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paultagjacob: ddecator, lukjad, :D02:42
paultagjacob: ddecator, lukjad, Orangereds for you all02:42
pedro3005paultag, </302:49
paultagpedro3005: you're not on reddit!02:49
pedro3005I am02:49
pedro3005paultag, I am everywhere02:50
paultagpedro3005: well you're not on r/Ubuntu02:50
pedro3005look behind you02:50
paultagpedro3005: I just submited something and lukjad jacob and ddecator all ran into me02:50
pedro3005paultag, oh, right, I'm not02:53
* pedro3005 starts stalking paultag 02:53
paultagpedro3005: >:D02:53
* st33med man hugs paultag 02:53
paultaghey st33med, long time no see!02:54
st33medYes a long time :D02:54
paultagst33med: when did you get here>02:54
paultagerm ?02:54
st33medAbout a few days ago02:54
paultagst33med: you know we have #ubuntu-beginners-team, yeah?02:54
* paultag huggs st33med 02:54
st33medOh, no02:54
ddecatorpaultag: yah i saw two of your posts :p03:03
paultag_ddecator, :)03:06
DiegoTchi someone here04:39
ddecatorhi DiegoTc04:39
zkriesse hey DiegoTc04:40
DiegoTchi ddecator I having troubles with my package gestor04:40
DiegoTcdiego@diego-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade04:40
DiegoTcE: Tipo 'n' desconocido en la línea 2 de lista de fuentes /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list04:40
DiegoTcE: No se pudieron leer las listas de fuentes.04:40
zkriesseDiegoTc: one sec04:41
* zkriesse used Google Translate04:42
kermiacDiegoTc: unknown line 2 in source list / etc / apt / sources.list.d / gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list04:44
DiegoTcyes I know04:44
DiegoTcI was trying to add the ppa of the ubuntu beta fonts04:44
kermiaccheck line number 2 in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list - something is wrong with the syntax04:44
kermiacDiegoTc: can you please pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list04:45
DiegoTckermiac, http://pastebin.com/j9eUTbda04:46
kermiacDiegoTc: I can't access https://launchpad.net/~diegoturcios/+archivesubscriptions/1818304:52
ddecatorubuntu beta fonts are open to ubuntu members only. are you and ubuntu member DiegoTc ?04:57
zkriessehe is04:57
ddecatorjcastro gave instructions on how to add it, but idk where they are (i think they were in the email?)04:58
kermiacsorry, I cant help then :(  can someone who is a member please help04:58
* kermiac eyeballs zkriesse04:58
zkriesseok so what's going on?04:58
kermiacthanks missy piggy :P04:59
* zkriesse kisses kermiac 05:00
zkriessegonna call me missy piggy i'm gonna kick your frog legs05:00
ddecator...or are you going to kiss them?05:00
zkriesseddecator: go back to your toys little boy05:01
ddecatorzkriesse: i'm older than you >.>05:01
zkriessenot by much05:01
ubuntunoobhello.  am i the right place to find a little help with a first time ubuntu install?05:04
zkriesseubuntunoob: YES!!!05:04
kermiacgah, how dare you take advantage of me when I'm away zkriesse05:04
ubuntunoobgreat.  thanks.05:04
zkriesselol kermiac05:04
kermiac!ot | kermiac05:05
ubot2kermiac, please see my private message05:05
zkriesse!ot > zkriesse05:05
ubot2zkriesse, please see my private message05:05
ubuntunoobi am trying to install on a samsung nc10 netbook and am following directions here: http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download05:05
ubuntunoobbut my netbook will not boot from the USB drive05:05
ubuntunoobdespite checking BIOS and seeing the entry for USB there in the first boot order position05:06
zkriesseyou made the drive bootable right?05:06
ubuntunoobi am not sure what that means05:06
ubuntunoobhow do i make it 'bootable'?05:06
zkriesseon that link, click the Show Me How button on step two05:07
ubuntunoobyes, i followed all of those steps under section two05:08
ubuntunoobsection three indicates that i should see the welcome screen, which i am not seeing05:09
ubuntunoobthis, i assume, is because it is not booting from the USB drive05:09
ubuntunoobi can't quite figure out how to make BIOS boot from there(drive E:/ on my machine)05:10
kermiacon your netbook, did you try pressing F9 to select your boot device05:10
kermiacubuntunoob: it may not be "F9", it could be some other key05:10
zkriesseF12 i think05:10
ubuntunoobwhen i am in the boot menu in BIOS, there are several entries05:11
ubuntunoobentry #1 is USB05:11
ubuntunoobi think that means it is "selected" as a boot device05:11
ubuntunoobthere is a section below the numbered section that lists the 'disabled' devices05:11
kermiacyes, that's what that means. sometimes that is unreliable05:12
zkriessewell do you press enter on the USB?05:12
kermiacubuntunoob: have you tried using a different usb port?05:12
ubuntunoobyou mean a different usb slot on the netbook?  i have not done that.  but the drive is recognized when i am booted in win xp so i am confident that the slot is functional.05:13
ubuntunoobis it possible that the boot order looks at a different slot on boot?05:13
kermiacno, if you are sure the usb port works then that's not the problem :(05:14
ubuntunoobhmm, i guess i need to play around with BIOS more05:14
ubuntunoobthere are several entries that reference USB05:14
kermiacubuntunoob: did you use the windows, osx or ubuntu method to make the drive bootable?05:15
ubuntunoobthe windows method05:15
kermiacoh, what different entries do you have ubuntunoob? they are boot options in the bios, right?05:15
ubuntunoobyes, USB (something) is listed several times.  there are a couple of them but i am on that netbook now so i can't verify the screen  values.05:16
ubuntunooband by something, i mean there are multiple, different entries listing USB first05:16
ubuntunoobi am considering disabling the HDD boot entry and only having USB entries05:17
kermiacok, ubuntunoob perhaps the wrong one is selected. try using all of the different options to see if one of them works05:17
