doctormojono: Yes, I remember reading it from a bug report, maths is fun.00:01
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jcastroI know it's too long01:52
ddecatorjcastro: i like it. can be trimmed down but raises a lot of good points01:58
jcastroyeah, I am a vuvuzela today01:59
ddecatordoes that mean i can use one of the vuvuzela filters on your blog?02:00
duanedesignjcastro: good blog post02:08
duanedesignjcastro: the first thing that jumped out at me is the paralell drawn between the iphone and apt. (Of course Ubuntu allows you out of the walled garden if you want)02:10
duanedesignpeople do like the fact that iphone apps all come from one place02:10
duanedesignilike that point. Will include it in my 'Ubuntu Elevator Pitch' :)02:11
duanedesignMade some good progress on CLIcompanion. If anyone has any input let me know. http://okiebuntu.homelinux.com/okwiki/clicompanion02:24
nhandlerI saw the Lucid edition of Ubuntu User magazine at the bookstore today. I always enjoy seeing how many authors in it I know ;)03:20
paultag_nhandler, +103:20
czajkowskijcastro: ping05:23
ddecatoraloha czajkowski05:23
czajkowskiddecator: hey05:23
jcastroczajkowski: hi05:24
czajkowskijcastro: free for a brief pm ?05:24
jcastroyeah for a bit05:24
nigelbjcastro: so whats the count? 150 windows?06:34
jcastroit subsided. :D06:34
nigelbheh :)06:34
nigelbjcastro: saw my mail btw?06:35
jcastroI will follow up with you tomorrow06:35
jcastrooff to bed now!06:35
nigelbGood night!06:35
duanedesignhello nigelb06:39
nigelbheya duanedesign06:43
jonohey kim007:16
kim0jono, morning07:24
* kim0 kicks xchat .. definitely lacking in notifications :)07:25
jonokim0, hows things?07:25
jussiheh, jono is still up...07:25
kim0jono, is 24x707:25
kim0almost :)07:25
jussijono: are you this side of the atlantic or something?07:25
jonojussi, nope, I am at home in Cali07:27
nigelbjussi: jono is just sleep challenged07:33
ddecatorkim0: that's why you use irssi and setup a notification script ;)07:36
kim0ddecator, I'm most likely switching .. yeah right07:37
jussiirssi, pfff... use a real irc client... Quassel ftw! :P (oh, yeah, probably not kde users...)07:38
* jussi grins07:39
ddecatorbyobu + irssi07:39
nigelbjussi: quassel is for kids :p07:40
* nigelb runs. Fast.07:40
* jussi throws waterballoons at nigelb07:41
kim0lol :)07:41
kim0quassel looks good in pictures07:41
jussikim0: its got several features for me that ar indespensible07:41
jussiand I hate cli clients ;D07:41
jussiso its great!07:42
kim0My biggest gripe .. when I'm not looking to the screen and miss the message notification ... Would irssi have a permenant icon notification or something similar ?!07:42
jussikim0: doesnt the new notification thing keep the old messages that you missed? or is that only kde...?07:43
kim0ehum .. I dont think they're kept in gnome07:43
ddecatornigelb: been doing a lot of running from people lately, haha07:43
nigelbddecator: nah, I've been poking quite a bit lately07:44
jussikim0: if I click the little information "i", I get this in kde: http://imagebin.ca/view/7my-Ab_e.html07:44
ddecatorkim0: irssi would highlight the channel that you have been highlighted in, and i have it setup to use notify-osd to show me messages where i'm highlighted :)07:44
ddecatornigelb: maybe that too :p07:45
kim0ddecator, yeah and notify-osd is only invoked once, if you miss it there's no way to know there's a notification unless by looking at irssi itself .. correct ?07:45
* jussi wonders how many people here clicked that picture just to see my notifications...07:45
* kim0 clicked :)07:46
kim0KDE looks awesome .. I was a long time KDE user .. if only it weren't too slow .. I might even switch back07:46
ddecatorkim0: afaik yes. n-handler has it talk to him or something when he gets notified07:46
jussikim0: I dont find it slow. ;)07:47
kim0jussi, nvidia VGA ?07:47
jussikim0: yup07:47
kim0mm I'm nvidia too07:47
jussierr, DVi07:47
jussibut yeah07:47
kim0I thought kde had issues with nvidia07:47
kim0I'll most likely give it another spin07:47
jussimind, Ive got ati at work07:48
* jussi loves that he can use kde at work :)07:48
* nigelb is using it on work laptop07:48
