omryI want to play with systemtap, my current kernel is 2.6.35-7-generic #10~lucid1-Ubuntu, will this ddeb work? : linux-image-2.6.35-7-generic-dbgsym_2.6.35-7.10_amd64.ddeb00:57
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TeTeTapw: morning, we have an escalated case from corp services that is now in the kernel teams hands, see bug 58632507:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 586325 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[i965q] Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E: changing resolution results in non working X (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58632507:24
apwRAOF, about?  t08:36
apwRAOF, t08:36
RAOFapw: Yo!08:36
apwRAOF, the patch on bug 586325 ... where is it upstream ?08:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 586325 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[i965q] Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E: changing resolution results in non working X (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58632508:37
apwmorning, or evening :)08:37
RAOFIt's just attached to the upstream bug at the moment.08:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 586325 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[i965q] Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E: changing resolution results in non working X (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [Medium,Confirmed]08:38
RAOFAhem.  Wrong window.08:38
RAOFAnd a good morning to you too :)08:38
apwRAOF, good work finding that patch08:38
RAOFI didn't end up writing it.  Once I had hardware to test on the problem was much more obvious.08:39
smbRAOF, morning, as well. Any chance to let people try my test kernels? (nag)08:40
ikepanhc1good morning .eu :)08:41
* smb waves towards asia08:41
ikepanhc1I can hear you on mumble, but in public area of office, so have better to keep quiet :P08:42
RAOFsmb: I still haven't run into anyone appropriate to send to that kernel.08:42
smbRAOF, Bah, and I thought there were quite a few of the inconsistent checksum messages08:42
apwRAOF, i see that there is a final comment in the ipstream bug that its not fixed for krandrtray if its in the bottom right08:42
apwikepanhc1, heh morning08:43
smbikepanhc1, You should do. Maybe you get a nice isolated space then ;-)08:43
ikepanhc1smb: sure, moving08:44
RAOFapw: I hadn't seen that, no.  Let's see if I can check that.08:45
apwyou may find like 'sleep 10; xrandr ....' in a window and shoving the cursor in the bottom right might do the same08:46
RAOFYeah, looks like it.08:46
smbikepanhc1, I actually meant if you speak up while on your normal pace you might get moved to a place where you cannot disturb anybody. Hope would be that this place would be nicer too. Though reality shows its rather the janitor's closet08:46
RAOFHm.  I waved the cursor around, but obviously not all the way down in the bottom right.08:46
ikepanhc1ah? anyone hear me?08:49
jk-'git bisect run' <309:01
ikepanhc1apw: the bad wiki I wrote: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelSimpleGuide09:04
RAOFapw: Hm.  I've managed to make that happen exactly once, but I'm not sure how.  I have noticed another problem, though, which might resolve it - the pointer is hidden in some situations when it shouldn't be.  It looks like the bounds checking is off a bit.09:09
smbkraut, moin09:10
krauthowdy smb09:10
apwRAOF, ahh ok09:11
apwcan't we just zap the cursor to the top left on change09:11
RAOFWe could, perhaps.09:12
RAOFThe hardware docs however say “at least one pixel of the pointer must be on the active display”, so enforcing this constraint in the kernel seems reasonable.09:12
RAOFYou know what would be useful in the docs?  Which point of the 64x64 image the GPU considers to be the “position” of the cursor :/09:13
RAOFOh, no.  There it is.09:16
apwRAOF, right, but could we not enforce that by moving it, rather than unmapping it ?10:13
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hrwcan you look at bug 603087 and tell me does my patch has any chance to be accepted?11:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 603087 in linux (Ubuntu) "Allow to build just linux-libc-dev (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60308711:37
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* apw talked to hrw about thsi over on #linaro11:59
