txwikingermore information can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day00:00
txwikinger==== 10) Wrap up ====00:00
txwikingerAlways remember that we are working here in a team. Therefore, we help each other. It is always good to ask questions if you are not sure how to proceed. Even for the most seasoned people it can be in tricky cases very helpful to have a second opinion. So if your are not sure about something ask somebody. I am often around on the IRC channels as txwikinger or txwikinger2 (when I am at work). Feel free to see me if I can help you.00:00
txwikingerOther interesting links for information:00:00
txwikingerKubuntu bugs can be found at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-bugs00:01
txwikingerWe also have special bugs that occur in our test ppas https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/00:02
txwikingerThis is something we need to change our process a little to make sure that bugs get move to the correct place in these cases00:02
txwikingerAnybody any questions left?00:03
txwikingerapachelogger: I intend to have a Kubuntu bug Day on Monday00:04
Quintasanthat's a nice wall of text00:04
Riddellit was pointed out elsewhere that kernel bugs shouldn't be marked as duplicates00:04
macoRiddell: i updated teh wiki page00:04
txwikingerYes Riddell certain teams have slightly different policies00:04
txwikingerIt is always important to be in contact with the team to learn the small differences00:04
Riddellthanks a lot txwikinger 00:05
Riddellthat brings this Kubuntu Tutorials Day to a close00:05
Quintasantxwikinger: I think this could be converted to a wiki page for future refrence00:05
Quintasanthanks txwikinger 00:05
Riddellthis channel is always open for discussion about Kubuntu contribution of any sort00:05
Riddelldo hang around and take part00:05
txwikingerQuintasan: I think the log will be on the Kubuntu Tutorial wiki page00:05
QuintasanI mean it should be available in more readable format than irc log00:07
maxwellianQuintasan: You see that there are lots of links to various pages on the wiki.  I agree that it would help to have the information more consolidated, though.00:11
maxwellianI have a question.  What do you do with a "bug" like #525360?00:13
* maxwellian expected ubottu to jump in here...00:13
JontheEchidnabug 52536000:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 525360 in w3m (Ubuntu) "Man page isn't synchronized" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52536000:14
maxwellianI wanted to get started helping out with bugs, so I thought this would be an easy one to look at.00:15
maxwellianBut as I commented there, the man page installed is the upstream version.00:15
txwikingermaxwellian: if it is an upstream problem, the best thing is to make upstream aware of the problem00:20
txwikingerwhen it is fixed there, we will sync it in time00:21
apacheloggerkubotu: topic restore00:21
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apacheloggerkubotu: topic del 300:21
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apacheloggerkubotu: topic del 300:21
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apacheloggerkubotu: topic del 300:21
=== kubotu changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Alpha 1 released! | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo
maxwellianSo if someone (me?) were to take responsibility for this bug, the course of action would be to politely ask upstream to update the man page?00:22
apacheloggerkubotu: topic replace 1 Kubuntu, making your PC friendly00:23
=== kubotu changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu, making your PC friendly | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo
txwikingermaxwellian: That would be the most efficient way00:23
txwikingerAnd you should make a comment in the report that you have done that00:23
txwikingerSo we know what the latest status is00:23
apacheloggertxwikinger, JontheEchidna: I'll go beat up bugs next week a bit, maybe we should spam a bit to get more people on board?00:24
txwikingerapachelogger: cool.. I am with you00:24
maxwelliantxwikinger: Okay, thanks.00:24
txwikingermaxwellian: np00:24
txwikingerwb Riddell00:25
macoooh two Riddells!00:25
apacheloggerbtw, I propose that we form monster meta bugs in kdepim of generally same issues that ought to be resolved or revisited as a whole once kdepim 4.6 is out the door (i.e. once akonadi is live)00:25
txwikingerapachelogger: maybe use a specific tag for them?00:26
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: QMap did the trick. I can't believe I didn't think of that before :D00:26
* txwikinger needs to slowly swing by the shop and o home00:27
apacheloggertxwikinger: yeah, as long as we get rid of the cluttering bugs, I want them out of the way because most of them are outside our scope and will not be fixed upstream anyway00:27
apachelogger+ become invalid for 4.6 and beyond00:28
txwikingerwell.. that are maybe cases to be set won't fix00:28
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: reminder to turn back on CIA00:30
apacheloggerCIA-33: hello00:31
* apachelogger hugs CIA-3300:31
* CIA-33 hugs apachelogger00:31
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: thanks :)00:31
JontheEchidnayup, no prob00:31
* apachelogger had forgotten about it ^^00:32
JontheEchidna(btw, I committed the origin sort fix just before I reminded you, just fyi if you wanted to svn up)00:32
* apachelogger wanted to go to bed actually :P00:34
apacheloggerthis is brilliant00:35
* apachelogger hugs JontheEchidna00:35
apachelogger<3 libqapt00:35
angelus85does anybody tried sc 4.5 rc1 on a netbook?00:36
angelus85because i have a contentless window flashing on my screen everytime i start kontact00:37
angelus85echo "good night"00:39
JontheEchidnanighty night00:41
angelus85see you guys00:46
angelus85i go00:47
JontheEchidnaoh my, APT was once considered next-generation: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/i0-plasma-desktopw18355-jpg.jpg01:06
valorieback when packages were for girly-men01:07
valorieI don't find that many people who look down on packaging anymore01:08
maxwellianvalorie: Maybe you'll find some elsewhere in the Unix world... #freebsd? ;)01:09
valoriecould be -- I really only talk to one bsd person01:10
valorieand he doesn't have 'tude01:10
maxwellianvalorie: Dependency handling is great, but some people like to choose what gets compiled in.01:10
valoriesure, and I build amarok from git01:10
valorieand vlc, and phonon-vlc01:11
valorieand someday, maybe more01:11
valoriebut that isn't ideal, and certainly not for everyone01:11
maxwellianvalorie: For development, or what?01:11
valorieanyway, I missed most of the day, for various reasons01:11
valoriebut read as much as I could understand01:11
valorieand it was great!01:11
valorieesp. the bug triaging, which I would like to do01:12
valorieonce I finish the Amarok Handbook01:12
JontheEchidnaI can't deny that APT is the best, but the internals/code of it is so ugly 10 years later that I have to find calling it "next gen" funny :P01:12
valorieand yes, for testing, maxwellian01:12
claydohJontheEchidna: you iz Da Man taking on kfn like a storm ;)01:15
valoriehopefully will be handing out lots of kubuntu lucid discs at OSCON in a week01:16
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1147352 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/StatusWidget.cpp String fixes01:16
* claydoh needs to push the admin guy to create a category for you guys in there01:16
* vorian waves01:29
vorianfinally got some funds to get my build machine back!01:30
voriantwas wondering what may be needed from an amature like me01:30