ubuntunoobok, i guess it is back to BIOS for me05:18
ubuntunoobthanks for the help here05:18
DiegoTckermiac, so you can't help me :(05:27
zkriesseDiegoTc: I asked what was wrong and you didn't answer me!05:27
DiegoTczkriesse, sorry05:27
zkriesseit's ok05:28
DiegoTcI wasn't on the laptop05:28
zkriesseno trouble05:28
kermiacDiegoTc: unfortunately I'm not an Ubuntu member so i don't have access to that ppa to see what's wrong. Zack is a member & he will try to help you05:28
DiegoTczkriesse, I did this http://pastebin.com/462mcnyQ05:28
zkriesseok and?05:29
zkriesseit didn't work?05:29
DiegoTcwhen I did the last step05:29
DiegoTcI got this message05:29
kermiacDiegoTc: 1024R/72D340A3 (What is this?) is the gpg key05:29
DiegoTcE: Tipo 'n' desconocido en la línea 2 de lista de fuentes /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list05:29
DiegoTckermiac, it is the OpenPGP key05:30
kermiacDiegoTc: I always confuse the 2 names. I just saw "(what is this)" & thought you were asking the question05:31
kermiacDiegoTc: so are you trying to add the gwibber dailly ppa or the ubuntu fonts ppa?05:31
DiegoTcthe ubuntu ppa05:31
zkriesseyou have to be invited to that i believe05:32
zkriesseat least i was05:32
DiegoTczkriesse, yes I know I was05:33
kermiacDiegoTc: are you sure that the file you paste-binned is /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list, not /etc/apt/sources.list05:33
kermiacDiegoTc: it looks more like the sources.list file05:33
DiegoTcit is the /etc/apt/sources.list05:34
zkriesseDiegoTc: did you run sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-font-beta-testing/ppa ?05:34
kermiacDiegoTc: the error refers to  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list, not /etc/apt/sources.list05:34
kermiacDiegoTc: please pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list05:34
DiegoTczkriesse, so I do this¿? sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-font-beta-testing/pp05:35
kermiacDiegoTc: there is something wrong with line 2 in that file05:35
zkriessekermiac: yeah i noticed that...05:35
zkriessenhandler: ping RE: Private PPA05:36
zkriesseDiegoTc: ask nhandler your question05:36
DiegoTczkriesse and kermiac ready05:36
DiegoTcI did it bad05:36
zkriessenow what05:37
kermiacDiegoTc: you fixed it? What was it?05:37
DiegoTcI didn't add the data to this /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwibber-daily-ppa-lucid.list05:38
zkriessethat would do it!05:38
zkriesseso you fixed it DiegoTc ?05:38
kermiacDiegoTc: ok, that's good05:38
DiegoTcthat was all05:38
zkriesseDiegoTc: see! Its awesome fixing stuff isn't it05:39
DiegoTczkriesse, know what I do to download the fonts??05:39
zkriesseno idea05:39
zkriessei haven't done it myself so....05:39
zkriessesorry DiegoTc05:40
kermiacDiegoTc: did you see http://design.canonical.com/2010/07/the-ubuntu-font/   - apparently the instructions should have been emailed to all Ubuntu members05:46
duanedesignDiegoTc: did you get the Ubuntu Font PPA working05:57
duanedesignwait mine might be working now06:01
DiegoTcduanedesign,  i did install the ppa06:10
DiegoTcbut i can't get it06:10
duanedesignyeah i am not having much luck06:11
ddecatori know the PPA was down earlier because it was getting hammered06:12
duanedesignddecator: you read some philosophy right?06:14
ddecatorduanedesign: yes. i recently had a class on ancient philosophy, i don't know much modern06:16
duanedesignddecator: ahh06:17
duanedesignddecator: i am just looking for a new(philosophy) book to read06:17
duanedesignnew as in new to me :)06:18
ddecatorduanedesign: "The structure of scientific revolutions" by Thomas S. Kuhn (relatively recent, i think he's still alive or passed away just a few years ago)06:20
duanedesignddecator: ahh good. I definetly have not read that one06:20
duanedesignDiegoTc: i found the package in synaptic06:21
duanedesignsudo apt-get install ubuntu-private-nda-fonts06:21
DiegoTcwhats the name¿?06:21
ddecatorduanedesign: had to read it for my first philosophy class and write a paper on it. it's definitely interesting :)06:21
duanedesignDiegoTc: did you find it?06:29
DiegoTcduanedesign, yes ready06:29
DiegoTcI am using it :)06:29
duanedesigncool :)06:29
duanedesignDiegoTc: alright got it changed in my appearance panel06:33
duanedesigni dont have a printer hooked up to my Ubuntu computer to test printing it06:33
DiegoTcme too no printer at home06:34
DiegoTcduanedesign, can you open .docx well on openoffice¿?06:34
* duanedesign is growing tired of this anti-canonical sentiment http://lucidfox.org/posts/view/59206:37
duanedesignthey dont mind taking advantage of all the benefits canonical has brought to linux....*sigh* i'll resist getting on the soapbox06:38
duanedesignDiegoTc: do you have a docx document? I am not sure i do06:38
DiegoTcyes one friend of mine send me his resume so i can take an idea to do my06:39
DiegoTcbut i can't open it06:39
DiegoTci am searching for some resume on google right now06:39
steelsteve1ok, whenever I make a new account, I get a php file06:44
steelsteve1what do I do with that in order to get a new account?06:44
steelsteve1using ubuntu 10.04, firefox 3.6, ect. ect.06:45
duanedesignsteelsteve1: a new user account on your computer?06:48
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duanedesignonline where?06:49
Steelstevedevianart, otakucenter, normal places that use java to process these claims06:50
Steelsteveerm, javascript06:50
ridinhow come in rhythmbox my mp3 player unmounts and rhythmbox just crashes after a few seconds, any help?06:51
Steelstevejust re-boot, it happens all the time06:51
duanedesignridin: try launching rhythmbox from the Terminal and see if it gives you any useful eror messages06:53
SteelsteveI like my answer better -_-06:53
Steelsteveanyways, duanedesign, any suggestions on how to deal with the php files?06:54