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RAOFapw: We could move it, but then the cursor displayed position wouldn't match the position X thinks the cursor is.12:31
apwRAOF, hrm, ok12:33
hrwis there a way to not generate linux-headers-VER package? rules.d/2-binary-arch.mk makes them if do_common_headers_indep != true but  rules.d/3-binary-indep.mk makes them if do_common_headers_indep == true12:40
* RAOF is somewhat freaked out about the behaviour of the cursor.12:40
apwhrw, no by default no as you would never want to do that12:45
hrwapw: unless my case12:45
apwhrw, you need to find the 5 bits and put them all in stage1 or stage212:45
apwas you have for the headers ... right ?12:45
apwyou have 'headers' and everything you didn't make then needs to be made in 'rest' or whaever you called it12:46
hrwapw: http://pastebin.com/Xy5cCt8b does what I want but is rather ugly12:47
apwbinary-debs doesn't look to need to change, as you turn it off in the if part12:50
apwwe should probabally make a build-arch-deps and build that the same way to clean it up12:51
smbtgardner, Hi Tim, I was thinking on Karmic stuck in accept and in the end I think if we don't have it accepted by next Monday, I need to sit together with apw and get all changes reverted12:57
tgardnersmb, what is the rush? Do you have CVEs pending for it?12:58
smbtgardner, yes12:58
hrwapw: http://pastebin.com/bNE1d6PB is a bit more clean13:07
apwhrw i really don't think you shoul dneed to change any of the configuration here13:09
apwfor example changing the icommon headers to indep, might have an effect on other things13:09
apwwe should just make both adds to _deps conditional13:09
hrwdo_common_headers_indep:=false is just to not build it at all13:10
apwbut you want to buld the headers13:10
hrwI want linux-libc-dev not linux-headers13:10
apwthats the point of the header stage13:10
apwthen calling the stage headers is a bit mad13:10
hrwthats just name - will rename it to stage113:10
apwok i think the way i would do it is to make an enable_stage1 and enable_stage213:11
apwwith something like13:11
apwif ($(DEB_STAGE), stage1)13:11
apwelif ($(DEB_STAGE), stage2)13:12
apwand for each element put it in one or the other13:12
apwif (enable_stage1, true)13:13
apwand make sure each element 'headers' 'tools' 'libc' etc are added to an _dep13:13
apwin that manner13:13
hrwwhere stage1 is what I want and stage2 is normal build?13:13
apwno where stage1 is what you need in stage1, and stage2 is the rest13:13
apwand a normal build just enabled both13:14
apwi am sure you will want to build the rest, not everything in the second phase, as you have the headers already13:14
apwhrw, _or_ i guess we do already have a bunch of do_ variables for some things13:15
apwto allow those to be suppressed, you could also add one of those for each13:15
apwof the things you want to but cannot yet control13:15
apwand then do13:15
apwif $(DEB_STAGE, stage1)13:15
apwdo_xxx = false13:15
apwthat might be the cleaner form13:16
tgardnerapw,smb, remind me of the 2 mailing lists that get notified of an ABI bump13:16
apwgiven we have a few of the do_foo = true/flase already13:16
hrwok, will adapt13:16
smbone is mobile13:16
apwkernel-team, debian-installer, ubuntu-mobile13:16
apwTo: kernel-team <kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com>,13:17
apw        ubuntu-installer <ubuntu-installer@lists.ubuntu.com>,13:17
apw        ubuntu-mobile <ubuntu-mobile@lists.ubuntu.com>13:17
tgardnerapw, that stuff used to be in the wiki13:17
* apw will go and add it13:17
apwi will add a maintainer quiestion section13:18
* abogani waves13:40
aboganiapw, I'm your personal nuisancer! :-)13:42
apwyeah i know :)  you are on my mind and indeed in this window over -->13:43
phil42what changed in 2.6.24-28.71-generic ?14:06
tgardnerphil42, http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.24-28.7114:08
hrwapw: http://pastebin.com/cmpBJqEN should be better14:38
apwhrw that does look much cleaner14:38
tgardnerapw, what is the goal of these patches?14:39
apwtgardner, linaro need to be able to bootstrap in a cross-compile env14:39
apwthat means they need to build the compiler to build the kernel, but the kernel headers are needed to build libc to build the compiler14:40
apwso they need to be able to build a subset of the kernel package14:40
apwthey are applying similar DEB_STAGE changes as a policy14:40
tgardnerapw, ok, I guess that makes sense14:40
apwi suspect these will go round a couple of times more yet, but they are clearer now in intent14:41