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147356 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/ (backend.cpp backend.h) The installSize has to be a double, else we run in to the limit quite easily with large removals since we are dealing in bytes01:34
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1147357 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/StatusWidget.cpp Adapt to LibQApt API change for installedSize()01:34
JontheEchidnavorian: Nice! There'll be a KDE 4.5 RC2 to package soonish01:35
vorianwoo hoo01:36
voriani even got a freezer for my cpu so it wont asplode this time01:37
vorianit kind of sucks living so far away from yall, when i'm doing stuff almost everyone is sleeping.01:38
vorianwe need a kubotu alarmclock01:38
voriankubotu: install alarmclock01:38
valoriewhere do you live, vorian?01:38
valorieseems to me people are here at all hours of the day and night01:39
vorianRural Idaho01:39
valorieah, I'm south of Seattle01:39
vorianwhere at?01:39
vorianI used to live in Puyallup01:39
valorieare you coming to CLS and/or OSCON, by any chance?01:39
valoriewe live right outside of Black Diamond01:40
vorianpossibly, 01:40
valorieI used to work in Puyallup01:40
vorianer, gotta tun01:40
valorieI'm going to both01:40
valoriejust pinned down a hotel last night01:40
valoriewith a friend01:40
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147358 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/ (backend.cpp backend.h) On second though, use qint6401:42
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1147359 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/StatusWidget.cpp Use qint64 rather than double01:42
JontheEchidnaawesome comment01:44
maxwellianJontheEchidna: Ha! :)01:52
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
removidokubuntu dau is here? 02:16
lcnrjkubuntu day is here? 02:22
JontheEchidnaremovido, lcnrj: It was a few hours ago. :( But logs of the sessions will be available soon02:23
lcnrjok thanks02:23
maxwellianHmm...removido and lcnrj seemed joined at the hip there.  Some IRC thing I don't know about going on there...02:25
rbelemhey JontheEchidna02:26
rbelemJontheEchidna, i added you to the http://reviewboard.kde.org/r/4320/02:27
JontheEchidnaI'll take a look at it02:27
rbelemJontheEchidna, thank you :-)02:29
JontheEchidnarbelem: In KSambaShareInfo, just use d_ptr when you construct the KSambaSharePrivate instance. Then in each of the functions that use the d_ptr put this line at the top "Q_D(KSambaShareInfo)", and then you can just use d->02:33
JontheEchidnaoh, he left02:33
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
JontheEchidnarbelem: For private classes, you can use this class as an example: http://pastebin.com/sYSvgVhX , http://pastebin.com/wAmmPHXg03:19
JontheEchidnarbelem: basically, make the d_ptr protected, do Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE as private03:20
JontheEchidnathen, use the d_ptr in the normal class construction03:20
JontheEchidnause the Q_D macro in your functions03:20
JontheEchidnathen use d-> in your function clases03:20
JontheEchidnaQ_D(ClassName) for non-const functions, Q_D(const ClassName) for const ones03:21
rbelemJontheEchidna, cool! :-) i will make the changes tomorrow.03:33
* rbelem going sleep03:33
rbelemthanks JontheEchidna 03:33
JontheEchidnarbelem: yup, no problem03:33
solid_liqdid I miss the tutorial stuff?05:29
macoyep, 4 hours ago or so it ended05:30
solid_liqis there any way to still see it or read it or whatever?05:30
macosure you can read the logs on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com05:31
solid_liqI just now saw the post for it on facebook :/05:31
solid_liqoh okay cool, thanks!05:31
ScottKRiddell: qtmobility is built on the two main archs that aren't broken and waiting for you in binary New.06:02
vorianhullo ScottK 06:17
simulacrumWhere can I see the logs from yesterday's Kubuntu Tutorials Day?08:26
apacheloggersimulacrum: not yet published I suppose08:29
maxwelliansimulacrum: I imagine they will end up here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay08:30
maxwelliansimulacrum: But they're not there yet.08:30
maxwelliansimulacrum: But, these channels are logged anyway, go to http://irclogs.ubuntu.com08:30
simulacrummaxwellian: ok thanks, the last one solves the mistery 08:31
maxwelliansimulacrum: Good. :)  Not sure what time zone the logging machine is in, that's causing me a bit of head scratching...but I'm sure you'll find it. :)08:32
maxwellianapachelogger: Awesome, thanks.08:36
apacheloggerRiddell: ^08:42
apacheloggerstill needs editing for the wiki I suppose ^^08:42
simulacrumWell, I can try and add them to the wiki if noone minds?08:43
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: just so you know :P "Opinion says: there’s a difference of opinion around this bug and people are free to continue the discussion, but the project or package maintainers need to move to other work and are considering the issue closed."08:45
apacheloggersimulacrum: brilliant! :D08:45
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: maye I should use opinion for master overlord devil like akonadi bug?08:46
apacheloggersounds actually pretty appropriate, because I consider the defect closed as per the other bug where I bumped the timeout to 5 minutes, which is the one and only real cause to resource agents not showing up08:46
apacheloggerfor about every other case it is just a side effect08:47
simulacrumI added links to logs here: http://goo.gl/e7e7 ; I suggest adding something to the topic of this channel in case someone else is looking for them09:13
simulacrumhowdy Riddell09:41
RiddellRC 2 is out, source only release10:37
ScottKvorian: Hello.12:31
debfxRiddell: I don't think that phonon-vlc is ready to be included in ubuntu12:50
debfxit crashes regularly and development seems to have stalled a bit12:55
debfxis there anything I should include when packaging the new rekonq version?13:00
shadeslayerRiddell: had a power outage lasting 6 hours due to rains :|14:47
shadeslayernice topic tho :P14:50
shadeslayermaco: http://imagebin.ca/view/7yvJtwKF.html : hehehe :P14:57
JontheEchidnaScottK: Oh, k3b uploaded to backports15:15
ScottKJontheEchidna: Looking.15:15
ScottKJontheEchidna: What's the bug again?15:15
JontheEchidnabug 60273315:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 602733 in lucid-backports "Please backport K3b 2.0.0 to lucid" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60273315:15
ScottKJontheEchidna: Done15:19
shadeslayerScottK: can you backport kraft as well?15:20
shadeslayerScottK: package in https://edge.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra15:20
ScottKshadeslayer: Is there a backports bug?15:20
ScottKJontheEchidna: Would you please help shadeslayer out with the process?15:20
shadeslayerwow.. loads of people applying to bugsquad.. was it txwikinger speech ?? :P15:21
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: so, backporting things15:21
shadeslayeryep :)15:21
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: actually the package is in my PPA :D15:22
JontheEchidnaFirst you want to take the version in maverick, and make all the changes necessary to make it build on lucid15:22
JontheEchidnaIf there aren't any changes needed, that makes things easier15:22
JontheEchidnaThen you go here and file a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports15:22
JontheEchidnaAttatching a debdiff of the maverick version to the backported version15:22
JontheEchidna(see bug 602733)15:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 602733 in lucid-backports "Please backport K3b 2.0.0 to lucid" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60273315:23
JontheEchidnathen you have to get it confirmed that the backported package installs and runs in lucid15:23
