fuyaomy xubuntu is not recognizing my external hard drive01:04
bjorkintoshperhaps the external harddrive has been very naughty.01:05
fuyaobut seriously, it's not mounting01:08
fuyaohow do i check?01:08
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:08
fuyaofuyao@fuyao-laptop:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt mount: you must specify the filesystem type01:13
fuyaomy external drive is a my book 32gb01:13
_Techie_what format, fat32?01:14
fuyao Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System01:14
fuyao/dev/sdb1               1       38913   312568641    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)01:14
fuyaoi guess so01:14
_Techie_sudo mkdir /mnt/USB && sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt/USB01:15
fuyaolemme try that01:16
fuyaonothing happens01:18
fuyaomkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/USB': File exists01:18
fuyaoonly this01:18
_Techie_oh, i see01:18
fuyaowait i got it01:19
fuyaothank you for the help, files inside my drive showed up01:19
fuyaoman i had a tough day with my xubuntu 8.10, and i was forced to stay with this old version, my old think r51e's video card dont allow me to go to a new system01:21
_Techie_fuyao, you should be able to use 10.04 with your thinkpad if you setup an xorg.conf, however this isnt a simple process and i dont really want to have to go through it01:26
fuyaoyea i tried 10.04 before, it was a disaster with the videocare driver01:26
fuyaono good 3D accelaration01:26
fuyaosome games for linux cant run01:27
fuyaowell i'll figure them out eventually as im learning how to use xubuntu, thank you for the help01:33
MrNazis anyone aware of any major bugs in thunar that causes mouseclicks on files to be ignored when you are fully zoomed out in details view mode ?03:22
MrNazits happened on 3 installations on 2 different machines now03:22
_Techie_MrNaz, if my memory serves me correctly, that is a known bug03:37
MrNazok, just checking03:38
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IstormI just downloaded some updates, probably not looking closely enough at them, but my main user account login just dies, then takes me back to the login screen.10:34
IstormI created a new user, and that appears to be working fine. Actually, better than the main worked it seems. I've tried to isolate the configuration files for the main account, to see if I could just get it to regenerate them, but no luck.10:36
IStormIs there anybody.......out there? LOL12:45
KangaroooIStorm: just ask12:45
IStormActually, I need to slim down even more. I've had to add some things in places, but I know there is more that can be removed.12:47
IStormI run into EXTREME paging A lot.12:48
IStormI guess what I am asking, is if there is more fluff that I can get rid of?12:49
IStormI would be more than happy with a good link as well.12:50
Kangarooowow with sleng i cant understand and therefore didnt understand whats the problem12:50
Kangarooowith places u mean your home folders and there u mean is unneded folders?12:51
Kangarooowhat is Extreme paging? fluff is unneded stuff im guessing.. yes12:52
IStormSorry about that, I forget what time it is.12:53
IStormExtreme paging is when an applications have to page so much that all the processing time is spent doing that.12:55
IStormOH! "Fluff" is programs that don't need to be running, or even options on some that can reduce how much resources are being used.12:59
IStormDoes that answer your question Kangarooo?13:00
KangaroooIStorm: if u dont use chrontab u can remove it programm called cron13:07
Kangaroooi know this programm is running no matter if its beeing used or not but after installing its allways autostarting. also autostarted applications can be checked. printer isnt needed then cups programm in autostart decheck. w8 ill find one in my bookmarks about speeding up xubuntu13:09
TheSheepKangarooo: removing cron is a bad idea13:12
TheSheepKangarooo: it's used for system things too13:13
KangaroooTheSheep: is cron by default installed in xubuntu?13:13
TheSheeppretty much on every system13:13
TheSheepnot just ubuntus13:13
Kangaroooouh i was installing it couse thought it isnt.. and when used command cron -e then there was all empty13:14
TheSheepalthough in ubuntus it was supposed to be replaced by upstart13:14
TheSheepKangarooo: cron -e is for your user only13:14
TheSheepKangarooo: there are scripts in etc/cron.d and /etc/cron.daily and such13:14
TheSheepfor global things13:14
Kangarooocan i open them using crontab -e or other? using sudo crontab -e was empty13:16
TheSheepno, you can edit them with a text editor13:16
TheSheepbut you shouldn't change them13:17
