lfitzif i put the new kernel uImage-2.6.34 in the boot directory and extract the kernel modules to the root fs, will that successfully update the kernel?03:02
lfitz..and try to reboot?03:03
lfitzor is there docs on how to upgrade the kernel on a sheevaplug?03:04
sebjanlag: Hi! I just look at the syslink patch applied by Tim, and I don't see the modalias, nor the module_init(). Did you test this patch? I do not expect it to be functional...08:30
lagWhat do you mean you don't see them?08:31
sebjanlag: in the patch applied on the top of the tree, there is not the MODULE_ALIAS code for example08:34
* lag looks08:35
cooloneysebjan: that's true, please follow the email thread started from lag08:35
cooloneylag: in you v1 patch, there is MODULE_ALIAS code08:36
cooloneylag: but in the v2 patch which is in Maverick now, there is no such code08:37
cooloneylag: i guess sebjan is asking this08:37
sebjancorrect :)08:37
cooloneylag: btw, thanks a lot for email me the blob file08:37
lagcooloney, sebjan: You're correct, I'll add it as a separate patch right now08:37
cooloneylag: great, man08:38
sebjanlag: we also need the module_init(), right?08:38
lagWhy do you need that?08:38
sebjanlag: for the omap4_syslink_init function to be called on startup? Or the __init does it?08:39
=== hrw|gone is now known as hrw
lagsebjan: The device_initcall(omap4_syslink_init); does it08:41
lagsebjan: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=lag/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-omap4-syslink08:47
lagSorry about that. I did a git reset --mixed <sha1>08:48
lagAdded omap4-common.c and must have missed off ipc_drv.c08:48
lagIt was still in my tree though, hence when I tested it, it worked08:49
sebjanlag: no problems. By the way, we shall stick with syslink drivers static right now, as we are seeing issues when using them as modules. We are investigating that, and will send an update when this will be fixed (then we can activate syslink drivers as modules)09:02
lagNo problem - keep me posted09:03
sebjanlag: yes, sure!09:05
lagsebjan: Can you have a look at the patch on the mailing list please09:27
lagsebjan: If it's okay can you ack it as well?09:27
sebjanlag: done09:30
lagsebjan: Thanking you!09:32
=== fta__ is now known as fta
ograsebjan, i still see hangs with the recent panda kernel10:34
=== amitk is now known as amitk-afk
ograa lot less frequent, but they happen10:41
lagogra: Must be userspace ;)10:45
lagMy kernel works flawlessly10:45
ograthe archive kernel ?10:46
ograinstalled from the package10:46
lagBut it will be the latest Maverick kernel won't it?10:50
lagI'm in the process of flahsing my SD card with the latest archive10:51
lagogra: If one thing (within the kernel) is crashing continuously, raise a bug report and I'll take a look10:52
ogralag, here is another one to play with bug 60306210:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 603062 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "oops in parport_pc_probe_port function of parport_pc module (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60306210:53
lagThe new image still doesn't work with my monitor :(10:55
lagAnd there's no console output either10:55
ograthe image should start in console mode by default10:56
ograwe dont use splash during resizing yet10:56
lagI have nothing10:57
lagUncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.10:57
lagIt's been like this for 5mins10:57
ograthats serial10:57
lagDo you think it's resizing?10:57
ograwe dont use serial on ubuntu images10:57
lagAnd nothing on the monitor10:57
ogrado you know a cmdline that works for you ?10:58
ukleineklag: try enabling DEBUG_LL and DEBUG_LL_CONSOLE10:58
lagukleinek: From within the kernel?10:58
ukleineklag: make menuconfig10:58
ograukleinek, note that ubuntu images dont have console= settings by default10:58
lagfdr editconfigs ;)10:58
ograbreaks the splash10:59
lagStill nothing ...10:59
* lag whistles 10:59
ogralag, lets try to find a cmdline that works for everyone10:59
ograthere wont happen anything, if your monitor doesnt init it wont do that later either :)11:00
lagI have a cmdline that works for me11:00
ukleineklag: add a printch(c) to emit_log_char11:00
lagWhat will happen if I restart the board during the resizing process?11:00
ograyou will have to re-dd11:00
ograthe filesystem will be corrupted11:00
lagWhat if I wait11:00
lagIt will take the same amount of time11:01
ograit will move on and start X to configure the system eventually11:01
ograwhich you likely wont see if the framebuffer doesnt work11:01
