godbykdutchie: drat! I'm not a member, but I'd love to test it with our manual a bit.00:25
dutchieout of folks in here, humphreybc, zkriesse, jussi, h00k, pleia2, issyl0, AlanBell and I think nisshh are members00:27
dutchieone of those is bound to be happy to help00:28
godbykdutchie: you're not a member yet?  I'm surprised.00:28
dutchiefeel free to add to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/dutchie :)00:29
godbykI need to update my wiki page sometime: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KevinGodby00:29
godbyklooks like everyone who pinged me earlier is offline now.  I hate that. :)00:33
dutchiei should be offline00:34
dutchieit's gone half past midnight00:35
dutchiebut it's the last day of my last ever term at school tomorrow \o/00:40
godbykawesome! congrats!00:42
dutchiei went to the pub with my maths teacher this afternoon :)00:42
dakerdutchie: \o/00:50
dutchieyou are unlikely to see me much for a week or two due to holidays and whatnot00:51
godbykdutchie: sure thing.00:52
dakerdutchie: tell humphreybc to design the mockup for bugs.u-m.o00:52
dutchie00:52:58 < daker> dutchie: tell humphreybc to design the mockup for bugs.u-m.o00:53
dutchieand with that, i am going to bed00:54
dutchiei will be around friday (hungover) a little bit00:54
dutchiethen away for a week sat-sat00:54
humphreybcI've been avoiding doing that00:54
humphreybccreating forms in photoshop is time consuming00:55
dutchiemaybe if you used the gimp...00:55
humphreybcdaker: did you get the quickshot site?00:55
dutchieok, bed now00:55
humphreybcdutchie: then it would be four times as time consuming00:55
dakereuh did you sent something ?00:55
humphreybcdaker: yes00:56
humphreybcto your email00:56
humphreybcthe quickshot PSD00:56
h00ksomeone said me01:23
h00kYeah, I'm a Member01:23
humphreybcdoes anyone know how to get the RSS feed from my blog just for a certain tag?01:26
humphreybcI'm adding my blog to planet ubuntu01:26
humphreybcwant to add that category01:27
humphreybcI just need an rss link for it01:27
humphreybchttp://humphreybc.wordpress.com/category/ubuntu/feed/ maybe?01:28
godbyk humphreybc: looks like that works.01:29
humphreybcI can have a look at other peoples things too01:29
humphreybcthat should work01:31
jenkins collaboration meeting on saturday 10th 8pm utc, if you are coming please add yourself to the list. http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/collaborationmeeting , you can also add agenda items there.09:15
thorwila bit late for me and i doubt i would have anything to add ... you guys will get it right :)09:34
jenkinsIf everyone can add the pros and cons for docbook or mallard as the content pool http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/prosandcons10:46
c7phey thorwil, are you around ?11:02
c7pdo anyone know what's tha paper size of the manual ?11:06
jenkinsc7p: it depends on the language11:06
c7plet's say for the English manual11:06
jenkinsI *think* english us is us letter, english  uk is a4 letter11:07
c7pok thx :)11:08
c7pjenkins: when do you go on camping ?11:14
c7pgo camping*11:14
jenkinsI have been c7p it was fun :) . I was very tired11:14
c7p:p oh cool, but you where almost every time online11:14
jenkinsI went on friday lucnh time and came back sunday evening11:15
jenkinsonly a short camp really close by11:15
c7pnice :)11:16
c7pso I can make the thread that i was talking about11:17
jenkinsyea sure thing11:18
thorwilc7p: now i am. i will have to adjust the page size of lulu_el once godbyk can give me the dimensions. that also means that the page count must be known11:35
c7pthe standard paper size in Greece is A411:40
c7pso i guess a411:40
thorwilc7p: lulu's approximation of that, yes11:42
jenkinsdutchie: ping11:58
jenkinsif I have a variable called "res"  which is res = "'disper', '-c', '-r', '1024x768'" , how do i use subprocess.Popen to open it? I have tried subprocess.Popen([str(res)]) and subprocess.Popen([res]) but they don't work. Any suggestions?11:59
jenkinsnisshh: ping ^11:59
nisshhjenkins: woah, sorry i didnt expect anyone to ping right now12:16
