p1oooopjan247: thank ActionParsnip too... he did most of the work00:00
ActionParsnipnetwork bsc pays for itself huh00:00
jan247ActionParsnip: hehe, thanks as well00:01
p1oooopanyone know a good guide to a mailserver under ubuntu?00:02
ActionParsnipnp bro00:02
ActionParsnipp1oooop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer00:02
p1oooopthanks :)00:02
jan247I wonder though, so that means that any service that relies on a consistent tcp connection is maxed out serving ~65k clients at a time right?00:03
ActionParsnipjan247: no, you can have multiple connections on the same port but the sessions will be handled by the session layer in the OSI model00:03
jan247ActionParsnip: I see. however, outgoing connections each uses up different ports right?00:04
ActionParsnipjan247: depends o the protocol, ftp does but many don't00:05
RoastedI thought intel cards were a sure fire win with ubuntu. Why am I having trouble with ubuntu wireless AGAIN? I have an intel card. fml.00:05
jan247ActionParsnip: ok, got it. tnx again for clearing that up00:05
QuidRagProwow this room is kind of sour00:06
bazhang!ot | QuidRagPro00:07
ubottuQuidRagPro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:07
p1oooopRoasted: what card are you running?00:07
ActionParsnipRoasted: sudo lshw -C network | grep -i product   will tell you what chip it uses00:08
RoastedIntel BG 2200 Pro00:08
Roastedsupposed rated as 100% working out of box. Worked fine for 5 mins, then magically wouldnt connect.00:08
p1oooopRoasted: sometimes some cards are not enabled in the kernel conf or they don't have the necessary drivers in the kernel00:08
RoastedGoing to continuously ping google and watch it and see if it drops again00:08
Roastedit said it was connected, yet I couldnt connect to my samba sure. sure enough, samba was fine. tried to refresh the page I was on in firefox, errors out. Disconnected from wifi, tried to reconnect, wouldnt ever reconnect.00:09
Roastedso I just rebooted, connected fine.00:09
Roastedbut like I said, pinging google's dns server continuously till it errors out00:09
ActionParsnipRoasted: can you ping web based names and / or IPs?00:09
RoastedActionParsnip, yes00:09
ActionParsnipRoasted: can you bring up web pages ok?00:09
RoastedActionParsnip, everything is perfect - for about 5 minutes.00:10
p1oooopslow internel... lol00:10
Roastedthen I just lost connection. No errors. Said connected.00:10
RoastedI just flat out lost connection00:10
DrGrovEnlightenment 17 on Ubuntu 10.04?00:10
ActionParsnipRoasted: when it drops run:  dmesg | tail   pastebin the output please00:10
ActionParsnipDrGrov: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135057500:11
s3r3n1t7ActionParsnip, how's he going to pastebin it with a dropped conn?00:11
p1oooopRoasted: it's in the kernel... not a kernel problem00:11
ActionParsnips3r3n1t7: he can paste to a text file, reboot get conected and pastebin00:11
DrGrovActionParsnip: well nice, I finally got a good topic to read.00:11
ActionParsnipDrGrov: the ppa has a lucid folder :)00:12
s3r3n1t7ActionParsnip, if he thinks bout it ... good luck (and thanks for helpin so many ppl)00:12
DrGrovActionParsnip: Oh it does. I never even saw that :)00:12
Roastedstill pinging away00:12
Roasted320 successful pings so far00:12
p1oooophmm, I think I'll try setting up my mailserver once I get home... I didn't make a VPN00:13
p1oooopI guess this is my punishment... LOL00:13
ActionParsnips3r3n1t7: np man, fun to help. I get zero issues here due to limited use and intelligent purchasing00:13
ActionParsnips3r3n1t7: so it kinda teaches me the OS00:13
p1oooopI'm in for a few years... still learning :P00:14
s3r3n1t7ActionParsnip, i know how that feels although i'm once again stuck on writing a plan for our new IT infra structure ... the fun00:14
p1oooopnot the hardest thing in the world...00:14
GArReThey guys, I've plugged my wireless USB card into my ubuntu computer, but I cant seem to find it anywhere... where can i find hardware and if ubuntu was able to install that hardware?00:14
ThiagoMedeiroscan someone help me to install my mouse? microsoft wireless presenter 8000 (bluetooth)00:14
p1oooopconfusing, fustrating, but ultimately pretty rewarding00:14
p1oooopThiagoMedeiros: I'm afraid bluetooth has limited support under linux00:15
MaRk-IGArReT: lsusb00:15
Roastedalmost 500 successful pings00:15
s3r3n1t7GArReT, generally it's found and installed when you plug it in. Can you see a wireless network icon top right?00:15
ThiagoMedeirosploooop =/00:15
p1oooopThiagoMedeiros: what ubuntu release are you running00:15
GArReTs3r3n1t7, its not actually a wireless device... it has wireless functionality, but its actually a modem that connects me to the internet00:16
GArReTMaRk-I, do i Download that?00:16
s3r3n1t7GArReT, lsusb is a command you can run in a !cli00:16
