mueslievening guys. this knetworkmanager stuff is still confusing as hell00:14
mueslii created a new connection besides the automatic one, called LAN... featuring a static ip00:14
mueslihow can i make it the default connection tho?00:14
muesliwhenever i reboot networkmanager returns to using the automatic / default connection00:15
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amstanhey guys, my krusader stopped working01:28
amstanit segfaults at startup: http://pastebin.com/f5L4yjXN01:29
amstanit worked today just a few hours ago01:29
amstani reinstalled it form the repo, same problem01:29
amstancould this be because of some updates from other parts in kde?01:29
cato37ReHello channel. i installed kubuntu with an cd iso (10.04) burned onto a dvd. its a matsushita (matshita) uj-850S. the dvd will read and write, but the cd will not read or write. it will not show up at all in kubuntu, but it will spin and make noises as though it can read it. i just put in the same iso burned onto a cd (done on another comp), and it reads it, so it is in the settings somewhere. does anyone know how to change the settings so01:42
cato37 that kubuntu will read the cd's?01:42
FloodBotK2cato37: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:43
cato37the flood blocker came on. did anyone hear my request?01:43
cato37or do i have to type it into little tiny sentences?01:43
macoyou were not given +q01:44
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cato37hello maco. what is a +q?01:45
macothere was no flood block01:45
cato37keen. it must have just been a warning. :)01:45
cato37the only cd that my laptop will read is the kubuntu install cd. :(01:46
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cato37anyone know how to get the cd to play in kubuntu? install problems02:49
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pencilWhere do you config wireless card?  knetworkmanager does nothing03:29
pencilEither off the menu or entered in konsole.. knetworkmanager just returns and does nothing03:29
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cato37i had to use wicd because there was a glitch in knetwork manager that greyed out all of the controls. i then apt-got the ubuntu network manager.04:06
cato37pencil: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper04:06
cato37pencil: sorry wrong url. it is the ubuntu help page that shows how to install the nm-applet (network manager) for ubuntu.04:11
pencilcato37: can't install anything until I have networking..04:16
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cato37pencil: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3111291.msg234284#msg23428404:27
cato37i hope that helps. the café here is closing. oh, you cant get on thenet.04:27
cato37in konsole try this in sudo04:28
cato37service network-manager stop04:28
cato37rm /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state04:28
cato37service network-manager start04:28
harmandeephi guys , need help with grub chainloading04:31
harmandeepanyone free ?04:31
dan_oh dear.04:31
dan_what verison of grub harm?04:32
harmandeepGuys , can we chainload Grub from Grub204:35
harmandeepGrub2 is on /dev/sda and Grub is on /dev/sda904:35
harmandeepon /dev/sda9 --- Fedora is installaed ( with bootloader )04:36
harmandeepi wanna chainload to Grub04:36
sircaptaini just installed kubuntu and when i scan for wireless connections, it doesn't pick mine up.  i'm sitting right next to it and it is working because i have other computers connected to the same router using wireless.  any ideas?05:11
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newboon2age_harmandeep: grub2 chainloader syntax shown on post #2 http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/legacy-grub-and-grub2-wars-crash-my-ferrari-and-kubuntu-9-10-a-761234/06:15
sil3nt|warri0rhi frnds07:11
sil3nt|warri0rhaving problem with distribution upgrade, using 9.10 karmic07:12
sil3nt|warri0ri cant see the status bar icon or msg which will say "lucid upgrade available07:12
sil3nt|warri0rany help :(07:13
sobczykare there any good recommended video diting software for kde (or linux)? I've found kdenlive but wondering if there is anything better07:39
sobczykI use avidemux, though I cant merge videos with it07:46
ka__I have experienced a regualer crash of X every 24 hours the last four days. Anyone have a clue what I should do? Running Kubuntu 32bit 10.04, nvidia prop drivers, Wondering If I should reinstall 9.10 which didn't experience thes problems. But maybe it is kernel related and so I cant escape it...08:43
