OwaisLHey guys, I'm writing a gmail notifier and I want it to open Evolution or Thunderbird to open for reading new emails.00:25
OwaisLHow can I launch the default email client from Python?00:26
OwaisLor How do I know what the default mail client is?00:26
OwaisLall right00:28
OwaisLi just struck an idea00:28
OwaisLchecking gconf... but hey it has evolution as default calender.. is that always the same as the email client?00:29
lamalexOwaisL: there's already an evolution notifier, seems like a gmail notifier should take you to gmail00:29
OwaisLWell, yeah...but what if someone doesn't want evolution to run all the time OR runs some other mail client which doesn't have a notifier.00:30
OwaisLstill, your argument has good reason, i'll think about it.00:31
OwaisLI would still like to know how it can be done.. just curious00:31
lamalexi do think there's a gconf key00:34
chrisccoulsonbah, what keeps spawning ubuntuone-syncdaemon in maverick?01:32
chrisccoulsoni need it to stop so i can use my laptop :)01:33
* TheMuso has it running here as well.01:38
chrisccoulsonah, it's nautilus01:39
chrisccoulsonmy machine just grinds to a halt with u1 running :(01:39
TheMusothings seem to be alright here, although switching between terminal tabs is slow01:41
chrisccoulsonchmod 0 /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/libnautilus-ubuntuone.so - problem solved :)01:41
chrisccoulsonpeople have been complaining that firefox is unusable in maverick because it keeps locking up for long periods at a time, and i'm wondering if this is the problem....01:42
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pittiGood morning06:37
TheMusoHey pitti.06:39
RAOFHowdie pitti.06:39
pittihey TheMuso06:40
pittihello RAOF06:40
pittihow are things in Ubuntu-land?06:40
RAOFThings are going swimmingly06:42
seb128hey everybody08:44
* pitti hugs seb12808:44
* seb128 hugs pitti08:44
seb128sorry for Germany ;-)08:44
seb128they at least won a game during the cup, some team didn't ;-)08:45
and471pitti, they didn't look as dangerous as they were in previous games, though spain were lucky with the header in the end08:45
pittiSpain had pretty much perfect technique yesterday; seems our guys were very itchy, they did one error after the other08:46
and471seb128, didn't sarkozy meet with the french team to tell them off or somehting? :D08:46
seb128not quite, he meet one of the playes though08:47
and471seb128, what was the feeling in france towards the players?08:47
seb128not so great08:47
seb128which is understandable08:47
seb128but the new coach is liked08:48
seb128so let's see what he does08:48
and471it has been a strange world cup to say the least08:48
pittiyeah, with the two previous champions going out so early..09:01
ftakenvandine, fyi, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/51552889/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-i386.gwibber_2.31.2~bzr759-0ubuntu1~daily1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz  (started 2 days ago)09:08
baptistemmpitti, sorry for germany, but paul the octopus predicted your team would lose :)09:10
baptistemmI'd have bet some money :)09:11
pittibaptistemm: this Octopus scares me!09:11
baptistemmit reminds me the octopus from the book niourk :)09:12
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pittiseb128: do you know what creates those "Starting programname..." task list entries?10:37
seb128you mean?10:38
seb128oh, while it's loading10:38
seb128it's libstartupnotify10:38
pittiit doesn't happen when I run the program on the command line10:38
pittijust through the menus10:38
seb128well the desktops have a startup notification flag10:39
pitti(program in question is Thunar, but I think it's a generic mechanism)10:39
seb128and gnome-desktop use that when running those10:39
seb128vuntz would know better10:39
pittiseb128: thanks; seems that's also used by XFCE indeed10:40
pittiI get the effect in both xfce and gnome10:40
* pitti hugs seb128, cheers10:40
* seb128 hugs pitti!10:40
pittiseb128: I want to supress it for merely launching a dbus activated daemon10:41
* pitti know knows where to look for10:41
pittiseb128: ah, got it now; thanks for pointing out again11:04
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seb128pitti, yw, what did you change? just used libstartup-notification in your spawning code?12:14
