarpkdfarning: will be back in 2 min.05:42
dfarningkandarpk, I think the one they are working on is that the system sugar uses for sugar desktops to comunicate is not running/starting correctly.05:44
dipankardalsroot, bingo! dipankar  1416  0.0  0.3   9208  3492 ?        S    10:13   0:00 /usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-salut05:44
dipankarddipankar  1498  0.0  0.0   3324   876 pts/0    S+   10:14   0:00 grep --color=auto telepathy-salut05:44
alsrootdipankard: is sharing working in activities ?05:45
dfarningkandarpk, the expected behavior is that when a network is available to sugar there will be several other users visiable on the 'group' view.05:46
dipankardalsroot, nope05:47
alsrootdipankard: you mean you don't see shared icons in F1 view?05:47
dipankardalsroot, yes thats what's happening : I only see myself in neighbourhood view05:48
dipankardalsroot, I ran the 'maze-activity'05:48
dfarningkandarpk, --  dipankard and alsroot are exploring why no one else is visable.  this system is part of the 'presence-service' stack.05:48
alsrootdipankard: but afaik maze doesn't support sharing, could you try to share other activities e.g. TA, Browse, Chat05:49
dipankardalsroot, now the function keys are not working!05:50
dfarningkandarpk, in this case it appears that something is wrong with telepathy-salut -- see http://linux.die.net/man/8/telepathy-salut05:51
dipankardalsroot, now this is really weird : I don't find browse, chat eactivities05:53
alsrootdipankard: what about Calculate?05:54
dipankardalsroot, nope! What is wrong!05:55
alsrootdipankard: do you still have salut in `ps`? it could die05:57
dipankardalsroot, it is still there05:58
alsrootdipankard: what about "avahi" in `ps`?05:58
dipankardavahi      547  0.0  0.1   2924  1596 ?        S    10:10   0:00 avahi-daemon: running [dipankar-desktop.local]05:59
dipankardavahi      552  0.0  0.0   2924   544 ?        Ss   10:10   0:00 avahi-daemon: chroot helper05:59
dipankarddipankar  1825  0.0  0.0   3324   860 pts/0    S+   10:29   0:00 grep --color=auto avahi05:59
alsrootdipankard: what `route -n` says?05:59
dipankardKernel IP routing table06:01
dipankardDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface06:01
dipankard10.0.2.0   U     1      0        0 eth006:01
dipankard169.254.0.0     U     1000   0        0 eth006:01
dipankard0.0.0.0         UG    0      0        0 eth006:01
alsrootso, default route is set..06:01
dipankardyup. I have DHCP06:02
dipankardoops wrong statement I guess06:02
kandarpkdfarning: *going through the link provided06:03
alsrootdipankard: could you install Chat http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/downloads/file/26269/chat-66.xo it will be easier to investigate problem -- and try to share it and pastebin telepathy-salut.log06:07
dfarningkandarpk, the upstream to sugar ( and gnome ) for the telepathy stack is a company called collabora which tomeu works for -- http://www.collabora.co.uk/projects/telepathy/06:10
dipankardalsroot, It is not installing only :(06:10
alsrootdipankard: you mean after uploading chat-66.xo to the journal, you can't launch Chat?06:11
dfarningI need to get to bed so I can be productive in the morning.  good night.06:12
alsroot..by clicking on journal entry with chat-66.xo06:12
dipankardI used 'sugar install-activity chat-66.xo' from terminal in sugar06:12
dipankarddfarning, good night :) See in 8 hours06:12
dipankarddfarning, *see you in 8 hours06:12
kandarpkdfarning: telepathy provides libraries to provide a layer of abstraction for communication based applications ?06:13
alsrootdipankard: try this "copy-to-journal -m application/vnd.olpc-sugar <fs-patht-to-xo>"06:13
alsroot..from Terminal06:14
dipankardalsroot, o/p : created as <some key-kind of number>06:17
dipankardalsroot, shared it.06:18
alsrootdipankard: you see Chat icon in F1 view?06:20
dipankardalsroot, no :(06:20
alsrootdipankard: did you ge "Onnline..." alert in Chat after changing sharing scope?06:21
dipankardalsroot, nope.06:21
alsrootdipankard: could you pastebin telepathy-salut.log and presenceservice.log once more06:22
dipankardalsroot, ^^06:24
alsrootoops, first one says that salut has stopped, do you have it in `ps`?06:25
alsrootdipankard: ^06:25
ankurkhurana_dfarning, my power is off, so currently i was working on my backup power. I will be working till it goes or my power comes back. hello alsroot06:26
alsrootankurkhurana_: hi06:26
dipankardalsroot, its still running06:27
alsrootdipankard: hmm, something weird06:28
alsrootdipankard: could you reproduce this issue in the same network but from different env?06:28
dipankardankurkhurana_, Don't use computer on inverter. Its not good.06:28
dipankardalsroot, like?06:28
alsrootdipankard: I mean from different box06:29
dipankardalsroot, different env?06:29
dipankardalsroot, how do i do that?06:29
kandarpkdipankard: you can let me know the steps06:29
kandarpkif not very involved06:29
alsrootdipankard: e.g. from VM..06:30
dipankardkandarpk, to reproduce the bug?06:30
dipankardalsroot, I am running on vm :)06:30
dipankard*  oracle virtual box06:30
kandarpkdipankard: that is what alsroot has asked you, I believe06:31
kandarpk*power cut06:31
kandarpkwill be back soon06:31
alsrootdipankard: anyway, let me try to reproduce it in my env, what sugar you are using? is there dvd iso to check06:32
alsroot..to install06:32
dipankardalsroot, I am using packages ' ubuntu-sugar-remix'06:32
alsrootdipankard: is there ubuntu-sugar-remix isos?06:33
dipankardyes, but i think they are not upto date. afaik06:33
dipankardalsroot, how about jhbuild?06:36
alsrootdipankard: I already have recent sugar, the problem is in not in sugar itself but in telepathy I guess06:36
alsrootand in ubuntu's telepathy06:37
dipankardohk alsroot06:38
alsrootdipankard: btw can you check this issue in native env i.e. out of VM?06:38
dipankardalsroot, I have set this test machine on Desktop Virtual Box (inside windows)06:39
dipankardalsroot, I checked on sugar-jhbuild, there I can share activities but nobody is visible06:41
alsrootdipankard: better to download recent soas or ubuntu-sugar-remix images and boot from them06:42
alsrootdipankard: it could be even VirtualBox issue06:43
alsrootor issue that can be reproducible only in VirtualBox06:43
dipankardalsroot, I have a very slow internet connection (512 kbps)06:43
dipankardIt will take sometime06:44
alsrootdipankard: if you will decide to download soas, I guess http://spins.fedoraproject.org/soas/#downloads contains links to recent images06:45
alsrootdipankard: btw maybe you have an XO?06:46
alsrootthere are 0.88 based images06:46