nate__hello, i am having a wireless internet problem09:01
nate__can anyone help with a wireless connection issue?09:04
mueslia shame, i can't order any more kubuntu cds :-(10:22
Mamarok_muesli: ask Riddell10:24
muesliRiddell: ask :-)10:25
muesliRiddell: i'm putting them to good use, promised.10:25
muesliRiddell_: so, essentially i'm asking to become a (k)ubuntu member i guess ;-)10:30
mueslii'm not sure if i meet the criteria, but you tell me10:30
Riddellmuesli: e-mail, I'm going on the day trip now10:37
simulacrummuesli: http://www.osdisc.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi/products/linux/kubuntu11:54
otswimi have no sound, which service can i restart instead of restarting my whole kde?12:37
otswinhello, why do i get "Password for 'default' GNOME keyring" on kubuntu every time i try to use svn?13:44
Torchotswin: add the following line to your ~/.subversion/config file13:47
Torchpassword-stores =13:47
Torch(yes, there is NOTHING after the =)13:47
otswinoh, nice :)13:49
otswinwhy did this do?13:49
muesliotswin: or rather, enter kwallet13:51
muesliif you want to use that instead of the gnome keyring13:51
otswinno it's ok i don't know to store the passwords13:51
ItesI don't know how to use wine to install something using an ISO file, can someone help me please?13:59
otswinItes: ISO is an image of a CD/DVD, is there CD/DVD for windows?13:59
otswinis the*14:00
Itesit's for football manager. i'm sure it runs with wine14:00
Itesbut it's an iso, to install from wine i need to give to path to the .exe file14:00
otswinit's the image of a CD so i guess you need to mount it first14:01
Iteshow do you do that ?14:04
TorchItes: sudo mount -o loop <isofile> <mount-point>14:12
Itesi did that Torch, then cd /mnt/disk and ls -l but then i get response 014:13
Itesafter that i tried wine setup.exe14:13
Itesbut it did nothing14:13
Itesor shouldn't i use /mnt/disk as mount point ?14:15
TorchItes: it does not matter, the mount point just has to exist.14:15
ItesI don't know if that excists..14:16
Itesi just want that iso mounted so i can install the setup.exe using wine, but no idea where to moiunt it14:18
TorchItes: it does not matter, the mount point just has to exist.14:32
Iteswell i did mkdir -p /mnt/disk14:33
cozziemotohey guys is there a way  to prevent this   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshots/panel.png14:40
cozziemotothe icons go under cairo dock14:40
cozziemotoalas I cannot get previews on the Folder view Desktop14:41
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Guest11606I upgraded to lucid only yesterday14:53
Guest11606And since then I cannot change users anymore14:53
Guest11606when logged in as user a, I click on k-menu - change user14:54
Guest11606and what I get is the screensaver kicks in telling session is blocked and asking for current user's password.14:54
Guest11606when entered I'm still in that user's (user a's) session and cannot get to a new session for user B14:55
Guest11606anybody knows how to solve this?14:55
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saftpacklhey all15:08
saftpackldo you also have problems with flash videos lately?15:08
saftpacklif I play embedded online videos they often just end in the middle also if they are way longer15:09
mtedderHow can I change my screen resolution in kubuntu?15:13
mtedderIt looks odly low.. for the fancy new nvidia card I have.15:13
mtedderI installed the nvidia drivers..15:14
BluesKajmtedder, open the kmenu/ system settings/hardware drivers15:17
Guest11606oh yes, I cannot watch youtbue videos after upgrade  anymore, screen stays blank15:17
mtedderhardware drivers are not there...15:18
BluesKajGuest11606, install flashplugin-nonfree15:18
BluesKajmtedder, which nvidia card ?15:19
mtedderBluesKaj: VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 06fd (rev a1)15:19
mtedderThat's a Quadro something or other..15:20
=== tobias is now known as Guest90546
BluesKajmtedder, that doesn't tell us much , try sudo lshw -C video15:21
mtedderI just installed the nvidia-common nvidia-current nvidia-current-modaliases nvidia-settings packages15:21
mtedderbefore that, I couldn't get video at all.. The neavou driver just goes black.. doesn't work at all for this vidia card15:21
mtedderI chroot'd in from a gentoo livecd to get a working video driver installed15:22
