dipankarlfaraone, hi. how you doing?04:02
lfaraonedipankar: good. I'm currently reviewing flipsticks and will update with a mail to the list shortly.04:03
lfaraonedipankar: so far, it's very good. there are just a few omissions which I'll note.04:03
lfaraonedipankar: specifically, COPYING is being installed in the /usr/share/sugar/activities/FlipSticks.activity/ folder of your resulting package.05:30
lfaraonedipankar: to remove it, you should add an install/sugar-flipsticks-activity:: rule to debian/rules which does "rm -f debian/sugar-flipsticks-activity/usr/share/sugar/activities/FlipSticks.activity"05:31
dipankarlfaraone, so rules is kinda of shell script. I thought it was something else05:32
lfaraonedipankar: it's a make file.05:33
lfaraonedipankar: stuff that goes inside the individual make rules is executed in a shell.05:33
lfaraonedipankar: to define a make rule, you give the rule name, then on each line you wish to have belong to that rule you indent using tabs. (not spaces!)05:34
dipankarlfaraone, ok.05:35
dipankarso lfaraone , it should be like the following:05:37
dipankar(tab)rm -f debian/sugar-flipsticks-activity/usr/share/activities/FlipSticks.activity05:38
lfaraonedipankar: well, you're appending to the existing install rule for s-f-a, so you should title your rule "install/sugar-flipsticks-activity::", per the page I linked in the review email.05:38
lfaraonedipankar: other than that, you're golden.05:39
dipankarlfaraone, that means some set of rules are already defined for writing the rules file?05:39
lfaraonedipankar: when you include cdbs, it defines a number of rules.05:39
dipankarlfaraone, ok.05:41
lfaraonedipankar: by the way, it looks like ankur was having the same issue you were yesterday due to the presence of ".git" in the upstream tarball. http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-sliderpuzzle-activity.git;a=summary05:45
lfaraonedipankar: if he comes online and I'm not here, can you talk to him and explain how we fixed the problem?05:46
dipankarlfaraone, no problem at all.05:46
dipankarlfaraone, I will tell Ankur to remove it through file roller05:47
lfaraonecool. I'll be back in 15, be here for a few minutes, then head out for the night. let me know if you have additional troubles, dipankar.05:47
dipankarlfaraone, btw did you figure any other method for the same?05:47
lfaraonedipankar: yeah, to remove it in the get-orig-source rule. The proper way to do that I am working out.05:47
kandarpklfaraone: could you please get pollbuilder activity tagged ?06:01
kandarpkI worked on it yesterday, but it has previous version.06:01
kandarpklfaraone: a.sl.o page : http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/407406:03
lfaraonekandarpk: hmmm. try changing the version in changelog to "26+git20100521.d4def0b6-1" and running get-orig-source.06:05
lfaraonethat way we're manually specifying the git commit to use.06:06
kandarpklfaraone: I am not on my PC right now, will get back to you if I face any problems performing the above mentioned step06:07
lfaraonekandarpk: cool. I'm off, sleep.06:07
kandarpklfaraone: thanks06:07
kandarpklfaraone: Good night06:07
* dipankar is away: I'm not here06:20
* dipankar is back (gone 00:05:59)06:26
ankurlfaraone,  around?06:39
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* dipankar is away: I'm not here07:33
* dipankar is back (gone 00:00:01)07:33
Manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.07:57
Manusheeldipankar: Hi Dipankar.07:57
kandarpkManusheel sir: Hello sir07:57
dipankarhello, Manusheel Sir07:58
dipankarhow are you?07:58
Manusheelkandarpk: How did the connect activity come along?07:58
Manusheeldipankar: Very well, thank you.07:58
Manusheeldipankar: Did you get a chance to read Luke's memo?07:58
kandarpkManusheel sir: sir, David asked me to leave that for now, so I build pollbuilder07:58
dipankarManusheel, yes Sir, I am working on that only07:59
Manusheelkandarpk: Ok.08:00
Manusheelkandarpk: How are you finding the pollbuilder activity?08:00
Manusheeldipankar: Great. Neat effort in flipsticks activity.08:00
ManusheelKeep it up.08:00
ankurManusheel: sir , i filed ITP yesterday , but haven't got any confirmation email.Should i wait till tommorow to file it again?08:00
kandarpkManusheel sir: Sir, it was working ok, didnt try much08:00