ogradd the image newly, mount the first partition and add your cmdline changes to boot.scr11:02
ogra(before booting it for the first time)11:02
ogradont forget mkimage11:02
ograit would be good if we can find the smallest common denominator that makes all monitors work11:03
ograor if TI can fix the EDID code (preferred indeed)11:04
=== fta_ is now known as fta
hrw1024x768 should work11:06
ograwell, depends on your monitor11:06
ogramine cant do non widescreen modes on the HDMI port afaik11:06
ograbut i'll try11:07
hrwXGA was default beagleboard resolution11:07
ogralag, what are the options you use11:11
lagsetenv bootargs omapdss.hdmimode=0 omapdss.hdmicode=4 vram=15M, omapfb.vram=0:5M noinitrd mem=512M root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ro ip=none; mmcinit 0; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage; bootm 0x8020000011:11
ograomapfb.vram=0:5M ?!?11:12
ograthats definately to less11:12
lagTI told me to use it11:12
lagWell that works11:12
lagBut 32 and 8 work for me also11:12
ogra vram=15M is also to less for our kernel11:13
lagsetenv bootargs omapdss.hdmimode=0 omapdss.hdmicode=4 vram=32M, omapfb.vram=0:8M noinitrd mem=512M root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ro ip=none; mmcinit 0; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage; bootm 0x8020000011:13
ograwe enable all possible output devices11:13
ogracan you try without omapfb.vram=0:8M ?11:13
lagWell your cmdline doesn't work for me so ...11:13
lagI can11:13
* ogra will try omapdss.hdmimode=0 omapdss.hdmicode=4 on his monitor11:13
* ogra just tried omapdss.hdmimode=0 omapdss.hdmicode=35, that makes the board crash once X is up11:14
ograand cuts of 60% of the bottom of the screen on my monitor11:15
ogralag, also i dont get why mem=512M would work for you11:17
ograi was clearly told that will cause issues and hard locks11:17
lagProbably because I'm not running a GUI11:18
lagWhat was it again 468?11:18
ograwell, robclark said thats reserved ram for the coprocessor11:18
ograi dont think that should harm X11:18
ograor have any influence11:18
* lag shurgs11:18
lagIt just does11:18
lagWhat is the correct value?11:18
lagI'm using a kernel with TI's hack in it at the moment11:19
ograsigh, the last crash trashed my SD11:20
lagLet me build my own and I'll try it out11:20
ogralag, that doesnt help at all11:20
ograplease use the same kernel we all use11:20
lagogra: I'm working with both11:20
lagI have other things going on too :)11:21
ograme too11:21
lagSo, I need to be running both kernels11:22
ograbut it doesnt help the images if you dotn use and improve the image kernels11:22
lagDoesn't the daily builds use the latest Maverick kernel anyway?11:22
ograthe one in the archive11:22
ograwhich is behind the git tree11:22
lagWhere is it built from?11:23
ograthe git tree11:23
ograbut its not built every day11:23
ogratim builds it from kernel.ubuntu.com from cooloneys tree afaik11:24
ograevery few weeks11:24
ograwith mode=4 i get a small square in the top left corner of my monitor11:25
ograi dont think any of these options will help, TI needs to fix the EDID detection code properly11:25
ograits bad enough that we have to use *any* cmdline options11:26
lagogra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460578/11:27
lagTry some more11:27
lagSee what works for you11:27
ograwell, what else works for you ?11:27
lagI don't know yet11:27
ogradoesnt help if i try all of them11:27
lagWhat do I have to mkimage on?11:27
ograthe edited boot.scr11:28
lagHow do you do that?11:28
lagI've only done uInitrd and uImage11:28
ograsudo mkimage -A arm -T script -C none -n "Ubuntu boot script" -d boot.scr <mountpoint of first partition>/boot.scr11:28
ograthe first boot.scr needs to be plain text (no uboot header)11:28
ograthats the one you edited11:29
lagI only have the one with the header on11:29
lagShould I just take that off?11:29
ograjust delete it in vi11:29
ogramkimage adds it again11:30
lagvi? pfft11:30
ograwell, or use: strings  <mountpoint of first partition>/boot.scr >./boot.scr11:30
ograbut that might leave cruft at the top line11:30
ogralag, can you try omapdss.hdmicode=6 ? thats one i could imagine all HDMI monitors should be able to do11:31
ograerr. line 611:32
ograthats code 28 indeed11:32
lag4 sort of works11:33
lagI can see it11:33
ogra4 doesnt work here11:33
lagBut it's out of range of my monitor11:33
lagAnd is shakey11:33
ograwell, it draws on the screen but is unusable11:33
lagRunning /scripts/local-bottom ...11:34