MaRk-IGArReT: no, you type lsusb in terminal and it lists the usb devices detected00:16
p1oooopThiagoMedeiros: I'll see if bluetooth pointing devices are supported00:16
timposeycan anyone tell me why my cellphone is not recognized on one of my ubuntu computers and will not charge when I plug it in?  anyone have any idea of what to check.00:16
ActionParsnipGArReT: sudo lshw -C network    websearch for the product line to find guides00:17
GArReTok but if my modem is listed there? will it work? or do i need to get the drivers for it?? since i think there is only windows drivers....00:17
MK13Would dd'ing one NTFS partition to another one like 'dd if=/dev/sdx1 of=/dev/sdy1' then lengthening the partition on sdy (sdx is smaller than sdy) work to create a clone of a harddrive which houses an OS?00:17
ActionParsniptimposey: it should charge in any usb port, regardless of OS00:17
taylor_okay, i put ubuntu on a separate computer and it took up the whole drive... No Windows is left... I have a boot disk for it. Ive booted it up more than once now, and every time i try it tells me it needs another driver to write over ubuntu... What do I do?!?00:18
ThiagoMedeirosp1oooop: ok00:18
GArReTi'm just having a hard time connecting to the internet via my modem on ubuntu :(00:18
GArReTok but let me try that first00:18
ActionParsnipMK13: i'd ask in ##windows too00:18
=== slidinghorn is now known as SlidingHorn_out
timposeyActionParsnip, it does on every other computer, and shows up as a usb type jump drive, but not on this system.00:18
MK13ActionParsnip: but is the idea atleast sound?00:18
ActionParsnipMK13: makes sense00:18
MK13ActionParsnip: ok, thanks00:19
ActionParsniptimposey: sounds like a dead port, usb has a pin for +5V which charges devices and/or gives them power, so if its not charging the port is dead assuming you use the same cable00:19
p1oooopThiagoMedeiros: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227057&highlight=bluetooth+mouse here's a guide00:20
taylor_okay, i put ubuntu on a separate computer and it took up the whole drive... No Windows is left... I have a boot disk for it. Ive booted it up more than once now, and every time i try it tells me it needs another driver to write over ubuntu... What do I do?!?00:21
timposeyActionParsnip; it was a bad cable... I was pulling my hair out with that one, because the cable works with everything else..00:22
p1ooooptaylor_: windows tells you that?00:22
GArReTGuys, Does ubuntu have drivers for all hardware, or only most of them?00:22
macoGArReT: most00:22
GArReThmmm so for example if i plug in a webcam... what will ubuntu tell me?00:23
taylor_@Ploooop yeah when i boot it from the disk, but i doesnt tell me what driver...00:23
macoGArReT: it wont tell you anything. either it'll just magically work when you try a webcam-using program, or it won't00:23
ActionParsniptimposey: weird, oh well you got the gold00:23
macoGArReT: the "dmesg" command will tell you what the kernel's saying about stuff. you can see an event in there saying something was plugged in00:24
GArReTyou see my problem is that i DONT know when it is working or not working.... It's like I said, I plugged my modem into my ubuntu PC, but I dont know if he installed it and what to do next!!00:24
dugger5688taylor_: Windows won't recognize ext (the filesystem used by ubuntu). A fresh install of windows will be able to reformat the drive back to FAT/NTFS. The ubuntu live CD can also format a drive to anything you would nedd.00:24
timposeyGArRet; It has had drivers for most everything that I have ever had to use, you can use drivers that come with some items even though they were not specifically made to work with ubuntu00:24
timposeyActionParsnip; thanks..00:24
macoGArReT: i think modems require wvdial to configure00:25
taylor_@dugger5688 so i just need a ubuntu live disk to get rid of ubuntu?!?00:25
ActionParsnipdugger5688: www.fs-driver.org   gives read access to ext3 and ext200:25
dugger5688taylor_: read my post again.00:25
dugger5688ActionParsnip: I know that, but he's talking about a windows boot disk.00:25
R3cur51v3How do you completely, temporarily disable the firewall?00:25
ActionParsnipdugger5688: gotcha00:26
D3RGPS31any downsides to 64bit?00:26
taylor_@dugger5688 so i just need to format the drive on a ubuntu live disk00:26
dugger5688D#RGPS31: some people say that flash is moody but no problems here. Also u need more memory for it.00:26
dugger5688taylor_: That or a windows install CD (assuming you want to get rid of ubuntu)00:26
ActionParsnipD3RGPS31: some manufacturers dont give drives for 32bit and some apps that arent on the repos arent 64bit so you will have to manually satisfy 32bit deps manually00:26
D3RGPS31dugger5688: i won't need more than 650K :300:26
D3RGPS31ActionParsnip: ty00:27
dugger5688Uhhh, yeah you will....00:27