JontheEchidnaafter which you ping somebody from ubuntu-backports to confirm the bug15:23
JontheEchidnathen you go through the normal package sponsorship process15:23
shadeslayerah.. thanks :D15:24
* shadeslayer should make a lucid pbuilder...15:24
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1147527 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/ (7 files in 3 dirs) Save/load splitter sizes for determining the size of the FilterWidget and ManagerWidget.15:53
ScottKRiddell: Are you ready to call the "Combine Desktop/Netbook ISOs" experiment a success?  If so, we should kill off the netbook ISO builds.15:53
JontheEchidnaI should note that the current setup will mean that all VirtualBox runs use plasma-netbook by default, fwiw15:55
ScottKJontheEchidna: It can be changed in the session though.  Is it important?15:57
JontheEchidnamm, well, I did see somebody on the kubuntu forums confuse it as being the new default based on his virtualbox testing15:58
ScottKJontheEchidna: Speaking of which, could you have another look at post-KDM transition to plasma-netbook?  There's a long period of black again.15:58
JontheEchidnajust something to consider15:58
shadeslayerbtw kdepim runtime has some new binaries which need manpages.... any ideas if i should add new manpages?16:02
ScottKshadeslayer: It's desired, but not essential.16:03
shadeslayerhmmm.. well idk how to write a man page any how ;)16:03
* ScottK pokes at Riddell some more about ISO consolidation and qtmobility in binary New.16:03
JontheEchidnaScottK: works for me(tm)16:09
JontheEchidnatested with a new user, ksplash hung around until plasma-netbook showed up16:10
JontheEchidnatook quite a while for plasma-netbook to show up, actually. (I know this because you can see the panel coming in over ksplash)16:10
ScottKThanks for checking.16:11
shadeslayeri call dibs on rekonq...16:13
ScottKshadeslayer: It would be highly useful to me if rekonq could grow the ability to right click on a link to a file and "Open with ...".  That's the major thing I still miss from Konqueror.16:15
shadeslayerScottK: if i could only hack that much :P16:16
ScottKshadeslayer: Could you talk to upstream about it?16:16
shadeslayerill poke adjam and come up with something in my clone :D16:16
shadeslayerScottK: can you also put this in rekonq ML ?16:17
ScottKshadeslayer: No.  I'm not subscribed.  Feel free to quote me.16:17
shadeslayerok.. ill post something .. most of our features are discussed on the ML rather than on the IRC :P16:17
shadeslayerScottK: mail sent ;)16:20
ScottKshadeslayer: Thanks.16:21
* shadeslayer is struggling with gitorious tho16:21
shadeslayerstupid thing wont show my last commit :(16:21
shadeslayerany idea on http://pastebin.com/dDNYKLS216:30
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1147543 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/MainWindow.cpp Implement SizeMismatchWarning16:37
hrw-rw------- 1 hrw hrw 109G 2010-07-08 17:46 .xsession-errors16:46
hrwis there a way to make maverick kubuntu less noisy?16:47
hrwgood said16:48
macohahahaha my mav vm has a little tab just sitting on the desktop, not attached to an edge or anything, that says "unnamed"16:48
macoi once had a 50G .xsession-errors16:48
hrwmaco: thats activities crap tab16:48
macothen my disk filled and it got Not Happy16:48
macohrw: it doesnt click16:48
shadeslayerheh.. 40 MB here...16:50
* shadeslayer pats his X16:50
hrwmost was akonadi and kio_imap16:51
=== mgraesslin_ is now known as mgraesslin
RiddellScottK: yes netbook ISOs should die and normal ISOs should get ARM builds17:52
Tm_TRiddell: hi, any idea why kde ftp server (and mirrors) doesn't have RC2 ?17:53
Tm_Tor, has some issues in ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/4.4.92/17:54
* Tm_T has brains melting so not able to explain well17:54
shadeslayeryeah.. no sources on kde ftp server :)17:55
Riddelldebfx: for rekonq just check that it's stable with the new qtwebkit in maverick17:56
RiddellTm_T: hmm.  panic.17:56
Tm_Tfile permissions not correct, would be my first guess17:57
Riddellwell I have one release manager here but no sysadmin17:58
Riddelland this needs a sysadmin17:58
Tm_TRiddell: thanks17:58
RiddellTm_T: fixed, although we need to wait for syncing18:01
RiddellTm_T: thanks for saving the release18:02
Tm_TRiddell: np, thank the users who asked after it and made me wonder what's up18:02
shadeslayerdebfx: around?18:09
debfxshadeslayer: indeed18:10
shadeslayerdebfx: and your packaging rekonq 0.5.0 ?18:10
shadeslayerdebfx: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/Patches/kubuntu_01_apturl.patch << add that patch to rekonq 18:12
shadeslayeri updated it some more18:12
shadeslayerlesser mem consumption now ;)18:12
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: btw if i change some build depends,then i have to add -1ubuntu1 to version right?18:13
debfxdebian doesn't have apturl though?18:13
shadeslayerand XSBC maintainer and stuff too...18:13
shadeslayerdebfx: not for now.. it should be in Git pretty soon18:14
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: are you merging a package with debian?18:14
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: backporting kraft :)18:14
shadeslayerto lucid18:14
JontheEchidnathen why would you use -1ubuntu1?18:14
debfxI mean apturl in general18:14
shadeslayer0ubuntu1 then?18:14
shadeslayerdebfx: nope18:14
JontheEchidnait's currently 0.40-118:15
shadeslayerdebfx: http://gitorious.org/rekonq/mainline/merge_requests/228918:15
shadeslayerlucid has 0.20 18:15
JontheEchidnaNot sure how to version that18:15
JontheEchidnaperhaps -1~lucid118:15
JontheEchidnayeah, because otherwise it'd have a higher version than in maverick18:16
JontheEchidnayou'll have to do -1~lucid118:16
shadeslayerso : 0.40-1~lucid118:17
shadeslayerRiddell: btw theres a announcement about the new font :D18:22
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: http://pastebin.com/di7Zjn9q << debdiff18:24
ScottKshadeslayer: We already got all the letters we need.18:25
ScottKFrom the font.18:25
ScottKCapital K and small u-b-n-t18:26
ScottKBTW, 0.40-1~lucid1 is correct for backports.18:26
shadeslayer_JontheEchidna: can you repeat the last 2 mins? 18:28
shadeslayer_extreme lag on core ...18:28
shadeslayer_We have all the letters... what letters :P18:28
shadeslayer_ah ok :D18:29
shadeslayer_yeah.. btw any idea if Kubuntu will ship the same fonts?18:30
Riddellshadeslayer: we haven't decided yet18:30
Riddellshadeslayer: and now you're a kubuntu member you shouldn't be asking what Kubuntu will do, you should be suggesting an opinion :)18:31
JontheEchidnathis is what it looks like with the default hinting settings. (but all font sizes bumped down by one): http://simplest-image-hosting.net/i0-plasma-desktopuh1505-jpg.jpg18:33
JontheEchidnaLooks pretty good, but I think that the top of the 'd' is too fuzzy, especially when compared to the 'b' (in theory it should be the same)18:34
marlindoes anyone know how to find the admin tools?18:47
Riddellmarlin: what admin tools?18:47
marlinI downloaded a back up program and it put it in the group admin tools.  I cant find it18:48
marlinany thought on that Riddell18:49
Riddellmarlin: downloaded how?  put in admin group how?18:50
marlini went to add/remove searched for Davish. ran the download from there.  now i cant find where it put it to run it18:51
marlinafter looking at the details, it said that it was in the group: admin tools18:51
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147564 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/backend.h This is not a slot18:51
marlinlike installing poker, it puts it in the games group.18:52
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: it looks totally hot in quassel tho18:52