ankurManusheel:  good morning08:01
Manusheelankur: Good afternoon Ankur. Kindly send a reminder e-mail to Luke at 5:30 pm, India time.08:01
Manusheelankur: In the meantime, build the ITP for sugar-sliderpuzzle-activity.08:02
dipankarManusheel, Thank You Sir. Also my ITP has been acknowledged. -> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58840008:02
Manusheelkandarpk: Will we be able to package the poll builder activity successfully today?08:02
Manusheeldipankar: Neat. Let me go through it.08:03
kandarpkManusheel sir: I packaged it yesterday, was running fine on my system,08:03
kandarpkbut couldn't push it becaue of some issue with the version08:03
Manusheelkandarpk: Ok, can you elaborate on the issue?08:04
kandarpkManusheel sir: lfaraone has told me a workaround, so will try pushing it today08:04
ankur_dipankar: are you sure we have to file the ITP copyrights that way.08:04
Manusheelkandarpk: Ok. Great.08:04
ankur_Luke told me to list all the copyrights we encounter in all the files.08:04
kandarpkManusheel sir: the version we need to mention had to be the same as mentioned in the NEWS file08:04
dipankarankur_, I didn't get your point...08:05
ankur_i sent an documentation , please see if i was wrong or if we are missing something here08:05
Manusheelkandarpk: We should follow activity.info file.08:05
ManusheelThe version number over there is the correct version.08:05
kandarpkManusheel sir: I'll get back to you on this08:05
kandarpksorry, have to leave urgently08:06
Manusheelkandarpk: Sure.08:06
ManusheelNo worries.08:06
Manusheeldipankar: Neat work. Just reviewed the ITP.08:06
ankur_dipankar:  got my point?08:06
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Manusheeldipankar: Good work.08:06
dipankarankur, I showed the ITP mail to Luke before sending it to bugs@08:06
dipankarManusheel, Thank You Sir08:07
ankurwell , then it is okay, he told me to list all the copyright holders08:07
dipankarankur, what you are talking about is debian/copyright file.08:07
ankuri tried to file something like this08:07
dipankarankur, sorry, I guess Luke will be able to clear your doubts08:08
dipankarankur, Luke sent me the ITP for s-terminal-a. I referred to that while filling mine08:09
ankur_dipankar:  i think i might have been confuesd as well08:10
ankur_so i dont know.08:10
ankur_Manusheel sir , can you guide us on this08:10
Manusheelankur_: Can you elaborate on the issue?08:11
dipankarankur_, here is the Luke's version: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58777708:12
ankur_Manusheel:  while filing an ITP request do we need to mention all the copyright holders?08:12
dipankarankur_, It was there on wiki : Sugar/tasks08:12
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Manusheelankur_: You should.08:12
ankuri mean i am thinking that i might have confused it with luke08:12
ankurdipankar:  it is quite possible that it might not have any other copyright holders.08:13
dipankarankur, good point. :)08:13
ankur_Manusheel , dipankar shared a document with you 10 min ago.08:15
ankur_sorry i shared a doc08:15
dipankarankur_, I got only license : GPLv208:15
ankur_dipankar:  you filed ITP through email or reportbug?08:15
ankur_how did you find that?08:15
dipankarankur_, though e-mail08:15
ankur_i filed  through terminal08:16
dipankarankur_, filing through e-mail is easy.08:16
dipankarankur_, we might use terminal later on.08:16
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ankurdipankar:  i will be going now, i suppose i will be leaving now08:18
ankurdouble writing08:18
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Manusheelneeraj: Hi Neeraj.11:53
neerajHi sir,11:54
Manusheelneeraj: Are you working on Memorize packaging?12:08
Manusheelneeraj: Kandarp told me that he is looking after poll activity. Were you working on it yesterday?12:08
Manusheelneeraj_: Around?12:12
neeraj_Manusheel sir, yes12:44
neeraj_I was working on memorize activity12:45
neeraj_Me and kandarp sir were facing the sme error.. He discussed it with lfaraone , and solved the problem. I will complete the memorize one tonight12:46
neeraj_also, I have not started poll activity yet. Tomorrow I build the package first time using git. I will work/discuss poll activity with kandarp sir in evening.12:48