ridinduanedesign, this was printed when rhythmbox crashed: Segmentation fault06:54
duanedesignSteelsteve: no i am not sure06:55
ridinso, no way to fix it??06:57
duanedesignridin: anything right above tthat like06:57
duanedesign(rhythmbox:2751): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid unclassed pointer in cast to06:57
ridinok, let me check again06:57
ridin(rhythmbox:13515): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid unclassed pointer in cast to `RhythmDB'06:58
duanedesignhobgoblin: thanks for the ffmpeg tip. recompiled and works great. i even put your tip in my blog post06:59
duanedesignridin: let me see if there is a bug on that06:59
hobgoblinoh cool - glad to be of assisance :)06:59
ridini play the music from the mp3 player07:00
duanedesignridin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+bug/57775607:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 577756 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "rhythmbox crashes on insertion of samsung yp-u3 mp3 player (affects: 1) (heat: 56)" [Medium,Invalid]07:00
duanedesignridin: i know that might not be your exact model mp3 player but it looks very similar07:01
ridinummmm i'm not sure what to do07:01
duanedesignridin: follow the steps in Pedros comments. That will open a new bug.07:03
duanedesignridin: that will help someone who knows a lot about rhythmbox see your issue.07:05
ridinok duane, i'll check on it tomorrow, gotta go night.07:06
duanedesignridin: good luck07:07
hobgoblinduanedesign: so where's your blog then?07:09
duanedesignhobgoblin:  should be up by tommorrow :)07:11
hobgoblinduanedesign: oh - the blog's not live yet then or are you just talking about the one with ffmpeg?07:11
duanedesignhobgoblin: i had a couple other posts to get up so i ran out of steam 90% of the way through the ffmpeg post07:14
zkriesseheya's duanedesign and hobgoblin07:14
hobgoblinduanedesign: thanks :)07:14
hobgoblinmorning zkriesse07:14
duanedesignhobgoblin: its gonna be a neat post. I was having a poor time making screencasts using RecordMyDesktop and some of the other tools. I 've got a script that uses ffmpeg, pacat, parec07:16
duanedesignto make screencasts and it works really well.07:16
hobgoblinexcellent :)07:17
hobgoblinI assume that x11grab was not enabled then07:17
duanedesignnope. I would not have guessed it. You definetly saved me some time07:19
duanedesigni guess it is not enabled by default?07:19
hobgoblinlucky for you I saw you're post - I just had a quick search :) don't mistake me for someone who knows much about ffmpeg07:20
duanedesigni was assuming my commandline-fu wwas wrong07:20
hobgoblinseems to be enabled by default on mine - at least I assume it to be as the ffmpeg -formats shows it07:21
hobgoblinduanedesign: http://lucidfox.org/posts/view/592 what a load of tosh07:21
hobgoblinjorge thought the same ...07:21
duanedesigninteresting. well, that is why i devoted a couple sentences and a screenshot to figuring out if your ffmpeg is x11grab enabled07:22
duanedesignhobgoblin: yes i am glad he responded to the post07:23
* hobgoblin agrees with that 07:23
duanedesignare you running maverick yet hobgoblin07:24
duanedesignthere has been a recent design descision to put an Ubuntu One enable/disable banner across the top of every directory in your $HOME07:26
duanedesignsome of us who are close to the U1 project are trying to get that changed. I can already here the contreversy07:28
hobgoblinduanedesign: I never use it07:30
hobgoblinduanedesign: no - I am not going to be bothering with maverick I think - I have all 3 machines here on lucid - I shall probably be waiting for 13.04 now07:31
hobgoblinthen I can REALLY complain about all the changes :D07:31
hobgoblinto be honest most of the changes I've seen/read about have been windicators/'me' stuff and it bores me :)07:32
duanedesigngood idea07:33
duanedesignand they are planning to backport the kernel now07:33
hobgoblinthat will be good for some I would think07:33
kaushalis there a way to run the log4j appender at a specified time and not as usual midnight ?10:19
kaushalI did searched http://logging.apache.org/log4j/1.2/apidocs/org/apache/log4j/DailyRollingFileAppender.html10:21
kaushaldont see the option10:21
duanedesignmornning all12:14
philinuxo/ just gone arbo here12:15
Gooliehello world!12:56
philinuxThe world is quiet today !12:56
paultagHello, World!12:56
Puck`hi guys12:57
paultagsup Puck` :)12:57
Puck`good good, at work as usually (:12:57
paultagYou and me both, just got in12:57
paultagI have some nice oatmeal, and a kickass cup of coffee12:57
Gooliei wish i was working, being unemployed is actually boring. . .12:57
Puck`Goolie: yeah, definetly12:58
paultagGoolie: yeah12:58
Gooliei have never used IRC before either, being unemployed let's me play around with many things tinkering is fun!12:58
philinuxGoolie: can be very hard unemployed, sympathies12:59
kaushalcan some one please guide me about my post on ubuntu mailing list https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2010-July/222568.html12:59
Goolieyep, there goes the rent! xD  but in my spare time I switched over to Ubuntu 10.04 and i'm loving it xD12:59
Puck`Goolie: while i was unemployed for 8 months, I started learning php and got myself more in to linux and ubuntu, helped me lots12:59
paultagI made 7000 lines of changes to one of my projects in a week where I had no job13:00
Gooliehaha, that's exactly what im' doing, i was reading up more on the shell & shell scripting yesterday heh13:00
paultagthat's 1000 lines a day. Hell yeah13:00
Gooliehaha, nice!  i've never actually worked on my own project of any sort, i learned PHP, and some other languages in school but I never learned them to the level where I can make my own projects i guess. =[13:01
paultagwhere did you go to school Goolie?13:01