kim0jussi, using its built in compositing ?07:48
jussikim0: not at work - my ati card is evil. at home, yes07:48
kim0jussi, gotta love work that allows kde yeah :)07:48
jussikim0: most of the workplace is ubuntu based07:49
kim0hmm .. I thought ATI drivers were progressing much better than nvidia these days07:49
jussikinda happens like that when the company does embedded linux development07:49
jussikim0: supposedly, but Ive not seen that.07:49
jussi01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M76 [Radeon Mobility HD 2600 Series] <- work laptop ATI card.07:50
* kim0 has a nvidia 8400M GS07:50
jussioh, and if any of you know about this, would be awesome to hear some ideas: http://jussi01.com/?p=9507:51
kim0jussi, are you using any non kde apps on your kde07:52
jussikim0: a couple. gnomes nm (for 3g), avidemux - because kdenlive doesnt like me, pioneers :D, chromium, gimp07:53
kim0kde nm still broken huh :)07:53
jussikim0: the new one is looking quite nice, but Ive not played with 3g on it yet, havent had time07:54
AlanBelljussi: most 3g services stick you behind their NAT and content filter, you get a 10.* IP address07:54
AlanBellso pick the providor with the least nasty setup you can find07:55
jussiAlanBell: Im pretty sure here in .fi they dont, lemme just check07:55
AlanBellOrange block Ubuntu forums07:55
AlanBellunless you phone up and beg for them to turn off all the parental controls and filtering07:56
jussiyep, my mobile gives me a regular addresss.07:56
jussiAlanBell: 3g here is pretty much equated to regular internet, in fact its used to provide (in some cases, including mine) the mandatory minimum 1mb internet service that is now a "right" in .fi07:58
dholbachgood morning07:58
nigelbdholbach: ah, you're still alive!07:59
dholbachhiya nigelb07:59
dholbachsure am07:59
ddecatormorning dholbach07:59
jussikim0: new nm in kde: http://imagebin.ca/view/2YI1XaNQ.html07:59
nigelbdholbach: cried last nigt? ;)07:59
jussiforgot about that.07:59
nigelbjussi: I saw so sad that Germany lost :(07:59
jussipoor germans...07:59
AlanBelljussi: pretty cool07:59
* nigelb was rooting for Germany08:00
dholbachnigelb: no, not really08:00
* jussi was hoping for spain :)08:00
nigelbthat wretched octapus got it right08:00
dholbachhola ara08:00
nigelbheya ara :)08:00
arahey dholbach, nigelb, all!08:01
ddecatormorning ara08:01
kim0morning dholbach .. Good you're not too much into football :)08:02
dholbachhey kim008:02
aramorning ddecator08:03
dholbachit was an exciting game to watch, and a bit sad to lose but it's not like I'll cry myself into sleep for the next two months :)08:03
kim0indeed it was a pretty good game08:03
nigelbdholbach: heh08:08
dholbachTechnoviking: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!08:10
dholbachpleia2, akgraner: I just uploaded the Learning Events calendar with UDW sessions - do you think somebody of the team could doublecheck I did it correctly?08:40
dholbachalso all: can you blog or microblog about UDW please? :-)08:40
* dholbach gets another coffee08:43
* popey hugs dholbach 08:50
popeyAlanBell: 3 dont put you behind NAT08:50
* dholbach hugs popey back08:50
popeyAlanBell: I have ssh'ed to my laptop when it's been connected via 3G08:50
AlanBelloh, that is nice08:53
AlanBellO2 and Orange are nasty NATters I think08:53
jussioh, and the game yesterday was somewhat boring, IMHO. the dutch game was more fun to watch for me :)09:03
jussiand what is with the evil repos being so slow today?09:03
nigelbmost fun game = germany vs argentina09:03
nigelbjussi: change servers09:04
jussiIm getting like 47kbs...09:04
nigelbjussi: select "best server" not sure if it works with kpackagekit though09:04
duanedesignpopey: i am writing a pretty neat blog post on using a script that calls ffmpeg, pacat, parec to make screencasts.09:23
duanedesignwasnt having much luck with GTK-RecordMyDesktop.09:24
popeybe interested in that09:25
duanedesignpopey: it keeps the intermediate video and audio recordings seperate which is nice. It also creates combined audio and video file using mpeg2 video and mp2 audio09:27
duanedesignyou end up with 4 files. If the .avi is acceptable you can throw away the intermediate files to save space09:28