Manusheelneeraj_ : Great to hear.13:16
Manusheelneeraj_ : Let us try and arrive at a good conclusion on these 2 tasks soon.13:16
Manusheelneeraj_ : Please let me know if you face any issues.13:16
kandarpklfaraone: the idea of changing the version in changelog to "26+git20100521.d4def0b6-1" and running fakeroot debian/rules get-orig-source didn't help15:59
kandarpkit just creates a tarball "sugar-poll-activity_26+git20100521.d4def0b6.orig.tar.gz"16:00
lfaraonekandarpk: yes, that's correct. the tarball should contain the commit d4def0b6.16:00
lfaraonekandarpk: which, as http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/poll tells you, is the most recent commit. (and was committed the same day that 26 was released)16:01
kandarpklfaraone: how do I do that ?16:01
lfaraonekandarpk: get-orig-source figured it out automatically.16:02
lfaraonekandarpk: the rule looks at the package version and determines if there is a git commit ID provided to the version. (following the "VERSION+gitDATE.COMMIT" format)16:03
lfaraonekandarpk: if it finds it, it builds a tarball of the contents of the repository as of that commit ID.16:03
lfaraonekandarpk: keep in mind you may still have to remove the .git folder from the original tarball, since I don't think the rule I gave you does that automatically.16:04
kandarpklfaraone: you mean the tarball being created is correct, I need to rename it ?16:05
lfaraonekandarpk: no, you don't need to rename it. just use it as it is with that name and version number.16:05
kandarpklfaraone: ok.16:06
lfaraonekandarpk: (that way it's clear what you used as the basis for the source, since upstream did not tag their commits properly)16:06
lfaraonekandarpk: but you should inspect the tarball with file-roller and ensure that it does not contain a ".git" folder before you import.16:06
kandarpklfaraone: ok, thanks.16:06
kandarpklfaraone: I placed "cd $(SOURCE_DIR) && rm -rf .git*" in rules16:09
lfaraonekandarpk: ah, then you're golden.16:09
Ian_Daniherposted fix for write to the mailing list.16:13
Ian_Daniherit's slightly inelegant but full-functioning.16:14
kandarpklfaraone: do I need to rename the directory as well ?16:15
lfaraonekandarpk: only if you want to :)16:15
kandarpkgreat. :)16:15
lfaraoneIan_Daniher: installing python-abiword works if you use aptitude, just not apt-get. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyabiword/+bug/60141516:16
lfaraoneIan_Daniher: aptitude tries to make it work, but tells you it's technically broken.16:16
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: okay, good to know.16:16
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: but aptitude isn't what our customisation uses, IIRC16:17
lfaraoneIan_Daniher: interesting. it should be. aptitude is the official package manager of Debian and the breakfast of champions.16:18
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: ...?16:18
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: what's apt-get then?16:19
lfaraoneIan_Daniher: supported, but it's dep-resolving fu is weak when it comes to broken situations.16:19
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: oh, I half-confused aptitude and synaptic. not 100% sure what our customisation uses afterall.16:20
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: I'll know for sure when dfarning getsback to me about our server.16:20
kandarpklfaraone: debcommit -m'initial commit' is giving error16:20
kandarpkI ran "git add debian/ " before running this command16:21
lfaraonekandarpk: don't use debcommit. use "git commit'16:22
lfaraonekandarpk: and you should remove the orig.tar.gz from the current directory, or move it somewhere else.16:23
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.16:23
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: got your msg. should I alias aptitude to apt-get?16:25
lfaraoneIan_Daniher: sure. the syntax is sliiightly different however.16:25
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: fair enough.16:27
kandarpklfaraone: git commit reports no change detected16:30
lfaraonekandarpk: okay. did you make any changes?16:30
kandarpklfaraone: I added debian folder16:30
lfaraonekandarpk: run "git rm -f sugar-poll-activity_26+git20100521.d4def0b6.orig.tar.gz; git commit -m 'Remove duplicate upstream tarball'"16:31