Puck`it's fun when you have your own project, makes you move on, even if you work, helps you take your mind of things, I have a radio project of my own (:13:02
paultagPuck`: o'rly?13:02
Puck`paultag: you didn't hear about it yeT? I run an online radio station (:13:02
GoolieI did 3 years at New Jersey Institute of Technology, lost my financial aid because I was 1 credit behind. =[  Planning on going back in a year or so,13:02
paultagPuck`: w00t!13:02
paultagGoolie: awww, shucks13:02
GoolieIT major13:02
paultagGoolie: Are you from Jersey?13:02
paultagGoolie: whereabouts?13:03
Puck`paultag: come on, you're jokin' rite? Every BT member (ok, most active on irc) know about my hobby projecT :P13:03
paultagPuck`: no, really13:03
paultagPuck`: give me a link13:03
paultagGoolie: Humm, don't know where that is. I have two friends right by new york -- I'm from Boston -- YANKEES SUCK!13:03
Puck`paultag: while things are really messed up now because i changed things, here are a couple of links, main site: http://xtradio.org, to listen go to http://listen.xtradio.org and click on open popup window, or add http://stream.xtradio.org:8181/live in your favorite player or http://stream.xtradio.org:8181/live.ogg13:04
Goolielol, mets fan here, i'd root for boston anyday.  I used to live in Clifton, hrm, I'm pretty dang close to the city myself13:04
paultagGoolie: sec, let me find out where13:04
paultagPuck`: is it offline?13:05
Goolieyour music made me cringe13:05
Puck`paultag: no, i'm listening to it now13:05
Gooliebut the website IS very nice =P13:05
paultagPuck`: wtf, can't hear frak13:05
Puck`Goolie: haha well the music part is ... optional :P13:05
Puck`paultag: where did you try?13:05
Gooliethe 1st link13:06
paultagPuck`: I tried the live.ogg, both through chrome, firefox and mplayer13:06
Puck`paultag: open http://listen.xtradio.org on chrome and hit the Open Popup Window13:06
Puck`and listen in there13:06
Gooliei used the first link in firefox and pressed the first link tab that said listen13:06
Goolieand voila!13:06
paultagPuck`: grrr. still bombing13:07
paultagPuck`: let me try and work out the issue13:07
Puck`paultag: wait, is the port 8181 blocked therE?13:07
paultagGoolie: Millburn, NJ13:07
paultagPuck`: I don't think so13:07
Puck`paultag: mmm *thinks*13:08
Puck`paultag: http://london.xtradio.org:8080/13:08
Puck`click on m3u os xspf and open it in something13:08
Goolieno idea where millburn is, but i've heard of it! haha13:08
philinuxhttp://stream.xtradio.org:8181/live.ogg this works fine here13:08
paultagPuck`: something has to be wrong. I see  output off mplayer, but no sound. Might have something up that should not be13:09
kaushalcan someone guide me about the post on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2010-July/222568.html ?13:09
paultagsec Puck`13:09
Puck`kaushal: i checked that and i have no clue about disk space :\13:09
Puck`philinux: thx for the feedback13:09
Puck`paultag: must be something on your network13:09
paultagPuck`: not network13:10
paultagPuck`: I see mplayer throwing off sound13:10
paultagPuck`: it's a configuration issue13:10
Puck`that's so not right, ogg should work anywhere13:10
Puck`let me setup a html5 player for you13:10
paultagPuck`: no no, it's OK13:10
paultagPuck`: it's a config issue, I'm sure of it13:10
paultagPuck`: somewhere something is muted13:10
philinuxkaushal: post a thread in general help forum13:11
GoolieI'd help, but I switched over to Ubuntu 3 days ago.  And I've spent days on the forums trying to set-up things I liked. Heh.13:12
kaushalphilinux: where ?13:12
Puck`altho it doesn't load in chrome because it's not .mp3 at the end of the mountpoint13:13
paultagpops up Puck`, but nothing. Sec -- Switching to my netbook13:13
Gooliequestion, as I'm new to IRC I see paultag and Puck, when you respond to one another or myself, it seems to be directly specified to myself such as <+paultag> Puck' : how do you direct it in such a way?13:13
Puck`hmm alright13:13
paultagGoolie: start typing a name, and hit tab13:14
Gooliepaultag: hello13:14
Puck`Goolie: it's because of our clients, I just do pa<tab> and write the message13:14
paultagGoolie: Hello!13:14
GooliePuck`: hello!13:14
Puck`Goolie: hi to you too :P13:14
paultagGoolie: it also highlights the message to let people know you are talking at them13:14
Goolieawh, i feel like a big kid now13:14
* philinux Is a big kid13:14
* phillw is a big kid :-D13:14
Puck`Goolie: it helps with the communication, you can see the messages that were directed to you13:15
paultagheyya philinux, phillw13:15
* Puck` is a small 6'5 kid13:15
phillwhiyas everyone :-)13:15
Goolieoh no, not Kanye West, why would your radio do this to me?13:15
Puck`it's keri hilson, ok? :P13:16
paultagPuck`: I have it working on the netbook13:16
Puck`paultag: oh good! I was worried for a sec13:16
Puck`Goolie: what type of music do you like?13:16
kaushalphilinux: is there a easy way to look at my post on ubuntuforums ?13:16
paultagPuck`: I can throw together a sick playlist if you want a dirty electro-pop mix. I have some serious underground tracks13:16
philinuxGoolie, http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html13:16
Puck`paultag: you want electro? I have a wonky elektro mix i can put on (:13:16
paultagPuck`: who's on it?13:17
Puck`paultag: umm i dunno, it was done by a friend of mine from the uk13:17
Gooliephilinux: thx for the IRC beginner link, will read now!13:17
philinuxkaushal, How do you mean13:17
kaushalI mean any search type ?13:17
Puck`paultag: one sec, i'll start it (: It's more of a tech-house type, dunno if that's the elektro you're looking for13:17
kaushalI mean if i need to check for the answer to my question ?13:17
GooliePuck`: meh, pretty much a taste of everything, predominantly rock, metal, and that stuff, older stuff, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Poison, etc.13:17
paultagPuck`: let me youtube a band I love13:17