BluesKajmtedder, try the command I posted pls15:22
mtedderBluesKaj: ok.. that resulted like this: http://pastebin.com/j2S2Jt4t15:24
mtedderThis Quassel is a nice irc client..15:25
mtedderAlso.. my video card is dual monitor.. only one monitor is currently working15:25
vadi01just installed and updated kubuntu. kde is still 4.4.2!!!!15:26
vadi01how do i get 4.4.4 stable?15:26
BluesKajmtedder, well, this procedure works most of the time , it should work for you, http://pastebin.com/BA8zhk8B15:28
mteddervadi01: Did you try googling it?15:32
BluesKajvadi01, your question is best asked in #kde15:32
mtedderBluesKaj: perhaps running nvidia-xconfig (the part I didn't do already) will fix it for me..15:33
BluesKajmtedder, most ppl can google but we try to help first15:33
BluesKajmtedder, yeah it might15:33
jimmy51_!info lx-viewer15:33
ubottuPackage lx-viewer does not exist in lucid15:33
jimmy51_what do kubuntu users use to view .dwg files?15:33
mtedderBluesKaj: I just wanted to give him some kind of response.. I know what it feels like to have a problem and nobody responds.15:33
vadi01BluesKaj: in kubuntu how can i ask kde???15:34
vadi01mtedder: dude that is not the answer to my problem :)15:36
BluesKajvadi01 type, /join #kde15:40
vadi01BluesKaj: that i know. but kde is not responsible for such issues15:42
BluesKajvadi01,you asked: " how do i get 4.4.4 stable?" , I'm sure they can tell you15:44
vadi01BluesKaj: ok let me rephrase: how do i get updates in kubuntu to upgrade to kde 4.4.4 from kubuntu repos?15:47
BluesKajvadi01_,which kubuntu release are you running15:55
BluesKajvadi01_, http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.4.4.php16:06
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BluesKajvadi01_, here's the repository to add to your sources.list, deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu lucid main16:15
maat_Y'a t'il des utilisateurs Francais ?16:17
vadi01_BluesKaj: 10.0.416:17
BluesKajvadi01_, did yo see my post above ?  ( deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu lucid main )16:19
BluesKajvadi01_, it might give a NO_PUBKEY 2836CB0A8AC93F7A warning16:22
dragonessI'm using Kubuntu Lucid with KDE and Firefox 3.6.6; I found that I cannot use the automatic "send link" option even if I did set TB as default mail program and also in FF preferences. Is this normal? (whatever normal means) Thanks16:34
dragonessFor a very short time this did funcion with previous versions of both Kubuntu and FF16:35
aboudreaultHi, Have anyone noticed that amarok seems to broke the audio and make flash crash ?16:38
aboudreaultWhen I open it, I got "intel bla bla do not work reverting to PulseAudio"16:39
ubsafderhello how can i kill all gnuplot process  i have a bunch of runaway16:39
aboudreaultubsafder, killall16:40
ubsafdernice thx16:41
nate__hello, i recently installed kubuntu, and for some reason, it wont register my wireless internet.16:44
nate__any suggestions?16:44
nate__has anyone experienced this problem before?16:46
jjoohhnnanyone recently encountered any issues with kubuntu's sound getting super choppy? .avis played in VLC, youtube videos, and even basic alert sounds are stuttered.16:51
nate__hey good luck man, i cant get any help either...16:52
dragonessI have problems with sound managing in skype after installing Kubuntu Lucid, but vlc and amarok work well enough16:56
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Guest11606BluesKaj, it does not complain about no flashplugin being installed, and flashplugin-nonfree is instzalled17:20
Guest11606I even marked it for re-installation17:20
Guest11606to no avail17:20
vadi01why cant kubuntu developers put kde version updates in their stable trusted repos intead of ppa repos which are stated as UNTRUSTED????17:22
Guest11606anyone can help with my user switchin problem?17:24
Guest11606I normally leave my user's account running 24/7 and would prefer not to have to log out in order to give another user a kde session17:25
=== me is now known as Guest1055
jjoohhnnanyone wanna try tackling a sound choppiness issue i'm having?17:38
=== osk is now known as Guest68147
=== nekuro is now known as Nekuro
BluesKajjjoohhnn, got pulseaudio ?17:43
jjoohhnnBluesKaj: yeah, i just installed it17:46
jjoohhnnBluesKaj: says there's a bug in the ALSA driver "snd_hda_intel"; will google that now17:46
Guest1055and I have no more volume control, neither in panel nor by hardware keys - at least nothing to see17:50