dipankardalsroot, now XO right now :)06:47
dipankard*no XO06:47
dipankardalsroot, I am downloading the recent image from the test sever06:48
dipankardof USR06:48
alsrootdipankard: will, it will be useful to check if sugar (not)works fine out of VirtualBox before falling to not trivial TP investigation06:49
dipankardalsroot, let me ask ankur06:50
ankurdipankard,  i was not able to install either calculate activity or chat .Can you suggest a way to install a activity that support sharing.Pardon me if somebody asked the question.I am having network prob and irc logs are not updated realtime. in synaptic package manager chat is for .86 , not available for .88.06:50
ankuryes dipankard06:50
kandarpkdipankard: anything conclusive yet ?06:51
dipankardcopy-to-journal -m application/vnd.olpc-sugar <fs-patht-to-xo>06:51
ankuralsroot, i am working in dual boot system, and I am having same problem as dipankar.So i guess that is not due to virtual box06:53
dipankardkandarpk, sir, you are running USR on virtual box or direct installed?06:53
kandarpkdipankard: running Debian right now06:53
kandarpkbut have USR as a dual boot06:54
dipankardkandarpk, can please you check out if in neighbourhood you are able to share any activity?06:55
dipankardankur, we are unable to view other users06:55
kandarpkdipankard: how do I share an activity there ?06:55
kandarpkdipankard: same here06:55
kandarpkthere are no users when I open neighbourhood06:56
dipankardkandarpk, first download the chat activity : http://www.collabora.co.uk/projects/telepathy/06:56
alsrootankur: do you have neighbourhood issue in USR?06:56
dipankardcopy-to-journal -m application/vnd.olpc-sugar <fs-patht-to-xo>06:56
kandarpkdipankard: I think it is already installed06:57
kandarpklet me check06:57
dipankardkandarpk, I didn't have it :P06:57
ankuralsroot, i have USR iso intalled in virtual box, so i guess i have to check that.Are you asking me to check in vm or my native ubuntu?06:58
dipankardalsroot, download is under process: As soon as it is done, I will boot from it.06:58
alsrootankur: will be useful in both06:58
kandarpkdipankard: I do have it, but don't know how to use it06:58
kandarpk*the chat activity06:59
kandarpkdipankard: starting the activity does not show any options06:59
kandarpkexcept for a bar on the top07:00
dipankardkandarpk, in chat activity: when you run it , it will prompt a notification "Online/Offline"07:00
kandarpkdipankard: it did, and a count down of 3 sec07:00
dipankardkandarpk, then select the circle with a single dot "its in the centre f the bar"07:00
dipankardthen you will get two options "a circle with a single dot/ a circle with many dots on periphery"07:01
dipankardsingle represents 'private mode'07:01
dipankardmany dots represent 'shared mode'07:02
kandarpkdipankard: got it07:02
kandarpkdipankard: selecting circle with many dots do not show other users07:02
alsrootkandarpk: do you see Chat icon in F1 view?07:03
dipankardkandarpk, switch to neighbourhood mode first 'F1'07:03
kandarpkdipankard: yes, there is a chat icon07:03
alsrootkandarpk: are you on USR in VB?07:04
kandarpkalsroot: Using sugar-emulator on Debian07:04
kandarpkinstalled as a dual boot07:04
dipankardgood we have a Debian env too :)07:04
alsrootdipankard: so, it is not USR issue, it could be either VB or your-network-env issue then07:05
alsrootoops, it was debian in kandarpk's env07:05
alsrootkandarpk: i said you have USR in dual boot, could you try the same in USR?07:06
kandarpkalsroot: sure07:06
kandarpkI'll reboot now07:06
dipankardguys I am off for 30 minutes :) Have some work.07:06
kandarpkalsroot: Sugar on USR isn't working as well as it did on Debian07:21
kandarpkterminal in Sugar isn't reading input07:21
alsrootkandarpk: you can try a workaround (since we are trying to check only sharing issue, not terminal:), stop sugar, call copy-to-journal command, later in sugar you should see .xo journal item, so you can click it to launch07:25
kandarpkalsroot: "copy-to-journal -m application/vnd.olpc-sugar <fs-patht-to-xo>"07:26
kandarpkwhat is "<fs-patht-to-xo>" ?07:26
alsrootkandarpk: it was path to downloaded chat.xo, but maybe you already have Chat07:27
kandarpkalsroot: chat isn't installed in USR07:27
alsrootkandarpk: yup, it should work in USR07:28
kandarpkalsroot: same problem in USR07:32
kandarpkno user detected in neighbourhood07:32
alsrootkandarpk: but  can you see Chat icon?07:32
kandarpkalsroot: yes, its there07:32
alsrootkandarpk: you can't see users because it seems that jabber.sl.o is offline, dipankard has different issue, in his case even Chat didn't appear07:34
kandarpkalsroot: ok, so I am in a better position, if we can say that07:35
alsrootkandarpk: I also can see no one in F1 view, and errors in log while connecting to jabber.sl.o07:35
alsrootkandarpk: so, look like dipankard's issue is specific to his environemnt, possible windoz-virtualbox-telepathy07:36
kandarpkalsroot: most probably07:38
kandarpkalsroot: should pressing F1 key take me to F1 view ?07:39
kandarpkbecause it is not doing so07:39
alsrootkandarpk: at least should, but if you are running sugar-emulator.. some people reported about keyboard issuse that are Xephyr related07:40
alsrootsilbe on #sugar did some work for switching to vnc, but dunno about status07:41
kandarpkI should try running sugar-session07:43
kandarpk*will be back07:43
kandarpkalsroot: you were right, Function keys worked in Sugar-session07:46
kandarpkbernie: around ?07:58
dipankaralsroot, checked the new usr iso08:33
dipankaralsroot, internet is not working on it08:33
kandarpkdipankar: can you let me know how to use git ?08:34
dipankarkandarpk, he he.. you are still after that!08:34
kandarpkdipankar: we need to learn it in a day or two.08:35
dipankarkandarpk, Ok I will definitely tell you, but what happened to the neighbour hood view bug?08:35
alsrootdipankar: kandarpk checked neighbourhood issue in his USR and works fine (except that sugar cannot connect to jabber.sl.o) i.e. Chat icon appear in F1 view, so looks like issue is specific to your case08:36
kandarpkdipankar: chat icon was being displayed08:36
dipankaralsroot, I also checked it on USR's new iso. Activities are displayed on the 'F1' view08:38
alsrootdipankar: so, it could be just "VirtualBox under Windows" issue08:38
dipankaralsroot, any idea why we are unable to connect to the server? Is it same for everyone then?08:39
dipankarkandarpk, You got the idea of using git I guess last night.08:39
alsrootdipankar: dunno, kevix on #sugar managed to connect, just still no lick in my case08:40