duanedesignanyway kinda excited about it, ill let you know when i finish it.09:29
popeymake a quickly app in front of it :)09:36
dholbachhola randa_10:19
randa_hola dholbach10:19
randa_dholbach: how are you?10:19
dholbachgood good - how about you?10:19
randa_busy dholbach10:20
popeyduanedesign: 10:24:16 < ubuntuuk-planet> [Andrew] Introducing a screencaster called Kazam - http://whyareyoureadingthisurl.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/introducing-a-screencaster-called-kazam/10:24
popeyseen that?10:24
dholbachpopey: http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/?p=1313 → "Error establishing a database connection"11:05
dholbachah now it works11:06
nigelbdpm has been missing lately?11:48
dholbachvacation for a week11:50
dholbachpopey: good work on the podcast12:01
duanedesignpopey: thanks for the link12:11
duanedesignpopey: i need all the screencast related stuff i can find. Gives me an excuse to keep writing blog post on the subject and mentioning the Screencast Team12:14
paultagpopey: duanedesign called your voice sexy12:22
nigelbheh, but not the accent though12:24
duanedesigndon't make me grep logs. I said he had a good screencast voice.12:35
paultag"screencast voice"12:41
jcastrobuenas mornings!13:09
jcastroara: are you in berlin?13:09
arajcastro, hey! yes, I am13:10
jcastrogive daniel big hug for me if you see him13:10
jcastroand like, viva la espana!13:11
jcastro(or however you say it)13:11
nigelbjcastro: good morning!13:14
* dholbach hugs jcastro and ara :)13:16
popeypaultag: duanedesign i have a great face for radio13:18
akgranerdholbach, thanks!13:59
doctormoMorning all14:18
doctormoSecond day at FOSSed14:18
paultaghey doctormo14:20
doctormohey paultag14:28
vishhmm , is dpm on vac?14:28
dholbachakgraner: looks good?14:34
dholbachvish: yes14:34
dholbachvish: he'll back on Monday AFAIK14:34
vishdholbach: oh cool! thanks14:34
dholbachkim0: how are you doing? how's Cairo?14:36
kim0dholbach, :) Cairo is hot .. it's 37C now14:37
dholbachkim0: apart from that, everything alright?14:37
kim0dholbach, for me I'm fine .. busy putting some final touches on that report thing14:37
kim0dholbach, I'll have a call with jono today 6pm14:38
jcastrokim0: how you getting on? finding everything ok?14:38
kim0dholbach, thanks for the ping14:38
kim0jcastro, so far so good .. at least I think so .. Thanks guys :)14:38
vishjcastro: hey , maybe you know this?  the bugs from the font-test tool are getting filed in the "fonttest" package, rather than in the UbuntuBetaFonts14:45
vishjust a heads up :)14:46
jcastroyeah I don't know what's up with that14:46
jcastroping ken perhaps?14:46
dholbachLoCo Directory (loco.ubuntu.com) meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 10 minutes14:51
qenseFacebook gets sued by the German state!15:18
qenseGood to see that a line is drawn.15:19
qenseI don't despise Facebook, but I do think they should be taught they can't do everything and get away with ti.15:19
qenseIdem dito for Google.15:19
qenseMaybe they should get sued as well.15:19
pleia2dholbach: I had a quick look - "Helpers" is not a required field so no need to put "TBD", it's better to leave it out entirely until you actually have helpers because the bot will take it literally and try to voice "tbd"15:35
dholbachpleia2: I dunno who put them in in the first place :)15:35
dholbachpleia2: I just added all the instructors and session titles :)15:36
pleia2I don't believe "Agenda" is either, but I don't think it hurts to have it in there (I'll ask nhandler though)15:36
pleia2oh, huh15:36
pleia2ok, well I'll review the rest in a bit, I also have a ubuntuclassroom.wordpress.com post about to go out the door15:37
dholbachpleia2: awesome15:37
dholbachnhandler: ^ can you comment?15:37
dholbachhey jono15:37
jonohey dholbach15:40
dholbachLD meeting right now :D15:40
nhandlerpleia2, dholbach: Agenda is not a recognized field. I know we did some testing with unrecognized fields a while ago (the bot ignored them like it should), but we have not done any recently.15:46
dholbachnhandler: I have no idea who put them there15:46
dholbachnhandler: I just filled out the blanks15:46
