CrimsonIdolbelkinsa, what's the problem00:00
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CrimsonIdoldidn't read forum00:00
Pirate_HunterCompiling, im more at home using the numbers for permissions hasn't let me down yet00:00
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CompilingPirate_Hunter: Whatever works best for you, they all do the same thing00:01
CrimsonIdolbelkinsa, so the card works in windows but not in 10.04?00:02
CrimsonIdolyou can do something like: dmesg | grep eth to see if there are any problems.00:03
belkinsaCrimsonIdol: Thanks00:04
rautamiekkaAugustuen: Easiest way to find out is to ask him the question "What do you run on the Server ?". If it's databases running SQL or websites running anything else than Micro$oft technologies, he's better off with Linux. Well, then there's the issue commanding the system: everything is designed to be capable of running via commands, altho it's possible with graphical programs if he sets up VNC to the system to command like Window$.00:04
CrimsonIdolgo back00:04
addiakogiannisHello from Greece00:05
Augustuenhe uses them for gameservers, but he is moving over to CentOS now00:05
rautamiekkaAugustuen: And Game Servers are better off on Linux. Source Engine-based ones run more poorly on native Linux binary, but that can be avoided by running the Window$ binary under Wine.00:05
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Pirate_Hunteraddiakogiannis, hello from UK00:05
AugustuenI haven't had any problems with Ubuntu SRCDS, exept from not being able to download, but that was probably the server00:06
Augustuenmeaning where I downloaded it from00:06
Pirate_Hunteraddiakogiannis, SRCDS?00:06
rautamiekkaPirate_Hunter: Source Dedicated Server00:06
Pirate_Hunterrautamiekka, thanks00:07
Pirate_Hunteraddiakogiannis, so what is the problem00:07
rautamiekkaPirate_Hunter: He wanted to convince someone to switch from Window$ to Linux on Game Servers.00:07
addiakogiannisactually I have one, but right noe just logged in to say hi!00:08
AugustuenI've been playing around with it, and there has been no problem waht so ever00:08
Pirate_Hunterrautamiekka, wrong person i was asking about addiakogiannis00:08
rautamiekkaPirate_Hunter: Oops.00:08
Pirate_Hunteraddiakogiannis, ok don't feel shy ask when ever you want00:08
Augustuenis CentOS built on Ubuntu?00:09
addiakogiannisanyways, goodnight everyone, and thanks for asking pirate!00:09
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rautamiekkaAugustuen: Nope, it's based on RedHat Linux00:09
* Pirate_Hunter going to try and sleep again00:10
crystaltvwell things have improved..00:11
crystaltvI have been able to get ubuntu up and running in console mode00:12
crystaltvnow having issues with X00:12
Augustuennot hard00:12
crystaltvtried running Xorg -configure and it failed00:12
CompilingX -configure00:12
crystaltvlets try that thanks Compiling brb00:12
ikoniayou shouldn't need to configure X, it should be dynamic00:12
Compilingwhat do you mean it failed?00:12
Compilingcommand not found?00:12
CrimsonIdolsometimes X doesn't00:13
ponderadoes the wubi install support other distros of linux ?00:13
ponderacompiling are there other installers that work the some  for other distros ?00:13
ponderathe same*00:14
Compilingnot to my knowledge00:14
Compilingthere was a project on sf but it died00:14
ponderapoop on a stick00:14
Compilingafraid of wrecking the system?00:14
pepper_haze!language | pondera00:14
ubottupondera: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:14
Augustuenwubi means Windows Ubuntu Installer00:14
crystaltvCompiling: I ran X -configure, it put out a lot of stuff, like the driver list then at the bottom said:00:15
ponderayes because right now i have a macbook gen 3.1, with osx, ubuntu, and win7 and it seems that every time i try to install backtrack it messes up the grub00:15
crystaltvNumber of screens does not match the number of devices00:15
crystaltvconfiguration failed00:15
crystaltvddxSigGiveUp: close log00:15
CrimsonIdolwhat's your system setup like00:15
sebsebsebAugustuen: as far as I know yes.  Wubi is ok for trying (when it works)  long run proper partitioned install is better :)00:15
AugustuenI've never had an success with Wubi00:15
CrimsonIdolvm is better00:16
Augustuenbut I kinda failed, I installed it on a different HDD, and I forgot to boot it XD00:16
malvarmaWhen wubi works, it works slower than a usual installation.00:16
ponderacompiling: yes because right now i have a macbook gen 3.1, with osx, ubuntu, and win7 and it seems that every time i try to install backtrack it messes up the grub00:16
AugustuenI'm running ubuntu on VMware, it's better than having to boot into it00:16
Compilingthats because you're reading NTFS00:16
Compilinga virtualized FS inside a file on an NTFS drive00:16
sebsebsebAugustuen: uhmm sure, but really  Windows should be in a vm not the other way round :)00:16
Compilingit will always be slow00:16
ivangarciahi, i'm struggling with a .asx streaming i cannot watch in ubuntu, any help?00:16
sebsebsebAugustuen: well I assume your doing it inside WIndows00:17
CompilingThe project was http://sourceforge.net/projects/wubix/00:17
AugustuenI play alot of video games, and stuff like that, so I can't really convert intill they make those games for Linux00:17
Compilingbut it seems to be dead00:17
sebsebsebAugustuen: you can get a lot of Windows games working well in Wine00:17
ikoniaivangarcia: what is that ?00:17
ponderacompiling could you help with why that would happen00:17
ivangarciaikonia, it's a university video streaming00:18
Augustuennot really, I've had alot of problems with fonts and speed and stuff00:18
Compilingpondera: there should be an option not to install a bootloader00:18
sebsebsebAugustuen: also  vm software is slowly getting there for proper 3D Windows games support00:18
ponderahumm i see00:18
ikoniaivangarcia: yes, why are you pasting it in a support channel00:18
Compilingpondera: try that then manually add an entry in menu.lst or grub.cfg (whatever you're using)00:18
AugustuenI use apps for these games taht require alot of prower itself00:18
sebsebsebAugustuen: you can also install Windows fonts into Linux distros00:18
Compilingcrystaltv: what is your physical setup?00:18
sebsebsebAugustuen: and into Wine00:18
ponderacompiling where would those files be located ?00:19
Compilingcrystaltv: check how many screen sections there are in xorg.conf and compare to your physical setup, modify accordingly00:19
malvarma ivangarcia Hmm I can't stream the video either. I open it in vlc and it connects then stops.00:19
seidoshow can I reinitialize my wireless NIC?  When I suspend/hibernate it stops working sometimes.00:19
Augustuenyeah, but like my game loaders require alot from the PC when it's on windows, so running it through Wine just makes it unusable00:19
Compilingpondera: which installation did you install grub with?00:19
crystaltvCompiling: ok brb00:19
Compilingpondera: that one will have the file00:19
ivangarciamalvarma, ikonia, any way to find out which packages codecs i need?00:19
Compilingseidos: does it show up in ifconfig?00:19
sebsebsebAugustuen: ok right, well going a little off topic now, but  what do you use the Ubuntu vm for?  Of interest00:19
Compilingseidos: if so, with or without an address?00:20
Augustuenplaying with Ubuntu00:20
ikoniaivangarcia: contact the people who stream it to find out what format00:20
MysteryXIs there a graphical tool for git?00:20
AugustuenI use it for Server fun00:20
Augustuensetting up local webservers and game servers00:20
burnhow do i make wireless networking start without gdm?00:20
Augustuenit's pretty fun00:20
CompilingMysteryX:  git-gui ?00:20
seidosCompiling, it will show up in ifconfig, but it won't connect to the network.  If I take the wireless down using ifconfig wlan0 down, when I try to bring it back up I get an error00:21
sebsebsebAugustuen: Apache and such?  Game server what do you use for that?  Game servers for what games?00:21
MysteryXthanks Compiling00:21
ponderacompiling, heres what i did. i installed osx leopard, install refit, then windows, and then ubuntu00:21
AugustuenApache, yes, and SRCDS00:21
Compilingseidos: can you pastebin the error, thanks00:21
sebsebsebAugustuen: ok I don't know what SRCDS is00:21
sebsebsebsome game server I guess00:21
AugustuenI also use it to test out stuff for my website and my friends server00:21
ponderacompiling, i think grub happend when i put ubuntu on it00:21
crystaltvCompiling: I changed the driver from nouveau to nv and ran X and now it shows B/W blocks and is locked up tight00:21
Augustuenit's for games like Half Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source00:21
rautamiekkasebsebseb: Source Dedicated Server00:22
sebsebsebrautamiekka: Whats that?00:22
thune3seidos: as a workaround in the past, i have unloaded and reloaded wireless driver to get something of a reset00:22
Compilingpondera: you referenced GRUB earlier. when you get to your GRUB screen, which options do you have? I'm assuming you're only getting grub once you select ubuntu00:22
Compilingnot familiar with the Mac boot process, never want to learn it really either00:22
rautamiekkasebsebseb: You asked what SRCDS is00:22
Dargonanyone know how to setup sendmail?00:22
sebsebsebrautamiekka: yes I mean whats a Source Dedicated Server, well I could look up00:22
Augustuenyeah, I always google it00:22
ponderacompiling, i get grub when i want to go to windows or ubuntu00:22
Compilingpondera: did you install ubuntu from within windows?00:23
ponderacompiling no partition00:23
ikoniaDargon: that's a pretty big topic, what in specific ?00:23
ikoniaDargon: you know postfix/exim are the default mta's in ubuntu ?00:23
Compilingpondera: then you shouldn't get grub when you select windows O_o00:23
Dargonikonia, i know not much about linux00:23
ikoniaDargon: ok, well ubuntu installex exim or postfix as a default mta, they are much easier to configure00:24
Dargonpostifx wasnt installed on the box so i installed sendmail, should i nix it and get postfix?00:24
CompilingDoes anyone know a decent server monitoring site with free SMS alerts? no purchasing credits or that stuff.00:24
ponderacompiling i does, i think refit syncs the mbr from the mackbook bootloader and grub00:24
Compilingnot familiar with refit personally00:25
ikoniaDargon: it's your call, whatever mta your most comfortable with00:25
ponderacompiling osx is on there 2  but it doest boot00:25
pepper_hazeDoes anyone here know anything about the software qemu or aQemu00:25
seidosCompiling, are errors from ifconfig logged somewhere?00:25
Compilingwhat does BT do to GRUB?00:25
Dargonikonia, ive never worked with mail servers n shit in linux00:25
ikoniaDargon: tone your language down please00:25
Compilingseidos: you said it shows errors when you bring it up, those are the ones im after. They're probably also in /var/log/messages00:25
ikonia!postfix | Dargon00:25
ubottuDargon: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer00:25
ponderacompiling after i install it when i load linux or windows grub turns into a commandline terminal00:26
ikoniaDargon: check out that for starters00:26
crystaltvI have the xorg.conf but when I try to boot to normal mode the screen goes all b/w blocks and is locked up..00:26
Compilingpondera: try reconfiguring GRUB00:26
crystaltv I have nvidia gt220 pcie card.. is that a problem?00:27
ponderacompiling lol and that where all my computer guruness ability stops00:27
Dargonikonia, could i possibly PM you00:27
Compilingat the GRUB prompt do00:27
Compilingfind /boot/grub/stage100:27
ikoniaDargon: if you must00:28
Compilingthen it will give you a hd partition00:28
Compilinguse that partition00:28
ponderai tried that and i get something like file not found00:28
Compilingroot (hd0) for example00:28
Compilingsetup hd(0)00:28
ponderaone sec getting pen and paper lol00:29
Compilingpondera: I have to go but check this out00:29
Compilingpondera: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/00:29
Compilingpondera: same idea00:29
FloodBot1Compiling: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:29
ponderaok thanks00:29
eoke_Anybody got any idea why /etc/bash.bashrc might not be executed on shell login?  The permissions look a little odd to at 644 oh and the OS is actually debian 5.04.00:31
coventryIs this forum logged anywhere?  I would like to go back and look up a question I asked a little while ago.00:31
sebsebseb!logs | coventry00:31
ubottucoventry: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/00:31
sebsebsebcoventry: updated every hour or so00:31
sebsebsebcoventry: (except if the logging isn't working of course)  np00:32
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sebsebsebcoventry: also loads of IRC clients log by default00:33
sadWhere are the instructions for getting flash 64 working ?00:33
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eoke_sad: "sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree" should do it.00:35
An_Ony_Mooseis it possible to cross-compile on a 64-bit installation to 32-bit target systems? If yes, how?00:35
eoke_An_Ony_Moose: gcc -m32 or gcc -m64 iirc00:36
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An_Ony_Mooseah thanks00:37
coventrySeems like I don't have a log of it.  I want to stop the screen from blanking.  (This is ubuntu karmic.)  In screensaver preferences, I have "Regard the computer as idle for" set to 2 hours, and I have "Activate screensaver when computer is idle" unchecked.  However, the screen is still blanking.  Someone here proposed a solution to this a while back, but I had to reinstall today, and have lost that configuration, and don't seem to have00:38
coventrya record of it.00:38
Mqueuecan anyone help me with setting up DVD decrypter with wine so I can burn PS2 game00:39
sadI would like for Hulu and embedded flash to work at the same time.00:39
jmburgess1When I run chormium-browser http://url.com or whatver from the terminal, is there any way to run it and not have the focus change to the browser?00:39
coventryOh!  I just remembered: apt-get remove gnome-screensaver.  (Wasn't suggested here, I thought of it later.)00:40
crystaltvI think I have it.. I checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old and it cant find the driver.. I check /usr/lib/dri and it aint there weeee00:41
crystaltvnow just need to find out what to do from here lol00:41
CrimsonIdolMqueue, why do you need wine to burn a ps2 game?00:41
belkinsaCrimson: I got nothing when I did dmesg|grep eth.00:42
CrimsonIdolyu need to find out the chipset of your wireless00:43
belkinsaIs it a simple Google?00:44
chalcedonymy ubuntu live cd boot is just sitting there, it's been like that for 40 min or so, is it normal, should i just try again?00:44
ikoniachalcedony: I'd reboot and test again00:44
chalcedonyok ikonia ty00:44
Augustuenchalcedony: have u checked the MD5?00:44
CrimsonIdolcould be00:44
ikoniachalcedony: also use the cd integrity test to validate it00:44
belkinsaOkay, thanks again.00:44
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CrimsonIdoltake a look at the drivers in /etc/firmware and grep for them.00:45
chalcedonyAugustuen, when i made the cd it just downloaded to the cd.. i wasn't sure how to do it when it did that (on vista)00:45
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Augustuentry using a Md5 checker with the CD rom00:45
CrimsonIdoldmesg | grep *.so might give a bigger list than expected but you could try.00:45
Augustuenu making on Linux or Window$?00:46
chalcedonyAugustuen, vista laptop has the good working burner atm - so i used that00:46
Augustuengoogle md5check, it's pretty good00:46
coz_chalcedny,  you can check the viability of the burned cd by putting it in the burner...restarting and when it comes up  click the "Check cd for errors" option00:47
chaveloq pex no le entiendo a esto00:47
ikonia!es | chalcedony00:47
ubottuchalcedony: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:47
ikonia!es | chavelo00:47
ubottuchavelo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:47
CrimsonIdolooops... not /etc/firmware00:48
CrimsonIdolit is firmware... just not in /etc00:49
lilucaxsou novo nisso alguem pode me dar algumas dicas00:50
CrimsonIdolwhat folder is firmware in? duh!00:50
lilucaxtem algum brasileiro aii00:50
slidinghorn!br | lilucax00:51
ubottulilucax: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:51
CrimsonIdolbelkinsa: there is a firmware folder that is looked into for the wireless driver. i'm just not on my laptop right now.00:53
CrimsonIdolgotta run... going to watch UFC pay-per-view tonight.00:54
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tucemiuxhas anyone here ever used record my desktop?  I want to know how to start/stop recording.  Right now I have the app minimized and there is a red button on my panel, if I click the red button the app will start recording?00:57
choomraHello, can anyone tell me if its possible to remove grub and replace it with the prevous (MBR) bootloader? I installed Ubuntu to an external hard drive, but GRUB installed itself to my primary hard drive and now I can't boot into the XP partition that lives on my internal HD00:58
tucemiuxchoomra, yes you can00:58
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.00:58
tucemiuxchoomra, boot up to a windows CD, go into a command promot and run fixmbr00:58
choomratucemiux: See, that's what I thought.00:59
crystaltvI downloaded the nvidia driver for my card, I think, and it failed to load the kernel module..00:59
tucemiuxchoomra, your will then be able to boot up to windows, remember that you still have ubuntu installed whever you installed it, you can get rid of the partition as you like, it wont affect windows, you can also reinstall ubuntu01:00
choomratucemiux: So I popped the CD in, booted from it, it loaded into RAM, but it refused to accept keyboard input... The keyboard works at BIOS, and is given power (tested by toggling Caps lock light), but I can not select anything.01:00
eoke_tucemiux: Your mileage may vary but recordmydesktop normally locks up after I hit CTRL+C to stop it running.01:00
crystaltvdoes the windows dual boot install the kernel sources? I see the headers01:00
Mqueuehow do i telnet to windows box from ubuntu ?01:00
anodehey, is there a way I can see what packages are on a 'specific' repository using apt-get or aptitude?01:01
eoke_Mqueue: telnet hostname port01:01
crystaltvMqueue: telnet pcname01:01
guest2is there a solution to the white background presented in system tray icons?01:01
choomraguest2: Replace them with monochrome icons.01:01
fuyaomy external hard drive is not being recognized01:01
guest2i didn't have issues with them under the previous ubuntu, or on linux mint's dark theme01:02
guest2so, it's a rendering fault in latest gnome probably..01:02
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choomra\j #grub01:02
choomra\j #grub01:02
guest2try /j #grub01:02
tucemiuxchoomra, go to #windows, maybe someone can help you there or google it, I dont know what version of windows you have so the procedure might be different, basically you have to go to a dos prompt and then run "fixmbr", ive done it plenty of times so i know it works01:03
tucemiuxchoomra, ##windows01:03
belkinsadmesg|grep doesn't work for me, do I have to use it with something else after it?01:03
thisisunsanechoorma, you want the windows recovery console01:03
choomraIt's XP, and there are plenty of folks in my situation whom follow your instructions and have success.01:03
tucemiuxeoke_, so if I hit the red button it will start recording? does it mean that it's recording right now?01:03
steven__can someone help me plz01:03
eoke_tucemiux: I've not started it from the gui I tend to just start it by running "recordmydesktop" at a console01:04
steven__what can i download to make beats with01:04
choomraI think it's a problem with the disk; I torrented it as I didn't have a windows CD.. But it was a highly regarded torrent and i even installed it in a VM beforehand, all working well..01:04
eoke_eoke_: That way you can see more about what it's doing issues, file size etc.01:04
IdleOne!piracy > choomra01:05
belkinsaSteven_: Check Ubuntu Forums for that.01:05
ubottuchoomra, please see my private message01:05
IdleOnesteven__: you can also try asking in #ubuntustudio01:05
belkinsaIs CrimsonIdol there?01:05
thisisunsanechoomra, you can download a setup disc directly from microsoft01:05
thisisunsanechoomra, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/31099401:05
choomraOh come now IdleOne, it's not piracy, I'm using it as a restore disk not an install disk.01:05
choomraThanks, thisissunsane, I'll check that out.01:05
eoke_belkinsa: You or someone else was talking about firmware locations earlier I think it's /lib/firmware01:05
IdleOnechoomra: it is and it is offtopic for this channel and network01:06
choomraWasn't aware of it.01:06
choomraIdleOne: How was it off topic? It was an important detail in explaining my difficulties, but fine, rules are rules.01:06
slidinghornchoomra: it's off topic because this is a channel for ubuntu support only...not windows01:07
IdleOnechoomra: the fact that you are discussing windows to help you !fixmbr is not completely offtopic for this channel. torrenting windows is illegal and makes it offtopic. more help and support in ##windows01:08
IdleOnesteven__: /join #ubuntustudio01:09
choomraIdleOne: I said, that's fine. Thanks for the link.01:09
ubottuPost your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!01:09
IdleOnechoomra: :) just wanted to explain my reasoning01:09
ubottumirror: please see above01:09
nyuim trying to set up xinarama and i appear to be doing something wrong, now my nvidia drivers say no monitors are detected01:09
choomraIdleOne: No doubt. :)01:09
DarkNemesis_hmm where to get a mirror from for brainstorm?01:10
crystaltvI went to the Nvidia site and got a driver for my card but the install failed.. giving errors in the log about gcc version or kernel source mismatch.. any ideas on how to get my card's driver installed?01:10
eoke_crystaltv: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers01:10
nyui can show my xorg if someone wants to take a look01:11
steven__Idleone: no one on here01:12
belkinsaJust wait, someone will answe your call.01:12
IdleOnesteven__: can you give me a name of a windows application you would use to do what you want?01:12
=== eoke_ is now known as eoke
IdleOnesteven__: I'll do a little searching and see if I can find an equivalent01:13
crystaltveoke: no X windows right now only cli01:13
steven__IdleOne: something to make beats with01:14
steven__no linux01:14
coz_steven__,  you wans to make "beas"  as in music?01:14
eokecrystaltv: I think what you're using is gtk-recordmydesktop as opposed to recordmydesktop but I may be wrong.01:14
belkinsaYou can use Wine and Windows program.01:14
coz_steven__,  rather  "beats"01:14
steven__coz_: yes rap beats01:14
crystaltveoke: nope wrong C name lol01:14
ridinhow can i rename my computer01:14
eokesteven__: try Hydrogen01:15
coz_steven__,  mm  hold on I think I know of a few01:15
crystaltvhostname newname01:15
jarHeadlesshey my mp4 file wont plat in vlc  what gives?01:15
IdleOne!info lmms | steven__01:15
ubottusteven__: lmms (source: lmms): Linux Multimedia Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.5-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 3047 kB, installed size 7312 kB01:15
coz_steven__,  let me see if fruity loops works on linux01:15
jarHeadlesshey my mp4 file wont play* in vlc  what gives?01:15
IdleOnesteven__: sudo apt-get install lmms01:15
coz_steven__,   LMMS  should replace fruity loops on linux01:16
belkinsaJar: Do you have the recristed extras on yoru Ubuntu installed01:16
coz_steven__,    http://lmms.sourceforge.net/01:16
jarHeadlessbelkinsa: what?01:16
IdleOnecoz_: that will require he compiles it...better to offer the repo version01:17
IdleOnein this case01:17
coz_IdleOne,  I think there is one in the repository01:17
lilucaxpor favor alguem pode me mandar o link ubuntu br01:17
IdleOnecoz_: there is01:17
IdleOne!br | lilucax01:17
ubottulilucax: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:17
lilucax #ubuntu-br01:17
eokejarHeadless: Take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats01:17
IdleOnelilucax: /join #ubuntu-br01:17
ElectricBillInstallation of 10.04 netbook distro works OK on my laptop, but 64-bit server distro can't find network card (Atheros AR8131)01:18
ElectricBillSuggestions for install, anybody?01:18
coz_steven__,   sudo apt-get install lmms01:18
coz_steven__,  there is also  Hydrogen  a drum machine application01:18
jarHeadlesseoke: thanks01:19
coz_steven__,   actualy Hydrogen may be more to your liking01:19
IdleOnesteven__: if you prefer a GUI way. System > Adminstration > Synaptic Package Manager, search for lmms and then install it by checking the box to the left of it and click apply01:19
steven__Eoke: google that Hydrogen01:20
coz_steven__,  if you install hydrogen also install   hydrogen-drumkits01:21
IdleOnesteven__: Hydrogen can also be installed with Synaptic01:21
itaihi ,anyone knows how i convert Divx video to Xvid ?01:21
lilucaxubuntu br?01:21
slidinghornlilucax, What are you looking for?  we've given you the instructions to joint he #ubuntu-br channel several times now...01:22
steven__that you all you all same me BIG Sacks01:22
IdleOnelilucax: escribe /join #ubuntu-br en esta ventana01:23
eokeitai: Google kino and avidemux I believe both are viable options.01:23
itaieoke, thanks, will do01:23
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.01:24
IdleOneavidemux is in the repos no need to google01:24
IdleOneso is kino01:24
LJRuffGoogle-fu has to be practiced and honed. It's not something people are just born with, eoke01:24
itaiIdleOne, it's cool, i just needed a name01:24
daskrEEchI'm having an issue with Gconf01:24
Bishop_what do i type in cli to update all? (rhel=yum update)01:24
LJRuff!ask | daskrEEch01:25
ubottudaskrEEch: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:25
daskrEEchLJRuff: I'm typing give me a moment01:25
IdleOneBishop_: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:25
LJRuffBishop_, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade01:25
Bishop_ok thanks01:25
daskrEEchLJRuff: I've done an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and now Gnome wont start01:25
daskrEEch it says the Gnome power manager settings could not be configured01:25
eokeI suggested he google it to see what if they have the desired features.  I'm sure most people would rather have a google answer than no answer at all.01:25
LJRuffdaskrEEch, Don't direct comments/questions to me! =P Address the entire room so we can all help you.01:26
daskrEEchThen evolutiona-alarm hrows and error saying it could not reach GConf for the possible rreason that my TCP/IP settings are not ther or I have a stale NFS lock01:26
LJRuff!hi BiggFREE01:26
daskrEEchLJRuff: I haven't asked you anything :)01:26
LJRuffdaskrEEch, You're on another machine?01:26
daskrEEchLJRuff: No same machine01:26
daskrEEchno GNome != no machine01:27
LJRuffVia...? CLI? KDE?01:27
daskrEEchThough I would like someone to teach me how to Connect to the wireless via Command line01:27
daskrEEchI thought I had it but I can't get an IP01:27
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:27
LJRuffThank you slidinghorn01:27
LJRuffdaskrEEch, please remember Enter != Spacebar01:28
LJRuffdaskrEEch, to connect to wireless via cli is fairly simple provided you have the firmware required and you are prepared for any security issues, such as WPA and needed supplicants. =)01:28
BiggFREELJRuff: I am learning :)01:29
daskrEEchSo I have Gnome not initalizing properly after an update. I get a Desktop Wallpaper and two error messages. If I drop to the command line and try to start something and put it to the X Display Iget a repeated message that Gconf cant be contacted (Or dbus) and to check my TCP/IP settings. What should I be looking for?01:29
daskrEEchLJRuff: School me :)01:29
slidinghorndaskrEEch, what are the error messages?  (if they'll take more than one line, you can use http://paste.ubuntu.com)01:30
daskrEEchslidinghorn: how can I pipe them from the GUI to pastebin?01:30
LJRuffdaskrEEch, command | pastebinit01:30
LJRuffIf you don't have pastebinit I think it's apt-get install pastebinit - though you can just search apt-cache search pastebin01:31
LJRuff!hi | csmith199401:31
ubottucsmith1994: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:31
csmith1994need help on a netbook reverting back to windows01:31
Bishop_if i choosen (at install time) to only auto-update critical updates, does apt-get commands (update/upgrade) override that setting? (i want to update/upgrade everything, not only security updates)01:31
IdleOnecsmith1994: pop in the cd and install ##windows for more help01:31
IdleOneerrr wait01:32
slidinghorncsmith1994, you're trying to remove ubuntu & just keep windows from a dual boot?  try the ##windows channel01:32
IdleOnenetwbook = no cd01:32
csmith1994no im not trying from a dual boot01:32
LJRuffBishop_, good question. To be honest, I do not know - but I suspect it should. =)01:32
daskrEEchLJRuff: It's the Iwconfig command to connect to the wireless right?01:32
csmith1994i wiped out windows, and now i need it back (moms not a big fan of ubuntu01:32
itaicsmith1994, can you take the hard drive out ?01:32
csmith1994no i cant01:32
IdleOnecsmith1994: ##windows01:33
IdleOnethey should be able to guide you01:33
LJRuffdaskrEEch, it depends on what step you're on. You'll need to ifconfig wlan0 up to bring your card online as long as you have firmware, then iwconfig wlan0 essid "network"01:33
LJRuffdaskrEEch, do you have wep? wpa? no security?01:33
Bishop_LJRuff, i'll try soon, and report back.01:33
hiexpoevening all01:33
daskrEEchLJRuff: No security01:33
itaiIdleOne, i belive there is a LAN option just like in Linux01:33
IdleOneitai: I wouldn't know. don't do windows01:34
LJRuffdaskrEEch, then once you iwconfig wlan0 essid "network name here" run dhcpcd wlan001:34
itaiIdleOne, sorry meant csmith199401:34
daskrEEchLJRuff: run dhcpcd wlan0 is all on the same line with the iwconfig ?01:35
IdleOneitai: it is still offtopic for this channel. should move to ##windows if you can help him with it01:35
LJRuffdaskrEEch, no sir. =)01:35
daskrEEchslidinghorn: how can I 2>| pastebinit ?01:35
chulli'm on my husband's computer, (Ubuntu 10.04) he downloaded the ubuntu 10.04 iso for our new box, how can he check it?~$ md5sum ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso01:35
chullmd5sum: ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso: No such file or directory01:35
chull 01:35
LJRuff!md5sum | chull01:36
ubottuchull: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:36
red2kicchull: "md5sum ubuntu<tab><tab>"  Don't type the filename manually.01:36
daskrEEchLJRuff: do I have to install dhcpcd first?01:36
red2kic!tab | chull01:36
ubottuchull: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:36
LJRuffdaskrEEch, if you don't have it, it'd help =D01:36
chullty LJRuff & red2kic01:36
daskrEEchLJRuff: But then I'd need to connect to the wireless to get it :-P01:37
slidinghorndaskrEEch, first, you may have to install pastebinit (sudo apt-get install pastebinit) then you just run (command | pastebinit)  if it's an actual error dialog box, then you can just type into the paste.ubuntu.com01:37
LJRuffchull, always a pleasure01:37
Bishop_LJRuff, as you (and I!) thought, the apt-get commands does update/upgrade everything no matter what auto-update settings have been choosen.01:37
daskrEEchslidinghorn: Umm let me see if I can get epiphany started01:37
LJRuffdaskrEEch, can you connect to a wired network temorarily to get it? I am not sure how to proceed without it.01:37
avi_Hey, I've got a fresh Banshee install (Lucid) and the menu bar icon seems to have replaced transparency with a white background. None of my other indicator icons have this problem.01:37
LJRuffBishop_, good to know! Thanks for reporting back!!01:38
=== booboo is now known as coz_
daskrEEchslidinghorn: http://pastebin.com/HpkKJEPR01:39
daskrEEchLJRuff: Well I would think that since I could connect to it before from the GUI all the tools I'd need would be on the computer now :)01:39
guest2how come all the ppa's in sources.list are for karmic?01:39
gmonnieim running 10.04, and i was wondering, is there anyway i can password encrypt file folders on my drive01:40
daskrEEchguest2: are you on karmic?01:40
csmith1994how can i make a windows liveusb from linux01:40
guest2weird, i did a fresh 64-bit install of lucid01:40
littlebeargmonnie: gpg01:40
LJRuffdaskrEEch, my assessment as well - doesn't change the fact that I do not know how to connect via cli w/o dhcpcd. =)01:40
gmonnielittlebear: gpg? what is that?01:41
daskrEEchLJRuff: So dhcpcd is what makes it easy? :)01:41
guest2first line of /etc/apt/sources.list is "deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 8.04.1 _Hardy Heron_ - Release amd64 (20080701)]/ hardy main restricted"01:41
SailorRealitydoes installing and uninstalling Operating systems like 10 times make the harddrive die?01:41
LJRuffdaskrEEch, for me! =D01:41
hiexpoto get md5sum place iso in home folder > right click on iso image > click properties > at the top copy name of file > open terminal type md5sum  paste01:41
SailorRealityor mess up the computer, i also have to pull the plug in the back each time01:41
daskrEEchSailorReality: Yes01:41
littlebeargmonnie: encryption01:41
daskrEEchAny activity to the hard drive makes the hard drive die01:42
SailorRealitydo you think this is serious tho01:42
gmonnielittlebear: how do i get gpg?01:42
daskrEEchhard drives magnetism wears out over time01:42
eokegmonnie: TrueCrypt may be an option for you http://www.truecrypt.org/01:42
littlebearSailorReality: no unless you unplug during the copy or move01:42
bastidrazoravi_: i don't know of any way to get rid of the white background unless you switch which icon it displays by going to Edit > Preferences > Extensions and check Application Indicator for Banshee and uncheck Notification Area Icon01:42
littlebeargmonnie: goto terminal and type the following : sudo apt-get install gpg01:42
guest2can somebody point me to a lucid sources.list (64-bit if it matters)?01:42
daskrEEchSailorReality: Does it harm it any more than normal activity? No not really01:42
daskrEEchslidinghorn: any insights?01:42
bastidrazoravi_: this also changes how the icon responds to clicks. it is completely different, as you will see01:43
littlebearSailorReality: I did crash a harddisk during IO ( input and output) so as long as it isn't doing that then you should be fine01:43
Name141Does the ATi driver for the 4670 come with 3D support?01:43
littlebearSailorReality: Although if the HDD is used for a very long time there will be fault01:43
=== scott_ is now known as Guest98236
SailorRealityhow about unplugging the computer01:44
gmonnielittlebear: i did that, and it said it couldnt find package01:44
SailorRealitywithout properly restarting it01:44
daskrEEchName141: depends on which driver01:44
SailorRealityi mean from the back01:44
Name141daskrEEch: I am assuming the one that comes with Ubuntu.01:44
red2kicdaskrEEch: I have installed OS many times. I believe. You can use System --> Admin --> Disk Utility and run SMART report on your HDD.01:44
Name141daskrEEch: From the repos01:44
avi_bastidrazor: I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with Banshee, rather an issue with Gnome not working with Banshee correctly. I've found some others in the tubes with the same issue, so I'm just following up with them.01:44
daskrEEchred2kic: assuming you have smartmontools installed01:44
daskrEEchName141: There are two in the repos01:45
littlebeargmonnie: sudo apt-update01:45
Name141daskrEEch: Does either of them support 3D?01:45
red2kicdaskrEEch: It is not installed. It's CLI package. Whatever works for you. :)01:45
daskrEEchName141: Both support 3D only one with the 467001:45
Name141daskrEEch: OK.  Should I even bother trying steam and games ?01:46
Name141daskrEEch: under wine01:46
hiexposudo apt-get update01:46
daskrEEchName141: Pop into #winehq and ask them01:46
gmonnielittlebear: did that came up with command not found01:46
linxehName141: with a name like that, would you want to ?01:46
daskrEEchLJRuff: after you type sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "Name" does iwconfig tell you that you have an AP associated?01:47
littlebeargmonnie: sorry, it's actually sudo apt-get update01:47
Name141linxeh: ?01:47
linxehName141: "steaming pile of..."01:47
eokelittlebear: Isn't it called gnupg that package?01:47
Name141linxeh: mkayyy01:47
SteveThingAnyone familiar with PS3MediaServer?01:47
LJRuffdaskrEEch, No01:47
Name141daskrEEch: Any idea on what "DirectX" it'd support? 9? 10.1? 11?01:47
daskrEEchSteveThing: #ps3linux01:48
daskrEEchName141: 1101:48
gmonnielittlebear: ok what was the gpg install command again?01:48
Name141daskrEEch: I see. My card only support 10.1 though01:48
daskrEEchName141: 10.1 then :-)01:48
gmonnienvm found it01:49
littlebeargmonnie: sudo apt-get install gpg01:49
littlebeargmonnie: there is an easier way of doing via GUI using synaptic01:49
Name141daskrEEch: I thought about the 5670, since it only draws a little more power.  But I guess that'd be more like ##hardware01:49
gmonnielittlebear: still says package not found01:49
daskrEEchName141: #phoronix01:49
zorzarhey, what can be the cause for many programs segfaulting when i start them? i'm runnig 9.04 64 Bit with 4 GB Ram.01:50
calumhi, I was told that I should use something like ssh over ftp or ftps for an ftp server I want to set up, will vsftp allow me to use ftp with encryption?01:50
zetheroogthumb is broken in Ubuntu :(01:50
littlebeargmonnie: ok, goto synaptic and search for encrypt01:50
daskrEEchslidinghorn: http://pastebin.com/HpkKJEPR if you are still arpund01:50
eokegmonnie: I think littlebear might mean "gnupg" rather than "gpg"01:50