alsrootdipankar: anyway, looks like it is server side problem08:40
dipankaralsroot, ok. That clears some doubts.08:40
kandarpkdipankar: I can use clone, branch, add, commit, pull08:40
dipankarkandarpk, then you are ahead of me :P08:41
dipankarkandarpk, I only tried my hands on the logviewer activity.08:41
dipankar*also I am yet to do branch and merger08:42
kandarpkdipankar: Ok.08:42
kandarpkno worries08:42
kandarpkdipankar: but let me know the steps that Luke told you08:42
dipankarkandarpk, here is the detailed guide: http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/GettingStartedGuide;08:43
kandarpkit involves ssh ?08:43
kandarpkwas a bit confusing there08:43
dipankarkandarpk, Luke told me the section 'Contributing a new package'08:43
dipankarkandarpk, which part in ssh was confusing?08:44
kandarpkgit push ssh+git://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-memorize-activity.git master08:44
kandarpkdo we need to set up our ssh keys with the repo ?08:44
kandarpkdipankar: I mean how do I submit changes ?08:46
dipankar_kandarpk, got disconnected.08:46
dipankar_kandarpk, can you please send the part again08:47
kandarpkgit push ssh+git://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-memorize-activity.git master08:47
kandarpkdo we require to have our ssh keys synced with Debian repo ?08:48
kandarpk*not synced08:48
kandarpkbut is there anything we need to do before pushing08:48
dipankar_by now you would have added the ssh key?08:49
dipankar_I guess08:49
dipankar_ to your alioth account08:49
=== dipankar_ is now known as dipankar
dipankarso you need to register your ssh key with alitoh account before pushing anything08:50
kandarpkdipankar: where do I do that ?08:53
kandarpkcouldn't find it08:54
dipankarkandarpk, log into your alioth acoount08:54
kandarpkthen ?08:54
dipankaron the top right corner click on 'my account'08:55
kandarpkI am there.08:55
kandarpkunder my acc.08:55
dipankarscroll all the way down on the page08:55
dipankarthere you will find : shell keys08:56
dipankar* Shell Account Information08:56
dipankarShell box:08:56
dipankarSSH Shared Authorized Keys: 008:56
dipankarEdit Keys08:56
kandarpkcant find it.08:56
dipankarclick on 'Edit keys'.08:56
dipankarhmm.. thats weird. are you here : https://alioth.debian.org/account/08:57
dipankarSearch for this on the page : 'Shell Account Information'08:59
dipankar'Cntrl + F' on the page09:00
dipankarkandarpk, I am going for lunch. Will be back in 15 minutes09:00
kandarpknot found :(09:00
* dipankar is away: I'm busy09:00
* dipankar is back (gone 00:10:40)09:11
dipankarkandarpk, thats really weird09:11
dipankarkandarpk, are you on the page : My Personal Page?09:12
kandarpkdipankar: My Page09:12
dipankarkandarpk, I am on 'My Personal Page'09:13
kandarpkI cant see 'My Personla Page' anywhere09:14
kandarpkgot htere09:14
kandarpkWhat to do now ?09:14
dipankarclick on 'Account Maintenance'09:15
kandarpkNothing for shell keys here09:16
dipankarI am unable to receive anything from anybody :(09:17
kandarpkmailing you @gmail09:18
dipankarkandarpk, please follow this page: http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/SSH09:19
dipankar^^ nice guide09:19
dipankarkandarpk, what is the .tar for btw?09:20
kandarpkthe page09:20
kandarpkwhich contains no option for ssh key09:21
dipankarThats really weird. My page shows a 'FORGE' Logo whereas yours is a little bit different.09:23
kandarpkyou need to extract the tar to see them09:23
dipankar^^ saw them :)09:24
dipankarkandarpk, see if you can access this page directly: https://alioth.debian.org/account/editsshkeys.php09:25
kandarpkhow do I submit the key here ?09:27
kandarpkit only has a text bow09:27
dipankarfinally. :)09:27
dipankarcopy your ssh key from the ~/.ssh/09:28
kandarpkput the contents of id_rsa.pub in it ?09:28
dipankarright on09:28
dipankarno problem. Now you can push the changes.09:30
dipankarbut remember, the changes will be accepted by the master only.09:30
kandarpkwhere will the changes go to ?09:30
kandarpkmaster only ?09:31
dipankarthe changes will go (pushed) to the git repository of the package at alioth09:31
dipankarmaster : the one who controls the git repository09:31
kandarpkIf they are accepted, they will be uploaded to Debian repo ?09:32
dipankarnow thats where I am stuck. Luke left before explaining that to me :)09:32
dipankarIn my opinion Debian Repo _are_ git repos only, but the accepted ones09:33
dipankar*git repos at alioth09:33
kandarpkand the process of building and pushing is same as09:34
kandarpkmentioned here :09:34
dipankarYes. Luke explained me the 'contributing a new package'09:35
dipankarDavid already got that. :)09:36
dipankarhe himself tried out the whole process09:37
kandarpkthats what I will end up doing09:37
dipankarDavid also told we should know this much right now09:41
dipankarwhen Luke comes back, he will carry further09:41
dfarninggood morning12:11
kandarpkdfarning: good morning12:11
kandarpkdfarning: had a good sleep ?12:11
dfarningyes, thank you.  I read backlog it looks like you made good progress.12:15
kandarpkdfarning: having issues with downloading12:16
dfarningkandarpk, a network issues?12:16
kandarpkdfarning: yes, but now its working12:17
kandarpkhow did you know about it  ?12:17
dfarningkandarpk, network issues seem quite common in New Delhi12:18
kandarpkdfarning: No, just apt-get wasn't working12:19
kandarpkeverything else was fine12:19
kandarpkthere was some error like12:19
kandarpk*could not resolve12:19
dfarningkandarpk, that generally means that apt-get was unable to solve a  dependency.12:20
kandarpkbut it worked fine now12:21
kandarpkminutes ago, I could not even update the system12:21
dfarningit is likely that it was a temporary issue.  cause by delays in the files being pulled through the ubuntu download network.12:22
dfarningAs you saw the best solution is to wait a couple of hours until things settle down.12:23
dfarningmanusheel, good morning.  I looks like kandarpk and dipankar had a very productive debug session.  It was particularly valuable because network issues represent over half of the problems reported from the field.12:30
dipankardfarning, good morning.12:30
dfarningmanusheel, and if a teacher has a network issue they often give up becuase they can't figure out how to sovle it in a reasonable amount of time.12:31
manusheeldfarning: Good morning David.12:31
manusheeldfarning: I am very happy to hear from you on this aspect. I just had a telephonic conversation with Kandarp, and he was very happy to work on this exercise too.12:31
manusheeldfarning: Absolutely agree.12:31
dfarningdipankar, good morning.  looks like you had a good day with alsroot.12:31
