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yofelwgrant: sorry to bother you, but are you or is anybody else still working on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/156575 ? (As the last update was from over half a year ago)02:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 156575 in Soyuz "PPA builds do not create -dbgsym packages (affected: 6, heat: 33)" [Low,Triaged]02:05
lifelessyofel: I'm not aware of anyone hacking on that today.02:13
yofelwell, I just hope someone will get to it eventually. It's a bit of an annoyance :/02:16
wgrantI have a lot of branches outstanding related to it.02:29
wgrantyofel: It's mostly done. But the final bits stalled since the resource requirements are not entirely clear.02:30
wgrantDebug symbols are big.02:30
yofelindeed, thanks anyway02:30
wgrantFor PPAs, it basically works with the combination of my branches.02:31
wgrantBut the primary archive is special.02:31
wgrantAnd it has to work fine with the primary archive too, since stuff is copied from PPAs to the primary archive.02:32
lifelesswgrant: how about making it part of the quota02:32
wgrantlifeless: It is.02:32
lifelesswgrant: wouldn't that eliminate *extra* resource overhead, and provide a 'my packags don't have bugs' knob02:32
wgrantThe primary archive is a concern.02:33
wgrantSince we keep its binaries almost forever.02:33
lifelessyou mean in the librarian?02:33
lifelessor something other than the 'keep while the source is published' policy?02:34
wgrantThe librarian.02:34
spmah. yes. that could be bad if switched on without a little forewarning.02:35
lifelessso there are two things there02:35
lifelessif we stopped keeping all non-release builds02:36
wgrantThe current policy is that we expire non-final binaries when the series goes obsolete.02:36
lifelessthe total disk usage would be approximately that of the existing dbgsym service.02:36
lifelessand that is managable AIUI.02:36
wgrantI'm not sure that they're currently kept for all archs.02:36
lifelessI wonder if we have usage stats on them.02:36
spmlifeless: this sort of thing? https://pastebin.canonical.com/34357/ the 2nd list there is from a few days ago02:38
lifelessspm: ah, i meant 'I wonder if have some surrogate measure for how much value we get from the results of this policy'02:40
wgrant(also, there might be an issue here that dealing with operational issues is really hard for community contributors, particularly when the team in question is really busy.)02:40
lifelessspm: thanks for digging that up though - its good to know too02:40
lifelesswgrant: Patches to improve that will get me saying 'thank you'02:40
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ApolloWolfHello, I was told to come here because of the "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server. " error.03:41
lifelesswhat page did you see that on03:42
lifelessis it still happening to you ?03:43
ApolloWolfNo, not any more. Thanks for the help though.03:46
lifelessI wonder what makes a separate call there03:46
wgrantlifeless: Hm?03:50
lifelessif that happened just now03:51
lifelesswe're not upgrading anything03:51
lifelessso pound should have had plenty of backends03:52
lifelessto get that message suggests something that doesn't indirect through pound ran into trouble03:52
wgrant+branding accesses the librarian, which sometimes causes that, if the librarian is playing up.03:52
lifeless(thus ; I wonder what makes  aseparate call there ; :)03:52
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d1bquestion, why when i view a package say launchpad.../gdecrypt -  i don't have the option to look at all bugs in all distros on launchpad of that package?08:04
d1bsure google works but08:04
lifelessdo you mean launchpad.net/gdecrypt ?08:06
lifelessor launchpad.net/ubuntu/.../gdecrypt ?08:06
d1bi mean08:06
d1blike it would be nice to have launchpad do a source package search of distros packages that match - and link me to bugs in those08:07
lifeless(side note: so thats *not* a package as far launchpad is concerned - its an upstream project, owned by the authors). Thats not a reason not to show useful stuff though.08:07
d1bi don't think that is too magical ;P08:07
lifelesshowever in this case the package is correctly linked, so lp should be able to do so.08:08
d1bthat seems to be the package / info page on launchpad and their homepage is different? - not that it matters08:08
lifelesshttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/gdecrypt would be a reasonable place to have a connection to the report you want08:08
lifelessplease have a look in the launchpad.net/malone bug database and see if there is a bug for this already; there may well be.08:09
