ubottumc44 called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (QuidRagPro)00:02
Amaranthcheck /whois00:03
AmaranthFeel free to handle it00:04
* Amaranth goes back to eating00:04
funkyHatI just banned. See no reason to let it go anywhere00:06
bazhangwhoa that is a nasty name00:06
bazhangQuidRagPro has quit (K-Lined)00:07
bazhangp1oooop has been asked (via PM) to keep it on topic and not give nonsense 'advice'01:17
bazhangit appears he may be brand0n from bt01:36
Andre_GondimHi, I am from Ubuntu Brazil, and I need to be a admin from our official channel, how may I do it?01:37
bazhangAndre_Gondim, #ubuntu-irc is the correct channel for that01:37
IdleOnemaco: you active?03:52
macoIdleOne: not very. have homework03:52
IdleOneok do your homework03:52
macocan respond to ! o p s calls03:52
macobut not actively watching channels03:52
IdleOneCompiling in #u possible trolling03:53
IdleOneinterspersed with help.03:53
IdleOneactual help*03:53
tonyyarussoHOMEWORK?  It's summer!  Blasphemy!05:34
voriancan i please get my cloak changed back to ubuntu?06:03
voriani'll leave now before jussi klines me06:03
h00kInteresting things happen when the bill isn't paid.06:10
h00kTruth be told, it was paid, they made a mistake and cut off service :(06:11
jussigood morning mad peoples!07:27
tonyyarussoany of you folks created polls on launchpad?  I can't figure it out.08:19
jussitonyyarusso: I havent, but I know dholbach has09:04
jussimaybe ask him?09:04
tonyyarussoAlthough after poking at it further it strongly looks like the answer is "Launchpad's poll system sucks - deal".09:06
jussitonyyarusso: yes, I would agree with that muchly09:07
jussitonyyarusso: could you check if the java map here works for you?09:07
tonyyarussojussi: a) slow to load, b) I have to accept a security prompt - ick, c) "Unauthorized usage of this content"09:09
jussitonyyarusso: so it doesnt load?09:09
jussior can you see the map?09:09
tonyyarussoThe applet loads; the map does not.09:09
jussisun java?09:09
tonyyarussono, icedtea09:14
bazhang<alteregoa> you are computer addicted get professional help10:12
bazhanghe doesn't care to get help, openly admits to just trolling #ubuntu10:12
h00kmorning, all.11:54
ubottuIn #ubuntu, h-kan said: ubottu: tnx. is there any frontend for !upstart than or how does it know what to start?12:44
bazhangjungli seems to want to antagonize as many people as possible today13:08
gnomefreakhe scares me ;)13:09
bazhangylmfos is a Chinese derivative of Ubuntu btw, based on Lucid and made to look exactly like XP13:10
PiciOh, I vaugely remember someone asking us to support that.13:10
gnomefreakdoes Ubuntu support Chinese in Lucid already?13:11
bazhangof course13:12
gnomefreakcentrel time is -5 right13:39
bazhang@now chicago14:00
ubottuCurrent time in America/Chicago: July 08 2010, 08:00:1014:00
knome16:00 ยป likemindead [~Xmccracke@ip72-198-31-155.ok.ok.cox.net] has left #xubuntu ["sudo apt-get remove dumbass"]14:00
knomewouldn't say he's ever been the shy and kind little boy, but this kind of crossed the line for me from him14:06
elky _____________________________________________________14:14
elky/                                                     \14:14
elky| |_  _.._ ._    |_/ _| _.   ||_  _.   _ |   ._  _||  |14:14
elky| | |(_||_)|_)\/ |_)(_|(_|\/ || |(_|\/(/_||_|| |(_|o  |14:14
elky\       |  |  /           /                           /14:14
elky -----------------------------------------------------14:14
elky  \14:14
elky   \   \14:14
elky        \ /\14:14
elky        ( )14:14
elky      .( o ).14:14
PiciI really hope that is a rabbit.14:17
Picihappy birthday MenZa!14:17
elkyPici, it is bunny, yeah14:18
elkyAnd I was nice, I used the mini font14:19
jpdshighvoltage: Dude, what happened to TENET?14:22
highvoltagejpds: seacom international fibre is down afaik, it's aparently going to be problematic until the end of the week or something14:23
highvoltage(I'm not really following since I'm in Canada atm)14:23
jpdsle sigh.14:24
highvoltageSymmetria in #canonical-sysadmin is like, the lead engineer for tenet's network so he could give you very accurate up to date info :)14:24