jimmy51_what do kubuntu users use to view .dwg files?17:59
Tm_Twhat kind of files that is?17:59
jimmy51_Tm_T: it's a cad drawing18:00
jimmy51_in windows i use solidview lite to view it18:00
jimmy51_or autocad18:00
Tm_Tjimmy51_: does qcad do it?18:02
Tm_T!info qcad18:02
ubottuqcad (source: qcad): professional CAD system. In component universe, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 1228 kB, installed size 3980 kB18:02
dragonessqcad should do18:02
jimmy51_Tm_T: hmm.... never heard of it.  i'll try it18:02
jimmy51_Tm_T, dragoness: hmm, it looks like it wants dxf files only.18:05
=== richard is now known as Guest96925
Tm_Tjimmy51_: pythoncad ?18:05
ridinpythoncad can't read .dwg files18:06
ridinaccording into the software center18:06
Tm_T!info pythoncad18:06
ubottupythoncad (source: pythoncad): Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program. In component universe, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 462 kB, installed size 3472 kB18:06
Tm_Toh, right18:07
jimmy51_pythoncad couldn't read it either18:07
jimmy51_i see lx-viewer can (on sourceforge), but it's not in a repo18:07
jimmy51_dwg's are so popular i figured there be a simple repo solution18:08
Guest1055nobody can help with my change user session problem? my flash plugin problem and my volume control prob?18:08
James147Guest1055: discribe your problems in more detail and you are more likly to get an answer18:09
Guest1055James147, I did before, but I will reiterate18:09
James147Guest1055: alot of people come and go, rather thenrefering to past problems its better to redescribe18:10
Guest1055after upgrade to lucid yesterday, I cannot change user without closing down current session18:10
Guest1055I enter in kmenu click leave and there change user session18:10
ridinjimmy51_, try sagcad18:10
Guest1055the screensaver kicks in saying session is locked and asking for current user's password. After i enter it, session is unlocked, yet still I cannot change the user18:11
Guest1055problem two: I cannot watch youtube vids anymore. reinstalled flashplugin-nonfree or flashplugininstaller but to no avail18:11
Guest1055firefox does not complain they were not installed, it simply does not show any vid nor sound, though the latter oculd be related to prob 318:12
Guest1055prob3: I have no more volume control in my panel, nor do I see any change using the laptop's special keys for it18:13
James147Guest1055: try running "kmix" to get back your volume control18:14
jimmy51_ridin: this looks kinda buggy.18:15
jimmy51_errors on start up, open dialog doesn't open what you click on, help button pops error in chinese18:15
Guest1055James147, this did not work, nor did it give an error18:15
James147Guest1055: as for the flash problem... the only thing I can suggest is to purge both flashplugin-nonfree and flashplugin-installer (sudo aptitude purge <package name>) then to try and reinstall them18:16
James147Guest1055: try running it from a terminal see if it tell you anything there18:16
ridinjimmy51_, not sure what to do then, not very good with linux18:17
Guest1055James147, hmm, I get this error: http://pastebin.ca/189677618:20
dragonessGuest1055: which browser do you use?18:21
Guest1055dragoness, firefox18:21
Guest1055i tried with swftdc and gnash too18:22
Guest1055konqueror keeps giving me problems with hotmail mail editing, do I use ff18:22
Guest1055but before upgrade ff worked with adobe flahplugin18:23
dragonessGuest1055: I had a similar problem: first I updated ff to 3.6.6; nothing worked; then I upgraded to Lucid 10.4 and flash was fixed automatically18:24
dragonessthis refers only to flash problem18:24
dragonessI don't have the slightest idea on what happened18:24
dragonessbut flash works now18:24
James147Guest1055: try "sudo aptitude reinstall locales" then try purging again18:28
* shadeslayer_ is here after a long time :P18:30
* James147 welcomes shadeslayer_ back18:31
shadeslayer_btw any brave testers around? :D18:31
James147shadeslayer_: depends what for :)18:31
shadeslayer_James147: i need someone to test kraft out18:31
shadeslayer_its going to be backported... so need confirmation that it installs and works18:32
shadeslayer_James147: https://edge.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/experimental18:32
James147shadeslayer_: will beable to do that... but I need to do something first, give me about 10min?18:32
