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AlanBellcurious stuff on planet.ubuntu-women.org at the moment08:56
elkySomeone might have forgotten she's syndicated09:14
elkyHaven't seen her around for quite a while.09:15
AlanBellI am not complaining, just an observation of mild surprise09:33
elkyAlanBell, you're not the only one to observe with surprise.11:18
czajkowskiI wish the feed Yolynne Medina  had actually had content on the planet rather than linking to her page11:23
czajkowskiRomana Branden  has been busy blogging alright, last week the same about 5 posts in one go11:24
czajkowskiMeeting orla who took part in the UW  Play day competition http://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/07/03/june-ubuntu-hour-and-meeting-orla/11:26

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