lfaraonekandarpk: give me the url of "git log master | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us" and "git status | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us"16:31
* lfaraone will depart on an airplane shortly, so I may disappear without warning.16:32
lfaraone(for real this time)16:32
kandarpk*installing curl16:33
kandarpklfaraone: http://sprunge.us/GVDH16:33
lfaraonekandarpk: okay. what does "git add debian/" followed by "git status" show you?16:34
kandarpknothing added or commited but untracked file present16:35
kandarpk*added to commit16:36
lfaraonekandarpk: okay, it looks liek it's already been committed...16:37
lfaraonekandarpk: push up your work and I'll take a look in a few hours when I get on the ground.16:38
kandarpklfaraone: ok, thanks a lot :)16:38
kandarpkI just need to run git push git:..... ?16:39
lfaraonekandarpk: yes, if you've already created the repo16:40
* lfaraone is out.16:40
ankurlfaraone, around?16:58
kandarpkankur: around ?17:02
kandarpkdfarning: Hi17:10
kandarpklong time!17:10
dfarningkandarpk, hello yes almost 24 hour:)17:11
dfarningkandarpk, something on one of them AC's other projects needed my full attention.17:12
dfarnings/sof them/of/17:13
dfarningkandarpk, how are you coming?17:14
kandarpkdfarning: sorry. my PC is getting older.17:16
ankurhello dfarning :)17:17
ankurgood morning17:17
dfarningankur, hello17:20
kandarpkdfarning: for pushing do I need to run  'git push --all <url of remote git repo>'17:28
kandarpkimmediately after git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new ?17:28
dfarningi don't think you need the --all flag.  but the rest is correct.17:29
kandarpkdfarning: ok, thanks17:30
neerajkandarpk, around?18:12
kandarpkneeraj: Hi18:12
neerajkandarpk, hi.. hw was ur day?18:12
kandarpkneeraj: it was good, how about you ?18:13
neerajthe error which we were facing while running buildpackage command was solved by removing the orig.tarball file..18:13
dfarningkandarpk, ankur, neeraj,  How are thing going.18:32
ankurwell we were trying to sort out some issues18:32
ankurdfarning:  i installed the slider puzzle18:32
kandarpkdfarning: will push poll-activities and file the ITP in a few minutes18:32
ankurbut it is not showing in my xephyr18:33
dfarningkandarpk, cool good work.18:34
dfarningankur, what do you mean it is not showing in xepher?18:34
kandarpkdfarning: the best part, the activity is working as intended :)18:34
ankurwell slider puzzle is not being shown under list of activity view18:35
dfarningkandarpk, :)18:35
ankuri installed it thrice18:35
ankuris it a problem with activity or is it a problem with my packaging18:35
ankurwell i used the same method as jigsaw ppuzzle18:35
kandarpkdfarning: developers of poll include Activity Team, should I include it in the ITP->Upstream Author ?18:36
ankurand it was showing under activities , but it had some adiword problem so it didnt run18:36
dfarningkandarpk, yes that would be good.18:36
dfarningankur, ok xepher is a specific term for a window manager which runs within and existing xsession.  it it not specific to sugar:)18:38
kandarpkdfarning: sorry for interrupting, but one of the developers has nickname jasg (jorgesaldivar@gmail.com)18:40
dfarningkandarpk, yes18:40
kandarpkdfarning: any idea about his full name ?18:40
ankuroh , well the activity is not opening under emulator( i am confused with specific term to call when running under gnome sesssion and sugar session)18:41
dfarningkandarpk,  jorge saldivar18:41
dfarningankur, :)18:41
dfarningankur, are you currently working on slider?18:42
ankurdfarning:  yes :)18:42
ankuri packaged and i pushed it into git .18:42
dfarningankur did it seem to package correctly?18:43
ankurbut forgot to test before18:43
ankurdfarning: well yes , if you say i can package it one more time to start from scratch18:43
ankurbut it packaged fine at that tmie18:43
ankurno problems it gave18:43
dfarningankur, can you send me a copy of the .deb and I will test it here?18:43
ankurdfarning:  yes sure , in a minute :)18:44
ankurdfarning:  while uploading i noticed that deb file is unnaturally small.18:46
ankurare deb file are of same size as source file or they can be smallr?18:46
dfarningankur, That sounds like a place to start debugging:)  They are usually about the same size.18:47