D3RGPS31dugger5688: i was playing a joke on what Gate's said :<00:27
ActionParsnipD3RGPS31: id say use 64bit if your cpu is 64bit00:27
dugger5688lol, nice.00:27
dugger5688my bad.00:27
D3RGPS31dugger5688: darn rite it is00:27
taylor_@dugger5688 yeah i have ubuntu on this netbook here. and im gonna go remove ubuntu frm the 10.04 LTS desktop thanks00:28
trickx51I wanted to know if there was a way to run ubuntu from a flashdrive with different applications then the ones already installed00:28
dugger5688trickx51: make a persistent install and boot it, install the software. It should retain the software from then on.00:28
ActionParsniptrickx51: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization    customise the iso then transfer that00:28
trickx51?? Im running from a liveCD....is there anyway to do it without a full install?00:29
lyraehow do i see how much space i have left on my HD?00:29
ActionParsniplyrae: df -h00:29
R3cur51v3Please, I need to know quickly: how do I disable the firewall?00:29
red2kic!firewall | R3cur51v300:29
ubottuR3cur51v3: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.00:29
ActionParsniptrickx51: you can uninstall apps in the live environment but they will be back next boot00:30
lyraeActionParsnip, thanks00:30
D3RGPS31R3cur51v3: sudo service iptables stop00:31
D3RGPS31R3cur51v3: i think :D00:31
hlpHi, is there any way to set Alt-Backspace to word delete in Ubuntu?00:31
dugger5688trickx51: There's a guide around for a custom install disk, I made one awhile ago with OpenOffice and most stuff removed to run virus scans on windows partitions ;-) I would help you but I gtg, try searching around on the web.00:31
shomonhi, how do I get a copy of ffmpeg with nonfree enabled? is there a deb for that?00:31
dugger5688trickx51: I mean live.00:31
sebsebseb!ffmpeg | shomon00:32
sebsebsebshomon: what do you want ffmpeg for?00:32
shomonI have some 3gp videos I want to convert to avi00:32
shomonand it looks like only the nonfree bit of it works with this codec00:32
sebsebsebshomon: its in the repo I think00:32
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:33
shomonsebsebseb: okay I'm just looking through apt search00:33
ActionParsnipshomon: ffmpeg -i video.3gp -b 250 -s 160×120 -r 15 -f avi -an video.avi00:34
trickx51i installed an application with synaptic, its listed as installed there and in the ubuntu software center, but I can't find it anywhere?00:35
Daerist`Hello :)00:35
ActionParsniptrickx51: what app?00:35
shomonah I got an error with that ActionParsnip00:35
p1oooopyup. windows is SHITAKE with partitions00:35
p1oooopI love that00:35
MaRk-Itrickx51: that's a CLI program00:35
p1oooopsudo apt-get install aircrack-ng00:36
ActionParsnipshomon: you will need to install ffmpeg00:36
sebsebsebActionParsnip: uh yes00:36
sebsebsebActionParsnip: they were wondering how to install ffmpeg00:36
shomonI have it00:36
p1oooopit is the older version of aircrack-ng though... (I think)00:36
ActionParsnipshomon: or you can try handbrake or winff00:36
p1oooopsebsebseb: I'm sure it's in the repositories00:37
MaRk-IActionParsnip: it wont work unless he has the latest ffmpeg00:37
trickx51MaRK-I: What's a CLI program?00:37
p1oooopmakes sense... manual compilation?00:37
shomonor do you mean compile it with the nonfree flag enabled?00:37
realubotWhen changing display resolution plaing games in Wine and Ubuntu games there will be a black are aroound the desktop and the game will show up at top left cornet. Why isn't the desktop showing all over the screen after I change the resolution? i use nvidia driver suggested buy Ubuntu.00:37
ActionParsnipshomon: http://swik.net/Linux/Technorati+Linux+Feed/Convert+movies+in+mobile+(3gp)+to+AVI+in+Ubuntu/c0ual00:37
MaRk-Itrickx51: it means you can only use it in command line/terminal00:38
dr3mrohello , is there a monthly network traffic calculator to know what bandwidth i used for this month for ubuntu 10.0400:38
shomoncool! I was just reading http://parallaxed.net/article/howto-convert-3gp-to-avi00:38
p1ooooprealubot: it's an issue that's been troubling people for a long time00:38
bastidrazordr3mro: check out bandwidthd00:39
p1ooooprealubot: you can try adjusting your screen00:40
realubotp1oooop: Ok, why is it doing like this? I think my friend (who is actually having the problem) solved the issue by adding a line to the xorg.conf file conatining the new ressolution.00:40
ActionParsniprealubot: if wine is giving you jip i'd ask in #winehq00:40
shomonah wow, that did something... I'll see if it's produced anything useful...00:42
shomonso it was mencoder rather than ffmpeg that could do it for some reason00:42
hellothereHey guys so im running ubuntu 10.04 and for some reason the volume control on the top menu bar/panel is gone. i dont know how to add it back. i click on "add to panel", but then i dont see where the volume control item is. any ideas? thanks00:42