littlebeargmonnie: right, I can't exactly remember the package name lol01:50
SteveThingDoes anyone know how to fix PS3MediaServer showing duplicate folders on my PS3?01:51
hiexpognupg > privacy guard?01:51
jarHeadlessbelkinsa: thanks for that01:51
ubottuAside from i386 and amd64 platforms, Ubuntu is also available for alternate platforms. Playstation 3 ( support in #ubuntu-ps3 ) Apple PowerPC  ( support in #ubuntu-ppc )01:51
littlebearhiexpo: yup, it's used for e-mail encryption, but I use it for file encryption01:51
gmonnieok now that i have it installed how do i use it01:52
littlebeargmonnie: when you need to encrypt, just do gpg -c *filename*01:52
WarlockLordis there a trick to making my intel 5100agn run at N speeds?01:52
hiexposudo apt-get instal gnupg01:52
kitchecalum: umm ssh sftp is the only true ftp security really if you want encryption01:52
littlebeargmonnie: and enter a password01:52
=== slidinghorn is now known as SlidingHorn|Away
daskrEEchCan someone look at http://pastebin.com/HpkKJEPR and give me some advice on how to fix Gnome01:52
littlebearkitche: really?01:52
* daskrEEch waves at SlidingHorn|Away 01:52
gmonnielittlebear: how do i get to gpung?01:53
calumkitche:I want to run an ftp server over the internet for my laptop but I was wondering what should I use, ftps or ssh ftp? Is there sftp server software for ubuntu?01:53
littlebeargmonnie: for graphical user interface use synaptic01:53
littlebearcalum: sshd is a good idea01:53
kitchecalum sftp is part of ssh01:53
hiexpogmonnie,  sudo apt-get install gnupg01:53
littlebearcalum: I have sshd set up on my server so you can use ssh to access and sftp to grab files01:54
calumOh yeah, sorry I am getting confused, ssh ftp or ftps?01:54
littlebearcalum: sftp = ssh ftp01:54
gmonniei already installed it, just trying to access it01:54
eokedaskrEEch: You might have some luck renaming ~/.gconfd ~/.gnome ~/.gnome2 but you'll loose your customisations.  If it doesn't work you can always rename them back.01:54
littlebearcalum: I've never heard of ftps though01:54
calumftps is just ftp over tls/ssl01:55
littlebeargmonnie: gpg -c *filename* and type password to encrypt and gpg *filename* to decrypt01:55
daskrEEcheoke: lets try it with gconf.d first01:55
WarlockLordis there a trick to making my intel 5100agn run at N speeds?01:55
kitchecalum it's still ftp01:56
eokedaskrEEch: Probably just a typo but you're looking for ~/.gconfd no period (dot)01:56
calumwith sshd, do I need to forward anything other than port 22?01:56
daskrEEcheoke: Force of habit from init.d etc01:56
littlebearcalum: I don't think so01:56
calumand sshd will allow me to transfer files to my laptop?01:56
jarHeadlessWarlockLord: does it not do N anyhow?01:57
littlebearcalum: sshd is a server, ssh is a client, you can use filezilla (software free) to access and transfer files01:57
daskrEEcheoke: moving gconfd worked01:57
calumoh right, so I can log in using ssh, then access files I want with filezilla?01:58
eokedaskrEEch: No worries daskrEEch sorry you had to loose some of your customisations.01:58
littlebearcalum: yes, but you can access and transfer directly through ssh01:58
lilucaxubuntu be01:58
lilucaxubuntu br01:58
littlebearcalum: example scp localfile ftp://user:pass@littlebearz.com:remotedir/remotefilename01:58
calumah good, because I was worried about someone sniffing my password on the internet01:59
lilucaxviva o linux01:59
SteveThingDoes anyone know how to fix PS3MediaServer showing duplicate folders on my PS3?01:59
littlebearcalum: lol, ssh is pretty safe in my opnion as long as you use any other port than 2201:59
lilucaxalguem aii e brasileiro01:59
red2kicSteveThing: Try ushare? ;o01:59
calumCan't I use port 22 if I have a strong password?01:59
hiexpoubuntu is the easiest  distro out here > 3 key things to remember to operating a Linux distro is  Stop \ Look | and LISTEN01:59
sansart13i have a question: everytime i double click a mp3 in file browser rhythmbox will open and play the last mp3 played. how can i get it to play in rhythmbox by double clicking it in file browser?02:00
lilucaxubuntu br aIII02:00
eokecalum: I think nautilus (gnomes file browswer) also supports ssh so if you're using gnome you could just try "sftp://servername/"02:00
SteveThingred2kic, I've tried alot of things. I want to stick with one item and learn it...02:00
littlebearsansart13: look into filetype action02:00
jarHeadlesshiexpo: that should be   stop look then learn! IMHO02:00
littlebeareoke: but isn't nautilus really horrible? i recall bad experience with it02:01
t0rrentday10x Faster than p2p, secure, anon, movies tv music apps all free, http://www.t0rrentday.com now open for registration.02:01
hiexpoyou cant make anyone learn lol02:01
red2kicSteveThing: Gotcha. I find ushare straightforward and works fine on my Xbox360. Also, PS3 Media Server isn't in the repo.02:01
eokeI use it to pull back a wordpress back up every so often and it's doesn't give me any huge issues.  Your mileage may vary however. :D02:01
jarHeadlesshiexpo: anyone?02:02
sansart13well i'm pretty sure rhythmbox is the default player for mp3s if thats what you ment littlebear02:02
calumthanks all, I will look at using ssh. cheers for the help02:02
calumonly other thing is, when I'm somewhere else on the internet, what IP would I use for NAT? The router's IP?02:02
littlebearsansart13: oh ops lol, sorry I use smplayer to play mp3 :(02:02
hiexpocan't teach someone something that does noes not look nor listen02:02
littlebearcalum: O.o, you have dynamic ip address?02:03
littlebearcalum: um. dyndns will give you a pretty good home02:03
jarHeadlesscalum: as your gateway?02:03
calummy router is assigned a dynamic IP every so often02:03
eokecalum: You'll also need to port forward a port on your router to port 22 on your linux server.02:04
TheMusicGuyWhat is the location of the config files for the main Gnome menu in Ubuntu 10.04?02:04
calumbut what IP do I enter when I ssh?02:04
red2kic!info noip2 | calum02:04
littlebearcalum: get dyndns02:04
ubottucalum: noip2 (source: no-ip): client for dynamic DNS service. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.9-3 (lucid), package size 83 kB, installed size 260 kB02:04
Name141daskrEEch: Maybe to test things out:  I can setup Ubuntu aside from my XP, then run steam under wine without installing it directly on the ubuntu partition, just to see how things would work out?02:05
littlebearcalum: instead of ip, you can do something like youruserid.noip.org02:05
=== molestoso is now known as Farmer
jarHeadlesscalum: dynamic dns then02:05
switch10_where is docky's config file?02:05
eokeTheMusicGuy: # /usr/share/gnome/apps/02:05
eoke# /etc/X11/applnk/02:05
eoke# /usr/share/applnk/02:05
hiexpothis must be a server day wow02:05
eokeAppologies that was a paste with crlf in it02:05
littlebearhiexpo: lol, I'm still figuring out my own server trouble lol02:05
calumand I configure my router for DYNDNS?02:05
Name141daskrEEch: Or maybe Wubi?02:05
littlebearcalum: no need, it uses port 80 to send data to dyndns or noip02:05
littlebearcalum: just enable port 22 needed for your sshd I think02:06
jarHeadlessftp port 22 does ssh?02:06
avi_hey guys, I've got a 2005 Dell computer running a Ubuntu variant on an external HD, and the original XP that it shipped with on it's internal HD. I recently installed Ubuntu, and it works great, and GRUB displays on boot and I can boot to it. However, I can *not* boot to Windows XP via that GRUB menu; it says "device not found" and then some seemingly random characters, then on keypress I return to the menu. Any ideas on how I can get GRUB02:06
avi_ to boot into XP AND Ubuntu?02:06
TheMusicGuyeoke, I was referring to the per-user config files02:06
nullp0interhow do i undo /sbin/ifconfig eth0:xxx.xx.xx.xxx02:06
calumftp is port 21, is it not?02:07
DasEijarHeadless: use sftp, better rsync with ssh02:07
littlebearjarHeadless: yeah, for sftp yeah02:07
eokeTheMusicGuy: ~/.gnome/apps/02:07
hiexpogrub update02:07
TheMusicGuyeoke, .gnome does not exist on my system02:07
TheMusicGuydid you mean .gnome2?02:07
calumthanks for all your help, I will try using ssh02:07
DeaD_SouLhi guys, i need an uploader application like the one in cairo-dock "dnd2share", to put it on my desktop or even in the gnome-panel,.. any suggestion.... dnd2share: (just drug anything and drop it in that applet and it will upload it) and it will know what the type of that file depending on that it will choose the right hosting site02:07
jarHeadlesscalum: ftp port 21 for connection and port 22 for data02:08
eokeTheMusicGuy: In honesty not sure02:08
calumcheers people02:09
littlebearcalum: example i wrote: http://wiki.littlebearz.com/wiki/index.php?title=Rsync02:09
Incarnationis there a channel here for rhythmbox?02:09
eokejarHeadless Calum: I think ftp listener is 21 and data is 20 or >1024 and sshd is 22.  But I could be wrong.02:09
red2kicDeaD_SouL: Dropbox?02:09
lanksi installed updates on my wubi 10.04 installation and now ubuntu won't boot. It shows and error message "error: unknown command 'loadfont'" and then restarts. Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks02:10
hiexpoIncarnation,  why u want rhythmbox?02:10
littlebeareoke: yeah, data is 20 I think02:10
calumthanks. anyways I'm off now02:10
DeaD_SouLred2kic: anything else?02:10
Incarnationim trying to figure out how to create a playlist in rhythmbox that lets me play only some of the songs in my collection02:10
Incarnationnevermind i figured it out02:11
red2kicDeaD_SouL: What is wrong with Dropbox? You *plop* in ~/Dropbox and it'll be uploaded right away. Right-click on the file and copy Public URL.02:11
alketHow can I find link ty my DropBox public folder ?02:11
DasEijarHeadless: default port for ftp is 21, 22 for ssh02:11
DeaD_SouLits cool, but i'd rather to upload to the free sites, instead of uploading it on my box02:11
red2kicalket: /home/alket/Dropbox/02:12
DeaD_SouLits just for one use then i don't need it02:12
alketred2kic: I know that, i actually put some files in there, but I want to show it to my friends02:12
littlebearDeaD_SouL: i'm sure there tons of file sharing website online02:12
hiexpoeveryone wants to use these fancy smancy  guis's audaciousworks just fine formusic02:12
jarHeadlessDasEi: 22 for ssh sure ok02:12
red2kicDeaD_SouL: I understand. Gnome-Do have a plugin that'll allow you upload images no more than 1.5MB -- That's what I know so far.02:12
DeaD_SouLbesides, drug & drop the file, without any modification to original one, is much better02:13
verbrecherI wonder why the Variable that should reside in rodata is in a segment with r-xp instead of in one with r--p which exists also accordigung to proc_maps. You can test it with this program: http://pastie.org/private/t3t7dczdhqhfmtm764e7yq02:13
DasEijarHeadless: but you can always change it to where you like02:13
littlebearalket:  personally I would just upload to a http server and give out http address02:13
verbrecherI have compiled it with optimization disabled02:13
alketlittlebear: I would to, but i dont have one02:13
red2kicDeaD_SouL: Or you can install noip2 (and port forwarding). That way, you plop a file in /var/www and link your friends to http://deadsoul.no-ip.org/<fileName>02:13
zimbresHi folks, I am running a "hello world" server on my pc and trying to connect from remote machines, outside my LAN, just to test on which ports the ISP is blocking me. It doesn't matter on which port I am listening , I do not get any connection. How can they block me on every port? How can my browser be served with web pages if they are blocking me on every port??02:13
jarHeadlessDasEi: hehe of course02:13
switch101docky does not start after a reinstall.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/458947/02:13
DeaD_SouLi'm already using that plugin "ImageShack", but what about the txt files, rar....etc02:14
kitchezimbres incoming is different then outgoing02:14
verbrecherWhy is my constant number in an executable segment?02:14
DeaD_SouLnoip2, is that secure?02:14
terryHow do you get rescue mode?02:14
littlebearalket: feel free to use http://www.littlebearz.com/school/upload/02:14
bastidrazorzimbres: you have to be listening on a port in order for you to get a response02:15
NigelSzimbres, most likely you're behind a NAT router and the port you're trying to connect to isn't being forwarded02:15
terryLost password....02:15
zimbreskitche, That means they check every single tcp header?? bastidrazor02:15
TheMusicGuyI cannot figure out how to reset my Gnome menu to defaults. I've tried deleteing ~/.config/menus and that had no effect.02:15
eokeDeaD_SouL: Sorry I've seen your question halfway through have you considered ubuntu one I believe you can make files public on that too.02:15
bastidrazorzimbres: that means you need a service listening on a port before you can connect to it02:15
jarHeadlesscalum: ftp port 20 for connection and port 21 for data (my mistake)02:15
hiexpoterry,  lost password02:15
TheMusicGuyI also tried the "Revert" button in the menu config dialog.02:15
TheMusicGuyIt has no effect.02:15
TheMusicGuyA lot of icons are missing from my menu (Gimp, Firefox, and others) even though they are installed, and I never manually removed the icons.02:16
eokeTheMusicGuy: Is System > Preferences > Main Menu > Revert not working for you?02:17
NigelSzimbres, if the situation is Internet --> NAT Router --> you server, then nothing will reach your server unless your router knows where to pass it. Have you verified that that's not the problem?02:17
zimbresNigelS, bastidrazor , I am listening on 7890 on a public IP. The issue is that I do not get connection to the server i am running. Only if I try from a pc in the LAN02:17
hiexpoTheMusicGuy,  why they gone did u upgrade or something?02:17
TheMusicGuyeoke, it is not.02:17
DeaD_SouLeoke, its ok :) btw, dropbox and ubuntu one, are just perfect,.. but i want to share it using the free hosting sites, like imageshack for images, eee for txt, like dnd2share, i really liked the idea, and wishing i can find one just like it02:17
bastidrazorzimbres: have your portforwarded that port on the router?02:17
TheMusicGuyhiexpo, I have no idea why they are gone. they just are.02:17
eokeTheMusicGuy: This may be of interest http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82200702:18
=== verbrecher is now known as ganove
zimbresbastidrazor, I suppose the problem is not on the router, since i can connect, if the remote machine is in the LAN02:18
hiexpoTheMusicGuy,  I asked a ? did u upgrade ?02:18
=== ganove is now known as oberverbrecher
NigelSzimbres, no, if you can connect on the LAN then it's not using the router to route...it's just switching to the relevant connection02:19
bastidrazorzimbres: being able to connect inside the LAN has nothing to do with the router, correct. BUT in order to connect from outside the LAN the router needs to know where to sends packets from outside to an IP on the inside.02:19
TheMusicGuyhiexpo, I did a fresh install, but kept my existing /home partition.02:19
NigelSzimbres, there's a difference between Internet (public address space) -> router -> your private LAN with class C address02:19
oberverbrecherWhy the hell do they set channels so that only identified people can chat?02:20
oberverbrecherI dont want to tell my e-mail address to Freenode02:20
=== ubuntu is now known as TiK_
eokeoberverbrecher: Alot of the time it's to tackle spam02:20
zimbresNigelS, bastidrazor , You mean that the trouble may be on my routing table configuration?02:21
TheMusicGuyhiexpo, In other words, I installed over the home partition. that was a while back, though. For some reason, certain icons don't appear in the menus after their associated packages get installed. (Or certain icons don't get removed when they are uninstalled)02:21
oberverbrechereoke, So how often do you see spam here? I think it is for a simple reason: Everyone is like a Photoshop beginner, all filters available must be applied at least once, and hence they also apply almost all channel modes.02:21
bastidrazorzimbres: yes, if the router does not have the ports opened then it will drop the packets.02:21
TiK_im having troubles making a bootable UBS drive with startup creator it works (fat32) wth boot flags butupon resetting the computert does not boot. I at aloss02:21
NigelSzimbres, yes; if you haven't told your router to forward traffic to port 80 to the correct LAN IP then it won't know where to send it02:21
DoctehTiK_: it only boots once?02:22
hiexpoTheMusicGuy,  so you was thinking by doing a fresh install on the same partion would keep everything previously installed?02:22
TiK_yes only boots once02:22
TiK_but now it doesnt boot at all02:22
eokeoberverbrecher: I believe this channel was getting spammed to oblivion early this week hence them turning it on.02:22
TheMusicGuyhiexpo, this has nothing to do with reinstallation02:22
TheMusicGuyits a problem with my menus02:22
TiK_Docteh: do you know why02:22
oberverbrecherSo I am not allowed to chat thanks to spammers if I do not give my E-Mail address to Freenode. That's the same way the western governments react to terrorism. MORE CONTROL02:23
hopeless8009any one here know how to install a module for ebox02:23
jigphello how to use weechat? when i type "weechat" in the terminal nothin happen02:23
KB1JWQoberverbrecher: Not topical here.02:23
jigpeven "weechat curses" too02:23
bastidrazoroberverbrecher: complain in #freenode or #staff .. this channel does not care about your issues with registering02:23
TiK_Docteh: yu there?02:23
eokeoberverbrecher: Did you have a question or something you need help with?02:23
NigelSoberverbrecher, please. You can use any e-mail address you want, including a throw-away one; plus when you connect to IRC you're doing so from a visible IP Address02:23
jigpany weechat user here?02:23
avi__> hey guys, I've got a 2005 Dell computer running a Ubuntu variant on an external HD, and the original XP that it shipped with on it's internal HD. I recently installed Ubuntu, and it works great, and GRUB displays on boot and I can boot to it. However, I can *not* boot to Windows XP via that GRUB menu; it says "device not found" and then some seemingly random characters, then on keypress I return to the menu. Any ideas on how I can get G02:23
avi_RUB to boot into XP AND Ubuntu?02:24
TiK_Docteh: thanks02:24
ponderaok i have a question. i have a macbook 3.1, currently the setup is partition 1 EFI, p2 mac osx, p3 win 7, p4 linux swap, p5 ubuntu. i want to install another distro of linux backtrack but when i install it it messes up grub and i can boot win7ubuntu or backtrack so i started over. i want to install backtrack without the grub option and manually add it to my current grub list. how would i go about doing that ?02:24
oberverbrechereoke, Yes, but here people cannot help. I want to know why my constant variable is put in code segment and not in rodata even though rodata exists according to proc_map02:24
hopeless8009any one here know how to install a modual on ebox02:24
zimbresNigelS, Are we clear that I do not have a LAN myself? I am direct with the ISP, the only possibility is that they are blocking it.02:24
DoctehTiK_: are you booting windows with the drive plugged in? I can't see what would change the bootable flag02:24
oberverbrecherso I went to gcc but these idiots have "registered chatters only (fingerprint not yet required)"02:25
TiK_I ue gparted02:25
TiK_doc: I frmatd into fat32 and  ran th startup creator on a clean drive02:25
zimbresNigelS, Thats what I conclude ...02:25
TiK_Doc: I dont have an OS insall I am booting off a livecd02:25
NigelSzimbres, you're not being very clear - earlier you mentioned being able to connect from within a LAN but now you imply you don't have one?02:26
TiK_it needs to boot off UBS to insall because i get sr0 errors02:26
najunajuHi, how do I know if my wifi usb adaptor is supported? How do I know the chipset it has? any command?02:26
XBMC|UserHello, Everyone02:26
Doctehsr0 is the optical or?02:26
TiK_sda1 is the hard drive02:26
alaska13I am having problems with network manager showing as disconnected02:27
bastidrazorDocteh: that normally is your CD or DVD drive02:27
TiK_do: i cant install from a cd so I need to boot with this USB drive like I did last time02:27
oberverbrecherWhen you get what sd and sr means, you can remember it more easily, maybe02:27
alaska13even when the network connection is up02:27
TiK_but it only booted once and now it's not boting02:27
zimbresNigelS, I have tested the server on the University i study. Now I am at home, sorry for not being clear ..02:27
ponderaok i have a question. i have a macbook 3.1, currently the setup is partition 1 EFI, p2 mac osx, p3 win 7, p4 linux swap, p5 ubuntu. i want to install another distro of linux backtrack but when i install it it messes up grub and i cant boot win7 ubuntu or backtrack so i started over. i want to install backtrack without the grub option and manually add it to my current grub list. how would i go about doing that ?02:27
TheMusicGuyI tried moving ~/.local/share/applications to a different location and then signing out and back in.02:27
TheMusicGuythat seems like it helped.02:27
TheMusicGuyI have my Gimp and Firefox icons back02:28
hiexponajunaju,  well if you do some research on your wifi card model # and version you can find your chip set02:28
TiK_ive never instaled backtrack  cant help you02:28
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:28
NigelSzimbres, ah, so you don't control the network you're trying to connect to? Then it's quite possible that they are blocking certain ports or port ranges yeah :S but that's quite normal really02:28
TiK_Doc: abot the boting once.. what infomation doyou have on that02:28
najunajuit seems too new hiexpo, I cant find any info about it02:28
DoctehTiK_: maybe the issue thats giving you sr0 errors is effecting the usb :-/ I'd run memtest on that computer02:28
sadI need help installing a functional flash player02:29
ponderatik_ the real issue is just how do i add a OS to the bootloader ubuntu installed02:29
LJRuff!hi | sad mnmxse02:29
najunajuis there any command to know wich chipset a wifi usb has inside? hiexpo02:29
ubottusad mnmxse: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:29
hiexponajunaju,  what is the wifi card model and version number?02:29
DoctehTiK_: windows 7 screws with marking of partitions is all I got on that. maybe use different file system on the usb like ext2 or 4?02:29
zimbresNigelS, Yes, I do not control it. They are blocking me on every single port.02:29
TiK_Doc: it wa ext402:29
TiK_it still doesnt boot02:30
hiexponajunaju,  no02:30
zimbresNigelS, For for incoming traffic.02:30
TiK_system creator makes it fat32 i think02:30
DasEipondera: two ways : either stop bt install at grub, or put the bt repos in the coreesponding ubuntu-distro, no BT-support here02:30
DasEipondera: have a look at unetbootin02:30
TiK_il format to ext4 and try again02:31
alaska13I am having a hard time with network manager...can anyone help?02:31
ponderadasei i tried installing that in ubuntu but it coulding unpack the .bin file02:31
DoctehTiK_: I've got zero experience with system creator, :-/02:31
hiexpoinstallingbacktrack repos will create a train wreck02:31
MnmxseNighty night e102:31
najunajuits a EW300NUSB hiexpo http://www.ecomspain.com/index.php/ADAPTADORES/ew300nusb.html02:32
DasEipondera: let's met in #backtrack-linux ?02:32
hiexponajunaju,  what brand is that ?02:32
najunajuit identifies just by Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1b75:2770 with lsusb02:33
najunajuhiexpo: new to me too02:33
farligwhen trying to add songs to my ipod in rhythmbox on 10.04 it says that "filesystem is read only". does anyone have a solution to this?02:34
littlebearfarlig: mount it in fstab with umask=002:35
hiexponajunaju,  1 sec02:35
oberverbrecherI should let some botnets flood the nickserv with registration request. Then they maybe disable it and channels have to remove this stupid mode. How do you know wether freenode respects your privacy? What data other than your e-mail address and password do they store? How do they protect your information? People can steal your identity which usually is bound to email address by sniffing nickserv password.02:35
farliglittlebear, how exactly does the cli command look like?02:35
littlebearfarlig: http://wiki.littlebearz.com search for fstab02:36
gryllidaSo, I found my OpenOffice.Org 3.2, which I got from the Software Center, interacting with the Ubuntu 10.04 system very badly. It doesn't have the well-known system 'Serif', 'Sans', and other fonts listed in the dropdown. It pastes text from the buffer into the documents when I middle click, but is unable to add it to buffer when I select something in an OOo document. Do you have an idea for a fix?02:36
DasEipondera: due to setup, had to pm you02:36
oberverbrecherAlso it is bullshit to say that identifying to nickserv prevents spam. It is very easy to automize the nickserv registration process if you wanted to do serious spamming.02:37
KB1JWQ!ops oberverbrecher02:37
littlebearoberverbrecher: it's not like we use the same password for freenode and email lol02:38
oberverbrecherlittlebear, When you chat here while being identified it is usally safe to assume that it must be the owner of the e-mail address02:38
oberverbrecherso when someone chats using your nickserv identity it can be assumed it is you02:39
littlebearoberverbrecher: hm.. really?02:39
oberverbrecherYour nickserv identity is bound to your e-mail address and to your e-mail address is bound your real identity.02:39
oberverbrechernickserv idenity <-> real identity02:40
oberverbrecherthanks to paranoia02:40
KB1JWQoberverbrecher: Please keep it topical. :-)02:40
oberverbrecherI wish but it is impossible because in #freenode they have quieted me for just asking to remove that identified-people-can-only-chat mode network wide, calling me troll02:41
bastidrazor!troll | oberverbrecher02:41
ubottuoberverbrecher: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel02:41
littlebearah.. I want my domain as my mask02:41
farliglittlebear, i don't understand what to do with fstab. i'm a newb on linux would you like to point out the process for me?02:42
oberverbrecherbastidrazor, so you have just been trolling? because what of these things that mean trolling did occur in #freenode?02:42
KB1JWQoberverbrecher: Voice status in other channels doesn't change the purpose of this channel.  If you'd like to remain here, please keep to topic. :-)02:42
littlebearfarlig: when you mount, you can mount from fstab02:42
bastidrazoroberverbrecher: this is not #freenode. it is #ubuntu and you crying about not wanting to register has nothing to do with ubuntu support or the /topic here.02:43
littlebearfarlig: so sudo mount -a will mount automatically in /etc/fstab02:43
gryllidaoberverbrecher: feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic as well02:44
farligso.. i should unmount my ipod first. and then write "mount -a /dev/XXX/"? and then what?02:45
farliglittlebear: so.. i should unmount my ipod first. and then write "mount -a /dev/XXX/"? and then what?02:46
hopeless8009i need some sever help any one here know how to use ebox02:46
littlebearfarlig: wait, if you already mount it then just change chmod and chown02:47
littlebearhopeless8009: what is this ebox?02:47
DasEihiexpo: errm, fine, I can't send to bt, so goto answer here or in pm, sry for that02:47
ja660kim colouring my terminal prompt, one for root, one for normal... it works... but when i run sudo -s it is the normal users prompt? why?02:47
slinker1i am using ebox hopeless whats up02:47
eokehopeless8009: Ask a question and anyone that can help will I'm sure.02:47
farliglittlebear, it is mounted. how do i change what you said?02:47
littlebearfarlig: sudo chmod 777 /foldertoipod/*02:47
SailorRealityUsing gnome-config-manager to play around with the values of sleep/hibernate ...will that disable suspend/hibernate all together?02:48
SailorRealityim trying to disable it since it doesnt work and causes errors on mine02:48
hopeless8009can someone tell me how to install a module onto ebox. that is a web based server admin program02:48
littlebearfarlig: this allow temporarily to allow anyone on that computer to change, modify, delete, * in that folder02:48
hiexpoDasEi,  no prob02:48
slinker1hopeless8009, check pm02:49
hopeless8009slinker1, what is that02:49
farliglittlebear, is 777 the right chmod? it doesn't work to write to it, and in the terminal it says that it changed it to "read only"02:49
hiexpoDasEi,  i operate them all backtrack pentoo ubuntu i know what works sorry02:49
littlebearfarlig: O.o, I thought it's 777, or was it 644, let me check02:50
LJRufffarlig, 777 changes perms to read, write, and execute.02:50
littlebearfarlig: yup, it's 77702:50
farliglittlebear: oh. it says that the file system is read only02:51
eokehopeless8009: Should be listening on https://hostname/ebox but slinker1 may have already mentioned that.02:51
farligwhen i try to change it02:51
SailorRealityanyone know a way to disable suspend/hibernate all together?02:51
LJRufffarlig, Are you root?02:51
LJRuffSailorReality, don't use it?02:51
SailorRealityLJRuff: it automatically goes into suspend02:51
LJRuffSailorReality, System->Preferences->Power Settings02:52
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.02:52
magn3tsI'd really freaking love it if Ubuntu would actually eject my disc02:52
SailorRealityLJRuff: i tried that02:52
magn3tssince its making a mechanical sound that sounds really bad for my laptop02:52
LJRuffSailorReality, check the screen saver?02:52
littlebearfarlig: um. i'm not too sure as I set mine with chown, chmod and /etc/fstab02:52
SailorRealityLJRuff: that might work guess ill just set it to never02:53
eokeSailorReality: This might be of interest even though it's for an old version of Ubuntu https://jeremy.visser.name/2007/02/08/how-to-disable-suspend-and-hibernate-for-all-users-in-ubuntu/02:53
LJRufflittlebear, chown only works if he's the owner of the fs or is root over said fs.02:53
farliglittlebear: do u think that this will solve my problem: http://www.archivum.info/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/2010-05/11818/(Bug-163567)-Re-Ipod-nano-mounted-as-read-only.html02:55
farliglittlebear: what is your fstab config for the ipod?02:58
LJRuff!hi gryllida02:59
LJRuff!hi | gryllida02:59
ubottugryllida: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:59
littlebearfarlig: I'm not at home atm, sorry, can't get to it lol02:59
gryllidaSo, I found my OpenOffice.Org 3.2, which I got from the  Software Center, interacting with the Ubuntu 10.04 system  very badly. It doesn't have the well-known system 'Serif',  'Sans', and other fonts listed in the dropdown.02:59
LJRufffarlig, the line should be like /dev/fd1    auto     defaults     0     002:59
gryllidaIt pastes  text from the buffer into the documents when I middle click,  but is unable to add it to buffer when I select something in  an OOo document. Do you have an idea for a fix?02:59
farligLJRuff: and that will make it writeable?03:00
LJRufffarlig, let me check mine. one moment...03:00
LJRufffarlig, #/dev/fd0               /media/fl   auto    user,noauto             0      003:00
DasEigryllida: fonds can be set , see03:01
LJRuffThat makes my stuff writable.03:01
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer03:01
=== sejuk is now known as matahati
statimanyone know where /var/run is defined? dont see it in fstab... id like to make my own directory like /var/run that is purely temporary03:01
DasEigryllida: if you don't need the quite hevy oo-suite, have a look at abiword, too, more handie to me03:01
LJRuffstatim, is /var on the same part as /?03:02
statimLJRuff: dont see anything with just /var so i think that means its part of /03:03
LJRuffstatim, yep! Fire up fdisk or gparted, shrink some space and make a new part for your temp fs.03:03
farligLJRuff: i don't get any error msg in rhythmbox when dragging files to the ipod anymore, but still there are no new files showing up in the ipod. seems like nothings happening. do you know what could be the problem03:04
statimLJRuff: ah ok, i think ill just make the necessary perms to a directory in /var/run then.  i didnt know it involved that03:04
LJRufffarlig, eject the iPod via Ubuntu to write data to it.03:05
helltraumAnyone know how to trace/fix errors from scons please ?03:05
gryllidaDasEi: I was looking, it doesn't support select/middleclick copypaste style at all.03:07
gryllidait = abiword03:07
DasEigryllida: but copy n paste will work, as said, I use other apps, and you can configure shortcuts there03:09
gryllida DasEi: this is unusual copy / paste, which is absent in Windows, which is 'selct text block top copy, middle click to paste', not same as ctrl + c / v, works even in Terminal, only pastes in open office, doesn't work in abiword at all.03:10
meowbuntui need to edit pdf files. openoffice is not good even with the pdf viewer.  document viewer is just a viewer i need a pdf editer that can save in other formats like .doc etc03:12
jarHeadlessmeowbuntu: good question03:13
daniel_Hello everyone03:13
DasEigryllida: both, rightclick or the the buttons on top do it03:13
littlebearmeowbuntu: hey, lol, you're right, let me search it up03:13
jarHeadlessmeowbuntu: most times I just C+P03:13
heathenJust got an Ion Breeze w/10.04 on it but it's DOA. Is there chat room that discusses this thing?03:13
meowbuntuya its a good question sux though. with all the awsomessness of openoffice it opens .pdf in the drawing part. not the writer. a big disapointment03:14
heathenDoesn't even boot.03:14
littlebearmeowbuntu: did you try pdfedit?03:15
farligLJRuff: i think it might be a problem with my ipod since it is formatted on a mac. do you recognize that problem?03:15
gryllida DasEi: this is _usual_ copypaste, ofc it works. I want the mouse copy/pasting work in the word processor.03:15
gryllidait currently works in emacs, Terminal, Firefox, .....03:16
LJRufffarlig, No, I do not. However, it should not be an issue. Macs now use OSx, which is related to Linux via the Unix tree. Furthermore, iPods run FAT, if I recall correctly, which is compatible with Linux.03:16
gryllidabut only 50% in OOo and 0% in Abiword.03:16
LJRufffarlig, Unplug your iPod and close rhythmbox, then plug your iPod back in. Do you see it on the Desktop?03:16
farligyes i do03:17
farligthis does not work howeever03:17
helltraumAnyone help please ?03:17
LJRufffarlig, right click and format it.03:17
LJRuff!ask | helltraum03:17
ubottuhelltraum: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:17
meowbuntuya its a good question sux though. with all the awsomessness of openoffice it opens .pdf in the drawing part. not the writer. a big disapointment03:17
edbianhelltraum, Repeat your question?03:17
farligLJRuff: will that not erase the firmware and stuff?03:17
meowbuntuthanks littlebear pdf edit looks ok03:18
LJRufffarlig, I used to run it on mine with no ill effects.03:18
helltraumTrying to build something with scons ...03:18
gryllidaDasEi: which is very annoying, I use it a lot in emacs, and often hit middle click in the word processor, and then have about a minute of yelling at it that it doesn't work, really need a fix, a week of yelling made me tired.03:18
helltraumgetting a missing pulse/gccmacro.h03:18
edbianhelltraum, sorry, can't offer any help.  I have no experience with that.03:19
helltraumOk .. thanks anyway03:19
LJRuffhelltraum, try #linux in the meantime03:19
helltraumOk .. thanks ...03:19
heathenMy Ion Breeze(used) arrived DOA. Anybody know a group to help troubleshoot?03:20
boxbeatsyhi guys, is there a way to pause all php processes running?03:20
meowbuntulittlebear: again pdfedit looks more like a drawing application i want an application like adobe reader that is more a txt file program not a drawing appication ok03:21
meowbuntulittlebear: yes pdfedit is to muh like a drawing application not a pdf txt editor03:23
edbianmeowbuntu, My understanding is that a .pdf is a picture.  The actual characters are no longer stored.03:23
edbianmeowbuntu, It is a normal text file with mark up until you save it as a pdf.  Then it becomes a picture.  That's why gimp can open .pdf03:24
xanguameowbuntu: if you have a google account you can use google docs to transform your pdf or images into an editable file03:24
boxbeatsyhi, is there a way to pause all php processes running at a given time?03:26
edbianboxbeatsy, You can kill them and restart them.  I'm not aware of a way to pause any program without a debugger.03:26
hiexpopdf = http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&defl=en&q=define:PDF+&sa=X&ei=avEvTMGpBoH98Aa7t9XJCw&ved=0CBIQkAE03:27
boxbeatsyedbian: blah, i can't kill it.  i need to pause all the running php processes so that i can change out a file syncrhonously03:27
NigelSedbian, PDFs are not pictures; not in the sense of an image format03:28
edbianboxbeatsy, No idea.03:28
edbianNigelS, Can you explain what they are?03:28
boxbeatsyedbian: np ill keep looking03:28
edbianNigelS, wikipedia says that it is a fixed layout 2D document with text, fonts, images, and vector images.  Obviously it's different than a word document because the text characters are not easily accessible.03:30
hiexpoportable document file03:30
boxbeatsyo hmm..i found kill -STOP PID which supposedly pauses a process, but do you think if a php thread is waiting for a response from curl, and then i pause it before it comes back, what will happen?03:31
NigelSedbian, sure, none of which makes it a picture - and the text is readily available; just open a pdf with "less" for example03:31
edbianNigelS, I'm reading more and it basically sounds like what a word document would be if it were object oriented design.03:31
hiexpocan be a text or pic03:31
edbianBut it is difficult to change the text.03:31
NigelSedbian, it describes "images" using a variant of postscript - specifying vectors03:31