Puck`Goolie: oh, we have rock sessions too and 80S section (:13:18
kaushalDo i need to remember the entire URL ?13:18
philinuxkaushal, use the search button bottom option Find all your posts13:18
Puck`I'll put up a schedule soon on the site, i was just really really busy with the features13:18
GooliePuck`: DIRECT me to said stations please!13:18
* Goolie Waves Hello!13:19
* Goolie is amused.13:19
Puck`paultag: wonky elektro on (:13:19
Puck`Goolie: oh, it's on this station, only it's during special hours13:19
paultagPuck`: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPallS7LMlE <-- check this frak out13:19
Puck`paultag: i'm at work, i can't youtube :\ Gimme a title and artist please13:20
* philinux Goolie is now not a newbie13:20
paultagPuck`: Flying Lotus -- Robo Tussin13:20
GooliePuck`: haha, tell me what times and this electronic music, is . . . strange to me13:21
paultagPuck`: it's by this dude who remixed some lil'wane13:21
paultagPuck`: there is some more dirty electro-pop-rock that I have13:21
paultagI have about 50 gigabyts of underground tracks13:21
Puck`haha, now that's an amount :D13:22
Puck`we only have 40 GB'S of music on our backup13:22
Gooliebah, Azeroth is calling me =(13:22
paultagPuck`: I love music13:22
Puck`paultag: oh yes, check the stream name, it sais: XTRadio - We Love Music! Do You?13:22
Puck`that's our slogan :P13:23
paultagPuck`: I noticed :)13:23
GooliePuck`: is that a group project or something you just decided to do?13:23
philinuxkaushal: Just do a search Find All Your Threads. Thats the easiest way13:24
Puck`Goolie: well I've been a DJ/Presentator on live stations for nearly 6 years now, and 2 years ago I decided I want to learn how it's all done, so i started making a radio, then more people joined me, gave me resources, servers, mirrors and patience, so now it's a group with djs and music lovers. I mainly started this to learn how to do a professional radio from only one linux server13:25
Puck`or a professional sounding radio station, yeah, that's more like it :P13:25
GooliePuck`: Awesome man,  works great, I'm still listening to it. . . It's trippy.13:26
paultagGoolie: it's great to program to13:26
Puck`Goolie: when there are live shows, well then it's the time when it gets all crazy13:26
paultagGoolie: trance makes you focus into stuff13:26
Gooliei am focused, its makeing my WoW experience infintely less boring O.o13:27
Puck`so if you guys wish, i can put a show with me in that was previously made13:30
Puck`and after that i'll let you guys listen to whatever (:13:30
philinux test13:30
Puck`test works13:30
philinux red test13:31
Puck`it's still white13:31
philinuxred here13:31
Puck`guess it's irssi then (:13:31
paultagphilinux: that will work if I set -c13:31
philinuxctrl k plus a number from 1 to 1613:31
paultagphilinux: if you are trying to color text over irc13:32
paultagphilinux: the channel blocks it13:32
philinuxYah mine comes up light grey here very hard to read13:32
Puck`philinux: what client are you on?13:32
philinuxI assume there's something in settings ;)13:33
Puck`i'd point at xchat color settings13:33
paultagctrl + k13:33
paultagI think ctrl+k 1 foo13:33
Puck`that's for mIRC too, but yeah, the chan might block it13:34
paultagit does Puck` :)13:34
philinuxChanged the forground and it still grey13:34
paultagPuck`: we set it to block color13:34
Puck`ah okay13:34
philinuxdang this light grey is annoying13:35
philinuxTry this13:35
geirhaThe +c channel-mode is the one that blocks color iirc.13:39
paultagyeah Goolie13:39
paultagerm geirha13:39
paultaggeirha: long time no see. How goes?13:39
cprofittpaultag: is the procedure with bugs to unassign them when they are complete?13:40
paultagcprofitt: no13:40
paultagcprofitt: you mark them complete13:40
geirhaOh, I just keep lurking in here; striking when you least expect it :)13:40
paultaggeirha: :)13:40
Puck`stoping the wonky mix, a show is coming up13:40
Puck`dunno if anyone is listening13:40
paultagPuck`: heh, yeah -- this track is Nintendocore13:40
paultagPuck`: or "Chiptune"13:41
cprofittpaultag: I do not see a complete, just fix released... is that what you mean?13:41
paultagcprofitt: fix commited --> "bleeding edge" fixed | fix released --> "stable release has the code in it"13:41
Puck`paultag: beware, the voice is me :P13:41
paultagcprofitt: so if the problem is fixed and live, set it to fix released13:41
Puck`it's just a re-broadcast, so it's not live13:42
cprofittand leave assigned still?13:42
cprofittZach was removing the assignment and making them assigned to nobody13:42
cprofittthought that was weird, but wanted to confirm13:42
paultagcprofitt: yeah, leve assigned13:42
paultagcprofitt: don't unassign13:42
paultagcprofitt: that makes it hell to figure out who did what13:42
cprofittthanks - I had not take one that far so was not sure.13:44
cprofittthanks for the assist13:44
paultagyou got it13:44
* geirha tries Puck`'s radio13:49
geirhaOnly techno and trance?13:51
darknemesismmm dont you think that NORTHUMBRIA Police,  if they haven't found Raoul Moat By Sat, double the reward from 10k to 20k & call it a Raoul-over13:52
paultagdarknemesis: Ha!13:52
paultagdarknemesis: I was just reading up about that13:52
Puck`geirha: oh no, it's mixed (:13:53
Puck`but this is house, vocal house, i just can't play music everyone likes unfortunately ):13:53
philinuxPuck`: Have you got to pay royalties etc13:54
Puck`philinux: of course13:54
geirhaI'm more into jazz, classical and rock13:54
philinuxThought so do they get much per track played13:54
Puck`philinux: thankfully my country hasn't really leaped in this section, so it's not much13:54
Puck`geirha: for example the current track, it makes me move, the sound of it is cool, is some ways funny13:58
Puck`same with the lyrics, it's just happy and funny, this is what makes me feel good (:13:58