ActionParsnipshomon: both are very powerful00:42
trismhellothere: add the indicator applet00:43
GArReThey I installed wvDial now..where do I find it00:43
GArReTgosh ubuntu is sooo cool... but soo hard to understand00:43
hellotheretrism, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar ;) . thanks00:43
ActionParsniphellothere: press alt+f2, type: gnome-volume-control-applet   press enter00:44
rchI am trying to use ufw to set up a firewall ( 9.10 on remote server), and it seems like it won't report the rules unless it's running.  So I won't know if I've locked myself out until I lock myself out.  Am I missing something ?  [ ufw allow 22 ; then ufw status verbose just reports 'inactive' ]00:44
ActionParsnipGArReT: its only hard as you have your windows goggles on, if you use linux as long as you have used windows you'd find it a snap00:44
realubotActionParsnip: Not only Wine, the same problem occur playing games in Ubuntu and changing the resolution to like 640x480. The new desktop show up as a box in the old ones, having black area around it.00:45
AmouxZephyrЧто такое - напевание?00:45
GArReTActionParsnip, i know... I really am trying my hardest to change from windows to Ubuntu... but before I can do that, i need to get my internet working00:45
ubuntuforumshelpcan someone send me the link to create a new post on ubuntuforums.org ?00:45
AmouxZephyrI kinda miss Ubuntu.00:46
soreauubuntuforumshelp: are you logged in?00:46
ubuntuforumshelpsoreau: yes00:46
AmouxZephyrI never would have stopped using it but I really wanted  to play games and wine just didn't work.00:46
ActionParsnipGArReT: as long as it suits your needs, use it00:46
FloodBot2AmouxZephyr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:46
LjLAmouxZephyr: slowfail is still fail00:47
hlpany thoughts on setting Alt-Backspace as word delete?00:47
soreauubuntuforumshelp: Click on a topic from ubuntuforums.org, then select New post toward the upper left00:47
ubuntuforumshelpsoreau: need a button somewhere that is easy to find, i'll report that as a new bug00:48
soreauubuntuforumshelp: I assume they don't want it too easy too find since there are spammers afoot00:48
ubuntuforumshelpsoreau: well its harder to get help; i had to come in an irc room to figure out how to post00:49
craigbass1976I've got an external WD drive someone just dropped off.  Can't mount it with sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt; I get mount: /dev/sdb1: can't read superblock  Any ideas?00:49
soreauubuntuforumshelp: Also, you can ask your question here ;)00:49
craigbass1976It also is 320 gigs, and my own drive is only 250, so I can't just do a bit for bit copy00:49
ActionParsniphip: http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?t=5407900:49
ubuntuforumshelpsoreau: i fixed the problem, but no one has logged it on the forum, which i was going to do00:50
soreauubuntuforumshelp: Ah ok. Well typically a forum works as such you select a category for threads, then there is a new threas/new post buttom somewhere00:50
ubuntuforumshelpsoreau: i have been to many, this is the only like that00:50
soreauubuntuforumshelp: compiz forums works the same way00:51
bazhangubuntuforumshelp, try in #ubuntuforums00:51
mattymanxGrettings folks.00:51
ubuntuforumshelpbazhang: ok, thanks00:52
mattymanxCan I ask if anyone here is having issues settings up a Yahoo account in ThunderBird 3?00:52
ActionParsnipmattymanx: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138646100:53
mattymanxAP, thank you, I will check that out! :)00:54
p1oooopI don't like windows... so hard to customize it and get it to do what you want... hehe00:55
drew212anyone able to help with getting wireless set up? i've never done it before00:55
p1oooopI'm stuck on windows for a few hours each day and every hour is horrid00:56
ActionParsnipdrew212: does:   sudo iwlist scan    show any accesspoints?00:56
p1oooopdrew212: you mean make your own wireless network?00:56
p1oooopor connect to one?00:56
drew212i have a wireless network, i need to connect to it00:56
p1oooopGUI or terminal?00:57
drew212ActionParsnip: it says that interface doesnt supposrt scanning and on wlan0 it has network is down00:57
Andre_Rehi there00:57
p1oooophidden network?00:57
Andre_Rei have a problem with xvidcapt00:57
drew212wlan0 is where my wireless is at00:57
Andre_Reit doesn't record any sound (or just some random noises)00:57
ActionParsnipdrew212: ok then run:   sudo lshw -C network      websearch for the product line of the wireless to find guides00:58
p1oooopdrew212: hmm... sounds like your card isn't quite supported00:58
ActionParsnipp1oooop: not out of the box, no00:58
p1oooopof course..00:58
Andre_Rei'm pretty sure that I had setupped my device correctly because it works everywhere else (webcam recoreder etc.)00:58