Kangaroooah ok IStorm dont delete cron. since u say page file beeing used ram then is needed.. also if ram is low i believe cpu also u have low.. right? heres what startup u can remove http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/07/22/speed/13:22
TheSheepthat article is old13:25
TheSheepI'd suggest chromium instead of opera today13:25
TheSheepand xmss is long dead, use audacious instead13:25
KangaroooTheSheep: chromium is faster then google chrome but only they are fast if cpu is fast enough.. if cpu slow then FF will at least load pages..13:26
Kangarooothats what ive experienced.13:27
IStormI don't think I would go after cron right away, but cups is something I'm interested in Kangarooo.13:27
Kangaroooah actually ive tryd also midori and another small webbrowser and they are faster and lighter13:29
IStormTheSheep : You are spot on with the chromium recommendation, opera was faster at first, but I swear it has memory leaks, because if you let it sit for a while, well.....there's no recovering.13:30
IStormKangarooo : I would really love to know your country. I'm going to guess scandinavia somewhere, but northern europe would be a close second. Based on some of your english. It's good, and I understand you, but I wonder if I'm right about where you live.13:33
KangaroooIStorm: Latvia that can be seen by my ip13:35
IStormAnyway, getting back to the point. Can I manually start cups? I don't even have a printer attached on this machine, and I scarcely use one from here. If I kill it, will I be able to network print?13:36
TheSheephehe, how did they say? "the cute slavic skipping of 'the'"13:36
TheSheepIStorm: you can13:36
TheSheepIStorm: you can do /etc/init.d/cupsd start13:36
TheSheepor with newer ubuntus just 'start cupsd'13:37
KangaroooIStorm: while u dont need printing in startup settings u can uncheck cups13:37
IStormSo if I don't have a local, cups can be mothballed.13:37
IStormHmmm, need to look into the startup settings. I was handling the runlevels by command line.13:39
IStormKangarooo : I was very close. I didn't hear your accent. I knew a bunch of guys from Sweden from a MUD, and I know how they type english. LOL13:42
IStormTheSheep is right though, your language is slavic, not scandinavian.13:43
Kangarooolol :) i might write sometimes not correct since its very tiring to write in chat.. and since for now this is only way ubuntu comunity comunicates im very tired.. so sometimes ttlers hcnage lpaces but i dont worry since word is beeing read as whole so information still gets to reciever..13:45
IStormYou are FINE. I understand you perfectly. I dated a Polish girl who was a LOT worse.13:48
Kangaroooi know im fine i even know some sleng and some i can try to understand :) ive used sometimes urban dic13:49
TheSheepKangarooo: it's not about correctness, it's about choices between correct wordings14:01
TheSheepIStorm: I'm Polish :P14:01
IStormTheSheep : it's having a little bit of understanding of how the other person's language is put together. Are you Polish-American or do you live in Poland?14:04
KangaroooTheSheep: im thinking about making Ubuntu project in Europe with many countrys involved. so later well meet and see who has less acent :)14:04
TheSheepIStorm: native14:05
TheSheepIStorm: I suppose it's the effect of talking on the Internet more than irl though14:05
IStormWell, I have to say, Polish women are, on average, the most beautiful.14:06
IStormWe have a sister city. Hmmmmm, I have a charmap here somewhere.....14:07
Kangaroooi cant believe that.. first time beutifull woman isnt Latvian? this is new for me :)14:07
Kangarooothe most beutifull*14:07
TheSheepI was really surprised when I went to US and saw that it's not really exaggerated14:08
Kangarooocouse allways im hearing that only about Latvian woman14:08
TheSheepthe only nice girls were asian14:08
IStormPłotsk is our sister city.14:12
TheSheepbut you get extra points for ł14:12
IStormI knew I was gonna mess that up.14:12
IStormOh, I'll give you one better. They have a folk-dancing group called Wisła that will be here in my city this next weekend.14:14
TheSheepwhere is "here"?14:14
IStormI know it's pronounce "Vi swa" though.14:15
IStormHere is Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.14:15
IStormI've been very close to the group in prior years, and they are just magnificent.14:18
IStormTheSheep : Where do you live in Poland?14:20
TheSheepIStorm: Poznań14:20
TheSheepIStorm: it's quite a bit from Płock14:20
TheSheepgotta run14:21
IStorm It's been a while since I've looked at the geography.14:21
TheSheepbtw, check out #xubuntu-offtopic14:21
IStormWe did get a little off, didn't we.14:22
Kangarooono way :D14:23