jenkinsnisshh: no worries12:16
nisshhjenkins: hmm, i dunno, im not that good with python, can you explain a bit more12:16
nisshhjenkins: can you pastebin your code?12:17
jenkinsbasicaly depending on on someones graphics card the command used to change the resolution is assigned to a variable. That variable in the example is res12:17
nisshhthis is for quickshot im guessing?12:18
jenkinsnormally i would do subprocess.Popen(['disper', '-c', '-r', '1024x768'"]) but I need it to be the variable in the middle there. yes for quickshot, just sorting out a pastebin12:19
nisshhjenkins: iv got to go eat dinner, but ill be back a bit later, ill help you out then if i can12:19
jenkinsok cool see you later12:19
jenkinsexample http://paste.ubuntu.com/460592/ gedit hello works for everyone hence I have used that instead12:23
jenkinsbasically I need subprocess to open the gopen variable12:31
nisshhjenkins: so, what does that code do?12:36
jenkinsit should do the command "gedit open" like you would in a bash shell12:37
nisshhah, so it sort of executes shell commands, through python?12:37
jenkinsif you do import subprocess; subprocess.Popen(['gedit', 'hello']) thats what I am trying to do but with variables. yep shell commands through python12:38
nisshhjenkins: whats wrong with the code you first tried, from what iv experimented with it should work12:43
jenkinswhat code?12:43
nisshhjenkins: 18:59:16 < jenkins> if I have a variable called "res"  which is res = "'disper', '-c', '-r', '1024x768'" , how do i use subprocess.Popen to open it? I have tried  subprocess.Popen([str(res)]) and subprocess.Popen([res]) but they don't work. Any suggestions?12:43
jenkins does not work for me in my pastebin example12:44
nisshhjenkins: 1 sec ill brb12:45
nisshhjenkins: does it spit out an error? or something else?12:51
jenkinsnisshh: the error is http://paste.ubuntu.com/460600/ and the file is http://paste.ubuntu.com/460601/12:54
nisshhjenkins: remove the 'hello' part and just try gedit on its own12:56
jenkinsok gedit works but all the commands have several parts to them12:58
nisshhjenkins: right, maybe remove the space after the comma, i dont think that will matter but yea, and remove the str maybe12:58
nisshhjenkins: what you want to do is cut the code down to minimum and add bits on until it errors again12:59
nisshhthen you will be able to solve each error in turn12:59
jenkinsI have just worked out that I can use os.system() instead of subproecss, there is a differnce between the two I will have to work out what it is13:02
nisshhjenkins: ok, no probs13:03
jenkinsthanks nisshh, not sure why but I think subprocess is better, so it would be good if it would work13:04
godbyk-androidPut [] around the rhs of the gopen line13:04
godbyk-androidThen pass gopen to popen without [] or str.13:05
jenkinsso like this? subprocess.Popen([gopen])13:06
godbyk-androidRemove the []13:09
jenkinsthat did not help is this right? gopen = "'gedit', 'hello'"13:10
godbyk-androidand put them around the gopen = ["blah", "blah"] line13:11
godbyk-android(sorry. On my phone. Typing is slow.)13:11
jenkinsthanks godbyk-android it works now13:11
godbyk-androidNo problem13:12
godbyk-androidIt appears that I woke up for a 7 am irc meeting that's not happening.13:13
thorwilgodbyk-android: would you feel better to just hold the meeting with me?13:14
jenkinsi hope that the meeting on sat is able to happen, we need people from all teams to come13:21
godbykjenkins: I'll be there (I hope).13:32
godbykWell, since I'm awake, I guess I'll take a shower and find some breakfast.13:33
godbykbe back in a bit.13:33
ChrisWoollardAfternoon All.13:50
jenkinshello ChrisWoollard13:52
ChrisWoollardObviously it is quiet at this time of day13:52
ChrisWoollardHello Jenkins13:52
ChrisWoollardJenkins. Are you in England?13:52
jenkinsChrisWoollard: I am indeed13:52
ChrisWoollardWhere in the country?13:53
jenkinsnorth of oxford13:53
ChrisWoollardI was thinking of the nursery rhyme13:54
jenkinsyep, there is now a bronze horse in banbury because of the nursery rhyme13:54
ChrisWoollardAre you a student or do you work :)13:55