hrwgcc and eglibc are next in queue14:41
tgardnerapw, looks like the i8042/Moorestown stuff is shaking out upstream14:44
apwtgardner, good to hear ... was worried it'd get forgotten14:45
tgardnerapw, what is the tip-bot ? I've been meaning to ask that for awhile14:45
apwtgardner, its a litterally a bot which is associated with the tip tree which is used to hoover14:45
apwup lots of littl changes as little topic branches14:46
tgardnerso, just specific trees?14:46
apwthere are hundreds of branches in the tip tree14:46
tgardnerapw, ok, I see now. one tree with lots of branches.14:47
apwyeah lots and lots of little branches14:47
tgardnerapw, who commits to tip? just Ingo?14:48
apwtgardner, yeah as far as i know its all ingo14:49
lacostejHei, I am trying to compile my own ubuntu kernel (to apply a patch I want to test). I want to make sure I use the exact same config. Should I copy /boot/config-`uname -r` into debian.master/config or is the source I got from git tag already properly configured ?14:55
tgardnerlacostej, the configs that are generated for your kernel live in debian.master/config and are properly configured during the prepare build step.14:56
lacostejis there a simple way to make sure my generated kernel won't conflict with the existing one ?  e.g. by bumping the version number somewhere ?14:59
tgardnerlacostej, thats more involved. apw might be able to point at a wiki page since he's been the most recent gardener15:01
tgardnerlacostej, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenance describes bumping the ABI15:02
lacostejthanks a lot15:04
apwyeah htats probabally the simplest we have at the moment15:09
apwwe have it on our list as one which we need to write15:09
hrwapw: any suggestions what I should change to get it accepted?15:10
apwhrw once you know it does what you want send it up and i'll have a re-look at it fresh15:10
hrwdoing native full build now with this patch attached15:11
apwhrw got a link to the current patch ?15:46
hrwapw: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/51576134/linux-add-stage1-support.patch15:48
apwhrw, thanks15:49
tgardnergnarl, note sent to SRU team requesting Karmic acceptance15:52
gnarltgardner, Ok, thanks. I guess I will see what happens  soon15:53
gnarlapw, Oh, I forgot to get back to you and nag you to try new tooling. :-P15:53
tgardnergnarl, did you already bang this out on a different list?15:53
gnarltgardner, I have not done more than arguing with Colin and Martin15:54
gnarltgardner, But that was on irc or the phone15:54
tgardnergnok, then this'll drag it out into the public15:54
tgardnergnarl, ^^15:54
apwgnok gnok, who's there15:54
gnarltgardner, ack15:54
gnarlapw, gnobody15:55
apwgnarl, we need an incantation for your maint scripts so they can find each other without needing path15:57
apwi use the same a lot in my shell scripts15:57
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apwgnarl, t15:57
gnarlapw, Hm, I dont need that as they are in my path15:57
tgardnerapw, CDIR=`dirname $0` sort of thing?15:57
apwyeah that sort fo thing, there is some subtlty for ./ i think15:57
apwgnarl, its not quick15:57
apwapw@dm$ maint-startnewreleaseII: linux-image-2.6.35-7-generic_2.6.35-7.11_i386.deb15:58
apwII: Downloading to kernel.ubuntu.com ...15:58
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bjfmoin all16:04
cking_pgraner, /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/buffer_size_kb16:04
lagpgraner: cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/current_tracer16:11
pgranerapw: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/460671/16:17
tgardnersconklin, we're looking at a bug that might affect your living room laptop16:20
sconklinawesome. Only it's not in the living room any more. Susan practically threw it at me16:21
tgardnersconklin, bug #50171516:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 501715 in ureadahead (Ubuntu) "Kernel trace buffer should be cleared and size restored after profiling (affects: 52) (heat: 280)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50171516:21
sconklintgardner: that's evil16:22
sconklinIt would also explain why it shows up on this laptop with only 1G of RAM in it16:25
cking_sconklin, echo 1 >/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/buffer_size_kb and see if the bug goes away16:26
sconklincking_: well, it hasn't reproduced yet this boot, but I can do that and see if memory use changed significantly16:26
