maekanyone have any idea how to start mysql? I have no errors and "start mysql" and "service mysql start" just sit there00:07
mathiazSpamapS: yop00:08
mathiazSpamapS: that's what we're recommending for upstart00:08
mathiazSpamapS: upstart job should be trivial enough to edit - and not require the use of a default file anymore00:09
maekmathiaz: so my box is up and running, network is running. I sshed to the box00:09
maekmathiaz: when I do "start mysql" I get notning, so its not that its waiting for a requirment right?00:09
mathiazSpamapS: default files were introduced because editing init script directly were too error prone00:09
mathiazmaek: you're correct00:10
mathiazmaek: I'd look in /var/log/daemon.log to figure out why mysql is failing to start00:10
maeksorry for being dumb, im moving from rhel to ubuntu00:10
maekmathiaz: /var/log/daemon and /var/log/mysql/error.log arent showing anything when I do start mysql00:16
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GhostFreeman_How does one install Redmine using the version from apt01:36
giovaniGhostFreeman_: /usr/share/doc/redmine contains configuration examples for lighttpd and apache202:07
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clustyhow likely is it that lm-sensors cpu temperatures are totally bogus?02:51
clustyit's 35 deg celsius here and with 100% load for 5min temp uis 27deg02:56
debugviewis webmin the best that i can have for my server?02:56
clusty..and i got no peltier cooling :D02:56
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giovaniclusty: quite possible that they're wrong03:01
giovanidebugview: not sure what you're asking, but, afaik, webmin is not supported by ubuntu03:01
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox03:01
debugviewgiovani, seriously?03:01
debugviewbut i had it installed anyway03:02
clustygiovani: bios does not have temp meter. guess i am screwed....03:02
debugviewbut thanks for letting me know about eBox03:02
giovaniclusty: screwed? unlikelly -- do some research on your motherboard, see if others report the same thing, if not -- look at the other temps, see if they all seem off03:03
clustygiovani: lmsensors detects just the 2 core temps03:03
giovaniwhat kind of board is this?03:03
needhelpcan someone help me with inverse proportions ?03:04
giovanineedhelp: this isn't #math03:04
needhelpfor some reason it will not let me in #math03:05
giovanineedhelp: sorry, can't help03:05
clustygiovani: intel 945GSE03:06
giovaniclusty: that's a chipset -- what about the motherboard?03:06
clustygiovani: it's an asus atom PC03:07
clustyno clue how would i check exact mobo03:07
giovaniwell is this a laptop or a nettop?03:08
clustynettop i guess03:08
clustysize of 2 hdd's03:08
giovaniwell who made it?03:08
giovaninot too many of them03:08
giovanimodel number? heh03:08
clustyASUS Eee Box EBXB202-BLK-X008103:09
clustythanks for help btw03:09
giovaniwell I'd go searching to see if other eeebox users have similar issues with lmsensors03:10
clustyok thank03:10
talcitehey guys. I have 2 scripts in rc0.d. One is S35, and the other is K80. Which would be run first on shutdown?03:14
clustygiovani: curious why i don't have any stuff around thermal_zone, fan....03:16
clustyand other /proc/acpi common things03:17
giovaniclusty: maybe the board doesn't have those sensors, or they're not supported by the version of linux you have03:17
talciteI'm trying to figure out why my apcupsd process isn't killing the power to the UPS. I suspect that networking is going down before the killpower step is called03:18
debugviewhmm is using mrtg an overkill for bandwidth checks?03:19
giovanitalcite: my understanding is that the kills run first, then the starts03:20
giovanitalcite: so, K80 should run before S*03:20
giovanidebugview: yes03:20
debugviewgiovani, what would you recommend for bandwidth graphs? one that monitors stuff then plot graphs..daily, weekly, monthly etc..03:21
giovanidebugview: I'd whip something up in rrdtool, but that probably isn't the answer you want03:21
debugviewgiovani, yeah i just want a simple one03:22
debugviewbrowsing through http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-linux.html lots of stuff03:22
giovaniwell I don't know of anything simple that isn't overkill for a single server03:22
talcitegiovani: ah. And I found the debian policy manual page for it. This all makes sense now. I can finally go home...03:22
giovanitalcite: excellent -- it's not debian-specific though03:23
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giovanitalcite: if you'd like a definitive answer you can do what I just did -- read /etc/init.d/rc -- the actual script that executes these other scripts03:24
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giovani"# First run the KILL scripts."03:24
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giovani"# Now run the START scripts"03:24
talcitegiovani: hm, didn't know rc was the actual script. Anyways, is there any problem if I shutdown a machine without bringing down the network interface first?03:25
talcitethe ups killpower command is called from the halt script, but the networking stop script is called before that. it's a SNMP ups, so naturally the signal never makes it there03:26
talciteI'm thinking of moving the networking entry to go after the halt command (effectively it will never get called)03:26
giovaniwhat's the killpower script do, exactly?03:27
talcitegiovani: it sends a snmp command to the ups to kill power to the outlets after 90s03:28
talcitepretty vital because the switches will drain the UPS battery dead otherwise03:28
giovaniso when this machine is shut down03:28
giovanithis script needs to be executed so that the UPS shuts down after 90 seconds?03:28
giovaniwhy can't you run the script before shutting down the network stack, and then still have time to shut down gracefully before the 90 seconds?03:29
talcitegiovani: it's pretty heavily integrated into the apcupsd package. I'd be ripping out a _lot_ of code if I did it that way03:30
talcitebut you're right, it's an option.03:30
giovaniI really don't understand why03:30
talcitethe package wasn't designed with network UPSes in mind. It's making the assumption that we're using a usb or serial UPS (even though the binary fully supports network UPSes)03:32
talciteactually, it's a bug that I should submit a report for. What is ubuntu's bug tracker called?03:33
giovaninot sure that this is a bug, but alright03:35
talciteah it fixed it!03:44
talciteaaaaah! Finally after 6 hours!03:44
giovanitalcite: fixed how?03:44
talcitegiovani: the UPS powered off =)03:45
