czajkowskilucidfox ping05:23
* hypatia yawns12:37
hypatiahey folks, i think it's meeting time13:02
hypatiaassuming i got the timezones right?13:02
rww@now UTC13:03
Pendulumhypatia: should be right13:03
elkyIt is?13:05
hypatiaok, well, should be quick, as there's not much on the agenda13:08
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 12:08. The chair is hypatia.13:08
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hypatiahey everyone, this is my first chaired meeting, so excuse the likely failures :)13:08
hypatia[TOPIC] - OPEN ITEMS - Maverick Blueprint progress13:08
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - OPEN ITEMS - Maverick Blueprint progress13:08
hypatiaand http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Roadmap-M13:09
hypatiaare listed as the work items there - does anyone have updates?13:09
* hypatia for one is still learning how to use blueprints ^_^13:09
PendulumI"m trying to work on the mentorship stuff, but I've got other things and had some health stuff crop up13:09
hypatiaawesome, Pendulum13:10
hypatiai mean about working on it, not the health stuff :/13:10
hypatialooks like the logo stuff is about wrapped too13:11
hypatiawhen I figure out how to edit the bp i'll update it to reflect that13:11
hypatia[ACTION] hypatia will update the blueprint to reflect the completed logo work13:11
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  hypatia will update the blueprint to reflect the completed logo work13:11
hypatiaany other blueprint stuff?13:12
* hypatia pokes elky 13:12
Pendulumhypatia: if you want, post meeting I can show you how to update that :)13:13
elkyOh! Hai!13:13
hypatiaPendulum: sounds great13:13
hypatiaok moving on to the next item...13:13
hypatia[TOPIC] - OPEN ITEMS - Election results13:13
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - OPEN ITEMS - Election results13:13
hypatia(i'm not sure where the OPEN ITEMS bit comes from, but it was in the template so i just copied it over)13:14
hypatiaThanks to everyone who ran, voted, and otherwise participated in the first UW leadership elections13:14
hypatiaafter a close runoff vote, pleia2, elky and myself ended up the three co-leaders13:15
elkyhypatia, it's typically General Business i think13:15
hypatiaelky: gotcha13:15
* hypatia gives especial thanks to Pendulum :)13:15
elkyThanks to everyone who voted and nominated and all that stuff13:15
* hypatia high-fives all around13:15
elkyEspecially considering we had to lock down things in the middle of it all.13:15
hypatiawe should probably set a date for the next election, or is it too soon?13:16
hypatiai mean we can likely just set fixed dates for the future13:16
elkyhypatia, +$term_length from announcement date I'd guess13:16
hypatiawhich is just 6 months13:17
hypatiawhy don't i propose fixed dates on the mailing list?13:17
elkyIs it?13:17
elkyI thought amber's reign was 6mths, but the triad was 12. I could be wrong of course.13:17
hypatiai thought it was based around the release cycle13:17
hypatiai may also be wrong13:17
hypatiaelky: can i task you with looking into this? :)13:18
elkyI don't want to be having an election every 6 months. We lose a month each time.13:18
hypatiahttp://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/LeadershipElectionProcess says one-year term13:19
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/LeadershipElectionProcess says one-year term13:19
elkyI thought it did :)13:19
hypatia[ACTION] elky will propose fixed yearly election dates to the u-w mailing list13:19
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  elky will propose fixed yearly election dates to the u-w mailing list13:19
elkysomeone remind me in a week if I haven't. adjusting to new job, I'm all over the place.13:20
hypatianext item! thanks again everyone :D13:20
hypatiaelky: will do13:20
hypatia[TOPIC] - OPEN ITEMS - Quick Website update13:20
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - OPEN ITEMS - Quick Website update13:20
hypatiaanyone have stuff for that?13:20
elkyUpdate is there is no update from elky :-/13:20
hypatiaok, that makes it quick :)13:20
elkySee previous comment for petty first world excuse.13:20
hypatia[TOPIC] - New items -13:20
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - New items -13:20
hypatia[TOPIC] - Announcements -13:21
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - Announcements -13:21
hypatiai've got nothing here either :)13:21
elkypleia2, around?13:21