NigelSedbian, not enormously - it's just not something that we've had on linux yet sadly - inkscape can do it I gather03:32
edbianNigelS, Yeah, I understand that images can be in a .pdf03:32
edbianand I know what a vector image03:32
jimericksonsounds like an electron can be a particle or a wave03:33
hiexpoa pdf is  = Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system.Adobe Systems Incorporated03:34
red2kicNobody created three-dimensional documents yet?03:34
edbianhiexpo, Thanks for copy and pasting the first line of wikipedia that I already read.03:34
edbianred2kic, there is a 3D support from adobe and others03:35
meowbuntuok all these applications for pdf viewer/editors are actually more drawing editops. not like ms word. http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/open-source-linux-pdf-writer.html03:35
meowbuntuis there nothing like adobe reader/writer that can read or just convert .pdf to .doc etc03:35
urlwallaceI just installed ubuntu 10.4 and its swweeet.  Do I still need a firewall like firestarter( my router gives me stealth as per grc.com) thanks03:36
red2kicmeowbuntu: How about Google Docs? :o03:36
red2kicmeowbuntu: I don't know but it's something you should try.03:36
meowbuntured: i forgot about that thanks i do use google from time to time03:36
philsfwhat's the proper channel to ask about packages from the canonical DX team PPA?03:36
hiexpobut actually i think a pdf is an image file because it is no longer a text file  becomes a picture03:37
NigelShiexpo, it isn't an image03:38
gryllidahelp! does unix style copy paste work in OOo for you, like middle click to paste, select to copy, it won't work here, how do I turn it on?03:38
gryllidaOOo doesn't have 'serif' and other system fonts listed in the dropdown03:38
gryllidalooks like it lacks integration with the system03:39
red2kicgryllida: Ctrl + C / Ctrl + P works fine.03:39
gryllidared2kic: I want the mouse (middleclicky) paste to work, use it a lot in emacs, terminal, firefox, ... want to turn it on in the word processor as well, very annoying when I middle click, find it fail, look around, and find out that this is because it's OOo03:40
coz_middle click paste into open office word works here03:40
=== K4k_ is now known as K4k_mobile
gryllidared2kic: it pastes from other apps to OOo, but no copying from OOo to anywhere, nomatter what block of text I select in OOo03:41
red2kicgryllida: The behavior occurs same here.03:41
coz_gryllida,  ok let me try that hold on03:41
coz_gryllida,  well it works with gedit let try terminal hold on03:41
coz_gryllida,  nope it works in terminal as well03:42
gryllidared2kic, oh, please look into your fonts dropdown, are 'serif' and 'monospace' and other system fonts listed?03:42
NigelSmeowbuntu, I don't know whether it was mentioned above, but inkscape can import and export PDF files now; it's not perfect but you can edit text using it - though the font might not be preserved03:42
gryllidacoz_: it works for me everywhere, but not when trying to copy from OOo to anywhere, via selecting some block of text03:42
gryllidacoz_: terminal,gedit, firefox are ok03:43
red2kicgryllida: They are not listed.03:43
coz_gryllida,  well here highlihgint in office   it middle click pastes everywhere03:43
coz_for me03:43
gryllidared2kic: listed where?03:43
gryllidacoz_: great it works for you, I'm on ubuntu 10.04, OOo 3.2, what other info can I give you to troubleshoot me?03:43
red2kicgryllida: On the toolbar -- but you can type in "Monospace" and it'll change.03:44
gryllidared2kic: see, it works for coz_ though03:44
coz_gryllida,  let me try on maverick I dont run lucid hold on03:44
red2kicgryllida: Oh that works here.03:44
red2kicgryllida: I could sworn it didn't work -- but yeah, highlighting (and no CTRL+C) register it and bought it to geany.03:45
meowbuntuNigelS: inkskape is a drawing appliction is it not03:45
gryllidared2kic, coz_, troubleshoot me, what info should I give you, how do I make it work here...03:46
coz_gryllida,  hold on let me try on maverick03:46
red2kicgryllida: I don't know. :|   Try reinstall the package?03:46
NigelSmeowbuntu, it's a vector drawing application yes; it will import text as text and any vector images it will try to import accurately03:46
gryllidaI did. Both repo and OOo from their website have this behavior.03:46
coz_gryllida,  ok it works on maverick fine both to and from open office03:47
coz_gryllida, you say some fonts are not showing up in office?03:47
gryllidacoz_: yes, I don't see 'serif' in fonts dropdown, have to type it in manually03:47
coz_gryllida,  ok run   sudo fc-cache -fv03:48
coz_gryllida,  reopen office and see if they sh ow up then03:48
gryllidaWhat does it do?03:48
coz_gryllida,   that regenerates the font cache03:48
littlebear-f is forced, -v is version? or verbose?03:49
coz_gryllida,   as far as the middle click  highlight paste issue  I am not sure about why that is NOT working there... it should work systemically03:49
gryllidaOk, any suggestion for middle clicking paste?03:49
codeputtywhere do i set an environment variable to be used in a init.d script?  i tried .bashrc in ~root and in ~hudson (user that the service is run as)03:49
S4nD3rPlease, Id like some help to have login in task bar. like this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MessagingMenu/03:49
S4nD3rI have shutdown icon, but theres no login name anymore03:49
gryllidacoz_: the main is the copying issue, I will try your line about fonts, but pasting is first priority03:50
S4nD3rwhat to do to restore this like original installation?03:50
S4nD3rIn 10.0403:50
coz_gryllida,  first thing I would do is run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and see if anything needs to be upgraded03:50
coz_gryllida,  understood...that would certainly be a concern for me.. and I would assume for me that either I didnt something to the system or something is severly broken03:51
xangua!panels | S4nD3r03:51
ubottuS4nD3r: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:51
coz_gryllida,  is this an upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 or a clean install of lucid??03:51
S4nD3rI did that03:51
pijuhow can i request lots of CDs ?03:51
bastidrazorgryllida: isn't middle click paste just a highlight then middle click somewhere else?03:52
pijuive emailed to info@shipit.ubuntu.com, but still no respons03:52
coz_bastidrazor,  yeah but for gryllida  apparenlty this is broken with highlight from open office to somewhere else03:52
gryllidacoz_: *broken with Open Office (works fine elsewhere) and I did run the updates recently, so don't know what to do next03:52
coz_gryllida,  did you run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:52
gryllidabastidrazor: it is. it works everyhwer but openoffice03:52
DasEipiju: that will take some time, and lots of.. will have to copy yourself I think03:53
bastidrazorcoz_: ah, no idea what/why OO would do that.03:53
coz_gryllida,  ok is this an upgraded system or a clean installed one?03:53
gryllidacoz_: after OS install ation, I ran update manager, had a kernel update, think this line is included in what it did.03:53
VolkodavWhen will  xfce be updated in repos for 10.04 to 4.6.2 ( was released in May)03:54
coz_gryllida,  ok but apt-get dist-upgrade is different than update03:54
gryllidacoz_: new install of Lucid03:54
coz_gryllida,  mmm then I am definitly confused about the open officie issie it works fine on both karmic and maverick   unless this is specific to lucid03:54
coz_gryllida,  which wouldnt surprise me03:55
S4nD3rI did that, theres shutdown icon, but no login name anymore. like was in default instalation03:55
red2kic!info xfce4 maverick | Volkodav03:55
ubottuVolkodav: xfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.6.2 (maverick), package size 7 kB, installed size 40 kB03:55
gryllidacoz_: does dist-upgrate take long or need a reboot?03:56
S4nD3rThis command line made this wrong: aptitude purge indicator-me indicator-messages gwibber03:56
S4nD3rHow to revert this one03:56
bastidrazorgryllida: openoffice word processor or ? it is working for me in the word processor.. from elsewhere TO OO03:56
Volkodavred2kic: I asked about 10.0403:56
coz_gryllida,  generally neither  unless  it is installing a new kernel03:57
red2kicVolkodav: Use Xfce4 PPA if it's available. Try asking in #xubuntu too03:57
red2kicVolkodav: Also...03:57
red2kic!latest | Volkodav03:57
ubottuVolkodav: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.03:57
trismS4nD3r: indicator-me is the package for the part you want, you'll need to reinstall that if you want it back03:57
Black_PhantomHey all how do I install wxPython in Ubuntu, more precisely what are the name of the packages that I should install ?03:57
coz_Volkodav,    https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ppa03:57
VolkodavThanks coz_ and red2kic - this release was a bug fix so i figured it should get in03:59
gryllidacoz_: should I close OOo before running your line?03:59
red2kicBlack_Phantom: python-wxgtk2.6 ?03:59
red2kicBlack_Phantom: "aptitude search python-wxgtk"03:59
Black_Phantomred2kic, thanks i found it )03:59
coz_gryllida,   well not necessary at all unless of course there is an open office update  which you would then have to restart it anyway03:59
S4nD3rI have the icon04:00
S4nD3rbut no login name anymore04:00
FloodBot1S4nD3r: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:00
red2kicS4nD3r: To revert back -- "aptitude install indicator-me indicator-messages gwibber" then...04:01
red2kic!resetpanels | S4nD3r04:01
ubottuS4nD3r: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:01
=== kaiser is now known as Guest1465
trismS4nD3r: you don't need to reset the panel, you just need to log out and in again to restart indicator-applet-session04:01
gryllidaI guess this is a kernel update, coz_? Get:1 http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates/main linux-image-2.6.32-23-generic 2.6.32-23.37 [31.5MB]04:01
IdleOnegryllida: yes04:02
S4nD3rI will logout to try it04:02
S4nD3rthanks for while04:02
gryllida IdleOne: ok....04:02
gryllidaThis is 10.04, how often are kernel updates happening?04:03
red2kicgryllida: Kernels are pretty awesome. http://www.kernel.org/04:05
philsfwhat's the proper channel to ask about packages from the canonical DX team PPA?04:05
red2kicphilsf: The proper channel is on Launchpad (Questions) under that canonical DX team PPA. -- My best bet.04:06
cwheelerwhere do I put kernel boot parameters in 10.04?04:06
bastidrazorcwheeler: /etc/default/grub04:07
bastidrazorhuh.. in and out04:07
red2kiccwheeler: bastidrazor said in /etc/default/grub.... and also, don't forget to run "update-grub" afterward.04:08
cwheelerthanks red2kic , my client crashed04:08
mudgendoes anybody know what clojure.lang.RT is?04:09
ubuntuHEY ALL04:10
ubuntuSo, I have a grub2 question04:10
red2kicubuntu: Ask away or we will never know your question.04:10
ubuntuI installed ubuntu onto a 40 gig drive, 3 partitions (/, /boot and swap) then a while later I got a bigger drive. So I partitioned that up, and copied the install across and I was wondering how to write the MBR04:11
cwheelerwhere are the docs on the format of /etc/default/grub04:11
ubuntuI was following a how to, but it seems ubuntu uses grub2 ratehr then the howtos's grub04:11
ubuntured, give us a chance will ya ;)04:12
cwheelergrub-install would be my guess04:12
red2kic!grub2 | cwheeler04:12
ubottucwheeler: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:12
red2kiccwheeler: grub-install.  Yes.04:12
cwheelerthanks red2kic04:13
red2kicErr, I That was for ubuntu.04:13
ubuntured2kic, I'll have a read04:14
mudgenwhat is clojure.lang.RT ?04:16
Zelozeloswhats the offtopic channel's name again?04:17
soreauZelozelos: #ubuntu-offtopic04:17
woodworksisn't clojure an ide? emacs?04:18
ubuntured2kic, That documentation looks perfect especially the "Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD" section. I just wasn;t sure what to google for :D04:18
red2kicubuntu: Great. :)04:18
farligmy ipod nano won't let me add files to it. what should i do? i use 10.0404:19
astropirateAnyone know of a good Torrent anonymizer?04:20
LenovoManHello I need some help with my upgrade to 10.04 LTS04:20
LenovoManI'm getting the grub screen but then ubuntu shows the mouse, makes the ubuntu noise and restarts and makes the noise again, keeps looping.04:22
al_why is aircrack-ng not listed in a sudo apt-get install?04:23
al_fresh install of ubuntu 1004:23
LenovoManI have a whole dev env already installed04:23
un214how's the stability of apt-get for 10.04 today?04:23
LenovoMandon't want to go through setup again04:23
iflemaal_ its in Universe... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu04:24
farligplease, someone! help me understand why the file system on my ipod nano is "read only"04:24
al_iflema: i am assuming i need to add a respository04:24
BloI want to Install ubuntu 10 in Microsoft virtual PC. but i cant: when i restart my virtual machine, it automatically turns off! please help me04:24
iflemaal_ Administration / System / Software Sources     check a box04:25
Ponderahow do i unmount my wirelsee usb adapter so it can be used in virtualbox04:25
LJRuffPondera, umount /device path04:26
Blohow can I install ubuntu10 in microsoft virtual pc?04:26
un214Blo: can't virtual PC boot from cdrom?04:26
Ponderaok and whats the command to look at the devices connected ?04:26
LJRuffPondera, mount04:27
LJRuffPondera, mount views mounted devices. lsusb views usb devices plugged in04:27
un214you do realize he started with "wireless usb adapter" right?04:27
Blono it can boot from cd rom but when try to install it powers down!!04:27
LJRuffun214, I chose not to ask.04:27
un214blo, first things first, try the alternate cd04:28
un214install a command line system04:28
LJRuffun214, that's like people who buy a desktop with wireless support, then wonder why it won't turn on unless they plug it's ac adapter into the wall.04:28
mistermattwhat other games like wesnoth are there?04:28
al_got it now ta04:28
littlebearmistermatt: check the game section, I have airstrike, that's pretty good04:29
Blono - I tried to install ubuntu inside windows on virtual pc but after restarting, when i choose ubuntu from boot menu it powers down!04:29
LJRuffmistermatt, check the game section of google.04:29
un214Blo: try booting recovery04:29
cristhianhola viteh04:30
Bloi think there is a problem with virtal pc04:30
cristhianhay alguien que escriba en español?04:30
cristhianhay alguien que escriba en español?04:30
Blovirtual pc never suports linux04:30
Ponderaljrff how do i deactivate a usb that plugged in ?04:30
_dac_escribo un poco04:30
Blobut i want to install linux on it04:30
cristhianme podrias ayudar dac con unas dudas que tengo?04:31
StupendoussteveSi, pero hay un canal para el apoyo en espanol04:31
cristhianuy! gracias04:31
cristhianno sabia04:31
cristhiancual es el servidor?04:31
un214Blo: maybe try qemu04:31
GuitarzanI have always used gnome-based distros but I have a question regarding LXDE (Specifically, Lubuntu). Have I come to the correct channel?04:31
Stupendoussteve!espanol > cristhian04:32
ubottucristhian, please see my private message04:32
_dac_and no04:32
astropirateAnyone know of a good Torrent anonymizer?04:32
_dac_Join #lubuntu04:32
Guitarzanthanks _dac_04:32
_dac_Or #lxde04:32
Blooh, quemu is very very slow04:33
Bloqemu is very slow04:33
Ponderadoes anyone know how to deactivate a usb device in ubuntu so i can use it in virtualbox ?04:33
user7i love you04:33
user7what is your name04:34
LJRuffPondera, isusb - do you see it listed?04:34
user7i wan quit04:34
volvehey all, I'm using user-level security and have 2 users writing to the same share. The 1st user is an admin so obviously has root perms to the filesystem, but the 2nd user isn't, however she still seems to be able to delete files owned by the 1st user that have only read privileges. What am I doing wrong? :/04:34
LJRuffPondera, mount - is it mounted?04:34
Ponderait says it not mounted04:35
LJRuffvolve, check number 2's sudo permissions (/etc/sudoers)04:35
Ponderapondera@Pondera-ULT:~$ umount /00604:36
Ponderaumount: /006 is not mounted (according to mtab)04:36
volveLJRuff: doesn't appear to be listed, and if I do "groups user2" they aren't in any of the sudo groups either :/04:36
iflemaBlo typically, virtualbox does very well..... Pondera virtualbox-ose does not support usb. you need virtualbox (.deb) from oracle....04:37
RickyWhmy top output is too big for my putty window04:37
LJRuffvolve, change root's passwd and see if it helps. Number 2 may have it and may be logging in as root?04:37
RickyWhhow do i view all of it?04:37
volveLJRuff: well these aren't real people, I'm still trying to get it setup...04:38
LJRuffvolve, oh! My bad04:38
Ponderaiflema i see can i use the same virtuall harddrive with the .deb or do i have to reinstall ?04:39
NoKof cource04:39
iflemaPondera should b ok..... NOT positive.... pretty sure04:39
Ponderaand could you direct me where to get this version of virtualbox ?04:40
iflemaPondera http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads      :)04:40
paulmerI have a netbook for my brother that is running ubuntu, he needs the nm-applet (network manager or whatever) so he can select the right wireless networks04:42
paulmerIt's listed under the startup apps or whatever04:42
paulmerand it's enabled04:42
paulmeryet it doesn't start04:42
paulmerif I open a term and send it the exact command it's supposed to be running at start it works04:42
paulmerwhy isn't it auto-starting like it shoul;d04:42
paulmerJesus, 1200 people with nothing to say04:48
xanguapaulmer: does your brother have the notification area in the panel¿04:49
xanguapaulmer: try launching "nm-applet" then04:50
paulmerxangua, if I do that it works and shows up, etc.04:51
paulmerbut for some reason gnome won't auto start it04:51
paulmerwhich is annoying because my brother is too computer illiterate for him to start it himself04:51
=== afallenhope is now known as Guest76904
paulmerplus it would be a pain04:51
Guest76904hey quick question.. I resized my partition table ages ago so I had Unallocated for linux04:52
Guest76904I deleted my recovery partition via Windows recovery disk deleter04:52
Guest76904now.. I have the extra size but where' the 60GB unallocated go?04:52
Guest76904if I do the math.. the haddrive doesn't add up to 320GB..04:52
astropirateAnyone know of a good Torrent anonymizer?04:53
paulmerRun them through tor04:53
paulmerthey will be terribly slow, however.04:53
paulmerAnd I mean, terribly, slow04:53
=== Guest76904 is now known as gOLDfeesh
GuitarzanSoliciting assistance re: system clock formatting in Lubuntu (LXDE)...I know how to do what I what in a gnome-based Distro.04:53
* cfedde needs to work on his f o c u s.04:55
GuitarzanIn Gnome, one could go to apps \ panel \ clock_screen0 \ prefs and check the "custom" key and in the "custom_format" one could use HTML markup to pretty it up. is there an equvilent in LXDE?04:55
gryllidaHelp! Updated kernel to something-23, now am getting GRUB error "unknown controller version (2)" on every boot. It boots normally, works, but is there anything I should do about it?04:55
hwolffHow do I connect a computer to the wireless which has't had wifi during install? (kubuntu 9.10)04:56
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:56
gOLDfeesh298.09 that's how much it shows the drive is.. where clearly it's not according to the box.. it's spposed to be 60GB04:56
gOLDfeesherrg 320GB04:56
node357hi, why when i try to play openarea with the computer there are no opponents?04:57
node357on ubuntu 10.04 64 bit04:57
thune3gOLDfeesh: the filesystems take up space to do there thing, and this space is not recorded as available, because it is not available space to the user.04:58
node357sorry, I mean openarena04:59
acovrigI am having issues with my trackpad, if I use my finger, it doesnt work, but if I lay my finger down, it works (use 1/2 the finger instead of the tip)04:59
GuitarzanWhen formatting the system clock in Lubuntu, I have only the ability to enter strftime format codes. How can one format the format codes (as if from a gnome based gconf-editor)?05:00
guest2is it normal for window resizing to be slow when default resize mode in compizconfig is set to normal?05:00
EdiblePlastique_go to the software centre and search "touchpad", node35705:00
EdiblePlastique_guest2 try setting to to 'rectangle'05:01
gryllidaUpdated kernel to something-23, now am getting GRUB error "unknown controller version (2)" on every boot. It boots  normally, works, but is there anything I should do about it?05:01
guest2yes, that's teh default05:01
gryllidaOr just ignore it?05:01
guest2I'm asking whether it's normal05:01
guest2or if my ati proprietary drivers suck05:01
GuitarzanBTW: Happy 4th of July for Eastern Time Zone US folks!05:01
EdiblePlastique_I bet is it, I don't know, I don't have an ATI GPU.05:01
gOLDfeeshHey okay sorry about that in Windows now05:02
EdiblePlastique_Did you have crappy performance on your original OS?05:02
grpaceGuitarzan: HAppy 4th from Central Time !05:02
gOLDfeeshso I think I figured out the issue but I'm tryin to figure out... My buddy ran ccleaner on my computer with "Wipe Free space" so maybe that did it.. buuuuuut it still shows it as only 298 GB.."05:02
guest2EdiblePlastique_: so it's not slow for you?05:02
sweetpigOLDfeesh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabyte#Consumer_confusion05:02
acovrigI am having issues with my trackpad, if I use my finger, it doesnt work, but if I lay my finger down, it works (use 1/2 the finger instead of the tip)05:03
node357EdiblePlastique_, what? i don't use a touchpad05:03
gOLDfeeshsweetpi so 297 GB = 320?05:04
node357i played this openarena game on windows and it had bots but this ubuntu version doesnt have them and i'm wondering why05:04
gOLDfeeshfrom my understanding I'm missing 23GB...05:04
EdiblePlastique_node357, but you said you were having trouble with your track pad.05:04
guest2there's 8 bits in a byte.. so anything else is absurd!05:04
node357no i didn't EdiblePlastique_05:04
EdiblePlastique_wrong eprson05:04
node357thanks though05:05
EdiblePlastique_guest2, not too slow.05:05
guest2but far from real-time?05:05
node357the single player in this game can't be played beacuse the opponents don't appear05:05
guest2it starts resizing 500+ milliseconds after i drag05:05
EdiblePlastique_acovrig, Download touchpad from the software centre05:05
mudgendoes anybody know how to get clojure classloaders to work with java webstart?05:05
guest2mudgen, #clojure05:05
mudgenoh sorry05:05
gOLDfeeshI'm just tryign to figure out where the 60GB I resized my parition went..05:06
EdiblePlastique_guest2, not really. I mean, it's fast enough.05:06
gOLDfeeshdoesn't show up in gparted..05:06
sweetpigOLDfeesh: thats right, for instance my 1TB drive shows 932GB05:06
node357so nobody has any idea why this non working game is in the software list05:06
sweetpigOLDfeesh: so im "missing" 68GB05:06
guest2EdiblePlastique_: why else is it disabled by default even on "extra" visual effects05:06
EdiblePlastique_guest2, I have no idea.05:07
guest2because it's slow.05:07
gOLDfeeshsweetpi, you my friend are a life save. I thank you for this :)05:07
EdiblePlastique_must be05:07
gOLDfeeshSwedeMike but what about the 60GB that I resized it with..05:07
* guest2 hands EdiblePlastique_ an opengl book and the source code05:07
gOLDfeeshsorry SwedeMike meant sweetpi05:07
* EdiblePlastique_ gulps05:08
asianmalehey guys, anyone have problems with belkin wireless routers continually dropping the connection??? it's driving me nuts05:08
gOLDfeeshsweetpi like.. I resized it but i'm guessing because when i deleted the recovery from Windows it added the unallocated 60GB back to Windows perhaps?05:08
node357anybody know why single player in openarena has no opponents?05:09
sweetpigOLDfeesh: yes perhaps, does gparted show unallocated space?05:09
GuitarzanWhat is the equivalent of Gnome's "gconf-editor" in an LXDE environment?05:09
guest2Guitarzan: apt-get install gconf-editor05:09
guest2i'm sure gnome applications still use it under the hood05:10
node357or just ignore my question, that's cool05:10
gOLDfeeshsweetpi the only unallocated space is umm... 1MiB05:10
GuitarzanNot for the system clock, which is what I'm trying to edit. I tried that already. Thanks though. First person to bother answering +100 bonus points to team guest205:10
gOLDfeeshnode357 why not check out #openarena05:11
sweetpigOLDfeesh: then yes, it the resize added the space to the other partition05:11
node357okay thanks gOLDfeesh05:11
gOLDfeeshnode357 not a prob.05:11
gOLDfeeshsweetpi thanks05:11
bazhang!cn | abin05:11
ubottuabin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:11
bazhangabin, this is english only, /join #ubuntu-cn05:12
gOLDfeeshgonna fix up my comp and what not.05:12
gOLDfeeshthanks for all the help sweetpi05:12
sweetpigOLDfeesh: yw05:12
node357thre's nobody around in the openarena channel05:13
Uboyhi, is that anyone use a fingerprint reader?05:13
opijwhat is svn?05:14
node357im trying to find an alternative to all the windows games but this isn't panning out05:14
abuayyoubCan someone help me with a problem I am having with a program called HellaNZB?05:14
autumn__Hi everyone, I've installed the NVidia propietary drivers using the Restricted Drivers tool, but now my system boots with a very low resolution and Gnome won't come up in a usable state. How can I remove the NVidia drivers?05:14
UboyCan somebodu help me About fingerprint?05:15
sweetpi!subversion | opij05:15
ubottuopij: subversion is an open source application used for revision control. It is sometimes abbreviated to svn in reference to the name of its command line interface. Look here for a Subversion How To on Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Subversion05:15
=== gopa is now known as gops
opijsweetpi: what is "revision control"?05:15
Uboyautumn__ uour resulation of Boot screen falled Low or all the Graphical Desktop?05:16
node357ya know every time i've come here for help I've gotten nothing, why is that05:16
sweetpiopij: basically means keeping track of multiple versions of files, typically source code05:16
autumn__The Ubuntu screen comes up in what looks like 640x480, then when Gnome should come up I get colored garbage on a mostly black screen.05:16
opijnode357: maybe because you don't state the problem05:16
autumn__I have to use virtual consoles to get to a command prompt05:16
autumn__Right now I'm using my Live CD to get here.05:16
gopshello world05:16
node357okay what? i just did, twice05:17
guest2node357: ask in a forum for more eyes05:17
node357openarena, single player, no opponents05:17
gopshaving some problem with hydra software05:17
Uboyautumn__ ok, what dist. u using?05:17
IdleOnenode357: how is that an Ubuntu problem?05:17
node357the ubuntu forum has questions about similar things that are over 2 years old never replied to05:18
opijsweetpi: could you help me with this? http://pastebin.org/38238005:18
h00k!patience | node35705:18
ubottunode357: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.05:18
node357i dont know IdleOne it was in the software center05:18
paulmerfuck, I clicked on the network manager applet and clicked on remove, now after I start it the icon for it won't appear05:18
paulmerhow do I revert that?05:18
h00k!language | paulmer05:18
ubottupaulmer: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:18
abuayyoubok, I have a fraily strange question. How can I switch the buttons on chrome to the left. gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string close,maximize,minimize: works for all other programs except chrome.05:18
paulmerIf I do np-applet --help nothing happens05:18
IdleOnenode357: but the fact there are no opponents?05:18
sweetpinode357: check out: http://alternativeto.net/05:18
paulmerthere isn't a man page for it05:18
IdleOne!language | paulmer05:18
paulmerh00k, that helps a lot.05:18
abuayyoubnevermind im an idior05:18
paulmerthanks IdleOne!05:19
node357IdleOne, there are supposed to be, something is wrong with the ubuntu version of this game05:19
paulmerVery constructive.05:19
EdiblePlastique_abuayyoub, download Chromium. It's a newer build and the buttons are already on the left.05:19
IdleOnenode357: ahh05:19
paulmerhow wonderful for you to ignore my question, the whole point in the existence of this channel05:19
paulmerand instead whine about some dumb rule05:19
abuayyoubEdiblePlastique_: cool thanks alot05:19
rollmanFrom the cache file /etc/ld.so.cache which contains a compiled list of candidate libraries previously found in the augmented library path. If, however, the binary was linked with -z nodeflib linker option, libraries in the default library paths are skipped.  does this option exist in the command ld i can't find any example or use with ld --help?05:19
Uboyautumn__: Boot up with your installed ubuntu, go to synaptic package manager or application > Ubuntu software center, search Nvidia, select any drivers and apps and remove one by one, The follow System > Administration > Hardware Driver and Install NVIDIA Driver Found by Ubuntu, ok?05:19
abuayyoubEdiblePlastique_: I will do that.05:19
EdiblePlastique_abuayyoub, no problem.05:19
opijcould anyone please help me with this? http://pastebin.org/38238005:19
h00k!guidelines > paulmer, Please review these.05:20
node357its getting very very hard not get angry and spiteful lol05:20
autumn__Uboy: I can't get a GUI started.05:20
paulmerYou guys blow.05:20
guest2tsk tsk tsk05:20
sweetpiopij: did you try "apt-get -f install" like the error suggested?05:20
guest2he took so many words out of the naughty basket..05:20
ubuntuhi all05:20
Uboyautumn__: GUI does't come Up, or come up with low resulation?05:20
opijsweetpi: sure did.05:20
node357he's right though, getting any real help is like pulling teeth05:21
autumn__Uboy: It comes up with colored garbage on a mostly black screen... it's completely unusable...05:21
opij!attitude | node35705:21
ubottunode357: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:21
konzuelohello guys ;)... bye-bye05:22
node357great answer opij, asking me to be understanding when you can't... and not even speaking to me directly05:22
sweetpiopij: maybe try aptitude and look for broken packages05:22
node357it's eben about 12 hours of trynig to get linux to work straight05:23
node357i give up05:23
opijsweetpi: i already did that05:23
ubuntuI just copied an install of ubuntu between two drives, and I managed to get grub installed. The boot seems to mostly work, the new drive gets mounted in the right place, but the login gui never comes up. I can ctrl-alt-f1 to a new console and log in as a user, but I cannot sudo - the error says that I am unable to read the sudoers file. I suspect that the same issue is stopping X from starting to05:23
Uboyautumn__: If u can use that bad GUI for removing nvidia, do it, but if not, I havn't any Idea, sorry and I don't think u can remove any drivers and apps, in Live CD session05:24
ubuntuhas anyone got any ideas?05:24
LJRuffHappy 4th of July to all!!05:24
opijUboy: autum's gone05:24
rollmanhow do i link with -z nodeflib when it's not listed ld --help05:24
Uboyopij: ok, thanks05:24
cwheelerhow did you copy it ubuntu? are all the permissions correct?05:24
cwheelerand file owners05:24
UboyLJRuff: Hi dude05:24
sweetpiopij: maybe a repo problem, you might have better answers from someone else here as im not familiar with the state of ubuntu repos(i dont use ubuntu)05:24
LJRuff!hi | Uboy05:25
ubottuUboy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:25
opijthanks sweetpi anyway.:) this is starting to get aggravating. can anyone help me with this? http://pastebin.org/38238005:26
UboyI Wanna to enable my fingerprint!05:26
ubuntucwheeler, I copied with "cp -ax /mnt/oldroot /mnt/newroot". The persmissions are 044005:26
UboyI can't Enable my fingerprint (Dell Vostro 1520 > UPEK)05:27
UboyI can't Enable my fingerprint (Dell Vostro 1520 > UPEK), can some bodu help me plz?05:27
jamescarrwhat is the name of the growl like app that displays notifications in the top right corner in gnome in ubuntu???05:27
cwheelerubuntu I've copied systems successfully with cp -ax so that's probably not the problem05:28
jamescarrnotifyosd: command not found05:28
sweetpiUboy: did you try: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThinkFinger ?05:29
guest2jamescarr: what does the app do..05:29
ShohsCan i install Java in Ubuntu ?05:29
ubuntucwheeler, okay, Its just a bit suspicious that when I log in as a user and go "sudo ls" it says that I am unable to read the sudoers file. I am running ubuntu live desktop, maybe the probelm could be ownership?05:29
Uboysweetpi: yes, ThinkFinger, f_print demo, libpam and....does'y work for me05:29
jamescarrdisplays the notifications in the top right corner? like when networks are detected05:29
jamescarrGuest2: dont give wrong advice05:30
cwheelerubuntu yes that could be the problem05:30
guest2what? i'm using it..05:30
jamescarrShohs, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-sdk05:30
sweetpiUboy: maybe someone would be able to help if you gave the exactly model of the fingerprint reader05:30
jamescarroh wait... it changed didn't it?05:30
cwheelerubuntu:  -r--r-----   1 root root       557 2010-01-17 13:35 sudoers05:30
cwheelerread only permission might be important for security05:31
ubuntucwheeler, -r--r----- 1 root root 609 2010-05-17 11:36 sudoers05:31
opijcan someone please help me? i installed XBMC but now it won't uninstall, neither will it upgrade :(05:31
ubuntucwheeler, hmmm looks fine to me05:31
guest2After running the java bin extractor, run "sudo ln -s /path/to/jre/bin/java /usr/bin/java" .. then usr "java -jar app.jar"05:31
clammittqoq that a lot of steps guest205:32
opijI want xbmc off my system05:32
gryllidaHow is 'aptitude' different from 'apt-get'?05:32
Uboysweetpi: yes, the model is (UPEK TCEDA3CA000) and i try toask in many forum and rooms, and here, but no can help me05:32
cwheelerI have not copied a system for a long time so I may have forgotten something or there may be new issues05:32
clammitthey whatever happened to that ubuntu podcast? nobodys doing one05:32
guest2clammitt: since when is java known for tight os integration? :P05:33
gryllidaclammitt: sounds like time for you to make one?05:33
clammittguest2:  i am under the impression thats the distribution's job not javas05:33
clammittgryllida: not me i dont use ubuntu05:33
clammitti would know what to talk BOUT05:34
* guest2 wonders why the package maintainers are afraid to touch the sun/oracle jvm...05:34
jamescarrdoh... what is the default growl like app that comes with ubuntu 10???05:34
Uboysweetpi: so what can I do?05:34
gryllidagrowl like?05:34
gryllidawhat is its function?05:34
clammittguest2 i thought ubunbtu had a sun java package already05:34
sweetpiUboy: (warning: i know nothing about fingerprint readers) what errors do you get with the instructions from thinkfinger?05:34
jamescarryeah... growl on mac05:34
guest2clammitt: but that's openjdk?05:34
jamescarrthe thing that displays notifications in the top right corner05:34
gryllida!info sun-java6-sdk05:34
ubottuPackage sun-java6-sdk does not exist in lucid05:34
clammittguest sun-jre?05:35
gryllida!info java05:35
ubottuPackage java does not exist in lucid05:35
cwheelerhow do I get ubuntu kernel source packages?05:35
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.05:35
Uboysweetpi: usb device not found05:35
winston84hi all! what do you think is the best console font?05:35
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages05:35
bazhangguest2, enable the partner repo05:35
gryllida winston84: Monospace?05:35
guest2bazhang: it's okay.. I downloaded the extractor from the java website then created a symbolic link to it under /usr/bin/java ..05:36
winston84dunno :)05:36
sweetpiUboy: after what part of the instructions(i.e. what command did you run?) maybe you could pastebin your exact steps05:36
clammitti just wanna keep up on latest big changes to ubuntu where would i go for that? not small things like replacing aptitude with apt-get etc.. im a little saddened that one podcast seems to have disappeared :(05:36
Uboysweetpi: but in "lsusb" command output I can see the name UPEK in first line http://pastebin.com/JuNZJWFS05:36
guest2clammitt: create.. don't consume05:37
clammittguest2: and that means what?05:37
bazhangclammitt, check the development roadmap? read the new ubuntu manual, you can subscribe to the main developers podcasts as well05:38
Uboysweetpi: after this command: sudo tf-tool --acquire05:38
bazhang!manual | clammitt05:38
ubottuclammitt: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:38
gryllidaHow do I update Abobe Flash player? Do I need to add a repo to Software Center for that?05:38
bazhangclammitt, the mailing lists are also a good source of info05:38
rcsheets'ip addr' shows my eth0 interface as "<BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UNKNOWN qlen 1000" ... what does "state UNKNOWN" mean? ... that seems bad.05:38
=== malcolmci is now known as malcolmci_
iflemaclammitt https://lists.ubuntu.com/05:39
=== shubbar_ is now known as shubbar
ShohsHow do i unset admin password in Ubuntu ?05:39
=== malcolmci_ is now known as malcolmci__
clammittbazhang: hm didnt know the devs had one.. i google around but these dont turn up.. i guess ill try to find that unless you have a link on hand05:39
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:39
gryllidaShohs ^05:39
=== malcolmci__ is now known as malcolmci
bazhangclammitt, let me check , hang on a second05:39
sweetpiUboy: what is the exact error after "tf-tool --aquire"?05:39
=== rollman is now known as shadowman
guest2damn.. java really does suck, a simple gui app consumes 78mb.. whereas the identical Qt port consumes 7-8mb05:40
gryllidaShohs: you can reset your own user password in system > preferences > about me > change password button at right top.05:40