ActionParsnipdrew212: what is the product line relating to the wifi, whats it say?00:59
ThiagoMedeirosThanks a lot ploooop to help me to use my bluetooth mouse !!00:59
drew212BCM4312 802.11b/g00:59
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:00
vockI know for a fact my /home partition is 15 GB, and I am the only user on this computer, and when I go to the properties of my home directory in nautilus it's only at 300 MB, but I'm getting 14 GB is used with df -h on the command line. Any ideas what else takes up space on /home?01:00
p1oooopvock: trash.01:00
p1oooopvock: empty it.01:00
drew212ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/46042801:00
ActionParsnipdrew212: if you use a wired connection you will be simply offered the driver if you use the hardware drivers item in System -> Administration01:01
mattymanxI see.  So TB3 does not want to support my old Yahoo account while my TB2 will just fine.  Checap bastards.01:01
macovock: keep in mind that whether you use base-2 or base-10 measures, (that is, GiB v. GB) sizes vary. so 14GiB might be 15GB01:01
macovock: also, note that the filesystem itself reserves 5% of space for root to be able to work to clean things out if the drive fills up01:01
p1oooopoh yeah, forgot about that01:02
drew212ActionParsnip: working on it, ill be back when it does/doesnt work01:02
sjmvock, you can check on space by (in a terminal window): du -ba | sort -n01:02
vockploooop: I did01:02
sjmvock, that should tell you what is taking up the space.01:02
vockmaco: it's saying that 14 GB is being used though, when going to the home folder in nautilus is only showing 300 MB01:02
p1oooopvock: hmm... did you use the disk tool that comes with ubuntu?01:03
vocksjm, i'll check that out now, didn't know those commands01:03
drew212ActionParsnip: should i use the B43 which is free, or the STA which is proprietary?01:03
macovock: are you including the dot files?01:03
p1oooopit does that with hidden folders01:03
macovock: i know my .kde is 1.8GB01:03
sjmvock, do you have nautilus set to show the hidden files?01:03
ActionParsnipdrew212: no idea, try one, if it works great, if not then use t'otherun01:03
vocksjm, wouldn't that still show up in used space? I'll double check01:03
vockI just lost another 500 MB some how01:04
sjmvock: du will show you all files and folders and the space they use.01:04
ActionParsnipvock: how big is the partition?01:04
sjmvock, turn on the hidden files option in nautilus to see ALL the files.01:04
GArReTOK guys I did the lsUSB like you asked and it showed my Termenal in there... btw, i have to connect via PPPoE... this is what i'm getting from that lsUSB list ::: Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0482:0204 Kyocera Corp. iBurst Terminal01:04
vockActionParsnip, 15 GB01:04
GArReTDoes that mean it's installed or not?01:05
vocksjm, did that it's still showing only 300 MB01:05
ActionParsnipvock: so you have a 15Gb partition with 500Mb used?01:05
sjmvock, did which?01:05
vockActionParsnip, 15 GB partition, df -h is saying it's 98% used, but in nautilus it's only showing me 500 MB01:05
ActionParsnipvock: sounds like the journal to me, is it using a jounalised file system01:06
vocksjm, i just did it in nautilus, i'm checking du now01:06
sjmvock, you can limit the depth of the tree du searches like this: du -ba --max-depth=1 | sort -n01:07
ActionParsnipvock: du -hs /* | sort -nr | head -n 20       should help01:07
GArReTuhm... any suggestion or help?01:07
vockdu shows sizes in bytes?01:08
ActionParsnipvock: yes, du -h    shows it human readable01:08
sjmvock it depends, du -b does01:09
ActionParsnipvock: the command I gave should give clues :)01:09
sjmvock, -ba says, show in bytes and all files (not just directories).01:09
vocksjm, ActionParsnip, ah, thanks guys, I found it01:10
sjmvock, sort will order them so the largest is last.01:10
vockturns out Dropbox Cache took up 11 GB01:10
=== EvilTrek is now known as CaptainTrek
ActionParsnipvock: niiiiice01:10
sjmvock, good you found it.01:10
vocksjm, ActionParsnip, how do you guys remember all the little utilities to do stuff like this?01:11
ActionParsnipvock: www.bing.com www.ask.com www.google.com01:11
sjmvock, work more on the command line than in the gui01:11
ActionParsnipvock: some I know, some i websearch for01:11
vocksjm, ActionParsnip, maco, thanks guys for your help01:12
sjmvock, you're welcome01:13
mission64anybody from china?01:13
bazhangmission64, in #ubuntu-cn01:13
sjm!zh | mission6401:13
ubottumission64: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:13
navetzhi i want to move my files from one ubuntu laptop to my new one. I think rsync is the way to go, now do I need to set up an ssh server on of the laptops to get this working?01:15
bazhangp1oooop, ?01:15