IStormKangarooo : You have to understand that my city has never HAD Latvian girls in it. I don't think I've ever met one, so maybe I spoke too soon.14:28
Kangaroooah yes thats explains. thats the only possible reason i know now :)14:29
MrNazwhy does my xubuntu cd refuse to boot? is there some special keystroke combination that you have to input?17:21
MrNazi know the cd is good, i can read it fine from the os17:21
nicofsis anyone here familiar with mobile broadband? my connection isn't working properly. sometimes i get connected instantly, sometimes the connection only works after trying several times. sometimes it doesn't work at all - yet if i delete the connection and set up a new one sometimes this solves the problem. i just don't see a pattern there. any ideas?17:54
KangaroooMrNaz: in bios set cd to be booting first17:55
jdefare there special challenges to installing xubuntu in virtualbox?17:57
knomejdef, afaik, should not be, just remember to install the guest appliances17:58
MrNazKangarooo yes ive done all the usual things17:58
jdefknome, thanks17:58
knomeMrNaz, there's no special key combo - have you checked if the pc can boot from cd's at all?17:59
MrNazyes ive installed other oses on this box18:00
MrNazin fact18:00
MrNazi had xubuntu on it a while ago, then i installed ubuntu, and want to go back to xubuntu18:00
knomeMrNaz, have you double-checked the checksum?18:01
MrNazof the iso? no i guess i havent...18:01
MrNazbut the burning program did verify the burn18:02
Kangaroooother guessing MrNaz maybe cd is CD-RW and its overused (20 times rewriting my experience) also md5sum of iso and also disk.. also MrNaz if u have installed xubuntu then u know theres no special key combo. burning programm doesnt verify checksum18:02
knomeMrNaz, yes - because if you have been able to install xubuntu earlier on this machine and now can't get to the boot menu, it suggests the cd is broken18:02
knomeKangarooo, to be exact, a burning program CAN check the checksum, but i don't know if that's by default anywhere and which are the apps can do it18:03
MrNazKangarooo i dont use cdrw for that reason specifically hehe18:03
MrNazi thought maybe the cd defaulted to first hdd if it found an os there unless a boot from cd key was pressed18:03
MrNazif that's not the case i'll have to keep checking other things18:03
knomeMrNaz, i'd say try burning another one - the cd could just be a coaster anyway...18:04
MrNazi'll burn another copy of the disc18:04
Kangaroooknome: how? ive allways md5sum myself.. brasero does that? where then brasero gets correct md5sum ?18:04
knomeKangarooo, open brasero, see menu edit -> plugins18:05
knomeKangarooo, there you have plugins for "file checksum" and "image checksum"18:05
nicofsis anyone here familiar with mobile broadband? my connection isn't working properly. sometimes i get connected instantly, sometimes the connection only works after trying several times. sometimes it doesn't work at all - yet if i delete the connection and set up a new one sometimes this solves the problem. i just don't see a pattern there. any ideas?18:06
knomenicofs, have you tried it with other devices than your xubuntu pc?18:06
nicofsknome: well the device is integrated into the netbook...18:07
Kangaroooknome: ok so i have thouse pugins by default checked on. so how they get md5sum is it in iso? and if i remove plugin it will make disk will a lot files burning faster?18:07
knomeKangarooo, i don't know how the plugins work, but yes, i'd expect burning to be faster if you disable those plugins18:07
knomenicofs, an eeepc?18:07
nicofsknome acer Aspire one 53118:08
nicofsknome: sorry... 53218:08
knomenicofs, maybe try browsing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne18:10
MrNazit seems i burned the iso image onto a DVD+R18:10
MrNazthey're all just white unmarked discs which is why i didnt notice18:10
knomeMrNaz, well, clearly, that won't work :P18:10
MrNazhowever, what's weird is that i did the exact same thing with a winxp cd18:10
MrNazand an iso of a winxp install disc18:10
MrNazwhich is happily installing now on the PC next to me18:10
knomenicofs, also, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks18:11
knomeMrNaz, maybe the pc you're on can't boot from dvd :P18:11
MrNazfunny that... it's <1 year old while the other one is circa 200618:13
MrNazits obviously a night of weirdness18:13
MrNazxubuntu burning to cd now18:13
MrNazill get this installed and then i'll do to bed18:13
nicofsknome: i know that my model is not fully supported but the modem is not mentioned as not working; the thing is, that it seems to be working at random - and i don't know what to do about it. for certain periods it works well and sometimes it just doesn't...18:15