guest2oops, off-topic05:40
=== h is now known as Guest83228
clammittiflema: thanks.. though my experience with lists is that they get cluttered quite fast.. i will look at all of those though05:40
gryllidaShohs: if you are in sudoers ("admin") group, then whenever you install something, you're prompted for password.05:40
ShohsWell, I will try to use sudo and it asks me pass if i try to enter pass it wont show anything.05:41
gryllidaShons: so that if a virus is trying (which is rare on linux) to run / put itself into a system dir, you will get a prompt, "enter password for app so-and-so", which can be bypassed only by you entering the password which you wouldn't do until you know the app.05:41
iflemaclammitt rss feed   http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/feed05:42
gryllidaShons; to run apps as root, use sudo, or gksu, if the're graphical05:42
guest2what's stopping an app from immitating gksudo?05:42
clammittiflema: excellent thanks05:42
guest2oh, the background dims.. i guess user-mode apps can't do that05:43
Guest83228cwheeler: its me "ubuntu", but on a different puter. I gave my root user a password using a live cd, then booted my broken install. Looks like "/" is not owned by root, its owned by a user! Opps.05:44
ShohsAww, I want to put pass in Sudo but its not working.05:44
abinare you ready05:44
cwheelerthat will be a problem ubuntu05:45
Guest83228cwheeler: now a "ls -ld /" gives me "drwx------ 26 root root 2010-07-04 14:36 /" -05:45
bazhanghttp://fullcirclemagazine.org/ clammitt there are links here to latest podcasts05:45
gryllidaUpdated kernel to something-23, now am getting GRUB error "unknown controller version (2)" on every boot. It boots  normally, works, but is there anything I should do about it?05:46
gryllidaSince Grub just picks an OS to load, and its picked properly, should I worry, or what should I do?05:46
clammittbazhang: great05:47
bazhanggryllida, everything works? just that error message?05:47
clammittbazhang:  that one looks like it might be exactly what im looking for05:48
* Tw|sT is loading out his 2nd Ubuntu workstation of the day.05:50
cbillHey, i have a small issue: i just installed 64bit ubuntu to my second drive(other drive was unplugged at the time), other drive is running 9.10 and im unable to mount it, disk utility and gparted do see it, but its not in "places" or /mount05:50
Tw|sTI can't get over the quality of the 10.04-LTS release.  I've had nothing but perfect results out of it so far.  Mad props to the Ubuntu Dev team on this excellent release!05:51
Guest83228okay so shoudl root "/" be shoud be rwxr-xr-x?05:51
rcsheetsGuest83228: Yes, drwxr-xr-x05:53
rcsheetsGuest83228: owner=root, group=root05:53
Guest83228rcsheets: exceleent, it started working after I did that.05:54
rcsheetsGuest83228: yeah, i'd imagine wrong permissions on / would be a pretty bad thing05:55
cbillCan someone help me mount my 2nd harddisk, i dont see it anywhere :(05:55
gryllida< bazhang> gryllida, everything works? just that error message? // right05:56
linzemorning all05:56
gryllidabazhang, should I do anything about it?05:56
bazhanggryllida, have everything backed up, just in case?05:56
gryllidabazhang: I do make backups somewhat regularly, but what this error could mean? Prior to the update, it was 'unknown control char (32)', and I ignored it, after the kernel update, it changed.05:57
winston84cbill: does "sudo fdisk -l" list your drive? look for the device file and mount it manually05:58
shadowmanok the ELF tables are defined in the ld-linux.so.2 right?05:59
cbillwinston84: yes it there; so mount /dev/sda1?05:59
DanDareHello. Where to change wich window manager Ubuntu loads from 'startx' ?05:59
ImaLamercbill, that would be it06:00
cbillimalamer: getting an error: mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /06:01
cbillmount failed06:01
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1471138 gryllida this may shed some light06:01
ImaLamercbill, just run "mount" does it show there (in the list)?06:01
bazhanggryllida, the second error seems to relate to the control characters, nothing awful from what I can tell06:01
ImaLamercbill, if the list is long run "mount | grep sdb1"06:02
gryllidabazhang, can you tell a couple of words about what a control character is?06:02
cbillimalamer: yup its there06:02
cbillimalamer: /dev/sdb1 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)06:02
ImaLamercbill, could it be we are looking at the wrong device (sdb*)06:02
cbillimalamer, lol im an idiot sec06:03
ImaLamercbill, maybe something graphical such as gparted would help06:03
bazhanggryllida, not without pasting from wikipedia about it.06:03
cbillimalamer, i can see it in gparted but fails to mount06:03
ImaLamercbill, i have a 3 second memory so i often use gparted to actually 'look at' it06:04
cbilldidnt get anything from mount | grep sda106:04
ImaLamercbill, because it sounds like you are trying to mount the entire system again...06:04
cbillimalamer: ya i screwed up before, its sda1 im trying to mount, it is detected in gparted06:05
ImaLamercbill, so you see it in gparted, but can't mount it to /media/some_folder_you_want_to_mount_to06:05
ImaLamercbill, hrrrm06:06
cbillimalamer, ya i see it in gparted but not mount06:06
cbillimalamer: do i need to create a mount point perhaps?06:07
ImaLamercbill, yes, start with a "sudo mkdir /mount/name_of_your_choice06:07
ImaLamercbill, errr ....     /media/name06:07
cbillimalamer: ok done06:08
ImaLamercbill, then try your mount /dev/sda1 /media/folder_name06:08
cbillimalamer, thanks, all good now :)06:09
ImaLamercbill, sweet!06:09
ImaLamerbecause i need to go :)06:09
cbillimalamer, good timing haha06:09
elisa87E: package dpkg-dev has no installation candidate   .... do you know why this error happens?06:09
ImaLamer+1 dkp for me06:09
sweetpicbill: that wont be mounted when you reboot06:10
cbillimalamer, indeed, im off to wow now lol06:10
cbillsweetpi, np just need to move some data around06:10
ImaLamercbill, haha me too06:10
chalcedonyhow long is it supposed to take, showing the Hardware Monitor, before it boots or goes into the bios?06:10
sweetpicbill: ok, just making sure you knew06:11
cbillsweetpi, will it show up in places though?06:11
ross__cbill what is wow now06:11
ImaLamerWorld of Warcraft06:11
cbillross_ world ^^06:11
ross__wow now!06:11
ross__sounds so cool06:11
elisa87E: package dpkg-dev has no installation candidate   .... do you know why this error happens?06:12
ImaLamerit's not a game, it's life06:12
sweetpicbill: i cant remember, i think anything in /media shows up(i dont really use the gui)06:12
cbillimalamer, pretty much haha06:12
* ImaLamer feels a strong bond with cbill06:12
cbillsweetpi, ok, no biggie either way, i likey the terminal06:12
DanDarecool xfce4 ubuntu look06:12
ross_i have a question, I am logged onto this channel using two computers, and somehow I still have the same user name a06:12
ross_how does that work?06:13
ImaLamerone has not died yet?06:13
sweetpibecause one is ross_ and the other is ross__ (note the 2 underscores)06:13
ImaLameroh you have two _06:13
ross__oh i see06:14
ross__thank you - and I was getting confused06:14
ListeHow do I determine my IP?06:18
winston84curl -s ip.appspot.com06:18
rocket16Is it true that PC-BSD runs faster than Ubuntu? I found the requirements (even with KDE system) on PC-BSD to be much lesser. (I simply can't tolerate how that Ubuntu is defeated by PC-BSD).06:19
ListeCan you run xChat on Tor?06:19
rocket16Liste: Go to http://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CB4QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.whatismyip.com%2F&ei=yRkwTJL1B8mkcfnt7aQD&usg=AFQjCNGY_VKpSTObxuE1bTe9aqWoRtjHGw to see your IP06:19
Pirate_HunterListe, use ifconfig it might be something like 192.168.*.*06:19
KB1JWQrocket16: Some things about BSD trump aspects of Linux.06:19
rocket16Liste: Well, I don't know about XChat, but Pidgin does. And with XChat Like Chat plugin, Pidgin behaves like XChat06:20
max__its some code in terminal its something with nautilus to axess to filsystem06:20
max__its some code in terminal its something with nautilus to axess to filsystem06:20
cbillpirate_hunter that would be internal ip though06:20
max__its some code in terminal its something with nautilus to axess to filsystem06:20
rocket16KB1JWQ: Well, but isn't there any sphere in which Ubuntu beats PC-BSD?06:20
Pirate_Huntercbill, they dindt ask which ip they wanted and I assumed that is what they wanted06:20
KB1JWQrocket16: Sure, some.  Not all.06:20
cbillpirate_hunter true enough, just pointing it out06:20
ListeKB1JWQ.....are you a Ham operator?06:20
ListeMan...if I were you I'd change my nick......06:21
ListeYour call sign is public record06:21
Dr_WillisMy call sign information is 15+ yrs out of date :)06:21
KB1JWQListe: Good heavens. :-)06:22
Pirate_Huntercbill, no worries I know06:22
ProdegoI think I commented on that I while ago, and it didn't matter for some reason or another, am I remembering that right KB1JWQ06:22
KB1JWQProdego: You are. :-)06:22
verbrecherPirate_Hunter, I am a Pirate06:23
KB1JWQThe rest of the info's a bit out of date. :-)06:23
ListeWell, 73 anyway06:24
rocket16KB1JWQ: Thank you, :) So, can you please point me to a website or something like that, in which it is specified that in which spheres Ubuntu beats PC-BSD? :)06:24
verbrecherjust look at the default compilation of the Linux Kernel for x86 processors06:24
verbrecherthey compile it for too many CPUs06:25
KB1JWQrocket16: It'll depend on your application.  The BSD kernel handles some things far better than the linux kernel.  NFS, I'm looking at you.06:25
rocket16verbrecher: I am Captain Jack Sparrow, :D06:25
rocket16KB1JWQ: My sincere thanks, friend, :)06:25
amaryamscan somebody help with problem that I have with mount CD/DVD device Ubuntu 10.04?06:25
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:26
amaryamsGet message in dmesg:"[    1.952404] ata4.00: ATAPI: _NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A, 1.04, max UDMA/3306:26
amaryams[    1.968254] ata4.00: model number mismatch '_NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A' != '_NEC DVD_RW OD-3521A'06:26
amaryams[    1.968258] ata4.00: revalidation failed (errno=-19)06:26
FloodBot1amaryams: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:26
Jordan_Urocket16: phoronix.com does a lot of benchmarks comparing various operating systems / distributions.06:26
rocket16Jordan_U: Thank you, :) I'll have a look soon,06:27
Jordan_Urocket16: You're welcome.06:27
SoulDemoni'm new here, how is eveyone?06:29
elisa87do you have the same problem? E: package dpkg-dev has no installation candidate   .06:29
Mqueuegood good mate how r u ?06:30
elisa87E: package flex has no installation candidate ... whatever I try to install using sudo apt-get has the same problem. does anyone know what to do?06:31
SoulDemongood, just started using linux here in the last week. Still learning...figure i could find some help here06:31
KB1JWQSoulDemon: What're you stuck on? :-)06:31
rocket16SoulDemon: Hello and welcome to Ubuntu IRC, :) Hope you'll enjoy here. And thanks for joining, friend, :)06:31
Pirate_Hunterelisa87, are you saying that apt-get doesn't let you install any packages?06:32
SoulDemonwell not doing to bad so far, i got aircrack and all that good stuff to work. Just trying to figure out my ip address.06:32
verbrecherWasnt it possible to dump the kernel configuration from proc or sys?06:32
Mqueuedon't worry bro i had it 3 weeks ago still learning :)06:32
SoulDemonlol, yeah i'm a windows person...:)06:32
MqueueSoulDemon >> ip addr06:32
SoulDemonit had to be something simple06:33
SoulDemonlol ty06:33
elisa87pirate_hunter it asks me for the password but it say it has no installation candidate06:33
KB1JWQSoulDemon: ifconfig from the CLI should tell it to you.06:33
Dr_Williselisa87:  do a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade' and try 'sudo apt-get install flex' again.06:33
Mqueueif u're i gnome u can check on the top of the wireless conection right click and connection info06:34
amyletoi'm just afer some basic advice here--What program do yall prefer for DVD playback?06:34
ZykoticK9Mqueue, thanks man!  I've never seen that "ip addr" before - very cool.06:34
elisa87dr_willis is this problem according to the new version of ubuntu 10.04?06:34
Dr_Williselisa87:  i just installed flex fine here.06:34
elisa87as I didn't have this problem in ubuntu 9.1006:34
elisa87let me check06:34
amyletoI've been using Totem for a while, but I'm looking to try something different.06:34
Dr_Williselisa87: when in doubt.. Update, upgrade, try again06:34
KB1JWQMqueue: Same here.  That's neat!06:34
Mqueuemy network card is not support so couldn't play with aircrack :D06:35
Mqueuefade_> hello06:35
fade_I was reading the FAQ for putting GRUB2 back on the MBR06:35
Dr_Willisamyleto:  smplayer, vlc, gnome-mplayer,06:35
fade_is there anyway I could put it back the inputs I get are completly different06:36
SoulDemonone else is running bt4?06:36
MqueueSoulDemon>> only adobe flash player is slow on linux else is all the same06:36
Jordan_Ufade_: What inputs?06:36
SoulDemonwell i still running off a live cd atm06:37
Jordan_U!backtrack | SoulDemon06:37
ubottuSoulDemon: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)06:37
fade_I managed to boot into ubuntu with supergurb06:37
MqueueSoulDemon>> lol scared to jump ships lol06:37
fade_and I have a /boot partition06:37
fade_so when I did mount | tail -106:37
SoulDemonyeah, i will have to work on this for a month or two06:37
fade_I got this gvfs-fuse-daemon on /home/fade/.gvfs type fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=fade)06:38
SoulDemoni havnt had the internet since i moved into my apt. Thats what got me here06:38
rocket16SoulDemon: See http://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBcQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.whylinuxisbetter.net%2F&ei=YR4wTIHLE8ircYPIxZ4D&usg=AFQjCNFkFPz1XP0lhJuU2ncyA4Czb0BxYw (This shows Linux > Windows)06:39
MqueueSoulDemon>> aha...so aircrack helped06:39
emiliohola some latino people06:39
seantyfade_, so are you not seeing /boot when you do a "mount" command?06:39
Jordan_Ufade_: Why are you using tail -1? Could you please explain what problem you are having specifically, and on one line so that it's easy to follow?06:39
SoulDemonyup, it took me almost a week to get everything worked out. but as you can see i got it working :)06:39
fade_I already mounted the /boot partition06:39
MqueueSoulDemon>> hahaha..nice06:40
fade_but I don't know where to go from there06:40
MqueueSoulDemon>> it's a bit frustrating initially then u get use to it..lol06:40
opengyanfacing problem in apt get a pkg ....error is ...Failed to fetch ..... Size mismatch06:40
SoulDemonnow i trying to figure out what all this other "security" stuff does06:40
seantyfade_, can you please rephrase your question.  Are you not able to boot?06:41
MqueueSoulDemon>> well there are quite a few tools like wireshark, nmap06:41
Jordan_Ufade_: If you want to re-install grub to /dev/sda then run "sudo grub-install /dev/sda". Do *not* try to install to a partition like /dev/sda1.06:41
SoulDemonyeah i got wireshark running now, that why i was trying to figure out my ip so i can see my noise06:41
timClicksi have an amd-64, but would like to create a VM via VirtualBox. should I use the i686 or amd64 isos?06:41
Jordan_Ufade_: If you don't know what drive to install grub to then just run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc -pcritical" and grub will be re-installed to the drive that it was installed to initially.06:41
SoulDemonwhat i really want to do next is setup my wireless router as a AP06:42
opengyanshould i clean cache ?06:42
Dr_WillistimClicks:  to be honest with  You. I think ive used both..  Ive never really even thought about that. and i am on a 64bit box and use vmware all the time.06:42
MqueueSoulDemon>> tor is nice with privoxy to hide your ip..something to play with06:42
emilioalgun latino por aqui06:43
Dr_WillistimClicks:  vbox may have a setting where it can do either.06:43
SoulDemonwhats the name?06:43
MqueueSoulDemon>> not sure about that...i install dd-wrt on my linksys router06:43
brotardwell, im here to help anybody06:43
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:43
KB1JWQ!es | emilio06:43
ubottuemilio: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:43
brotardfor soem reason, im in a mood to help people today06:43
brotardso ask up06:43
timClicksDr_Willis: thanks06:43
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications06:43
MqueueSoulDemon>> tor & privoxy06:43
fade_sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc -pcritical06:44
rabbit1how to convert .vob to mpeg in hardy searched lot of sites, but no result.06:44
Jordan_Ufade_: You're welcome.06:44
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  ffmpeg, mencoder, or guis to those 2 tools should be able to do it.06:44
Dr_WillisI thought a .vob was some mpeg variant to begin with.06:44
fade_I'll reboot and see if it stuck06:45
brotardrabbit1, try hardbrake06:45
rabbit1brotard: try ?06:45
SoulDemondont know if i can run privoxy while on live cd??06:45
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  ffmpeg, mencoder, winff,  avideumux, (all in repos)  handbrake (not in the repos, last i checked but may have a PPA)06:46
Dr_WillisSoulDemon:  would have to install it. and it would install to a ram disk. so that may be an issue06:46
emiliosome of you know emulator for linux06:46
rabbit1Dr_Willis: ffmpeg i am getting corrupt error06:46
SoulDemonyeah running out of RAM06:46
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  when in doubt check ffmpeg docs/homepage. Its a complex tool.  Or try a front end. mencoder is also handy to use.06:46
rabbit1brotard: hardbrake is not an option for 8.04 i guess06:46
brotardwhy not rabbit1?06:47
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  8.04  is a little old.. you may want to update. the video tools have all had lots of updates since 8.0406:47
rabbit1Dr_Willis: what about avio converter06:47
MqueueSoulDemon>> whenever u want i guess06:47
rabbit1Dr_Willis: i am working on a project, i don't want to mess around atleast for a month06:47
brotardhmm the handbrake ppl dont seem to have tarballs06:48
rabbit1Dr_Willis: surely, i need an update, should be able to do at the earliest,06:48
Dr_Willisffmpeg -i snatch_1.vob -f avi -vcodec mpeg4 -b 800k -g 300 -bf 2 -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128k snatch.avi06:48
rabbit1brotard: http://handbrake.fr/downloads.php (no download for 8.04)06:48
Dr_Willisthat works for DECRYPTED vobs - example fry the ffmpeg docs -> http://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-doc.html06:48
brotardlol why u usin 8.0406:48
brotardand use the thign dr willis said06:49
emilioanyone know free phone call06:49
Dr_Willisconverting VOB -> avi - via Mencoder (from forum post)06:49
Dr_Willismencoder dvd://1 -dvd-device [dvd device] -ovc xvid -xvidencopts bitrate=2000:chroma_opt:vhq=4:bvhq=1:quant_type=mp eg -vf pp=de,crop=[W]:[H]:[H]:[V],scale=[W]:-2 -alang en -oac mp3lame -lameopts vbr=3 -o [movie.avi]06:50
KB1JWQ!voip | emilio06:50
ubottuemilio: VoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.06:50
rabbit1Dr_Willis: will check out, in ffmpeg i ran "ffmpeg -i VTS_01_0.VOB -target vcd /Desktop/file.mpg" and got result saying "VTS_01_0.VOB: I/O error occured06:50
rabbit1Usually that means that input file is truncated and/or corrupted."06:50
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  got that from --> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-206273.html06:50
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  handbreak is VERY good at converting/ripping DVD -> videos.  if you have the whole disk archived somewhere.06:51
VonGuardmy friend updated to the most recent version on his Aspire One, but the network selection menu and the battery monitor in his task bar have vanished06:51
VonGuardhow do i add those?06:51
VonGuardwhere are they?06:51
Wildweasalmencoder dvd://3 -vf crop=704:464:8:6,scale=704:304 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts bvhq=1:chroma_opt:quant_type=mpeg:bitrate=800:pass=1 -oac copy -sid 0 -o /dev/null && mencoder dvd://3 -vf crop=704:464:8:6,scale=704:304 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts bvhq=1:chroma_opt:quant_type=mpeg:bitrate=800:pass=2 -oac mp3lame -lameopts vbr=2:q=3 -sid 0 -o Output.Name.avi06:52
Dr_WillisVonGuard:  perhaps reset teh gnome panels back to defaults.06:52
Dr_Willis!resetpanel | VonGuard06:52
ubottuVonGuard: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:52
Wildweasalbefore you do this you must try mplayer dvd://1, mplayer dvd://2, etc06:52
Wildweasalto make sure you get the right track06:52
Wildweasalalso when you are finding the right track, use the options:  -identify -vf cropdetect06:53
rocket16Does setting mode in Pidgin have any effect? I mean can the other people view that? And if yes, do they also need to use Pidgin?06:53
Wildweasal-identify will tell you if you have any available subtitles (i hardcoded the subs in the example with "-sid 0")06:53
VonGuardthank you ubottu06:53
VonGuardthank you dr_willis06:53
Wildweasal-vf cropdetect will tell you what your crop should be06:54
emilioalgun latino06:56
Jordan_U!es | emilio06:57
ubottuemilio: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:57
JohnFluxHi all06:59
JohnFluxIf I do "apt-get install anything"  it says it wants to remove half my system06:59
JohnFluxsudo aptitude install build-essential07:00
JohnFlux0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 83 to remove and 8 not upgraded.07:00
JohnFluxwhy is it going crazy? :)07:00
JohnFluxactually even just typing: sudo aptitude install07:00
JohnFluxmakes it do that07:00
RJamesQuestion: Does anyone know if ubuntu 10.04 has a default user/password?  I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a USB flash drive and loaded it up.. and I'm at a login screen but don't know how to login.  I was not prompted for user/pass creation during install process.07:01
Petskulltry putting nothing for a password07:01
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:01
RJamesI tired nothing for user/password and it didn't work.07:02
PetskullI think the install *does* ask you for a user and pass07:02
RJameshmm.  I followed the steps located here http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download and was never prompted for a user/password07:04
Dr_WillisRJames:  The only timve ive seen the live cd ask for a user/pass is when its goofed up. :) try 'ubuntu' with a blank password07:04
greezmunkeyRJames: try username ubuntu pword == blank07:04
greezmunkeyHello Dr_Willis07:05
Dr_WillisRJames:  how did you 'install' it to the usb?07:05
Petskulloh, I dunno about netbooks07:05
rabbit1Dr_Willis: u here?07:05
=== [1]wakkarto is now known as wakkarto
Petskulltry root/root?07:05
RJamesI followed step 2 on the URL I linked..  which was to download the iso, and then use the universal usb installer07:06
rabbit1Dr_Willis: ffmpeg: I/O error -> just renamed my file to video.vob, then ran the same command, and it works :)07:06
rabbit1Dr_Willis: thanks for the help07:07
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  weird.07:07
rabbit1Dr_Willis: yeap07:07
RJamesroot/root didn't work07:08
RJamesubuntu/blank didn't work07:08
rabbit1Dr_Willis: may be it din't like the file name with lot of underscores in it ;)07:08
RJamesI guess I can try an older iso07:08
Dr_WillisRJames:  when we said 'blank' you do realuize we mean no password right? not 'blank' but ''   :)07:09
Petskullhey- it that the live CD?07:09
Dr_WillisRJames:  if you can get to the console you colud also try setting a password. 'sudo passwd ubuntu'07:09
rabbit1Dr_Willis: this helped me http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79312007:09
Dr_WillisRJames:  only time ive seen it asked for a password from live cd - is when X crashes or somthign weird happends07:09
hndok so this is a strange problem, i removed the nm-applet icon from the top panel in karmic by mistake, now i cant get it back07:10
RJamesya.. I tried 'ubuntu'/''07:10
hndany help??07:10
undecimhnd: Look for the "indicator applet" in the add to toolbar dialog07:10
RJamesI guess I will try creating the usb image again.. without persistance07:12
RJamessince that is the one step I varied from the instructions07:12
Dr_WillisRJames:  that basically made a casper-rw file is all it did.07:12
Dr_WillisRJames:  what tool did you use? the ubuntu disk-creator tool?07:12
RJamesI'm not sure what casper-rw is07:12
Dr_WillisRJames:  that IS the persistant save file :)07:13
RJamesno it is called the universal usb installer (http://www.pendrivelinux.com/downloads/Universal-USB-Installer/Universal-USB-Installer.exe)07:13
Dr_Willisever want to move a setup from one pendrive to otehr.. your persistant home is in casper-rw . want to access it from a normal install. mount the casper-rw via the Loop option of mount..07:13
Alejandro89Hi !! I need some help. Please!07:13
Dr_WillisRJames:  you may want to try unetbootin - it does the basics.07:14
undecim!ask | Alejandro8907:14
ubottuAlejandro89: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:14
Dr_WillisRJames:  it dont do persistant save however. last i checked. but thats easy to add.07:14
RJamesyou guys are way too smart07:14
abhi_navyes thats why we use ubuntu. :)07:14
maxwellianRJames: Hey, don't generalize like that.07:15
RJameshaha.. sorry07:15
maxwellianRJames: I'm barely smart enough, at best.07:15
RJamesis unetbootin available for windows?07:15
rabbit1abhi_nav: do u use ubuntu ?07:16
undecimRJames: Sure is07:16
RJamesthat's where I'm building my usb drive07:16
Alejandro89I dont know why, I was using Ubuntu and suddenly its log on (and gets "freeze"). I restarted the pc and it always gets "freeze" after the grub (when the ubuntu logo appears)07:16
abhi_navrabbit1, yes ofcourse, because I am smart. ;)07:16
* maxwellian checks to make sure he's in the #ubuntu channel, then scratches his head.07:16
hndok so this is a strange problem, i removed the nm-applet icon from the top panel in karmic by mistake, now i cant get it back07:17
hnd any help??07:17
maxwellianhnd: Did you try the suggestion from earlier?07:17
=== vivid` is now known as vivid
undecimhnd: Right click on the panel, click "Add to Panel" and add the "indicator apple"07:17
hndi had restart my comp so couldnt get wht you said07:18
RJamesok.. well I'll give this usb utility I have one more try.. and then it's unetbootin for me.   Too be honest.. my netbook with XP on it went south.. and after trying to get XP back on there with a USB install several times and failing.. I said screw this.  I'm putting something cool on there. Alas.. now I'm having ubuntu trouble.07:18
undecimhnd: Or it may "notification area"... I always confuse the two07:18
abhi_nav!cn > jackieyang07:18
ubottujackieyang, please see my private message07:18
Alejandro89Ubuntu doesnt logs in.07:18
canplaythegamedoes anyone know any mame rooms07:18
maxwellian!cn > maxwellian07:19
ubottumaxwellian, please see my private message07:19
Alejandro89Sorry, Ubuntu cant log in.07:19
canplaythegameyup mame07:19
hndundecim: thnx that worked "notificaion area"07:19
maxwellianMultiple Arcade Machine Emulator.  Or something.07:19
Dr_Williscanplaythegame:  theres dozens of mame webs sites. that may mention some irc channels. ive not noticed any on freenode07:20
Dr_Williscanplaythegame:  or try #mame07:20
maxwellianDr_Willis: Heh, I just created that channel... ;)07:20
canplaythegamewill look on website for channells07:20
Dr_Williscanplaythegame:  You having a spcific issue with mame? Its very well documented.07:20
Alejandro89what are the differences between the normal ubuntu start and the command "startx"? (I cant log in a "normal mode")07:21
canplaythegamenah just after info on roms not working with certain mame versions07:21
maxwelliancanplaythegame: Bleh...you're in the wrong part of town. :)07:21
maxwellianAlejandro89: What happens when you turn on the computer?  You don't get a login screen eventually?07:22
Dr_WillisAlejandro89:  really shouldent be any differances. startx can read/use some different config files .Xstartup or .xinitrc so it could start up a different desktop if you set it up that way07:22
maxwelliannOgAnOo: Turn off your caps lock.07:22
Dr_Willis!manual | nOgAnOo07:22
ubottunOgAnOo: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:22
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:23
codebrainzcan you guys keep it down, I'm trying to sleep over here07:25
toshiubaanyone have sucess in installing cheops-ng07:25
maxwelliancodebrainz: :)07:25
Petskullwho needs irc channels?07:25
Alejandro89maxwllian: The Ubuntu icon appears and doesnt log. But if a select in grub "Log Ubuntu in fail-test mode", I wrote in the terminal "startx" and then, Ubuntu (the graphic mode really) starts. (Sorry for my bad English)07:25
codebrainzPetskull, irc bots07:25
nOgAnOoso this is the largest channel on the galactic communications?07:26
Petskullum... yes?07:26
nOgAnOoI have a large OS collection.. never installed ubuntu media yet tho07:26
=== thoffmeyer is now known as thoffmeyer|AFK
codebrainznOgAnOo, no time like the present07:26
nOgAnOoI love you guys07:26
nOgAnOoUsually I am banned in t-2 minutes07:27
greenjon!hi | nOgAnOo07:27
ubottunOgAnOo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:27
Petskullcan't see why07:27
maxwellianAlejandro89: So if you just start up normally, the Ubuntu logo comes on, and it just sits there?  The login screen never comes up?07:27
RocketLaunchersup qb07:29
Alejandro89maxwellian: I have only one user and it logs automatically (when Ubuntu works fine). But now, it gets stuck in the Ubuntu loading screen.07:29
RJames_little connection mishap: I'll repeat my question since I may have missed any responses.  Isn't there a key-combo to exit the gui and bring up a console?07:30
RocketLauncherhey qb can I use Unetbootin on my second hard drive so i can boot Ubuntu livecd from it and install it on the same hard drive it's booting from07:30
maxwellianAlejandro89: What happened right before it stopped working?  Did you install something, uninstall something?07:30
RocketLauncherkthx qb07:30
Dr_WillisRJames_:  alt-ctrl-f1 through f6 will go to the console. but not close X.07:30
etrisnanto  hi...07:30
Dr_WillisRJames_:  alt-ctrl-F7 should go back to X.  simetimes its F8 or F907:30
etrisnantook understood,...tks07:31
Ego_Proctorif I want to run a BASH script on startup were should I call it from?07:32
Alejandro89maxwellian: I was installing the "xbmc Media Center" from the "Software Center" of Ubuntu.07:32
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  depends on what its doing.07:33
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  and what you mean by 'startup' - boot up? user log in time?07:33
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis I am having issues with my sound.  It starts muted, but the system thinks it is unmuted and on full.07:34
Ego_ProctorThis happens both at startup and log in07:34
RJames_ctrl-alt-f7 took me back....07:35
RJames_and I want to take this time to say thanks to all you question answer'ers07:35
RJames_i <3 you07:35
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis I am hoping that a script that calls alsa set Master mute and then alsa set Master 100% will fix it, but I need to take affect at start.07:35
codebrainzless than three!?07:35
RJames_that is one interpretaion.. yese07:36
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis, and at and change in session and login07:36
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  make a script in the users bin dir.  make it get launched by the system->perferances -> startup applications   and see.07:36
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  test it with just a script first perhaps.07:36
Dr_WillisIve notived that the volume mixer app sais mine is muted now. even tho its not. :) the icon is wrong.07:37
Alejandro89maxwellian: In one of the tries to enter Ubuntu, I could read the following message: "Fatal server error: no screens found"07:37
maxwellianAlejandro89: This is after trying 'startx'?07:37
toshiubatry the safemodle07:38
imanwhere is apache cgi-bin in ubuntu to run perl in web ?07:38
codebrainzDr_Willis, the whole sound system is wrong :)07:38
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  i rarely have any issues.07:39
codebrainziman, /usr/lib/cgi-bin, if that's what you mean07:39
codebrainzDr_Willis, you are lucky then :)07:39
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis, I am not running gnome by default, I am running openbox, so is there a way to test it in openbox  or should I just go back to gnome and test it there?07:40
imancodebrainz: yeah i think so07:40
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis, er I know there is a way to test it in openbox, but will it be easier to test it in gnome..?07:40
Alejandro89maxwellian: No, it was when I tried to enter in the "fails-test mode" and selected in the list "fails-test mode" (or similar) again. Then, I choose "Normal mode" in that list and it allows me to write in the terminal. I write "startx" and Ubuntu starts perfect.07:40
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  make a launcher/menu item that runs the script07:41
maxwellianAlejandro89: Okay, I've never had this issue, but my understanding is that you should not have to run 'startx' yourself.07:41
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  or use the terminal07:41
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis, someone in the #alsa channel told me to play with /etc/init.d/rc.local  is that advised?07:41
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  you can put the script/commands in there also. but thats system wide. and may or may not work07:42
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis, I have tested it to make sure it works, I just need it to do so at login...07:42
codebrainzmaxwellian, if you use a DM like gdm or kdm, otherwise you need to startx yourself07:42
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  the alsa service stuff should save/restore that.07:42
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  try it in rc.local and see.07:42
codebrainzEgo_Proctor, add it to your ~/.xinitrc file07:42
maxwelliancodebrainz: So you log in through the terminal, and then run startx, and that will get your desktop environment going?07:42
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis, ok, I just saw that it was a very sparce file and didn't want to F it up07:42
codebrainzmaxwellian, correct07:42
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  how are you launching openbox anyway? via startx? or gdm?07:42
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  rc.local does nothing by default. :)07:43
maxwelliancodebrainz: Neat.  I thought startx was only for the X Server, but I guess not.07:43
Dr_WillisEgo_Proctor:  it 'exits':) put commands befor the exit command07:43
codebrainzmaxwellian, it runs your .xinitrc and some other files that get the WM up and running07:43
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: I agree with you. I have installed Ubuntu normally (I think that gdm was installed).07:43
Dr_WillisI was thinking 'startx' now looks for .Xsession and somthing else  befor it looks for .xinitrc these days on ubuntu07:43
zusi can not seem to get the facebook chat going in empathy?07:43
maxwelliancodebrainz: Cool, thanks.  Good to know!07:44
Rp3wrong size case has stoped my build tonight, oh well to return and continue tomorrow....  :)07:44
Ego_ProctorDr_Willis, ok thanks...  ;)07:44
maxwellianAlejandro89: I'm Googling around a bit.  We will probably have to do some reconfiguring of gdm.07:45
Dr_WillisRp3:  screw the MB and parts to some plywood and wallmount it. :)07:45
maxwellianAlejandro89: Give me a minute to read a thread...07:45
Rp3Dr_Willis, that thought crossed my mind... I need to read more on SSD drives and mounting /home on other drives, etc... plus too many beers now.. :)07:46
Dr_WillisRp3:  drinking and07:46
Dr_WillisRp3:  drinking and 'hard driving' dont mix. :)07:46
maxwellianDr_Willis: Nice. :)07:46
Dr_WillisRp3:  aspare /home on its own HD is always handy.   /boot/ not so much these days07:47
Rp3Dr_Willis, no worries just building but this build came to a quick halt... :)07:47
Dr_WillisRp3:  theres also some new options comming out (or are out?) for Solide State Drives to gain some performacne07:47
Dr_WillisRp3:  but ive never used those  Yet.07:47
Rp3Dr_Willis, got a 32GID SSD for 50 bux so I thought I would give it a go on my GF's new machine... :)07:48
Dr_WillisRp3:  thats nice. :) i hope the prices on those things drop real real real fast.07:48
codebrainzi never wait for my harddrive :)07:48
mneptok /boot should always be a separate partition if you use LVM and/or disk crypto07:48
Rp3Dr_Willis, they are, FRYS rocks, not sure where you are, but they are great.. :)07:49
Dr_WillisRp3:  we got one nearby.  I just tend to need space more then i need speed.07:49
maxwellianAlejandro89: Are you on a different computer than the Ubuntu one with the login issue?07:50
Alejandro89maxwellian: No.07:50
Rp3Dr_Willis, 10-4, I Have same issue, Mom & Dad give me "OLD" machines all the time, so I have 10 or so on my network..  Got my mom converted to Ubuntu almost...07:50
Rp3trying to get my dad now, he is strugling wiht winblows.07:50
maxwellianAlejandro89: So how are you talking to us now?  You ran startx?07:52
greezmunkeyDr_Willis: I'm still having issues with ssd's only bein able to take a limited number of write operations before they are inoperable. If that gets solved you can say goodbye to spinning platters.07:52
Alejandro89maxwellian: Exactly, I ran startx.07:52
=== me is now known as Guest92948