p1ooooptoo bad I don't know chinese well enough.. (I suck like hel)01:15
KungFuBearHi folks. I really need some help. I just bought a new ASUS desktop pc and I'm trying to put Ubuntu on it. After having installed it once, then updating to 10.04, I no longer can access a graphical verison, (right now I'm in the F1 terminal). I can't even boot a linux cd. It gets half-way through the boot of the cd and then everything just freezes and I have to hard-reboot my computer.01:15
bazhang!ot | p1oooop01:15
ubottup1oooop: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:15
p1oooopKungFuBear: whaaa....01:15
KungFuBearp1oooop: Maybe it would be better if you asked me a question and I answer it01:16
sjmnavetz, depends how you want to do it.  If they are both on the same local network, you could just use nfs.01:16
p1oooopKungFuBear: that shouldn't happen to your computer... perhaps your boot CD is messed up?01:16
canthus13KungFuBear: Bad burn of the CD, maybe?01:16
p1oooopKungFuBear: try sudo gdm start01:16
KungFuBearp1oooop: I installed using the CD I used on my old PC, it installed fine, but now everything is messed up...01:16
p1oooopdid I lagg out??01:16
KungFuBearp1oooop: yeah, I did try the gdm thingy, it told me that x was already running01:17
KungFuBearp1oooop: in F7 and F8 there is nothing but a blank screen01:17
p1oooopsorry about that..01:17
bazhangp1oooop, stop that.01:17
KungFuBearlemme try again though, just a sec01:17
p1oooopsorry, I lagged out.01:17
MaRk-IKungFuBear: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html01:17
p1oooopKungFuBear: alright, try sudo gdm restart (I think...)01:18
Unirgy_hi, how do i share screen session between multiple users? when i do between non root users, it says "Must run suid root for multiuser support.", if i try to screen -x from root user, it says "Access to session denied." the /usr/bin/screen has suid bit...01:18
MaRk-IKungFuBear: here's another one with different video cards:  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/01:19
p1oooopahh, blank screen...01:19
p1ooooptype in your username, press enter, then your password01:19
p1oooopworks for me every time01:20
p1oooop(and now people can't randomly use my computer)01:20
p1oooopI need to see that tutorial... thanks MaRk-I01:21
Roastedp1oooop, what up01:21
Roastedjust had the intel card fail on me again01:21
Roasteddmesg tail says no space for Tx. Failed to send SCAN_REQUEST_EXT: Reason -1601:22
p1oooopahh... I get the blank screen bug on lucid01:22
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p1oooopwell, cya guys later.01:24
MaRk-Ip1oooop: yw01:24
=== purehate_ is now known as purehate
p1oooop!bye | p1oooop01:24
ubottup1oooop, please see my private message01:24
=== purehate is now known as _purehate
KungFuBearok, I'm back with more info01:25
p1oooopdial-up is using up my grandparents' phone line01:25
KungFuBearI have 2 listed kernels that GRUB shows me01:25
KungFuBearboth for 10.0401:25
KungFuBear2.6.32-23 and 2.6.28-1101:26
KungFuBearthe first 32-23 is junk, it doesn't do a thing for me01:26
wizard_can anyone tell me how to configure XBMC to pick up all album art ?01:26
AljosHaCan someone explain me thinks in /etc/ssh like ssh_host_dsa_key and rsa_key , can they be dangerous for me ? as i have server rented somewhere?means ISP and someone else maybe can access?what happends if i just remove those keys, or should i firstly generate new ones?since i only connect true ssh2 password...not using keys?01:27
KungFuBear28-11, if I start in recovery mode, I can make it here to this F1 terminal. the non-recovery mode boots up till when the splash screen loads, and then my monitor tells me there is an Invalid Input Type01:27
Niglophow do i change the default user which gets logged on @ bootup?01:27
KungFuBearif I do sudo gdm start, I see my gui login screen, but my keyboard has no power, and my mouse has power but doesn't function01:27
euph0riaAljosHa: turn off RSAAuthentication & PubKeyAuthentication and you're good..01:28
MaRk-IKungFuBear:   http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/01:28
euph0riaAljosHa: which is found in /etc/ssh/sshd_config01:29
KungFuBearMaRk-I: heh, thanks01:29
AljosHathank you a lot euph0ria :)01:29
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euph0riaAljosHa: the keys that are accepted are usually found in the users home directories.. so you can check in /home if there are any users that you do not know if..01:30
dominicdinadaneed a hand here :) with ummm wine :)01:31
trycilicwhats the benifiet of ext3 over ext4?01:32
Daekdroomtrycilic, I don't think there is any.01:33
DarkStar1Insert corkscrew, Uncork, allow to breathe, then pour into Wine glass, Drink01:33
p1oooopmore support01:33
AljosHayes euph0ria i checked , well it is clean one mashine, just installed, fresh ...and i checked nothing found like .ssh or anything...and there are even no shell users except root :) so thanks again for helping me01:33