talciteI removed the symlink for networking from /etc/rc0.d, and added a /etc/init.d/networking stop line in halt right after the ups shutdown command03:46
talcitestill within the if/fi statement of course03:46
clustygiovani: seems the kernel modules for my board have been buggered badly since 2.6.3003:55
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uvirtbotNew bug: #603001 in qemu-kvm (main) "Guest with user net can't access external network when host has static IP" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60300107:01
twbOK, /home is an NFS mount07:27
twbWhy does "mount -oremount,lock /home" complain "an incorrect mount option was specified"?07:27
keestwb: is NEED_STATD=yes set in /etc/default/nfs-common ? i seem to remember needing that on at least the client07:31
keesbut maybe that was something else07:31
kaushalwhen i do ./configure for memcached package on ubuntu 8.04 hardy server i get07:32
kaushalchecking build system type... Invalid configuration `x86_64-unknown-linux-': machine `x86_64-unknown-linux' not recognized07:32
kaushalconfigure: error: /bin/bash ./config.sub x86_64-unknown-linux- failed07:32
kaushalAny clue ?07:32
twbkees: no; it should default to autodetecting whether it's necessary07:34
twbkees: I'll try that; if it all magically works after that, I'll be bloody pissed.07:34
twb(The problem is http://paste.ubuntu.com/460510/)07:34
SpamapSkaushal: you're trying to compile memcached 1.4.5 from upstream tarball on hardy, yes?07:51
SpamapStwb: can you paste the fstab line for /home?07:55
SpamapStwb: also, I'm not familiar with casper, whats that?07:55
twbcasper is what makes the live CDs work07:56
twbecho >>/root/etc/fstab /home nfs intr,bg,nodev,noexec07:56
twb...with, or without {no,}{bootwait,lock}07:57
SpamapStwb: hmm, the "auto detecting" of needing statd seems pretty different in /etc/init/statd.conf07:59
twbstatd is started, but mountall(8) is retarded AFAICT08:00
twbmountall is a separate daemon that doesn't know that it needs to wait for statd/retry -olock fstab entries08:00
SpamapStwb: you definitely need locking right?08:00
twbWell, without locking users can log in on multiple hosts and potentially bust their files08:01
twbIn practice I probably don't need it08:01
SpamapStwb: right its possible that mountall-net.conf needs a 'start rpc.statd'08:01
twbBut all mountall-net.conf does is send a USR1 to the mountall daemon08:01
SpamapStwb: indeed, but it does that *after* networking has been configured08:03
twbBut networking is configured before upstart starts08:03
SpamapSnot really08:03
twbI'm booting off the network; if the network wasn't configured, it wouldn't be able to mount the root filesystem and find upstart to execute it.08:04
SpamapSright, so in this case, the 'start on net-device-up' should fire *immediately*08:04
twbRight -- I think it fires before the mountall daemon is even running08:05
SpamapSrace condition after race condition. ;)08:05
twbAt least, when I trace mountall-net, I can see it fails to find the mountall PID -- so either mountall hasn't started, or has already finished08:05
SpamapStwb: so maybe another 'start on' is necessary that makes mountall-net wait for 'mountall' to start *and* a net device to be up?08:07
twbWell, I can try it08:07
SpamapSstart on started mountall08:08
SpamapSit sounds quite reasonable actually08:08
twbOK, that appears to have worked08:09
twbMy brain hurts08:09
SpamapScan you report this as a bug?08:10
twbSo what I have at the moment -- I think -- is "lock,bootwait" for /home in fstab, and "start on statd" added to mountall-net.conf08:10
SpamapSits SRU worthy, if we hurry it may make 10.04.108:10
twbI'll turn single off and try to see if GDM dtrt08:10
SpamapSwait you added 'start on statd' ?08:11
SpamapSor 'start on started statd' ?08:11
twbThe former08:12
twbAnd it isn't working if I turn single off08:12
twb(I was confused between "started" being there or not.)08:12
SpamapSok, I was thinking more that mountall-net needs to wait for 'mountall'08:14
SpamapSand *possibly* statd08:14
twbWithout "single", neither "start on statd" nor "start on started statd" work -- it just hangs there in plymouth forever08:15
SpamapSsingle meaning booting into single user mode?08:15
twbSingle meaning I pass "single" on the boot parameter list08:15
twb(And friendly-recovery isn't installed.)08:15
SpamapSyeah ok08:15
SpamapSI think you need mountall-net to wait for mountall to be started, otherwise the event it sends to mountall will be missed08:16
SpamapSI'm actually worried that mountall won't have signal handlers in place when its job is "started" though, so I wonder if you can introduce a small delay08:16
SpamapSraces suck. :-P08:17
twbIsn't the whole point of upstart to avoid "sleep 1" hacks?08:17
* twb gripes08:17
SpamapSthe other way to do it is to have mountall emit a specific signal after it is ready to handle the USR108:18
SpamapShaha btw08:19
SpamapSthe "auto detecte" mode of NEED_STATD.. is just "if its not no, set it to yes"08:19
twbIt also seems pretty weird that Keybuk wrote mountall because upstart didn't do it internally -- but keybuk maintains upstart, too.08:20
twbI can't get it to work with "single" anymore, so either I accidentally had "nolock" in the ramdisk (because I forgot to update it), or that ONE TIME, I managed to miss the race08:21
SpamapStwb: did you try it with "start on started mountall" in mountall-net.conf ?08:26
twbThat *and* statd?08:27
twbI'll try that now08:27
twbActually, as a test, why don't I just have it issue a USR1 every second forever08:27
twbIf that works, we can narrow down exactly when to send the USR108:28
twbOK, that works with single!08:29
SpamapSvery narrow window between when the exec will return, and the forked child handles SIGUSR108:31
SpamapSbut still, I suspect its possible to run into it08:31
twbIf I change mountall-net.conf to "start on startup" and a script of "while :; do pkill -USR1 mountall || :; sleep 1; done", it WORKS PERFECTLY -- the fourth USR1 succeeds08:32
SpamapSI mean great, but DOH08:32
SpamapSthis makes sense...08:33
twbSo either mountall-net isn't triggering on statd -- which we fixed -- of its attempt to find the mountall PID is totally wrong and broken08:33
SpamapSwell more importantly, statd could be beating mountall08:33
twbWell, first I'm going to change it to a single "pkill -USR1 mountall", and run that on the appropriate events.08:34
SpamapSentirely possible the fix for bug 506902 wasn't done right too08:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 506902 in mountall "mountall-net SIGUSR1 handling can signal the wrong process by mistake" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50690208:35