jenkinsI am a student,13:55
ChrisWoollardI am in London myself (and work).13:56
jenkinsI will be working from august, as I am on placement13:57
ChrisWoollardThat's good.13:57
jenkinsyea it will be fun, just not as much time to hang out on irc :P13:57
ChrisWoollardAt my workplace we have had quite a lot of work placement students/13:57
ChrisWoollardThe decent ones now actually have proper jobs with us.13:58
jenkinsthats what I am hoping to get a job with them after my degree13:59
ChrisWoollardSorry. pressed enter by mistake.14:01
ChrisWoollardDo you know what you have to do yet?14:01
jenkinsnot exactly, I know i am working on gas engines that are used for power generation. Big engines!14:01
ChrisWoollardOk. That sounds interesting.14:02
jenkinsthey are the size of small cars and weigh 7-10 tons14:02
ChrisWoollardWhat are you studying? I assumed computer science or something. But now I am not sure.14:02
jenkinsMechanical engineering14:03
jenkinsI would like to do some computer since stuff but i find programming lessons boring, we had one on matlab it sucked.14:05
ChrisWoollardI have no idea what matlab is?14:05
jenkinsits for doing engineering/practical math calculations, with nice graphs14:06
ChrisWoollardOk. Sounds a bit complicated.14:07
* jenkins goes to water the garden14:09
* jenkins is doing a better job at watering himself than the garden15:01
flanjenkins, for reference, I usually become available for random questions at the start of the current hour.15:42
jenkinsok thanks flan15:44
jenkinscollaboration meeting on saturday 10th 8pm utc, if you are coming please add yourself to the list. http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/collaborationmeeting , you can also add agenda items there. If everyone can add the pros and cons for docbook or mallard as the content pool http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/prosandcons17:24
nisshhjenkins: your like an icecream van advertising with a megaphone :)17:25
jenkinsnisshh: thats the idea :)17:44
jenkinshello again18:52
zkriessehello daker19:22
dakerqs website will available next week19:22
=== jussi is now known as jussio1
godbykHey, c7p. In the .tex file you emailed me yesterday, there's a bug.  Search for '\dasho' and replace it with '\dash '  (i.e., remove the o or put a space between \dash and the o).21:40
c7pgodbyk: ok fixed21:42
godbykc7p: I've just uploaded a copy of the PDF to http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/builds/ubuntu-manual-el.pdf if you'd like to check it over.21:44
godbykLet me know of any bugs you find.21:44
godbykI *think* the glossary page numbers are correct now, but could you double-check for me?21:44
godbykFeel free to leave any notes here.21:45
godbykI'll be back in a bit.  I need to read a couple book chapters.21:45
c7pok i am not sure if i can stay for long today, cause i go to wake up early tomorrow, but tomorrow we will do whatever you want21:46
c7pbut will try :)21:46
Guest42801the revision number and date need to take care, and i think the glossary problem still affects some linke (page 131 shoud be 132)21:49
Guest42801the index worls fine though :D21:49
c7pyap the pg 131 ref bug still exists21:51
c7pand pg 28 (maximize)21:52
Guest42801and the two blank pages before the index are still there21:56
c7pso here we have the todo list : http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/3sIwez7O8A22:02
=== ZachK_ is now known as zkriesse
c7pgodbyk g2g cu tomorrow, insult Guest42801 (topo) if he is around, in case there is something that have to be done22:19
c7pnight/morning/evening all22:20
jenkinsflan: I think humphreybc is going to buy www.quickshot.org22:39
jenkinsI wonder how many hits we will get :P It will be harder to get to the top of google22:49
jenkinsI am excited to see the site in all its glory22:50
jenkinshas and e-mail subjected  "8/7/2010......REMINDER......REPLY ASAP....."   hit anyone's spam box today? it is bcc'd so I don't know if it was sent to a mailing list or not. It claims the e-mail sent to them may be spam.23:02

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