newboon2age_nunatak said something about the forum servers being down, but i'm getting the ubuntuforums.com .  Do you know what nunatak meant Chipaca?00:00
newboon2age_oh i meant ubuntuforums.org00:01
ChipacaI think he meant ubuntuforums.de or something00:01
Chipacayep, 50300:01
newboon2age_Chipaca: ah.. gotcha.  Thanks for the help for me and for nunatak.  with the info on development environment i'm helping the wiki team with a wiki page on developer beginners00:04
newboon2age_Chipaca: one more question i have on ubuntuone...00:06
newboon2age_Chipaca: i'm looking at my files on the account and one of my folders has a little icon like a link on it.  What does that signify?  The other computers on my account don't seem to be getting synced with that.00:07
Chipacanewboon2age_: on the web page, right?00:08
newboon2age_Chipaca: yes on the web page...00:09
Chipacanewboon2age_: hover over the icon, tell me what it says00:09
newboon2age_Chipaca: now that i look closer at it i guess it looks more like a cylinder with something funny at the bottom00:10
newboon2age_Chipaca: i'm using konqueror and do not get anything when hovering over it.00:10
Chipacastrange, you should00:10
Chipacalet me check00:10
newboon2age_Chipaca: this is my kubuntu setup00:11
Chipacanewboon2age_: konqueror doesn't give you any text when you hover the mouse over the icon?00:11
Chipacathat's a buuug00:11
Chipacait should say 'Synced folder'00:11
newboon2age_Chipaca: bug in konqueror or in Ubuntu One?00:12
Chipacanewboon2age_: in konqueror00:12
Chipacanewboon2age_: the html is correct00:12
Chipacai know, i wrote it :-)00:12
Chipacanewboon2age_: the icons aren't super clear; as we couldn't find ones that obviously represented what things were, we aimed for ones that were distinctive enough so you could tell what they were easily once you figured them out00:13
Chipacanewboon2age_: the drum with the chain on it is a folder synchronized with Ubuntu One, other than the default ~/Ubuntu One/00:13
Chipacanewboon2age_: and, we special-cased the music one to have a music symbol :)00:14
newboon2age_Chipaca: okay.  So setting the Konqeror bug i guess the next level of the question maybe about the ubuntuone-kde ... hmmmm...00:14
Chipacaand this is where I say I'm off to bed00:15
newboon2age_Chipaca: i same prob on Portable Ubuntu (basically Karmic)  with ubuntuone-client-gnome .  It was working syncing w/ stuff in the ubuntu One folder, but not the other folder...00:16
newboon2age_Chipaca: okay thanks for your help. (no idea what time it is there)...00:16
Chipacanewboon2age_: I need a verb to make sense of your first sentence :-/00:16
Chipacait's early, 00:16; I'm just tired00:16
newboon2age_Chipaca: did i give enough to make the sentence make sense?00:17
newboon2age_i meant setting the other bug aside...00:17
ChipacaI'm probably just too tired; you're not making any sense at all00:18
newboon2age_Chipaca: so on both ubuntuone-kde AND00:18
newboon2age_on ubuntuone-client-gnome running on Portable ubuntu on Windows00:19
Chipacakarmic didn't have UDFs :)00:19
newboon2age_the other synced folder isn't getting down to my desktop00:19
Chipacaso, you could use a backport of ubuntuone (from the ubuntuone-hackers ppa) on karmic, and get the udfs00:20
Chipacaor, not get udfs at all00:20
Chipacayour choice00:20
newboon2age_okay and i guess the kde version also doesn't support udfs?00:20
Chipacakde on karmic?00:20
Chipacathere is no kde version, so udfs should work if you're using lucid00:21
newboon2age_the ubuntuone-kde version i mean00:21
Chipacanewboon2age_: what is ubuntuone-kde?00:21
newboon2age_that's the project that apachelogger was working on.  I can't tell how supported/unsupported it is...00:22
Chipacaah, me neither, I haven't synced with him in a long while00:22
newboon2age_okay, well thanks again for your help and cheers!00:22
Chipacanewboon2age_: you could try running magicicada (from trunk), click on the 'folders' button, and see what folders are subscribed00:23