SpamapStwb: I need to get to bed, but I would at least give your script a try with 'start on started mountall' and see if it succeeds on the 1st or 2nd SIGUSR108:35
twbI think it really needs "starting mountall && started statd" or so08:36
twbi.e. statd is fully up, mountall is running and waiting for events08:36
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SpamapSstarting would be too early08:37
SpamapStwb: but yeah, they probably both need to be started08:37
* SpamapS must really go now08:37
twbYou really helped, thanks08:37
R3cur51v3Should the Ubuntu Server edition have django 1.0 SVN final installing by default, or is it a severely outdated mirror?08:45
twbR3cur51v3: ask rmadison08:46
R3cur51v3rmadison, Should the Ubuntu Server edition have django 1.0 SVN final installing by default, or is it a severely outdated mirror?08:46
twb$ rmadison python-django -uubuntu -slucid ==> python-django | 1.1.1-2ubuntu1 | lucid | source, all08:46
R3cur51v3ah, the douches still have Intrepid installed08:47
R3cur51v3figures, with a $5 vps08:48
R3cur51v3twb, to upgrade to Lucid, do I just change all instances of intrepid to lucid in /etc/apt/sources.list, then update?08:51
Jordan_UR3cur51v3: NO08:51
twb!upgrade > R3cur51v308:51
ubottuR3cur51v3, please see my private message08:51
R3cur51v3ty twb  and Jordan_U09:05
R3cur51v3night all09:05
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|eagles0513875|hey guys i am having connectivity issues on a clean install of lucid server 64bit09:09
|eagles0513875|hold on09:09
twb|eagles0513875|: still there?09:14
MasterZuFuHey everyone. I'm running Ubuntu Server 10.04 on a dedicated host. I'm logged in via putty. I'm running a MyBB forum on it at the moment. For some reason email isn't working. It happened after I restarted the host. I think I'm using exim4, I just restarted that service and it didn't start back up. I recently installed ebox. Could someone help me troubleshoot this please?10:24
serverhorrorMasterZuFu:  mailservers aren't exactly the easiest components. If you don't have some setup to test and learn from I really really suggest to use a hosted mail provider.10:34
serverhorrorMasterZuFu:  apart from that. Check which mailserver you have installed, then check the logs (in case of exim /var/log/exim/{main,paniclog} IIRC)10:35
MasterZuFuserverhorror, I don't have the option of an alternate mail server. it's built into the site software to use the email server on the server itself. I'd have to edit the core files to change that.10:36
serverhorrorMasterZuFu:  then use nullmailer and let it forward the mails for you to a real server.10:37
MasterZuFuhmmmm ok, let me take a look. one moment please10:38
MasterZuFuserverhorror, here's what the panic log says: 2010-06-01 10:00:08 socket bind() to port 25 for address ::25 failed: Cannot assign requested address: daemon abandoned10:40
serverhorrorMasterZuFu:  something is listening on port 25 already10:40
MasterZuFugay. let me check ebox.10:40
JapjeMasterZuFu: netstat -plnt10:41
twbss is the new netstat10:41
MasterZuFunothing's running under port 2510:42
Jeeves_twb: thanks! :)10:44
Jeeves_saves me the typos :)10:44
MasterZuFuI've got the following ports open: 993, 995, 389, 10023, 3306, 110, 143, 80, 22, 3128, 5432, 443, and....ummm O.o 22 whya are there two 22 running? O.o odd. Anyways..no 25.10:47
serverhorrorMasterZuFu:  paste the output of netstat -tulpen on some pastebin and tell us the link10:47
serverhorrorMasterZuFu:  and are you sure that log line is the one regarding the error, because since 2010-06-01 some time has past. At least in my <del>time</del>date zone...10:49
MasterZuFulet me check again10:50
MasterZuFuyeah that's the only line in it10:50
serverhorrorI'd truncate the log files. restart exim and then see what the logs say. Just to make sure. But I'd also verify that it's indeed exim that is the mailserver. you said you believe you run exim, pls verify first which smtp server you are using...10:52
MasterZuFuok, one sec10:53
MasterZuFuthis restarts exim4 right? /etc/init.d/exim4 restart10:57
MasterZuFuI don't see any logs at all.10:57
MasterZuFushould I reinstall it?10:57
MasterZuFunevermind, i sent my sysadmin an email. He'll look into this for me. thanks everyone.11:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #603091 in backuppc (main) "Have an authenticated access for personnal backups" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60309111:51
kaushalI have a weird issue about disk space12:09
serverhorrorhmmm playing around with UEC and I can't seem to connect the eucalyptus-nc to the cc. As of now I'm also blind and couldn't find some more in depth docs how I'd do that manually. Any hints/links?12:21
serverhorror.oO(is anybody even using UEC? - I have a feeling it's not really being used)12:28
phretorhi, what's wrong with this remounting? http://pastie.org/103576412:29
serverhorrorphretor:  sound slike /dev/sda6 isn't mounted :)12:31
phretorserverhorror: it's mounted to /12:32
serverhorrorlooks, good to me. maybe some strange ordering issue with mount options. I'd simply iterate thru the options and see where it chokes...12:35
adamdvserverhorror: Never used UEC. Dont like the concept.12:36
adamdvMight try it sometime. heh.12:36
serverhorrorseems everybody still stays with either home-grown scripts or closed source :)12:39
adamdvClosed source :)12:43
serverhorrorheh, we run home-grown. OpenVZ with a few monitoring/management scripts on top of it12:44
serverhorrors/a few/12:44
adamdvWell, we run somewhat home grown (due to be professionally released later this year). Its closed source however.12:45
serverhorror<rant>so you're going to sell me software, and I have to find some other professionals that can give me support?</rant> (sorry, couldn't resist it)12:47
kaushalcan someone guide me about the post on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2010-July/222568.html ?13:09
adamdvserverhorror: Haha, not at all ;)13:12
sommermorning all ;-)13:23
twbIn "apt-conf dump", I see APT::Never-MarkAuto-Sections13:25
twbDoes this mean I can tell apt that everything in, say, libs, is ALWAYS implicitly MarkAuto'd?13:26
twbSigh.  So it looks like something happened to pam since 8.0413:52
twbIt wants me to use /usr/share/pam-common13:52
twbI see the problem now: pam is working, but nss isn't configured anymore because I changed my "auth-client-config" call to a "pam-auth-update" call13:54
serverhorrorkaushal:  files that are unlinked but still opened by some program do take up disk space. Most common weirdness reason is to delete large log files, while some daemon still writes to them...14:02