tgardnercnd, are you around?16:28
cnd3tgardner: yep16:29
cnd3what's up?16:29
tgardnercnd: mumble about tracing16:29
cnd3ahh, can't mumble16:29
cnd3I'm in the car16:29
cnd3is irc ok/16:29
tgardnercnd: drive, quit talking to me!16:29
cnd3heh, I'm a passenger16:29
cnd3I'm working16:29
cnd3I can skype if you want16:30
cnd3there's just no mumble iphone client afaik16:30
apwcnd3, how do i confirm that ftrace is off 100%16:30
cnd3apw, let me check16:30
tgardnercnd: thats OK, we just had some general questions about the tracing mechanism. it can wait16:30
sconklincking_: that made no detectable difference in anything, including current memory use16:31
cnd3apw: echo 0 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_enabled16:33
cnd3there's also tracing_on16:33
cnd3I'm not sure of the semantics of the two16:33
apwcnd3, and if it is on, can i tell what if anything is enabled to be recorded?16:33
gnarlcnd3, If tracer us nop does it use up some resources?16:33
cnd3apw: let me check16:34
cnd3gnarl: the tracer buffer can record function tracing and trace events16:34
cnd3so if current_tracer is no16:34
cnd3you won't get function traces, but you could still get trace events16:34
cnd3you can disable all trace events by:16:35
apwyeah thats my worry, so what events are on16:35
apwi need to know which ones16:35
cnd3echo 0 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/enable16:35
cnd3you can see which events are enabled:16:36
* apw pokes cnd316:37
cnd3yeah, I was trying to figure it out16:37
cnd3I thought there was an easy way16:37
cnd3you can look inside /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events16:37
cnd3it's a hierarchy of events16:38
cnd3each folder has an enable file16:38
cnd3and enabling or disabling affects all children of the folder16:38
cnd3and each event (leaf nodes in the tree) has an individual enable16:38
cnd3but I'm not sure if there's any easier way to be sure16:39
cnd3now, I am guessing that if you disable the ftrace buffer then you probably don't have to worry either16:39
cnd3I think that's what /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on does?16:39
cnd3let me check the docs16:40
apwcnd3, yeah we think we are ending up leaving ureadahead with its items turned on, and its putting tracing back to the previous value which may be on ... with a huge buffer configured ... and eating all your memory over time16:40
tgardnerapw, tracing gets restored, but the buffer size is left large16:41
cnd3let me play for a second16:42
cnd3tgardner, you mean the events get turned off?16:42
cnd3but they're already in the buffer?16:42
apwtgardner, so if it was on by default, with nothing enabled, then ureadahead  adds some trace points to record, then 'restores' the on off state to on, and quits16:42
tgardnercnd: the events _do_ get restored to their original values, dunno what the starting state was though16:42
apwit'll leave the events on16:42
apwhrm ok16:42
cnd3what are the events caallled?16:43
apwi'd think they'd be off by defualt, if it works16:43
tgardnerapw, it sets events/fs/do_sys_open/enable, events/fs/open_exec/enable, events/fs/uselib/enable, and tracing_enabled after first reading their current values.16:43
cnd3apw, tgardner: is one of the events do_sys_open?16:43
tgardnercnd: events/fs/do_sys_open/enable16:44
cnd3tgardner: so it sets them to 0 after it's done?16:44
sconklincking_, tgardner: I applied the startup script workaround and rebooted, and base memory usage dropped by about 100M.16:44
tgardnercnd: no, it restores them to their original values16:44
cnd3tgardner: what does that mean?16:45
cnd3this is at boot up16:45
cnd3so I'd assume 0?16:45
tgardnercnd: we could assume taht, but I don't know for sure.16:45
cnd3I guess you can turn them on at the command line16:45
cnd3so what we really need is just a way to clear out the ftrace buffer after use?16:46
tgardnercnd: the only parameter that ureadahead doesn't restore is buffer_size_kb16:46
apwtgardner, i think for this behaviour to be the cause it would have to be failing to restore them then16:46
apwand we should get pgraner to run: cat `find /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/ -name enable` | grep -v 016:47
cnd3also, I think the buffers are preallocated16:47
apwon the system which he cleaned up16:47
cnd3I guess maybe ureadahead is setting the buffer size too large and we need to reset it back to a reasonable default16:48
cnd3but it wouldn't show an increase in usage over time16:48