Riddellmarlin: dirvish?  that's a command line tool, there won't be a menu item18:53
marlinsorry, i uninstalled that one.  It was rsync18:55
shadeslayermarlin: thats CLI too18:55
shadeslayersee man rsync18:55
shadeslayerRiddell: ++ for ubuntu font ;)18:55
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: bug 60327618:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 603276 in kraft (Ubuntu) "Please backport kraft" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60327618:56
marlinis there any gui backups that r good?18:56
shadeslayermarlin: rsync is pretty good18:56
shadeslayermarlin: you just have to know how to use it18:56
marlinhow about AMANDA18:56
* shadeslayer has no idea..18:57
shadeslayerive only used rsync18:57
marlini am new to linux and the command line stuff is shakey for me18:57
* ScottK has heard good things about amanda.18:57
marlinwhich goes back to my orginal quest. how to find the admin tools18:58
shadeslayermarlin: uh its just : rsync -avz --progress source/ destinantion/ 18:58
ulyssesWhat about Keep? It's a GUI backup tool for KDE.18:58
shadeslayerthats all you need to know :P18:58
shadeslayeroh theres backintime-kde18:58
shadeslayer!info backintime-kde18:58
ubottubackintime-kde (source: backintime): KDE front-end for backintime. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.26-3ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 328 kB, installed size 536 kB18:58
shadeslayeror backupninja18:58
marlinwell when it comes back to command line and backup - restore. I want to be sure of myself18:59
shadeslayermarlin: backuppc,backupninja,backintime-kde...18:59
shadeslayerbackintime is something like timecapsule18:59
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
shadeslayerRiddell: btw why is there no news of kde 4.5 in #kubuntu ? :P19:00
oxymoronMay I ask, have someone heear anything from Wine team with some radical changes? I was for instance trying to install Photoshop CS5 and failed ...19:03
marlinI found keep.  it is in the group : kde desktop.  others say the admin tools.  that is what i want to know.  were is the admin tools19:03
ulyssesmarlin: Kickoff -> Applications -> System?19:04
marlinthere are no tools there ulysses19:05
oxymoronOr is it a lost case? :P19:05
ScottKoxymoron: If you have a wine question, the best person to ask is Yokozar.  He's normally on #ubuntu-motu.19:05
oxymoronScottK: Thanks :) Btw, do you have any more references to special people reponsible or knowing much about different things? :P19:05
Tm_TRiddell: uhh, any idea when it gest synced?19:06
oxymoronScottK: lol ... could you send me a list? xD Would be nice get direct contact with developers so I can affect things :P19:07
* shadeslayer now officially hates ntfs19:07
ScottKoxymoron: List is in my head, which I'll keep here thank you very much.19:07
shadeslayeroh.. officially doesnt come out quite good in the ubuntu font :P19:07
oxymoronScottK: For isntance, Kopete and Koffice? :P19:07
shadeslayerneither does Koffice ... ^^19:08
marlinThanks all for the help.  I will try the Keep.  I deleted my task bar and couldn't get it back.  I ended up reloading the system.  no big deal because it is just for fun for now.19:08
ScottKRiddell for koffice.  I don't think anyone special for kopete19:08
shadeslayermarlin: :o19:08
oxymoronScottK: Krita, Nouveau, OpenOffice, Phonon, Kickoff, Lancelot ...19:08
* shadeslayer faints19:08
macooxymoron: check the wine appdb. last i heard, cs2 was the newest that worked19:08
Tm_Toxymoron: what about kopete?19:08
marlini am try it out as a simple file server for a client19:09
oxymoronmaco: cs2 ... lol then I could shoot myself in the head by using installing Windows dual boot again instead of using Wine ...19:09
marlinlater all.  again thanks for the help.19:09
oxymoronTm_T: WHos developing Kopete, if anyone? :P19:09
macooxymoron: they only just got that working last year. google paid for the development efforts, and cs2 was the condition on which wine would become 1.019:09
macooxymoron: you could also learn to use the gimp19:09
oxymoronScottK: Dragon Player, Ksnapshot? Then different protocls, is anyone developing those, like Akonadi?19:10
Tm_Toxymoron: I try...19:10
Klanticusoxymoron: #kopete19:10
ScottKoxymoron: Sure.  Lots of people are, but upstream, not in Kubuntu specifically.19:10
macooxymoron: you could read the copyright files in their source packages or check their about dialogs...19:10
oxymoronmaco: I tried GIMP and Krita, but seriously I cant,  PS is redicilous much better GUI wise ... which is one of the most important things in a photo editor :P19:11
oxymoronTm_T: What you mean?19:11
macowell i disagree...i get lost in PS. im much more a PSP girl, but ive learned to use gimp19:11
macoit's just that you're used to PS's convoluted UI ;-)19:11
oxymoronmaco: You can do most in GIMP, but its unlogci toolbox menu and I get lost in there :P19:12
oxymoronIt should be easy doing things, its too many steps in GIMP and Krita IMO :P19:12
oxymoronScottK: Whats difference between upstream and regular Kubuntu?19:12
ScottKIn Kubuntu we mostly package software developed by upstream for inclusion in Ubuntu.19:13
oxymoronOh and someone fixed the Kwallet thingy, thanks for the one who fixed it, if anyone in here :P But I guess someone get angry on me whining and fixed it xD19:13
macooxymoron: upstream writes it. we package it.19:13
macowell i shouldnt say we. they *points around the channel* package it19:14
macoi stay safely in universe land most of the time :)19:14
oxymoronRegarding to packaging, may I ask why some apps doesnt get in ppa? It took ages for Kdevelop for instance. Hopefully Rekonq 0.5 which will be released soon, if not already :)19:15
* shadeslayer has one leg in main land and... well the other is prettymuch dangling in universe land19:15
shadeslayeroxymoron: oh you want rekonq 0.5 ?19:15
shadeslayeroxymoron: in lucid?19:15
oxymoronshadeslayer: Yeah? BUT ONLY if its stable and working this time, last time I tried from git repository it didnt work and its some bugs in Webkit19:16
shadeslayermaco: btw when i copied your HTML page i forgot to change Maco's Ubuntu page :P19:16
macoshadeslayer: silly :P19:16
shadeslayeroxymoron: uh... it wont probably happen.. maybe we can put in kde beta ppa?19:17
shadeslayeroxymoron: rekonq needs kde 4.5 thats why we cant backport it19:17
shadeslayermaco: yeah.. just changed it about a hour ago :D19:18
oxymoronshadeslayer: Aha I see, do you know why it needs 4.5? And then I have 4.5 RC so ;) There one bug with Webkit with POST form data, it doesnt show correct page source if you POST form and get to a new page from the action :P19:18
oxymoronThen some contents not working, it thinks it should download some php files on some websites for instance, or other things. Sometimes it also dislpay text data instead of downloading it as it should xD19:19
shadeslayeroxymoron: ok,that *might* be related to webkit qt.. so lex79 packaged a new git snapshot.. so you will have to wait for that to hit the repos19:19
oxymoronshadeslayer: Alright :) Well no rush, I wait for it ;) Good to know someones working on it :)19:20
lex79debfx: are you packaging rekonq for kubuntu or for debian?19:20
debfxlex79: both19:20
shadeslayerlex79: debfx is debian packager ? :o19:21
* shadeslayer bows down to debfx19:21
oxymoronshadeslayer: Regarding to QT, theres also some bugs in there with Nouveau, QT and OpenGL :P Not sure if anything will happen in long time there, not even sure if a stable nouveau will be released with Kubuntu 10.1019:21
lex79debfx: oh ok, my package is ready. Btw rekonq now depends on gtk, and I think we don't want that :)19:22
shadeslayerlex79: ^^19:22
oxymoronlex79: gtk? :S19:22
oxymoronWhy? :S19:22