manusheeldipankar: Good morning.12:32
dipankarmanusheel sir: Its evening here!12:32
manusheeldipankar: Sorry. It seems like it is always morning for me.12:32
manusheeldfarning: Yes, I didn't get a chance to sleep last night. And, in the morning was in a meeting with JS developers.12:33
dipankardfarning, alsroot helped a lot. More over he found a problem with running usr on Vb.12:33
manusheeldfarning: However, I am feeling fresh now. Meetings came along well.12:34
manusheeldipankar: Can you elaborate on the issue?12:34
dfarningmanusheel, when thinking about bug priorities it might be valuable to bump up network related issues because they represent an very high obstacle for teachers.12:34
dipankarThe issue is:12:35
dfarningmanusheel, you work too hard:)12:35
manusheeldfarning: David, absolutely. I like your plan. You focus on very core issues, which is important.12:35
dipankarin neighbourhood view we can't find any user online. on Virtual Box, I cannot even share an activity12:36
manusheeldfarning: Network issues are critical to solve. Can you point us to a resource from where we can get a clarity on the issues posted on network management front.12:36
manusheeldipankar: Yes, interesting.12:37
manusheeldipankar: Did we arrive at a good conclusion on this ?12:37
dipankarWe tried on both Debian, Ubuntu 10.4, and USR -- separate envs12:37
dipankaron all we were able to share activities12:38
dipankarbut could not find other users12:38
dfarningmanusheel, luckily:) tomeu is employed by collabra the upstream maintainter of the telapthy stack and lfaraone helps maintain the network manager for debian.  So you have two experts on hand:)12:38
manusheeldipankar: Did you discuss this with alsroot and tomeu on how to arrive at a good conclusion on this?12:39
dipankarpossible issue is with server down: try opening jabber.ubuntu.com12:39
dipankaroops sorr12:39
manusheeldfarning: That is great to hear. Thanks for informing me. I am very happy to hear that Tomeu is working with Collabora.12:39
dipankar*sorry wrong site12:39
dipankarI consulted with alsroot only12:41
manusheeldfarning: Dafydd and Morgan are good friends in Collabra. It would be great to have Tomeu maintain the telepathy stack.12:42
manusheeldipankar: What did we arrive at?12:43
dfarningmanusheel, very nice.12:43
dipankarmanusheel, Sir, That the server is down12:44
dipankarmanusheel, dfarning , The iso at the has some problem12:49
dipankarI am taking an half an hour break. Have been online whole afternoon12:51
dfarningdipankar, it looks very widespread.12:51
dipankarthanks David :)12:51
* dipankar is away: I'm busy12:51
* dipankar is back (gone 00:00:32)12:52
* dipankar is away: I'm not here12:52
kandarpk*will be back in 10 min.( need to boot windows )12:57
kandarpkdfarning: I am not able to execute:13:40
kandarpkwget -P ..  http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Colors/Colors!-15.tar.bz213:40
kandarpkERROR: 404 not found13:40
=== op_amp is now known as neeraj
dfarningkandarpk, were you able to solve your problem?15:51
kandarpkdfarning: no15:51
kandarpksame error is being reported15:51
dfarningkandarpk, which activity are you working on?15:51
kandarpkdfarning: I ran the command in terminal15:52
kandarpkit was there on the starters guide15:52
kandarpkfor git15:52
dfarningthe path  http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Colors/Colors!-15.tar.bz2 is for the activity color15:54
dfarningjust a moment I will try15:54
dfarningkandarpk, are you gettin an error like15:57
dfarningwget -P ..  http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Colors/Colors!-15.tar.bz215:57
dfarningwget -P ..  http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Colors/Colorscd temp/.tar.bz215:57
dfarning--2010-07-04 09:56:52--  http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Colors/Colorscd15:57
dfarningResolving download.sugarlabs.org..., 2002:8cba:4635::115:57
dfarningConnecting to download.sugarlabs.org||:80... connected.15:57
dfarningHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found15:57
dfarning2010-07-04 09:56:52 ERROR 404: Not Found.15:57
dfarning--2010-07-04 09:56:52--  http://temp/.tar.bz215:57
dfarningResolving temp... failed: Name or service not known.15:57
dfarningwget: unable to resolve host address `temp'15:57
kandarpkIts very similar15:58
kandarpkbut last 2-3 lines aren't there15:59
kandarpknothing like `temp'15:59
dfarningkandarpk, try  wget -P ..  'http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Colors/Colors!-15.tar.bz2'16:01
dfarningi think you need to quote anything with a ! mark init.16:02
dfarnings/init/in it/16:02
kandarpkThis time it says permission denied16:02
dfarningkandarpk, what dir are you in?  do you have permission to write to the parent dir of your current dir.16:03
kandarpkdfarning: done16:04
kandarpkyou were right16:04
kandarpkwas in ~16:05
dfarningkandarpk, when in doubt about command try looking and the man page with 'man wget'16:05
dfarningthe -P flag tells wget where to put the downloaded file.  '..' means parent.16:06
kandarpkdfarning: I should have16:06
kandarpkdfarning: have you gone through this guide ?16:07
kandarpkthe steps mentioned there ?16:07
dfarningkandarpk, I don't know the exact rules for when to use quote:(  but when ever I see a weird character like ! causing a string to change I try quoting the string16:08
dfarningkandarpk, yes dipankar and I went though it this morning.  but we used a different activity... log viewer I think16:09
kandarpkdfarning: here, we only are adding Debian specific "Debian" folder16:10
kandarpkto push it into debian, right ?16:10
kandarpkno need to change any source code as the package is already in working state16:10
dfarningkandarpk, are you asking in reference to the initial_debianization.tar.gz file?16:11
kandarpkor apply patches to it ...16:11
kandarpkdfarning: yes16:12
dfarningyes, there is no need to patch as everything works.16:12
dfarningthe debian folder contains all of the packaging data16:13
kandarpkdfarning: this activity tells us how to configure a package so that it can be pushed to debian ?16:14
neeraj_dfarning: I am also learning abt git.. should I follow the same step as kandarpk is following or I should try another activity..16:15
dfarningkandarpk, rather than create those files from scratch every time ( which is prone to result in bugs) we use the skeleton that lfaraone made and modify it to meet our specific needs16:15
=== neeraj_ is now known as neeraj
dfarningneeraj_, please try going throug the same tutorial.  that way we can all help answer eachothers questions.16:15
