TakyojiThis seems interesting, I would assume it's very capable of receiving data: http://w3bguru.com/wiffy-extreme/00:16
TakyojiHowever I wonder in regards of transmission..00:16
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Yes, LPIC is step-by-step.  However, you can take the exams for each level in any order (eg. 102 before 101)00:45
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TakyojiSo, someone's implying that using a 64-bit OS is only sane if you have 4GB or more of RAM. Therefore, they just want to use a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit processor.01:51
TakyojiIs there any factuality to that claim?01:51
Takyojior also, as to why they imply "64-bit - Not recommended for daily desktop usage" on the Ubuntu download page.01:55
lubotu1Ubuntu bug 585940 in ubuntu-website-content "Text reads "not recommended" for 64-bit" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:59
kermitTakyoji: just minutes ago someone was complaining about a 64 bit version of an app crashing02:01
kermitin fact i dont think its the app, i think it was sun's java02:01
kermitits hard to blame the app when it's java and works in the 32 bit version02:01
Takyojioh joy, I just found this: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/64bit.html02:02
TakyojiThank you Adobe..02:02
_diablo64 bit flash sucks atm02:23
_diablowe'll see if they ever fix it..02:23
kermityou need to have everyhting be a 64 bit binary for the system to use mor ethan 4GB of ram?02:24
TakyojiI don't think there's even such a thing as a 64-bit Java app aside from a 64-bit JRE02:26
kermityeah, so not even sun's code is stabl eon 64bit02:30
_diablokermit: you can run 32 bit apps in 64 bit wrappers. I think they just run on 3 GB of ram...02:31
TakyojiYou can actually allocate more than 4GB of RAM on a 32-bit system02:36
TakyojiThe 32-bit 4GB RAM hard limitation is supposedly a Windows-specific issue.02:36
kermitmy mem total says 3566416, when i have 4GB.. but its close enough to bother figuring out why02:41
TakyojiIt's a GiB-GB issue.02:42
_diablooh, that's right PAM fixes it if you patch your kernel that way02:44
_diablokermit: you need to use a special kernel to use more than 3.5 GB on a 32 bit kernel02:44
kermitTakyoji: no i think it's because direct memory devices start taking memory at 3.5GB mark02:45
kermit_diablo: ah, thanks02:45
kermitlinux COULD, maybe, get a couple hundred more MB up there, but i think it just doesnt try02:45
kermit(could, without pae or 64 bit)02:46
kermitwhy, now, i wonder, is pae not on the default ubuntu kernel02:46
_diabloit's not as well tested across the board and is not necessary for the vast majority of users02:46
tonyyarussolol @ "14:25:01 < Obsidian1723> Honestly, all you need for Linux is the Linux+; I've never seen anyon e ask for a RHCE, UCP, LPICx, etc" <- Linux+ is the "dummy cert", and the rest are the ones you need for real jobs...02:50
kermiti've been using and working in linux for 14 years straight and i havent heard of any of those02:50
kermitbut i never worked in a large corporation02:51
_diablotonyyarusso: to start working in IT, what should I do to start? I just graduated with an econ degree, but much prefer working with linux and computers02:52
_diabloshould I just get A+ certified, or linux+ certified?02:52
_diablodo you have any suggestions for places to start reading about them and what kinds of jobs match up with which degrees02:53
tonyyarussoTakyoji: btw, if you take Linux+ before the end of this calendar year it is valid for life.  After that they're changing the policy to require renewals.02:53
tonyyarusso_diablo: helpdesk requires A+, but admin stuff doesn't.02:54
* Takyoji wonders how many here have made a cantenna at all02:54
_diabloTakyoji: I have!02:54
tonyyarussoTakyoji: and Linux+ and LPIC-1 have nothing to do with each other, other than covering a lot of the same content.02:54
_diablotonyyarusso: how much work will linux+ be for someone that has basic networking skills (have a dedicated samba, apache, ssh, ftp, mpd server) and runs arch mostly, but reinstalls OSes weekly? I've built a computer...02:55
_diablotonyyarusso: (thanks for the help btw)02:56
Takyojitonyyarusso: http://www.comptia.org/certifications/listed/linux.aspx02:56
Takyoji"A new benefit for CompTIA Linux+ candidates is that they may choose, at the time they take the exams, to have their exam record forwarded to the Linux Professional Institute. Certification in CompTIA Linux+, Powered by LPI, enables candidates to become certified in LPIC-1 as well, enabling further participation in the LPI program if the candidate chooses"02:56
tonyyarusso_diablo: you'd probably be better off gaining experience with particular things, eg. Apache, before getting a certification.  Be able to say you know how to do some things, then add the paper to that.02:57
tonyyarusso_diablo: all of the + certs are pretty basic really.02:57
tonyyarussoTakyoji: oooh, interesting.02:57
tonyyarussoI wonder if the reverse is true.02:57
_diablotonyyarusso: okay. so a class for a cert is pretty useless? Just learn it from a book?02:57
tonyyarusso_diablo: probably.  I've had some classes that I had to take for my degree that happened to also cover stuff for a cert, so I took the exam at the end, but I wouldn't pay for a class just to work towards a cert.  Except maybe for Cisco stuff if you're into that, since then they'll provide the gear.02:59
_diablotonyyarusso: interesting. out of curiosity, what do you plan on doing with your degree?02:59