shadeslayer_James147: sure.. just add the ppa.... i know it says do not install... but just add it and install kraft ;)18:33
Guest1055James147, still the same error. I guess I fiddled with some file in order to set up scim18:33
James147shadeslayer_: kk18:33
shadeslayer_James147: ill post the bug link soon,so you can comment on it ;)18:34
James147Guest1055: look at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-319397.html  and try some of the fixes there to see if you can get rid of that error18:34
shadeslayer_or maybe.. just a sec18:34
James147shadeslayer_: kk, will try it when i get back18:34
shadeslayer_thanks :D18:34
Guest1055James147,  http://pastebin.ca/189678318:35
Guest1055ok, will read forum18:35
marlindoes anyone know how to get to the admin tools?18:44
=== eristik2 is now known as eristikophiles
anirudh24seveni searched a lot on the internet to enable proper recording in my lucid kubuntu... still not able to record with my laptop's in-built mic18:51
jimmy51_i've just downloaded dwg2dxf, an open source tool. i'm trying to configure/make/make install but am getting errors on the make that are beyond me. anyone care to take a look? http://pastebin.com/jqZHgZEj18:52
Torchjimmy51_: you're missing the c++ headers18:52
jimmy51_Torch: hmm, those aren't a part of build-essential?18:53
Torchjimmy51_: probably not, because it's c++18:53
anirudh24sevenam unable to record using audacity... never have used my in-built mic earlier on kubuntu... works fine on windows18:54
Torchjimmy51_: there's a libstdc++6-x-y-dev package that goes with your compiler version. install it.18:54
jimmy51_Torch: do you happen to know the package name?18:54
jimmy51_Torch: ah18:54
jimmy51_Torch: i've got libstdc++6-4.4-dev already.18:56
jimmy51_maybe an environment var issue?18:56
Torchjimmy51_: it doesn18:56
Torchjimmy51_: the compiler does not find iostream.h. either because it's not installed or because it's not lookin in the right place18:57
shadeslayerJames147: bug is here https://launchpad.net/bugs/60327618:57
shadeslayerthe package should be built fully in 20 mins or so18:57
jimmy51_Torch: is that an environment variable setting? (where that file and other headers are)18:58
Torchjimmy51_: no18:58
Torchjimmy51_: where did you get that download?18:59
jimmy51_Torch: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lx-viewer/files/18:59
Torchjimmy51_: which file?19:00
jimmy51_Torch: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lx-viewer/files/DWG%20to%20DXF/Command%20Line%20Utility%202.1/19:01
Torchjimmy51_: doesn't build here either. lemme see why.19:02
dragonesshave a nice time19:02
dragonessbye bye19:02
jimmy51_Torch: ah, at least it's not just me :)19:02
anirudh24sevencan some1 help me ?19:03
Torchjimmy51_: no, this thing's build system is seriously broken.19:03
shadeslayeranirudh24seven: sure go ahead19:03
anirudh24sevenam not able to enable mic19:04
jimmy51_Torch: am i pretty much out of luck with this app then?19:04
Torchjimmy51_: it's also ten years old. that might explain it.19:04
anirudh24sevenkmix's title bar reads HDA intel19:04
shadeslayeranirudh24seven: ok,and which app doesnt read the mic?19:04
jimmy51_Torch: man, i guess i'm stuck with windows for reading cad files then19:04
Torchjimmy51_: i doubt it will build without modification. c++ compilers have evolved a lot since 1999 ;-)19:04
jimmy51_Torch: at least, cad filese made in autocad.  man, 1999!19:04
shadeslayeranirudh24seven: well.. idk if this will help or not,but in kmix theres a Settings > Configure kmix option19:05
shadeslayeranirudh24seven: just go there and select all options,or drag them to the right side,then set your mic to full and unmute it19:05
shadeslayerusually your mic is at a very low volume or is muted19:06
anirudh24sevendo i need to enable capture /19:06
jimmy51_Torch: thanks for looking into it.  i get frustrated trying to compile and install myself.19:06
shadeslayeranirudh24seven: yes19:07
Torchjimmy51_: yw, sorry i couldn't make it work for you.19:07
jimmy51_Torch: no prob, seems like a market problem (no demand for an app for this need) not a technical one19:08
anirudh24sevenshadeslayer: i now see a lot of options... Master, PCM, Digital, Mic, Capture, Capture 2, Capture 3, ATAPI Mic, Beep, Mute IEC958 and also 3 drop-down boxes, with the labels Input Source, Input Source 2, Input Source 3...19:09
shadeslayeryes,see the Digital Mic and Capture options19:09
shadeslayerall of them should be high and unmuted19:09
anirudh24seventhey are...19:09