hypatiashe's sleepin'13:21
elkyI have nothing either.13:22
hypatiaok well that's it then :)13:22
hypatia[TOPIC] - Next Meeting Date - Thursday, July 22, 2010 @ 2200 UTC13:22
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - Next Meeting Date - Thursday, July 22, 2010 @ 2200 UTC13:22
hypatiaum i mean13:23
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 12:23.13:23
hypatiawe are paragons of efficiency in here, yo.13:23
elkyI think we need to table an agenda for next time for refreshing the meeting times, though.13:23
hypatiathink so?13:23
elkyWe've got a whole lot of new people since our meeting times were set.13:24
hypatiashould we do a doodle poll?13:24
hypatiahokay, i'll do that13:24
elkyThough, table it for discussion at next meeting first maybe13:24
hypatiaok, cool13:24
* hypatia edits next meeting's wikipage13:24
elkyno need to hurry it, and the other TZ may want to aye or nay13:25
hypatiao shi13:25
hypatiahttp://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/July2010/Agenda <-- but what do we do when there are TWO july meetings13:25
elky /agenda2?13:25
hypatiagood idea!13:25
* hypatia copies the page over13:25
hypatiathat said, i'll put it on there, but i'm inclined to think that all times are equally bad13:26
Pendulumoh, can I just put out there that when you sent the doodle poll out that you may also want to say "if you can't use the doodle poll, please let us know when you can meet" as far as I know, it's not an accessible site for screen readers13:27
hypatiaPendulum: thanks for pointing that out - do you know of an accessible alternative?13:28
Pendulumnope. I can ask around, but a lot of the polling sites aren't very good. (I actually manually do scheduling for Accessibility Team meetings)13:30
hypatiaPendulum: seems like an opportunity for a nice Free Software alternative :)13:30
elkySurely one of these sites must have an API or something that someone can hack up a quick app for.13:31
hypatiai'd probably do it in appengine13:31
hypatia...but i'm on an appengine kick right now13:31
elkyYou could probably do something similar with an anonymous edit google poll thingie too.13:32
elkyThough dunno how accessible google apps are.13:32
PendulumI know AlanBell found a wordpress plug in that works for surveys that at least for the person taking the survey doesn't seem to be too bad, however, we didn't test with radio buttons as we just needed text boxes13:33
hypatiaok i've got to skidaddle13:35
hypatiamany errands to run before i head to montreal :)13:35
hypatiacya around folks!13:35
pleia2since the mootbot logs include the agenda, we'd just been reusing the Agenda page and rotating out what no longer needs to be there (if you look at Meetings/July2010/Agenda you'll see it's been renamed several times as we rotate the month)17:02
pleia2and just added pretty version of logs & agenda here: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/2010070817:10
pleia2regarding the year term and schedule, I believe the dates that are currently on LeadershipElectionProcess are meant to be static17:11
pleia2valorie: I'll be sending up 150 or so of these with MarkDude: http://princessleia.com/uw/ubuntu-women-flier-printed.jpg17:48
pleia2and another 200 or so printed on just regular orange paper17:48
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valoriepleia2: those are wonderful!!!!!!!23:09
pleia2valorie: I'm glad you like :) picked up the paper last night23:09
valoriemaybe we can post some of the pretty ones around in various meeting rooms or something23:10
valorieand hand out the orange ones for those who are interested23:10
valoriealthara, be sure you look at her links23:10
pleia2hehe, my boyfriend goes "what are you printing over there?!"23:16
pleia2(the printer isn't particularly fast for a laser printer)23:16
valorieoooo, you are printing them yourself?23:26
valoriethat is a lot of ink!23:26
pleia2apparently this ink cartridge is supposed to be good for printing 10,000 pages23:28
pleia2I print about 12 per year ;)23:28
valoriethat ain't bad23:31
valoriehubby has a photo grade printer23:31
valorieand he's always buying expensive ink23:31
valoriebut his photo collages are totally worth it23:31
pleia2we considered a photo printer, but it turns out that for normal use it's cheaper for us to just head down to the pharmacy to get prints at a kiosk23:33
valoriehis are labors of love, and the recipients all love them23:35

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