shadeslayeroxymoron: ugly patch for flash19:22
* shadeslayer saw it... really ugly...19:22
oxymoronI thought Rekonq was for KDE ...19:22
oxymoronDont care about flash, nobody wants it anyway :P19:23
debfxlex79: why should we care? gtk is installed by default in kubuntu19:23
oxymoronIgnore Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight and some beautiful day it will be gone from market because nobody uses it xD19:23
oxymoronMake sure you have support for HTML5 instead ;)19:24
txwikingerIs there a way to find out how often a particular package was downloaded from the repo or the ppa?19:24
Riddelltxwikinger: popcon is all we have19:24
txwikingerwhere is popcon for ubuntu?19:24
Riddellpopcon.ubuntu.com at a guess :)19:24
txwikingerah. yes :)19:25
oxymoronAnd then I wondering, is someone working on webcam, firewire support?19:25
lex79Riddell: so if rekonq depends on gtk is not a problem?19:26
oxymoronlex79: => shadeslayer19:26
Riddelllex79: it's not ideal, if we can remove that bit of code and qtwebkit doesn't crash with flash that would be better19:28
oxymoronBtw, may I ask. Whats your reasons for programming and doing particularly the thing you do and not anything else? :) I am thinking of contributing someway in the future big time :)19:28
shadeslayeroxymoron: you get to go around the world for free :P19:29
shadeslayerfor eg. UDS,Akademy,etc,etc :P19:29
oxymoronshadeslayer: Seriously? :) I always wanted to travel around the world :)19:29
shadeslayerand then you get to meet amazing people like Riddell and lex7919:29
shadeslayerand others in this channel who get sponsored :P19:30
shadeslayeroxymoron: yeah :D19:30
oxymoronshadeslayer: Sweet :) But for mentality and psychological reasons then, why Kubuntu or system programming? :)19:30
shadeslayeroxymoron: a distro is really your choice.. you can go with suse or arch.. but kubuntu has sort of grown on me :P19:31
shadeslayerthen theres so much to do in kubuntu.. .. probably in other distros as well... but loads of people to teach on kubuntu/debian19:32
oxymoronshadeslayer: Is it possible to convince me even if I dont really like system programming? I moslty prefer web developing and designing :)19:33
shadeslayeroxymoron: talk to ofirk.. he is designing a new website for kubuntu :D19:33
shadeslayerso maybe you can help there19:33
oxymoronshadeslayer: I have some experiences in Python, C++, Java and GUIs but not large understanding of the languages itself, but those you get in time anyway. Know one, you know them all :P19:34
shadeslayeroxymoron: oh oh.. then theres money!19:35
oxymoronshadeslayer: Yeah I could help with website, I really think KDE and Kubuntu need a solid and complete united design. For the moment (Sorry for the one designed it) the current website looks awful.19:35
shadeslayeroxymoron: you can participate in GSoC19:35
shadeslayeroxymoron: http://staging.www.kubuntu.org/19:36
shadeslayerthe new site19:36
oxymoronshadeslayer: Not just sure if I like it or not, but I remember it was quite interesting to find out GUI coding, what do you call those GUI wrappers now agian you use, in Python for instance?19:36
oxymoronshadeslayer: To be honest I dont really like the new site. It need more curves, cleanyness, better fonts and more colors and less text.19:37
oxymoronIt looks boring.19:37
shadeslayeroxymoron: uh... i dont know alot of coding :P.. starting out on ruby and Qt :P19:37
oxymoronAnyway, foodtime :P19:37
shadeslayeroxymoron: hack on it then :P19:38
shadeslayeroxymoron: you might also want to talk to sheytan :D19:38
shadeslayerhes the artwork guy :P19:38
oxymoronRuby and QT I would like to check out later on I think :)19:38
ScottKmaco: Did you have to specifically request the netbook image for your new machine?19:38
macoScottK: yes i put it in the comments box because their web person hasnt added it to the website yet19:39
macobut 10.10 wont have a separate image anyway, right?19:39
shadeslayermaco: the new Tera 3?19:39
simulacrumI'm trying to install kubuntu-dev-tools in Kubuntu 10.04 with KDE 4.5 SC RC1 from Kubuntu PPA Beta and I get unmet dependencies (i.e. kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4) , any workaround?19:39
ScottKmaco: Interesting.  Yes.19:39
steveire_There's a guy here at akademy working on Qt bindings of ruby on rails19:39
macoshadeslayer: terra hd19:39
macoshadeslayer: yes, getting a red one19:39
shadeslayermaco: nice :D19:39
ScottKsimulacrum: We aren't really using those anymore, so you probably don't need them.19:39
ScottKmaco: For 10.10 it will be automatic.19:40
macoScottK: yeah i showed Riddell the specs on that netbook and he went "uh oh"19:40
macobecause the screen is 1366x76819:40
shadeslayeruh oh19:40
ScottKRight, over the threshold.19:40
RiddellI wonder if we can do a test about it being a laptop without a hard disk19:40
shadeslayermaco: you will get desktop :P19:40
shadeslayerRiddell: 0_o19:41
macomeanwhile my vm here was showing netbook UI for being below threshold19:41
shadeslayerRiddell: laptop without hd != possible :P19:41
macohe said adding "laptop-detect" to the startkde checks might help19:41
ScottKRiddell: Can it be a combination of screen pixel size and DPI to get physical screen size?19:41
ScottKRiddell: Netbook images are stopped, btw.19:42
RiddellScottK: I discussed that with plasma people, they seem to think not19:42
Riddelldpi not being reliable they say19:42
shadeslayerRiddell: how about processor model?19:42
ScottKMaybe the #ubuntu-x folks have a good idea?19:42
shadeslayerwe can add stuff for atom and non atom processors19:43
Riddellshadeslayer: with solid state memory instead of magnetic disk19:43
shadeslayerRiddell: thats still a ' Hard ' Disk :P19:43
Riddellatom and non atom also not good apparantly, atom gets used in non-netbook19:44
shadeslayerRiddell: procy + screen size?19:44
macothat netbook has hard disk options available19:44
macoi simply chose ssd19:44
Riddelloh and not having a CD is a good netbook characteristic19:44
Riddellmust be possible to do laptop-detect && no cd drive19:45
macoRiddell: i know 14" laptops that lack cd drives too now though19:46
* maco wishes it was just a choice on kdm19:46
macoScottK: theyre doing a q&a right now on irc btw19:47
shadeslayerRiddell: how about a KDialog which pops up? asking to choose?19:47
ScottKmaco: Who?  zareason?19:48
macoScottK: yes19:48
=== jussi is now known as jussio1
=== jussi01 is now known as jussi
ScottKSmall channel.19:49
macoScottK: aye, new19:49
Riddellshadeslayer: yuck19:50
* apachelogger still does not know what laptop to buy :/19:50
jussimaco: you have till end of the month. 19:50
macojussi: ok19:51
jussimaco: perhaps a few days beforehand19:51
macoyou said dendrobates, right?19:52
shadeslayerapachelogger: oh finally... :D19:52
jussimaco: correct19:52
apacheloggeroh my, qt creator needs an update notifier or something 19:52
* shadeslayer sees apachelogger after long long time19:52
* apachelogger goes 2.0 \\o/19:52
jussiapachelogger: if you have anything on jussi01.com, now would be the time to find a new home for it19:53
apacheloggershadeslayer: I have been hiding from the Quintasan19:53
* jussi only has a small amount of internet time left.19:53
macojussi: is it possible to do a db dump of quassel logs?19:53
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: btw can you add a option in muon,that causes a shutdown after a upgrade in muon?19:53
jussimaco: If I can figure out how, yes.19:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: lolwhut19:53
macoheh ok19:53
apacheloggerjussi: fluffy is on there isn't it? :P19:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: neon nightmares? :P19:54
apacheloggertalking about reliable hosting :P19:54
jussiapachelogger: hrr, eah, websites are getting transferred, bots and stuff are not19:54