d1blifeless: ah but you see the bug is already filed and acked08:09
d1bthe fix is also trivial but not pushed08:09
lifelessthe fix is written but not merged? Or it has been described-and-sounds-simple ?08:09
lifeless(these are two very different things :P)08:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 574237 in gdecrypt (Ubuntu) "gdecrypt does not start - window appears for a blink, thats it. If I run gdecrypt in the console it says "/usr/bin/env: python2.5: No such file or directory" (affected: 9, heat: 94)" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:10
d1bgood point08:10
d1bthe fix is trivial, but no one real has acked it i think08:10
d1b(real - meaning in a position to do something)08:10
lifelessd1b: and its a malone bug, or are you talking about the gdecrypt bug in Ubuntu ?08:11
d1bthe bug in ubuntu08:11
d1bthe bug is that it looks for python2.5 but 2.6 is only installed and gdecrypt doesnt depend on python2.508:11
lifelessso for that - and I hate to send you on a rabbit chase across channels - #ubuntu-bugs can help with triage and assessment; if it has a fix, turning it into a sponsorable-item is a good idea.08:12
d1balthough it should and does appear to work fine on python2.608:12
lifelesssounds pretty trivial to me08:12
d1blifeless: should i file a wishlist bug in launchpad about what i raised?08:12
lifelessd1b: if there is not one already. Note that the bug would be under launchpad.net/malone - thats the launchpad bug tracker component.08:13
d1blaunchpad could be useful, if only the interface didn't suck so bad.08:13
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purveshcan some one help me to Announcement of Translation Team and other Guideline Details12:42
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purveshcan some one help me to Announcement of Translation Team and other Guideline Details , purvesh12:57
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purveshTanguy, hi13:06
TanguyIs <https://bugs.launchpad.net/> having problems?13:06
* Tanguy cannot log in…13:06
Tanguy1. I follow the link to <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dokuwiki/+login> on the top.13:07
Tanguy2. It leads to a page with a single button, “Continue”.13:07
Tanguy(and many hidden form fields)13:07
Tanguy3. When I click on it, it goes to its action, that is <https://login.launchpad.net/+openid>, method post.13:08
Tanguy4. I get redirected to <https://login.launchpad.net/mFC0p3rnjZvn22dQ/+decide>, and that page only says “Invalid OpenID transaction”.13:09
TanguyI do not use JavaScript, and I do not accept cookies, but when I accept cookies, nothing changes, and when I enable JavaScript, only the step 2 disappears, but the end is the same.13:10
purveshAlkini, You there ?13:15
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purveshmay be There is no one who can help me :(13:50
marktheunissenhello all, problem with launchpad / loggerhead? my merge proposal is not updating13:56
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marktheunissenanyone know what's wrong with launchpad?14:12
marktheunissenwhy are merge proposals not updating14:12
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falktxhi guys14:39
falktxi'm trying to upload a big package to my ppa14:39
falktxbut it get stuck at 99% upload14:40
falktxmy ppa has 4gb space14:40
bigjoolsfalktx: yes that's a known bug in the ftp server14:40
bigjoolscan you try sftp?14:40
falktxoh, ok14:40
falktxbigjools: how do i upload via sftp?14:40
falktxi usually do dput ... *.changes14:41
bigjoolsin dput.cf, set method=sftp, login=<your lp account name>14:41
bigjoolsthen dput as normal14:41
bigjoolsoh you need to make sure your public ssh is registered on your account14:41
falktxit is14:42
falktxthanks, i'll try this soon14:43
bigjoolsgreat, let me know how you get on14:44
falktxhehe, i stil have ~400mb to upload...14:44
falktxthen i'll try the big 1.6gb one...14:45
bigjoolswow, what are you uploading?14:47
falktxand games14:48
falktxsupertuxkart (250mb)14:48
falktxthen the big one is the latest svn of speed-dreams14:48
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derycksinzui, hi.15:26
derycksinzui, you changed bug 548824 to 10.08, but I commented that I want to leave it at 10.07.  See the comments there.  But...15:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 548824 in Launchpad Bugs "createBug should take an optional blob ticket (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54882415:26
deryckhow do I change back to a closed milestone?  Is there no way?  And yes, I feel dumb having to ask.15:26