nhandlerdholbach: Don't worry about it. We're testing out a new version of classbot over the next 2 days (to try and get it ready for UUD and UDW). I'll make sure we test unrecognized fields again.15:47
dholbachsuper, thanks15:47
nhandlerOh fun http://lifehacker.com/5582302/preview-and-possibly-install-ubuntus-next-default-font completely messed up describing who can test the new beta font15:49
kim0Does 10.10 get the testing font now15:53
jonokim0, just give me a few mins, I want to give your report a quick skim15:59
kim0jono, sure thing15:59
nigelbvish: thought on mail list night?16:04
jonokim0, ok, all set16:05
jonologging into mumble now16:05
Technovikingdholbach: thanks!16:19
* dholbach hugs Technoviking16:19
dholbachIT'S HIS BIRTHDAY!16:19
dholbach21 again!16:19
Technoviking43!?!, Now all you kids, get off my lawn:)16:20
paultaghappy birthday Technoviking :)16:22
popey\o/ not being the oldest here16:26
popeyoi grandad! happy birthday Technoviking16:26
vishnigelb: yeah , thats already a plan , jcastro is going to writing one shortly16:26
nhandlerHappy Birthday Technoviking16:26
vishto be* writing16:27
jcastrowhat plan?16:28
vishjcastro: the blog :)16:28
vishabout the papercut guy16:28
jcastroooh, I'll do that now16:29
jonojcastro, dude, you have to switch off the second menu, it is sweet :-)16:32
jcastrojono: You can afford to turn it off, it's not your job to drive how well it's being tested. :)16:33
jonojcastro, I mean the menu in the app window16:34
jonoso I just use the indicator app menu16:34
jcastrothere are still small issues, like bullet points showing up as checkboxes, etc.16:34
jcastrobut if all goes well today then tomorrow I will shut them off. :D16:34
jcastrojono: fyi didrocks is at some french conference so unity this week will probably be mondayish16:36
Technovikingthanks all16:37
jcastroI'm sure he's speaking to 234234123453464567 LoCo people16:37
jcastroTechnoviking: happy birthday!16:37
qenseThere are quite some LoCo people in France.16:37
jonojcastro, np16:39
nhandlerqense: Thanks for correcting the Lifehacker post.16:46
qensenhandler: Thanks for noticing it! :P You said it was wrong and I left a comment.16:47
qenseHoly Cow! My xsession errors file is more than 610 MB big and it has more than 3 million lines!16:49
qensemore than 4 million now!16:49
nhandlerqense: I was thinking about commenting, but decided not to16:51
jcastrovish: is there a papercut channel?17:15
vishjcastro: #ayatana is used if needed17:16
qensejcastro: it was brought up during UDS-M, but we decided to stick to #ayatana, mainly because it is already there and there are experienced (design, dx and desktop) people in it.17:17
qenseWe taught it wasn't necessary to create a separate channel.17:18
jcastrook I was just finishing up my blog on it17:18
jcastrovish: man, this will be awesome17:18
jcastrovish: I got a quote from upstream17:18
jcastroif you guys could leave a "thanks!" or something on there17:20
jcastrothat would be swell17:20
jcastroGod, I love this kind of blog post.17:20
jcastrojono: read that post and tell me it doesn't make you wanna listen to METAL.17:20
vishjono: re-tweet jcastro pls :)17:21
jonojcastro, will do, and one in return:  http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/07/08/indicator-panel-menu-rocks-the-house/17:24
jcastrojono: cody russell17:25
jcastronot somerville17:25
jonoobvious mistake17:25
jcastrojono: also, scottk just blogged about it in kubuntu and how aurelien is working with upstream17:25
jcastroso throw a link that way!17:25
jonoI always mix them up17:25
jonook, I have some tweeting to do :-)17:26
jcastromuch better than your "how is everyone doing this morning!"17:26
jonoscrew you :)17:26
jcastroyou're becoming the mmeeks of twitter17:26
* jcastro runs17:26
jonodholbach, can you get UDW in Lernid17:30
jonoit is not there17:30
dholbachjono: it is in the calendar17:33
dholbachI added it this morning17:33
dholbachjono: or do I need to do something special to get it into Lernid?17:34
dholbachjono: I have no idea how to do anything but something in the calendar17:34
jcastrohey dholbach17:36
jcastrohave I said sorry for your loss today yet?17:36