kandarpkneeraj: try the same activity for now16:16
kandarpkneeraj: if we'll have some time, we'll try it on some other package as well16:17
neerajkandarpk, k doing so16:19
neerajNow I should run git init in color15..16:20
dfarningneeraj, yes16:23
neerajk.. done till pristine cmd16:24
neerajgit-import-orig --pristine-tar -u ''15'' ../Colors!-15.tar.bz216:25
kandarpkdfarning: it was all about generating the Debian folder16:39
kandarpkaccording to the package16:39
dfarningkandarpk, yes all of the orginal source will stay the same unless we find a bug (while we test)16:40
kandarpkdfarning: how did it check for dependency ?16:41
kandarpkmy package was in a different directory16:41
kandarpkcorol-15 had only Debian in it16:41
dfarningnormally to test for build time and run time dependancies, you just try building and running the package.... and looking for error messages about missing libs of modules.16:44
dfarningkandarpk, In this case I just knew from experience that the dependancies were all there.16:44
kandarpkdfarning: even if I had not downloaded color-15!, wouldn't the control file have the same structue ?16:50
kandarpkafter running DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean16:52
dfarningkandarpk, The structure of the control will remain the same for most simple activities.16:53
dfarningkandarpk, I just sent a email to olpc-debian asking for guidance on howto push our work to alioth for review.16:58
kandarpkdfarning: Ok, we can now start considering pushicng the packages16:59
neerajdfarning, in that guide its written that we re-generate control file using control.in17:00
dfarningkandarpk, yes, but I don't know that step yet:(17:00
dfarningneeraj, yes that is correct.17:00
neerajand after that its written that we add certain dependency in control file..17:00
neerajwhy is that.. shouldn't we first add dependency and then re-generate control file..17:01
dfarningneeraj, you are correct, we should edit control.in before we regenerate the control file.17:02
neerajdfarning, kandarpk in control.in , Depends field has:= ${shlibs:Depends}, what does this type of notation signifies..17:07
neerajI mean last time when I dropped some dependency there was only name.. like "python"17:07
dfarningneeraj, in bash $ indicates a variable.17:08
dfarningneeraj, in these packages the various dependancies are set in the rules file.17:08
dfarningneeraj, did that make sense?17:13
neerajdidn't exactly got the last line..17:14
neerajhmm on guide Read debian/control. In debian/control.in, add beyond @cdbs@ the other things you need to build the package. For Colors!, we read in INSTALL that we need to add swig, gtk2-devel, python-devel, gstreamer-devel, pygtk2-devel17:14
neerajNow I have to add these dependency in control.in file as per the guide..17:15
neerajShould I just add these in Depends: filed as it is (swig, gtk2-devel, python-devel, gstreamer-devel, pygtk2-devel)17:16
kandarpkneeraj: the @cdbs@ in control.in checks the rules file to generate dependencies17:16
kandarpkif something's missing in rules you need to add that17:16
kandarpkdfarning: is it correct ?17:16
neerajhmm.. you mean extra dependencies in control.in file17:16
neerajas control.in file will add the dependency acco to the rule file17:17
neerajkandarpk, k.. :)17:17
kandarpkwaiting for dfarning to confirm that...17:18
dfarningkandarpk, yes, if the dependancies are not automatically inculded via either @csbs@ substitution var or the ${shlibs:Depends} var you will add them by hand in the control.in file17:18
kandarpkdfarning: that means debian requires control.in as well as control in its packages17:19
kandarpkwhereas Ubuntu required only control to be there17:20
dfarningkandarpk, both debain and ubuntu only use the control files when actually building the packages.  As packages we often use *.in to dynamically regenerate things like the control file while we are creating the package.17:22
dfarnings/as packages/as packagers/17:23
kandarpkdfarning: so shouldn't the extra dependencies which were missed out added to control file instead of control.in ?17:24
neerajDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${python:Depends}, swig, gtk2-devel, python-devel, gstreamer-devel, pygtk2-devel17:24
neerajcontrol.in.. is it correct way?17:24
kandarpkdfarning: or is it that after adding the missing dependencies, we regenerate the control file ?17:25
dfarningkandarpk, yes, I mispoke.... as human packagers we work with the files that end in *.in17:25
kandarpkdfarning: still not clear17:30
kandarpkwe first add dependencies to control.in by looking at the missing dependencies in control, and then regenerate control ?17:31
neeraj_kandarpk sir, Generally we add these dependency after looking at install/read me file..17:32
neeraj_just see the install file in color15 :)17:33
neeraj_My be later we might/remove dependency for bug fixing and all17:33
kandarpkneeraj_, Ok.17:33
dfarningkandarpk, yes.  And it can also be an iterative process of modify control.in, regenerate control, test build, test run.... until every thing is correct.17:34
kandarpkdfarning: ok, really dynamic !17:35
dfarningkandarpk, yes, getting the dependencies right is often the hardest part of packaging.17:37
kandarpkdfarning: it surely is.17:38
kandarpkdfarning: its quite often that a dependency breaks a package17:39
dfarningkandarpk, yes that is correct.  It is usually caused when the author of a program we are packaging uses a different version of a lib dependancy then is available in the distro we are working with.17:40
dfarningkandarpk, check out xulrunner in synaptic... ubuntu lucid ships 3 separate versions of the library because of dependency issues.17:44
kandarpkdfarning: Ok.17:46
kandarpkdfarning: does Sugar too faces such problem on Debian and Ubuntu ?17:47
dfarningkandarpk, sugar itself is pretty good.  The developers work pretty well to stay in sync with gnome.17:48
=== neeraj_ is now known as neeraj
dfarningkandarpk, but the package browse does not work becase of xurunner issues.17:49
dfarningkandarpk, rather than fix the xulrunner issues which are pretty deep ... we are moving browse to use webkit rather than xulrunner.17:50
kandarpkdfarning: hmmm, that seems a bit easier to implement17:51
kandarpkas studying xulrunner will take some time17:51
dfarningkandarpk, when browse was orginally written, xulrunner was the best choice.... but now that google has somewhere around 80 developers working on webkit, it is making fantastic strides.17:51
kandarpkgoogle is causing many to change the technology being used17:55