Chipacanewboon2age_: maybe your kde vm or whatever isn't subscribed to the folders00:23
Chipacanewboon2age_: you could use u1sdtool for the same effect, btw00:23
Chipacaand now yes, to bed!00:24
newboon2age_Chipaca: okay will do.  i hadn't experimented with it yet.  however apachelogger did it it must be different because some of the tools that you speak of don't seem to be active in his solution00:24
newboon2age_Chipaca: like ulsdtool .  gnite!00:24
newboon2age_for completeness (even though Chipac a is gone, i'll report here that now I was able to see a message when i hovered (mouse over) on the UDF.  I don't know what made the difference...00:50
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EricSuper quick question06:12
EricI signed up following the guide, and it said I had to add my computer06:13
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Guest6601but I didn't see the "Add this computer" anywhere06:13
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dbrodieDoes anyone know if the notes syncing is down?10:38
dbrodieI am getting errors both on the web and on the desktop client10:39
beunodbrodie, if you go to the dashboard10:46
beunodoes it say it's down?10:46
dbrodieNope, also on the UbuntuOne Status page it doesn;t say anything but when I click on the webpage I get an OOPS10:48
dbrodieI just created the account so not 100% sure what I'm supposed to see, just assuming its not that :)10:49
beunoheh, you are right10:49
beunocan you file a bug with the oops id?10:49
dbrodieHere we go: OOPS-ID-1646appserverZEHEAIdHaCBJAEJFCbBIBIACFccDADfFJ174327, Yup i'll file it10:49
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beunothanks dbrodie, I'll look into it10:56
dbrodieThank you!11:06
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Tojemoje\One probably quick question14:13
TojemojeHow to add my computer to ubuntu one? I cant find where on earth should be that option14:14
falselighti asked for a password to gnome-keyring when i try to add my computer to the cloud. what gives?15:39
falselighti am asked*15:40
duanedesignfalselight: hello16:33
duanedesignfalselight: did you get your computer added?16:34
falselightduanedesign, no16:45
duanedesignfalselight: when is it asking you for a password?16:48
falselightwhen i click "add"16:48
duanedesignfalselight: the 'add this computer' button on the website16:49
falselightyes, after i try to purchase music from Banshee/One Music Store plugin16:50
falselighti am transfered to the ubuntu-one page to add my comptuer, that's when i am asked for a password16:54
duanedesignfalselight: have you signed up for either the 2gb or 50gb service yet?16:56
falselightand i've got several other computers attached to my cloud16:56
duanedesignfalselight: can you open Accessories > Password and Encryption17:00
duanedesignfalselight: click the password folder to expand the list17:01
duanedesignsee if you have an Ubuntu One token in there17:01
falselightnone of the folders expand17:01
duanedesignfalselight: ok17:02
duanedesignfalselight: what happens when you open Ubuntu One Preferences from the Me Menu17:03
falselightit asks for a password17:04
falselightthe only password i got does not work17:04
duanedesignit opens the website and asks for the password.17:04
duanedesignso the same thing17:04
falselightit just prompts for a keyring password17:04
duanedesignthe password you use to login to computer doesnt work?17:05
falselightand that is the only password i got associated to my user17:05
duanedesignfalselight: you can reset the keyring.17:08
duanedesignopen a Terminal17:09
falselighti just deleted them from the settings panel17:09
falselighti created a new one17:09
falselightthe webpage opened17:09
falselightand it asks me to add the computer again17:09
falselightcomputer added17:10
duanedesignto remove the keyring. Use the command. rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring17:11
