m3gai'm trying to run maverick in a chroot on a debian base system. installing procps i get 'Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused' which is hardly surprising.01:21
h00kSo, was asked to test something upstream using the mainline kernel. Is it proper to grab the deb or install the linux-generic-metapackage01:26
yofelh00k: afaik the mainline kernels don't even have a meta package, as there's no archive to add, just download the .deb01:41
h00kyofel: that's what I decided to do.01:41
h00kthis is regarding the bug I have against btrfs on a SSD01:41
h00kare btrfs-tools available now on the daily lives, or only the alternate CD?01:51
h00kwhatever, I'll install them from the live disk01:53
Jordan_Uh00k: BTW, the slowness of dpkg with btrfs has something to do with fsync, using libeatmydata with dpkg sped things up by orders of magnitude for me.02:01
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h00kJordan_U: can you add that to the bug report, or is there already one with that information?02:04
h00kJordan_U: and is that an upstream issue?02:05
h00kbug 60084602:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 600846 in linux (Ubuntu) "[STAGING] btrfs performance on SSD 2.6.35-6.9-generic" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60084602:05
Jordan_Uh00k: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58825402:06
ubottuDebian bug 588254 in dpkg "please allow to disable extremely slow fsync/sync at runtime" [Normal,Open]02:06
yofeldebian 58425402:13
ubottuDebian bug 584254 in dpkg "dpkg should support a --force-unsafe-io option or such" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/58425402:13
h00kNow, this doesn't appear to only be a dpkg problem for me.02:15
h00kThis is...if I have too many disk activities at one time, I get crappy speeds.02:15
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h00kSo, is there another trick I can use to be able to resize btrfs from gparted in a live session? I did install btrfs-tools02:34
lukehasnonameWhere would I tell a developer or packager about package dependency issues in Maverick?03:36
lukehasnonameApparently, it's not considered a bug to have broken package dependencies in the +103:37
rippswhat's taking so long to get linux-image-2.6.35-7 out of New queue?04:01
bp0so how is alpha2?06:10
rskum.. out?06:10
bp0yes. but how is it?06:11
mheathI wish I could tell you :( I'm fighting some broken dependency glitch trying to upgrade.06:16
bp0well thats a useful answer, thanks06:17
bp0sorry about your trouble06:17
mheathbp0: Most of the reviews and information I've seen on Alpha 2 have been along hte lines of "really, really promising, but broken and worthless at the moment."06:21
mheathWhich is pretty much what you'd expect from an alpha 206:22
rippssomeone uploaded the linux-meta source before the linux kernel got passed through the binary-new queue. Thus, causing issues for those trying to upgrade their kernel.06:24
rippsAs of right now, it's still sitting in the new queue.06:25
mheathripps: thanks! that clears that up.06:28
mheathI'd figured it was something like that......I've learned if upgrades to Alpha don't work, to try again the next day06:28
rippsthis stuff isn't suppose to happen, somebody was asleep at the keyboard when they uploaded the linux-meta source. they're supposed to wait until all the linux-image packages are finished.06:29
bp0mheath, do you run the alpha as your main os?06:42
jan-pieterI update ubuntu today and the update did something with a device map of grub and now grub doesn't work anymore. Can someone help me fix this?06:52
bp0what happens06:53
jan-pieterOh yeah. Grub complains about not finding a symbol and I end up in rescue mode06:53
bp0the grub shell?06:53
jan-pieterit is like a cli06:54
jan-pieterI can type commands but I don't have a clue what I am supposed to do06:55
bp0easy fix may be to use grub super disk to boot into your linux install and grub-update06:56