Puck`but i do know and understand that music flavour is not up to debate, everyone is totally different13:59
philinuxPuck`: The default volume is quite high lol14:04
vu1kanIs there some way to determine whether or not synaptic is indexing a particular repo?(in this case a ppa) cause I'm not seeing the packages i should in synaptic...i think I'm going to have to pull 'em down manually(no big deal, it would be nice to have this ppa work, i have a previous ver. through a different ppa), it appears to be updating when i hit the reload button or when i <apt-get update>, but i'm still not seeing the packages in synapt14:14
duanedesignsudo apt-get update should show you a list14:16
geirhaIn a terminal, do   apt-cache policy <package-name>14:17
geirhaDo you see the newer version listed?14:17
vu1kanapt-get update looks like it's working fine, everything resolves as it should...i even trimmed my repos down to just the ppa for troubleshooting; when i apt-cache policy it shows the older ver. that i already have installed, could this be a serverside issue?( pastes of both commands: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/ffcdGrW5 )14:21
philinuxvu1kan: did the ppa install correctly?14:22
philinuxMaybe use ppa purge and redo it14:22
vu1kani had to use an alternate keyserver, but other than that, it seemed to14:23
vu1kanphilinux:  in fact, i think you recommended the alternate keyserve14:23
paultagwhat ppa vu1kan ?14:23
geirhaIs the ppa listed in System -> Admin. -> Software Properties -> [Third party]14:23
paultagwait nvmd14:23
paultag BRB14:23
vu1kanthis is the only issue i've had with ubuntu, so far, that wasn't five minute fix...i think i'm gonna have to compile it myself, and i haven't done that for anything yet14:25
philinuxIs this for gyachi14:26
vu1kanyep, it works for txt, i just want to get voice; is this the wrong channel?14:27
philinuxI would use ppa purge then use add-apt-reposiitory and make sure it install ok14:28
geirhaIt only have lucid packages for 64-bit14:29
geirha«gyachi   two weeks ago Failed to build:  i386»14:31
vu1kanwell, according to the gyachi thread at ubuntuforums, the karmic 32 packages work for lucid...could my issue be that the ppa's tagged to lucid and only pulling the failed 32 packs?14:32
geirhaThere'll be no packages of failed builds, and it won't try to grab packages for older releases14:33
geirhaSo until the package maintainer fixes the build, I guess you'll have to download the karmic package manually, or try to build the package yourself.14:34
vu1kancouldn't i just change the distro tag (in the software sources 3rd party)from lucid to karmic?14:35
geirhaNot sure how it would handle that, but it might work.14:36
vu1kanwell, i'll give that a shot, and if it doesn't work i always knew the day would come when i'd have to roll up my sleeves and figure out how to compile; thanks for the help folks, i'll pop by and let ya know how it goes.14:38
* Goolie tips his hat and falls asleep.14:41
geirhasudo apt-get build-dep gyachi; apt-get source gyachi14:42
geirhaChange to the source dir, and run debuild14:42
vu1kanMaRk-I in #ubuntu already shot this at me: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/eZY5H48h ...would your suggestion accomplish the same thing?14:45
geirhaNo, my instructions will download the source of the deb package, and build a new package which you can then install with dpkg -i14:47
vu1kanoh, ok...i think i've learned just enough to get myself in trouble if i don't take it slow14:48
geirhaIf you follow the other instructions, you won't get a deb package, and you may not be able to uninstall it again later.14:48
vu1kanok, so apt-get build-dep gyachi returned errors: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/WQPvnZrQ , apt-get source did initally as well, but i apt-get install dpkg-dev, and it resolved....do i need to apt-get each of the unmet dependencies?15:03
geirhaHm. Odd.15:10
geirhaapt-cache policy libgtk2.0-dev15:11
vu1kanunable to locate, should i pull it down?15:12
geirhaHave you wiped your sources.list?15:13
vu1kanall i did before was uncheck them in the gui tool15:13
vu1kani've since rechecked all of the official ones and the ppa15:13
geirhaOh, don't do that! recheck all the standard ones; main, universe, restricted, multiverse15:14
vu1kanthat's what i mean, those repos are currently enabled15:14
vu1kani just disabled them to troubleshoot the ppa15:14
geirhaOk, did you run sudo apt-get update after re-enabling them?15:15
vu1kani don't remember...i've been at this for like 6 hours...but i just did15:15
geirhaTry the build-dep command again then15:16
vu1kansame error as my most recent pastebin15:16
geirhaOh, and also make sure lucid-updates and lucid-security are enabled (they're in the updates tab)15:16
vu1kanforgot those...once again with the update, and build...15:17
vu1kanah ha...it's going15:18
vu1kanso, next you said to cd to the source dir, and run debuild; where should i expect the source dir to be, and should i remove the gyachi packs i have installed currently before i do that?15:26
vu1kaner...disregard the last half...i'm generating a deb...i can remove them before installing that15:26
vu1kan*facepalm... it's in ~15:27
philinuxo/ http://helpforlinux.blogspot.com/2010/05/battery-applet-for-gnome.html15:29
philinuxAnyone used this applet?15:29
geirhavu1kan: Yeah, apt-get source downloads to the current dir15:31
vu1kanit puttered along for a good three-five min and gave error: cannot find include file gpgme.h ...i tried to apt-get install gpgme to no avail.  where would i go from here?15:40
geirhafind /usr/include/ -name gpgme.h15:44
vu1kanreturned: /usr/include/gpgme.h ;should i re-debuild?15:46
geirhaIt's there, so there's something "wrong" with it. At least according to gyachi15:47
geirhaDo you need GnuPG with gyachi?15:47
geirhaThe guy from ubuntu suggested you build without it.15:47