twbThis fixed it: auth-client-config -plac_ldap -tnss14:16
zulnxvl: did you ask for a sync for augeas?14:26
oru_worki'm not sure why i'm getting this error when restarting mysql http://www.pastebin.org/38637614:33
giovanioru_work: it's fully self-explanatory14:33
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adamdvoru_work: The init scfript is deprecated in favor of upstart. However, init still operates as it should. (Not sure if it will in maverick though)14:36
=== adamdv is now known as AdamDV
oru_worki don't get it14:37
AdamDVoru_work: service mysql restart14:39
AdamDVTry that.14:39
AdamDVThats the new way to do it, as opposed to manually invoking a script from path14:40
AdamDVMore efficient as I understand.14:40
oru_workAdamDV,  sudo service mysql restart14:40
oru_workmysql start/running, process 118114:40
oru_workheh :)14:41
giovanioru_work: your ability to be confused is impressive14:41
oru_workgiovani, lolz :)14:41
oru_workso it worked /14:42
oru_workbut why is it still complaining when I do /etc/init.d/mysql restart ?14:43
giovaniit's not complaining14:43
giovaniit's informing you that you're using the old method14:43
AdamDVIts telling you that, that its being deprectated for upstart, aka service.14:43
AdamDVIts not like init fails when you restart it that way, it just warns.14:43
AdamDVIts not fatal ffs.14:43
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oru_workphpmyadmin doesn't start15:00
oru_workthis is what I see when I point my browser to phpmyadmin Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly.15:01
oru_workhere is what i get. http://www.pastebin.org/38639515:02
kirklandccheney: http://launchpad.net/uec-provisioning and lp:uec-provisioning15:11
ccheneykirkland, thanks15:11
laui am trying to re-bundle an existang aws ec2 ubuntu image ami-2d4aa444 i get this same error http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/message.jspa?messageID=17963515:15
lauI tried placing the new sources.list in sources.list.d but still the same error when re-bundling an ami any idea ?15:15
kirklandccheney: i've given you commit access on that branch15:23
ccheneykirkland, ok15:23
nxvlzul: i think so15:27
zulnxvl: k just double checking15:27
nxvlzul: LP: #59886215:35
MTecknologyHow can I see what params were used to launch a command?15:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #603192 in apache2 (main) "install of libapache2-mod-php5 may not result in enabled php" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60319215:46
SpamapStwb: still around?15:51
SpamapStwb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/53713315:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 537133 in mountall "mountall issues with NFS root filesystem" [Medium,Confirmed]15:52
SpamapStwb: did you see that?15:52
twbThat sounds like my bug15:52
twbWhat's the lp equivalent of "bts subscribe NNNNNN"?15:54
SpamapSclick "Subscribe" ? ;)15:55
SpamapSclick the little ! next to "does this bug affect you?"15:55
twbI'm not logged in, because that would require me to maintain a distributed cookie database across a large number of browsers and hosts15:56
SpamapSerr.. you don't have even one openid provider?15:56
twbI don't understand the trust model of openid, so I can't use it15:56
twbAFAICT it requires me to trust root on the openid provider's host15:56
twbEven so, that wouldn't work across multiple browsers15:57
SpamapStwb: as opposed to trusting root on *everybody you log in to"'s host?15:58
SpamapStwb: OpenID would have you logging in once on each browser.15:58
twbHuh?  *I* am root on my own machines.15:58
twbBut my own machines do not run OpenID servers15:58
SpamapStwb: You're saying you never log in to any web services ever?15:58
SpamapSbtw you can run your own OpenID provider15:59
twbDoesn't that require me to have a public IP address?15:59
SpamapSand never give anybody your auth details.15:59
Jeeves_!launchpad-- # Freezes my browser for a second of five15:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:59
twbAnd last time I looked, the only OpenID server implementations were PHP, which I sure as shit aren't going to allow on my machines...16:00
SpamapStwb: yes you would need to run one server that the consumers can ask for auth tokens16:00
SpamapStwb: thats just FUD16:00
Jeeves_Who needs openid if your browser can remember passwords16:00
SpamapStwb: http://wiki.openid.net/Run-your-own-identity-server16:00
twbJeeves_: my browser can't.16:00
Jeeves_I don't want to sign in just once. That means if someone else somehow ever know's my password, he can do the same16:01
SpamapSJeeves_: who needs a browser when a post it on your monitor can remember your one password that you use everywhere? ;)16:01
Jeeves_twb: You're running netscape 3?16:01
* ccheney really hates firefox, its eating my system16:01
Jeeves_SpamapS: I don't use one password16:01
twbRather, they can usually parse .netrc, but that's for HTTP/SSL, not for the stupid shitty form behind it16:01
twbJeeves_: no, wget, curl, GET, w3m, emacs-w3m, html2ps, midori, opera, and if all else fails, firefox 1.5 -- in roughly that order.16:02
twbI quite liked galeon back before gnome took control of it16:02
Jeeves_twb: Cool. You run Gentoo right, and you love SM? :)16:02
twbNo, I love UIs that are consistent across multiple websites, that automatically filter out useless content like images and iframe advertisements16:03
SpamapStwb: I like that you're using a ton of software. I do think OpenID would actually work out well for you.16:03
twbThe web developer isn't allowed to tell me how a page should look.16:03
SpamapSdude, serious lolz ..16:04
Jeeves_twb: You also use sciccors when reading the newspaper?16:04
Jeeves_Who the hell does this editor think he is! Arranging the newspaper for me!16:04
twbSpamapS: btw, the solution i to send a signed mail with "subscribe trentbuck@gmail.com" to NNNNNN@bugs.launchpad.net16:04
SpamapStwb: actually you'd like the reader plugin for chromium16:04
twbJeeves_: if by "newspaper" you mean sites like lwn -- yes, I have the XSLT equivalent of greasemonkey scripts to rearrange the page for me.16:04
ScottKtwb: OpenID is a MITM attack by design, so PHP should be the least of your concerns.16:05
SpamapStwb: yeah, we definitely support people who are reluctant to take the blue pill , aka web 2.0. ;)16:05
Jeeves_twb: No, I mean a newspaper. Made in a press, and with paper made of trees. You know, those brown/green things outside your window..16:05
twbJeeves_: that would require me to have a window16:06