knomenicofs, no, sorry, i don't have any special idea18:16
IStormI've just started using Empathy, and I love it. However, it seems there is an issue about sound notifications. I've found the generally accepted fix for it (installing a package, then setting a sound theme), but xfce doesn't seem to support sound themes to the best of my knowledge. Any thoughts?18:20
knomeIStorm, i don't have experience on empathy myself, but i'm wondering if those sound themes might mean *empathy sound themes* )18:22
KangaroooIStorm: im guessing sound theme is sound pack for all notifications in Empaty. that has nothing to do with Distro. if themes can be chosen in programm then programm makes that sound hteme run couse they are only for that programm Empaty18:22
Kangaroooif its really not working post bug report ill try to confirm it IStorm18:24
IStormEveryone who has said anything about the issue has said, "get sound-theme-freedesktop, then go to preferences->sound->sound theme, and change from ubuntu to default.18:28
IStormActually, I don't think it needs reported any more than it has been, there are hundreds of noted examples. My assumption is that the programmer calls the gui's sound routines rather than handling it's own. This isn't bad programming, or a bug, with the exception that Xfce doesn't have sound themes.18:33
MrNazi just burned a fresh copy18:58
MrNazstill wont book18:58
nicofshow can i change my cpu speed / fan speed?19:29
moetunes!info cpufreqd | nicofs19:48
ubottunicofs: cpufreqd (source: cpufreqd): fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.3-4ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 83 kB, installed size 392 kB19:48
nicofsmoetunes : thanks19:50
moetunesnp :]19:50
nicofsmoetunes: how do i use it?19:52
moetunesnicofs: there's a good how to I found - one min19:52
nicofsmoetunes: no problem, thanks again19:53
moetunesnicofs: http://www.go2linux.org/how-to-configure-cpufreqd19:54
Sysiafaik kernel should automatically scale cpu frequency19:56
moetunesthe ondemand governor has been taken out19:58
nicofsmoetunes: fails at first check... doesn't show loaded modules...19:58
moetunesnicofs: you may have to load the module manually or reboot19:59
nicofshmm... i'll go for a rebbot...20:00
nicofsmoetunes: reboot doesn't help. how would i load them manually?20:02
moetunesnicofs: you may need to install the modules - what's in   /lib/modules?20:03
nicofs2.6.32-2x-generic, where x is 1 to 320:04
moetunesnicofs: what does   ls /lib/modules/*/kernel/arch/*/kernel/cpu/cpufreq   return?20:06
nicofse_powersaver.ko and p4-clockmod.ko20:07
moetunesnicofs: so   sudo modprobe p4-clockmod20:08
nicofs"Device orr resource busy"20:08
nicofsmoetunes: is there no "click&go" task bar applet?20:09
moetunesnicofs: not as far as I know - there might be20:10
moetunestry   sudo service cpufreqd stop &&  sudo modprobe p4-clockmod && sudo service cpufreqd start20:11
nicofsmoetunes *sigh* i really like linux... but it always turns out to be connected to work and trouble... UMTS not working, card reader not working, cpu not adjustable... if i had to give customer advice i'd have to advice against it...20:12
nicofs"device or resource busy"20:13
Sysiit's (too) much about your hardware :|20:13
Sysi(if you're comparing to windows it don't often work either, at least easily)20:14
nicofsi mean... a cpu clocking applet is integrated in ubuntu but not in xubuntu? why?20:15
Sysiit used to be20:16
nicofsand that ubuntu one is worse than windows live ID20:16
Sysipropably it's about xfce development20:16
Sysican you *do* something with win live?20:17
Sysithis is offtopic btw.20:17
nicofswhat help is ubuntu one other than infecting my pidgin?20:17
Sysiidk, never even tried it20:17
nicofsyes it is... but apparently we are not interrupting anyone else.. and i have given up on improving my netbook for today...20:18
Sysiif you think ubuntu is "hard" try arch :P20:18
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Sysimy opinion is, that linux don't always work but when it does it's definateky the best20:19
nicofscertainly... but try to get it to work... if you have "exotic" needs like mobile broadband...20:20
Sysiworking well for me :P20:20
nicofswell, mine is on random...20:20
=== thoffmeyer is now known as thoffmeyer|AFK
nicofsi haven't found out yet on what pattern it is - or is not - working...20:21
Sysiosx could "just work" but always when i try it i start banging my head to desk at some point20:21
moetunesgood luck nicofs20:22
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nicofsi am a student of informatics... but somehow they don't teach us how to get things going...20:23