ogra640x480n is nothing we can run the desktop in11:34
ograyou wont be able to reach any of the buttons in the apps11:34
lagI'll try 28 when it's finished doing 'its thing'11:35
lagIt doesn't matter anyway - my keyboard doesn't work!11:35
lagno space left on device?11:36
lagIt's a 16GB card?11:37
ograit didnt resize11:37
lagWhy not?11:37
ograMMC issues i guess11:37
lagBut it resizes yours?11:37
ograGrueMaster reported similar issues with some SD cards11:37
lagI did get the parport segfault though11:37
ograit resizes the five i have here for testing11:37
lagDo you have a 16GB SDHC card there?11:38
ograGrueMaster seems to have a similar card to yours, please check with him (once he is up) if you got the same11:38
ogramy biggest one is 8G11:38
lagCan I resize it manually?11:39
hrwerror -110?11:39
lagDifferent bug11:39
ogracan you plug the card into your pc and check for /var/log/jasper.log please11:39
=== amitk-afk is now known as amitk
ograit should have error messages11:40
ograwhere exactly do you get the "no space left on device" errors btw11:40
ograany particular process thats causes them ?11:40
ogracode 28 doesnt work here either btw11:41
ograchops off the bottom half of the screen11:41
ogralag, where do you get the no spaxce messages ?11:44
lagOn the monitor11:44
ograif its udevd thats a tmpfs issue (udev writes to a tmpfs)11:44
lagI can't remember what it was doing now11:45
lagIt could have been udev11:45
ograwell, then only jasper.log can tell11:45
lagThe screen has gone now11:45
ogradoes X start ?11:45
ograthe timeframe was also way to short11:45
ograresizing 16G will likely take about 15min11:45
hrwyou guys are insane with that resizing11:46
ograso please get me the log so i can see what went wrong11:46
ograhrw, why ?11:46
ograhrw, compared to a 2-3h install its quite reasonable11:46
hrwogra: cant I fetch tarball which will be unpacked to card?11:47
ograplus you need an additional target device11:47
ograhrw, that will be as messy as a rootstock image11:47
ograyou will never get a proper ubuntu install that way11:47
ograit will be something "ubuntu alike"11:48
hrwso now I get 512MB image to dd on card which will start with initrd which will resize that 512MB to whole card?11:48
ograyou get a 1.4G image and yes, initrd is essential for a proper ubuntu image11:49
=== fta_ is now known as fta
lagogra: 28 from the cmdline is still out of range11:49
lagWhen I do: echo 28 | sudo tee -a /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/display0/custom_edid_timing11:49
lagIt looks great11:49
hrwwhy I can install x86(-64) with 1CD but arm needs >2CD?11:49
ograhrw, because x86 uses a squashfs and a full installer11:50
ograour image is bz2 and needs to be uncompressed before dd11:50
ograand is fully preinstalled11:50
laghrw: Our boards don't have CD drives :)11:50
ograwell, they have SD slots11:50
lagYes, hence why we use entire images11:51
ograwhich we used before in a similar way to CD drives11:51
ograso you had to install a live image to USB from SD card11:51
lagOur full install takes 5 mins. How long does X86 take?11:51
ograa) the installation can take 2-3h depending on the card11:51
ograb) you need to use the SD as a "boot floppy" on boards like panda11:52
ograso you need to trash the installation media at the end of the install11:52
ogravery very ugly11:52
ograx86 takes between 20 and 40min11:52
ograwith a speedy CD drive11:52
ograit copies the 2G from the squashfs to the HDD11:53
ograand then removes bits11:53
ograin our images the resizing takes the longest time, after that its relatively speedy since only oem-config runs11:54
ograsadly resizing takes at least 10min11:54
ogralag, anything intresting in the jasper.log file ?11:55
lagIt was trashed11:55
lagI trashed it11:55
lagI am re-running11:55
ograwhat you can do is to add break=bottom on the cmdline, that will give you a busybox shell11:56
ograjasper.log lives in /dev/.initramfs/jasper.log there11:56
ograyou can ctrl-d out of that shell and booting moves on11:57
ogra(works also with break=top or premount, depending where you want to inspect the initramfs)11:57
lagJust tested 28 with the archive kernel11:57
lagGot to reflash now :(11:57
ograwe really need TI to fix that properly then11:58
ografiddling with cmdline options in the default install is ugly anyway11:58
* ogra prefers to not have more than "quiet splash root=UUID=..."11:58
ograand ro11:59
lagWell I have direct contact with the video people at TI ...12:02
ograrobclark is resident here too :)12:02
lagIs robclark video people?12:03