dfarningkandarpk, yes it is and interesting dynamic17:55
dfarningkandarpk, google is still the primary funder for mozilla... yet google is creating it's own engine and browser.17:56
kandarpkmaybe thats because they took a lot of codes available from mozilla17:57
kandarpkanyways, shall we work on resolving a bug ?17:58
dfarningkandarpk, sure which one?17:58
kandarpkeven though I do not have a 3g modem, there is an icon to set up a 3g17:58
kandarpkmodem -- should do hardware detection prior to showing icon.17:58
kandarpkdfarning, I have a point to add here17:59
dfarningkandarpk, yes?17:59
kandarpkin USR, the emulator show a cable connection that of the internet18:00
kandarpkbut in Debian there was no such icon18:00
kandarpkin bottom right corner18:00
kandarpkeven though the internet works fine18:00
dfarningkandarpk, networking is probably going to be our biggest problem.18:02
kandarpkdfarning: yeah, that is what you said before as well18:02
dfarningkandarpk, both debian and ubuntu use network manger to manage their networks see -- http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/18:03
dfarningkandarpk, so it will reguire a good understanding of how network manager and sugar work together.18:03
kandarpkdfarning: the network manager detects the hardware being used ?18:06
dfarningkandarpk, I would suggest asking alsroot or bernie about the 3g modem situation.  I think it will lead to a better understanding of the how sugar manges the network.18:06
kandarpkalsroot, around ?18:07
kandarpkbernie, around ?18:07
alsrootnot /me since I dunnot nothing about 3g support ?18:07
kandarpkalsroot: Ok.18:08
dfarningkandarpk, looks like there is good background reading at http://live.gnome.org/NetworkManager18:10
dfarningmanusheel, do you have a minute?18:14
berniekandarpk: btw, I'm around now18:14
berniekandarpk: for networking, ask tch on #sugar, he's the person that knows best. along with tomeu18:15
manusheeldfarning: Sure.18:18
kandarpkbernie: thanks18:18
* dfarning thinks bernie is just having too much fun arguing about esoteric details of email:)18:18
dfarningmanusheel, I think everybody has a good start in understand git and packaging via alioth.18:18
manusheeldfarning: We can talk.18:19
manusheeldfarning: I was preparing the e-mail for tomorrow's tasks. Adding resources.18:19
dfarningmanusheel, great, I will wait for you email.18:19
manusheeldfarning: That is good news. So, we can push the activity packages to alioth now.18:19
kandarpk* will be back after logging into USR18:20
manusheeldfarning: Sure, it will take me 5 more minutes.18:21
dfarningmanusheel, very close.  we can create the activites.... but we must clarify how to push them to alioth.  lfaraone can probobly help with that pretty quickly.18:21
dfarningmanusheel, once they are pushed jonas or lfaraone will have to review them and submitte them to the build system.18:21
manusheeldfarning: Great. I think Luke will come at IRC for a while too.18:22
manusheeldfarning: Yes, it will be great if Luke or Jonas can review and submit them once we send them for approval.18:23
dfarningmanusheel, because the ppa was our sandbox every thing we uploaded was automatically build.  Now that we are working in debian proper a DD or DM will have to review our work.18:23
dfarningmanusheel, +1 i think we are very close.18:23
lfaraonedfarning: er, I don't maintain Network Manager.18:24
* lfaraone will be back, rebooting his laptop.18:24
dfarninglfaraone, I thought I thought that was one of the packages you were working on to get your DD?18:25
lfaraonedfarning: no, sorry. NM == new maintainer process.18:25
dfarninglfaraone, :) opps,  I remember thinking the other day it was very very lucky that you were reviewing the NM documentation for your DD:)18:27
manusheeldfarning: Great. That is neat to hear.18:29
dfarninglfaraone, when you get a chance can you review the process for creating a repo on aloith and push to it,  I think both dipankar and kandarpk have activities which are ready for review.18:30
manusheelkandarpk and dfarning : Let us understand how we can push packages to Alioth.18:31
kandarpkmanusheel sir: sure sir, thats what we still don't know18:32
manusheeldfarning: I think that is one important process where we need a confirmation on our steps.18:32
manusheelkandarpk, lfaraone: Can you discuss this part now?18:32
manusheeldfarning: Thank you for mentioning this aspect to me. Very important to understand the set of steps for this process completely.18:33
kandarpklfaraone: I went through the documentation of git packaging starts guide18:35
dfarningmanusheel, +1 uploading to aloith is the first time we are working outside our own machines or the ppa sandbox.  It is a big step.  The packages will have to meet the QA neceessary to be released to millions of users:)18:35
kandarpkand generated the control file18:35
manusheeldfarning: Absolutely. That is indeed a very important step.18:37
kandarpklfaraone: but generating the control file didn't require any packages18:37
kandarpklfaraone: whose dependency did it check then ?18:38
dfarningmanusheel, kandarpk I am going to lunch... hopefully lfaraone can show kandarpk and kandarpk show me tomorrow:)18:38
manusheeldfarning: I am interested in seeing how this activity comes along.18:38
kandarpkdfarning: :)18:38
manusheeldfarning: Sure.18:38
lfaraonekandarpk: did what check?18:38
kandarpklfaraone: the control.in file checks for dependency of the package, right ?18:39
kandarpkand lists them in control file18:39
lfaraonekandarpk: the control file, generated from control.in, lists the dependencies.18:39
lfaraonekandarpk: CDBS determines the dependencies programmatically, using the contents of the debian/rules file.18:40
lfaraonemanusheel: I think I went over the process of creating a new repository and pushing up to it with Dipankar.18:40
kandarpklfaraone: whose dependency are we testing here ?18:40
lfaraonekandarpk: we're not testing anything at this stage, but we are determining the dependencies of the package.18:41
lfaraonekandarpk: dpkg checks that the dependencies are present when building the binary package.18:41
lfaraonemanusheel: it's outlined fairly clearly at http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/Git in "creating a repository" and "Accessing repositories", I think.18:42
kandarpklfaraone: that is a bit confusing for me18:42
lfaraonemanusheel: why did you assign sugar-logviewer-activity to neeraj when dipankar had already started work on it? (ref: http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-logviewer-activity.git;a=summary )18:43