Sysii've learned from google and my debian friend20:23
nicofsbut i could cite 4 ways to sort strings in Haskell, ADA and Java...20:23
Sysii don't really know even HTML20:26
nicofswhy would anyone need to know that... WYSIWYG-Editors do that...20:26
Sysiall of them i know suck pretty much20:27
nicofsand nowadays websites (annoyingly) are either flash or javascript anyway so that they use up 50% CPU instantly...20:27
nicofs4 years ago, i would have laughed at anyone who told me that 1,6GHz are not enough to surf the internet...20:28
Sysii can't browse web even with this 2.4 dual without adblock very well20:28
nicofsthat's what i mean... it's terrible... and in most cases it would be perfectly ok without flash/java20:29
Sysii hate when i cannot use tabs because of those20:30
nicofslooking for a fast and lightweight browser? well... might as well look for a whool-and-milk-giving pig that can lay eggs...20:31
Kangarooonicofs: Sysi: i can confirm this.. thats wery sad but on windows i was able to that very well.. i hope that this gets fixed very fast. problem is that something is working too slow.. too long way for code to load programms.. :(20:31
Sysihope lies in html520:32
Sysiflash don't work well os osx either :)20:32
Kangaroooactually i can recomend midori and another i forgot very fast both but i dont use them couse i wand addons..20:32
KangaroooSysi: that makes me hapier :)20:32
nicofsit's going wrong everywhere... hardware companies don't support linux... websites are overloaded with code/flash... browsers become bigger and bigger...20:33
Kangarooonicofs: even bigger doesnt make them slower in windows.. bad is that they are unresponsive in linux- not very fast..20:34
nicofsi'm happy that at least IRC is still being used... at least that's lightweight and efficient...20:34
Kangaroooim guessing problem is maybe in xorg or in kernel .. i dont know how they work just guessing20:34
Sysiprogress isn't for good direction for many times20:34
Sysibut many things do are easier now20:35
Kangaroooalso progress is going a little wrong.. geforce fx 5500 is working badder after 10.04 update..20:35
nicofsbut most people are just happy the way it is or don't bother - they just go and buy the next quad-core intel i-something, use the latest windows and so on...20:35
nicofswhy should 1,6GHz not be enough?20:36
Kangaroooive seen many older cards getting unsuported.. like deleted from kernel20:36
SysiKangarooo: afaik that happened to most of nvidias20:36
Sysieven worse with newer :S20:36
nicofsthey have to remove things from the kernel... otherwise it would be to big...20:37
Kangarooonicofs: it should be enogh.. something in xorg or kernel.. maybe something else also can be slowing system20:37
SysiKangarooo: propietary driver?20:37
nicofswell, firefox, flash and java is slowing the system...20:37
Sysii'm freakish and using nouveau20:38
Sysidualhead working well, even betterly after my good friend wrote xorg.conf20:38
nicofstake youtube, for instance - download the *.flv and play it with VLC and you save half the CPU work...20:39
Kangarooonicofs: thats what i thought theyr doing.. :( then they should make some different kernel coding.. like not putting all drivers but using Dont repeat yourself code.. some code lines maybe are the same for 1/2 of all cards.. and so making all code with similarities in one line then making variable use for each card different code line20:39
Sysii don't have much problems with 'tube even on netbook20:40
nicofsi'm not saying its not working... it's using more resources than it needs...20:40
KangaroooSysi: im now having 173 nvidia driver.. that works better. other option is 93 or 95 nvidia.. 178 or smth or 183 is next but my card isnt in there..20:40
Sysiofc nvidia wants you to BUY new card20:41
Kangaroooyes something is beeing processed too long.. we should make programmers aware of that that all programmers are aware of that so they finaly start doing code right.. Xorg or kernel or what else could be in front of all linux programms that could be slowing all20:42
Sysii thought installing windows on my netbooks new SSD20:43
Sysi~20GB partiton.. no way20:44
Sysixp is pain to install from usb20:44
Kangarooosad that comp beeing unsuported but ok im buying new comp this month.. and this time very fast.. old one if somebody wants i can give passwords for ssh so somebody can use it as server or for some test for nvida 5500 or some other hardware or to triage all bugs this comp has produced20:44
nicofsi had to realise, that changing from HDD to SSD didn't improve much...20:44
Kangarooonicofs: about window or xubuntu ssd didnt improve much?20:45
Sysinicofs: what kinda machine?20:45