ankurwell i think i need to package again .18:48
ankuri get back to you again after i package18:48
kandarpkdfarning: when I try to push into alioth, getting the following error:18:59
kandarpk$ git push --all git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-poll-activity.git19:01
kandarpkPermission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).19:01
kandarpkfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly19:01
dfarningkandarpk, that looks like a problem with your ssh key.19:02
neerajkandarpk, sir try kandarpl-guest.alioth.debian.org19:02
kandarpkdfarning: do I need to SSH into alioth first ?19:02
neerajthat might help19:03
dfarningkandarpk, I would try just to make sure it works19:03
neerajkandarpk sir, yes you hve to add ssh key on alioth a/c19:03
kandarpkdfarning: it does work, I created a repo there19:03
dfarningkandarpk, what about the '--all' is that necessary?19:04
kandarpkdfarning: dipankar used this command for pushing19:05
dfarningkandarpk, there is no sugar-poll-activity on git.debian.org19:07
kandarpkdfarning: I dont know why it isn't in the list19:07
kandarpkuse the url to access it19:08
dfarningok I see that, try without the --all19:09
dipankardkandarpk, hello19:10
dipankardneeraj, told me you were looking for me19:10
kandarpkdipankard: hi19:10
kandarpkdipankard: do I need to ssh into alioth before pushing ?19:11
dipankardkandarpk, just use the command git push --all19:11
kandarpkdipankard: I created my repo a little while ago19:11
kandarpkcan that be a problem ?19:12
dipankardare you able to see that repo?19:12
kandarpkdipankard: not in the list, but can access it directly using the url19:13
dipankardkandarpk, then wait for sometime19:13
dipankardwhat url are you using for upload?19:13
kandarpk$ git push --all git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-poll-activity.git19:14
dipankardlooks alright to me19:14
kandarpkdipankard: it isn't accepting the password19:15
kandarpkPermission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).19:15
kandarpkfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly19:15
dipankardtry git+ssh://kandarpk@git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-poll-activity.git19:16
kandarpkkandarpk-guest ?19:17
ankurdfarning:  the package built successfully19:17
ankurit installed this time as well19:17
ankurbut it also requires abiword19:18
ankurit seems that none of my packge are gonna work now19:18
ankuras both depends on abiword19:18
kandarpkdipankard: fatal: I don't handle protocol 'mailto:git+ssh'19:19
dipankardoops that was to access ssh19:19
dipankardsorry kandarpk, my mistake19:19
dfarningankur, that is great that it works,  Can you create Itp for each package and push them.  As soon as our table of packages is complete, we will start debugging.  And abiword/pyabiwork is at the top of that list.19:20
ankurwell i filed ITP for slider yesterday19:20
neerajtry this19:20
ankurwill file for jigsaw now and push it as well19:20
kandarpkneeraj: I can log into alioth using SSH19:21
neerajkandarpk, Ok..19:21
ankurdipankard:  what was the email method of filing ITP19:22
ankurit is good if it gives resopnse in 5 min19:22
ankurterminal method took19:22
dipankardankur, search wnpp + Debian + ITP on google19:22
ankur24 hrs19:22
dipankardankur, then see the new entry by email19:23
ankurdfarning: last thing19:24
dfarningankur, yes?19:24
ankuras i wanted to push my newly built package to git19:24
ankuri will be following the method given on the tutorial19:24
ankurwill i have to delete the rep19:24
dfarningankur, yes.19:24
ankuror i can reflect the changes19:25
ankurin git19:25
ankurwithout removing all19:25
dipankardkandarpk, I suggest writing an e-mail to Luke and David about the problem19:26
dipankardoh, dfarning hi19:26
dipankarddfarning, how are you doing this morning?19:26
dfarningdipankard, find thank you.19:26
dipankarddfarning, what about my package : flipsticks ?19:27
dipankarddfarning, sorry I was off all day. I promise I will join with full force tomorrow19:28
dfarningI would suggest writing an email to the olpc-deb mailing list and luke of jonas will respond.19:28
dfarningdipankard, no problem I was also gone.19:28
dfarningdipankard, it looks like luke gave flipsticks a review on the ml19:29