abuayyoubHi, I have a question if someone can help me. I live in a non English speaking country so whenever I go to google, facebook etc, or recently when using Gwibber it dosen't load in English. I assume it's because of my IP, how can I change this so English is default all over my system?07:53
=== chalcedony is now known as chalcedny`
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
maxwellianAlejandro89: And I forget, did you say that before this problem started happening, you were using automatic login?  In other words, you weren't entering your password to log in?07:54
maxwellianabuayyoub: You'd have to use a proxy, I think.07:54
Ego_ProctorRp3, hey winblows adds a great deal to the US economy, without it here would be no great need for virus scanners, Geeks squad, armies of MS network admins, and who knows how many other jobs that have been created to prop up that great diseased whale of an operating system07:54
maxwellianabuayyoub: If they are switching on your IP.07:54
codebrainzAlejandro89, you can try to dpkg-reconfigure gdm, failing that you could try apt-get --reinstall --purge install gdm.  some things to try07:55
abuayyoubmaxwellian: well, the IP is of my host country, which is not english.So when I load Facebook in Gwibber for example its in another language.07:55
=== chalcedny` is now known as chalcedny
=== daniel_ is now known as blaze||
`Gumbyhi all.  Im trying to get my Alps touchpad working on my Sony Vaio.  I cant seem to figure out how to get it to work.  Read quite a few forums posts but most seem to be for other models.  Anyone have any suggestions?07:55
asianmaleabuayyoub: your fault for speaking a stupid language i guess07:55
codebrainzabuayyoub, i think you'll need to use a proxy server07:55
Alejandro89maxwellian: Yes. I didnt know anything like "startx" two hours ago. I have this problem and then, put the live cd and start searching in the internet. Now, I can start ubuntu but only with the "startx" command.07:55
asianmaleabuayyoub: non-english countries suck07:55
blaze||hello is it possible to have windows boot up by default on a dual boot with ubuntu and windows07:55
maxwellianabuayyoub: Exactly, so if you were using an http proxy located in the US, they would think you were there.07:55
abuayyoubasianmale:  lol07:56
quentinhi. I need help with xorg.conf. I chose to enable the nvidia driver and now it's not recognizing my monitor. Before I have been told to delete xorg.conf when this happens and it worked. This time I deleted it and now things are worse. Nothing loads.07:56
`Gumbyquentin: do you have console access?07:56
codebrainz`Gumby, my vaio has alps *i think* and it works ok.  not that that helps :)07:56
abuayyoubmaxwellian: I understand, but do i really need to go threw all that just to change my language settings?07:56
asianmaleabuayyoub: lol all you want fuck-pig. Im serious...deadly serious. (yes that's a threat of violence)07:56
maxwellianabuayyoub: They're not your language settings.07:56
`Gumbycodebrainz, yeah, lol.  there are issues with the newer models, specifically the F series07:57
toshiubayou can use a poxy07:57
maxwellianabuayyoub: Google's not asking you where you live, it's assuming, based on your IP.07:57
abuayyoubcan someone ban this askanmale troll please?07:57
quentin`Gumby: I had a blinking cursor, but I couldn't type anything. Right now I'm using the install disk live to talk in here.07:57
Alejandro89codebrainz, maxwellian: I tried "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm" and the output was (translated): /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: gdm is broken or it is not tottally installed07:58
Flannelasianmale: Stop, now.07:58
codebrainzabuayyoub, i think there's a way to flag the ops.  anyway, use something like TOR or a proxy server in another country07:58
maxwellianAlejandro89: Oh, good.  That's probably the issue then. :)07:58
abuayyoubasianmale is a troll can someone ban him please?07:58
codebrainzAlejandro89, do the second command i said07:58
codebrainzwhats the ubottu thing for ops07:58
`Gumbyquentin: ah, your best bet is to chroot then and run nvidia-xconfig07:58
abuayyoubcodebrainz: yea, I dont have a problem with proxys its jsut that I assumed it would be easier than having to do all that.07:59
abuayyoubthanks anyhow07:59
maxwellianabuayyoub: If you understand the cause, then you know it can't be easier than that. :)07:59
Alejandro89codebrainz: Sorry for the ignorance. The command is: "apt-get --reinstall --purge" and then "install gdm" or "apt-get --reinstall --purge install gdm"?07:59
codebrainzabuayyoub, i think that's the only way, because the sites will always see your remote address07:59
`Gumbyquentin: actually... you probably dont even need to chroot.. install the nvidia drivers via the livecd, run nvidia-xconfig and then copy the xorg.conf it creates to your root partition after mounting it07:59
swordfish_any one tell me what is TOR?07:59
toshiubawhere you see it?08:00
codebrainzAlejandro89, apt-get --reinstall --purge install gdm08:00
maxwellianAlejandro89: Don't worry, you're doing great. :)08:00
codebrainzAlejandro89, should totally remove and then reinstall gdm from scratch08:00
=== PHANTOM is now known as Guest60332
tsooiI believe TOR is a limited anonymizer of sorts, works inside TOR networks but not at the edge or outside it08:00
quentin`Gumby: Ok. I'm gonna try it.08:00
`Gumbyquentin: you know how to do all that?08:00
quentin`Gumby: I'm not so good with the command line. I might be able to just use synaptic to get the driver installed.08:02
`Gumbyquentin: yeah, thats the easy part ;)08:02
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: The output its very long, but It says that "xbmc-live" have errors !! It should be deleted from the "Software Center". Have to do a reboot?08:03
abhi_navswordfish_, http://www.torproject.org/08:03
`Gumbyyou're better off opening the "Hardware Drivers" though08:03
codebrainzAlejandro89, sudo reboot  (but I'd remove that package while you're in there)08:03
quentin`Gumby: which version of nvidia should I install. when things got messed up earlier I had installed nvidia-current.08:03
Alejandro89codebrainz: I dont understand "but I'd remove that package while you're in there". Can you re-write it in a different way?08:05
codebrainzquentin, i think there's a Jocket utility for text-mode 'jockey-text' probably08:05
maxwellianAlejandro89: 'sudo apt-get remove --purge xbmc-live'08:05
codebrainzAlejandro89, sure, apt-get remove --purge xbmc-live08:05
`Gumbyquentin: can you mount your root partition?08:05
maxwelliancodebrainz: Actually, do you think he should purge?08:05
codebrainzmaxwellian, sure, why not, if it doesn't work anyway :)08:06
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: Ok, done! Then, sudo reboot.08:06
quentincodebrainz: how would I use 'jocky-text'08:06
maxwelliancodebrainz: Well I'm just hoping something went wrong during the install.08:06
Zeu5hi there, how do i create a launcher such that when i click on it, it runs the terminal window and navigates to a particular directory and does a "ls -la" WITHOUT closing the terminal window? i googled abit, but all i get are links telling me how to create keyboard shortcuts for terminal. that is NOT wat i want.08:06
maxwellianAlejandro89: Yup, good luck!08:06
codebrainzquentin, i've not used it, but it should be a friendly way to install the binary drivers08:06
quentin`Gumby: I ran nautilus in root to get to the xorg.conf. that's how I deleted it.08:07
codebrainzmaxwellian, nothing an apt-get -f install can't fix :)08:07
maxwelliancodebrainz: Heh. :)08:07
maxwelliancodebrainz: I've never used that option, hopefully never will.08:07
codebrainzquentin, i think dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg will re-generate a clean xorg.conf file08:07
maxwelliancodebrainz: APT dependency resolution is black magic to me.08:08
codebrainzmaxwellian, my understanding is it's just the text-mode version of the proprietary drivers thing in gnome (jocket-gtk)08:08
`Gumbyquentin: if you have an xorg.conf in /etc/X11 on your root partition you can change Driver "nvidia" to Driver "nv" and X will probably work08:08
codebrainzmaxwellian, oops, i misunderstood08:08
`Gumbycodebrainz: he'll have to chroot to do that08:08
codebrainzmaxwellian, it just fixes broken dependencies afaik08:08
`Gumbycodebrainz: or copy what it gives him to his root drive08:08
swordfish_hi i have something to share open prompt and type yes08:08
maxwelliancodebrainz: If it says, "Sorry, I can't do that Dave.", I say, "No problem, don't worry." and back away slowly.08:09
`Gumbywhy not just edit the existing xorg.conf08:09
codebrainz`Gumby, he deleted it afaik08:09
`Gumbyyeah I see that now08:09
`Gumbynvidia-xconfig would be a better option I think08:09
`Gumbybut, both will work08:09
codebrainzmaxwellian, just give it the daily sacrificial lamb and you're cool08:09
`Gumbyif X is simply the desired result08:10
* maxwellian snaps his fingers, "I knew I was forgetting something!"08:10
codebrainz`Gumby, assuming access to Xorg08:10
maxwellianAlejandro89: How'd it go?08:10
`Gumbyyeah, he'll need to mount the root partition08:10
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: Mmm...It didnt works.08:10
codebrainz`Gumby, i wasn't paying close attention, i though he could boot into text-mode on his main install :)08:11
maxwellianAlejandro89: What happened this time?  Same exact thing as before?08:11
maxwellianAlejandro89: Any difference is important.08:11
`Gumbyhe said he got nothing but a bliking cursor but could probably get there via recovery, but.. if he is already in a livecd, why not just mount his root partition and create a new xorg.conf08:12
=== Zorge_ is now known as Zorge
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: Im here again with the "startx" command. Exactly the same, its get stuck in the ubuntu logo.08:12
swordfish_i need a swap partition ,but i have installed ubuntu .......so i need make from the ubuntu partition ...can any one help me08:12
codebrainzmaxwellian, i think his x/gfx/config is not working so it keeps dropping back to gdm and auto-logging in again, maybe08:12
Compilingswordfish: if you have ubuntu installed you already have a swap partition08:13
mik__someone can help me to install the plugins flashplayer and java on ubuntu 10.04  64 bit ?08:13
codebrainzswordfish_, use gparted (better from the livecd)08:13
^Jay2^sta drivers cant be used with 2.6.34 :( help me please08:13
Compilingmik__: are they not in software center?08:13
=== hahaha is now known as Guest90503
swordfish_not like that08:13
Compilingwell explain yourself08:13
Dr_Willis!java | mik__08:13
ubottumik__: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:13
Compilingwe dont read minds08:13
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:14
maxwelliancodebrainz: Hmm...the config should be default now, shouldn't be a problem?08:14
Dr_Willismik__:  install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' and i think that will pull in java and some otehr parts you proberly want08:14
quentin`Gumby: and codebrainz: I did the reconfigure in the terminal. I now have a new xorg.conf and the driver says "vesa"08:14
mneptokCompiling: a swap partition is not requisite during an Ubuntu installation.08:14
Compilingsun-java6-jre and icedtea is what youre probably looking for08:14
codebrainzmaxwellian, something with the X/gfx not working, Alejandro89 mentioned an X error, right?08:15
Dr_Willisquentin:  vesa is the very bottom of the line failsafe driver. :)08:15
`Gumbyquentin: so you know how to mount your root partition?08:15
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: While everything works okay, the ubuntu logo appears (for 3 seconds aprox) and then Ubuntu log in. Now, the logo screens appeared and blinked one time and then gets stucked.08:15
maxwellianAlejandro89: Oh sorry, I misread your first thing about gfx.08:15
codebrainzmaxwellian, Alejandro89 but X does work, so it's weird08:15
maxwellianAlejandro89: Sorry, meant to direct that to codebrainz.08:15
mik__tanks willis, i try.....08:15
quentin`Gumby: I guess. I just used sudo nautilus and went from there.08:15
codebrainzAlejandro89, the only thing i can suggest is to apt-get remove --purge gdm && apt-get install kdm08:16
codebrainzAlejandro89, it's not really a fix though08:16
`Gumbyquentin: ok, so you have no problem taking the xorg.conf from the livecd and putting it in your root etc/X11/ then?08:16
maxwellianAlejandro89: Just hang on a sec, let me poke around my own config files.08:16
`Gumbyquentin: edit the file and change vesa to nv08:16
quentinDr_Willis: I tried using the nvidia driver and it wouldn't recognize my monitor.08:17
RJames_ok.. trying unetbootin to build my USB drive.... using ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso.  We'll see how this goes.08:17
quentin`Gumby: I will try nv instead of vesa08:17
^Jay2^no one here uses kernel 2.6.34 in 10.04??? :(08:17
codebrainzquentin, how did you install the drivers?08:17
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: I did again now: "apt-get --reinstall --purge install gdm" and it do some things. No more the error message.08:18
`Gumbyquentin: good luck!!  should work no problem08:18
^Jay2^Guest90503: my broadcom sta drivers stopped working with the new kernel08:18
maxwellianAlejandro89: Ohhhh...it needed us to remove the other package before it could do a proper reinstall of gdm, maybe.08:18
maxwellianAlejandro89: Try a reboot now, see if that helped.08:19
Guest90503^Jay2^: what is sta08:19
quentincodebrainz: I used the Hardware Drivers selection under System->Administration08:19
^Jay2^Guest90503: broadcom proprietary driver08:19
quentin`Gumby: thanks08:19
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: Ok, see you soon. I will try the sudo reboot.08:19
Guest90503^Jay2^: try Administration-->Hardware Drivers08:20
^Jay2^it wont activate08:20
^Jay2^there's an error08:20
codebrainzquentin, i had good success with installing the drivers from nvidia, bit of a pain though08:20
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:20
Guest90503how u upgrade a kernel08:20
gryllidaGuest90503: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:20
Dr_WillisGuest90503:  if theres a new version in the repos 'sudo apt-get upgrade'  or 'dist-upgrade' should insatll it08:21
gryllidaI think08:21
gryllidathe current one ends in 2308:21
Guest90503but that wud upgrade distro08:21
^Jay2^the current one is 2.6.3208:21
gryllidaits kernel08:21
Dr_WillisGuest90503:  and what version of ubuntu are you using?08:21
^Jay2^i am using 2.6.34 but this disabled my wifi08:21
gryllida^Jay2^: How do I know my version?08:22
Dr_WillisGuest90503: that command will NOT upgrade you to 10.10 at this time.08:22
^Jay2^system>administration>system monitor08:22
^Jay2^then first tab08:22
gryllidaDr_Willis: I remember something like that, ending in 23, indeed.08:22
maxwellianDr_Willis: Is there a command to do that?08:22
Dr_WillisGuest90503:  dist-upgrade i find is needed for some of the mnore critical parts of the OS. if they are 'held back'08:22
prince_jammys!version | gryllida08:22
Zeu5hi there, how do i create a launcher such that when i click on it, it runs the terminal window and navigates to a particular directory and does a "ls -la" WITHOUT closing the terminal window? i googled abit, but all i get are links telling me how to create keyboard shortcuts for terminal. that is NOT wat i want.08:22
ubottugryllida: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »08:22
quentincodebrainz: thanks to you too. I'm trying the rename of vesa to nv, and I am now restarting.08:22
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  to upgrade to 10.10 - thers proberly some ways to do it.. but i dont bother. :)08:22
prince_jammysgryllida: and ''uname -r'' for kernel08:23
codebrainzquentin, someone else suggested that, but good luck, it should work08:23
Dr_WillisZeu5:  make a script that does it.. 3 commands, cd /whever,  ls -al , read foobar08:23
Guest90503^Jay2^: i think u need to reinstall lucid08:23
maxwellianDr_Willis: I mean, is there non-graphical way to upgrade the Ubuntu distro?08:23
opijim trying to understand what a build environment is. is it a setting where you can compile software? is that all it is?08:23
Dr_WillisZeu5:  then make a launcher that does 'xterm -e yourscript'08:23
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  proberly is. but i rarely upgrade releases.08:23
maxwellianGuest90503: Gah, what?  Reinstall?08:23
^Jay2^Guest90503: i dont want to do that. lol08:23
opij!build environment > opij08:23
Guest90503how can i change my nick here...it not changing with /nick..08:23
Guest90503im on empathy08:23
Dr_WillisGuest90503:  try harder.. try a different nick. or try a different irc client. :)08:24
opijGuest1465: get another irc client08:24
gryllidaGuest90503: /nick should work, what eror message do you get08:24
=== Guest90503 is now known as hahah
gryllidaGuest90503: sudo apt-get install irssi08:24
alteregoadarmok and jalad at tanagra08:24
maxwellianhahah: Oh, much better. :P08:24
hahahit waz not changing to hahaha08:24
gryllidahahah: yay it worked08:24
maxwellianhahah: Anyway, wireless is, in my experience, the trickiest part of Ubuntu, especially for new users.08:25
opijgryllida: could you tell me what a build environment is08:25
hahahi think there is hahaha registered08:25
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: Yeah !! It works. All I have to do is a "sudo reboot" lol haha (Its a joke, I perfectly understand all the intentions in every step). Thank you again, guys, you rock !!! Greetings from Uruguay !08:25
Dr_Williswireless for my last 3 laptops - just 'worked' on 10.10 :) less hassles then i had in windows..08:25
Zeu5Dr_Willis: i did exactly as you said. the launcher is open as applicatin or application in terminal?08:25
alteregoadarmok and jalad at tanagra!08:25
codebrainzAlejandro89, glad to hear it08:25
maxwellianAlejandro89: Glad it worked! :)  I guess you should stay away from the media center thing for now... :)08:25
gryllidaopij: like... IDE08:26
Dr_WillisZeu5:  open in terminal, would skip the xterm -e step.. try them both and see how they work.08:26
maxwellianAlejandro89: Although it might be a good idea to file a bug report.08:26
dugger5688Who was it that wanted to upgrade to 10.10?08:26
maxwelliandugger5688: No one, but how do you do it, dugger5688?08:26
Dr_WillisZeu5:  i tend to use the xterm -bg red -fg blue -e whatever,. all the time so i can have differnt apps start up in differnt color xterms.08:26
dugger5688But I wouldn't...08:26
RJames_after using unetbootin and trying to load ubuntu that way... now I'm getting tons of errors on the console (SQUASHFS error: unable to read page cache xxxxx).  That mean I have a bad USB drive?08:26
Dr_WillisRJames_:  or a bad iso file.08:27
Dr_WillisRJames_:  or perjhaps bad ram? that would be wweird08:27
hahahi have a doubt...if ubuntu keep giving a distro every 6months...i keep on hopping on the ditro...all the exiting programs are lost...is there a way to retain in new dist08:27
abhi_navopij, if you are talking about ide i.e. itentegrated development environement then e.g. ecipse see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_development_environment08:27
prince_jammysZeu5: xterm -e bash -c 'cd particular_directory && ls -la; exec bash'08:27
Alejandro89maxwellian: How can I do that?08:27
Dr_Willishahah:  you can clone your list of installed apps.. and reisntall them08:27
Dr_Willis!clone | hahah08:27
ubottuhahah: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate08:27
codebrainzRJames_, I'd check the md5 of your ISO08:27
prince_jammysZeu5: or whatever terminal you like to use, with its appropriate -e flag.08:28
alteregoadarmok and jalad at tanagra08:28
hahahTHanks Dr_Willis will try..will it reatin my installed app in karmic to lucid08:28
gryllidaalteregoa: ?08:28
hahaham gonna upgrade08:28
alteregoahis arms wide08:28
maxwellianhahah: It will remove things that are no longer supported.08:29
gryllidaalteregoa: whose?08:29
maxwellianhahah: I believe.08:29
Zeu5prince_jammys:  thank you. you gave me a very simple solution. appreciate it.08:29
maxwellianhahah: But that's not usually a problem.08:29
gryllidaalteregoa: who's darmok?08:29
Zeu5Dr_Willis: thank you08:29
prince_jammysZeu5: welcome.08:29
Dr_Willishahah:  it will 'reinstall' the apps you had installed befor.08:29
hahahwill that download stuf08:29
maxwellianAlejandro89: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs08:30
Dr_WillisZeu5:  if you want xterm to stay open at a terminal priompt use that exec bash trick showed by prince_jammys , if you want it to 'close' when you hit enter  use 'read foo'08:30
abhi_navhey while trying to install google desktop i get this error: Failed to run gdebi-gtk '--non-interactive' '/home/abhijit/Softwares/google-desktop-linux_current_amd64.deb' as user root08:30
Dr_Willishahah:  it will REINSTALL THE APPS.. so Yes.08:30
abhi_navany sulutino guys08:30
Dr_Willishahah:  you are saving a LIST of what you had installed...08:30
abhi_navohhhh osryy soryy i got it sorry08:31
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  try 'sudo gdebi /home/abhijit/Softwares/google-desktop-linux_current_amd64.deb'08:31
Alejandro89maxwellian: Ok, I wiil do it.08:31
Alejandro89maxwellian, codebrainz: Thanks again, what you do is very useful. Good bye !08:31
alteregoashaka when the walls fell08:31
maxwellianAlejandro89: Thanks, bye!08:31
quentinI am back. My monitor is now recognized but I can't change the resolution. much of the interface is off screen so I'll probably have to change the res08:31
hahahis there a way to convert 32bit iso to 64bit iso...ie x64 version from x3208:31
codebrainzquentin, are you using the proprietary drivers now?08:31
maxwellianAlejandro89: Actually, now that you know how to fix it, you should try the media thing again.08:31
Dr_Willishahah:  No. You dont convert 32bit to 64 or visa versa08:32
maxwellianAlejandro89: To see if it happens again.08:32
RJames_ok.. this is embarrasing, but I don't know where to find the md5 value for my iso.  Is it inside the ISO itself?  I don't see it on the download page.08:32
maxwellianAlejandro89: No point filing a bug if it was not really a bug, but something that just got goofed when you installed the media thing.08:32
codebrainzmaxwellian, or just use MythTV :)08:32
Dr_WillisRJames_:  theres a md5 file on the servers somewhere with a list of them all.08:32
alteregoadarmok and jalad at tanagra08:32
hahahno i mean ...i have lucid desktop x32 iso file...is there any trick to change it to x608:32
Dargonwhen i set up a virtual server in apache, its setting that document root for all the servers, input?08:32
maxwelliancodebrainz: Heh, or that. :)  As far as gadgets and hooking up doohickeys goes, I'm clueless.08:33
SegoRjames: don't be embarresed, we are learning by watching too :)08:33
codebrainzRJames_, paste the link where you downloaded the iso and we'll find you the md5 if it's there08:33
* Petskull learns by watching porn08:33
Alejandro89maxwellian: But, the xmbc works perfectly. I have installed it some weeks ago. Today, I see the "xbmc live package" and tried to install it. Then, the bug appeared.08:33
quentincodebrainz: I am using the nv which I assume is nvidia. Only thing is, when I go to the nvidia config tool It tells me I don't appear to be using the nvidia-x-driver08:34
hahahand 32bit lucid shows only 2.9gb ram :(08:34
maxwellianAlejandro89: Right, so before you submit a bug, I would try the process again.08:34
Dr_Willishahah:  and how much ram do you have exactly?08:34
codebrainzquentin, i think you're using the open source one08:34
Dargonanyone able to help me with an apache problem?08:34
`Gumbyquentin: you are using the nv driver which is the open source driver, not the nvidia binary driver08:34
prince_jammysquentin: nv is an open source driver. you want the one called 'nvidia'08:34
maxwellianAlejandro89: The first thing the developers are going to try to do is reproduce it, and if it can't be reproduced, it's not going to get much attention.08:34
maxwellianDargon: How did you install apache?08:35
`Gumbyquentin: I am willing to guess that the nvidia driver isnt recognizing the EDID of your monitor and X isnt starting properly08:35
Dr_Willishahah:  with exactly 4 gb. there is some lost due to hardware/video/issues. but  1.1 gb seems a little high - unless your video card is taking a lot of it08:35
Dr_Willishahah:  try a 64bit live cd. and see what it 'sees'08:35
Dr_Willishahah:  if you ah ce a 64bit capable cpu. I would suggest using 64bit anyway08:35
hahahi hear 32bit cannot address more than 3gb08:35
alteregoadarmok and jalad at tanagra!08:35
Dargonmaxwellian, apt-get install apache-mpm-prefork08:36
maxwellianDargon: Have you set up a site, i.e., you have something in sites-enabled?08:36
quentin`Gumby: yes. it has recognized it before, but I have installed lucid lynx  and now it doesn't08:36
hahahthen can i install 32bit deb packages08:36
RJames_looks like when I hit the download button.. it actually redirects to a random mirror08:36
Dargonmaxwellian, no, im using apache2.conf for everything08:36
Dr_Willishahah:  32bit has max ram limitations - yes. but its 4gb limit I think. and there are other things to watch out for.08:36
iflemaRJames_ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes08:36
Dr_Willishahah:  ive rarely see things taht are '32bit' only these days.08:36
RJames_cool! thanks iflema.08:37
Dargonmaxwellian, is that my problem?08:37
maxwellianDargon: I'm sure there's a good reason to have config files split up, but I guess it's your call. :)08:37
nomad77hahah: install the server kernel maybe08:37
=== unixlike is now known as back
maxwellianDargon: Anyway, you have a DocRoot?08:37
codebrainziflema, good find :)08:37
Dargonmaxwellian, yes08:37
Alejandro89maxwellian: Ok, I will re do it. It will reboot the computer by force like the last time. But I will write down the process to solve it. Bye !08:37
Dr_Willis64bit kernel/system has better performacen then a 32bit system + pae kernel. from what ive read.08:37
maxwellianAlejandro89: Thanks, that's great!  Later!08:38
=== back is now known as unixlike
quentincodebrainz, prince_jammys: installing the proprietary drivers is what got me here with no monitor recognition. now with the open source one my resolution is so huge a good portion of interface is off screen.08:38
maxwellianDargon: Okay, so what's your question?  You can set up your cgi-bin wherever you want, but it's usually just below the DocRoot.08:38
hahahwhich filesystem is better ext3 or ext408:38
Dr_Willishahah:  whjen in doubt. use the defaults..08:39
Dr_Willishahah:  and ext4 is the default now08:39
gryllidaext4 is newer version08:39
prince_jammys!resolution | quentin08:39
ubottuquentin: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution08:39
hahahso i have to use a / of ext408:39
hahahfor lucid08:39
Dr_Willishahah:  you dont HAVE to.. but its the default.08:39
Dr_Willishahah:  do you ahve a reason to use ext3 ?08:39
=== devunt_ is now known as devunt
hahahi dont have etx308:39
hahahi dont have ext408:40
Dr_Willishahah:  you are not making any sence.08:40
hahahi have to create in the partitioner08:40
maxwellianIs anyone else seeing a '?' in ubottu's factoid up there?08:40
Dr_Willishahah:  so make a partition, tell it to be ext408:40
nomad77quentin: if all else fails,try this as a last resort  http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/guerrilla-tactics-force-screen-mode-ubuntu08:40
Dr_Willishahah:  or let it auto partition and not worry about it08:40
ZykoticK9maxwell_, gdm kdm08:40
hahahi have ext3 which has karmic08:40
Dargonmaxwellian, the question is, www.aftermathzone.com goes to /home/amz/public_html and i want images.aftermathzone.com to go to ~/public_html/images, but when i set the virtual server, it pushes the www. to the images directory also08:40
gryllidamaxwellian: indeed I do see that question maek08:40
iflemaRJames_ codebrainz there should also be an md5sum hash in the directory the iso came from08:40
prince_jammysmaxwellian: the "smart quotes" may be doing that in your terminal/client08:40
hahahi have to make it ext408:41
Dr_Willishahah:  so you are eraseing the old ubuntu?08:41
maxwellianZykoticK9: Oh, okay, but that's kind of confusing to a new user...?08:41
Dr_Willishahah:   then  tell it to delete the partition, remake it,. tell it to be ext4 or somtjhing like that.08:41
prince_jammysmaxwellian: ah, no, sorry, you meant the ?dm. that's intentional08:41
maxwellianprince_jammys: I get the smart quotes, but I think ZykoticK9 has it right, that that's supposed to be replaced by a 'g' or a 'k' depending on your environment.08:41
Dr_Willishahah:  or delete all the partitions so you have a lot of unallocated space.. restart the insatller (or use the back button) and  let it auto-partition the unallocated space08:42
codebrainziflema, heh, good luck finding the dir with these fancy ubuntu webpages :)08:42
quentinubuttu: oh crap. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do all that. That's what I went throught before karmic. with karmic the nvidia driver detected my monitor fine. I could even edit my resolution in the regular "Monitor" editor08:42
Petskullheh- wow, that's just a *mine* for newbies!08:42
maxwellianPetskull: Right?08:42
Petskullit's like it's intentional08:42
gryllidaHmm. I had 2 kernel updates, now have 3 lines in Grub -- original, first updated, second updated. Is this ok?08:42
prince_jammysmaxwellian:  yeah, it's a glob that assumes that gdm/kdm/xdm/single_letter_dm is installed and at /etc/init.d08:42
hahahgryllida: use # to hide unwanted08:42
codebrainzgryllida, not only is it ok, it's really useful :)08:43
iflemacodebrainz like this one?       http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/     ;)08:43
* Petskull writes a system-wipe utility named '?dm'08:43
Dr_Willisgryllida:  it dosent hurt to have some backup kernels.08:43
maxwellianprince_jammys: Oh, duh...that will actually work in the shell.08:43
Petskull"It's safe, man- the BOT said so!"08:43
Dargonmaxwellian, using sites-enabled i get apache2: Syntax error on line 238 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default: No such file or directory08:43
codebrainziflema, heh, that's where i was heading when you posted the other link :)08:43
maxwellianprince_jammys: I've never used the question mark glob, so it freaked me out. :)08:43
Jordan_UPetskull: Never trust robots.08:43
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  ? = regular expression for a single character. :)  ?dm can match gdm or kdm. and cause some issues  :)08:43
prince_jammysmaxwellian: it won't restart X if you don't have a graphical login, though :)08:44
ZykoticK9maxwellian, prince_jammys technically even the /etc/init.d part is outdated.  "sudo service ?dm restart"08:44
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  that factoid has had that annoyance for ages. :)08:44
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  and if you have KDM and GDM both installed.. its even more wrong. :)08:44
RJames_well, the ISO checksum passed08:44
Jordan_UZykoticK9: Except the '?dm' won't work in that context.08:44
alteregoaDr_Willis: are you afraid of megaman?08:44
codebrainzDargon, what does 'ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default' say?08:44
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, good point!08:44
maxwellianDr_Willis: Oh man, what would it do then??08:44
hahahwhat programming language is used to write linux kernel ,gnome,and the apps?is it only c++08:44
hahahwt compiler used08:45
maxwellianhahah: C, gcc08:45
codebrainzhahah, c, gcc08:45
RJames_so Either that distro just doesn't work for my netbook, or my netbook has hardware issues.. or my usb drive does... or .. or ..oorrr  <BOOM>08:45
im63kghahah: c08:45
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  it just failed totally with some odd message last i tried it.. but the /etc/init.d/XXX part is wrong with 10.04 also..08:45
ZykoticK9Jordan_U, does using "?" actually work with init.d08:45
* maxwellian smirks at codebrainz08:45
hahahno oops?08:45
prince_jammysZykoticK9: it's just a path to a file, so yeah. it's a glob.08:45
hahahi mean c++08:45
codebrainzmaxwellian, there is some GAS assembly in there i'm sure08:45
Dargonroot@li131-91:~# ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default08:45
FloodBot1Dargon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:45
ZykoticK9prince_jammys, i see what you mean :)08:45
maxwellianDargon: Sorry, should have warned you.08:46
maxwellianDargon: Can you paste the output like the bot said?08:46
=== ^Jay2^DC is now known as ^Jay2^
prince_jammysZykoticK9: the service version works only if your present directory happens to be /etc/init.d ;)08:46
Jordan_UZykoticK9: Yes, because /etc/init.d/gdm is a file, and /etc/init.d/?dm is a shell glob that will match that file.08:46
hahahif suppose i want to edit the source code of calculator app...how do i do that....i installed only binary file from SPM08:46
codebrainzDargon, what is the output of 'ls /etc/apache2/sites-available'08:47
Dargonmaxwellian, http://paste.ubuntu.com/459038/08:47
ZykoticK9prince_jammys, Jordan_U thanks guys - "I'm on the trolley now"08:47
Jordan_UZykoticK9: You're welcome.08:47
maxwellianhahah: Well you start by doing something like 'apt-get source calculator'08:47
hahahits gcalctool08:47
maxwellianhahah: Whatever. ;)08:47
codebrainzhahah, apt-get build-dep gcalctool && apt-get source gcalctool08:47
Dargoncodebrainz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/459040/08:48
=== yossis is now known as YossXP
hahahand wer will the source code save08:48
maxwellianhahah: But how to actually make a patch, and apply it, and repackage it?  I've never figured that out. :P08:48
codebrainzDargon, not too familiar with webmin.  what is the output of 'ls -l /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/'08:48
Jordan_Uhahah: Note however than you do *not* want to run apt-get source as root, and it will download the source to your current directory.08:48
maxwellianhahah: If you do, please walk me through it.08:48
codebrainzJordan_U, good point08:49
maxwellianhahah: In other words, don't run those through sudo.08:49
maxwellianhahah: Just to be crystal clear. :)08:49
hahaham on ubuntu user08:50
Dargoncodebrainz, webmin doesnt do much for the apache config except make me not have to write it manualkly, http://paste.ubuntu.com/459041/08:50
maxwellianMan, I started #mame for that guy earlier, and I'm still the only one in there... :P08:50
codebrainzDargon, type this:  sudo ln -sv /etc/apache2/sites-available/webmin.1278214817.conf /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default08:51
Jordan_Umaxwellian: If you are interested in fixing a bug for the first time, maybe you could give feedback on how discoverable the process is as explained here: http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/?p=69108:51
Dr_Willishahah:  why are you using  .spm anyway? ubuntu/apt has its own system for getting a programs source08:52
RJames_since the ISO checksum passed, I'm going to download the previous netbook version (9.10) and see if I have any luck with that08:52
codebrainzDargon, then sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart08:52
hahahi got 3files08:52
maxwellianJordan_U: I would LOVE to fix a bug, I've always wanted to, but I've never figured it out, even with the docs. :\08:52
maxwellianJordan_U: Nothing specific, I just want to fix SOMETHING. :)08:52
Dr_Willis!apt | hahah08:52
ubottuhahah: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)08:52
hahah.tar,gz sry08:52
RJames_I think I'll download the desktop iso as well.  And see if I can boot off my USB with that on my other laptop and desktop.. to test out my USB drive08:52
RJames_fun fun fun08:52
codebrainzmaxwellian, there's plenty of bugs out there, which language do you like?08:52
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:53
Zelozeloshuh, thats strange, i deleted some files from my desktop and now theres some dotted boxed outlines where the icons were08:53
Dargoncodebrainz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/459043/08:53
Dr_Willishahah:  you can get apt-get to install all the needed dev files to compule somthing with ' sudo apt-get build-dep PACKAGENAME'  then you use other commands to 'grab' the source deb and set the thing up so you can edit/rebuild & compile  the source/deb08:53
=== vivid` is now known as vivid
Pr0jectRec0nhey all, I have a bash script like this : http://pastebin.com/6UysYN6z . All I need is When i want to exec my gnome-terminal - I wnt to execute it with a starting 'pwd' that I'll mention08:54
Dr_WillisRJames_:  what iso were you using?08:54
maxwelliancodebrainz: I've got varying levels of experience in C, Perl, Java, and Python.08:54
maxwelliancodebrainz: Oh, and some C++.08:54
Pr0jectRec0nIs there a setting for gnome-terminal that can do it? I'm just too lazy to go thru the man pages..08:54
codebrainzDargon, ok, first do this   sudo rm /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default08:54
codebrainzDargon, and then try that ln -sv command again08:54
Dr_WillisRJames_:  the server iso does Not work from USB - and im not sure ablut the alternative isntaller iso.08:54
RJames_it was ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso08:55
maxwelliancodebrainz: It's all the packaging voodoo that has eluded me.08:55
quentinhow do I reload X without restarting  my computer?08:55
prince_jammysPr0jectRec0n: cd there before the gnome-terminal command.08:55
codebrainzmaxwellian, debian packaging?08:55
Dr_WillisRJames_:  ok. that should of worked from USB. vie used that befor.08:55
ZelozelosPr0jectRec0n, thats pretty cool, never though of doin smthin like that08:55
Jordan_Umaxwellian: Pick a bug and try to fix it. Even if you hit a dead end, just the act of trying (and documenting how it went as explained in the blog post) will benefit Ubuntu.08:55