twbScottK: yeah, I figured it was something dodgy like that16:06
twbScottK: the local EFF weenie is into it, which is why I perhaps gave it more credence than normal16:07
ScottKtwb: All the openid coolaid drinkers claim it's not, but I think they just don't actually understand anything about security.16:07
SpamapSScottK: interesting. I did read about the issues with the first implementations, but haven't those been solved by changing the mechanics of the system a bit to ensure you're not ever trusting a consumer site w/ your auth credentials?16:08
ScottKtwb: So I hand your web site my LP OpenID credentials and you check with LP and become I'm convinced I'm who I say I am.  What prevents you from reusing those credentials to log into LP, donning my archive adminstrator hat and accepting arbitrary code into the archive?16:08
twbScottK: hum.  I assumed it was at least unidirectional16:09
ScottKSpamapS: How do I know I'm really talking to LP and not a forged replica?16:09
twbi.e. more like a kerberos tgt16:09
ScottKtwb: It's slightly more complex since in theory the redirect me to LP and I give the information to LP directly, but I don't really know for sure where they are redirecting me too.16:10
SpamapSScottK: SSL certs are the only recourse there.. but I'm more interested in your replay scenario.16:10
twbWe should just use Kerberos to log into websites16:10
ScottKSpamapS: I really haven't looked at it in detail for quite some time, it may be better now.16:10
twbWikipedia was talking about some next-gen replacement for openid + some other thing16:11
SpamapSScottK: if you put your username/pass into a site without checking to see who owns the cert, then you pwned yourself. ;)16:11
ScottKSpamapS: Anything that depends on users reading SSL certs if full of fail.16:12
ScottKThey probably wouldn't get me, but I'm unusually careful about such things.16:12
SpamapSScottK: its the web. What other security paradigm is there?16:12
twbOn that subject, is anyone else annoyed about the lack of information about the requested action in gnome's replacement for gksu?16:13
ScottKtwb: I'm not annoyed at all.16:13
twb"org.gnome.dbus.rhythmbox has asked to do something!"16:13
twbI can't work out how to make it say "...has asked to install ffmpeg" or so16:13
Jeeves_twb: You're not using gnome, right?16:13
ScottKSpamapS: It would be much better from a security design perspective if the user went directly to the openID provider and the openID provider contacted the site they wanted to access.16:14
twbJeeves_: I'm not, but I have to make SOEs for prisoners who do16:14
SpamapSScottK: a lack of convenience will mean users just won't use the system.16:14
ScottKSpamapS: Convenience over security has got us into a mess.16:14
SpamapSinto what mess?16:15
SpamapSentering a user+pass per website isn't happening because of user convenience. *that* is the mess.16:15
SpamapSusers hate that16:15
SpamapSand they make the wrong choice every time, reusing passwords over and over16:16
twbWhat I hate is some fucker like launchpad requiring me to "log in" simply to provide them feedback about what isn't working16:16
twbI should be able to just give my email address.  If I'm lying, let the spam system handle it.16:16
Jeeves_twb: Did you happen to learn about a thing called spam?16:16
Jeeves_I mean, a captcha won't work for you either16:17
SpamapStwb: anonymous feedback is great, but I think its reasonable to ask that you provide a way to contact you for more information.16:17
twbSpamapS: which is not the same as making me remember a password16:17
SpamapStwb: and you *can* just provide us with your OpenID URL.16:17
SpamapSor like you said, a signed email16:17
twbI can't give you a signed email until I first log into the web UI16:18
ScottKtwb: What I find more annoying are requirements for authenticated access to just to read public data in the LP API (that may have been fixed, not sure)16:18
SpamapSScottK: thats not to prevent anonymous reading, but to prevent abuse.16:18
twbIt also annoys me how EVERY time I go from a public, read-only page on https://wiki.ubuntu.com to, say, google, my browser modally warns me I'm going ssl->non-ssl16:19
ScottKSpamapS: There are lots of best practices around doing that without requiring authentication.16:19
twbI don't know why ubuntu's wiki needs to be uncachable16:19
SpamapStwb: you can of course turn that message off, or play with google's new SSL access. ;)16:19
SpamapSScottK: actually thats bug worthy.. file one.. on.. launchpad. ;)16:20
twbSpamapS: I can turn it off by main force, but not fine-grained enough to avoid false negatives16:20
ScottKSpamapS: It also creates security risks for me because I need to give more code more access to my ID.16:20
SpamapStwb: ubuntu's wiki is in SSL for the authenticated source, not for the encryption.16:20
ScottKSpamapS: I'm on hiatus on launchpad bugs.  If I filed a bug every time LP annoyed me, I'd never do anything else.  Feel free to file one and quote me though.16:20
twbSpamapS: eh?  What does that guard against?16:21
Jeeves_ScottK: Indeed, Launchpad as an idea is great. But it usually just sucks :(16:21
SpamapStwb: well unless somebody compromises the ssl cert, you know its coming from the owners of Ubuntu.com ;)16:21
twbI don't need to know that.16:22
SpamapStwb: or of course, unless somebody compromises your CA list. ;)16:22
twbI'm quite happy for unreliable third parties to give me useful suggestions about fixing cock-ups in ubuntu16:22
SpamapStwb: well the maintainers of wiki.ubuntu.com think its important, whether you need it or not.16:22
twbIt's not like I run stuff from wiki.ubuntu.com without testing it -- that'd be nuts16:22
ScottKJeeves_: I won't even go that far.  Getting Fedora related comments on bugs I'm working on because of some great integration thing has never once helped me.  It just clutters my inbox.16:23
SpamapStwb: think about it.. MITM puts up commands for noobs to send him /etc/shadow via email in the middle of HOWTO's ..16:23
twbSpamapS: yes, but I'm not a noob, so I should be able to CHOOSE not to use SSL16:23
twbSpamapS: w.u.c actively forces me to use SSL for EVERYTHING16:23
jpdsScottK: You can use the Launchpad API anonymously.16:24
Jeeves_twb: What a life you must have.16:24
SpamapStwb: ohnoes16:24
ScottKjpds: Then maybe someone was doing it wrong, but I've been asked for credentials to read data.16:24
Jeeves_twb: Do you complain in the store as well? "Which *** forces me to use dollars everytime!? I'm SMART, I should be able to CHOOSE the currency I pay in!"16:25
jpdsScottK: >>> from launchpadlib import launchpad16:25
