hackelAny idea on when we might see ff4b1 in mozilla-security?00:22
micahghackel: you won't00:27
micahghackel: it will be in the dailies this weekend, probably another week or 2 before I set up a beta PPA00:28
hackelOhh, cool I thought 3.5 beta was in security last time, but a separate ppa is good too.  Would be much appreciated by all, thank you. :)00:29
micahghackel: if you subscribe to the mailing list, I'll send an update as things happen00:29
bobbymicahg, Javascript is still broken, even after the latest xulrunner update.01:38
micahgbobby: probably won't get an update till this weekend02:02
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LLStarksdang, chris isn't around08:57
LLStarksneed to ask him something08:57
LLStarksanyone around familiar with the firefox sru policy?08:57
LLStarkssup fta09:10
BUGabundo_remotemorning, Turtles09:34
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vishhmm , why cant i find firefox in SC :s09:49
vishoh , wait! it is titled "Safe & Easy browser...."09:51
ftaBUGabundo_remote, --enable-tabbed-options10:22
* BUGabundo_remote wonders what fta is talking about10:26
BUGabundo_remoteyou do know I'm blond, right?10:27
BUGabundo_remoteyou need to throw me a tiny bit more details, then a single line10:27
ftawell, i expected a tabbed options UI, but it's weird, try it ;)10:28
* BUGabundo_remote launches a new profile10:30
BUGabundo_remote$ chromium-browser --temp-profile --enable-tabbed-options10:38
BUGabundo_remoteeither I'm doing it wrong10:38
BUGabundo_remoteor I don't see anything diff10:38
ftaBUGabundo_remote, it's new in today's version10:39
ftabut it's still in-progress, not sure what they have in mind here10:39
ftar51813 has it10:39
BUGabundo_remotedbus broken here10:39
BUGabundo_remotestuff is lagging like hell10:40
BUGabundo_remoteI have to kill most apps just to get my desktop10:40
BUGabundo_remote  Installed: 6.0.460.0~svn20100708r51813-0ubuntu1~ucd1~karmic10:40
BUGabundo_remotefta: debian... karmic ppa is the only that works10:56
BUGabundo_remoteanyone knows who can I talk about dbus/gcong?10:56
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gnomefreakfirefox keeps crashing13:12
gnomefreaknevermind it just miniized for no reason and open the wrong home page.13:13
gnomefreakwhat is central time? -50013:41
gnomefreakand i figure out how to use date to get it.13:46
* gnomefreak be back13:46
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ftadamn, my connection is still unstable.14:06
ftagave me the opportunity to write a nick recovery script for xchat14:07
BUGabundo_remoteyou nerd14:27
ftaBUGabundo_remote, why? should i just sit on my hands and complain instead?14:36
ftajcastro, hi, just read your last blog post, i don't really get your point. do you want to just forget about our efforts and push to have the upstream binaries in the 1st line?14:52
jcastrofta: I'm kind of thinking somewhere in the middle.14:53
mdeslaurargh, no upstream binaries14:54
jcastrofta: so ideally we just make said upstreams ubuntu developers14:54
mdeslaurIt would be really great if upstreams produced real ubuntu packages, built on ubuntu, and integrated in the software centre....but...that's not going to happen14:55
mdeslauractually I take that back, we should do everything we can to make that happen15:08
jcastromdeslaur: right15:10
jcastromdeslaur: that's kind of what I am getting it in my blog post, but it ended up being 5404 pages long15:11
mdeslaurjcastro: I was going to blog about how packaging isn't the problem, unstable ABI, rapid release schedules, and linux fragmentation is the problem...but...15:14
jcastroyeah, I ran out of text box15:15
jcastrobut you're right about that15:15
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jcastromdeslaur: my perspective is something like this "I meet a new upstream at say a conference, they want to get in the distro but are not expert packagers" = long hard pain15:16
jcastroif they're lucky I can find a motu and/or DD to help them15:16
jcastroif not then ...15:17
mdeslaurjcastro: so, they can produce the binaries, but are having difficulties packaging them up?15:17
mdeslaurjcastro: or difficulties packaging them up for a bunch of different distros?15:17
jcastroright, so they go quick and maybe do that or throw it up in a PPA and don't bother15:17
jcastromdeslaur: I think they see the packaging guide and the corresponding policy docs and just glaze over15:18
mdeslaurjcastro: I still glaze over when I look at them15:18
jcastroright, and you're an expert!15:19
mdeslaurI could rant for hours on how packaging is too complex, and non standardized15:19
mdeslaurthis would be a good discussion over some beer :P15:22
ftaimho, that won't work15:29
