warewolfhey Sarvatt 03:02
warewolfmaco: hey! I know you! :)03:30
warewolfI'm the guy w/ the camera at the last reverse space meeting :)03:32
Sarvattheyo richard03:35
warewolfSarvatt: I'm embarking on a new adventure03:35
warewolfSarvatt: I'm gonna figure out what it is under karmic the touchscreen uses for a driver03:35
warewolflooks like it's hiddev03:37
warewolfI think I figured this out03:58
freeflyinganyone know how to configure thinkpad's trackpoint in maverick?04:16
warewolfARGH so close yet so far way04:16
freeflyingthe udev/xorg.conf.d doesn't work04:16
* warewolf gives up for the night04:26
warewolfSarvatt: I have tapping working w/ hiddev, but the cursor won't move out of 0,0 04:27
ernstpHi, if I install xorg-edgers on lucid gdm hangs17:58
ernstpI get a black background and I can move the mouse cursor, but nothing is drawn17:58
ernstpnot sure which package is causing it, nothing in dmsg17:59
ernstpxorg-edgers is working for anyone with lucid and radeon?19:00
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Sarvattjcristau: any idea what the heck is going on here? http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/xserver-xorg-video-ati21:50
jcristauSarvatt: packages.d.o is confused by the stale source kept around because of hurd-i386, would be my guess21:55
Sarvattah makes sense looking at the binary packages21:56
Sarvatthmm x-x-v-ati seems to be a little messed up in git? no src/modes/* for instance21:59
jcristauwhat's wrong with that?22:03
jcristaumodes/* is from the xserver source22:04
Sarvattah ok, was just merging it and looking at the errors22:04
warewolfoh weird23:41
warewolfnow I have to figure out how to reassign axises for this touchscreen23:42
warewolfit appears to be reporting correctly, but on the wrong axises23:42
warewolfSarvatt: so I hacked up the hid driver under Lucid to stop ignoring the T91MT's touchscreen, so now it shows up23:46
warewolfSarvatt: but the X axis is being reported on the Y axis, and the Y axis is being reported on the Z axis.23:48
warewolfSarvatt: man, your interwebs are sure crashy23:54

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