lagCool - let's bother him :)12:04
lagWhere is he based?12:04
* ogra played with /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/display0/custom_edid_timing12:10
ograsadly i have the same issue as with setting modes on cmdline12:10
ograscreen isnt fullscreen12:10
ograi either have a small square at the top left of the monitor or the screen extends beyond monitor size12:11
* ogra wishes DVI would just work12:12
=== fta is now known as fta2
=== fta2 is now known as fta
ograDVI does work12:13
ograwell, the HDMI->DVI cable from my beagle does at least12:14
lagogra: .initramfs doesn't exist12:14
ograbut same effect12:14
ograinit mounts it under /dev12:15
ograits a tmpfs12:15
lagOh okay12:16
lagI'll try dropping into a Busybox shell then12:16
* lag is reflashing12:16
lagThis sucks12:16
ograaha, DVI doesnt work on boot at all12:17
ograwell, it does, but puts the screen to weird ranges12:18
* ogra takes a break12:20
* lag pounces on robclark!12:43
robclarkhi lag12:43
lagHey robclark12:43
hrwhi robclark12:43
lagHow are you this afternoon/morning?12:43
robclarkhi hrw12:43
* robclark is just finishing my coffee12:44
lagCan you type and drink? :)12:44
lagOr would you like me to wait for you to finish?12:44
robclarkno, I can type12:44
lagWe're having video issues12:46
lagI have an LG FLATRON W2261VP12:46
lagI have tried omapdss.hdmicode=*12:47
robclarkwhat resolution?  If it could do 1920x1080 then, in theory, it shouldn't even need any bootargs..12:47
hrwrobclark: thats 22" so rather not fullhd12:48
lagAnd depending on what '*' is, I either receive shakey text and the monitor say "out of range"12:48
lagOr I get nothing12:48
lagYes, it does 1920x108012:48
lagOr should do12:48
robclarkhmm..  in the printk's from the HDMI driver you should see what resolution the driver *thinks* the monitor can do12:49
lagBut it doesn't12:49
lagWith no args, the monitor just goes to sleep12:49
robclarkbut I think the driver still has troubles with some monitors..12:49
lagWe don't have access to the boot-up messages with this kernel12:49
* lag flicks to another kernel12:50
robclarkhmm... ok.. that is a bit inconvenient12:50
lagIt does the same thing on my kernel12:50
robclarkalthough to be honest, I'm not a display driver guy..12:50
robclarkif you could get a log of the boot msgs, we send that to me (rob@ti.com) and I'll loop in display driver team12:51
* robclark thinks what is really needed is to get the display driver team access to more monitors to test with12:51
lagI am in direct contact with Mythri12:51
robclarkok, perfect12:51
lagBut things are slooooooooow over email12:52
robclarkshe knows the HDMI driver more than I..12:52
robclarkok.. I'll try to pester them to get on IRC..12:52
lagThat could be a good thing12:53
lagI think she's in the far east though isn't she?12:53
lagAnd would have gone home by now?12:53
cwillu_at_worklag, afaik, the trouble with higher resolutions is that the driver can't keep up the refresh rate12:53
robclarkwell, most of them work rather late.. so probably still in the office now12:53
cwillu_at_workit's pretty much up to the monitor whether it will still work at that point12:54
=== fta_ is now known as fta
lagcwillu_at_work: So where do we go with this?12:54
cwillu_at_worklag, working from memory here, having spoken to folks before on this.12:55
cwillu_at_workhang on a sec, let me check my logs12:55
lagThe odd thing is, a mode that doesn't work on the cmdline using omapdss.hdmicode will work using: echo * | sudo tee -a /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/display0/custom_edid_timing12:55
lagAnd it will work perfectly then?12:56
cwillu_at_workoh, really?12:56
lagYeah! What gives?12:56
lagBut that's no good for be, as I'm working on boot-up code12:56
cwillu_at_workwhat does .hdmicode= do that a normal omapdss command line doesn't?12:57
lagThat's what I'm looking for now12:57
* lag is on it12:57
cwillu_at_workis what I'm usually doing12:57
cwillu_at_workalthough usually 1280x1024 or 1600x90012:57
lagI'm using hdmi12:57
hrwcwillu_at_work: on beagleboard?12:58
cwillu_at_worksame thing12:58
cwillu_at_workoh, are we not talking beagles?12:58
hrwcwillu_at_work: they talk about pandaboard12:58
lagI have Beagle working12:58
cwillu_at_workI'd still imagine it's the same thing though12:58
hrwcwillu_at_work: panda can do fullhd-6012:58
cwillu_at_workjust <somethingelse>:1280x1024MR-16 instead of DVI:12:58
cwillu_at_workespecially if it works echoing to the sysfs12:59