sinzuideryck, make the milestone active15:27
sinzuimake your bug changes, than make the milestone inactive15:27
derycksinzui, got it.  Thanks so much.15:28
falktxstarted the big sftp upload now15:52
falktxoh, permission denied15:52
falktxhm, got an import error too15:55
falktxah, it's uploading now15:59
falktxhm, sftp doesn't tell me the progress ?15:59
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purveshcan some one tell me at the time of announcement i have to send mail here or what ? ubuntu-translators@lists.ubuntu.com ?16:11
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falktxhowmuch time for a 1.6gb sftp upload on a very fast internet ?16:24
Methssize/bitrate (taking appropriate unit conversions...)16:27
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falktxi would guess 2hours ?16:37
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falktxoh, upload finished17:31
jacks__I have a key on launchpad but I'm on an new install now... how do I use that key?17:32
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idnarso I'd like to have a robot that watches for merge proposals, and when one is created it runs the test suite etc. against the branch, and posts a review if anything goes wrong19:36
idnarwould it make sense to make Tarmac do that?19:36
mwhudsonit sounds similar enough, yar19:37
idnar(I mean run it against the result of merging the branch, of course)19:37
idnarI wonder how hard it would be to do19:38
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mathiazHi! When I request a code import on https://code.launchpad.net/+code-imports/+new I need to specify the owner20:09
mathiazHowever I can't set the owner to ~vcs-import20:09
sorenmathiaz: Why do you want to?20:17
mathiazsoren: because I don't want to be the owner of the upstream import20:17
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sorenmathiaz: As I understand it, the whole point behind adding that option is to avoid having all those imports owned by vcs-import. If you own it, you're more likely to make sure to fix things if the upstream vcs moves or whatever.20:18
sorenmathiaz: It's still clearly marked as an import.20:18
sorenmathiaz: It won't look like you wrote it all or anything :)20:19
mathiazsoren: fair enough20:19
ciupicriI'm sorry if this has been been already asked, but I'm curious what is the reason for which I can't login to Launchpad using OpenID?20:22
mtaylorciupicri: I _believe_ it's just on the hasn't been done yet list ... but I'm not 100% sure20:32
ciupicrimtaylor, I see20:35
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NafaiI'm trying to figure out why I'm subscribed to a certain bug21:00
NafaiCan I somehow map something in the X-Launchpad-* headers to a launchpad subscribe URL?21:00
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ciupicrican I use Launchpad only to translate a Django-based application (that uses Mercurial)?22:22
sorenNafai: There's a X-Launchpad-Rationale header or something that should explain why you're getting the e-mail.22:23
Nafaisure, but I go to what I think is the subscribe email for that (since it says I'm a subscriber) and I'm not currently subscribed22:24
Nafaiand I can't remember how I subscribed22:24
sorenNafail: Which bug?22:27
sorenNafai: Which bug?22:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 288812 in window-picker-applet (Ubuntu) "Windows cannot be minimized and un-minimized by clicking their entry in the applet. (affected: 1, heat: 5)" [Wishlist,Fix released]22:29
NafaiAnd in my mail, I have this:22:30
NafaiX-Launchpad-Message-Rationale: Subscriber (window-picker-applet)22:30
jenkinsis it possible to find out how many times a package has been downloaded from a pp?22:50
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micahgjenkins: bug 13985522:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 139855 in Soyuz "Display stats about PPA usage (affected: 25, heat: 169)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13985522:55
jenkinsmicahg: thanks, do you know if the data will be back dated before the feture existed?22:57
jenkinsfrom logs etc22:57
micahgjenkins: I don't, someone else might know22:57
mac9416Hi. I'm trying to set up a branch for daily builds. I saw a tutorial recently, but I can't find it now. Can someone point me to one?23:00
jenkinsmac9416: try bzr builder iirc, let me see if i can find the wiki page23:02
jenkinsmac9416: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyBuilds/BzrBuilder23:03
mac9416Ah, nice. I also just found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyBuilds/Recipes23:04
mac9416Thanks, jenkins.23:04
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