ftaand it would limit innovation15:29
ftaie, no lcd filter & no plugin finder in firefox, no app indicator everywhere, etc.15:30
ftanot to mention the security nightmare, catching all embedded libs shipped by random obscure upstreams15:31
ftaand also, most upstream target only 1 dist with its (often old) toolchain15:32
mdeslaurfta: hah! I was thinking about "limiting innovation" also15:39
mdeslaurfta: upstream build one binary for the lowest common denominator15:40
ftajcastro, jfyi, nda in the package name of the ubuntu font made me run away from it. i guess i'll wait until it's really out15:58
jcastrofta: we're fixing that (someone reported a bug)16:01
ftajcastro, good. for the records, i'm not scared by NDAs (i've signed quite a few over the years as part of my job), but i don't see how the concept applies here16:03
mdeslaurfta: you do know "nda" means "New Design Approval", right? :)16:04
ftaso it's even more confusing16:04
ftaBUGabundo_remote, http://nexusonehacks.net/nexus-one-hacks/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-your-nexus-oneandroid/16:08
ftalol, that guys installs ubuntu over android using W716:10
BUGabundo_remoteI have debian on my magic :D16:12
lfaraonemicahg: is there anything I can help with re Browse / pyxpcom / hulahop?16:17
micahglfaraone: no, I just need time which I'm severely lacking ATM, thanks, I'll let you know when there's something to test16:18
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jdstrandchrisccoulson: hi!18:47
chrisccoulsonhi jdstrand, how are you?18:47
jdstrandchrisccoulson: so my little cacao endeavor did not work18:47
jdstrandchrisccoulson: oh good. you? :)18:47
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - oh, how come?18:48
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm good thanks. been busy tidying the house today though18:48
jdstrandchrisccoulson: I don't think I can adjust the overrides in release, since it is frozen forever18:48
chrisccoulsonah, thats a bit of a pain18:48
jdstrandchrisccoulson: so what we have to do is build it in the ppa, then I can copy over the bits to main for next time18:48
jdstrandchrisccoulson: the versioning kinda stinks though, cause jaunty and karmic have the some version18:49
chrisccoulsonok, makes sense. do you want to do that, or do you need me to do anything?18:49
jdstrandchrisccoulson: I can do it18:50
chrisccoulsonok, thanks :)18:50
jdstrandmeh, I need to adjust it for jaunty - maverick18:51
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asacchrisccoulson: ho ... when are we getting ffox 4 :)20:18
asacin ppa?20:18
micahgasac: I hope to get to it this wekeend20:18
asacthats awesome stuff :)20:19
micahgasac: then , I have to make it all in one so I can make a beta ppa with the first beta20:19
asaci saw demos that made me cry!!20:19
asacof joy :)20:19
micahgawesome :)20:19
asacmicahg: yeah great. beta1 is out :)20:19
micahgasac: I'm hoping it'll rival chrome in the final release20:20
micahgasac: I wanted to ask you about enigmail, do we sync that from Debian? and should the locales stay a separate package?20:20
micahgasac: also, I think chris is taking a couple days off20:21
asacis 3.6 rollout finished?20:21
micahgasac: not yet, jaunty/karmic waiting for openjdk TCK test20:22
asacmicahg: i have no strong opinion on whether we should take debian enigmail or not20:22
asacthey took my enigmail and improved that, so it shoyuld be fine20:22
asacwe cant sync though ... we need to change build depends20:22
asacas they have icedove-dev20:22
micahgasac: k, so as long as they're using the same packaging, we can pull from tehm?20:22
micahgasac: right20:22
asacor we introduce a icedove-dev package that pulls in thunderbird-dev20:22
asacbut we probablz would have to add some magic to the build system somwhere20:23
micahgasac: I can make thunderbird-dev provide icedove-dev20:23
asacmaybe try if just building the package would work20:23
asacmicahg: i am not sure thats enough20:23
asacyou could try in ppa20:23
micahgasac: that's what we were going to do for firefox/iceweasel so we can sync more20:23
asacor pbuilder ... but the behaviour might be different there20:23
asacsure ... makes sense20:24
micahgasac: BTW, I can upload our packageset now :)20:24
asacmicahg: ++ rock on!20:24
ftaasac, micahg: i don't see why 4.0/linux should be different from our 3.7... did a mega patch land or something?21:04
chrisccoulsonhi asac, how are you?21:16
chrisccoulson(sorry, i took a swap day today) ;)21:16
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micahgfta: it's not, I haven't had time to do the merge, if you have time, feel free :)21:29
LLStarkssup chrisccoulson22:31
chrisccoulson_hi LLStarks22:32