highvoltageoops, he's not in there atm14:24
jpdsYes, I know Alistar and his crew, they're not around.14:25
jpdsAnd I can't ping his IPv6 addr.14:25
highvoltagehe's active on #clug on irc.atrum.org, I told him to ping you14:32
bluebaronI was banned from #ubuntu.  I came in here a while ago to clear it up.  Someone gave me a couple links to read about policies.  I have read them and agree to them.14:47
bluebaronsorry i was just busy that day ... i had to get things done14:48
knomebluebaron, no problem - i'm not able to help but if you wait for some time i'm sure somebody will come up and help you further :)14:50
jpdshighvoltage: I think he has more important things to do right now. ;-)14:50
Picibluebaron: one moment please.14:51
bluebaronthank you14:51
bluebaronAlthough what I said was against the terms of service, it was for praise of another individual for his helping me out.  I'm hoping that my honesty will give me honest forgiveness and people here won't look down on me.14:54
Picibluebaron: So you still think that what you said was 'praise'?  Are you going to 'praise' people in a similar fashion in the future in our channels?14:55
PiciAnd continuing to attempt to join #ubuntu isn't going to work, no matter how many times you try.14:56
bluebaronNo, sir.  I was extremely excited by his resolution for my issue.14:56
bluebaronok ... sorry .. i'm going to leave now14:58
highvoltagejpds: heh, yeah15:59
Picibazhang: I sent her a message with the guidelines but got no response.17:04
bazhangPici, got him/her in PM now17:04
bazhangDr|Troll, what do you need?17:10
Dr|Trolli want talk with ikonia17:10
ikoniawhat do you wnat17:11
bazhangDr|Troll, you are not banned anywhere that I know of, and this is NOT a social channel.17:11
ikoniahow can I help ?17:11
bazhangDr|Troll, please part the channel17:11
ikoniahang on17:11
bazhangikonia, just more nonsense17:11
ikoniaDr|Troll: if you need something from me please ask17:11
Dr|Trollikonia, i am sorry :)17:11
ikoniafor what ?17:11
Dr|Trollfor my behavior :)17:12
ikoniadon't start this again17:12
ikoniaplease just leave and behave17:12
Dr|Trollplz forgive me17:12
ikoniaplease just leave and behave, that's all I'm interested in17:12
bazhangDr|Troll, just /part the channel17:12
Dr|Trollok so you forgive me :)17:13
Dr|Trollthanks :)17:13
ikoniaDr|Troll: if you persist with this behave you I will raise this issue with the council17:13
ikoniadear council members, I'm going to raise this as another long term user who is just out to "be an issue"17:13
ikoniathis has gone on long enough17:13
bazhangjust needlessly highlighting people and saying weird/creepy things17:13
ikoniayes, agreed17:13
bazhang'how's your gf' etc17:14
jpdsthis behave?17:16
ikoniatyping too fast before he left17:17
=== jussi is now known as jussio1
=== jussi01 is now known as jussi
popey"If the channel should be publicly logged, send a request to rt at ubuntu dot com"20:04
popeyis that right?20:04
Tm_Tyes, IIRC20:06
Picipopey: For ubuntulog, yes.20:06
Picipopey: loco channels should contact admin@ubuntu-eu.org20:07
popeyah, okay20:07
popeythank you20:07
popeyio asked me as he wants to setup #ubuntu-ipv620:07
popeyi pointed him here and -rc20:07
IdleOnejoobong: how can we help you?20:13
joobongIdleOne how do we move window buttons20:13
IdleOnejoobong: this is not a support channel20:13
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side20:14
Picijoobong is banforwarded here from #ubuntu20:14
IdleOneplease part the channel if there is nothing else20:14
IdleOnePici: I know20:14
IdleOnejoobong also knows that he is being forwarded20:16
ikoniawhy do we need #ubuntu-ipv620:32
jpdsikonia: We don't.21:32
jpds#ubuntu is prefectly capable of being dual-stacked.21:33
nocturnuscan i be unbanned from #ubuntu, please?22:51
jribnocturnus: you're all over the bantracker, I'll let Tm_T or elky look at your ban22:56
jribnocturnus: history of bans22:57
nocturnushow many times do i come up?22:57

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