vu1kani'm not sure, what does it do?  if it's webcam, i can safely ignore it15:48
geirhagnu privacy guard. Encrypition stuff.15:48
vu1kanbah...i'm not doing anything but keeping up with ppl cross country...we don't discuss financial info or anything15:49
=== pjarnahomzz is now known as pjarnahom
geirhaWell, we can see if it helps disabling it at least.15:50
philinuxvu1kan: Is kopete any good these days?15:50
geirhaFrom the source dir, edit debian/rules15:51
vu1kanmy understanding was that it couldn't do voice15:51
philinuxLooks dev stopped August 3rd 2008 no news after that date15:52
geirhaAnd add --disable-plugin_gpgme as a configure flag15:53
geirhaPastebin the debian/rules file if you're uncertain how15:53
vu1kanis this correct: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/q1q1dU2m ?15:55
geirhaAlmost. you need to escape the previous line with a \15:56
geirha\ at the end of a line means "line continues on next line"15:56
vu1kani was thinking that, but i've only coded in autoit and html15:56
geirhaThen save and run debuild again15:57
geirhaAnd then the usual praying to local god(s) etc. ;)15:58
geirhawait, debuild -us -uc15:58
geirhaDon't bother if you already started it15:59
geirhaBut you'll get a warning at the end that it didn't manage to sign the package15:59
vu1kanaw...already sent it flagless...oh well15:59
vu1kanwait and try again, i guess15:59
vu1kan...need more coffee...15:59
geirhaThe warning is harmless, just annoying ;)15:59
geirhaIf it completes, there should be .deb package(s) in the parent dir16:00
vu1kanif it works you can have my firstborn...puppy...16:01
vu1kanwould that error be 'running debsign failed'?16:12
geirhals ../*.deb16:14
vu1kanwooot!...now to remove the old ver and test this one!  if it works, could i conceivably throw the .debs at someone else to use the newer version?16:14
vu1kanit's got all three packs i already have installed16:15
vu1kannewer versions, of course16:15
geirhasudo dpkg -i ../*.deb16:15
vu1kanaww..."errors were encountered while processing\ ../gyachi_1.2.9-0.1~lucid1_i386\ gyachi-dbg"16:18
vu1kanpastebin(if it helps): http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/JUFTuTPq16:20
geirhaHm. debuild didn't create a gyachi-plugins package?16:24
vu1kannope, just /gyachi_1.2.9-0.1~lucid1_i386.deb, /gyachi-data""1_all.deb and /gyachi-dbg''1_i38616:26
geirhaHm. Perhaps they've changed it in the later version to put the plugins in the -data package.16:28
geirhaOr actually the main gyachi package16:28
geirhaTry uninstalling the current gyachi-plugins package16:28
vu1kanremoved...repeat the install?16:31
geirhaYes dpkg -i ...16:32
vu1kanecho rawks16:32
vu1kancompleted without errors16:33
vu1kani launches, and it does look like the plugins were included elsewhere16:34
vu1kanknuts...it still gives 'sh: gyachivoice: not found' when i try to use the vox16:38
vu1kani think that's shortcoming of the proggy16:38
vu1kanwell, i've got the source now, i can poke through the readme's and see if there's something useful there...i'm under the impression that the voice part is a separate executable from the chat, maybe i need to do something to those files to make 'em work16:45
vu1kanholy s***...i just doubleclicked the 'gyachivoice' file in the source and it launched the bloody vox app!16:48
vu1kani was expecting install instructions, or a readme!16:48
vu1kanand it works!  thanks bunches...+2 wisdom, +10 karma for geirha!!16:55
geirhaWohoo! level up!16:55
vu1kanso i should be able to pass the .debs to my buddy and get her rigged for vc too?16:56
vu1kan(as long as i include the voice bit16:56
Phreais there a way to find out what state my mouse is in, working wise? scrolling up is very troublesome [it sometimes works, sometimes not, driving me nuts]17:01
philinuxPhrea: how old is it17:02
Phreaalso, I forgot the command to check mouse workings17:02
Phreaphilinux: a few years17:03
Phreanot that old, maybe 2 to 3 years old [Logitech Wave]17:03
philinuxPhrea: nothing lasts for ever17:03
Phreait used to work fine17:03
Phreayea, but 2 to 3 years...17:03
philinuxHeavy use?17:03
geirhavu1kan: Yeah, as long as your friend's running 32-bit lucid too17:03
philinuxIs it optical17:03
Phreaand the strange thing is, it sometimes does want to scroll, if I scroll long enough, it'll suddenly work again for a few secs17:03
Phreaphilinux: heavy use, it's laser, wireless17:04
philinuxPhrea: could be interferanec17:04
Phreayes, I've thought of that, so I eliminated that17:04
Phreait's really strange behaviour17:04
philinuxPhrea: try it on a friends machine17:05
PhreaI've got lots of own machines17:05
philinuxIf it's the same it likely dying17:05
PhreaI'll try it in a bit on another one17:05
PhreaI hoped it would not come to that, because I'm a bit of a lazy *** ;)17:05
philinuxIt professionals always recommend swapping kit around17:06
Phreaoh well, I'll boot up one of my other machines then :x17:06
Phreaphilinux: I know...17:06
vu1kanindeed she is...now to figure out the directory struture and cp the voice into it...*runs to google/sourceforge*...again thank you geirha (btw you mind if i edit the transcript and post directions to ubuntuforums?)17:06
philinuxGot to it17:06
Phreabut, you know, I thought maybe it was something known17:06
PhreaI'll try it now, have to boot that machine anyways to update it17:06
geirhavu1kan: Go right ahead. You might get some useful corrections to it too.17:08
geirhaI'm fairly novice when it comes to packaging. Haven't rtfm yet ;)17:09
Phreagrrr, I should've stuck with trying to figure it out via software tests17:10
Phreanow I *know* it's dieing17:10
Phreaand these modern mice, you can't open them to have a look/clean it out17:11
hobgoblinit's a throw-away world now :(17:13
geirhaI miss taking out the ball, cleaning the dust off the wheels the ball turn, and putting it back together again.17:13
PhreaI know, but other Logitech stuff you can still take apart17:13