hahahDr_Willis: now the source code shud be compiled by gcc?08:55
Dr_WillisRJames_:  with a little work - you can set up grub2 ona  flash drive and boot the iso files directly also.08:55
maxwellianJordan_U: There's probably a list of easy bugs out there?08:55
codebrainzquentin, /etc/init.d/gdm restart  might do it08:56
RJames_I might have to go that route08:56
Pr0jectRec0nZelozelos, :) - It was one my requests at the forums : this - >http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15137908:56
Dr_Willishahah:  now you may want to read up on compiling and apt-get some.  Im not clear on what you are doing and have done.08:56
LalithaHow do i reinstall the panels ?08:56
Dr_Willis!resetpanel | Lalitha08:56
ubottuLalitha: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »08:56
hahahno i am not compiling08:56
hahahi jus wanna understand08:56
asianmalemaxwellian: python sucks the fat one08:56
hahahwat is package08:56
Dr_Willishahah:  then you may want to start with teh apt-get manual given above08:57
maxwellianasianmale: Awwww, still your rosy self I see.08:57
Dr_Willis!apt-get | hahah08:57
ubottuhahah: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)08:57
Dr_Willishahah:  and the ubuntu book08:57
Dr_Willis!manual | hahah08:57
ubottuhahah: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:57
codebrainzmaxwellian, don't believe the slander!  :)08:57
RJames_I had high hopes when I plopped my USB drive in there and got the gui to come up with the login prompt... if only it had asked me for a user/password when it was building the flash drive.  Did it prompt you while building the flash drive?08:57
quentincodebrainz: I am getting this when I use /etc/init.d/gdm restart: Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)08:57
quentinutility, e.g. service gdm restart08:57
quentinSince the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an08:57
quentinUpstart job, you may also use the restart(8) utility, e.g. restart gdm08:57
Dargoncodebrainz that simlink went to the images subdomain config, i need the 000-default to be the www. config08:57
FloodBot1quentin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:57
maxwelliancodebrainz: I love Python, don't worry...I'm not swayed, however convincing asianmale is... :P08:57
asianmalecodebrainz: it doesn't even have proper anonymous functions, it has this ridiculous 'self' parameter that shows OO's tacked on roots, it's woefully underengineered, anything sophisticated in python becomes a 'symbol table hack'.08:58
codebrainzquentin, they changed stuff recently, do what that says08:58
Jordan_URJames_: It's not supposed to boot to a login prompt (if you used something like unetbootin).08:58
iflemaRJames_ does ubuntu work live (livecd)? make the usb using ubuntus usb creator. Also, not sure about 9.10, 10.10 ya change between desktop, netbook, unity and so on at the login screen.... there all basically the same version.... no need to download duplicate iso(s)08:58
maxwellianasianmale: Well at least you said something with substance, but we're not going to start a Python conversation here.08:59
iflemaRJames_ just get the netbook version(s)08:59
dreamer000ubuntu randomly crashes right?08:59
maxwelliandreamer000: Uhhhh...hopefully not? :)08:59
maxwelliandreamer000: At least, it wasn't designed to do that, no. :)09:00
quentincodebrainz: I only used "restart gdm" and got: Warning: Fake initctl called, doing nothing.09:00
codebrainzasianmale, bs.  define "proper anonymous functions" (like lambda?)  and I've no idea what the rest of that was about, so?09:00
codebrainzquentin, I'm not sure with upstart09:01
hacked_kernelhow to convert .mts to .mov,  do you know a software that can do it??09:01
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:01
dreamer000just trying to install@laptop 9.10 :-)09:01
Pr0jectRec0nalso, guys, regarding http://pastebin.com/6UysYN6z, what if I want to associate running this bash script to a keyboard shortcut ? Can I do it using System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts?09:01
codebrainzquentin, i just went into a console, stopped gdm, wget'd the sode, compiled, and rebooted, iirc09:01
Dr_Willishacked_kernel:  if its a video file of some kind. ffmpeg, and/or mencoder can proberly do it.09:01
iflemaRJames_ 10.04 not 10.10....09:02
RJames_That is what I tried.  I followed the little how-to on the ubuntu download page for netbook.  step 1: download the 10.04-netbook iso.  step 2: use the universal USB installer to get the iso on the flash drave. step 3: pop the drive in your netbook and boot from it.  My problem is after it loads ubuntu from the flash drive.. ubuntu loads and gui login appears, only I never setup a user/pass so I can't get in. (sad face)09:02
Dr_WillisRJames_:  and 'ubuntu' ''  dont work09:02
RJames_nope it didn't09:02
Dr_WillisRJames_:  tried tjat flash drive on any other machines?09:02
maxwelliandreamer000: You're trying to install 9.10 on your laptop?09:03
hacked_kernelDr_Willis, when using ffmpeg should i split audio and video then mix them together?  because i tried to do it but i think i have the wrong parameters09:03
iflemaRJames_ theres two options for the livecd 10.04 1. install 2. try There is no login prompt.09:03
dreamer000yes it doesn't do the job with acpi=off09:03
Dr_Willishacked_kernel:  theres so many options to those programs..   i wouldent be suprised at people using the wrong paramaters.09:03
iflemaRJames_ unless you log out that is09:03
Dr_WillisRJames_:  so what OS is on the macnhine now?09:03
dreamer000debian does09:03
RJames_well tell that to my netbook. :P  the menu came up.  I selected try it out.  First thing I got was a login.09:04
nandonachii have installed the latest ubuntu and runing it in vmware..i installed gcc but the arrow keys do not work , please help :(09:04
nandonachiinstead  i get ^A etc...09:04
Dr_WillisRJames_:  you do have ubuntu 10.04 on some machine ? You could try making a grub2 boot flash drive. that boots the iso file.09:04
RJames_after trying numerous user/pass combos.. I tried the install option at the menu.  doesn't do anything different.09:04
Pr0jectRec0n@all, nevermind, figured it out...09:04
RJames_nope.. This was going to be my first ubuntu machine.09:04
codebrainznandonachi, in text-mode or in the GUI/X environment?09:04
maxwelliandreamer000: Sorry, what's your question?09:04
Dr_WillisRJames_:   It does sound like some odd hardware issue with that flash drive,09:05
RJames_I think I'll see what happens when I put it in a different machine.09:05
Dr_WillisRJames_:  or some memory issue. Try other machines.  Ive had odd machines that dont like some flash drives.09:05
dreamer000why does it work everywhere else? :-)09:05
RJames_but ya.. I think after using unetbootin to try and build the drive.. and saw all those weird error messages on console.09:05
Dargoncodebrainz, i redownloaded the original 000-default file and made it do what i need, same problem with the virtual host09:05
RJames_I think you are right.. it's the usb drive maybe.09:05
codebrainzDargon, at this point I'd look for the #apache channel :)09:06
nandonachicodebrainz : in the gui mode09:06
dreamer000I like ubuntu because of upgrade policiy :-)09:06
Jordan_UDr_Willis: In case you're interested, grub2's native shell scripting is not at the point where you can setup auto detection of isos at boot (creating a menu entry for each iso). It's been possible for a while with lua, but Debian/Ubuntu don't build grub2 with lua support.09:06
nandonachiim not a very experienced linux user...09:06
Jordan_UDr_Willis: s/not/now/09:06
codebrainznandonachi, where do you see the weird codes when you press the arrow?09:06
maxwelliandreamer000: Okay, so in a complete sentence...When you turn on ACPI, Ubuntu crashes on you "randomly"?09:06
maxwelliandreamer000: Just trying to piece it together. :)09:07
prince_jammysyou are a sport09:07
nandonachicodebrainz, sorry i was incorrect , the problem happens in vi editor :P09:07
codebrainznandonachi, totally different.  vi is like a rubix cube to me, I don't think I'll ever solve it09:08
prince_jammysnandonachi: use vim.09:08
dreamer000as I explained: good media, cleaned cd-drive, no hope, just random. Have to investigate further. Except pulseaudio worrking on random desktops, except intel graphics.09:08
codebrainznandonachi, or use nano if you're not a masochist09:09
codebrainzprince_jammys, i won't go there anymore :)09:10
Jordan_Ucodebrainz: vimtutor is a very good tutorial. Once you've been taught how to solve a rubix cube it's not that hard :)09:10
nandonachicodebrainz : lol , okay09:10
prince_jammyscodebrainz: thanks09:10
prince_jammysnandonachi: there's always good old hjkl, or vim-full or whatever the package is called.09:10
codebrainzJordan_U, don't wanna start a thing.  i get along fine with my text/code editors :)09:10
nandonachiprince_jammys: but there is no such issue with ubuntu 8.1009:11
maxwelliandreamer000: Sorry, it's almost certainly my fault, but I don't understand what you're talking about. :P  If you stick around, hopefully someone smarter than me will be able to help!09:11
nandonachiprince_jammys: the vi works fine in ubuntu 8.1009:11
prince_jammysnandonachi: arrow keys work OK otherwise in your terminal??09:12
nandonachiprince_jammys : yes..09:12
codebrainznandonachi, is it ignoring you're arrow keys because you're not in the correct "mode" or whatever?09:12
asianmalecodebrainz: python sucks so bad09:12
prince_jammysno, it's seeing them as cntrl-A and such.09:12
nandonachicodebrainz: i use the simple insert mode and editing mode nothing else :p09:12
codebrainzasianmale, if you want to discuss it, I'm on #python right now :)09:12
prince_jammyshome court advantage09:13
maxwelliancodebrainz: Sweet, showdown. :)09:13
codebrainzprince_jammys, much more knowledgeable people than me :)09:13
* maxwellian dodges the tumbleweed blowing across the dusty main street.09:13
* prince_jammys just jokes about.09:13
* Petskull robs the pine city stage09:14
codebrainzI really like python, but i can only compare it to the 5 or 6 other languages i use09:14
prince_jammysnandonachi: well, i can't remember the solution to this, though i've witnessed it. is only vim-tiny installed?09:14
phawxanyone familiar with mencoder?09:14
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:14
Dr_Willisphawx:  i know it has a lot of docs at its homepage and a faq thats very good. and a good forum :)09:15
nandonachiprince:jammys : the default package which i think is vim tiny09:15
maxwellianOh ubottu, are you always so direct?09:15
Petskulldoes anyone here ask questions openly?09:15
prince_jammysnandonachi: try vim-full09:15
Dargoncodebrainz, i got the virtual servers working, wanna tackle making my php mail directive work?09:15
codebrainzPetskull, what is the meaning of life?09:15
nandonachiprince_jammys: hmm09:15
Dr_Willisnandonachi:  the default vim is 'vim tiny' - the normal vim package has better support and features. works with the arrow keys also09:16
prince_jammysnandonachi: or not :)09:16
Dr_Willis!info vim09:16
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 844 kB, installed size 1672 kB09:16
codebrainzDargon, nope.  check the php channel maybe09:16
prince_jammysnandonachi: now you have to try it09:16
maxwellianIf you're trying to use arrow keys, don't use vim.09:16
dreamer000I expect it to be a real acpi/bios issue i should have mentioned years ago... Something seams to go wrong autoconf my hardware09:16
maxwellianYou're defeating the purpose, just use Nano.09:16
Dr_Willisarrow keys work fine with the normal 'vim' its the 'vim-tiny' that has  them missing.09:16
dreamer000kanotix/lenny did do the job09:17
nandonachiprince_jammys: how can i install the full vim packaeg09:17
prince_jammysnandonachi: install vim-full09:17
prince_jammysor vim09:17
Dr_Willisprince_jammys:  its just vim - now in 10.04 :) no -full that i can see09:17
prince_jammysnandonachi: ^^09:17
maxwellianDr_Willis: They may work fine, but my point is that if you're using arrow keys, you are probably not using vim properly anyway.  Might as well use something simpler like nano.09:18
prince_jammysdon't listen to these nanoers09:18
maxwellianDr_Willis: Er, not properly.09:18
nandonachithanks a lot everyone09:18
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  i find nano basically useelss.. and i dont find that using the arrow keys matter much. :)09:18
maxwellianDr_Willis: Nano has all the features that someone using arrow keys with vim would be using. :P09:19
codebrainzprince_jammys, my fav text-mode editor was msedit :) (or maybe the borland legacy ide)09:19
prince_jammysmaxwellian: you're editor-profiling him!09:19
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  ive had to explain way to many people what ^-Q means.. i dont reccomend nano to anyone09:20
prince_jammysmaybe he/she/it uses arrow keys plus a bunch of other vim stuffs.09:20
codebrainzit's  nice that 10.04 has the nano highlighting on by default!09:20
maxwellianprince_jammys: You bet I am!  This country used to be full of good, vi-loving citizens!09:20
Dr_WillisThere was some dos edit clone i saw ages ago.. but cant recall where is aw it it. cant find it int he repos either.09:20
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  now if it only had a startup message that ^ =  the control key. :)09:20
bkerensaanyone wanna help me make sendmail work?09:20
yessir_turanHello, my evince-thumbnailer is taking 100% cpu.. restarts every time I do a killall -9. any suggestions..09:20
=== LeMoNiCe is now known as h32Lg
prince_jammysstop -9ing09:21
mneptokDr_Willis: vim is not a tool for the novice user, though. a simpler editor is a better idea.09:21
maxwellianDr_Willis: Oh, but all the newbies just type :q without even thinking about it... :P09:22
bkerensasendmail isnt sending any mail using the php mail function any suggestions? I have checked logs and made sure the php.ini is configured properly?09:22
dreamer000vim could be a tool also for.09:22
prince_jammysthe questioner explicitly asked for vim; 'twasn't pushing upon him/her09:22
codebrainzI've been coding for some years now, all i need is a box to type in with a save function09:22
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  i never said to suggest vim for them.09:22
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  ive said for years that they need somthing better then nano.09:22
mneptok"ne" is probably the best editor for someone new to the *nix command line09:23
codebrainzDr_Willis, yeah, nano is crude09:23
Dr_Willismneptok:  yea. i cant find that Dos edit one - it was in some disrto.. but ive looked and looked.. :)09:23
Dr_Willismcedit isent too hard to use either. but  its not totally clear that one uses the 'F keys' to do the menus09:23
mneptokDr_Willis: try ne. it's what my 75 year old father uses. :)09:23
Taevhey the new version of firefox blows, how do I get a non sucky version?09:23
Taevcan I get synaptic to roll it back?09:24
maxwellianTaev: Ha. :)09:24
Taevits crashing repeatedly09:24
prince_jammysdetails ....09:24
Dr_WillisTaev:  odd.. its not crashed once on me.09:24
TaevIve got Firefox
Taevthis is the 10th crash today09:24
Taevits crashed over and over09:24
prince_jammyswhat causes the crash?09:24
Taevnothing, like just now I opened cnn09:25
maxwellianDr_Willis: I was introduced to Unix by an old-timer, I learned vi, no ifs ands or buts.  I don't know anything about Nano, so you're probably right about needing a better newbie editor.  I just think a newbie editor is a good thing.09:25
Dr_Willismneptok:  ne is very close to what i was thinking of.. I would have to say it would be a better editor then Nano.09:25
mneptokmaxwellian: ne09:25
Taevbefore that, i started it up with a blank homepage and it crashed09:25
mneptokDr_Willis: i use nano due to years and years of pine usage.09:26
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  yea. ne is definatly easier for betinners.09:26
prince_jammysTaev: ok, now you have a better irc question :)09:26
gryllidaTaev: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Firefox+crashes#Getting_help_with_your_crash ; http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Firefox+crashes+when+you+open+it#Getting_your_crash_report -- please fetch a crash id and paste it here09:26
dreamer000Taev what plugin, maybe?09:26
maxwellianDr_Willis, mneptok: I'll have to look into that, could be a good recommendation.09:26
CrucibleLooking for help on an issue, had a 10.4 desktop running and encrypted two sata drives with the integrated disk manager, the HD running the desktop gave out and now I'm trying to figure out how to mount the 2 drives in my ubuntu server 10.4. Any help is greatly appreciated!09:27
Dr_Willisne - needs to put the info about hiting 'escape escape' in the title to access the menus. the editor i saw. I thouight had a menu bar up there with a message like that.. but ne is very close to whats needed09:27
Dr_Willisat least the ne startup screen gives info on ^ = ctrl and so forth09:27
Taevtheres nothing in .mozilla/crash reports09:27
maxwellianDr_Willis: Yeah, that's probably useful. :)09:27
Taevinstalltime2 and userid09:27
Taevno "submitted" folder09:27
Taevhow can it be a plugin causing it to crash, when it crashes on my homepage which is a blank page09:28
maxwellianmneptok: Nano is similar to pine in the interface?  (Because of said old-timer I grew up with mutt.)09:28
ubottuPost your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!09:28
Dr_Willisdo a brainstorm to replace nano with ne :)09:28
gryllidaTaev: Unable to get crash ID?09:28
Taevthere is no crash ID09:29
maxwellianDr_Willis: Did you start it already?09:29
mneptokmaxwellian: pico was the default pine editor. nano is a pico clone under a Free license.09:29
Taev/home/djs/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports09:29
gryllidaTaev: run this in Terminal after completely closing Firefox: firefox -safe-mode09:29
Taevtheres 2 files09:29
maxwellianmneptok: Ah, thanks.09:29
TaevInstallTime2, and UserID09:29
dreamer000Taev:libraries like xul or something like that?09:29
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  not yet. :)  web is slow for me right now09:29
alascaI'm confused. In chromium adobe flash works without a problem but in firefox it doesn't....why?09:29
codebrainzfor the 1% of the time i use a text-mode editor, nano is fine.  otherwise i just use geany09:29
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  checking out iother editors also.09:29
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  yea. geany is what i use 90% of the time on X/gui09:29
maxwellianDr_Willis: You can IRC okay?  Just use lynx. ;)09:29
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  i got other stuff downloading. so im laggy.. :)09:30
codebrainzDr_Willis, can't go wrong with Geany!  (Even on windows)09:30
Taevit crashed on safe mode09:30
Taevsoon as i loaded a page09:30
mneptokmaxwellian: and no *nix "old-timer" started with Mutt. Mutt's first release was in the mid-1990s, IIRC. ;)09:30
maxwellianmneptok: No one said he STARTED with mutt... ;)09:30
Taevtheres still no crash report09:30
Taevit crashed in SAFE MODE, look is there a way to roll back to the last version of firefox i had09:31
Taevthe one that actually worked09:31
gryllidaTaev, launch it in safemode09:31
Taevi just did09:31
gryllidafirefox -safe-mode09:31
Taevand it crashed09:31
maxwellianmneptok: But I think mutt is popular with old timers by now.09:31
gryllidathen make new profile09:31
gryllidafirefox -P09:31
mneptokmaxwellian: "it just sucks less" (tm)09:31
maxwellianmneptok: Ahhh, marketing. :)09:32
Dr_WillisI still miss the 'CygnusED' editor i used on My Amiga. :) but its all a matter of what you are used to.09:32
Dr_Willisfte is also a neat powerfull console editor.09:32
Taevok I did firefox -P09:32
Taevcreated a new profile09:32
maxwellianDr_Willis: Hold on, I need to write these down.  ne and fte so far...09:32
Taevand it CRASHED09:32
Pirate_Huntermaxwellian, Dr_Willis mneptok: are discussing ideas on different text editors or is there an actual ubuntu related problem with them?09:32
andimeierHello everyone! Is this channel the right one if I seek help because update from karmic to lucid was not successful and now my system hangs on boot, being stuck in grub?09:32
TaevSegmentation fault09:32
gryllidaTaev: check for the issue in the new profile, is it crashing then? ('firefox -P' launches profile manager)09:33
prince_jammysandimeier: yes.09:33
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
Taevi created a new profile09:33
gryllidaTaev: new profile crashed ---- means you have to reinstall Firefox09:33
Taevand it crashed09:33
Dr_WillisPirate_Hunter:  i just discovered a bug with the 'fte' editor. :)09:33
jayanthii... can anyone help with the wireless setup on my ubuntu?09:33
ddavidsy'all, yes there is a bug in gedit 209:33
Taevyeah, now how do i get rid of this stupid ass version and reinstall the old version that actually worked?09:33
Pirate_HunterDr_Willis, really continue than don't mind me *whistle*09:33
maxwellianPirate_Hunter: Oooh, is it easy?  Maybe I can finally fix a bug. :)09:34
Dr_WillisPirate_Hunter:  a big one.. it cant be ran as a normal user..   off to file a bug report on it.09:34
jayantit says "device not ready" even after turning on the wireless device...09:34
gryllidaTaev: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Basic+Troubleshooting#Clean_reinstall09:34
Dr_WillisPirate_Hunter:  yea. i notice a lot of these 'older' packages dont get as much love/attention as they should. Sad to see them get lost in the background.09:34
wildbatwhat is the GUI tools you ppl recommend for ripping CD too AAC ?09:34
jayantand in network tools it shows the state of the wlan0 interface as "inactive"09:35
mneptokwildbat: SoundJuicer with appropriate GStreamer plugins.09:35
nOgAnOoso, I have never tried linux09:35
codebrainzddavids, do you have a specific issue?09:35
maxwellianTaev: Unless you're on the bleeding edge, a bug that big would probably have been caught and fixed right now.09:35
Taevits 3.6.609:35
nOgAnOoanyone wanna talk to a kewl windows user?09:35
maxwellianTaev: By now, rather.09:35
Pirate_HunterDr_Willis,  I am not even aware of most older packages except mutt and pine which I need to get it working with my server email09:35
ddavidscodebrainz: i get errors when trying to save with it on the terminal09:35
codebrainzddavids, pastebin the errors09:36
maxwellianTaev: Is that the regular version for lynx?09:36
nOgAnOoi like your handle09:36
nOgAnOoYou must be a great person.09:36
Taevdamn it, where is the old firefox releases on mozilla.com ?09:36
codebrainznOgAnOo, i bought it for $50,000CAD09:36
bkerensasendmail isnt sending any mail using the php mail function any suggestions? I have checked logs and made sure the php.ini is configured properly?09:36
maxwellianTaev: (Sorry, I'm still on karmic)09:36
nOgAnOooh, sorry, your currency is worth nothing now since the release of my nOgBucks09:37
Pirate_Hunterwildbat, rubyripper as ive been told its the best or so some websites claim however specifically for ACC (which I think its the itunes version) I am not sure09:37
mneptokTaev: did you add a PPA or enable backports to get this new version?09:37
Taevno adept update manager installed it09:37
Taevseriously, how do i get rid of this version and install the previous version i had?09:37
wildbatmneptok, Pirate_Hunter , thanks09:38
Dr_Willis!pin | Taev09:38
ubottuTaev: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto09:38
Dr_WillisTaev:  i thought the new version only got installed if you had backports enabled also.09:38
maxwellianbkerensa: You might have more luck in a channel specific to php or sendmail.09:38
flameshi how to play format wma in ubuntu???09:38
Taevdo you guys take lessons on how to evade direct questions?09:38
Dr_Willisflames:  it depends more on teh codec used by the wma. Ive played them in mplayer and vlc befor09:38
woodong50__after format ,reintall old version09:38
Dr_WillisTaev:  yes.09:38
maxwellianTaev: No way, natural talent.09:39
flamesok thanks09:39
mneptoknOgAnOo: did you have a support question?09:39
Dr_WillisOnly time ive had to use older versions of some packages was with wine and some games.09:39
Taevi just redownloaded firefox 3.6.6. and did a clean install09:39
Taevit crashed09:39
Pirate_HunterTaev, if you remove firefox it may remove ubuntu destop and gnome at least it used to its a touchy situation that will require giving more help and to why FF is crashing for you even in safe-mode I am dazzled09:39
Dr_WillisTaev:  redownloaded?  from teh firefox web site?09:39
mneptokTaev: move your ~/.mozilla directory aside and see if it crashes.09:40
Dr_WillisTaev:  its best to use the package manager. not downloading stuff from teh FF web site. that may be the core of your whole problem09:40
Taevjust mv it to a new file name?09:40
mneptokTaev: sure09:40
TaevI didn't download the update to 3.6.6. originally from the website, Adept Package manager did it09:40
jayanthey. can anyone help me with my wireless problem?09:40
TaevI just downloaded it now because some one suggested doing a clean install09:40
Pirate_HunterTaev, have you tried other browsers i.e. opera, chome/inium, epiphany, dillo etc09:40
maxwellian!help | jayant09:40
ubottujayant: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:40
cantmountanyhdHello, i booted through live cd but none of my hard drives are accessible .. they are visible but not accessible .. big error message09:41
Taevlook is there a way to get synaptic to roll back to the previous version of firefox?09:41
tamarahow do i change window buttons to go from left to right?09:41
mneptokTaev: no.09:41
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, pastebin the errors09:41
Taevthen where can I find the previous version of firefox's .deb package09:41
Taevi can't seem to find it on mozilla.com09:41
cantmountanyhdcodebrainz: roger [ btw these are fully accessible hard drives through windows 7]09:41
ddavidscodebrainz: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/PJVbNftY09:41
maxwellianDr_Willis: What is the default version of Firefox in lynx?09:41
alascatamara,  Change your theme...09:42
Pirate_HunterTaev, run FireFox in terminal and check for errors09:42
ikoniaTaev: why are you installing things from mozillia.com ? why are you not using the package manager09:42
mneptokmaxwellian: as released? or as updated?09:42
TaevI already did Pirate_Hunter09:42
Taevi ran it in safe mode too09:42
Taevit crashed09:42
Taevseg fault09:42
alascatamara,  right click, on desktop, change desktop background >theme..and choose from there.09:42
tamaraalasca, ok, i got it09:42
* Taev bangs head. I did use the package manager to install this infernal 3.6.6., some one just now suggested i do a clean install so i downloaded the package from mozilla.com09:43
jayantok... the wireless works on my windows, but since i installed ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition it does not recognize any wireless connections.. and when i disable and enable network connections it says "device not ready" under wireless connections..09:43
flamescannot play VLC09:43
Pirate_HunterTaev, did you remove it instead of using purge and than did you remove its profile hidden in ~/ if not you didnt do much09:43
flamesNo suitable decoder module:09:43
flamesVLC does not support the audio or video format "wmap". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.09:43
Dr_Willis!info firefox09:43
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 10976 kB, installed size 29648 kB09:43
flamesVLC cannot ply wma format09:43
Dr_WillisHmm. did they update firefox in teh main repos?09:43
codebrainzddavids, it's hard to tell from that, can you try with a smaller file (like 100 lines-ish)09:43
Taevlook could some one please point me to a directory with a deb package for the previous version of firefox09:43
Dr_Willisflames:  i think it depends on the codec to some degree.09:43
Taevthats all im asking for09:43
jayantand in the devices tab in network tools, the wlan0 interface shows as "inactive" state09:44
cantmountanyhdwhat is that image posting site like pastebin ? let me upload the screenshot09:44
alascaDr_Willis,  I have a question, why firefox isn't in the repositories as it is, with no extra things...?09:44
flamesso how to playing wma format in ubuntu???09:44
alascaDr_Willis,  As it is like the version you get from firefox website...09:44
alascaflames,  You need ubuntu restricted package.09:44
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, can't just paste the text?09:44
alasca!restricted package09:44
mneptokflames: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras]09:44
cantmountanyhdcodebrainz: naw, cant copy it09:45
andimeier1after upgrading to lucid, I cannot boot anymore, I suppose the culprit is my "special" configuration: software RAID5 which is not recognized/configured anymore. now I'm stuck in grub: "error: the symbol 'grub_puts_' not found"09:45
maxwellianTaev: Obviously you're frustrated, we get that.  No one's trying to evade your question, we're trying to figure out the best solution.  Believe it or not, people coming in here don't always know the best solution to their problem.09:45
Dr_WillisTaev:  run synaptic, search for firefox,  use package -> force version   menu item09:45
abhi_navI was asking about this in offtopic but no help. if anyonw knows then reply other wise ignore. How to add gadges to google desktop sidebar? (I know this is crossposting. I wait for so many mintus but no help)09:45
Taevthe best solution is just installing the last version of firefox that actually worked09:45
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, this comes up in google: http://imagebin.ca/09:46
TaevI can't seem to find a .deb for that09:46
Taevhehe... THeres NOT a Deb for that09:46
ikoniaTaev: I'll ask again - why are you getting packages from outside the package manager09:46
Taevparody of the Iphone09:46
Dr_WillisTaev:  theres other packages that it may alwo need. so its 'best' to use synaptic. to downgrade the version09:46
maxwellianikonia: Because he was doing a fresh install.09:46
prince_jammysikonia: because he misinterpreted "clean install" to mean that.09:46
Taevand I'll answer again. I DIDN'T. I only downloaded it from mozilla.com just now, for the clean re-install09:46
mneptokTaev: that's not the best solution. the best solution is to determine why Firefox gives you such problems, but not others.09:46
ikoniamaxwellian: but why go from outside the repos ?09:46
ddavidscodebrainz: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/L89n0rbQ09:47
maxwellianikonia: Because he thought that's what you're supposed to do.09:47
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  i thought i just dragged them over there to the side bar last i used google gadgets. or right clciked on teh sidebar and added them09:47
ikoniaah, he's not actually installed it yet09:47
cantmountanyhdcodebrainz: http://yfrog.com/j0screenshothrp09:47
BelseruskHi. I was looking at a friends laptop yesterday. I saw a button on the same row as the help, wireless and power buttons. It has a symbol on it that kind of looks like this: http://michaelgr.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/radioactive-001.png What is its function? I pressed it but nothing happened! The laptop model is a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L1310G09:47
codebrainzddavids, yeah, i can't tell from that, those eerors are useless, try it with a file that is less than 50K lines, more like 20-100 lines long09:47
abhi_navDr_Willis, do I need to install sidebar separately? i installed google desktop but there is no sidebar anywhere09:48
ikoniaBelserusk: that is nothing to do with ubuntu09:48
Taevthanks Dr_Willis09:48
jayantanyone who can help me out here? wireless connection shows up as "device not ready" even after turning on wireless09:48
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  its been ages since i last used it. and i hate the side bar.09:48
abhi_navDr_Willis, ok09:48
RJames_ok.. so I get the phantom login on my desktop system as well09:48
ddavidscodebrainz: will this help? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/L89n0rbQ09:48
RJames_so I suppose my USB drive is suspect09:49
Taevyou know I used to love Ubuntu, but now it seems its moving away from doing what users want, and doing what you think they should do instead, its just like the other day when I asked how to log in as root09:49
Taevno one wanted to say run kuser and set a password for root, it was "oh no" use sudo,09:49
codebrainzddavids, heh, no.  do you have a massive text file open?09:49
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  i just right cluicked on the sidebar. add gadgets - sleected one.. and it went to the sidebar09:49
ezhackxx_@Jayant: Update the OS.09:49
Pirate_HunterTaev, you should delete your current firefox profile found hidden in your home directory, than purge firefox and install whatever version you want usinf sudo aptitude/apt-get install firefox-2/3.0/3.5 etc09:49
prince_jammysTaev: this channel has policies. you don't have to follow them, just don't expect answers for that here.09:49
maxwellianTaev: If I just bought a gun from a gun store and asked the owner how to shoot myself in the foot, do you think it's a good idea for him to show me?09:49
abhi_navDr_Willis, yah I know that but for that atleast the sidebar bar should be ther naa? but it is not there? :(09:49
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  if you dont see a sidebar. check the settings in teh google gadgets appleticon09:49
mneptokTaev: because running as root is dangerous, is not supported, and will not be discussed on this channel per policy.09:50
abhi_navDr_Willis, ok09:50
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  it can show/hide it. :) logical eh09:50
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, easiest solution is to boot back into windows and shutdown properly09:50
Taevto expand on your analogy, if i bought the gun then its MINE. I can do whatever I want with it.09:50
jayant@ezhackxx update the OS? i have ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition..09:50
abhi_navDr_Willis, ok i wll check it09:50
maxwellianTaev: Absolutely, it is.09:50
cantmountanyhdcodebrainz: but i have done it so many times09:50
jayantand i cant get onilne from ubuntu to update or download any packages either..09:50
mneptokTaev: i think you need to accept that Firefox is probably not the issue, and something about your configuration is.09:50
cantmountanyhdcodebrainz:  restart through windows is a proper shut down right ?09:51
maxwellianTaev: But people are generally nice enough to provide you with information that is in your best interest.09:51
Taevdamn it i did what Dr_Willis said to do09:51
ramit_can anybody knows where is uid of hard-disk is09:51
Taevand it reinstalled
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, should be09:51
maxwellianTaev: Even if you rail against it for some reason.09:51
Taevand it just crashed again09:51
ezhackxx_@Jayant Some driver do not come in default09:51
cantmountanyhdcodebrainz:  then i have done it more than a few times09:51
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, you can mount with the --force option, by doing it manually09:51
mneptokTaev: as i said before, move aside your Firefox profile or test with the guest account.09:51
cantmountanyhdya i tried that command in the error msg .. didnt work09:51
Taevlook there has got to be a directory online with the default install packages09:51
Dr_WillisTaev:  if you 'installed' firefox from teh firefox download page. You may need to remove that. or you may be accidently running that version09:51
cantmountanyhdsays i need to be a root09:51
Pirate_HunterTaev, delete your frigging profile your still using the old firefox folders09:51
Taeva version of firefox other than
ddavidscodebrainz: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/PuxLjbR509:52
Pirate_HunterTaev, i've posted the same thing dont know how many times09:52
cantmountanyhdi have terminal open .. i know some sudo or something .. not sure09:52
ezhackxx_@Jayant: I experienced the same probs. Had to connect with a LAN Cable to do that09:52
Dr_WillisTaev:  if you truely insrtalled ff 3.6.3 - then it is downloaded to the /var/cache/apt dir09:52
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, if you feel confident, use 'sudo' before the command09:52
Taevi wiped out that directory last week09:52
Taevto get space09:52
jayant@ezhackxx is there a way to download the drivers from windows and install them on ubuntu later?09:52
Taevand the version i downloaded from mozilla.com to test the clean install was a tar.bz2 that I ran locally from my home folder09:52
Taevi didn't install it09:52
codebrainzddavids, heh, it's that those single line errors mean nothing to me.  if you can't provide actual more errors, i can't tell from those pastebins09:53
ezhackxx_@Jayant: Don't think so09:53
codebrainzddavids, it's not enough for me to go on09:53
ddavidsok, i see but i have no idea how to generate more errors09:53
abhi_navjayant, which drivers?09:53
asianmalecodebrainz: your gay as hell lol09:53
jayantfor my wireless connection.... it says "device not ready"09:54
Pirate_Hunterjayant, the only time I would think of doing that is to be used with an application running wine and you should be able to using firefox unless the site specifically wants you to use IE but than you could try the user agent plugin to bypass that09:54
ezhackxx_@Jayant: If you can lay your hand on a TPLINK Wireless USB Dongle09:54
cantmountanyhddidnt work09:54
codebrainzddavids, when you run from the console, do :  gedit 1>>logfile.txt 2>>logfile.txt  and then see if anything interesting is in logfile.txt09:54
codebrainzmneptok, thank you09:54
ezhackxx_@Jayant: Its driver is preinstalled09:54