yofelmaco: there is a python app somewhere on the quassel webpage to make text dumps of the backlog19:54
apacheloggerwhere to move kubotu to  :/19:55
* apachelogger finds the amount of spam he gets lately rather scary19:55
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: thats the only feature thats stopping me from making muon my default package manager :P19:56
shadeslayerright now i can do that with apt-get  ;)19:56
JontheEchidnaI suppose I could put it somewhere on the todo list19:57
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: thanks :D19:57
* apachelogger uses muon for default, except it breaks my localization :P19:57
* apachelogger does not understand a word anymore :(19:57
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: at the least, are all the translations from apt itself there? (And not python-looking?)19:57
apacheloggernot the descriptions is you mean that19:58
JontheEchidnadescriptions, maintainer, etc19:58
apacheloggersomehow apt-get does weird foo to fetch specific stuff on update19:58
apacheloggermuon does not19:58
JontheEchidna...foo fetch for specific stuff?19:59
apacheloggerremember that time when muon suddenly stopped talking german to me, when you were hunting those encoding issues19:59
JontheEchidnaoh, yeah19:59
apacheloggerthat was caused by apt-get update fetching more than muon19:59
apacheloggerIgn http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-security/universe Translation-de                    20:00
apacheloggerthe cool thing about this is that this is not listed in anything /etc/apt/*20:00
apacheloggerso supposedly that is some internal madness of apt-get or something20:01
JontheEchidnaI do wonder how that would break l10n though. One would assume it would just use the old thingies if muon wasn't fetching them20:03
apacheloggerapparently it wipes missing stuff20:04
apacheloggerwell, I think that it is difficult to tell for whatever thingy is responsible for keeping one's cache clean to tell whether files were removed from the remote site or just not fetched20:05
* apachelogger notes that git-buildpackage feels much nicer than bzr-buildpackage :/20:11
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: have time to test a patch for l10n update?20:13
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708191350-yxw55nlb744xs3m7 * src/api/ (Account.cpp Subscription.cpp) this->--20:14
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: aye20:14
JontheEchidnathis is the only thing signifcantly different between apt-get and libqapt: http://pastebin.com/gk8vZ41B20:14
JontheEchidnayou can ignore that new include :D20:15
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708191548-t61d0wv85x32o82p * src/api/ (ApiTester.cpp CMakeLists.txt) good bye apitester o/20:16
shadeslayermy interwebs is fai today20:16
JontheEchidnasince the qaptworker can only be started by a root DBus, I have to use QFile to write debug output to files :s20:16
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708191616-vbxm169w4agxgfjq * src/api/ (13 files) formatting++20:16
* apachelogger waits for a svn up -.-20:18
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: is that patch against trunk?20:20
apacheloggerfails to apply here20:20
JontheEchidnaoh, um20:20
JontheEchidnaI actually manually split it out of svn diff20:20
JontheEchidnaI was working on something else before I tried that patch :P20:20
apacheloggeryou know20:21
apacheloggeryou need to branch20:21
apacheloggerwhich means you need to git :P20:21
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: lock() and unlock() could use brackets btw20:22
JontheEchidnaI don't think I use those functions at all20:23
shadeslayertho i know little about it...20:23
shadeslayerbut its new fad in town :D20:24
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: no improvement20:24
JontheEchidnaI should be doing everything that apt-get's DoUpdate function is doing now...20:24
* shadeslayer hides apachelogger behind him20:25
shadeslayerQuintasan: hey :)20:25
debfxlex79: have you uploaded your rekonq package somewhere?20:25
QuintasanRiddell: Can you do anything about your host? I have ordered a shell with 6 day trial for now.20:26
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708192616-q78bddas26uk381o * src/api/ (Account.cpp Subscription.cpp) this->++, whoever came up with those conflicting names is a moron, apachelogger--20:26
lex79debfx: nope, I'm trying if flashplugin works without gtk dependencies20:27
QuintasanI need a host with hueg upload speed20:27
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: apt-get vs libqapt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460760/ vs http://paste.ubuntu.com/460761/20:27
JontheEchidnashouldn't be any different :(20:28
apacheloggermaybe a called function does the foo?20:28
JontheEchidnanah, sudo apt-get update calls that, straight20:29
* apachelogger is not going to gdb apt-get :P20:30
JontheEchidnait maps the cmdline arg to that function20:31
apacheloggeracquire should handle that stuff it seems :/20:31
apachelogger./apt-pkg/acquire-item.cc:/* The Translation file is added to the queue */20:31
debfxlex79: do we want to get rid of gtk in the default kubuntu installation?20:31
apacheloggerin particular ./apt-pkg/deb/debindexfile.cc:     string TranslationFile = "Translation-" + LanguageCode();20:32
lex79debfx:  if we can remove that bit of code and qtwebkit doesn't crash with flash that would be better20:32
JontheEchidnaI'm using acquire-item :(20:32
JontheEchidnawell, ListUpdate should be at any rate20:33
RiddellQuintasan: it moved to host-84-9-232-71.dslgb.com20:33
shadeslayermaco: lol @ fb status :P20:33
apacheloggerthey cannot use i18n20:34
apacheloggerthey cannot use l10n20:34
apacheloggerthey cannot use translation20:34
apacheloggerthey use trans20:34
* apachelogger imagiens that would fit well in a gtk macro context20:34
shadeslayergood night all ;)20:36
lex79debfx: btw, seems there is no differences with or without gtk deps and the workaround, flash works in the same way, it doesn't crash but it not works very well like firefox or chromium20:36
lex79shadeslayer: what about your packages in wiki ninja?20:36
lex79are in progress?20:36
shadeslayerlex79: uh.. do you want me to do them right now?20:36
lex79dunno, just ask ;)20:37
shadeslayerlex79: yep..20:37
shadeslayerwell.. my internet connection is full of fail today :P20:37
JontheEchidnaWhere is mvo when you need him???20:38
shadeslayerlex79: btw kdepim runtime has some binaries which need manpages20:39
shadeslayerand also needs to be uploaded to ppa20:39
shadeslayerand i dont know how to write any binaries :P20:40
* lex79 waits always Debian for the manpages :)20:40
shadeslayerlex79: oh oh... take kdenetwork20:41
shadeslayerlex79: but please get google call support in kopete this time :D20:41
lex79I don't understand if we can do that20:42
shadeslayerRiddell: ^^20:42
Riddellif the googletalk binary is the only thing that depends on libavcodecs then just split out the binary into a new package20:43
shadeslayerlex79: you might want to talk to Riddell .. he just told me to put the gcall binary in seprate install file.. i did that and then forgot about the package :P20:43
lex79uhm I think gcall binary needs libkopete built with libmediastreamer20:44
shadeslayerlex79: the rest of the stuff i can upload tommorow.. 20:45
shadeslayerlex79: oh and kdepim stuff wont go into archives20:45
JontheEchidnaOH YEAAAAH20:45
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: apt-pkg is a real beauty20:46
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I know :s20:46
JontheEchidnathey have like 4 different iterators just to get info on a package20:47
JontheEchidnavery un-object-oriented20:47