LLStarksplease tell me that i'm wrong: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9562437&postcount=1522:32
chrisccoulson_asac - what are your thoughts about uploading the FF security beta's to maverick for testing (ie, 3.6.7build1)?22:33
chrisccoulson_LLStarks, well, we won't rush to upgrade every release to 4.0 when it comes out (unless 3.6 is rapidly approaching EOL)22:33
chrisccoulson_but i can't predict that far in the future ;)22:34
LLStarks3.6 EOL is Fall 2011 IIRC22:34
micahgLLStarks: the stable PPA will have it :)22:34
micahgLLStarks: should be more like Spring 201122:34
LLStarks3.5 just EOL'd didn't it?22:34
chrisccoulson_LLStarks, not yet22:34
micahgLLStarks: no22:34
LLStarksi'm still confused, so 4.0 proper won't ever be in -security, but more likely that 4.0.1 or 4.1 will?22:35
micahgLLStarks: right, 4.1 will probably be22:36
micahgLLStarks: I shouldn't say that22:36
chrisccoulson_LLStarks, it all depends on timing that we can't predict yet22:36
LLStarksi see.22:37
micahgLLStarks: our hope is 3.6.x will last until hardy/karmic are EOL, then Lucid would get whatever is the current stable release22:37
micahgafter the 3.6 EOL22:37
chrisccoulson_yeah, hopefully. we don't want to go through this pain again for hardy and karmic ;)22:37
LLStarksi've been scouring the mozilla wiki for EOL schedules.22:37
chrisccoulson_that would be unfortunate22:37
LLStarksno luck.22:37
micahgLLStarks: no, 3.6 should go EOL 6 months after 4.0 release22:38
LLStarks3.6 series or 3.6.0?22:38
micahg3.6.x or more correctly 1.9.2.x22:39
micahgLLStarks: like I said, we'll have the PPA for the people that can't wait for the update :)22:39
LLStarksis 2.0 just a relabeled 1.9.3.x or a separate branch?22:39
micahgLLStarks: renamed 1.9.322:40
LLStarksbut not mozilla 2, right?22:40
micahgLLStarks: the changes were too great to keep it in 1.9.x22:40
micahgLLStarks: yes, Gecko 222:40
chrisccoulson_heh, i disappear for a single day and we get a new bug status ;)22:42
micahgchrisccoulson: that came on Wed w/the rollout22:42
chrisccoulson_micahg - oh, i never noticed that then ;)22:45
micahgchrisccoulson_: there was a discussion on the bugsquad list as well as u-d-d22:45
chrisccoulson_micahg - yeah, i just noticed your mail22:46
chrisccoulson_i tend not to read anything on u-d-d though ;)22:46
micahgchrisccoulson_: I'll have to remember that ;)22:46
micahgchrisccoulson_: I want to reply to that Ubuntu AppUpdate post explaining that Firefox cannot be offered in it because of branding issues22:47
micahgand that we already provide stable updates22:48
chrisccoulson_micahg - yeah, feel free. i just had a read of that too22:50
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chrisccoulson_right, i'm going to watch a little bit of TV now :)22:51
micahgchrisccoulson_: k, enjoy :)22:51
LLStarksbug 33379922:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 333799 in firefox-3.5 (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "Firefox uses en-GB by default instead of en-US (affects: 4) (dups: 2) (heat: 42)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33379922:51
LLStarksit's now using gb, us, au, and ca22:52
micahgLLStarks: using them all at the same time?22:52
LLStarksi'm not sure22:52
jcastromicahg: I am surprised no one had set up an AppUpdate-like thing with PPAs already22:52
LLStarksthey all appear in the language tab22:53
jcastromicahg: and just snag useful bits from other ppa's on lp22:53
LLStarksand i am getting british spelling suggestions22:53
micahgjcastro: I was planning on making a tool, but I don't think I'll have time this cycle22:53
LLStarkscanada and australia are both commonwealth countries22:53
LLStarksso i'm not sure22:53
micahgLLStarks: yeah, you can just change your dictionary to en-US and it shoudl remember it22:54
LLStarksit's en-gb upon installation22:54
LLStarksand i'm american22:55
LLStarksi selected america when i installed22:55
LLStarksi'm about to do reinstall of ubuntu today for unrelated reasons, so i'll see if the bug persists.22:56
LLStarksall of the langpacks are in /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.6/extensions22:57
LLStarksand aren't easily removable22:57
micahgLLStarks: right, that's why it's a triaged bug :)22:58
micahgLLStarks: upstream doesn't have an en-US langpack which is part of the issue22:58
LLStarksi was just referencing it and describing new behavior associated22:58
micahgLLStarks: I know, I found it annoying too23:02
LLStarksDamn spellchecker. It's "realize", not "realise".23:02
micahgLLStarks: depends on the locale ;)23:02
LLStarksi know23:03
LLStarksthat's why i'm lamenting23:03
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