* mneptok bows09:54
jayant@ezhackxx  whats that??09:55
cantmountanyhdah anyways , i will go to windows, boot .. and will say shut down .. wont help but no harm in trying09:55
codebrainzcantmountanyhd, worth a try, then come back and fix if it doesn't work09:55
maxwellianDr_Willis: What did you have Taev do, reinstall?09:55
jayanthow can i know? when i try to see the list of hardware drivers nothing shows up09:55
Taevplease would some one give me a url that has a .deb for a version of firefox before 3.6.609:55
TaevIm begging you09:55
prince_jammysstop that.09:56
Pirate_Huntermaxwell_, Dr_Willis : I think the problem might be his profile folder in home but I don't think they understand what I meant09:56
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  use synaptic and select teh older version.. Not sure if he did it properly or not. and IF he did install 3.6.3 the .deb should be in his /var/cache/apt    but  i dont think hes looked.09:56
Dr_WillisPirate_Hunter:  possibaly.09:56
Taevall i can find on FTP Directory trees are the .ISO for ubuntu09:57
TaevI can't find the packages09:57
maxwellianTaev: We're not hiding anything from you.  Trust me, if I had the link I'd give it to you.09:57
maxwellianTaev: Thousands of people are running that version of Firefox.09:57
Pirate_HunterDr_Willis, I get the feeling they are not doing anything that has been suggested and instead just asking about the .deb which wont help them09:57
Dr_WillisTaev:  if you did use synaptic to install teh older version just now - it would be saved in   /var/cache/apt/archives09:58
Dr_Willis!info firefox09:59
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 10976 kB, installed size 29648 kB09:59
prince_jammyswhy bother? he/she invented that getting a different version of Firefox is the solution.09:59
Pirate_HunterTaev, how long you've been using ubuntu, ok im going to give you step by step instructions which you should follow were going to purge firefox, delete its folder and reinstall it again09:59
Taevthats what it installed09:59
=== mikolapiz is now known as miK_olapiz
codebrainzapt-get install iceweasel09:59
Taevwhen i selected force, and 3.whatever09:59
Pirate_HunterTaev, sudo aptitude update (just for the sake of it), than sudo aptitude purge firefox (that willl remove all its components do read what the screen tells you)10:00
Zeu5hi there, sorry i am asking how to use filezilla in ubuntu. i cannot find the edit in filezilla in order to change my settings. please advise.10:00
RJames_I'm tired and defeated.  My mystery login seems to stem either from the USB or the particular netbook iso since I get the same behavior from my netbook and desktop.  Tomorrow I'll try a different ubuntu ISO that I've already downloaded.  Then if that fails, I think I'll try with different flavor of linux.  If all of that fails.  I will renouce all technology and join monkdom.10:00
abhi_navTaev, you want older version of ff and it is not availabl on internet?10:01
Zeu5hi there, sorry i am asking how to use filezilla in ubuntu. i cannot find the edit in filezilla in order to change my settings. please advise. i have seen screenshots in tutorials that it is there. but not on my fielzilla. i am using lucid 10.0.410:01
Pirate_HunterZeu5, i am certain filezilla is an application and you can change its settings through the preferrences menu10:01
codebrainzRJames_, I sell wooden CPUs on the weekends, very *not tech*10:01
Taevthere i just did a complete removal of firefox
Taevgood riddance10:01
Pirate_Hunterabhi_nav, actually it is but I dont thing they know about sudo or commandline but than synaptic has been suggested10:01
RJames_codebrainz: please send me your catalog.10:02
Zeu5hi Pirate_Hunter u mean by system > preferences? it is not there10:02
Taevnow im going to try this firefox_3.6.3+nobinonly-0ubuntu4_i386.deb10:02
* maxwellian sighs.10:02
Pirate_HunterTaev, you mean you sudo aptitude purge firefox? are you sure I need to be certain10:02
abhi_navPirate_Hunter, Taev what I suggest you is go to firefox channel. atleast one of them have older version of firefox. so they will upload it for you on their website. your sent you throu some link. see that10:02
RJames_ok fellas and non-fellas.  You take care.  Thanks for all your suggestions and helps and the oh-so-good-times10:03
maxwellianPirate_Hunter: Dude, give up.10:03
codebrainzRJames_, http://www.bizrate.com/learning-toys/wooden-abacus-toys/10:03
Pirate_HunterZeu5, filezilla is an application you need to start it than set your preferences10:03
RJames_codebrainz: LOL. too advanced for me.10:03
ingeniusAnyone can help me with a termios problem ?10:03
codebrainzRJames_, night :)10:03
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i already started it. i really cannot find this file, edit, etc10:03
Taevdpkg: error processing firefox (--install):10:03
Taev dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:03
TaevErrors were encountered while processing:10:03
Taev firefox10:03
FloodBot1Taev: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:03
Taev 10:03
maxwellianPirate_Hunter: I understand the frustration on their end, but I've never seen someone so disinterested in actually solving a problem.10:03
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter:  that is why i find it so werid10:03
Pirate_Huntermaxwellian,  I will than start calling troll and block them until than doing step by step removal is not that difficult10:03
prince_jammysTaev: install firefox with aptitude.10:04
Pirate_HunterZeu5, why do you find it weird?10:04
Taevit will just install 3.6.610:04
* Dr_Willis waits ffor Taev 's older firefox to also crash.10:04
TaevI don't want 3.6.6. since its buggy10:04
Taevit wouldn't install10:04
prince_jammysTaev: install it.10:04
Pirate_HunterZeu5, http://filezilla-project.org/client_screenshots.php that is how it looks like10:04
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: because they all say the same thing http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73369710:04
Dr_WillisI did have some conflicts with trying to downgrade to 3.6.3 just now.. but i have a lot of extra stuff installed.10:04
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i dont have Edit.10:04
Pirate_Hunterprince_jammys, dont tell him to install it they must remove it the profile directory first10:05
prince_jammysPirate_Hunter: he's done so.10:05
prince_jammysor at least said he did.10:05
prince_jammyseither way, he can remove it after reinstalling.10:05
Pirate_HunterTaev, did you remove it and please use my name10:05
Taevthere i did as Pirate_Hunter suggested, sudo aptitude update, then sudo aptitude purge firefox10:05
Pirate_Hunterprince_jammys, true but im doing baby steps somehting I rarely do10:06
Taevnow what?10:06
Dr_WillisTaev:  try running 'firefox' from the terminal and see if it runs10:06
maxwellianDr_Willis: Gah, hold on.10:06
TaevI already did that, and I did firefox -safe-mode, they crashed10:06
Taevnow i just purged firefox10:06
Taevso I can't do it again10:06
Pirate_HunterTaev,  good, now go to your home directory, which has the folders Documents, Downloads etc and press ctrl+H to show hidden folders10:06
Dr_WillisTaev:  so 'firefox' now gives a 'command not found' ?10:07
Taevyou want me to delete .mozilla?10:07
Taevis that it10:07
maxwellianDr_Willis: I don't think he ever got an older version to install.10:07
eokeTaev: Avoid deleting anything until you know that's the problem just rename it.10:07
Taevyeah Dr_Willis10:07
Pirate_HunterZeu5, huh? I dont know what your following but filezilla can be installed from synaptic or command line10:07
codebrainzTaev,   apt-get --reinstall --purge install firefox, try that?10:07
maxwelliancodebrainz: Gah, wait.10:07
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: see this http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/7ZWUAtHfPxUXxTmbAgKlqg?feat=directlink10:08
TaevIll rename .mozilla to .moz366sucks10:08
Dr_Willis!info firefox10:08
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 10976 kB, installed size 29648 kB10:08
Pirate_HunterTaev, justt delete it10:08
Taevthere its done10:08
Dr_WillisSo they Put the ff Updates in 'main' not backports  it seems.10:08
Taevnow what? apt-get install firefox ?10:08
Pirate_HunterZeu5, what window manager do you have?10:09
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i think its gnome?10:09
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: sorry i am very noob. i dont even know the difference between kde and gnome etc10:09
Taevwell since no one answered, i just did apt-get install firefox10:09
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: how do i check ?10:09
maxwellianTaev: Smart move.10:09
Pirate_HunterTaev, check the config folder for nay remains of firefolx/mozilla files or folders even knowing I think you removed it all after that do sudo aptitude search firefox and tell me which version you want10:10
maxwellianTaev: I wonder how you end with configurations that crash...10:10
Taevit crashed10:10
Taevok, guess i have to purge again10:10
codebrainzTaev,   apt-get --reinstall --purge install firefox, try that?10:11
Taevwhat does "score is -172" do you accept this solution, mean?10:11
Taevit wants to remove ubuntu-desktop10:11
prince_jammysthat's ok.10:11
codebrainzTaev, it will reinstall, it's just a metapackage10:11
SagaciYeah it's a bit funny like that10:11
Pirate_HunterZeu5, it should tell you on start up or you can go to system>administrator>and one of the option there tells you your system info10:11
floatingAnyone remember the name of dictionary software that allows you to search words that you click for example on irc or web browser such as babylon10:12
SagaciSystem monitor10:12
maxwelliancodebrainz: Really?  Why is it set up that way?10:12
Pirate_HunterDr_Willis, care to help me here I need to know how identify which version of ubuntu Zeu5 is using?10:12
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »10:12
Pirate_HunterSagaci, thanks10:12
floatingI mean babylon is the windows program that is not freeware10:12
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i am using lucid. 10.0.410:12
codebrainzmaxwellian, they make one metapackage, and that installs all the stuff they want on top of the base system10:12
floatingah, must have been stardict10:12
TaevI did aptitude search firefox and it just lists a bunch of extension packages10:13
Taevand dummy packages10:13
Taevno specific versions10:13
Pirate_HunterZeu5, ok you are using gnome10:13
codebrainzmaxwellian, you could make a package depend on anything, like all the kde packages (kubuntu-desktop) etc.10:13
Taevfirefox -safe-mode Segmentation Fault10:13
maxwelliancodebrainz: I get that, but why would they remove the desktop metapackage if you're removing firefox?10:13
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: yes i just found it. its gnome. according to the login screen10:13
maxwelliancodebrainz: Surely other things depend on it?10:13
Pirate_HunterTaev, you looking for the ones that say firefo-2, firefox-3.0 etc choose which version you want than do sudo aptitude install that [version type]10:14
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: so whats next?10:14
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
codebrainzmaxwellian, because ubuntu-desktop depends on firefox10:14
maxwelliancodebrainz: Oh, duh.  I didn't know that.10:14
Pirate_HunterZeu5, I am just wondering if you open nautilus does the same thing happen?10:14
codebrainzmaxwellian, but removing ubuntu-desktop just removes the meta-packages, not all that it depends on10:14
prince_jammysmaxwellian: no, a metapackage is just a hack so that when you install it, it auto-installs a bunch of packages. Once you remove any of _those_ packages, the metapackage can be (must be) removed.10:14
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: on any folders?10:14
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i see the file edit etc when i open a folder10:15
prince_jammysmaxwellian: i.e. the metapackage contains _nothing_ but a list of dependencies.10:15
Pirate_HunterZeu5, on any folder as that would be global or do all your application open like that10:15
SagaciLike ubuntu-restricted-extras10:15
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: right now i am using chatzilla and i also can see its edit, etc10:15
codebrainzmaxwellian, it's just an easy way to install all the packages that make "ubuntu" in one "fictional" package10:15
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: only filezilla apparently is missing the file edit.etc10:15
SagaciPretty good hack10:16
abhinavHi ..  I installed ubuntu on a new computer (lucid, 64 bit) and copied over my /home and installed packages. However, I get some widgets in wierd colors . as if the theme hasn't applied. This is with both compiz and metacity.10:16
maxwelliancodebrainz: Okay, so all the things that supposedly depend on ubuntu-desktop are still there.10:16
abhinavSome screenshots : http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=162366&d=1278230001 , http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=162367&d=127823000110:16
codebrainzmaxwellian, all the things that ubuntu-desktop depends on remain in tact10:16
crevilloanyone knows a psd-viewer for ubuntu?10:17
maxwelliancodebrainz: Oh, so I have it backwards?10:17
prince_jammysmaxwellian: err, backwords. all the things ubuntu-desktop depends on.10:17
Taevok, I have mozilla's crappy 3.6.6 installed now10:17
Pirate_HunterZeu5, weird I just installed it myself and your saying it is only filezilla that has the problem10:17
Taevit keeps crashing saying seg fault10:17
maxwellianprince_jammys, codebrainz: Thanks, I'll have to look into these metapackages more.10:17
codebrainzmaxwellian, grab a .deb package, extract it with file-roller and have a look at the contents, it'll all make sense... also see Debian Package Maintainer's Guide10:18
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: perhaps i need to reinstall it/10:18
shubbarwin xp on virtualbox is not detecting my usb scanner eventhough i have made a usb filter for the scanner in vb setting10:18
Taevdo i have to uninstall firefox, to install one of the other versions, Pirate_Hunter10:18
prince_jammysTaev: you should explore why this is happening.10:18
Taeva buggy version of 3.6.610:18
Pirate_HunterZeu5, I wouldve thouth it happened to all your applications I would start suggesting a reinstall which you just typed but would purge it first and its files from home10:18
prince_jammyssays who?10:18
Taevbecause the last version worked fine10:18
Taevoccams razor10:18
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: how do i export all my settings first?10:19
codebrainzcrevillo, evince?10:19
matt____Good morning, If I'm trying to get a VGA analog display device to show picture through a DVI port (with an adapter), and am having problems detecting it with NVIDIA control panel in Ubuntu, is it most likely an xorg.conf issue? Thanks10:19
prince_jammysTaev: ah, and your system is identical in every way to the old working firefox except for firefox version?10:19
crevillodon't know it, let's try :)10:19
Pirate_HunterTaev, most of the times you dont as it will replace the current version but you do need to delete the firefox folderhidden in home10:19
crevillothanks codebrainz10:19
Taevi did Pirate_Hunter10:19
codebrainzcrevillo, or epdf, both great10:19
Taevwell i mv'ed it10:19
maxwellianTaev: Not only that, but the thousands of either people using that version just haven't noticed that their browser doesn't actually run.10:19
Taevill delete it10:19
crevillothanks again, codebrainz10:20
maxwellianTaev: Other, rather.10:20
codebrainzcrevillo, yo10:20
prince_jammysNormally, you describe your problem and others provide solutions. You don't provide the solution yourself.10:20
Pirate_HunterZeu5, those would most likely be in /etc/filezilla or hidden in you ~/[your name]/.filezilla/...10:20
codebrainzmidori to the rescue !  /sarcasm10:20
eokematt____: A DVI to VGA adapter typically prevents your computer from collecting the EDID data from your monitor.  The EDID data tells the computer the performance characteristics of the monitor.10:20
Pirate_HunterTaev, than yeah just install it, good luck if all fails stick to another browser10:21
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maxwellianTaev: The worst case scenario is that this IS actually a very critical bug, in which case we need to report it, not just curse it and hope that next time you update it doesn't happen again.10:21
TaevI just deleted the .mozilla directory10:22
Taevand I did a complete removal of firefox10:22
eokematt____: A work around I've used in the past is getting the EDID data using the nvidia-settings tool and then using a CustomEDID reference in the Xorg conf file.10:22
matt____eoke: Oh, I never knew that. Do you know if it's possible to give the EDID data manually?10:22
matt____eoke: Oh - thanks. I'll look into that.10:22
Taevnow do the aptitude search firefox?10:23
gryllidaTaev: yes10:23
* prince_jammys giggles.10:23
eokematt____: I wasn't very clear sorry the nvidia-settings tool needs to be connected via DVI to save the EDID data to a file.10:23
prince_jammyslet's try it fifteen times, maybe it works now.10:23
Taevwhich package should I install? firefox 2., firefox 310:23
Taevthey say they are dummy packages10:23
TaevI want a version other than
prince_jammysyou don't really know what you want.10:24
prince_jammysyou want firefox to work, that's what you want.10:24
Dr_Willisi  wonder if its a bad package/download. but it has checksums for that10:24
codebrainzTaev,   apt-get --reinstall --purge install firefox, try that?10:24
SagaciTry chromium10:24
Taevfine ill try that right now10:24
prince_jammysdon't invent what the problem is10:24
codebrainzah, the up arrow key10:24
Dr_Willis3.6.6 is the default. so thast will put 3.6.6 back on10:25
maxwellianDr_Willis: Why is it the default?  I'm seeing articles from last week describing how to install 3.6.6 on Ubuntu.10:25
Taevi did it10:25
Taevit crashed again10:25
Dr_Willis!info firefox10:25
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 10976 kB, installed size 29648 kB10:25
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  that factoid says its 3.6.6 now in main10:25
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: how do i purge my previous installation of filezilla?10:26
Taevso now that I've done that. How do I install a version of firefox other than
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  i thought it was added to backports..but it seems they Updated main10:26
codebrainzTaev, have you run it from the terminal, to see what it's telling you is wrong?10:26
Pirate_Huntersudo apt-get purge filezilla10:26
TaevSegmentation Fault10:26
maxwelliancodebrainz: He said it was just a seg fault.10:26
matt____eoke: Sorry I don't understand fully... what do you mean nvidia-settings tool needs to be connected via DVI? Thanks10:26
TaevLook this shit only started when I updated to 3.6.6., so I want to install the previous package I had and see if it works10:27
Taevif it works then its 3.6.6. is buggy, if it doesn't it means its a problem with my system10:27
Pirate_HunterZeu5, your problem seems to be unique only one listing of it and that has got no response coincidently it might have been you asking in ubuntu forums10:27
Taevthere has got to be a directory ubuntu keeps of all the files they include with a release10:27
codebrainz3.6.6 works fine here :)10:27
Taevso you're saying it can't possibly be a buggy package, and that trying it my way is a waste of time?10:28
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  which is why i wonder if his package is the issue.it may be currupted10:28
Taevbecause it works for your system...10:28
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: huh? i only posted my isssue in superuser. i did not post in ubuntu forums10:28
eokematt____: The solution I've used in the past required me to connect the monitor to a DVI port initially, possibly on another machine altogether.  Theres then an "Acquire EDID" button in nvidia-settings.  This saves the EDID data to a file that you can then use when connecting via the VGA adapter.10:28
codebrainzTaev, you can see all the files with dpkg -s firefox10:28
maxwellianDr_Willis: He keeps re-installing it though.10:28
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Taevlook where does adept check for new ubuntu packages10:28
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Taevthere has got to be a list of the previous firefox .deb packages ubuntu has put out10:29
Pirate_HunterZeu5, than it is someone else and it still has no response try to purge than reisntall it10:29
maxwellianTaev: Didn't you download one already?10:29
codebrainzerr, Taev capitol -S10:29
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i tried to use the completely removed, followed by an installaiton. stil the same thing10:29
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: where is that post you were talking about?10:29
matt____eoke: I got it that time... I'll go try, thanks for your help.10:30
Pirate_HunterZeu5, if the samething happens try closing and running it from terminal it should tell you the problem10:30
Pirate_HunterZeu5, one sec10:30
maxwellianTaev: Dr_Willis put a link to that page up like ten minutes ago.  But he wasn't able to do the downgrade, so I hope it works better for you.10:30
prince_jammys http://www.worldlingo.com/ma/enwiki/en/XY_problem is a nice page you can visit when you get firefox fixed.10:31
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  i tried via synaptic. dident try teh .deb10:31
maxwellianDr_Willis: Ah.10:31
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  yes. he need to tell apt/aptitude to use the older version.10:31
Pirate_HunterZeu5, http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=873770510:32
maxwellianprince_jammys: Nice. :)10:32
Pirate_HunterDr_Willis, they've still have not resolved the FF issue even afetr choosing another version?10:33
prince_jammysmaxwellian: text book example here, with many dragged in.10:33
Pirate_HunterZeu5, does terminall tell you anything10:33
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: running filezilla from terminal made no difference. expect when i closed it10:33
Dr_WillisPirate_Hunter:  whatg issue? ive not seen any issues10:33
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: kei@kei-laptop:~$ filezilla10:33
Zeu5(filezilla:30455): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_ref: assertion `object->ref_count > 0' failed10:33
maxwellianprince_jammys: I think I'm gonna save that link for later...10:34
Taevwell apparently i can't downgrade10:34
Taevdependency issues10:34
prince_jammysmaxwellian: http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=54234110:34
Taevthis is just great10:34
maxwellianTaev: What happened?10:34
maxwellianTaev: What did you try to do?10:34
Taevit wont install because of dependencies10:34
Taevso I forced it10:34
Pirate_Hunter Dr_Willis, never mind I am resisting suggesting through pm maybe W$ would be better :(10:35
Taevwon't run10:35
Pirate_HunterZeu5, would've thought it would state anything about gtk hmmm10:35
Taevit seems to only crash on cnn.com10:35
darkasHi! I'm having problems with my touchpad on the Acer Aspire 1830T (netbook remix, 10.4): any configuration I'm doing isn't applied. So the changes are done in the menus and are actually saved, but I can configure what I want without any effect. The relevant part of my Xorg.0.log is: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/64TE3nta10:35
darkasIs there anyone who could help me with that please?10:35
maxwellianTaev: What?!10:35
Dr_WillisTaev:  so all this time i just crashes on ONE site?10:35
SagaciAsk your question10:36
maxwellianTaev: Are you freaking kidding?10:36
Taevit just crashes reliably on cnn.com10:36
Taevit just crashed on slashdot 1 out of the 3 times i just reloaded it10:36
maxwellianTaev: Everything you've said so far is that it won't even run.10:36
TaevNo I said it crashes10:36
Taev100% of the time on cnn.com, 80% of the time with everything else10:36
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bleahi have a problem whit my webcam , the picture is upside down ... how can i fix thus problem , i have a laptop and i use lubuntu10:37
prince_jammysTaev: never mind, that's a bug for 'no-script' extension.10:37
maxwellianprince_jammys: Presumably he doesn't have any extensions, right?10:38
Taevso... it was a bug with 3.6.6.?10:38
Taevnow how do I fix it?10:38
prince_jammysmaxwellian: yes, just reinstalled.10:38
prince_jammysTaev: no, it's a mistake of mine. not a bug for you. it doesn mention cnn.com, coincidentally10:39
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: so what do i do now10:39
eokebleah: You could try "echo 1 >/sys/class/video4linux/video0/vflip"10:39
Dr_WillisTaev:  you could also try gettting the packages from antoehr source/repository - it could be the .deb you are downloaading has some issues.10:39
TaevFirefox crashes at cnn.com is the headline10:39
Dr_WillisI cant find any hits at all on the forums with ff 3.6.6 crashing10:39
bleaheoke i get error , no such fie or diredtory10:40
TaevIt crashes only sometimes (simply shuts down with no message) when visiting certain sites such as www.cnn.com, I receive the following error message if starting Firefox through the console, running on Ubuntu 8.04:10:40
Dr_Willisand cnn.com  is working here for 3.6.6 - and if its segfaulting theinstant it starts up..  i have to ask.. is cnn.com your homepage?10:40
TaevIm running 8.0410:40
FloodBot1Taev: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:40
bleahshould i install any package _10:40
Taevits crashing for me at cnn.com10:40
maxwellianTaev: I'm just...astounded.10:40
codebrainzbleah, pastebin the output of 'ls /dev/video*'10:40
prince_jammysTaev: but you say it crashes in many other sites, too, correct?10:40
Dr_Willis8.04 ? Hmm.. i dont recall you mentioning using  that old a version befor.10:40
maxwellianTaev: I understand that you are frustrated, but you are really making this difficult on yourself.10:40
eokebleah: Could you pastebin the output of lsub as well please.10:40
maxwellianTaev: You're using 8.04?!10:41
eokebleah: CORRECTION: Could you pastebin the output of lsusb as well please.10:41
Pirate_HunterZeu5, for now you may want to try a different ftp client until I can find soemthing to resolve you problem, this problem should've been global not just on filezilla10:41
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prince_jammysmaxwellian: classic XY. tons of time wasted.10:41
mouseoverWhat is the safe/correct place for me to edit .xinitrc files? of other X related files10:41
eokeTaev: Is firefox ok on sites that don't have flash content?10:41
maxwellianprince_jammys: This is almost funny now.10:41
prince_jammysmaxwellian: happens all the time on irc :)10:42
Taevgive me a site that doesn't have flash10:42
Taevas a control10:42
codebrainzmouseover, in ~/.xinitrc ... pretty safe :)10:42
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: sounds like you may need a while. i cannot be here for the rest of today. is there a way u can drop me a message? how about a superuser.com account?10:42
maxwellianprince_jammys: I'm actually laughing right now.10:42
eokeTaev: www.google.co.uk10:42
Taevno it didn't crash10:42
maxwellianprince_jammys: Anyway, he can't actually be using 8.10, because he said Update Manager got him 3.6.6 didn't he?10:43
SagaciFlash issue10:43
Pirate_HunterZeu5, no worries im mostly afk but if you pm me I'll respond10:43
bleaheoke , http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/459065/10:43
Taevi tried  sudo apt-get install --reinstall mozilla-plugin-gnash like that one page suggested10:43
eokeTaev: Can you disable the shockwave flash plugin and try the sites that were causing you to crash before.10:43
Taevhell i just installed adobe flash 1010:43
codebrainzbleah, what is the output of 'ls -s /dev/video*'10:44
Taevstill crashes with adobe flash 10 installed10:44
Pirate_HunterSagaci, nope user issue and they dont want a different browser I would suggest epiphany-browser since it is close to firefox10:44
eokeTaev: It may be problematic with your older version of Ubuntu.10:44
Taevok ill try that eoke10:44
janhi guys, I need to write gnome applet which gets a value from html page from server and show it on gnome panel. I've found some examples and tutorials, but I'm still confused from it. Can someone help, please? :)10:44
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: okie then. i will leave in 20 mins time. really appreciate your help. bye bye if i dont see u later10:44
Taevhow do I disable flash?10:44
TaevI never had to do it before10:44
Pirate_HunterZeu5, if you really need to use ftp urgently i would suggest for now another client otherwise just come back later who knows someone might actually know how to fix that10:44
bleaheoke , http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/459067/10:44
maxwellianTaev: Can you please run 'lsb_release -a' and make sure you're running 8.10?10:45
codebrainzjan, easiest is to probably use python.. it has gnome bindings to all of this and excellent remote file stuff built-in10:45
maxwellianTaev: I don't understand how you ended up with 3.6.6 if that's the case.10:45
Taevim not running 8.1010:45
TaevIm running 8.04 Hardy10:45
codebrainzbleah, what program are you testing in?10:45
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i realised that it is actually there.  but just not visible.  i need to press ALt + E10:45
Taevso how do i disable flash on firefox?10:46
stimpiehow do I manage which services are started on boot?10:46
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: this is super weird10:46
jancodebrainz: thanks, I'll take a look on it.10:46
bleahoutput of lspci http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/459068/10:46
Taevhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-noscript/+bug/231769  that page has my problem dead to rights, but they closed it10:47
eokeTaev: Did you mean to say "without"?10:47
Taevsaying they didn't post the required info10:47
prince_jammysTaev: ignore that URL, it was a mistake.10:47
eokeTaev: Sorry ignore that just read an old post my bad10:47
Pirate_HunterZeu5, eeerh at least you realised it probably a feature of the application10:47
Taevno it wasn't10:47
codebrainzbleah, eoke  so there is a video0 device ...10:47
Taevits my exact problem10:47
Taev8.04, crashes on cnn.com10:47
Taevseg fault10:47
Taevits my exact problem10:47
maxwellianTaev: We can all read.10:47
maxwellianTaev: That is referring to an extension that you don't have.10:47
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: but it is still not visible. blearh... i am sick of this10:47
Pirate_HunterZeu5, since I dont use ftp clients I wouldn't have known at leats now I know and you can go help that other person in ubuntu forums10:48
prince_jammysTaev: does the bug report say 'segfault'?10:48
Taevhow do you know I don't have it?10:48
SagaciTrying switching browsers10:48
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: all i can say is that i have to live with using Alt keys10:48
maxwellianTaev: Because you reinstalled, supposedly.  You woudln't have it by default.10:48
codebrainzbleah, i can only recommend using xawtv package to see if it works10:48
Pirate_HunterZeu5, try reading the man pages might give you a clue and are you sing the default theme(s) or a metacity/ruby/cmpiz version try taking those off10:49
maxwellianTaev: But frankly I wouldn't at all be surprised if you do have it, and several other extensions, and neglected to mention it.10:49
Taevso how do I disable flash on firefox10:49
eokeTaev: Tools > Addons > Plugins10:49
SagaciTaev: install wine and run IE6 through it. It may be better than your current situation10:49
bleahthe webcam working , but the imge is upside down ... can xawtv help me to fix this problem ??10:49
codebrainzTaev, sudo apt-get install windows-xp-sp310:49
prince_jammysSagaci: come on.10:50
codebrainzbleah, worth a shot10:50
codebrainzbleah, what eoke said should fix it though10:50
bleahok , i try10:50
VilasBoashi i'm having problems with my lamp ubuntu 10.4 and Vhost10:51
VilasBoasi instaled drupal on /var/www/drupal-17/ but the vhost send it to /var/www/10:51
VilasBoasi already have DocumentRoot /var/www/drupal-6.17/ on the vosts but it seems to not be working10:51
* Pirate_Hunter wonders if #ubuntu became a paid service how much he would get?10:51
Taevok the list of plugs in i have is: Divx, GCJ web browser, gxine starter plugin, itunes app detector, quicktime, shockwave flash, totem web browser, vlc multimedia, windows media player plugin10:51
codebrainzPirate_Hunter, 3.5010:51
Sagacisudo apt-get install antivirusproXP2011-goldedition10:51
maxwellianAre those default plugins?10:51
prince_jammysVilasBoas: i recommend a more specific channel, like #drupal, or #httpd for apache.10:51
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, hmmm I think definitely more than that10:52
Taevok, disabling flash worked10:52
Taevits not crashing10:52
Zeu5Pirate_Hunter: i did use compiz to have that very cool 3d cube effect thing. but i dont think i change the default theme in anwya10:52
Dr_Willisand people wonder why we 'LOVE' flash so much...10:52
VilasBoasprince_jammys ok10:52
Taevi seem to have 2 shockwave flash plugins10:52
Taevis that normal?10:52
codebrainzPirate_Hunter, 4.50?  that's as high as i can go10:52
SagaciLike having two heads10:52
xiaoguihi guys, does anyone know how to delete "Places" option in the menu bar of Ubuntu10.0.4,  leaving only "Applications " and "System" on the panel?10:53
maxwellianTaev: What are their names?10:53
Pirate_HunterZeu5, try disabling compiz or any composite effect just for testing purposes10:53
Taevshockwave flash 9.0 r277, and shockwave flash movie player verison 0.4.1210:53
Taevi disabled them both10:53
MikeChelenxiaogui: right click and "edit menus"10:53
Taevim going to re-enable one10:53
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, than I will refuse to give support on certain issues and only work half day on weekend you wont get any better than10:53
Taevok when i re-enabled the shockwave flash movie player, it crashed10:53
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: is it possible to just install on usb stick kernel + initrd + syslinux from ubuntu installer, and fetch all the rest from the network?10:53
eokeTaev: I'm not sure if it's a problem but I've only got the one entry myself.10:53
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maxwellianTaev: Try switching to the other one.10:54
Pirate_HunterTaev,  there is your problem keep flash off10:54
Taevok it works fine as long as I don't have Shockwave Flash Movie Player enabled10:54
Taevso thats your solution, not use flash?10:54
Taevi guess thats not a bug, its a random programing feature10:54
codebrainzmichal|3s, look for the hdd-image (i know debian has it)10:55
Dr_WillisTaev:  write a dirty letter to adobe. Its a bug in flash i would say10:55
maxwellianTaev: You disabled one, and you're using the other one?10:55
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, dont think why not considering ubuntu supports network install however you may want to look into that as long as you can point it to the usb it shouldn't be a problem10:55
codebrainzmichal|3s, then you just zcat it to the usb disk10:55
Taevshockwave flash 9.0 r277 enabled works and shockwave flash movie player verison 0.4.12 enabled crashes firefox10:55
michal|3sthat would be idea (hdd-image)10:55
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, by the way did you try plop did it work as it stated on the site at least did it detect the usb?10:55
TaevI didn't have this problem until I updated to
maxwellianTaev: Can you go to flash sites with the one you have?10:55
Taevgive me a flash site10:55
Taevas a control10:55
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: i get the same errors still10:55
eokeTaev: How did you install flash in the first place?10:55
maxwellianTaev: youtube.com10:56
michal|3sit 's not bootloader releated10:56
SagaciTaev: live and learn10:56
eokeTaev: www.youtube.com10:56
Taevi had it installed since i installed the system10:56
michal|3sit fails much later10:56
Taevvia synaptic10:56
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, which error where you getting10:56
Taevas I said. the problem didn't start until i updated to
eokeTaev: Can you remember exactly which package you installed?10:56
Taevyoutube.com works10:56
Pirate_HunterSgaci what was the problem?10:56
Taevflash-nonfree, something like that10:56
maxwellianTaev: Okay, so we learned a lot here.  First of all, there was not a problem with Firefox.10:56
maxwellianTaev: Isn't that amazing.10:57
TaevOh so every thing working fine until I installed 3.6.6. doesn't matter at all10:57
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, what is the error you're getting10:57
eokeTaev: That sounds about right I'm just not sure what the movie player plugin you had is or where it came from.10:57
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: one second...10:57
Taevits got to be the flash plugin i installed 2 years ago10:57
maxwellianTaev: Yes, you have a two year old flash plugin.10:57
Taevnever mind the fact that all this started when I updated to
maxwellianTaev: And a new flash plugin which probably came with
Pirate_HunterTaev,  but you managed to not tell that to anyone10:58
Taevno one asked10:58
Taevif I knew it was a flash problem, i wouldn't have had to come here10:58
Taevwould I?10:58
maxwellianTaev: No, you KNEW it was a Firefox problem.10:58
Taevit is a problem with firefox10:58
TaevOpera is working fine10:58
prince_jammysTaev: you should simply describe the problem.10:58