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pittiseb128: no, I just found out that libstartupnotify doesn't work the way thunar-settings is using it12:40
pittiso a proper solution would be to have Thunar use sn, but until then I just disabled the StartupNotification flag; let's see what the upstream guys say12:40
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kenvandinefta, ok, will fix13:03
kenvandinefta, ok, fixed in trunk13:08
kenvandinefta, thx!13:09
pittiI need to disappear for some 3 hours to visit my grandpa in the hospital; bbl13:14
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ftakenvandine, did you fix it in the branch used by the dailies?14:00
kenvandinefta, not a packaging change14:01
kenvandineshould be fine14:01
kenvandinejust setup.py14:01
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nangeHello all14:11
nangeI have a problem using 3 different monitors with ubuntu 10.04, Is this the correct channel for help?14:12
ftakenvandine, excellent then. thanks!14:18
vishnange: #ubuntu is for support14:19
nangeok, thanks.14:20
davmor2mvo: is update manager still your baby?  If so is there any reason why on Maverick I have to type in my password to allow check and then again to allow download and installation?14:59
mvodavmor2: the reason is that we moved to the aptdaemon backend by default, but yeah, its not great for usability15:00
mvodavmor2: I will discuss a better way with glatzor (aptdaemon upstream)15:01
davmor2mvo: is there a bug for it or would you like me to write one?15:01
mvodavmor2: I know of bug #350658 but its a little bit different15:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 350658 in update-manager (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Update manager requests password to check for updates (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35065815:05
davmor2mvo: close enough :)15:07
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seb128mvo, bug #60298015:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 602980 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager crashed with DBusException in call_blocking() (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60298015:21
seb128mvo, that's the same issue I was mentioning the other day, did you say you wanted a milestone to be set?15:22
mvoseb128: feel free, I looked into it the other day but the result was inconclusive15:23
mvoi.e. no fix yet15:23
seb128mvo, well it's your package so you decide, it's not an important issue just an annoyance since apport triggers15:24
seb128mvo, anyway I pointed the number just in case you were interested by the number15:24
mvoseb128: thanks, I targeted it for alpha315:27
seb128mvo, thanks15:28
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qenseLaney: Do you know what version of GTK# will be included in Maverick? Specifically the GAPI2 components, since the trunk contains an update for it that adds support for GObject virtual methods, which is something we need to get the fallback and unfallback functions of libappindicator to be properly supported in Mono as well. (Currently you can't do custom fallbacks in C#).16:36
Laneyqense: Are upstream going to do a release?16:38
Laneyif so, that16:38
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qenseLaney: If I'm correct it should be in 2.12.616:40
Laneywe have 2.12.1016:41
qenseah, wait16:41
qenseLaney: I'm sorry, I'll have to check if the new stuff we need is already in that release. Sorry for bothering you. :)16:41
LaneyI'm not sure I understand your problem, but maybe what poppler-sharp did to workaround is what you want16:42
Laneycheck poppler-sharp/Document.cs if you don't have the fix16:42
qenseLaney: Will check that. Thanks!16:42
kiwinotemvo: fyi the deb file and apturl features in my branch should all work now17:11
mvokiwinote: nice17:12
mvokiwinote: I look at it tomorrow morning17:21
kiwinotemvo: thanks17:21
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om26eris evolution 3.0 expected to be shipped with Maverick?18:07
seb128om26er, no18:09
seb128or not decided18:09
seb128but we will not ship GNOME3 nor gtk3 by default18:09
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om26erseb128, evolution 3.0 might be better for netbooks. (atleast the upstreamers think that)18:21