nicofsAcer Aspire One 53220:45
Kangarooowhaat? ssd very fast.. booting in 5-20 seconds im guesing ?20:46
Sysi5400rpm hdd isn't fast but uses much electricity20:46
Sysiall ssd:s aren't fast, what mark/model do you have?20:46
nicofswell... "unable to detect available WMID devices" accounts for additional 15 seconds of boot20:46
nicofsand booting wasn't improved by SSD at all...20:46
nicofswell... 180 Euros to find that out...20:47
Sysii'm gonna buy two for that price20:47
Sysi30+30 kingston20:48
Sysii don't need more for netbook and desktop can have other disks20:48
Kangarooohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqefSHEx7kE in 7 seconds booted in 15second already opened 10 programms using SSD20:48
nicofsyes... but not on a netbook20:50
Sysihow about battery life?20:50
nicofsnot properly tested yet... im in the middle of exams... but after that extended tours to lakes&leisure activities will test the battery...20:51
Sysisummer holiday \o/20:52
nicofswell... more like leave, but yes...20:53
nicofsbtw is there some sort of off-topic-gereneric-chat-channel?21:01
knomenicofs, #xubuntu-offtopic21:01
nicofshmm... could have gotten there by guessing...21:02
Sysithat's kinda dead, i could join there again21:02
nicofswell... might as well stay here...21:03
nicofsi think that as long as we are not interfering with actual support...21:03
nicofssunday evening... what kind of nerd would be online now...? ^^21:04
Sysiall of them? :P21:04
nicofshmm... you've got a point there...21:05
nicofsbut those nerds tend to not need support...21:05
JenGirl2333Hi everybody, I just got an iPod Touch and am trying to sync my music with the computer. I'm using Xubuntu.. Anybody know how?21:07
Sysifirst try would be exaile21:08
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod21:08
JenGirl2333yeah, but when I plug it in using the cord into the usb, it doesn't seem to recognize it21:11
JenGirl2333like in the video it's seems to easy, he just plugs it in, and it works... but for me it's not21:12
Sysibrand new device?21:12
JenGirl2333yeah, I've been using it for a week or so, but this is the first time I've tried to use it with my xubuntu computer... my dad used his windows machine to set it up21:13
Sysinew (apple) stuff is ~always difficult21:13
JenGirl2333I know! :-)21:13
JenGirl2333I would hate to have to switch over to windows just because of an iPod, I really want to stay a linux-only user!21:14
nicofstell that Steve Jobs...21:15
Sysii'd pretty much hate to have to use ipod :P (don't like their GUIs very much)21:15
likemindeadRhythmbox may work, JenGirl2333.21:15
likemindeadOr Banshee.21:15
JenGirl2333I've actually got both Banshee and Rhythmbox installed, but when I load them up they don't seem to see my iPod Touch... I thinking the problem may be that I need to mount it, but I'm not sure how to do that21:16
nicofsJenGirl2333: try "lsusb" in a console, it should give you all connected usb devices21:17
nicofscheck if your iPod is listed...21:19
JenGirl2333nicofs, yeah, it looks like it's listed: Bus 002 Device 010: ID 05ac:1293 Apple, Inc.21:20
nicofshmm... if i knew how exactly mount works, i'd help you to mount it... ^^21:22
Sysidunno if ipods are really mounted21:25
nicofswell they must be in some way... otherwise how would any programme access the files...21:25
Sysiafaik mount only works for /dev/sdXX things21:25
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod21:28
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Kangaroooi want to try 10.10 xubuntu so ill do just update-manager -d yes? and how to get back in case it even doesnt start?23:02
Kangarooodahaic: there should be some command that i can use in grub command line to downdgrade also23:21
TheSheepKangarooo: you can press esc at boot and choose the old kernel, but all the other files has already been replaced23:34
TheSheepKangarooo: it's an in-place upgrade, there is simply no old system anymore23:34
KangaroooTheSheep: but somehow i can still downgrade?23:37
Sysiyeah, by reinstalling entire system23:39
TheSheepKangarooo: well, if it doesn't boot, it's usually because of the kernel, so going back t oold kernel should be enough23:41
TheSheepKangarooo: also, I hope you did make a backup like they tell you in all the tutorials23:41
KangaroooTheSheep: but on -d doing updgrade then old kernels are beeing removed yes?23:42
Kangarooois it also possible before doing that to confirm that it will work?23:45
TheSheepI think it leaves at least one last kernel23:47
Kangaroooyes thats what ive noticed so ill have only one.. eh ok since no downgrade possible then ill back up first all then try -d23:48

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