cwillu_at_workI might be out on the road with my boss today, I'll find out in an hour.  If not, I'm interested in spelunking into the relevant dss code today :)\13:00
lagcwillu_at_work: I just tried your args - the monitor just stuck its fingers up at me and went to sleep13:04
cwillu_at_workdoes it report the refresh rate it's getting before it goes to sleep?13:04
cwillu_at_workand did you try any other options re: the dvi: bit?13:05
lagdvi and hdmi13:06
lagJust did this: echo 40 | sudo tee -a /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/display0/custom_edid_timing13:06
lagAnd it appeared13:06
lagLooking perfect13:06
robclarklag, hmm, so setting it via bootargs seems broken?13:06
hrw'TI: please fix your drivers'13:08
robclarkbtw, for those who haven't already noticed:  #pandaboard13:14
hrwlag: http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2009/06/12/ti-please-fix-your-usb/13:14
lagDoes anyone have a keyboard and mouse attached to their Panda?13:14
robclarklag: yup13:15
cwillu_at_worklag, come to think of it, there should be another file in that folder with the names for each display13:15
cwillu_at_worktry doing a "cat *", and see if anything shows up13:15
laghrw: How funny!13:15
* robclark has to run.. be back later13:15
=== robclark is now known as robclark|away
lagEDID-Informationcat: driver: Is a directory13:16
lagcat: hpd_enabled: Input/output error13:16
lagcat: mirror: No such file or directory13:16
lagcat: rotate: No such file or directory13:17
lagcat: subsystem: Is a directory13:17
lagcat: wss: No such file or directory13:17
cwillu_at_workso, my suspicion is that hdmi or hdmi_panel is the right invocation then13:18
cwillu_at_workalso, I really really hate it when it takes a million years to page an app back into memory when I have 2gb of ram being wasted on cache13:18
cwillu_at_work(and don't tell me to set swappiness, that's useless as a long term proposition)13:19
lagcwillu_at_work: Tried both of them ... nothing13:19
cwillu_at_workk, I'll poke you in a couple hours if I'm not driving out to the middle of nowhere13:20
lagI'm going to have a poke around in the driver in the meantime13:21
mythripklag, I heard from Rob that you had some more issues in HDMI..13:46
laglag == lee13:49
lagWe've been chatting13:49
mythripkdid you try out the timing values i suggested over mail ?13:50
lagThey worked when I use sysfs13:50
mythripkie the custom_edid_timing right?13:50
lagThey don't when I use them on the kernel cmdline13:50
lagI don't see why my monitor should be different to any other13:51
mythripkok ie when you use omapdss.hdmicode= and omapdss.hdmimode=13:51
lagBeagleboard works out of the box13:51
lagYes, they don't work13:51
mythripkit would not be , can you please share the log ?13:51
lagThe most I can get from them is a fuzzy screen and my monitor saying "out of range"13:52
lagWhen I use which settings?13:52
mythripkany , where you are getting fuzzy screen and monitor giving "out of range "13:52
mythripkalso what is the timing value that you set with beagle ?13:53
lagI have no idea13:53
lagI'll try to find out for you13:53
lagAlso, my monitor doesn't turn itself on13:54
mythripkno that's fine , log would help , but the same command line i sent for 640 and 480 ie vga setting worked ?13:54
lagI have to turn it off, then on again to get my fuzzy screen13:54
mythripkwith the vga setting too ?13:54
lagHere is fuzzy screen settings: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460620/13:55
ogramythripk, the problem is that we need something that works generally on the ubuntu images13:55
lagNothing has 'worked' - some have been better than others13:55
ograthere is no way to adjust boot options for every monitor13:56
ograpreferably by autodetection and without any boot parameters, though if thats not possible, a bootarg with the smallest common denominator that makes it work on all monitors would also work13:57
mythripkcurrently the default setting is for 1080p setting but you could pass the boot args , the setting that will definitely work on All Tv's would be VGA resolution according to HDMI spec , I could make it as default13:58
mythripkLag didnt VGA resolution work for you ? From your mail i was under the impression that it did.13:59
ograVGA is to small for our desktop13:59
lagWhich number was that?14:00
mythripkomapdss.hdmicode=4 and omapdss.hdmimode=014:00
ograand causes weird effects on some monitors ... i.e. mine doesnt expand to the full monitor size, i get a square in the top left corner of the screen14:00
lagThat's the fuzzy screen setting that I use14:00