codebrainzTaev, wtf?  it shouldn't be this hard.  sudo rm -rf /home/you/.mozilla/plugins/* /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/* && apt-get --reinstall --purge install firefox flashplugin-nonfree10:59
prince_jammysTaev: you wasted much time because you were convinced that downgrading firefox was the solution10:59
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TaevAll the other browsers were working, I had made no changes to the system except updating to firefox 3.6.6, Occam's razor.10:59
maxwelliancodebrainz: He's got it working.10:59
tsooiI fixed all my flash problems today ^^10:59
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, relax problem solved end of it10:59
Dr_Willistsooi:  purged flash eh? :)10:59
Taevand it would have worked10:59
codebrainzsorry, just read too much wasted time11:00
Taevsince the last version of firefox worked11:00
prince_jammysTaev: Occam's razor my foot.11:00
tsooiFlash is finally working, in firefox and opera 10.6011:00
* Dr_Willis shaves with occams razor11:00
prince_jammyswaste 'o time because you think you know solutions when you don't11:00
Dr_Willismaxwellian:  i thought i saw a new flash in the updates also.11:00
Taevyeah the fact that the problem started when i installed firefox 3.6.6, that wouldn't lead anyone to believe it was the new firefox11:00
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, and apparently you would pay 4.50 an hour for support hmmm I dont think it is worth it unless I get my demands11:01
prince_jammysTaev: now that you have firefox working, you can visit that nice link i left for you.11:01
Taevnone of you knew the solution either.11:01
Dr_Willisi saw about 20 updates yesterday including firefox and flash11:01
Taevexcept whoever found that site11:01
tsooiI used a script on ubuntu forums, I think the script installed the 32bit adobe flash player, and removed some other stuff automatically11:01
Taevwith the problem detailed on it11:01
gryllidaTaev: I wasn't watching, sorry, how did you solve the issue? or didn't you? what did you try?11:01
codebrainzPirate_Hunter, full dental, medical, 3 weeks vacation11:01
maxwellianTaev: That site was a coincidence.11:01
eokeTaev: Did you say you were on Ubuntu 8.1011:01
Daltonbonjour quelqu'un peut-il me dire comment joindre le reseaux de ubuntu en fr11:01
prince_jammysTaev:  solution to what? wasting too much time answering "how to downgrade firefox?" You didn't even give the reasons for this until _I_ extracted them from you.11:01
Taevthat link you posted, those people had the same problem I had, they upgraded to 3.6.6. on Ubuntu 8.0411:01
Taevand sites with flash crashed firefox11:02
gryllida!fr | Dalton11:02
ubottuDalton: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:02
Taevso I disabled flash11:02
prince_jammyslemme test this irc command here.11:02
Taevoh christ you asked me the same questions how many times11:02
tsooiI also use a flash blocker to not load all flash files, so I open flash files selectively.11:02
codebrainzDalton, essayer #ubuntu-qc11:02
oCean_Taev: watch your language in this channel11:02
gryllidaTaev: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/The+Adobe+Flash+plugin+has+crashed11:02
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, hmmm I lift one eyebrow that 3 week vacation does seem interesting but....11:02
Taevdid I run firefox in the terminal, yes, did i run it in safe mode yes, what did it say, seg fault, do this purge, do this install -reinstall --purge11:02
TaevI did everything you asked, and answered every question11:02
Taevgryllida, solved it11:03
codebrainzPirate_Hunter, we have a good coffee maker!?11:03
gryllidaTaev: how?11:03
* Dr_Willis fell asleep11:03
Taevthat link11:03
gryllidawhat link?11:03
prince_jammysTaev: i never asked you the same question twice. i never suggested any of those things. i began to ask for symptoms, but you quickly reverted to "how do i downgrade firefox to a version that doesn't suck?"11:03
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, you won me over :D but im joining the union just encase11:03
maxwelliangryllida: Please note that the bug is filed under NoScript.11:03
gryllidaprince_jammys, Taev, issue solved, relax :)11:03
Taevi gave you the symptoms, firefox would crash saying segfault11:04
TaevI can't give you any other symptoms if there aren't any11:04
codebrainzPirate_Hunter, no dice, otherwise I'll outsource your ass in a hurry11:04
oCean_codebrainz: please stay on topic11:04
eokeLet's go back to loving one another, it's not worth arguing folks.11:04
codebrainzoCean_, yes mother11:04
Taevyou had zero impact on solving this issue11:04
Pirate_Hunterpeople relax problem has been solved at least we learned an important lesson which has a good moral, I just can't think of it right now but it is there11:04
Taevit was gryllida, Pirate_Hunter, Dr_Willis and sorry if I forgot anyone11:05
prince_jammysthe questioner didn't learn jack.11:05
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, no union :( I will have to think about it11:05
Taevthat I should have magically known that by firefox crashing and saying segfault that there is a bug with 3.6.6. + flash + ubuntu 8.04 ?11:05
spiky_Pirate_Hunter>keptme ammused11:06
Taevthats a bit of a stretch.11:06
Pirate_Huntercodebrainz, nah not worth it without the union and they are picky about their coffee11:06
* Dr_Willis totally missed the 8.04 part11:06
codebrainzPirate_Hunter, I've been censored ... /muted11:06
oCean_Pirate_Hunter: drop it, stay on topic11:06
TaevBug 231769 to be exact.11:06
maxwellianTaev: That is NOT your bug.11:06
gryllidacodebrainz: ?11:06
Pirate_Hunterspiky_, if your talking about the recent problem and not me being able to get away with an offtopic conversation than yeah it kept everyone amused11:06
maxwellianTaev: If nothing else, please do not go away thinking that is your bug.11:07
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: interesting. i've put installer on the usb. it boots, says 'gfxmode unknown keyword' and the screen goes black11:07
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: i can pres esc, and if i'm fast enough i can get the boot menu11:07
Taevso... ignoring the fact that those people had the same exact problem, with the same exact version of firefox, with the same exact version of ubuntu, and the same solution worked for me11:07
TaevRight I can see how that could mislead some one11:07
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: than i have a choice. well, let's try 'live-install'11:07
codebrainzgryllida, this is the Canonical's support channel, yada yada11:07
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, hmmm is that when using plop, f so you might want to search online or check if they got a forum and ask their11:08
maxwellianTaev: That bug was for NoScript, and extension which you don't have.11:08
Taevperhaps the bug is more inclusive that just having Noscript11:08
xiaoguiMikechelen: i still couldn't delete "Places". The main menu only has "Applications " and "System" options, since i can't even find the "Places" option, i failed to delete it. Sorry , i'm a newbie here...11:08
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: nah, that's what i get using normal syslinux11:08
maxwellianTaev: Absolutely, that could be.  But you have no idea if that's the case.11:08
maxwellianTaev: It's those kinds of leaps in reasoning that have caused you so much trouble.11:08
Taevno what caused me the trouble was when adept updated to the new firefox11:08
maxwellianTaev: The fact is that you were trying to run a two-year-old version of Flash alongside a brand new one.11:09
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: squashfs_error, etc11:09
TaevIm sure adept updated it11:09
maxwellianTaev: Yes, that's right.11:09
Taevand I did install the newest version of adobe flash 10 like that readme suggested11:09
maxwellianTaev: There's nothing wrong with having a new version of Flash.  There MAY be a problem with trying to simultaneously run a two-year-old version.11:10
maxwellianTaev: Does that part at least make sense?11:10
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, weird I thought with plop if you're using it you wouldn't have needed syslinux etc to boot the usb it would've just picked up the iso file, hmmm tell me how it goes if you manage right a tutorial for me to follow, I'll bookmark it until I can get my hand on an old machine11:10
TaevI said I installed Flash 2 years ago. You know damn well adept package manager installs updates for your installed packages when they come out11:10
gryllidaTaev, what did you do to solve the issue? Clean reinstall or something else?11:10
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s,  right > write11:10
Taevi disabled shockwave flash movie player11:10
michal|3sPirate_Hunter: plop can pick iso?11:11
codebrainzmichal|3s, have you checked your ISO?11:11
maxwelliangryllida: He had two Flash plugins.11:11
michal|3scodebrainz: that's what i'm doing now11:11
maxwelliangryllida: He disabled the much older one.11:11
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, it stated on the site it makes the usb pickup as a hd so I would've thought so11:11
codebrainzmichal|3s, good choice, sounds fishy11:11
maxwellianTaev: I'm not blaming you for the way your machine was set up, you're right that it's supposed to keep itself updated.11:11
gryllidaTaev: maxwellian: try to understand why it wasn't auto removed while installing the newer one, and don't worry about the other stuff.11:11
TaevNo I had "shockwave flash 9.0 r277  and shockwave flash movie player verison 0.4.12 "11:11
gryllidaTaev, now, try to understand why the older one wasn't removed when installing 9.0 version.11:12
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, if it is fooling the machine to pick up the usb as a hd shouldn't it react like one? but than I ahvent tested it myself,11:12
CrucibleLooking for help on an issue, had a 10.4 desktop running and encrypted two sata drives with the integrated disk manager, the HD running the desktop gave out and now I'm trying to figure out how to mount the 2 drives in my ubuntu server 10.4. Any help is greatly appreciated!11:12
maxwelliangryllida: How was he able to get 3.6.6 in the first place?11:12
gryllidaIDK, never seen such phenomenon, though have taken 200+ support requests.11:12
TaevI regularly update my system.11:12
gryllidamaxwellian: from the repo? spt-get update firefox11:13
gryllida3.6.6 is in there already11:13
michal|3sE:\>openssl md5 ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso11:13
michal|3sMD5(ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso)= 3e0f72becd63cad79bf784ac2b34b44811:13
maxwelliangryllida: He's running 8.04.11:13
codebrainzTaev, which ubuntu version again?11:13
michal|3s(from the site)11:13
gryllidamaxwellian: whihc is same repo, isn't it?11:13
michal|3sseems to be ok :)11:13
FloodBot1michal|3s: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:13
eokeCrucible: What do you mean by integrated disk manager?11:13
DJ_BqlGazaRrRhello friends11:13
prince_jammysmaxwellian: maybe by screwing with sources.list11:13
Pirate_Huntermaxehow can they be running 8.04 are you saying backports is enabled?11:14
DJ_BqlGazaRrRcan anyone help me11:14
michal|3scodebrainz: so my iso looks ok11:14
gryllidahi DJ_BqlGazaRrR11:14
gryllidaDJ_BqlGazaRrR, help with what?11:14
Cruciblethe disk manager that comes bundled with the ubuntu desktop11:14
gryllida!md5 > michal|3s11:14
ubottumichal|3s, please see my private message11:14
DJ_BqlGazaRrRi want to remove graphic manager from my ubuntu 10.0411:14
codebrainzmichal|3s, did you do a md5sum -c on it?11:14
Taevso how do I fix the issue with Shockwave Flash Movie player?11:14
maxwellianPirate_Hunter: I'm not saying anything of the sort.11:14
DJ_BqlGazaRrRi want only console mod for my web server, How to?11:14
maxwellianTaev: You can watch flash, right?11:14
Taevor do I just not use it until they come out with a new version of firefox11:14
michal|3scodebrainz: openssl md5 (it is windows ;)11:14
gryllidaTaev: just remove the older one, its path should be seen at about:plugins11:14
maxwellianTaev: Did you watch a Youtube video?11:14
DJ_BqlGazaRrRapt-get --purge remove gdm?11:14
codebrainzDJ_BqlGazaRrR, easiest is to use the server or alternate CD to install a cli only version11:15
Taevthey are 2 separate plugins gryllida11:15
codebrainzmichal|3s, i have no idea about windows11:15
michal|3scodebrainz: well, openssl works great here11:15
gryllidaTaev: get rid of the older one, find its path at about:plugins11:15
Taev"hockwave flash 9.0 r277  and shockwave flash movie player verison 0.4.12 "11:15
maxwelliangryllida: He's already disabled it, why take it any further?11:15
gryllidaTaev: "about:plugins" is an URL11:15
TaevThere is no "older" one, they are 2 separate plugins11:15
codebrainzmichal|3s, if you have a *real* shell, it shouldn't matter11:15
michal|3scodebrainz: i think i will md5 check the squashfs on the pendrive vs the one from iso11:15
gryllidamaxwellian: he's having it disabled, obviously wants to uninstall, as I see from the lines I am getting.11:16
maxwellianTaev: Before you do anything, can you watch a Youtube video?11:16
codebrainzmichal|3s, md5sum -c will verify the iso you downloaded isn't corrupt compared to the file on the server11:16
gryllidaTaev: maxwellian means, could you test that your flash is working ok now?11:16
codebrainzmichal|3s, the .iso contains the squashfs root filesystem11:16
DJ_BqlGazaRrRhm if i reinstal my ubuntu i will lost my works11:16
michal|3scodebrainz: yes, and the md5 says my iso is ok11:16
Crucibleeoke, the disk manager that comes bundled with the ubuntu desktop11:17
michal|3scodebrainz: but than during boot i get info about squashfs corrupted11:17
Taevthe video just stays black11:17
codebrainzmichal|3s, might be worth doing a   'badblocks /dev/YourBootDisk'11:17
maxwellianTaev: Okay, so the only thing that's better now is that it's not crashing?11:17
Taevit says you need to update adobe11:18
Taevi already did11:18
Ek|mu5Hello all, quick question: What's better (all things considered) to parse files of uniform format in C++, using the byte stream via pointer arithmetic or regular expressions?11:18
Pirate_Huntermichal|3s, im going away for a bit be back in 30min or so11:18
Taevi have adobe flash 1011:18
Pirate_HunterTaev, at least you solved one problem11:18
=== YossXP is now known as YossXP_AWAY
eokeCrucible: You can try to mount it with "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdxy /dev/mapper/enctemp" then "mkdir ~/enctemp" then "mount /dev/mapper/enctemp ~/enctemp"11:19
michal|3scodebrainz: ha! squashfs on the pendrive and iso is different!11:19
codebrainzEk|mu5, it's SO off topic, but best is a lib that can parse your type of files :)11:19
eokeCrucible: Remember to change /dev/sdxy as appropriate to the disk that's encrypted.11:19
maxwellianTaev: From the plugins you listed earlier, you have Flash 9.011:19
ubuntufreakI would like to install Ubuntu 10.04 freshly in a 500GB hard drive, how should i go with the partition since i indent to use few vm's inside Ubuntu ?11:19
Machinawondering on how can I see my real ip if i'm using a public wireless network without using a web site like "myrealip" ? P.S:ifconfig won't show it to me...11:20
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  this is only a ubuntu system? on a single 500gb hd?11:20
codebrainzmichal|3s, michal|3s are you just tring to install from a pendrive?11:20
kevin_Machina : ifconfig in terminal11:20
dreamerHow to install aircrack-ng on ubuntu11:20
student546+54564r65y4r465ry r11:20
studentt yr11:20
FloodBot1student: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
maxwelliankevin_: They just said that didn't work.11:20
codebrainzstudent, i understand completely11:20
joshmuffinsudo apt-get install aircrack-ng, dreamer11:20
kevin_ah :D11:21
joshmuffin!enter | student11:21
kevin_how not ?:P11:21
ubottustudent: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:21
Dr_Willisdreamer:  use the pacakge manager search for aircrack. and install it.11:21
eokeMachina: You don't think you'll be able to unless you use a third party site or have access to the routers nat table.11:21
Machinakevin_, I did but it doesn't give me my real ip.11:21
kevin_Your external IP or internal ?11:21
codebrainzjoshmuffin, do the chinese one11:21
Machinaeoke, thank's m811:21
maxwelliankevin_: She's behind NAT.11:21
MikeChelenxiaogui: hmm yeah, that seems to work only for applications and system menus11:21
maxwellianTaev: Still with me?11:21
Dr_Willis!info apt-cache11:21
ubottuPackage apt-cache does not exist in lucid11:21
joshmuffincodebrainz, what chineese what11:21
Dr_Willis!info aircrack-ng11:21
ubottuaircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0-1 (lucid), package size 1529 kB, installed size 2748 kB11:21
ubuntufreakDr_Willis: Yes its only a Ubuntu system11:21
dreamerthanks joshmuffin11:21
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  normaly way i do it. 4 primary partuituions -->  (/boot) (/) (/home) and (swap)11:22
codebrainzjoshmuffin, whatever the ubottu thing for the alt/lang channels :)11:22
alex88hi guys, i've read the licensing page. But i cannot be sure of this. Is ubuntu usable for commercial use? I mean in a company.11:22
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  a /boot is handy and /home partition is VERY VERY handy11:22
Ek|mu5codebrainz, Sorry 'bout the OT, mind if I PM you?11:22
joshmuffin!women | codebrainz11:22
ubottucodebrainz: The women and men of the Ubuntu Women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.11:22
neurochromehey folks, is there a way to popup an alert to another machine running x via ssh?11:22
Taevthe plugin thats malfunctioning is not adobe, its gplflash.sf.net11:22
MikeChelenxiaogui: try removing the main menu applet, and add menu bar applet instead - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33399911:23
codebrainzjoshmuffin, not what I meant :)11:23
maxwellianTaev: gplflash.sh.net, what is that?11:23
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:23
ohiralex88: yes you can use11:23
maxwellianTaev: That's where you got the other plugin?11:23
codebrainzEk|mu5, you could probably ask here, lots of experts11:23
ubuntufreakDr_Willis: So how should i go with the sizes for each partition and is it in the same order as you have mentioned ?11:23
alex88ohir: thank you, and use all repositories?11:23
oCean_joshmuffin: don't abuse the bot11:23
Dr_Willisneurochrome:  there might be some ways. but that would be a bit of a security issue. so a lot of times the ways to do it are locked down.11:23
codebrainzjoshmuffin, yes, that's it :)11:23
Taevi downloaded the newest version but when i ./configure i get error can not find X11 development files11:23
freedomhi for every body may some help11:23
joshmuffincodebrainz, why couldnt you do it yourself?11:23
ohiralex88: yes.11:23
neurochromeDr_Willis, I mean a machine that you are already logged into via ssh11:23
alex88ohir: thank you :)11:23
joshmuffin!botabuse | joshmuffin11:23
ubottujoshmuffin, please see my private message11:24
codebrainzjoshmuffin, robots don't get along so well11:24
joshmuffinya idiot11:24
freedomhow to upgrade my wireless driver11:24
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  depends on your needs - I use like 20-30gb for /  512min for swap.  2gb for /boot (because i keep iso files there and have grub boot them as a rescue option) and rest for /home11:24
michal|3scodebrainz: wow. copied (by hand) squashfs onthe pendrive and it started11:24
freedomi have iwl394511:24
oCean_freedom: just describe your issue in the channel (detailed, try to keep in one single line)11:24
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  you may not evne want a /boot/11:24
maxwellianTaev: Can you explain the gplflash thing first?11:24
neurochromeDr_Willis, I want to popup a message for my gf ;)11:24
maxwellianTaev: Is that a website you went to?11:24
alex88Dr_Willis: so you can boot a live cd from grub?11:24
codebrainzmichal|3s, good stuff...11:24
freedomaaaa how?11:24
Dr_Willisneurochrome:  theres some samba tool that can do that. but i cant recall its name. its not installed by default.11:24
freedomi'm anew in ubuntu11:24
TaevI install everything from synaptic11:24
Ek|mu5codebrainz, yeah, doing a little port from native C to C++/CLI. Parsing algo already exists in the byte stream pointer arithmetic method. Was wondering if changing to regex is better performance and readability wise11:24
Dr_Willisneurochrome:  use 'beep' and make the pc beep out morse code.11:24
vishnuhi,i have installed ubuntu inside windows and have all my files and folders here... now, i want to install UBUNTU fully... but i want my files and folders in virtual to shift to the real one.. how can i do that.. plz help..11:25
codebrainzEk|mu5, ok, pm me11:25
ubuntufreakDr_Willis: Whats the advantage of having a separate /boot ?11:25
ohiralex88: you can use it as long as you do not try to hide source code of something that tou lifted from linux (or other GPL licensed apps)11:25
Dr_Willisneurochrome:  or record your voice and send it to her speakers11:25
joshmuffin!women | shouldnt-they-be-in-the-kitchen11:25
ubottushouldnt-they-be-in-the-kitchen: The women and men of the Ubuntu Women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.11:25
freedomi'm new in ubuntu can you tell more how where to go11:25
neurochromeDr_Willis, lol, if she knew morse that'd be ideal!11:25
maxwellianTaev: Okay, so why did you mention that url?11:25
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  i keep iso files there for a rescue boot. and grub wont  vanish if i delete the ubuntu partitions11:25
alex88ohir: np, i'll use it only for internet navigation and to run virtualized application on the server11:25
oCean_Ek|mu5: maybe you should find a more appropriate channel for asking programming questions11:25
maxwellianTaev: Is that the name of the bad version in Synaptic?11:25
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  i set up a grub entry to boot the ubuntu.iso friom grub as a 'emergancy rescue mode' :)11:25
ohiralex88: in which case and at this very moment you lose your licensee rights11:26
Taevbecause the plug in thats causing firefox to crash's homepage is gplflash.sf.net11:26
Taevits a SWF player11:26
alex88ohir: what you mean?11:26
ohiralex88: its perfect valid use11:26
freedomo.k. thanx11:26
Taevthey ahve something to do with gnash11:26
Taevand i have gnash installed11:26
ubuntufreakDr_Willis: That is in case if your Ubuntu system breaks right ?11:26
Dr_WillisTaev:  you dont want gnash and flash both installed normally11:26
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  yep. or i want to test out some live cd's11:26
neurochromeDr_Willis, is there a way to remotely make use of the notifications system?11:26
Dr_Willisneurochrome:  not that ive noticed. there might be. but ive never tried it11:26
superikarohi, im having a problem with my laptop, its heat a lot, more than when i use windows vista, i guess, coolers are not working. thanks11:27
Ek|mu5oCean_, clue-by-for me please11:27
neurochromeDr_Willis, k11:27
alex88ohir: oh good.. i just have to find a software that permit to run office on the server and put the window of it on remote pc11:27
kleopatrahi, how could i encrypt my harddrive most easy way?11:27
ohiralex88: you are free to use GPL software, you are free to improve it or write your apps basing on other GPL source. You just can not hide source.11:27
Ek|mu5oCean_, clue-by-four me please11:27
vishnuhi,i have installed ubuntu inside windows and have all my files and folders here... now, i want to install UBUNTU fully... but i want my files and folders in virtual to shift to the real one.. how can i do that.. plz help..11:27
Taevok im removing gnash11:27
EricFisherHello, does irc.ubunbu.com and irc.freenode.com refer to same one? I created the channel on irc.ubuntu.com. I'm not sure if it is refer to freenode. But I can join the channel on webcat.freenode.net. But on ubuntu machine, I must use the server irc.ubuntu.com instead of irc.freenode.com. I'm confused by these.11:27
ohiralex88: so ubuntu is good choice. It comes with anything SOHO might need11:27
joshmuffin<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about womensrights11:27
maxwellianTaev: Do you remember installing gnash in the first place?11:27
oCean_joshmuffin: stop abusing the bot11:27
joshmuffinmake me11:28
vishnuplz somebody offer a solution11:28
joshmuffin!botabuse | joshmuffin11:28
ubottujoshmuffin, please see my private message11:28
oCean_student: do you have a technical question for the ubuntu channel?11:28
alex88ohir: right, and i'm friendly with ubuntu server so i can easly remote control those pc for assistance11:28
alex88and configure the server with ubuntu server11:28
ohiralex88: yes.11:28
Taevyeah i installed it as part of 1 of the solutions on that bug page11:28
ubuntufreakDr_Willis: That sounds cool too, may be i could go with 4gb-/boot, 40gb-/, 8gb-swap, remaining-/home will that be good ?11:28
joshmuffin!chinese | student11:28
ubottustudent: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:28
Taevi just removed it, apparently it doesn't have anything to do with the SWF Player plugin i have installed11:28
Taevthat gplflash11:28
maxwellianTaev: Okay, that's good to know.11:29
vishnuDr_Willis, hi,i have installed ubuntu inside windows and have all my files and folders here... now, i want to install UBUNTU fully... but i want my files and folders in virtual to shift to the real one.. how can i do that.. plz help..11:29
superikarohi, im having a problem with my laptop, its heat a lot, more than when i use windows vista, i guess, coolers are not working. thanks11:29
maxwellianTaev: Do you remember when you got that gplflash thing?11:29
Taevand i cant install the newest version of gplflash because it gives me an error when i ./configure it11:29
Taevcan't find X11 development files11:29
Taevbut i installed it through synaptic11:29
alex88ohir: thank you for your help..gtg now.. have a nice time :)11:29
maxwellianTaev: The whole ./configure business is for installing from source.11:29
PiKeyPLsuperikaro:  Try to read about laptop-mode. It could help. What's Your laptop model?11:29
Dr_Willisvishnu:  ive seen guides on converting a wubi install to a normal install.. but ive never used wubi. so dont know anything about doing it.11:30
maxwellianTaev: You don't want to do that unless you have to.11:30
maxwellianTaev: Usually, the packages you get through Synaptic are fine.11:30
TaevGPL Flash (SWF) Library - shared library11:30
Taevthats it11:30
Dr_Willisubuntufreak:  you need 8gb swap? :) if you are going to use hibernate/suspend you want swap = at least your ram.11:30
superikaroPiKeyPL, m505-s4945 toshiba satellite11:30
Dr_WillisTaev:  ./configure? You are trying to compuild gplflash?11:30
maxwellianTaev: K, hold on, let me look that up.11:30
vishnuDr_Willis, oh ok ok.. do u hav any idea of whom should i contact to get a solution in this regard??11:30
ubuntufreakDr_Willis: I have 4GB ram so i thought double of it would do good11:31
Taevyeah i was trying to install the newest version of gplflash11:31
Taevi thought that might fix the problem11:31
Dr_Willisvishnu:  ive seen guides when i googled on wubi ages ago about scripts/ways to convert a wubi install to a full install.  check google and the fourms. i would suggest you use the wubi setip and Backup anything imporntant FIRST befor you mess with it11:31
Dr_Willisvishnu:  i think its also possible to do a normal install. Then access the files on teh wubi install. but ive never done that either11:31
psycho_oreos!cn | student11:31
ubottustudent: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:32
joshmuffin!chinese | student11:32
joshmuffin!chinese | ericfisher11:32
ubottuericfisher: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:32
vishnuDr_Willis, hmmm.. ok,,, thanks 4 d reply11:32
abhi_nav hi vishnu11:32
maxwellianTaev: Okay, so the gplflash is an open source effort to play Flash movies.11:32
vishnuahi_nav, hi abhinav., i need a help frm u abt wubi installation11:33
abhi_nav!tab | vishnu11:33
ubottuvishnu: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.11:33
maxwellianTaev: But you already have the Flash player, so you don't need it.11:33
vishnuubottu, yeah.. i m familiar wid it.., dude :)11:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:33
maxwellianTaev: gplflash or gnash are for people who don't want to use Adobe Flash.11:34
neurochromeDr_Willis, I think I can utilise notify-send to do this... ;)11:34
Taevalright ill uninstall it11:34
vishnuabhi_nav, hi,i have installed ubuntu inside windows and have all my files and folders here... now, i want to install UBUNTU fully... but i want my files and folders in virtual to shift to the real one.. how can i do that.. plz help..11:34
abhi_navvishnu, whats the issue? and btw ubottu is not dude its 'she'11:34
maxwellianTaev: Thanks.11:34
abhi_navvishnu, wait11:34
vishnuabhi_nav, oh i guessed the other way :).. sorry !11:34
codebrainzError: I am only a rot, please don't think I'm counter intelligence. :(11:34
vishnuabhi_nav, ok11:35
Vbitzhttp://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=23099897 not my post by the way11:35
superikaroPiKeyPL, m505-s4945 toshiba satellite11:35
superikaroPiKeyPL, m505-s4945 toshiba satellite11:35
Vbitzwhy would this be happening11:35
Taeveverything works perfectly now11:35
maxwellianTaev: Really?  You can play movies?11:35
Taevapparently the version I had has a bug with firefox 3.6.6. when its installed with adobe's flash11:35
PiKeyPLsuperikaro: I don't know anything about this model.11:35
codebrainzTaev, BACKUP NOW!!!11:35
maxwellianTaev: Awesome.11:36
abhi_navvishnu, just back it in your pen drive?11:36
ubuntufreakDr_Willis, Can i partition based on this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DiskSpace#Separate%20/boot ?11:36
Taevyeah apparently it wasn't an issue until i updated to 3.6.611:36
raven_waltop tablet: cursor does not move any more after tapping with the pen - any ideas?11:36
Taev3.6.6. didn't like having 2 SWF players11:36
Taevand crashed when ever one was engaged11:36
superikaroPiKeyPL, thanks11:36
superikarohi, im having a problem with my laptop, its heat a lot, more than when i use windows vista, i guess, coolers are not working. thanks11:36
vishnuabhi_nav, is there any better alternative.. i want my packages too...11:36
maxwellianTaev: 3.6.6 probably brought a newer Adobe too.11:36
Taevwell Im just happy its working now11:37
maxwellianTaev: Me too.11:37
firestormHi. I don't have opengl on my display. I also don't have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf where I can add gl to be loaded. My graphics is i915 and I'm running 10.04. Any guidance?11:37
maxwellianTaev: For future reference, I made a lot of assumptions in this process.11:37
TaevI, however, am unhappy that I smoked all my cigarettes because I was so aggravated.11:37
vishnuabhi_nav, i can back my files.. but packages?? how to go about?11:37
codebrainzsuperikaro, ask about cpufreq and acpi11:37
maxwellianTaev: I assumed you were using latest Ubuntu, and I assumed Firefox was crashing when you started up.11:37
maxwellianTaev: It turned out to be important that those assumptions were wrong.11:38
abhi_nav!apton | vishnu11:38
prince_jammys!clone | vishnu11:38
ubottuvishnu: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate11:38
abhi_nav!aptoncd | vishnu11:38
ubottuvishnu: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline11:38
oCean_hp: what is your issue?11:38
maxwellianTaev: So next time you have a question, try to give as much information as possible right away.11:38
maxwellianTaev: The thing about not crashing right away was critical to helping with the Flash problem.11:39
sabatwtf was that? [the hp guy]11:39
vishnuubottu, thank u...11:39
neurochromeDr_Willis, if you're interested (for future reference) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=124082811:39
Taevwell I thought I was being clear.11:39
Taevguess not11:39
FloodBot1Taev: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:39
abhi_nav!msg ubottu !bot11:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:39
codebrainzsabat, it means live decent and roster11:39
abhi_nav!bot > vishnu11:39
ubottuvishnu, please see my private message11:39
oCean_sabat: never mind that. Also, watch your language, even if abbreviated11:40
* maxwellian collapses, exhausted11:40
spiky_maxwellian: lol11:40
* abhi_nav expressing sympathy towards maxwellian 11:40
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning11:40
maxwellianThat was really something.11:41
codebrainzmaxwellian, I'm raising your salary to $4.45CAD11:41
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD11:41
firestorm don't have opengl on my display. I also don't have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf where I can add gl to be loaded. My graphics is i915 and I'm running 10.04. Any guidance?11:41
spiky_codebrainz: plus some Vallium11:41
codebrainzspiky_, it's not in the contract11:42
maxwelliancodebrainz: I...I don't know what to say...11:42
oCean_codebrainz: again, please stay on topic11:42
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline11:42
oCean_Alcohol52: pleae use "/msg ubottu factoid" to search/browse ubottu's factoids11:42
prince_jammysAlcohol52: /msg ubottu SomeKeyword11:42
* codebrainz is censored willingly11:42
maxwellianoCean_: The topic is recovering from a very trying troubleshooting session.11:43
michal|3scodebrainz Pirate_Hunter - ubuntu desktop working great now. somehow the usb creator had problems with copying squashfs to the pendrive (did it myself, worked). thx for your help and inspiration! :)11:43
michal|3shm, that zotac thing is noisy11:43
oCean_maxwellian: you're welcome to do so in #ubuntu-offtopic11:43
michal|3smy dell t105 serwer filled up with disks is quieter11:43
codebrainzmichal|3s, any time11:44
raven_waltop tablet: cursor does not move any more after tapping with the pen - any ideas?11:45
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codebrainzraven_, sure it's not a wacom tablet?11:46
raven_codebrainz, lsusb says waltop11:47
alexandre_sa sert a koi sa ?11:47
oCean_!fr | alexandre_11:47
ubottualexandre_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:47
codebrainzraven_, have no idea really, but i've had some wacom tablets that work well11:47
codebrainzthat's not even french really is it?11:48
raven_codebrainz, iit worked when i installed it manually before 9.10. but now after one click with the pen it seems not to be released again11:49
codebrainzraven_, I'm not certain, but it's to do with xorg-input, if that helps to do with your queries11:49
raven_codebrainz, how to solve with xorg?11:50
codebrainzraven_, can't really help, but the configuration file is at /etc/X11/xorg.conf, google might help more :)11:50
freedomo.k. friends so what's new in ubuntu 10.411:53
freedomihow to use the open surce11:53
oCean_freedom: do you have a technical issue? Other discussions in #ubuntu-offtopic11:53
freedomi i don't understand that11:54
freedomso i let it11:54
raven_codebrainz, that is nearly what the issue is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xf86-input-wacom/+bug/56929411:54
abhi_nav!ot > freedom11:54
ubottufreedom, please see my private message11:54
Pirate_Hunterwhat is the site for todays log?11:54
freedomi hope some day i will finish that11:54
freedombecause i hit microsoft11:55
freedomi wanna to lef them11:55
oCean_Pirate_Hunter: what logs ?11:55
oCean_freedom: stop please!11:55
freedomyet in ubuntu i have just problems11:55
freedombut i belive i will11:55
oCean_freedom: describe your issue to the channel11:55
freedomfinish all11:56
oCean_freedom: STOP11:56
Pirate_HunteroCean_, channel logs I forgot the url11:56
oCean_Pirate_Hunter: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/11:56
MikeChelen!offtopic | freedom11:56
ubottufreedom: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:56
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/11:57
abhi_navPirate_Hunter, ^^11:57
studentWe Bai Bai ~11:57
xiaoguiMikeChelen: 1st, Thanks for your help. But i still couldn't hide "Places" option. Yes, when i click add to Panel button,  there're Main Menu and Menu bar where it has "Applications" , "Places" and "System", but i still haven't figured out how to hide "Places" in the Menu bar, leaving only "Applications"  and "System"12:00
jiangHi Hello!12:02
xiaoguiBut if i use Main Menu, then all the options including "Applications " and "System" will be under one column which won't show until i click the ubuntn icon.12:03
maxwellian!hello | jiang12:03
ubottujiang: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:03
Pirate_Hunterthanks oCean_  abhi_nav12:03
abhi_navohhh yah ok Pirate_Hunter12:03
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MikeChelenxiaogui: oh hmm, i see what you mean12:04
raven_how to save alsamixer seettings?12:04
xiaogui:) hehe...12:05
xiaoguiI doubt if it's possible for me to delete the "Places" button...12:05
GArReTHey peepz... I'm new to ubuntu... But where do i find the excutable and configure files if i've downloaded and installed something via the package manager?12:06
MikeChelenxiaogui: it seems not without keeping the rest of the menu the same12:06
airtonixGArReT, locate <name-of-program>12:07
MikeChelenerr *while keeping the rest the same12:07
abhi_navthis is not your answer but as you said new to ubuntu, read this:12:07
abhi_nav!manual > GArReT12:07
ubottuGArReT, please see my private message12:07
GArReTThank you abatoo :)12:08
oCean_GArReT: if you want to list all files in a package, use: dpkg -L <packagename"12:08
airtonixGArReT, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18220112:09
airtonix^ first result.12:09
xiaogui:(  I prefer to put "Computer" icon where i can find all my files on desktop. That's the why i don't wanna "Places" in the Menu bar.