Phreamaybe this mouse too, if the screws are under it's feet, but then the feet won't stick anymore17:14
geirhaI'd take it back to where I bought it and get it fixed. In my country, they'd have to do that for free if it's less than 5 years old.17:14
Phreageirha: too much hassle for just a mouse17:14
PhreaI'm used to fixing things myself17:15
geirhaThen don't buy laser mice :P17:15
Phreabut, you know, those feet, once removed, will NEVER stick back to it17:15
Phreathe laser itself is fine, I love it17:15
Phreait's the scrollwheel that's the problem17:15
Phreaeveyrthing else works perfectly [including scrolling down]17:15
* Phrea has a sad now17:17
hobgoblinPhrea: turn the mouse round 180 degrees to scroll up ... ;)17:19
Phreaactually, I did do some track tests, to see what I use more: scrolling up or down, to maybe swap the direction...17:20
Phreait doesn't matter too much17:20
zkriessehello aganice17:27
philinuxPhrea: New mouse then eh17:32
PhreaI should've not tested it on another box, at least then I could pretend it was some kind of strange software problem17:33
* philinux in denial17:33
* Phrea spends half his life in denial17:34
Phreaworks quite well, I must say17:34
Phreasir, please, respect my sad17:38
=== pjarnahom is now known as pjarnahomzz
drubinpaultag: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:19
paultagdrubin: :)18:19
stlsaintmohi1: why you takling about bt in zenix channel?18:34
mohi1stlsaint: was supposed to type in PM :P18:35
=== jussi is now known as jussio1
xsaiddxuys i cant ead any cd on my lubuntu i dont kno why21:46
=== ZachK_ is now known as zkriesse
stlsaintxsaiddx: screw cd use usb! :D22:41
xsaiddxstlsaint: yes i agree but i have a some tuts of joomla on this dvd22:42
xsaiddxso yeah22:42
xsaiddxi guess the cd got blow up22:42
xsaiddxis there any utility to get the data from it22:42
stlsaintxsaiddx: you just cant read it?22:45
stlsaintxsaiddx: is it a cd or dvd?22:45
xsaiddxyes icant read it its a dvd22:46
stlsainthave you installed your codecs from medibuntu?22:47
xsaiddxstlsaint: what codec ?? and no i didnt22:47
stlsaintxsaiddx: start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu22:48
pedro3005sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras22:48
pedro3005xsaiddx, try running that22:48
xsaiddxi run it22:49
xsaiddxits a repo right ??22:49
xsaiddxye ok i read it : |22:49
xsaiddxguys ill go dinner while this thingy got downloaded okies and thanks for your help : |22:50
xsaiddxhave great weekend22:50
xsaiddxill brb22:50
phillwbtw, of us gave up with MPlayer and put VLC onto lubuntu22:50
stlsaintphillw: good job!22:52
stlsaintvlc rocks better anyway!!22:52
zkriessebug 60209722:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 602097 in banshee (Ubuntu) "When launching banshee it crashes [SIGSEGV signal] (affects: 1) (heat: 2948)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60209722:52
zkriesseguys have any idea what this might be caused bye?22:52
zkriesseperson in #ubuntu is having that issue22:52
xsaiddxim back : |22:56
xsaiddxyeh i used to have vlc22:56
xsaiddxi jst didnt install it22:56
xsaiddxi guess i ve crushed on Mplayer22:57
xsaiddxso what am i downladin ??22:57
xsaiddxcan you guys tell me22:57
pedro3005it's codecs22:58
pedro3005so you can run stuff like mp3, dvds, etc22:58
xsaiddxpedro3005: yeh i see i read that gstreamer somewhere else when iwas tryin to work my webcam22:59
xsaiddxpedro3005: and those codecs are only in mediabuntu repo ??23:00
pedro3005xsaiddx, yes, they don't replicate packages23:00
xsaiddxpedro3005: okes thanks23:00
xsaiddxpedro3005: but medibuntu its not on my source list ??23:01
xsaiddxi've checked softwar-source and i dnt see it23:02
pedro3005xsaiddx, you can add it23:02
xsaiddxyehi kno but how i am able to dl sumthin from a repo that i dont have23:02
xsaiddxu got me ?23:02
pedro3005you will add the repo23:04
phillwxsaiddx: just so as every one knows, my self and Bob from lubuntu have never gotten Mplayer to work, we have both spent some time on it & put VLC on instead - it works fine with lubuntu.23:07
phillwimplayer is fine with flash vids.... but as for vids.... do let me know if you get it working :-)23:08
xsaiddxphillw: ill install it now cus after dl those codecs still cnnot ead my dvd thingy23:08
phillwxsaiddx: it is happy in lubuntu, there was a discussion on such things - but lubuntu is not really for people with enough resources to play DVD's, never mind having a dvd player :p23:09
* phillw that came out all wrong - what i meant to say is that it does not assume, nor include stuff for playing dvds23:10
xsaiddxphillw: ok i see btw how you do that thingy (puttin the start in the place of ur name : D)23:11
xsaiddxi've been wonderin how but never find out23:11
phillwxsaiddx: that's because I'm not a member of the ubuntu beginners team.23:13
phillwyou have to be elected by the committee.23:14
xsaiddxyeh but peole do it in othe rooms even there not from the team23:14
xsaiddxincludin u23:14
xsaiddxwell i jst wanna kno how to put a star at the place of my name at sometimes for some msgs23:15
xsaiddxlike when u say doin it or sumthin23:15
xsaiddxu kno23:15
phillwoh, you mean when it does23:16
* phillw hi23:16
phillwjust type in /me at the start of the line (leave a space) then your message23:17
xsaiddxphillw: yes23:17
* xsaiddx yes this thingy23:18
phillwyou got it :-)23:18
phillwjust do not over use it ;-)23:18
xsaiddxtnx for the tip btw cannot read my dvd tho23:18
xsaiddxeven with vlc23:18
xsaiddxuhmm magiclly it work now23:22
xsaiddxwell guys have fun and good weekend23:22
xsaiddxpece out23:22
xsaiddxphillw: tc23:22
* phillw hands #ubuntu-beginners from #lubuntu back to you ... sorry about that, I should have asked him to pop back over :-\23:24
phillwthanks for not shouting :-)23:25

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