Takyoji_diablo: Because I was wondering. Would it be most practical to just shove a USB wireless adapter into a tin can, or use a pigtail and connect that to the adapter?03:01
tonyyarusso_diablo: Hopefully system / network administration for small companies, schools, or government offices I think.03:01
TakyojiI was thinking pigtail would be most beneficial, yet I was just reading that supposedly the longer the antenna/cable, the more signal loss.03:02
kermiti can't decide if i should target admin work or dev work03:02
kermitor a company small enough that i'd just do both03:02
_diabloTakyoji: true, I didn't find a massive loss. I did it USB adaptor in the can03:02
Takyojiahh, alright, I guess I'll take that approach then03:02
_diablotonyyarusso: kermit: where do you find places that are looking for network admins?03:03
_diabloalso, it seems like you kind of are in charge from the beginning. there's not really a training period or anything, right?03:03
Takyojiand as I was blabbing about earlier: would this design be sane for long distance transmission as well? http://w3bguru.com/wiffy-extreme/03:03
_diablohmmm, idk. i wouldn't see why not03:04
tonyyarusso_diablo: dunno yet ;)  (Currently I'm doing technical writing, user support, and some development, which I found on Craigslist)03:04
tonyyarussowell, actually I take that back.03:05
_diabloah, fair enough. it's tough to get into this since my resume doesn't really have anything. I'm nearly entirely self-taught :-/03:05
tonyyarussoI did work as a network admin for about 6 months, at Saint Paul College.  Got that by being in the right place at the right time - they asked me if I wanted it.03:06
_diablowhoa. yeah, i don't even know where to look for something like that03:06
TakyojiMy reason as to thinking why it wouldn't work is that, yes, transmissions that reach it are concentrated to that point, but if you're transmitting back, I'd think the dish would broaden the angle of transmission.03:07
TakyojiI'm not a radio expert, not even close. But just thinking of it conceptually makes me wonder.03:07
_diabloTakyoji: ah, true. Mine was just a cantenna, I didn't use any kind of parabolic reflection03:08
tonyyarusso_diablo: specifically, after my first semester as a student there they asked if I'd be interested in a student-worker position helping out with tech stuff in the department.  Two months later my supervisor accepted a promotion, so they offered me his job until it was posted to be re-filled permanently.  I had the opportunity to apply to keep it, but they were going to upgrade it to full-time (from half-time), and I didn't want to ...03:09
Takyojiotherwise I'll just fall back to the cantenna idea.03:09
tonyyarusso... deal with that while still in school, so opted to revert to the student-worker position for a couple more months while the new guy got acquainted.03:09
_diablotonyyarusso: oh, okay. Interesting. Do you know of any internship opportunities (either paid or unpaid)? I just want to get something on my resume while working a part time or full time job I hate just to cover bills03:10
tonyyarusso_diablo: not offhand, but feel free to give me a copy of your resume so I know what your skillset is.  We've been bringing in contractors for odd jobs at work from time to time, so who knows.03:11
tonyyarussoThinking out loud:  The LoCo web site should have a resume-posting area.03:12
TakyojiI just had a great idea guys!03:12
TakyojiThe LoCo web site should have a resume-posting area!03:12
_diablotonyyarusso: agreed.03:12
kermita resume isnt like code, its never 'done'03:13
kermiti dont know when mine's done.. but i'm pretty sure it's not ye03:13
kermitare there any IT job fairs?03:13
_diablotonyyarusso: what exactly would my resume entail? I mean, I have a lot of customer service work experience and I was a server and debate coach for a while, but my computer stuff is basically just what I've done around my apartment and building computers03:13
TakyojiI haven't even written one yet03:14
Takyojiperhaps our next meeting could be a lectural meeting on writing a resume. :P03:15
_diablothat's a good idea :)03:15
_diabloanyway, gtg, heading back to mpls from chicago03:15
_diablottyl. thanks for all the help03:15
tonyyarusso_diablo: Describe the technologies you think you can speak competently about.  ie, what could I write down that I would want to be asked about in an interview to show them how much I know about it?03:15
_diablotonyyarusso: ah, okay03:15
kermitmy resume would be perfect if i was 15 years yuonger03:16
kermitbut theres that begging question, what the hell have i been doing with my time03:16
tonyyarussoTakyoji: If you want to look at them, http://files.tonyyarusso.com/resume.20070223.comcast.sanitized.pdf http://files.tonyyarusso.com/resume.20090116.para-diddle.sanitized.pdf http://files.tonyyarusso.com/resume.20091217.nagios.sanitized.pdf03:25
tonyyarussoand try to remind me to point those out to _diablo when he gets back.03:25
kermitoh i like that format, it doesnt have a comprehensive time log03:28
kermitunless you're just young03:28
kermitoh wait, you're just young :/03:28
tonyyarussoI am, yeah.  Although I don't see much need to change the format drastically for a while - I just drop whatever's least relevant to what I'm applying for.03:29
kermitif i dont come up with something for the time, people are going to think i was in prison or something03:30
kermittonyyarusso: yeah a lot of times i try to report or address issues and the devs say ubuntu has modified their code so talk to ubuntu.03:52
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