jpdsScottK: >>> lp = launchpad.Launchpad.login_anonymously("hi")16:25
twbJeeves_: I haven't yet, because I haven't found a store that wouldn't take my preferred currency.16:26
Jeeves_twb: So you *do* get outdoors? :)16:26
SpamapSJeeves_: play nice.16:26
twbSpamapS: don't worry about it, man16:27
Jeeves_SpamapS: I'm always nice. :)16:27
* jpds prods Jeeves_.16:27
SpamapSI have a lot of respect for twb and scottk's positions. They have important things to do, and they are not interested in flowery 90% solutions.16:27
twbSaying "nice" when you mean "pleasant" isn't nice at all.16:27
* twb points wildly at _Good Omens_)16:28
twbSpamapS: I have important things to do; I just don't do them ;-)16:28
zulhey mathiaz16:29
twbSpamapS: but I'd draw your attention to quote #3 of http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/George_Bernard_Shaw#Sourced16:29
RFlemingGood morning.16:30
RFlemingAny squid/sarg proxy admins here?16:30
ScottKjpds: I remembered what it was.  It's pull-lp-source in ubuntu-dev-tools.  It needs authorization to get source from other than the current development release.16:30
ScottKGotta run.16:30
mathiazzul: o/ - how hot is your part of canada?16:30
SpamapStwb: I missed the levity. ;)16:30
RFlemingI'm trying to figure out why sarg-reports isn't generating reports from cron :)16:30
RFlemingmathiaz, my part of Canada is a steamy 30 at the moment.16:31
zulmathiaz: its pretty hot...but im down the street from you16:31
jpdsScottK: That seems to have been fixed.16:31
mathiazzul: hm down?16:31
mathiazzul: you've come all the way to montreal for air conditioning?16:31
zulmathiaz: well probably up the street is the more correct term16:32
zulmathiaz: no i had other things to do as well ;)16:32
mathiazzul: cool - I'll catch up with you later today16:33
mathiazzul: I'll stop by in the afternoon16:33
zulmathiaz: sounds good16:33
mathiazzul: when do you leave?16:33
zulmathiaz: 4pm16:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #603211 in apache2 (main) "Apache fails to start after reboot due to missing /var/run/apache2 direcotry when ssl is enabled " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60321116:36
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alex88hi guys, on 9.04 for share internet i type "/sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o venet0 -j MASQUERADE" now on 10.04 it says "iptables: No chain/target/match by that name." any clue?17:00
alex88i've installed csf firewall like on 9.0417:00
alex88also i'm running on a vps17:09
serverhorroralex88:  "iptables -t nat -L" works?17:48
SpamapSyou know.. given that Amazon charges by "the box is up" or "the box is down" ..17:53
SpamapSwouldn't it be a good thing to do to run seti@home niced on all EC2 instances? ;)17:54
serverhorrorSpamapS:  why would I burn my precious cpu cycles which the company pays for to seti? Just to run into some strange performance problems?17:55
osmosiswhat is the relationship between apache ServerLimit and MaxClients?17:56
SpamapSserverhorror: clearly you're just not ready to meet E.T. ;)17:57
SpamapSosmosis: Depends on which apache MPM you are working with17:57
serverhorrorosmosis:  http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mpm_common.html#maxclients17:57
SpamapSosmosis: but in general, ServerLimit is the limit on the number of httpd processes that will be running, while MaxClients is the limit of http requests that will be serviced at one time.17:57
SpamapSserverhorror: and really, nice and CPU-only processes.. is it really going to give you "some strange performance problem" ? Unix has been doing nice since the Nixon administration. ;)17:59
serverhorrorosmosis:  actually http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mpm_common.html#serverlimit explains that better than the previous link. Upstream docs for httpd are one of the best available...17:59
SpamapSserverhorror: SETI's a bad idea though, how about protein folding or something to help cancer research? :)17:59
serverhorrorSpamapS:  I just don't see a reason to put more on the server than necessary. After all it's me that has to get up at 2am for one reason or another, and once any of those boing! (or whatever they call it now) processes is the reason I can assure you they're gone in no time...18:01
serverhorrors/is the reason/are the reason18:01
serverhorrorSpamapS:  but I'm pretty sure you could just suggest that to google. They'll be pretty happy to use that suggestion, they have tons of computational power lying around for nothing...18:02
SpamapSserverhorror: do you actually run any EC2 instances?18:02
serverhorrornope, I run rackspace18:02
SpamapSright, so .. ec2 is a little different.. ;)18:03
serverhorrorand a few hundred of our own :)18:03
SpamapSbut really..18:03
SpamapSit was a joke. Thank you for taking it seriously.. I feel special. :)18:03
serverhorrorSpamapS:  not that much actually. The main difference is that if an EC2 instance goes down it's gone. rackspace keeps those persistent18:03
zulSpamapS: ping need your opinon on something18:03
SpamapSzul: bring it18:04
serverhorror.oO(why do I always fall for those topics - I have a feeling I'm taking computer stuff to serious lately)18:04
zulSpamapS: im going to be converting the apache init script to upstart which means we loose stuff like /etc/init.d/apache2 graceful, should we have a wrapper script that has the same functionality18:04
SpamapSzul: you can't have arbitrary arguments to 'service ' somehow passed to upstart?18:06
zulSpamapS: not afaik no18:06
Kaffienif i'm using a usb hard drive cart type device do i have to use automount?  or does ubuntu mount usb devices another way now?18:07
SpamapSzul: I don't think a wrapper in init.d is the best thing, other than to maybe tell people "init.d is deprecated please use apachectl"18:07
zulSpamapS: yeah thats an option as well18:07
zuli was thinking of a wrapper for apachectl or something...meh18:07
=== smoser_ is now known as smoser
SpamapSzul: well apachectl should be in the path18:11
serverhorrorzul:  at least the manpage of service says that COMMAND can be arbitrary. Thou I have no idea about upstart yet18:11
SpamapSzul: /win 1018:14
osmosishow can I view the changelog for a update before installing it?18:20
serverhorrorosmosis:  apt-listchanges is your friend18:21
osmosisif i look at the changelog for  linux-image-server ...all it says is  * Lucid ABI 2318:32
serverhorrorbah! fck UEC...I'll just script the stuff myself18:35
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
ScottKjpds: Good to hear it's fixed.  Maybe I'll try it again.18:38