dholbachjcastro: not explicitly to me, but I heard how sorry you were17:36
dholbach"viva la españa" were your words17:36
jcastroyeah, but I don't know how to make the n with the squiggly17:37
jonodholbach, just adding it to the calendar should do it17:37
dholbachjono: I did that17:37
jonodholbach, can you paste me the ical link17:37
jonoso I can check it is right on the server17:37
dholbachjono: http://www.google.com/calendar/ical/canonical.com_qg6t4s8i7mg8d4lgfu9f93qid4%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics17:38
dholbachjcastro: over here it's   <alt gr> <+> <n>17:38
jonodholbach, odd I am not seeing it17:39
jonodholbach, can you test it in Lernid and see if it works17:39
dholbachwill lucid lernid be good enough?17:39
dholbachjono: ^17:41
dholbachI selected "Ubuntu Developer Week" from the list17:41
dholbachthen it crashed17:41
dholbachit shows the wiki page in the session pane17:41
dholbachno timetable though17:41
dholbachjono: bug 60324817:43
ubot2dholbach: Bug 603248 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/603248 is private17:43
dholbachmaybe that's the issue17:43
dholbachI dunno17:43
dholbachI'll subscribe you to it17:43
dholbachthat might be the problem, parsing dates17:44
dholbachjono: ^?17:46
jonodholbach, calendar did you put the events in?17:48
dholbachjono: can you elaborate?17:48
jonowhich cal did you put the events in17:48
jonothe Ubuntu Learning one?17:48
dholbachit was filled out already17:48
dholbachjust needed more info17:49
dholbachas I see it, lernid explodes parsing it17:49
jonoI wonder what changed17:49
jonowe have done that with previous events17:50
jonodholbach, can you look into this and see what is up?17:50
dholbachI subscribed you to the bug17:50
jonodholbach, but please follow up with the Lernid team17:50
jonoI want to make sure this is fixed17:50
dholbachI'm not sure we'll manage to get it into lucid-updates for monday17:51
dholbachbut I'll talk to the guys tomorrow first thing17:51
dholbachif that's ok17:51
dholbachor hang on, let me un-private it17:52
dholbachok, filed it as an upstream issue too17:52
dholbachjono: does http://launchpadlibrarian.net/51581983/Traceback.txt look to you like the issue?17:53
dholbachjono: maybe you can set the upstream importance high?17:53
jonodholbach, I am not involved in Lernid development any more, so I am not sure17:54
jonocan you talk to mbudde about this for me?17:55
dholbachjono: ok, I'll send a separate mail17:55
dholbachok, I'll send it now, but then I'll have to leave17:56
dholbachhave a great rest of your day17:56
pleia2jono: is there anything we need to do to confirm that User Days (This Saturday-Sunday) is in lernid?17:57
dholbachok, done17:58
dholbachjono: anything else?17:59
dholbachjust mailed Michael17:59
jonopleia2, it isnt in there right now17:59
jonoone sec while I wrap something17:59
jonodholbach, that should be cool, just follow up and keep on top of it18:00
dholbachwill do18:00
dholbachtake care18:00
jcastroJFo: holy ext4 fixes batman!18:00
JFomondo patches :)18:01
jcastroit's unfortunate that the internets will focus on the bugs where the process fails instead of the good ones like this one18:02
highvoltagethat's like saying you wish the titanic never sank.  what a boring moveie that would've been then.18:18
* jussi waves to highvoltage18:29
* highvoltage waves over the atlantic18:30
jussioh, your in canada now, nice!18:31
jcastro<-- late lunchin'18:37
highvoltagejcastro: yep, bit of an adaptation since it's in a small city but otherwise I'm in good company so it's good18:39
IdleOnehighvoltage: How you handling the humidity?18:44
highvoltageIdleOne: it's tough but I'm surviving, moving into a new place with air conditioning next week, but by then the humidity might be mostly over anyway :)18:45
IdleOneyeah hopefully18:45
IdleOneThis might sound like a dumb question but have you ever been in a Northern country in the winter?18:46
paultagakgraner: prod18:47
highvoltageIdleOne: no, not yet, it's going to be a bit of a shock in the beginning :)18:48
IdleOneI grew up here and it's a shock every year :P18:49