kandarpklfaraone: when I generated the control file, there was no package in the directory having debian folder18:43
lfaraonekandarpk: which?18:43
lfaraonekandarpk: you were in a directory which contained the debian folder and the unpacked activity source, right?18:44
kandarpklfaraone: the activity source was in the parent directory, not in the same as debian was18:44
kandarpk*where debian was18:45
kandarpklfaraone: still control had some dependencies listed18:46
lfaraonekandarpk: yes, it bases them off what we put in the rules file, along with additional deps if it can determine them.18:47
lfaraonekandarpk: if it can't, it just assumes there aren't any.18:47
kandarpklfaraone: it means there is a small set of dependencies which are always listed in the control file ?18:49
lfaraonekandarpk: well, your package needs to have CDBS and debhelper at the very least, and python, and sugar.18:50
lfaraonekandarpk: but not all packages use CDBS, or python, or sugar. Some don't even use debhelper :)18:51
kandarpklfaraone: so, the rules file is written in such a way that it will assume that the packages depends on sugar,CDBS, Python, and some other minimum requirements ?18:53
kandarpkafter listing these packages it will try to find other dependencies ?18:53
lfaraonekandarpk: yes. but usually it's not good at that, you'll need to test the package to ensure you have all the proper build dependencies.18:54
kandarpklfaraone: hmmm, that is by listing other dependencies in control.in, generating control again, building the package18:57
kandarpkand continueing in such manner18:57
kandarpkuntil the package gets successfully compiled ?18:57
kandarpkbuild rather18:58
lfaraonekandarpk: yes.19:01
manusheellfaraone: My apologies.  Had to attend a conference call. Just came back. Going through the logs.19:01
lfaraonekandarpk: if you use pbuilder, it'll create a "blank slate" to attempt to automatically build your package each time so you can ensure your deps are right.19:02
kandarpklfaraone: thanks, that was helpful.19:03
lfaraonekandarpk: see http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/software/scripts/git-pbuilder.html among other things.19:03
lfaraonemanusheel: I had some additional comments on your assignment list which I sent by email, I'll merge it into http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/tasks if you don't mind.19:03
manusheellfaraone: That is a mistake from my side. I'll assign sugar-logviewer activity to Dipankar.19:04
manusheellfaraone: Sure, absolutely.19:04
lfaraonemanusheel: no worries.19:04
lfaraonekandarpk: by the way, what's your last name?19:05
manusheellfaraone: Thank you. I'll be re-sending the e-mail to our team list with that change.19:05
kandarpklfaraone: kaushik .19:05
kandarpklfaraone: thats why a k there19:06
manusheellfaraone: Let us assign sugar-logviewer activity to Dipankar.19:06
manusheellfaraone: Any other pointers/changes that you would like to recommend in the new e-mail that I am drafting.19:06
lfaraonemanusheel: I'm already handling terminal, and Matthew Gallagher (external of us) was working on TurtleArt.19:07
manusheellfaraone: So, I'll add Kandarp's name along with your name in the terminal activity. Will that be alright with you? Please let me know. If not, me and Kandarp will be absolutely fine with it.19:09
lfaraonemanusheel: I'm not sure what you mean by that. I just didn't want us to be duplicating work, and I'm pretty much done with terminal.19:11
kandarpklfaraone: how is debcommit different from git-commit ?19:11
dfarningmanusheel, one of the reasons for including several packages which are being worked on is to show the communication challenges of working in a distributed environment and the values of the ITP:)  Unless one has first hand experienced the pain of spending several days working on something only to find out that someone else has already done it, things like ITP bug seem like busy.19:12
lfaraonekandarpk: oh, the tutorial says use debcommit, ignore that for now. I should remove that since we're not doing that with git.19:12
manusheellfaraone: Ok. Sure, Luke. You are right. Having two people maintain the same activity is not productive.19:13
lfaraonekandarpk: debcommit automatically calls on git-commit using the contents of the changelog. We want to do that the other way around, generate debian/changelog from the contents of the git messages, but the guide does not cover that right now.19:13
kandarpklfaraone: we can ( and should ) use git-commit ?19:13
lfaraonemanusheel, dfarning, we also might want to consider that we might not wish to port over all the Sugar activites in Ubuntu.19:14
lfaraonekandarpk: yes.19:14
lfaraonemanusheel, dfarning, since I don't think all of them have been up to date.19:14
lfaraonemanusheel, dfarning, if the lastest upstream version of them doesn't work in sugar, we shouldn't ship them.19:14
lfaraoneunless we believe they are of a great pedagogal importance or something :)19:15
manusheellfaraone: Absolutely. Completely agree. However, we should check on such activities, and contact their respective authors about it.19:15
lfaraoneMakes snese.19:15
manusheellfaraone: We'll work on arriving at this list. Will start contacting the activity authors.19:16
dfarninglfaraone, I grabbed the list I sent manusheel from http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/tasks .. wasn't that the the table you just created based on the SoaS list.19:16
lfaraonedfarning: the top table are "all the activities in Ubuntu that are not in Debian". I marked those in SoaS with an "X" in the "In SoaS" column.19:17
lfaraonedfarning: the lower table is composed of SoaS activities that are not in Ubuntu *or* Debian at the moment.19:18
lfaraoneApologies if it was unclear.19:18
dfarninglfaraone, I just read too fast:(19:19
dfarninglfaraone,  I'll let you and manusheel worry about the actual package list.19:20
manusheeldfarning: Thank you.19:23
manusheellfaraone: Wish to ask you if you would like me to add any other activity.19:23
* dfarning thinks lfaraone is trying to rile me up by suggesting that we make technical decisions for pedagogical reasons.... or pedagogical decisions for technical reasons:)19:23
manusheellfaraone: I hope the list of activities that I covered in the memo were good for now.19:24
manusheeldfarning : Interesting :-)19:24
lfaraonedfarning: I think we should package activities that showcase what Sugar can do.19:24
lfaraonedfarning: it's up to you which those are.19:26
lfaraonedfarning: For sure, I think that porting these Ubuntu packages to Debian is useful taskbuilding.19:26