trycilicwhats the benifiet of ext4 over ext3?   sorry!01:33
bazhangp1oooop, keep it on topic01:33
IchEsseDichAufhi, how can i figure out which process took my wifi interface? lsof?01:34
DexterHi. I'm having some trouble with login to samba on 10.04. I cannot login from my mac to my ubuntu desktop. Can someon help?01:35
AljosHaeuph0ria, but there are still .pub files and sucha thinks in my /etc/ssh, should i remove them?even if i did RsaAuthentication no and pubkeyauth no ?should i remove files?01:36
DarkStar1Dexter: I think you want the #samba channel01:37
DarkStar1Dexter: but in any case, is it a fresh Samba install, or did this just happen after an update.01:38
mattymanxThank you again AP, I got it working but sadly I messed up a setting somewhere and TB decided that my new emails were all junk and deleted them without a trace!01:39
=== root is now known as Guest76320
mattymanxNevermind...found them.01:40
exarkunWill I melt my motherboard or hard drive if I try using sata hotplug (ie unplugging a sata disk and plugging in a new one) on Ubuntu 9.10?01:40
mattymanxI somehow have WAY too many folders in TB301:40
exarkunOr erase all of the bits on any of the drives involved?01:40
RoastedAfter 5 minutes (or so) of being connected wirelessly on my laptop with an Intel Pro 2200 BG Wireless card, I ran dmesg| tail to find this http://pastebin.com/0RUnYsKg output. What does it mean? What can I do?01:40
trycilichey my web home page has just been changed to start.ububtu   hows that?01:45
ridinit's basically google.com01:45
ridinexcept you don't have the choice between videos and images01:45
euph0riaAljosHa: no need to really..01:46
trycilichey my web home page has just been changed to start.ububtu   hows that?01:46
Niglophow do i change the default user which gets logged on @ bootup?01:47
trycilicis my girlfriend going to end up looking like my mother?01:47
bazhangtrycilic, that has nothing to do with ubuntu support01:48
ridinniglop -> System -> Adminstration -> Login Screen01:48
trycilicwell when I open my browser now I get my sister   http://start.ubuntu.com/10.04/Google/01:49
IchEsseDichAuf1how to figure out which process open a resource like network interface?01:49
trycilicwhats this all about???01:49
Niglophow do i change the name of my computer01:49
ridin!hostname | niglop01:49
ubottuniglop: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.01:49
trycilicso what this about?01:50
ZykoticK9Niglop, the above message should read "... otherwise sudo WILL NOT WORK AT ALL", so be sure they both match.01:50
fxfitzI'm currently SSH'd into my new ubuntu box. What would be the command to make Ubuntu automatically log in to a specific user on boot to Gnome?01:51
ridinfxfitz, i'm not sure what ssh since i'm new to linux but system -> administration -> login screen01:52
NiglopZykoticK9:  it worked thnx01:52
frankS2Hello, are there any tangogps users here? Is there a web based interface for friend tracking?01:52
fxfitzridin: Yeah, see the problem is that I am unable to use the GUI because I don't have a screen or keyboard on the box.01:52
TazzypillarHello, I want to try out KDE, preferably by installing it onto the same system as Gnome--but I'd like to keep the two /seperate/, so that they don't interfere with each other01:53
Tazzypillaris there any way to get that to work?01:53
bazhangTazzypillar, not really01:53
bazhangTazzypillar, the various apps will both show up in the menu01:53
trycilicbazhang: wheres my home page gone to?01:53
dr3mrois there a way to make ubuntu uses a lower quality images so i can browse the web without using so much bandwidth on internet mobile usb modem ??????????????????????????????????????????????????01:53
StmeterCan someone tell me what this means while I try to ssh to my machine? 2: Packet corrupt01:53
bazhangtrycilic, switch it back in FF preferences01:54
StmeterReceived disconnect from 2: Packet corrupt01:54
StmeterVery odd error01:54
fxfitzCan anyone tell me how to make Ubuntu log in automatically to a user from command line??01:54
trycilicbazhang: why should it change?01:54
bazhangtrycilic, no idea. developers decision01:55
dr3mrois there a way to make ubuntu uses less bandwidth while browsing for limited internet i have only 500 MB /month for browsing01:55
fbxxklhow do you force close a program?  My thunderbird is trying to compose a message and I want it to shut down01:55
ZykoticK9fxfitz, not really from command line - but SSH in with X support then run "gdmsetup"01:55
IchEsseDichAufkillall thunderbird01:56
=== _unnamed_ is now known as guest123
guest123Anyone here used the CLI IRC app Rhapsody?01:56
trycilicdevelopers as in firefox or ubuntu?01:56
fxfitzZykoticK9: gdmsetup, got it. Should I use sudo??01:56