anirudh24sevendo i modify the input sources ?19:09
shadeslayernot sure what you mean19:10
shadeslayerbut sure... go ahead and play :P19:10
anirudh24sevenfrom the drop down box with the label Input Source, i can see the following options19:10
anirudh24sevenMic, Front Mic, Line, CD19:10
anirudh24sevenwhich one refers to my in-built mic ?19:11
shadeslayeranirudh24seven: hmmm.. sure .. set it to high19:11
shadeslayerprobably capture 1,2 and digital mic19:11
anirudh24seventhere's no option to capture digital mic19:14
James147shadeslayer: installing now...19:15
shadeslayerJames147: whee :D19:16
James147shadeslayer: installs and runs fine19:17
shadeslayerJames147: can you leave a comment on that bug link? also what does : apt-cache policy say19:18
shadeslayerJames147: apt-cache policy kraft19:18
James147shadeslayer:  :S although after i passed the database window it now says there is a problem with The Qt database driver could not be loaded @S19:19
shadeslayerJames147: thats a issue with qt then... not kraft...19:20
James147shadeslayer: just saying :)19:21
shadeslayerJames147: ;)19:21
James147shadeslayer: apt-cache policy kraft >> http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/tNYe49Wh19:23
shadeslayerJames147: thats the old version :)19:24
shadeslayerJames147: one sec... leeme check the ppa19:24
shadeslayerJames147: amd64 is yet to compile.. you will recieve a notfication19:25
shadeslayerfor a upgrade19:25
James147shadeslayer: kk19:25
shadeslayerJames147: thanks again :)19:25
=== jono_ is now known as jono
nicolas_somebody coul tell me how to restore the original config of the plasma panel, i think this is the way is called, in kubuntu 10.04 netbook??19:42
nicolas_my sister erased some panels acidentally and I don't know how to bring them back19:43
James147nicolas_: to reset plasma (including the paneel and desktop) delete: ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc (or plasma-desktop-appletsrc or plasmarc) i suggest making a backup of them first19:44
James147nicolas_: you can also add panels back by right clicking the desktop > add panel19:45
James147(but on kde 4.4.x or ealier they will be blank)19:45
shadeslayerJames147: btw im parting this channel,catch me on #kubuntu-devel ;)19:45
nicolas_adding them by right click it doesn't put them back the way they were19:45
James147nicolas_: then deleting the above files will (note they will reset your entire desktop back to the default)19:46
James147nicolas_: after deleting them you will need to restart plasma-desktop (to do that run: killall plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop)19:47
=== jussi is now known as jussio1
nicolas_i can't find the folders, how i can fin them, sorry I'm new with linux19:48
=== jussi01 is now known as jussi
nicolas_this folder are in the usr folder?19:49
James147nicolas_: ~/ means you home directory (/home/USERNAME) you should just beable to type ~/.kde/share/config/  into dolphin to get stright to it19:51
James147nicolas_: also the "." infrount of .kde means that .kde is a hidden folder19:51
James147~/.kde is where all kde config files are kept for your user19:52
nicolas_i found them, the .de folder is hidden within the home folder19:52
James147nicolas_: the /usr folder is a system folder so you shouldnt find any user level stuff in there19:53
James147nicolas_: note: $HOME /home/USERNAME  and ~ all point to the same location  (if you replace USERNAME with your username :) )19:54
nicolasi found the .kde folder, but i couldn't find no plasma folder, i have a spanish version of kubuntu maybe is called a different way,20:01
nicolasjames147 I'm the same nicolas_ the battery on my netbook went down20:02
James147nicolas: did you find ~/.kde/share/config ?20:02
nicolassorry, yes I jus found them, for some reason i was looking in other directory20:04
James147nicolas: ok, then delete, rename or move them and restart plamsa-desktop and your desktop should be back to the default settings20:05
James147nicolas: note: almost all kde apps keep theri config files here so if you need to reset a kde application this is normally a good palce to start (some apps keep larger data such as databases in ~/.kde/share/apps)20:06
nicolasok, I'll do this. Thanks! I'm just starting with linux, I hope I can adapt to it :) . Bye20:09
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Hawkeye-Xanyone know how to use port forwarding on iptables that can help me make sure it's working and stuff?20:44