bp0or update-grub06:56
jan-pieterthank. I'm now in the 9.10 liveCD. Could I do it from there?06:58
jan-pieterOK thanks very much :p07:00
bp0you must specify the root07:00
bp0one moment07:00
bp0you must mount the partition, then sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/Blah /dev/sda07:01
bp0where /media/blah is the place it mounted, and /dev/sda is the disk you want to reinstall grub on07:02
jan-pieterbp0: Yeah figured that out after a quick search on google :p07:04
BUGabundo_remotemorning, Turtles09:35
BUGabundo_remoteme and my big mouth09:53
BUGabundo_remotetoday X is even sloweeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr09:53
BUGabundo_remoteis there a way to debug this X timeouts?10:10
BUGabundo_remotesome of my apps just FREEZE in the screen10:11
BUGabundo_remotemaking it unberable to use my laptop at the moment10:11
BUGabundo_remotecome one guys10:17
BUGabundo_remotehelp me out here10:17
* vish hands BUGabundo_remote a brick ;)10:18
* BUGabundo_remote kicks vish where it hurts10:25
BUGabundo_remoteeven righting this messagetakes tooooo long... nothing on screen refreshes :(10:25
BUGabundo_remotefound the cause10:38
BUGabundo_remotedbus and gconf10:38
BUGabundo_remotecome one... 200+ idlers in here10:56
BUGabundo_remotesome one must know something about dbus and/or gconf10:57
BUGabundo_remoteneed to debug this asapm and file a bug10:57
BUGabundo_remotea critical oone too10:57
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Jordan_UBUGabundo_remote: Perhaps the fastest way to get an answer would be just to file the bug report :)11:17
Jordan_UBUGabundo_remote: But don't mark it as critical untill you've actually read the criterion for that severity level.11:18
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DrHalannew kernels are building?12:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 603080 in dbus (Ubuntu) "[Error 09:28:19.713] [PidginAccountItemSource] Could not get Pidgin accounts: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus) " [Undecided,New]13:51
TommyThaGunhow is the new kernel working? is it going to crash my system?14:42
jpdsOnly one way to find out.14:47
TommyThaGunI guess I'll find out in a few minutes14:55
DraglorResuming in non X mode: glxinfo not found in path15:10
DraglorSystem:    Host LiWoS Kernel 2.6.32-24-generic i686 (32 bit) Distro Ubuntu 10.04 lucid15:10
DraglorCPU:       Dual core Intel T2300 (SMP) clocked at 1000.00 MHz15:10
DraglorGraphics:  Card Intel Mobile 945GM/GMS 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller tty res: N/A15:10
DraglorDisks:     HDD Total Size: 80.0GB (39.1% used)15:10
DraglorInfo:      Processes 201 Uptime 1 day Memory 589.0/993.1MB Runlevel 2 Client Quassel [M] v0.6.1 (dist-611ebcc) inxi 1.4.815:10
Draglorinxi supports the following options. You can combine them, or list them15:10
Draglorone by one: Examples: inxi -v4 -c6 OR inxi -dDc 615:10
DraglorIf you start inxi with no arguments, it will show the short form.15:10
DraglorThe following options if used without -d or -v will show just that complete line:15:10
DraglorA,C,D,G,I,N,P,S - you can use these together to show just the lines you want to see.15:10
DraglorIf you use them with a -v level (or -d), it will show the full output for that line15:10
Dragloralong with the output for the chosen verbosity level.15:10
Draglor- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -15:10
DraglorOutput Control Options:15:10
Draglor-A  Show Audio/sound card information.15:10
Draglor-c  Available color schemes. Scheme number is required.15:10
Draglor    Supported schemes: 0-15 Example: inxi -c 1115:10
Draglor-C  Show full CPU output, including per CPU clockspeed.15:10
Draglor-d  Default output verbosity level, same as: inxi -v 115:10
Draglor-D  Show full hard Disk info, not only model, ie: /dev/sda ST380817AS 80.0GB.15:10
Draglor-f  Show all cpu flags used, not just the short list. Not shown with -F to avoid spamming.15:10