mythripkogra , ya VGA is too small but that is the only setting that by default is supported by all TV's and then14:01
lagubuntu@beagleboard:/sys/devices/platform/omapdss$ cat display0/timings14:01
lagubuntu@beagleboard:/sys/devices/platform/omapdss$ cat display1/timings14:01
lag13500,720/12/68/64,574/5/41/5  .14:01
lagFrom the Beagle14:02
ogramythripk, 1024x768 would work for us ...14:02
mythripkok then can you set omapdss.hdmicode=16 and omapdss.hdmimode=0 ?14:03
ograthat gets me the above described effect14:03
ogradoesnt expand to the full screen size14:03
ogranot sure what it does for lag's monitor14:04
ograor for GrueMaster's who also has display issues14:04
=== fta_ is now known as fta
mythripkhttp://omappedia.org/wiki/Bootargs_for_enabling_display this has explanation as to what you code you could use for all the DVI settings ,  How to read and set EDID timings for HDMI  section , you could modify the omapdss.hdmimode and code correspondingly for bootargs14:05
* lag 's monitor stuck its fingers up at him and went to sleep14:05
mythripkwith 16 and 0 ?14:06
ogramythripk, is there any chance that works automatically at some point ?14:07
ograthe EDID data should have all possible modes the monitor can handle or not ?14:07
ograso if you can read it you shoudl be able to switch to a valid mode14:07
mythripkLag From the pastebin theEDID is read and being set correctly : EDID Content 256                                                                                                                                                   EDID TIMING DATA FOUND                                                                                                                                                   Hdmi_code = 4 mode = 114:07
mythripkogra, yes the EDID has all the values supported by the monitor , but from the log tha lag sent me earlier its NULL , i was actually surprised14:08
lagI think "Hdmi_code = 4 mode = 1" is coming from my boot args14:08
lagAlthough mode should be 0?14:08
ogramythripk, aha :)14:09
mythripkyes are you setting omapdss.hdmimode=0? in the bootargs?14:09
lagI am14:09
* ogra sees "How to enable HDMI in hot-plug detect mode" ... 14:10
ograi wonder if we could enable that by default in our kernel14:10
ograare there any drawbacks when defaulting that value to 114:11
lagI just tried setting omapdss.hdmimode=0 and leaving the code - nothing14:11
mythripkogra , I sent a patch to lag to default put it in hot plug detect mode as he was sync lost digit earlier , through sysfs you could use  echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/display2/hpd_enabled again from http://omappedia.org/wiki/Bootargs_for_enabling_display14:12
mythripklag , could you please try with another monitor ? or is it the same behavior with all ?14:13
ogramythripk, right, i saw that14:13
lagThe only other HDMI device I have is my TV downstairs 42"14:13
ogramythripk, but it seems like something really userfriendly to enable by default if it doesnt disturb other functionallity14:13
mythripkogra, yes we could actually read the first block of EDID and set the timings which we currently are not doing today , for some samsung TV's not working14:21
ograi have no issues with my samsung monitor14:22
ograand apparently i'm the only panda user in the ubuntu team who doesnt have display issues ... which is funny :)14:22
mythripkwe have identified that we were setting AVI checksum wrong that resulted in some samsung TV's not working There is a patch available for that14:22
mythripkgood to hear :)14:22
ograso we should include your patch :)14:23
mythripkthat would solve the issues seen in some samsung TV's that enforce strict AVI checksum14:24
ogragreat, lag can we add that ?14:24
mythripkLag already has the patch14:25
ograright, i just want to make sure it ends up in our tree :)14:25
lag                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          14:54
lag                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          14:54
lag                                          14:54
lagOh my word!14:54
lagSorry about that - computer went crazy!14:54
lagI blame the OS14:54
lagRight, I've tried it on a different monitor14:54
lag<mythripk> Lag already has the patch: I do?14:55
lagogra: Where's mythripk gone?15:05
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robclarklag, I guess mythripk has gone home now15:25
lagI'm going to try and debug it myself anyway15:25
lagWho needs expert knowledge? Pfft ...15:26
jussihrm, why do these packages have {a} and {u} after them?15:49