tgardnerapw, well, the restore code looks right. 16:48
apwi was more thinking some case in which it doesn't do it at all16:48
apwif not pete simply has a little time to wait for the issue to return16:48
tgardnerapw, about the only place I can see that would happen is if the daemonize fails16:49
sconklinwell, I've applied the workaround, and I'm still running a kernel with kmemleak debugging turned on - so if it happens again maybe I'll have a clue16:54
cnd3sconklin: what's the work around?16:55
cnd3hrm, one bar of signal, I may be lost soon16:55
cnd3oh at&t...16:56
sconklincnd3: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9271524#post927152416:57
cnd3wth, why is the buffer size being set to 128 MB!16:59
cnd3that's per cpu!16:59
* cnd3 thinks the param used to be in bytes, meaning 128 kb, so maybe this was overlooked?16:59
cnd3ureadahead really need to be resetting that to the defaults after it changes them17:00
tgardnercnd: I'm working on that.17:00
cking_if it's per CPU that explains why i7 machines are suffering17:01
cnd3is this something new in maverick?17:02
cnd3or in lucid and earlier?17:02
jjohansencnd3: I don't think it was ever supposed to be kb, the server team hit problems last cycle with this keeping small vms from booting17:02
tgardnercnd: same code in Lucid at least17:02
jjohansencnd3: definitely in lucid17:02
tgardnerhave not checked earlier17:02
cking_yep, we are seeing it hit hibernate on Lucid17:03
apwcnd3, per CPU, now that would explain a fwe things17:03
cnd3yes, I'm 99% sure it's per cpu17:03
cking_cnd3, it looks like it in the code17:03
cnd3I'm not as sure that it preallocates though17:04
cnd3I just thought so17:04
apwi suspect not as mine say 'reallocated' and lots of coutns on it17:05
apwbut it could get full up over time for sure ... and that'd be 1GB on petes machine17:06
cnd3I may have been thinking of the profiling buffers17:06
cnd3I know the profiling statistics are kept in preallocated buffers17:06
cnd3but those buffers are different from the ftrace event buffer17:06
apwcnd3, if you have a chance to investigate could you look at whether the buffer size is simply a minimum17:11
apwie the preallocated size, as i am seeing this in my siz17:11
apw7 (expanded: 1408)17:12
cnd3I'll look right now17:12
cnd3what's this "7 (expanded: 1408)"?17:12
apwthat is whats in my size17:12
apwapw@dm$ cat buffer_size_kb17:13
apw7 (expanded: 1408)17:13
cnd3I only have the maverick kernel right now though17:13
apwso i am wondering if it can expand or not17:13
cnd3yeah, in maverick the semantics changed17:13
cnd3cat buffer_size_kb:17:13
gnarlcnd3, I got both outputs for lucid on two machines... odd17:14
apwi think its different if you set it and not, or something17:14
apwor the setting is the minimum and it can expand, or, hence the question17:14
mdzapw, hi17:24
apwmdz, hi17:24
mdzapw, pgraner was just telling me that this may be related to tracing being enabled17:24
tgardnerapw, just emailed a ureadahead patch that you should experiment with. I have to take off.17:25
apwmdz we have found a couple of scenarios where machine are very unhappy if ureadahead has left the tracing buffers expanded17:25
mdzapw, how can I check if that's the case on my system?17:25
apwtgardner, ta will look tommorrow17:25
mdzperseus:[/sys/kernel/debug/tracing] cat current_tracer 17:25
mdzperseus:[/sys/kernel/debug/tracing] cat tracing_enabled 17:25
apwmdz cat the buffer size one17:25
mdzapw, perseus:[/sys/kernel/debug/tracing] cat current_tracer 17:26
mdzperseus:[/sys/kernel/debug/tracing] cat tracing_enabled 17:26
apwit will only be big if you had a ureadahead rebuild last time17:26
apwyeah like that... the current thought is that this is 128MB per cpu17:26
apwcnd3, is confirming what the size means currently17:26
apwbut ... we suspect this isn't a good thing generally and may be triggering OOM situations for pete doing CD reads17:27
mdzapw, the system has been feeling memory-starved lately indeed17:27
mdzI thought it was chromium17:27
apwso you can set that to 0 i believe to free it up17:27
apwsee if it feels any better then17:27
mdzapw, EINVAL17:28
mdzapw, write 0 to tracing_enabled instead?17:28
apwmdz one sec, just want to confirm how pete did it17:28
cnd3apw, mdz: it is per-cpu, and it is preallocated17:29
apw<cking_> sconklin, echo 1 >/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/buffer_size_kb and see if the bug goes away17:29