Draglor-F  Show Full output for inxi. Does not show extra verbose options like -f -u -l -o -p or -t15:10
Draglor-G  Show Graphic card information (card, x type, resolution, glx renderer, version).15:10
Draglor-i  Show Wan IP address, and shows local interfaces (requires ifconfig network tool).15:10
Draglor    Not shown with -F for user security reasons, you shouldn't paste your local/wan IP.15:10
Draglor-I  Show Information: processes, uptime, memory, irc client, inxi version.15:11
Draglor-l  Show partition labels. Default: short partition -P. For full -p output, use: -pl (or -plu).15:11
Draglor-N  Show Network card information.15:11
Draglor-o  Show unmounted partition information (includes UUID and LABEL if available).15:11
Draglor    Shows file system type if you have file installed, if you are root OR if you have15:11
Draglor    added to /etc/sudoers (sudo v. 1.7 or newer): <username> ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/file (sample)15:11
Draglor-p  Show full partition information (-P plus all other detected partitions).15:11
Draglor-P  Show Partition information (shows what -v 4 would show, but without extra data).15:11
Draglor    Shows, if detected: / /boot /home /tmp /usr /var. Use -p to see all mounted partitions.15:11
Draglor-r  Show distro repository data. Currently supported repo types: APT; PACMAN; PISI; YUM.15:11
Draglor-s  Show sensors output (if sensors installed/configured): mobo/cpu/gpu temp; detected fan speeds.15:11
Draglor    Gpu temp only for Fglrx/Nvidia drivers. Nvidia shows screen number for > 1 screens.15:11
Draglor-S  Show System information: host name, kernel, distro15:11
Draglor-t  Show processes. Requires extra options: c (cpu) m (memory) cm (cpu+memory). If followed by numbers 1-20,15:11
Draglor    shows that number of processes for each type (default: 5; if in irc, max: 5): -t cm1015:11
Draglor    Make sure to have no space between letters and numbers (-t cm10 -right, -t cm 10 -wrong).15:11
Draglor-u  Show partition UUIDs. Default: short partition -P. For full -p output, use: -pu (or -plu).15:11
Draglor-v  Script verbosity levels. Verbosity level number is required.15:11
Draglor    Supported levels: 0-5 Example: inxi -v 415:11
Draglor    0 - short output, same as: inxi15:11
Draglor    1 - basic verbose, same as: inxi -d15:11
Draglor    2 - Also show networking card data15:11
Draglor    3 - Also show hard disk names as detected.15:11
Draglor    4 - Also show partition size/filled data for (if present):/, /home, /var/, /boot15:11
Draglor    5 - For multicore systems, also shows: per core clock speeds; audio card; full disk data.15:11
Draglor-x  Show extra data: bogomips on Cpu; driver version (if available) for Network/Audio;15:11
Draglor    for network, audio cards, shows PCI Bus ID number also;15:11
Draglor    direct rendering status for Graphics (in X). Only works with verbose or line output;15:12
Draglor    shows (for single gpu, nvidia driver) screen number gpu is running on.15:12
Draglor    Shows hdd temp with disk data if you have hddtemp installed, if you are root OR if you have15:12
Draglor    added to /etc/sudoers (sudo v. 1.7 or newer): <username> ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/hddtemp (sample)15:12
Draglor    For -t, adds memory use output to cpu (-tx c, and cpu use to memory (-tx m).15:12
gnomefreakDraglor: stop15:12
DraglorAdditional Options:15:12
Draglor-h - this help menu.15:12
Draglor-U  Auto-update script. Note: if you installed as root, you15:12
Draglor    must be root to update, otherwise user is fine.15:12
Draglor-V  inxi version information. Prints information then exits.15:12
Draglor-%  Overrides defective or corrupted data.15:12
Draglor-@  Triggers debugger output. Requires debugging level 1-10 (8-10 - logging).15:12