agentbobhave anyone here ever got zend optimizer working on ubuntu?18:42
agentbobi'm having a problem getting zend optimizer to work on my server... i've tried removing everything possible extension and nothing seems to help... i just get lots of random segfaults with zendopt installed... anyone ever run into this? i'm thinking maybe suhosin patch is messing with zo18:42
rsrHi, I have a server running ubuntu-server 10.04. I have installed squid on it and it is working fine I have now installed ebox with all its modules. My goal is to manage proxy and firewall through a web interface. Am I approacing it the right way?18:45
rsrit is installing 96 mb of ebox packages18:45
milk_can anyone help me with mysql apache and myphpadmin. when i login i just get an error Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly.18:49
Roastedanybody ever set up freeradius? kind of stuck @ the ntlm_auth part18:50
RoyKmilk_: can you pastebin errors from the log file?18:50
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:50
RoastedRoyK, were you the guy I talked to late last night??18:50
milk_RoyK: where is the log file located ?18:50
RoyKmilk_: /var/log/apache218:50
milk_RoyK: http://pastebin.com/eDZ5aS7C18:52
Roastedfreeradius, anybody?18:54
sjmRoyK, you missed milk_ 's response:  http://pastebin.com/eDZ5aS7C18:57
RoyKmilk_: [Thu Jul 08 17:45:42 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/phpmyadmin/scripts <-- that should give you a hint :)18:58
milk_i figured it out18:59
milk_now i have another problem.. how do i make a new super user18:59
sjmmilk_, in what context?  for the linux box, for mysql, for .... ??19:00
milk_mysql i think19:00
milk_i think i accidentally deleted the root account :D19:01
sjmmilk_, you should be able to GRANT appropriate priviledges for whatever user you want in phpmyadmin19:01
milk_cant log in ..19:01
sjmmilk_, try: http://ubuntu.flowconsult.at/en/mysql-set-change-reset-root-password/19:02
RoyKsjm: if he has deleted root from the user table, he might want to 'grant all on *.* to root@localhost identified by 'newpass' with grant option' after restarting mysql19:06
bogeyd6i dont think there is even a need for a root user19:08
milk_how do i do that ?19:08
milk_sjm: this doesnt seem to be working19:09
RoyKmilk_: see the url above - disable grant tables and grant all rights to a new users, root or not19:09
RoyKremember to restart mysql after creating the new user, or everyone can get in with full superuserrights19:10
milk_i still cant login19:12
RoyKlogin as an existing user - not root19:12
milk_i dont understand19:13
RoyKmilk_: did you remove the root account from the user table?19:14
milk_RoyK: i think so.. stupid i know19:16
Roastedanybody got experience with freeradius?19:19
RoyKRoasted: running it, yes, but not familiar with that module you're using19:19
RoastedRoyK, what module are you referring to?19:20
Roastedntlm_auth is what I've been finding on every guide to set up freeradius....19:20
Roastedas far as adding a linux freeradius server ot a windows domain19:21
RoyKwouldn't it be easier to let windoze handle radius?19:21
Roastedsure would19:21
RoyKafaik it can do that from around win2k19:21
Roastedexcept theres a known issue with windows radius19:21
Roastedthey dont reauthenticate after 30 days, they just drop the laptops19:21
Roastedits a known issue and no fix is in sight19:21
Roastedmeanwhile, everybody Ive talked to swears by using freeradius. evidently it works better in a lot of aspects beyond the 30 day bug we ran into19:22
Roastedso here Iam, giving it a go :P19:22
RoyKheh - that's a bitch19:23
Roastedtell me about it19:23
RoastedI got the ubuntu box on the domain and everything19:23
Roastedbut the next step says to run a command with ntlm_auth blah blah blah blah blah19:24
Roastedit fires back an error...19:24
RoyKwhat did you use? just ldap+kerberos?19:24
Roastedhence my sudden desire to drink heavily19:24
RoastedI set up samba + kerberos n this box19:24
RoastedI didnt see anything about ldap19:24
RoyKout of interest - does that use windows IDs or just mapping to unix IDs?19:25
Roastedwhat do you mean windows IDs?19:25
RoyKuser IDs, I mean19:25
Roastednot sure I follow - I didnt set up any users or deal with users yet19:25
RoyKI mean, when users store files on samba shares, does ubuntu use windows UIDs or does it map to unix IDs?19:26
Roastedoh, we dont use samba for file server services19:26
RoyKI think it maps ... opensolaris doesn't :)19:26
Roastedsamba has other things bundled with it that helps in the radius process19:26
Roastedthis box Im setting up is dedicated to radius19:26
Roastedwe have a windows storage server, blah blah19:26
RoyKwe don't use windows for storage - too many unix (linux and (open)solaris boxes) - windows nfs isn't really very good19:27
Roastedwell, were in a school district with windows clients19:27
Roastedbefore I started, there were no linux servers19:27
Roastedwe dont even have any macs anymore19:27
RoyKwell, good thing you started, then :)19:28
Roastedwell I didnt have much involvement with our one linux server19:28
Roastedthat server + an open source free app on it has saved the district around 300,000 dollars19:28
Roastedso yeah, the rest of the department is starting to think more highly of linux and its capabilities - whihc is why were trying to use freeradius to patch an MS problem with their version of radius.19:28
Roastedits just a bit of a headache19:28
RoyKwe're setting up this rather nice HA cluster for storage on Nexenta soon - 40TB (or 48) on the big boxes19:28
RoyKzfs rocks!19:29
Roastedwe were having a dns issue a while back19:29
RoastedI almost wonder if thats why its failing to authenticate19:29
Roastedgod troubleshooting sucks on 3 hrs of sleep19:30
RoyKheh - no use, really - get more sleep and you'll work faster19:30
Roastedits either this or I get back to wiring. its 91 degrees, and to save power they shut off AC in the rest of the building.19:30
RoastedIm a fan of AC today, which is why Im trying ot crack this bastard. :P19:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #603285 in dovecot (main) "Please convert init script to upstart." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60328519:31
milk_im still having a problem19:32
SpamapSmathiaz: if you wanted to sponsor something for me.. https://code.launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/ubuntu/maverick/cloud-init/glusterfs-mount-example/+merge/2949019:35
mathiazSpamapS: cool19:35
mathiazSpamapS: merge proposal grabbed19:36
RoastedNT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS: No logon servers (0xc000005e)19:36