apwmdz so apparently 117:29
cnd3apw, I think it won't matter17:29
cnd3it will always set it to be at least 2 pages in size17:29
mdzMem:          2993       2425        568          0         13        38017:29
mdzMem:          2993       2003        990          0         16        41117:29
mdzi.e. ~400MB freed17:30
apwa fair chunk then17:30
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sconklinapw: already tried that and saw no change. But it was not exhibiting the problem when I did it, and the problem has not happened in the last few days. It typically takes 2-4 days of use before it gets into swapping17:30
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apwsconklin, sorry was repeating that for mdz not for you :)17:31
cnd3mdz, looks like you got 422 MB back ;017:31
apw3.29*128 MB ... erm thats an odd number17:31
cnd3mdz, how many processors do you have?17:32
cnd3including HT17:32
mdzapw, I'm logged into a desktop session with gwibber, chromium and openoffice.org running, so who knows what sort of other allocations were made during that time ;-)17:33
mdzcnd3: Core 2 Duo T750017:33
mdzso 2 cores, both HT17:33
cnd3ok, so linux sees 417:33
apwi wonder if you have to read the resst17:34
apwcnd3, how do you find out whats in the buffer and dump it ?17:34
cnd3cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace17:34
cnd3you can use trace_pipe if you want to get rid of everything in it17:34
apwmdz could you see if there is anything in there17:35
mdzapw, empty17:36
cnd3I gotta jump off for a bit17:39
cnd3I'll be back after lunch17:39
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* apw wanders out to see what the sun looks like18:14
cking_it's shiny and bright apparently18:15
manjoapw, I dragged you out to the balcony18:16
osmosisif i look at the changelog for  linux-image-server ...all it says is  * Lucid ABI 2318:32
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JFomanjo, I'm about to send out the CFT for firewire in a bit. Is the new stack enabled in the latest released kernel or do they need to pick it up from a PPA?19:42
manjoJFo, all the changes should be now avaiable without any ppa19:43
JFook, cool19:43
JFomanjo, in Lucid and Maverick yes?19:43
manjoJFo, we are only focusing on Maverick19:44
manjoJFo, no lucid19:44
JFocool, thanks :)19:44
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JFoFirewire CFT sent to everybody20:05
manjoJFo, also there were a few audio mailing list iirc 20:08
JFoyou only told me about the mythtv one20:08
JFoso I sent to them and a ton of others20:08
abhi_navwhat is firewirestack?20:15
manjoabhi_nav, https://ieee1394.wiki.kernel.org/20:18
abhi_navmanjo, ok20:18
abhi_navmanjo, can I ask you something ? you are free to talk?20:19
manjoabhi_nav, sure20:19
abhi_navmanjo, got email from bugsquag that firewire need to test. and on that wiki page it is writen that nothing to instal. i am on lucid. so how to test?20:20
manjoabhi_nav, the call for testing went out for maverick20:20
manjonot for lucid20:21
abhi_navmanjo, so i need to have maverick installed?20:21
manjoyou can boot from a maveric usb stick 20:21
manjoie live image and test 20:21
manjoabhi_nav, do you have a firewire port on your system ?20:22
abhi_navmanjo, i dont know. i still dont knwo what firewire is. is it software or hardware. on the link give i cant find defition of firewire20:23
manjoabhi_nav, google is your friend :)20:23
osmosisif i look at the changelog for  linux-image-server ...all it says is  * Lucid ABI 23   What does that mean?20:23
abhi_navmanjo, I googled20:23
manjoabhi_nav, http://computer.howstuffworks.com/firewire1.htm20:25
manjofor example 20:25
abhi_navmanjo, ok thanks I wll look at it20:26
manjodrivers are need to make that device work in linux 20:26
manjoand we just switched from the old drivers to new driver model20:26
manjowe would like to make sure that there are no regressions etc and the new modules work just as well or better 20:27
abhi_navmanjo, ok20:28
abhi_navmanjo, i understool.20:40
abhi_navmanjo, and also I come to know that I dont have it in my lappy. :)20:45
manjoabhi_nav, thanks for trying 20:46
abhi_navmanjo, yah20:46
JFoabhi_nav, thanks for asking though :)20:48
JFowe are thankful that you were willing to test :)20:48
abhi_navJFo, :)20:49
jjohansen-> Lunch20:55
manjoJFo, modified that wiki page 20:57
JFothanks manjo 20:57
* manjo heading out for Dr appt20:57
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