tj83|workhello guys, I dont know if anyone here is familiar with the GPS depreciated packages in lucid. for an LTS this is kinda disturbing. Anyone know how the GPS scene is in 10.10?   How is Alpha 2 coming along? I'm getting a new device and really wanted to use Lucid, but GPS is one of my main demands. I'll give 10.10 alpha a try, major known issues?16:56
DrHalannew kernel still not uploaded?17:09
gnomefreakif you mean linux-generic_2. it has been uploaded17:11
gnomefreaki got that update >4 hours17:12
DrHalanwell i still  ahve 2.6.35-6 and my linux-generic is hold back17:14
DrHalanaccording to launchpad there is 2.6-35-11 uploaded17:14
DrHalanor 7.11 i think17:15
DrHalansince when is there a fith digit?17:15
gnomefreakDrHalan: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:17
gnomefreakit will install the updated kernel17:17
gnomefreakor use update-manager, but these are things you should know before trying an Alpha version17:18
DrHalanyeah sure17:18
DrHalani know how that works ^^17:18
DrHalanbut dist-upgrade tells me17:18
DrHalanteh following packages were hold back:   linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic17:19
DrHalanwhat architecture are you using gnomefreak?17:19
gnomefreakwhat happens if you try to use sudo apt-get install linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic17:19
gnomefreakDrHalan: i dont use a CC17:19
DrHalani gues it will say the dependencies are not avaible17:20
gnomefreakdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick main restricted   and so on17:20
DrHalanyeah it says "unresolved dependecies"17:20
gnomefreakand they would be?17:21
DrHalanlinux-image-2.6.35-7-generic + headers17:21
gnomefreakuse the mirrors i am. i had no issue at all.17:22
gnomefreaklinux-image-2.6.35-7-generic: Installed: 2.6.35-7.11 Candidate: 2.6.35-7.1117:23
* gnomefreak goes back to work :)17:24
jpdsDrHalan: You might want to use de.archive.u.c.17:24
DrHalanits alreay set to the german servers as im from germany17:26
DrHalanmaybe its just no built yet on amd64?17:26
jpdsDrHalan: It should do there within the next few hours.17:30
DrHalanits really difficult to find specific kernel packages in launchpad imo17:32
yofelDrHalan: really? they're all listed on https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux though17:41
patdk-wkheh, way too general :)17:42
patdk-wkhe only wanted one :)17:42
yofelwell, they need to put all that info somewhere :P17:44
DrHalaninst that the meta packge17:51
DrHalanand not the actual kernel images?17:51
yofelDrHalan: press on the arrow beside the version you need and you'll get the list of binary packages18:00
yofela rather long list for the kernel...18:00
tntcare any of the radeon power managment features in the 2.6.35 Maverick kernel?18:18
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DrHalanthe new kernel feels a lot faster to me :)21:53
knittli get frequent lock ups of X with nouveau. mouse still moves, but everything else is frozen, and i cannot click or use my keyboard22:21
DrHalanknittl: i have something smiliar except my keyboard works22:30
DrHalanmeans i can close windows with my keyboard an navigate a little...22:30
DrHalanbut i cannot click anyhting22:30
knittlDrHalan: my screen freezes22:31
knittleverything except mouse cursor22:31
DrHalanthen its a little different22:31
DrHalandoes nvidia-current work fine?22:31
knittlbut i only have this problem since i switched to nouveau22:32
DrHalanmh okay22:33
DrHalani have no clue22:33
DrHalandoes restarting gdm work?22:33
DrHalanits alt+k+print or so22:33
knittlhow can i restart gdm?22:33
knittlno, it does not22:33
knittlthen i only have gibberish on my screen22:33
DrHalanwait some time..22:33
knittli did22:34
DrHalanoh okay22:34
DrHalanwell i hav eno clue then22:34
DrHalanmaybe go back to nvidia-current? :P22:34
knittldualscreen works better with nouveau22:34
knittlbut suspend won't work with nouveau either22:35
DrHalanoh mh well i am not an expert in that topic22:35
DrHalani am just wondering if tis a kernel or a xserver issue22:36
knittlreally no idea22:39

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