dipankarddfarning, yup19:29
dipankarddfarning, I thought there was some dependency error.. :(19:30
kandarpkdipankard: can you let me know what all do I need to do with the copyright file19:30
dipankardkandarpk, I myself am confused with the copyright file19:30
dipankardkandarpk, how about I send an e-mail after I figure that out tmorrow19:31
kandarpkdipankard: sure19:31
* dipankard says good night to all. heads to bed19:32
dfarningdipankard, as soon as you get those problems fixed it will be accepted in to debian.  As soon as we work through the package table on the tasks page we will shift to debugging for a while.19:32
dipankarddfarning, ohk. I will continue tomorrow. :) I am feeling very sleepy19:32
ankurdfarning:  i tried to push19:34
ankurankurkhurana@ankurkhurana-desktop:~/sugar/slider2/sugar-sliderpuzzle-activity-8$ git push git+ssh://ankurkkhurana-guest@git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-sliderpuzzle-activity.git master19:34
ankurEverything up-to-date19:34
ankur^^The mesage given by git19:35
ankuris there anythig to remove everything else that was pushed before19:36
kandarpkdfarning: Bug#588462, reply to my ITP19:37
kandarpkhow should I use it ?19:37
kandarpkchangelog ?19:37
dfarningankur, yes, you can loginto git.debian.org via ssh and remover sugar-sliderpuzzle-activity.git manually and repush19:38
dfarningkandarpk, looking19:38
dfarningkandarpk, What is the reference to #588462 ?19:41
kandarpkdfarning: reference ?19:41
dfarningkandarpk, ok I see it is the ITP.19:42
dfarningkandarpk, I would just go through add try to fix the stuff luke identified.19:46
kandarpkdfarning: doing that only :)19:47
kandarpkdfarning: stuck with copyright file19:47
=== jussi is now known as jussio1
ankurdfarning:  package uploaded again :)19:49
dfarningankur, Nice19:49
ankurdfarning:  here was my copy of itp : http://paste.ubuntu.com/460504/19:50
ankuri already filed it yesterday , but  after talking to dipankar i was confused if that was the right way to do so particularly with copyright section19:51
ankurI did as luke told me but i might have confused it19:51
ankurso it will be really great if you can check it out19:51
ankurwell i have got the acknowledgement for this ITP alreaady19:51
dfarningankur, I don't understand the copyright part of package yet:(19:52
ankurdfarning:  ok , me neither :)19:52
ankurbut after talking to luke what i figured out was that we have to list copyright of each and every modules seperatley19:53
ankurdfarning:  i will be going to sleep after wraping up some work19:53
ankurin 5 min19:53
ankuri think we will be working on pyabiword tomorrow :)19:54
ankurgood night dfarning :)19:54
dfarningankur, please just push and file the ITP ion the morning.  Luke or jonas will explain if anything is wrong.19:54
dfarningankur, good night and thank you.19:54
ankurdfarning:  okay i will push and file before going to sleep.19:54
dfarningankur, and add the link to the ITP on the tasks table:)19:55
ankurdfarning:  will do that:)19:56
ankurin btw , my internet got fixed  today....19:56
dfarningankur, It will be nice to have that table ful so we can move on to other things19:57
dfarningankur, what did they have to do?19:57
ankurWell i have Lan connection , they replaced out the whole wire, it got damaged due to rain .19:57
ankurwell it is monsoon(rainy season here ) and we have rains through these one two months ....19:58
ankurdfarning:  apart from copyright , can you see if there is something else wrong with the ITP19:59
kandarpkdfarning: I am leaving now, please let lfaraone know about the problem I faced while pushing20:02
kandarpkoutput's here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/460752/20:02
ankurdfarning, i submitted the ITP request and uploaded the package.20:52
dfarningankur, great.20:53
ankurdfarning,  i will try to be here tommorow as well but i think i will not be available tomorrow.20:53
ankuri will try to come back as possible20:53
ankurwill that be fine20:53
ankurand will update the getting started wiki page tomorrow as well :)20:54
ankurdfarning,  good night :) , feeling really sleepy now20:54
dfarningOk, yes, that will be fine, I'll send a status email tonight.20:54
dfarningankur, good night20:55

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