qwebirc6168anyone care to help with a hardware swap question? :)00:13
qwebirc6168I pulled a cdrom drive (working) put in a DVD drive. No joy. not sure what I need to change. Anyone?00:15
greglqwebirc6168, Look in fstab..You need to change the UUID to match the drive...This link is for a hard drive but the info is the same for a dvd..00:35
greglopps! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive00:35
Zinn[help.ubuntu.com] InstallingANewHardDrive - Community Ubuntu Documentation00:35
qwebirc6168hey gregl, i'll go through that info now. thanks!00:37
greglOk: If that don't help you google  change dvd drive ubuntu..good luck..00:39
qwebirc6168i have been googling similar things for a while.  :( in the documentation you sent me it talks about gparted, partitio0ning, etc.. I skip all that for a dvd drive I assume...00:41
qwebirc6168that brings me to the edit fstab section. Is the DVD drive added to fstab?00:42
qwebirc6168so fstab is so it mounts on bootup I presume from my reading. I should be able to manually mount it.00:59
qwebirc6168but it wont, not sure whats wrong00:59
qwebirc6168seems its a bad symlink somewhere (i changed from cdrom to dvdrom). still digging01:04
qwebirc6168isofs_fill_super: bread failed << lol01:04
mnjayI was using the Automatic Daily Builds, but I've been having so many problems that I want to revert to the dist version. How do I go about it?04:30
Shadow__Xyou could remove the auto builds package04:33
mnjayAre you suggesting "sudo apt-get remove mythtv"? Will I loose my current settings?04:35
mnjayer lose04:36
Shadow__Xmnjay: no open the mythbuntu control center you can remove the auto builds package there but honestly aslong as your using the fixes branch you should be running the latest04:37
Shadow__Xits inteded to fix things04:37
Shadow__Xwhat problems have you been having04:37
mnjaylots of crashes04:38
mnjaymythweather crashes right away04:38
mnjaymythnetvision crashes when trying to play a video04:38
mnjaymythvide crashed after watching a video04:38
mnjaythe auto builds also haven't been refreshed for several days even though there have been updates upstream04:39
mnjaythe only reason I started with the auto builds in the first place was because there was a fix for playing DVDs/ISOs/VIDEO_TS folders in the fixes branch04:41
Shadow__Xmnjay: hmm thats weird i would try and trouble shoot because i dont think thats normally what happens04:41
Shadow__Xthats aslong as you arent using storage groups04:42
mnjayI'm really new to Myth, so I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting04:42
Shadow__Xwell i would check out the logs in /var/logs/mythtv04:45
mnjayOK, I have the mythweather problem figured out. Some update made all of the map screens invalid. I removed them and now no crash.04:54
Shadow__Xmnjay: see you are well on your way of figuring it out great job05:01
mnjayWell now I'm stuck on the mythnetvision issue05:05
mnjayhere's the pastebin http://pastebin.com/pmVF7kHF05:05
Shadow__Xmnjay: yeah i dont use mythnetvision but i would pop over to #mythtv-users they should be able to help you05:15
pteagueok, this is weird...  my local audio is dead & i can't figure out how to restart it... however, everything coming in via the line-in is working just fine. & no, pcm is not muted19:06
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