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RcartHello... can someone tell me why the GTK app's integration in KDE is... bad? applications like GIMP, Firefox.21:06
ZeikHello everyone.21:10
ZeikDoes anyone have any trouble running Applications through Wine in 10.04? If so, could i get any tips on how to improve performance and prevent crashes?21:11
James147Zeik: Wine is highly tempramental :S some things work some just dont...21:12
James147!wine | Zeik21:12
ubottuZeik: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:12
ZeikI would like to continue to run Wine as stable as i can like it did in version 1.0.1. But i cannot seem to find a .DEB package for it, i am unable to install it manually and compile it.21:13
ZeikI used it in Kubuntu 8.10 and it was extremely stable, i was able to run just about every single one of my games.21:13
James147Zeik: http://www.winehq.org/ the development version is usually better then the stable version for wine (the stable version is very old now and there have been alot of improvments in wine)21:14
ZeikWell, i run an Intel 950 GMA chipset, all of the uptiered versions of Wine have had problems so far on this IGP.21:15
ZeikI would just like to find a .DEB of Wine 1.0.121:16
mu3en10.04, with themed greeter and splash screen disabled, whenever i log in there is a brief flash of the blue default desktop [as plasma loads, i guess], rather than the custom wallpaper or background color, anyone know how to prevent that.21:16
James147Zeik: if you need more spific help with it you might want to consider asking on #winehq21:16
ZeikOh, Wine has a channel?21:16
ZeikHaha, i would have never thought about that.21:16
ZeikOk, thank you James.21:16
ZeikI appreciate it.21:16
ZeikOh, nvm.21:19
ZeikI found a webpage hosting a good amount of links to older versions.21:19
Iteshas someone been playing FM2010 with wine around here ?21:23
burr__i got an error when i logged in that said something to the effect of internal communication error...make sure dcopserver was running21:30
solifugusSo, is kubuntu slowly branching away from ubuntu?22:06
macoit has always been the kde one...22:06
blainubuntu should be kde22:06
solifugusbut it has a different installer and someone told me there was a bit of a mind to move more away, so it wouldn't be so second-handish, as per Mark Shuttleworth..22:07
solifuguswe could rename it.. you know, somethin glike "kick-buttu"22:07
macothe installer is simply rewritten in qt22:08
Torchsolifugus: it has a different installer? arent the installers just frontends?22:08
macoTorch: yep22:08
macoand the move away... kubuntu sticks to as-vanilla-as-reasonable kde. ubuntu seems to be forking gnome. meh.22:09
macowell it is nowhere near vanilla22:09
macoand gnome2 seems to be living on in its own variety in ubuntu found nowhere else on the linux desktop22:10
macowhile gnome is moving on to gnome322:10
solifugusmaco: I'd make some fixes.. kde has become less intuitive in various ways, since 3.522:10
macolike systemsettings?22:10
maco4.5 is an improvement there22:10
Torchsolifugus: it's just different.22:11
burr__how do i know which version of kde im running, and how do i get a different version?22:11
maco4.5 will be in 10.1022:11
Torchburr__: any kde app: help -> about kde22:11
maco10.04 has 4.4.222:12
solifugusOptions are great.. but just about everyone hates that desktop activity thing.. and those not familiar with kde really get tripped up on single-click icons..22:12
blainthats tweakable22:13
solifugusto me, kde 3.5 was for everybody--even grandmas.. but kde 4 is for techies... It's all tweakable, but by default.. it's for techies.22:13
nuovodnawhen will be available kde 4.4.92 for lucid ?22:13
burr__so how do i tweak single-click icons?22:13
Torchsolifugus: 3.5 had single click per default.22:14
solifugusit did.. although I don't mind single-click, i always thought that was a bad thing to have as a default.  It takes people a while to stop double-clicking.. in the meanwhile, they get two of everything.22:15
solifugusburr__: if you don't like it, you switch it to double-click.. kde is more customizable than gnome..22:15
burr__well i don't mind it22:15
macoburr__: in 4.5 its systemsettings -> input devices -> mouse... in 4.4 i think its systemsettings -> mouse and keyboard -> mouse22:15
solifugusneither do i22:15
Torchmaco: yep22:16
burr__but there are some things i would like to change...such as the application menu22:16