seb128om26er, didrocks backported the express changes to our version so it's nice on UNE18:24
seb128it's in current maverick18:24
om26erthat is great :)18:27
seb128kenvandine, jcastro: ok, appmenu-gtk should stop eating the application menu now18:45
seb128kenvandine, jcastro: which means it should close to be usuable in GNOME without the double menu if you want to try18:46
kenvandinei'll try that :)18:46
jcastroseb128: and the gimp crasher?18:51
seb128jcastro, what crasher?18:51
seb128jcastro, talk to bratsche if you have it or provide a stacktrace or something18:51
jcastrobratsche: any luck on the prob jono was having yesterday with the gimp exploding?18:52
htorquejcastro, that should be fixed: bug 60244418:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 602444 in libdbusmenu (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "SIGSEGV in parse_node_get_id (node=0x0) (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60244418:53
seb128the update has not been uploaded yet but will be today18:53
jcastrorock and roll!18:54
jcastrojono: when you get the update can you lmk how that works out?18:54
jcastrohi htorque!18:54
htorquehi :)18:55
jonojcastro, sure18:55
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seb128desrt, I crashed dconf-service18:59
seb128seems a double free, stacktrace is uselles18:59
desrtseb128: i've heard a report of a crash19:02
desrtseb128; do you at least have steps to reproduce?19:02
desrtbah :p19:03
seb128I ran gsettings-data-convert for the first time19:03
seb128which followed by an apport report19:03
desrtyou just solved the problem for me :)19:03
desrtthis problem was reported before by someone who insisted that they were asbolutely not using delayed-apply19:04
desrtbut it was their schema19:04
desrtand the stack trace suggested delayed apply was being used19:04
desrtbut they insisted not19:04
desrtso it was very confusing19:04
desrtgsettings-data-convert answers the problem, obviously19:04
desrti bet it does delayed apply19:04
desrtokay.  you just gave me the missing piece.  i expect this to be solved soon :)19:05
desrti'll have a dconf tarball by monday with the fix19:05
mclasendesrt: yep, it does19:05
seb128desrt, excellent19:05
desrtmclasen: and a new glib by then too, i guess?19:05
mclasenlikely, yes19:06
desrti'll do the work19:06
desrti'm just asking to make sure you don't have anything blocking19:06
mclasenI have one selinux patch I want to commit19:07
desrtoh.  one thing i should mention19:07
mclasenand I'll let the url-handler thing simmer for another release19:07
desrtwe will need a gtk release to drop at the same time19:07
mclasenI noticed19:07
mclasenwe should start to wind down the api breakage soon, though19:08
desrti'm done, for the most part :)19:08
desrti still wouldn't mind an API or two changed in gdbus19:08
desrtbut nothing critical...19:09
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jcastrohtorque: I'm putting together the appmenu status report for this week, any pet bugs/major problems you think I should mention20:39
htorquejcastro: not that i know of, you guys did a great job at fixing a lot of things :)20:43
jcastrobratsche's been rocking it20:44
jcastrohtorque: thanks so much for your detailed bug reporting, you've been a great contributor!20:45
htorquejcastro, it's a win-win, but yw!20:46
bratscheYeah, thanks htorque20:48
Sarvattfta: chromium should be fixed with cairo 1.9.x now \o/ http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome?view=rev&revision=5187120:57
ftaSarvatt, yep, i discussed that with upstream earlier today20:58
ftalet's hope it's enough20:59
Sarvatt<ickle> Sarvatt: that's the one liner that is still fundamentally broken, but would fix the throbber ;-)20:59
Sarvatt(so probably not)20:59
Sarvatthope it fixes tabs disappearing  when you open a bunch, the throbber being screwed up isn't really a big deal :)21:00
ftahm, some builders are idle, i will kick the bot21:00
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ftaSarvatt, problem fixed for me (spinners look fine, no more disappearing tabs)23:10
Sarvattfta: hmm seem to see another problem with it now though. open a ton of new tabs then close a bunch real fast, it stops resizing the tab strip and opening pages in the current tab opens a new window23:46
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