duanedesignAt this point your gnome-keyring should be toast and you can reset the password on next use.17:11
falselightit works like charm here now17:15
falselightduanedesign, thank you very much17:38
Zeu5hi there, i just used ubuntu one this morning.  it was working for my pc and laptop.18:26
Zeu5now the Pictures folder in my home folder suddenly was no longer synced, and when i right click > sync it doesnt sync. may i ask why?18:27
Zeu5can anyone hear me?18:29
AntonyAnybody what is the current stats on the Ubuntu one outage?18:57
beunoAntony, what's the issue?18:59
AntonyThe notes section is not working..19:00
beunoAntony, it's working here19:01
beunomaybe there's a bug, I've seen a few reports19:01
beunoit'll get some attention tomorrow19:01
AntonyI have got a message in the dashboard -> Our Notes, Contacts and Bookmarks database is not responding at the moment.19:02
AntonyWhen I hit the notes section  I get the following OOPS -> OOPS-ID-1646appserverZCeaAGDDBDcaAEEJAJdccCBCBGfDGFbdA37335119:02
beunoAntony, thanks, I've raised the issue19:03
beunoone of the servers must be down19:04
AntonyAlso, Can I sync from a windows install of Tomboy?19:04
AntonyI dual boot19:04
beunoyes, I think the API is the same19:04
AntonyWell, My windows ver of tomboy fails to sync19:05
AntonySettings are same..19:05
AntonyCould be the current issue with the server..19:05
beunothe server is down, so it won't save the notes19:05
AntonyWill wait and check tommorrow19:05
beunoI'm notified the sysadmins19:06
beunoit should be back in a little while19:06
AntonyThanks a lot19:06
AntonyI will check tommorrow19:06
AntonyI am from India, and its 23:36 here19:07
beunoright :)19:07
beunoit will be fixed19:07
AntonyThere has been numerous probs.. This is the 3rd time I am facing OOPS19:08
AntonySo it seems you guys have a lot of work cut out ahead19:08
AntonyAlso is the API published somewhere19:09
AntonyI would like to make a client..19:09
beunoyes, it's the standard Tomboy "snowy" API19:10
AntonyFor the rest of the Ubuntu one services?19:10
Antonycontacts, notes..19:10
AntonyDocument sharing..?19:10
beunothere aren't any currently published APIs for them19:11
AntonyI was considering  tech for a project I had in mind19:11
beunothey're just stored in couchdb19:11
beunoaquarius would be the guy to talk to, but he's not around atm19:11
AntonyCool I will catch up some time later19:11
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dakirahi.. is there any possibility to export my contacts from the cloud to a file? I just synced from the iphone, just to find out there is currently no way to get them into evolution.19:46
beunonot at the moment, normally it would get into evolution automatically19:47
beunobut replication is disabled for a few more days19:47
beunowhen it's enabled, you will have an exacct replica locally19:47
dakiraokay.. thanks!19:49
dakiraI assume my contacts are safe in the cloud in the meantime?19:49
beunoif anything happens, you can ping us and we'll send you the file manually19:50
beunoit's versioned and backed up19:50
beunobut hopefully we'll just have replication enabled again very soon19:51
beunoand you'll be able to do it yourself  :)19:51
* duanedesign waves at beuno 19:53
dakirabeuno: oh.. just found a bug (i think). On the iPhone when you add a phone-number to a contact, you can set it to be an "iPhone"-number (instead of e.g. "home" or "mobile"). If you do that, it won't be synced (i.e. doesn't show up in UbuntuOne -> Contacts)19:53
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dakirawhat labels are supported for phone-numbers?19:56
dakiraphone numbers with custom labels don't show up, either20:00
duanedesigndakira: if you go to one.ubuntu.com/contacts and select a contact, then 'edit contact'20:04
duanedesigndakira: a drop down list will show up next to the phone numnbers with the different fields20:05
dakiraduanedesign: great.. thx!20:05
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