ScottKRiddell: We probably ought to think about having plasma-desktop/netbook preseedable somehow for OEMs.20:47
shadeslayerScottK: have a option in the Boot Menu?20:48
ScottKshadeslayer: No.  Too late.20:48
shadeslayerScottK: how come?20:48
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: now it works20:48
ScottKOnce you boot you can pick anyway.20:48
ScottKshadeslayer: It needs to be selectable at install time.20:49
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: because of the patch? Or just random?20:49
shadeslayerScottK: hmm20:49
shadeslayerive always wanted a Welkome menu after install tho20:49
shadeslayerwhich guides a user about the new desktop20:49
apacheloggerOH DEAR20:49
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I head a worker running from a root bash20:50
apacheloggerso there is something off when the worker is started by dbus20:50
apacheloggermissing LANG?20:50
apacheloggeroh yes20:51
JontheEchidnaso you started qaptworker in root bash, then did an update from muon, and it worked?20:51
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: seems like indexfile.cc gets the current lang fromt he env20:51
apacheloggerif that is not set it will not try to fetch translations20:51
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: so I should probably get locale from KGlobal, then do a setenv?20:51
apacheloggeryes, if kglobal returns the right locale ;)20:52
RiddellScottK: hmm, I don't really know how preseeding works in that respect20:52
JontheEchidnaoh yeah, the kde locale could be different thant system...20:52
apacheloggerneeds to be standard posix stuff, because they manually tear it apart 20:52
JontheEchidnaI could manually parse /etc/locale :D20:52
apacheloggerthere is a locale binary :P20:52
apacheloggerkglobal should really work20:53
ScottKRiddell: Me neither.  Isn't the division of labor that I'm the idea man and you actually figure out how to do it?20:53
RiddellScottK: I think it's a question for cjwatson20:53
apacheloggersay system lang is french but admin is using spanish, it would be more natural if junk in the muony would be spanish I suppose20:53
* ScottK adds it to the list of questions for him.20:54
JontheEchidnahmm, yeah.20:54
apacheloggerdo we know Phuc Nguyen Dinh?20:54
* apachelogger likes when random people want to socialize with apachelogger on some social network ^^20:54
JontheEchidnaoh, ah20:56
JontheEchidnaqaptworker is a Qt-only app20:56
JontheEchidnacan't use kglobal20:56
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: possibly qt has own locale shiz20:56
apacheloggerlinkedin says Nightrose knows Phuc?20:56
JontheEchidnaQLocale, believe it or not ;)20:56
JontheEchidnaoh, that's just a converter20:57
apacheloggerpossibly I am out of the loop who is rock star over at KDE these days ^^20:57
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: yeah, RTFM :P20:57
apacheloggerThe QSystemLocale class can be used to finetune the system locale of the user.20:57
apacheloggeror maybe nt20:58
JontheEchidnaQSystemLocale::query() maybe?20:58
JontheEchidnaQSystemLocale::query(QSystemLocale::LanguageId) should do it, I think20:59
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I haz no qwidget. It only links to QtCore and polkit-qt-core-120:59
JontheEchidnait's a quite small worker :)20:59
JontheEchidnaoh, and qtdbus, but yeah20:59
apacheloggerquestion is just how you get the locale string out of qlocale21:00
JontheEchidnaQString QLocale::name () const21:01
JontheEchidnaReturns the language and country of this locale as a string of the form "language_country", where language is a lowercase, two-letter ISO 639 language code, and country is an uppercase, two-letter ISO 3166 country code.21:01
apacheloggersounds like what you need21:01
JontheEchidnaISO compliant and everything21:01
James147shadeslayer: updating kraft now21:02
* apachelogger considers libubuntuone-qt-api beta quality21:03
apacheloggeryeah, beta, one thing is still missing IIRC ^^21:03
ScottKapachelogger: apachelogger beta quality or ubuntu one beta quality?21:03
apacheloggerapachelogger beta quality :P21:03
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: you should name the package libubuntuone-qt-nda-api-private021:03
apacheloggertechnically it is libubuntuone-kde-api anyway21:04
Riddellhi maxwellian 21:04
apacheloggeruntil the fdo secrets magic gets stable and Qt incroporates it21:04
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460780/21:09
James147shadeslayer: seems to upgrade to the new version fine21:10
maxwellianHi Riddell. :)21:10
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708201018-bzi5x1konuc55hsp * src/api/ (Subscription.cpp Subscription.h) It is of no concern to the public that apachelogger loves qpointers21:10
maxwellianWhat does the CIA Bot do?21:12
JontheEchidnaannounces commits made to source code repositories21:12
ScottKIt's an unfortunate coincidence that the acronym is overloaded.21:13
RiddellI always assumed it was deliberate21:13
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708201531-mth24twafco8a6ec * src/api/ (Api.cpp Api.h) cleanup21:16
macocommit irc announcer?21:16
Riddellno, it had a website long before it had irc21:17
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708201818-ej6qldrg0sa2a19y * (4 files in 2 dirs) move statusnotifier stuff to the statusnotifier21:18
JontheEchidnacommit information announcer?21:18
JontheEchidnaIt's still probably a {b/h}acronymn, at any rate ;)21:19
maxwellianThanks. :)21:20
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100708202021-vhtrw43p4ur40y59 * src/statusnotifier/CMakeLists.txt \o autostart o/21:20
Riddell"alo Martins came up with the name "CIA" to refer to this IRC bot: PicoGUI is hosted in Subversion, and the bot was a brainless entity designed to keep an eye on subversion :)"21:20
maxwellianHmmm...so it IS watching us...21:21
* maxwellian looks warily at CIA-3321:22
apacheloggermaxwellian: if (us.isSubversion()) return true;21:23
apachelogger                   i18nc("@info:status", "Authentication failed"),21:24
apachelogger                   i18nc("@info:tooltip", "Thy shaltnt enter here, muahhaah!eleven"));21:24
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: does muon have such stuff too? :P21:24
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: it has an easter egg somewhere ;)21:24
apacheloggerdoes it mooo?21:25
JontheEchidnamaybe :D21:25
apacheloggerI already wondered why it links against phonon :P21:25
JontheEchidnawell, no sound, but sorta21:25
JontheEchidnapress crtl +shift+m21:25
JontheEchidnam is for moo :P21:26
apacheloggerjust saw the code :P21:27
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: fancy21:27
apacheloggernot Qt enough21:27
apacheloggerIMHO you need an easter egg in the easter egg21:27
maxwellianapachelogger: Sorry, I'm a noob...is that real code?? :)21:27
apacheloggerexploring animation fuzz and sound support21:27
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: rotating ascii cow, plus phonon moo!21:28
apacheloggermaxwellian: yes :P21:28
maxwellianapachelogger: Awesome. :)21:28
JontheEchidnadraw our ascii cow to a pixmap, then animate a rotation!21:28
apacheloggerwell, yeah21:28
apacheloggerfor starters21:28
apacheloggerthough rotation is kinda boring I must say21:28
maxwellianPhew, apachelogger is hard to please. :)21:28
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I will make a fancy easter egg a blocker for the first stable release!21:29
JontheEchidnaIt shall be done!21:29
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: btw, does that locale patch work?21:29
apacheloggermaxwellian: well, my code does sip hot cups of tea, that is hard to beat ;)21:29