Roastedquick, someone. stab me in the face.19:36
milk_RoyK: will reinstalling reset everything ?19:42
SpamapSmathiaz: thanks! :)19:42
RoyKmilk_: apt-get remove --purge mysql-server might help, yes, but it'll destroy any databases you have19:42
milk_RoyK: ok :D thanks19:43
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HypnozIt seems logrotate is rotating logs, but the apps like mysql and apache don't feel like giving up the old file handle and using the new one, and continue writing to a file that is open, but not listed with "ls" in the directory19:53
Hypnozthis is causing my /var mount point to grow very large, even though du -sh shows it as being fairly small, because the file handle never closes for apache and mysql logs19:54
HypnozOnce i stop the mysql or apache process completely (in the case of apache, sometimes having to do a kill command), the file handle closes, and the volume regains that free space19:54
serverhorrorHypnoz:  that is normal, most of the daemons do what you want if you send them a signal (mostly SIGHUP)19:55
HypnozI know apache needs to be reloaded after a log rotate, it's in the logrotate script for apache to to a reload afterwards19:56
Hypnozbut it still seems that isn't allowing it to release those open file handles19:56
HypnozI'm wondering if a apache2 restart is needed instead, which would be much more planning and work19:57
RoyKHypnoz: the logrotate scripts should do this automatically - if they don't, something's wrong in them20:00
Hypnozwell I can even manually do an apache2 reload on the server, but that doesn't release the file handles20:01
Hypnozif you do something like lsof | grep /var/log | grep deleted20:01
Hypnozyou might see a lot of files20:01
Hypnozall these files that apache can't let go of until the processes is fully restarted20:01
RoyKHypnoz: I haven't seen this sort of problem in a while, but it might be apache is getting a SIGUSR1 where the threads/processes won't be stopped until they're done with what they're doing, and something's hammering the server. changing that to a SIGHUP will stop them and will require a new HTTP request20:01
RoyKiirc apache2ctl graceful sends a SIGUSR1 whereas apache2ctl reload sends a SIGHUP20:03
Hypnozhmmm ... i thought reload called apache2ctl graceful in the init.d script20:04
RoyKyes, it does20:04
Hypnozbut apache2ctl reload is different?20:05
RoyKand that doesn't force a restart of anything, it just tells the processes/threads to please restart when done with whatever they're doing20:05
RoyKerm - restart20:05
RoyKnot reload - my failt20:05
RoyKrestart sends a SIGHUP, closing things and restarting them20:05
RoyKfailt - nice, new word20:06
Hypnozi like it. a combination between fail and fault20:06
RoyKa typo saves the day :D20:07
Hypnozso what you are saying, which may be true since these servers are really busy with apache, is that apache never gets a break to close it's connections, so a reload may not be enough, a restart may be needed once in a while20:07
Hypnozto force the connections to close, and the new log file handle to be used20:08
Hypnozif the apache connections never get to 0, then the new log file handle will never be used20:08
RoyKIIRC new connections aren't accepted after a SIGUSR1, but ongoing connections will remain20:08
Hypnozso new connections should use the new log file, and old connections would use the old file until they die?20:09
RoyKI _think_ so, but I'm on rather thin ice now :)20:09
RoyKas on #httpd20:09
HypnozI guess I will try to move this into #httpd then20:11
* RoyK just joined to see the discussion :)20:12
SpamapSmathiaz: alright, submitted to cloud-init directly instead. Thanks for the review. ;)20:23
osmosiserror installing sun-java.  http://dpaste.com/216084/20:52
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rsrhow can I completely remove ebox and all the things it installed?21:08
SpamapSsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460782/21:11
SpamapSsmoser: results in this fstab http://paste.ubuntu.com/460786/21:12
smoseryeah. i just verified broken ness.21:13
SpamapSmeaning, broken code?21:15
SpamapSsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460795/  that works, but.. bleh.. not elegant. :-P21:31
smoseri'll get the mounts fixed21:31
smoserits a bug21:31
SpamapSsmoser: ok cool, I have plenty else to do, so no rush. :) should I report it on lp ?21:32
smosersure, why not.21:32
smoserits not liking things that don't start with a /21:32
SpamapSartifacts are always nice when users go googling for the same problem. :)21:32
smoserin an effort to allow "sda3"21:32
SpamapSso its treating it like a special thing, 'ephemeral0' or whatever?21:33
SpamapScan't report bugs on launchpad21:34
SpamapSok bug 60332921:38
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 603329 in cloud-init "mounts option to cloud-config refuses to mount volumes not starting with /" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60332921:38
SpamapSsmoser: have to run for a bit, lets catch up on this tomorrow21:38
smoserSpamapS, yeah, theres a comment in the code.21:39
smoserthe metadata service is really annoyhing in that sometimes a key in it will ('ephemeral0') will have a value of /dev/sda121:40
smoserand other times a value of 'sda'21:40
SpamapSsmoser: I went ahead and marked the "work" done on my side, and I'll re-visit which example to push into the package during the beta cycle. I also targetted that bug to alpha-3.21:46
SpamapSsmoser: if you'd like, I can send a mege proposal for the workaround one now, so you can just approve/merge it if you think the bug will be too much (or I can take the bug on too)21:47
SpamapSanyway.. have to run.. ttyl21:47
smoserjust assume that mnt works21:50
ghost_is it possible to recover the passphrase used to create a  rsa or maybe dsa key?21:53
hmca!kubuntu 10.4 to enterprise Cloud Front-end ubuntu server22:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:12
hmcaHi all!22:13
hggdhdo we use to tag bugs as metabugs?22:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #603363 in openssh (main) "sshd never stops, prevents umount of /usr partition" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60336323:21
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ruben23hi guys anyone familiar with proxmox virtualization..23:47
SpamapSruben23: no what is it?23:51
ruben23it is a virtualization platform same as paid version of vmware23:52
ruben23able to handle and manage KVM and OPnVZ virtualization.23:52
webPragmatistwhats the consensus on where to store apache certs for domains23:59

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