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zkriessehey akgraner when you get this wanted to talk about Mootbot07:16
akgranerzkriesse, I'm on for a few minutes then I am out the door for most of the day...what's up?14:13
akgranerwhich mootbot?  the one that -meetings use or mootbot-uk?14:14
zkriesseakgraner: you there? It's RE: Mootbot18:28
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akgranerHey all reminder News team meeting in about 20 minutes23:40
nhandlerakgraner: Cool. /me didn't see it on the fridge ;)23:55
akgranerI thought you added it? :-)23:55
akgranersigh - that's terrible that I forgot to add our meeting there...DOH!23:56
akgranerI need to add that to the checklist23:56
nhandlerI didn't know until about 2 minutes ago that we had a meeting today ;)23:56
akgranerit's in the topic isn't it?23:57
akgranerno worries - I'll just add them as reoccurring  - after the meeting tonight23:57
nhandlerakgraner: Yeah, I guess it was.23:58
nhandlerAnd why are we still holding hte meetings in here and not -meeting?23:58
zkriesseakgraner: I had questions about MootBot not MootBot-UK if you have time after the meeting23:59
akgranerzkriesse, ok cool..23:59

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