jussiThe following NEW packages will be installed:15:50
jussi  libdbus-1-dev{a} libeet-dev libeet-doc{a} libeet1{a} libhal-dev   libhal-storage-dev libjpeg62-dev{a}15:50
jussiThe following packages will be REMOVED:15:50
jussi  freepats{u} gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg{u} gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly{u}15:50
hrw{a} == automatically installed15:51
hrwas dependency for other packages15:52
jussiand {u}?15:53
hrwdo not remember15:56
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GrueMasterogra: I heard my name, but am too fuzzy (ENOCOFFEE) to see what you wanted.  What can I do to help this morning?15:57
looljussi: {a} automatically installed {u} will purge16:01
loolOr rather automatically uninstalled16:02
lool{up} is when they also get purged I think16:02
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jussilool: thanks. also, weird question of the day,will maemo packages work on an ubuntu install?16:48
hrwjussi: no16:50
hrwjussi: you need to recompile them16:50
hrwsome of maemo5 libraries are not available in ubuntu16:50
hrwsome are closed even16:51
jussiIm just trying to find a working "media centre" for arm jaunty - xbmc, enna, moovida etc and it seems impossible to find...16:51
hrwwhat hardware?16:51
jussienna has maemo pkgs, hence the question16:52
jussiimx51 based16:52
hrwimx51... run maverick or lucid then16:52
jussino, cant unfortunately.16:52
looljussi: You can create a maemo chroot and run it from an Ubuntu install16:53
looljussi: Which maemo packages do you mean specifically?16:53
jussilool: stuff in here: http://packages.geexbox.org/pool/main/16:54
looljussi: It might be that some binaries require opengles though16:54
looljussi: Dunno16:55
sebjanlag: I just tested the last syslink auto-load patches, and they fail in loading the modules. I don't see the syslink_ipc event in the logs, so I suspect the omap_syslink_init function to not be called... Could you make a check please?16:58
lagOf course16:59
lagWhich logs are you looking in?16:59
laggrep syslink /var/log/udev16:59
sebjanlag: yes, into this log17:04
lagOkay, re-compiling now17:05
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ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, we had a TI display person around and were talking about display probs, i only mentioned your name there17:27
lagKERNEL[946685538.408904] add      /devices/platform/syslink_ipc (platform)17:28
sebjanlag: shall I understand that you get the uevent? and the modules loaded?17:29
lagNo, because I have a read-only file system at the moment17:30
lagHang on17:30
sebjanlag: at least 'dmesg | grep syslink' ouputs something (from the omap4_syslink_init function)?17:31
lagHmmm... no?17:33
lagPerhaps I am working on stagnant logs17:34
lagI'll look into it17:34
GrueMasterlag: do we have any mainline kernels for arm?  Or do I need to pull source and build my own?17:37
lagGrueMaster: We have images in the archive17:38
lagGrueMaster: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/current/17:38
GrueMasterI'm aware of those.  I test those.  I'm looking for a mainstream kernel package to verify bug 601226 as affecting upstream.17:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 601226 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 3 other projects) "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in ppdev module (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60122617:39
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, there is only the TI branch for panda17:40
ogra_cmpcno mainline17:40
GrueMasterogra_cmpc: This bug also affects Beagleboard.  I made your bug a duplicate of mine, as it is the same issue.17:41
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, you could indeed build from the ti git tree on gitorious.org17:41
* ogra_cmpc isnt sure its the same issue17:41
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, oh, thats parport_pc ?17:41
ogra_cmpcwhy doesnt your report say that17:42
lagsebjan: Something strange is going on17:42
GrueMasterIt did.  plars just changed it.17:42
GrueMasterAnd I filed my bug last week before I had an omap4 image or system.17:43
sebjanlag: sorry I need to go now, can we talk tomorrow?17:43
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, mumble ... mine even points to the function having the issue, i dont get why he changed it17:44
lagsebjan: Of course17:44
sebjanlag: ok, talk to you tomorrow then17:45
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