dfarninglfaraone, +1 package what _works_ and what shows what sugar can do.  We are still in the prototype and learning phase.19:27
lfaraonedfarning: yep. I'm sure that for example fixing https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/601242 can be solved through a new upstream version.19:28
lfaraonedfarning: I think it'll be really great once we have everyone's work on git, since we'll be able to easily audit the result and help solve problems that way.19:29
manusheeldfarning, lfaraone: My apologies. Got logged out of IRC.19:38
manusheellfaraone: Can you please send me what you wrote in reference to my questions? Thank you.19:39
lfaraonemanusheel: http://sprunge.us/EQQA19:39
berniekandarpk, dfarning: we have a confcall with adam holt on the 3G status at 4pm EST19:40
berniekandarpk, dfarning: if you want to join in, I can forward you the details19:40
manusheellfaraone, dfarning: Final draft ready at my end. Sending it across.19:41
manusheellfaraone, dfarning: Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.19:42
manusheelbernie: I would like to join too.19:42
kandarpkbernie: I wont be available then19:42
manusheelkandarpk: I'll share the meeting points with you. Kindly send me the list of questions that you would like me to ask.19:43
manusheelkandarpk: Yes, you need to take rest, and sleep on time. You have been working all day long.19:44
kandarpkmanusheel sir: its very hard to think about the questions without knowing much about the issue19:44
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I'll be here for another hour, I think19:44
berniemanusheel: forwarding the info to you too19:44
manusheelkandarpk: Sure.19:45
manusheelbernie: Thank you.19:46
lfaraonemanusheel: no such mail has arrived.19:46
kandarpkbernie: thanks for asking :)19:46
lfaraoneoh, you shared it via google docs without notifying.19:46
manusheellfaraone: You'll receive the e-mail in some seconds. Network has been slow today in Delhi. Heavy thunderstorms here.19:48
manusheellfaraone: Will be adding the tasks in google docs.19:48
manusheelkandarpk: Will we be comfortable packaging the first set of activities tomorrow?20:30
kandarpkmanusheel sir: If pushing the packages is not a very involved task, we can do that20:32
manusheelkandarpk: Great. Glad to hear.20:33
manusheelkandarpk: I'll ask everyone to study todays' meeting logs too.20:34
kandarpkdfarning: around ?21:07
kandarpklfaraone: around ?21:07
lfaraonekandarpk: sure.21:08
kandarpklfaraone: are the packages that we are required to build for debian need to be downloaded from sugarteam's PPA ?21:09
kandarpksugarlabs has outdated version of read21:09
lfaraonekandarpk: Sugar Labs does?21:11
lfaraonekandarpk: er, looks like read is already packaged in Debian, we can probably skip it: http://packages.debian.org/unstable/x11/sugar-read-activity-0.8621:12
kandarpklfaraone: ok.21:20
manusheellfaraone: Thank you for the pointer.21:26
dfarninglfaraone, how do you think things will go working on the activities for debian?22:16
lfaraonedfarning: I think the existing activities will not be a problem. Others, will be.22:17
lfaraonedfarning: most of the SoaS activities are not pure-python.22:17
lfaraonedfarning: for Physics, for example, I have to create three new packages.22:17
dfarninglfaraone, arggg.... so much for no external dependancies:(22:18
manusheellfaraone: Can you recommend a strategy on arriving at a good solution. The idea is to minimize the overhead.22:18
lfaraonedfarning: the "no external deps" are just bundled in the upstream tarball. which means I have to create a new, clean DFSG-repack of the original tarball so we can legally ship it.22:18
dfarninglfaraone, yah... been watching that.... it looks a lot like a three card monty:(22:20
lfaraonedfarning: je ne sais pas.22:20
dfarninglfaraone, do you have an easy activity for me to work on this afternoon.22:23
lfaraonedfarning: from scratch?22:23
lfaraonedfarning: well, how hard could xoirc be?22:24
dfarninglfaraone, ok I'll try it.22:24
lfaraoneI really want to kill upstream right now. Since s-physics-a embedds python-box2d. So I had to repack the tarball to exclude it. Now, I have to package pybox2d since it isn't packaged yet but pybox2d only has zip releases and they themselves bundle the C box2d.22:28
dfarninglfaraone, manusheel looking forward ... once we have a good feel for ubuntu on debian should we shift emphasis to working directly on the 10.10 packages.  Or start pushing patches against 10.04 in universe.  I would like to start moving away from the PPA:)22:31
manusheeldfarning: Yes, we can shift to 10.10 once we have Sugar on Debian ready. lfaraone, any hidden issues that we are missing?22:35
manusheeldfarning: On a separate note, Ankur gave me a telephonic call today. His place suffered from a blackout throughout the day due to heavy thunderstorms in Delhi.22:38
manusheeldfarning: Ankur will be coming today to work.22:38
manusheelHe'll make arrangements as informed to me.22:39
dfarningmanusheel, sounds like you are having a down pour.22:39
manusheeldfarning: :-) Very heavy rains.22:40
manusheelDown pour indeed.22:40
dfarningmanusheel, based on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule we can shoot for syncing up with the ubuntu for the 1st week of their release development iteration two.22:42
manusheeldfarning: Sure. We should start the release development iteration 2 planning.22:44
manusheeldfarning: Any pointers on how you would like us to proceed?22:45
dfarningmanusheel, I was also thinking about the areas of functional expertise.... we might want to shift someone to networking:)22:46
manusheeldfarning: Right, David. I am planning to get one developer full time on networking starting this month.22:48
manusheeldfarning: The developer will be working with Tomeu and the collabra dev team.22:48
manusheeldfarning: Not interested in shifting Dipankar/ Neeraj/ Kandarp and Ankur full time into networking. They are working on core OS areas at this juncture.22:50
manusheeldfarning: Can you prepare a set of goals and tasks that will be required to be accomplished by the developer in this stream? I'll make plans accordingly.22:51
manusheeldfarning: Our core team members will continue to work on core OS areas.22:51
manusheeldfarning: Please let me know your thoughts on it.23:06
dfarningmanusheel, sorry I got company.23:07
manusheeldfarning: Absolutely fine.23:07
manusheelWe can talk sometime soon.23:07
dfarningI'll email as soon as I can:)  I have a one year, old a two year old, and a dog visiting.23:08
manusheeldfarning: Sure. Thank you. Looking forward to your memo.23:10

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