vishthorwil: hey , are you using the new fonts?09:54
thorwilvish: just had a brief look on it in inkscape09:55
vishi'm a bit confused, which is the right appearance? :09:55
vishor  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Hint-Slight.png09:56
vishthorwil: somehow the hint-slight ones seem better , but just in need of a bit more hinting , and when hint is full/medium they get too thin! :s09:57
thorwilvish: ouch. is the difference as strong with other fonts?09:58
vishthorwil: no , thats why i'm confused ...09:58
vishthorwil: you can compare the fonts in the comboboxes , they dont change so drastically.09:59
thorwilvish: hint slight is closer to examples elsewhere. hint full is on the edge of being a different font10:00
vishthorwil: yeah , thought so too thanks10:01
* vish files bug :D10:01
kwwiihey all10:23
vishkwwii: the bugs from the font test seem to be getting filed in the "font test" , rather than in the fonts10:27
vishthe bug i filed went here > https://launchpad.net/fonttest10:28
vishinstead of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-font-beta-testing10:28
kwwiivish: ouch10:28
kwwiivish: thannks for that, I have someone working on it10:29
kwwiiit will be fixed asap10:29
vishkwwii: neat , thanks10:29
zniavre_good afternoon13:26
zniavre_is that normal when switching theme , metacity buttons switch too ?13:26
thorwilzniavre_: it's not normal, it's intentionally made that way ;)13:29
zniavrethorwil,  ha ok thank you13:40
zniavrei feel this behavior a bit strange anyway13:40
darkmattereverything about ubuntus behavior is strange ;o13:41
ShnatselKwii, I was advised to ask you yesterday. Are you here?15:57
knomekwwii, ^16:11
kwwiijust returned16:22
kwwiiShnatsel: hi16:22
ShnatselI was curious when gconf-settings.sh script is triggered in Ambiance theme and why it's not present in Radiance16:23
ShnatselI'm trying to extend GNOME themes and looking for a backward-compatible solution16:24
ShnatselThe script doesn't seem to be triggered on selecting Ambiance as current theme, but button order is changed somehow for Ambiance and Radiance16:26
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