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: oh, I didnt know I had to try it :P21:29
macoRiddell: thats funny21:30
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: just to make sure ;)21:30
apacheloggerwe could do it the microsoft way and just say it works :P21:30
maxwellianapachelogger: Wow, uh...yeah, that's about tops I think.21:30
maxwellian"Testing??  That's what users are for!"21:31
apacheloggermaxwellian: also it is incredibly whiny when a user screws up21:31
apacheloggeri18nc("@info:tooltip", ":'-( Couldn't you let me connect???"));21:31
maxwellianapachelogger: Ha. :)  What is this code for?21:32
* apachelogger really likes his messages :D21:32
apacheloggermaxwellian: outputting a localized version of ":'-( Couldn't you let me connect???"21:32
apacheloggerwell, technically it just gets the localized version21:32
apacheloggeroutput happens elsewhere :)21:32
maxwellianapachelogger: No, I don't mean what does it DO.  What is the code FROM?  What software?21:33
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: you will not like what I am about to tell you...21:33
maxwellianapachelogger: Reason being, why am I not running something with such awesome error messages?21:34
apacheloggerbecause it is using microsoft development techniques21:35
apacheloggerincredibly long time to first alpha, then alpha->2betas->rc in less than a month and then public beta aka release :P21:36
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: oh, probably the var needing set is LC_MESSAGES21:37
JontheEchidnathat is what apt-pkg looks for21:38
apacheloggerLC_MESSAGES is not defined in a regular session21:38
apacheloggerroot@osiris:/home/me/src/svn/kde/playground/sysadmin/muon/src# qaptworker 21:38
apacheloggerde_AT 21:38
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: maybe apt-pkg stumbles on it missing .utf8?21:38
JontheEchidnalocale says it is on my session: LC_MESSAGES="en_US.UTF-8"21:39
apacheloggertesti testi21:40
JontheEchidnahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/460798/ <- this is the apt-pkg magics21:40
apacheloggerLC_MESSAGES does not change a thing21:41
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: do you have a debug class for the worker?21:42
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: QFile::rename("/home/jonathan/lol", "/home/jonathan/ + string);21:42
apacheloggeroh dear :P21:43
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: how about a global debugger to log to a file?21:43
JontheEchidnacould be done I suppose21:44
apacheloggerthis is awesome21:52
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: apparently lang is not set despite being set21:52
JontheEchidnait should be set, and overwrite what is there even21:54
JontheEchidnaergh, it's showing up as "C" here21:55
ScottKapachelogger: Heisenburg's Lang?21:55
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: possible case of implicit sharing maybe?21:55
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: what would be implicitly shared?21:56
apacheloggerScottK: who, what, when, where is that? :)21:56
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: the stringy21:56
JontheEchidnaQLocale::name() is const, so maybe21:56
ScottKapachelogger: The Lang is neither set nor unset.  Sounded very Heisenburg like (or maybe it was Schroedinger's Cat)21:57
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: aha, QLocale::name() is returning C21:57
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: supposedly that bonkery stuff uses the env ;)21:58
JontheEchidnaI think I'll just use the locale command....21:58
apacheloggerScottK: well, you know, people who are into cats are weird :P21:59
apacheloggersee Nightrose :P21:59
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: does C(++) not have some magic?21:59
apacheloggerat the very least you could link against something locale/gettextish21:59
apacheloggerthen query that for the real locale21:59
apacheloggergood news everyone!22:00
apacheloggerit does not work either way22:01
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: that is the same locale output as in a regular root session22:01
apacheloggerstill no dice 22:02
JontheEchidnaso... parse /etc/default/locale22:02
ScottKJontheEchidna: New libktorrent uploaded in Debian.22:03
JontheEchidnaScottK: where can I see it?22:06
JontheEchidnaScottK: it's not in incoming.debian.org yet22:07
ScottKJontheEchidna: I'm not sure then.  I just saw mail about it (I'm on the Debian KDE/Qt team mailing lists.22:07
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: well, for some reason std::setlocale returns C too22:08
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I guess I have to parse /etc/default/locale manually then :(22:09
apacheloggerwhat would this help?22:10
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I manually set a code and yet setlocale reports C22:10
apacheloggerlocale and env are fine though22:10
apacheloggerDO NOT BLINK!22:13
Quintasansup apachelogger 22:13
* apachelogger thinks that he should play a bit Black&White22:13
Quintasanapachelogger: go to work22:13
Quintasanapachelogger: btw. why the hell I shouldn't blink?22:14
apacheloggerBLINK AND YOU ARE DEAD!22:14
* Quintasan blinks over 9000 times22:14
apacheloggerDO NOT LOOK AWAY22:14
Quintasanhmm red wall next to me22:14
Quintasanapachelogger: I don't know what you are taking but I want one kilogram of it22:15
apacheloggerand I wanted to go to bed early -.-22:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: one problem down22:17
apacheloggernow we just need a way to get the proper locale22:17
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: what problem did you fix0r?22:17
apacheloggerthe one of setloccale being silly :P22:17
apacheloggerthis is flipping silly22:18
Quintasanapachelogger: wait, you are actually SLEEPING?22:18
apacheloggerat times22:19
ScottKQuintasan: Yes.  He's even more brilliant when awake.22:21
QuintasanScottK: How does one chat on IRC while asleep?22:23
ScottKQuintasan: apachelogger is special22:23
QuintasanI can already see that by his "request" no to blink ;)22:23
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: can we pass an argument to the worker at start?22:23
* apachelogger does not see another way to get to the locale without parsing manually, which should be avoided at all costs22:24
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I think if we changed the Exec= line in the .service file, then perhaps22:24
apacheloggerQuintasan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opy5DleJfOY22:25
debfxJontheEchidna: do you call setlocale(LC_ALL,"") before querying the locale?22:31
JontheEchidnadebfx: this is what I am doing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460817/22:32
JontheEchidna(I have to leave in a few minutes, but no rush)22:33
debfxwhat does QLocale return?22:33
JontheEchidnait should be en_US.Utf-822:34
debfxtry calling setlocale(LC_ALL,"") before22:34
JontheEchidnadebfx: no dice. I have to get to my evening class, be back in a few hours22:35
apacheloggerdebfx: that would reset to environmental locale wouldnt it?22:35
apacheloggerand since the env is not set it will go straight to C anyway22:35
apacheloggerwhich does not help22:35
debfxapachelogger: it actually sets the locale22:35
debfxbefore it's always "C"22:36
apacheloggerit sets the locale to what the environment defines as locale22:36
apacheloggerin our case the environment does not define one, which is the whole problem here22:36
apacheloggerotherwise QLocale would pick that up to begin with22:36
debfxapachelogger: so how do you want to determine the appropriate locale?22:40
debfxand why aren't the environment variables set?22:40
otak /bye22:53

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