highvoltageyeah I told the people at work that they're probably used to it by now, and they also said that you never really get used to it. but at least there's central heating everywhere so it's just cold in the short moments you have to go outside18:51
paultagakgraner: if you have a sec there is a matter I'd care to attend to :)18:52
IdleOnehighvoltage: it isn't as bad as you might imagine18:54
IdleOneI mean 6-7 months a year at 20 below, you can handle that18:54
highvoltagewhere do you live IdleOne?18:58
IdleOneWe will meet soon enough and I'll buy you a beer :)18:58
highvoltageI was actually just thinking that it's a pity release party time is so far away, that's probably when I'll get to see most of the ubuntu québecois :)18:59
IdleOnehighvoltage: there is Ubuntu hour, been meaning to go to one19:00
highvoltageoh cool. I'll probably come to that then when I have a car. which could be as long as 3 months even19:00
qensehighvoltage: Leaving South Africa just around the World Cup? :D19:01
IdleOnethere are ways of getting to places, right now I am not working so spending money is limited.19:01
highvoltageqense: ironically, I hear more about the world cup here since the people at the office talk about it a lot :)19:01
qenseDoes Canada actually have a football team?19:02
highvoltagefrom what I understand, ice hockey (just called hockey here) is the only sport that exists for the people here :)19:03
IdleOneqense: of course, not a very good one mind you19:03
highvoltagewell, actually there is a guy in our office who plays soccer quite regularly19:03
IdleOnegoing to need to teach highvoltage some Quebecois19:06
highvoltageI watched Bon Cop Bad Cop. learned some very interesting words there19:06
IdleOneI'm sure19:06
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jcastrointeresting: http://www.linuxmint.com/blog/?p=146720:16
paultaghumm. Wonder where they got some of this info from jcastro -- I could have sworn we imported from testing this cycle20:33
jcastrowe did20:34
paultagjcastro: so how is it faster then Ubuntu?20:35
paultagmoreover, faster by what metric20:35
jcastroI don't know what that means20:35
jcastroI've never seen a distro run faster or slower than another on general desktop use20:36
paultagI get the feeling Mint was forked by non Ubuntu members20:36
paultagjcastro: aye20:36
jcastroare any of them ubuntu people? I thought they've always been independant20:37
akgranerpaultag, what's up?20:46
paultagakgraner: mind if I slide a PM your way in a few minutes?20:47
paultagakgraner: just getting settled in20:47
akgranerno worries when ever :-)  back home for a few hours20:48
paultagakgraner: thanks :)20:48
pleia2oh, regarding ubuntu dev week calendar, in addition to pulling Helpers: and Agenda:, the "Event: Ubuntu Developer Week" line needs to be added for them all21:26
pleia2^^ akgraner (dholbach is gone)21:26
akgranerok when I am through with my call I'll work on it21:27
pleia2akgraner: thanks! if you want to add Helpers: for the session (maybe you and dholbach?) that's fine, but having it as "TBD" isn't good because it's interpreted literally :) and "Agenda:" isn't a defined field for ClassBot so best case is that it's ignored, worst case is that it somehow confuses the bot and makes it not work properly (we need to do some more testing)21:29
pleia2so removing Agenda: entirely is good21:29
akgranerpleia2, I'll go through it all - I've had visitors today so I've been off line most of the day21:55
pleia2akgraner: no problem, take your time :) just trying to tie off the loose ends so we're set for monday21:55
akgranerIt was great to remember what sunlight was :-)21:55
JFowhat is this 'sunlight' of which you speak?22:09
JFoakgraner, ^^22:10
akgranerJFo, it is a glorious thing - brings a bright glow and warms the earth to which we live...22:10
JFogah! does it hurt?22:11
pleia2sometimes :\22:11
kim0Cool stuff .. Dell supports UEC http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/07/07/dell_canonical_ubuntu_clouds/22:43
* duanedesign waves at pleia2 23:09
* pleia2 waves to duanedesign 23:09
duanedesignpleia2: do you have a sec for a real quick PM?23:18
pleia2duanedesign: sure23:18

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