macosolifugus: the activities thing changed again22:16
macosolifugus: now it's simply teh ability to tie certain plasmoids to certain desktops22:16
macoyay for usability testing22:16
macosolifugus: see, some people have to unlearn double click so they get 2 things. others have not yet figured out how to click twice quickly so they cant get things that require double click to do anything at all22:17
macotry teaching a new person to use a computer. "double click" "whats that?" "click twice" "*slowly click once* *pause* *slowly click again* ... nothing happened"22:18
solifugusmaco: that was the argument with kde 1.0... I remember.. but even then, pretty much everybody minus about 0.00001% of people were used to double-click.22:18
macothats because back then everyone using it was a techie :P22:18
solifugusI've always disagreed with that as a default.. even though I like single-click for myself22:18
maconow that nontechies use linux, thinking about people who cant handle double clicking actually matters22:18
solifugusmaco: first impressions count.  Those who cannot double-click are a tiny almost non-existant minority.. those who are annoyed by single-click are almost everyone first introduced to it.22:20
solifugusnot a huge deal, though22:20
Torchsolifugus: talk to the people on the kde usability list about this22:20
Torchsolifugus: it won't help much if you discuss it here ;-)22:20
macoi just realised i didnt change the default settings at all on this install of kubuntu22:20
solifugusit'd be a troll anywhere.. really..  it's too old an argument22:20
macoand ive had this install for a few weeks22:21
macoso apparently adjusting to single click isnt that hard, if it took me weeks to notice that i wasnt double clicking22:21
solifugusis there a quick way to lock my desktop, not logout or shutdown?22:21
macoctrl+alt+L i think?22:22
solifugusyep.. that's it.. I'm off to home now..22:22
nuovodnawhen will be available kde 4.4.92 for lucid ?22:23
zePh7rI installed adobe reader 9 available in the repositories but have know acknowledged there's only a deutch version available. how come?22:41
zegenie_maco: activities is changing again, but it's not just "certain plasmoids on certain desktops"22:53
zegenie_but I don't even think they know what it's suppose to be, themselves22:53
BluesKajzePh7r, your repos is based on the location you entered when you installed kubuntu, just change the repository by opening the package manager and choosing the main server22:53
BluesKajthen sudo apt-get update22:54
zePh7rBluesKaj: for real? never thought that would have any effect on the localization of the packages (it's really lame as a matter of fact)22:56
zePh7roh by the the way, even doing what BluesKaj suggested, deutch version is still the only one available on the repos23:00
BluesKajzePh7r, well i could be wrong , but that's what I did when my repos were real slow ..never used any repos other than english ones23:00
zePh7rhopefully, it's not too much of an hassle to download manually the .deb from adobe servers23:01
BluesKajzePh7r, there are alternatives to the adobe reader23:01
zePh7ryeah but adobe's still the one that supports the greatest amount of pdf features23:02
zePh7rcan't browse some pdfs on okular for example23:02
BluesKajzePh7r, what about acroread23:04
zePh7risn't that the name of older versions of adobe reader?23:05
BluesKajzePh7r, i see both in synaptic23:06
zePh7rdamn, that's why I couldn't find the en version! It was under a different branding23:06
nyavuzhi all , i am use wrong command for update kde 4.5 , i did not use dist-upgrade command, now can i do re update with dist-upgrade :) and pls accept my apologized for my bad english,23:55
judaxnyavuz: what command did you use?23:56
nyavuzapt-get upgrade23:56
donaldbrascohey - has anyone out there heard of an application/service/whatever that is capable of reading the tags of my media files and re-organizing the folder structure?23:57
donaldbrasco**for kubuntu, of course**23:57
judaxnyavuz: are you having issues after doing that?23:58
nyavuzjudax, in net have a documation http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2010/02/dist-upgrade-misnomer-confusion.html  but there dont have about kde :-s23:58
donaldbrascoI would also like to rename my tracks, if possible23:59
nyavuzjudax no dont have  issues :) i wanna just try kde 4.523:59

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