Jordan_Udr3mro: You can use Opera with "Opera Turbo".01:56
thune3dr3mro: adblock and flashblock will help you in that regard for FF and Chrome.  Opera has some mobile compression proxy stuff you might look into.01:56
ZykoticK9fxfitz, not required - there is an "unlock" button :)01:56
fxfitzZykoticK9: It's actually not unlocking... :(01:57
fxfitzFailed to unlock: The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files01:57
ZykoticK9fxfitz, you could "try" with "gksu gdmsetup"01:57
alex87i'm trying to diff two files and only display additions present in one file, any gurus out there?01:57
fxfitzSadly it is still failing to unlock. :(01:58
guest123anyone here use Rhapsody IRC?01:59
KungFuBearI forget who led me to the link about the blank startup screen in 10.04, but I have some questions about the directions the website gave02:00
KungFuBearFirst off, I was instructed to press F6 at the main menu of the install CD and enter in: i915.modeset=1. I got to the F6 menu, but I have no idea how I declare the i915.modeset=1 part02:01
StmeterCan someone tell me what this means while I try to ssh to my machine? Bad packet length 962001235.02:01
StmeterDisconnecting: Packet corrupt02:01
Jordan_UKungFuBear: Press escape to get out the menu that comes up, and there should be a line containing kernel parameters. Type "i915.modeset=1" and it should appear at the end of that line.02:03
KungFuBearJordan_U: ahah, ok thank you.02:04
KungFuBearJordan_U: does it matter where in teh kernel parameters I put that?02:04
AAAalex87  I don't think diff has that option. you can do something like this though :: $ diff -y foo bar | grep '>'02:04
Jordan_UKungFuBear: You're welcome. Not that you'll need to change it again on your first boot after installing by holding shift during boot and pressing "e" to edit the menu entry.02:04
alex87AAA, thanks, i think i have it working with sed02:05
KungFuBearJordan_U: yeah, I did notice the edit part, but what does holding SHIFT during boot do?02:05
KungFuBearJordan_U: and that was also my next question. I tried navigating to /etc/default/grub but that file doesn't exist02:06
Jordan_UKungFuBear: Holding shift at boot brings up the menu, otherwise you'll just boot with the default options.02:06
saganbyteHow can I get a terminal launcher next to the firefox icon next to Applications Places System?02:07
bazhangsaganbyte, right click add to panel02:07
saganbyteI am not sure if Terminal Server Client App is the right onwe02:07
KungFuBearalright, well I'm going to try this again, thanks Jordan_U02:08
saganbytebazhang, okay, found it... thanks :)02:08
SteveThingI've got a pretty big problem. I changed my password via command line, now I can't log into my account via GUI (encrypted home folder). I get an error message about nautalis unable to create home folder02:11
LorgonJortleI seem to have run into a problem with the 10.04 installer...02:12
LorgonJortleI'm prompted with the main menu, and no matter what option I choose (other than booting from first HDD) I get a black screen.02:13
LorgonJortleAnd then it does nothing... forever.02:13
trycilicok sorted that out02:14
LorgonJortleAfter this happened the first time, I burned the disk again at 4x speed, but it still happens.02:14
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h00k!md5sum | LorgonJortle02:14
ubottuLorgonJortle: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:14
pmcclellanddoes anyone know if it is possible to run compiz fusion effects under the latest version of VMWare Workstation?02:15
LorgonJortleh00k: thanks.02:15
lobitohello all =)02:16
trycilicLorgonJortle: try pressing the key up from ctrl02:16
lobitohow can I do so I can see the grub??02:16
lobitorunning ubuntu 9.1002:16
MuH4hAlobito: you mean, how can you edit your boot-menu?02:17
lobitoyeah, well, I just want to se the grub when I start my laptop =)02:17
LorgonJortleThe md5 hashes match02:18
MuH4hAlobito: have you installed GRUB?02:18
trycilicLorgonJortle: on my laptops its **under** the shift key02:18
ubuntu-usrhi all02:19
trycilicLorgonJortle: but ontop of the CTRL key02:19
LorgonJortletrycilic: Yes, you said the key "up" from control. That seems to me like it'd be Shift.02:19
trycilicLorgonJortle:it gives me the grub menu02:19
plumhey can someone help me? i have an ext3 partition on my drive that i just formatted to ext3. i'm trying to move the backup files back onto it, but it's saying i don't have permissions02:20
LorgonJortletrycilic: I don't know what key you're describing, dude.02:20
ubuntu-usri've wireless headphones and wireless internet connecton. when i use headphoness, the speed of internet connection is painfully slow. i.e now on irc i have 25sec. lag time02:21
trycilicLorgonJortle:it has an arrow pointing upwards   where as the shift key is pointing downwards02:21
plumcan someone help me please?02:21
LorgonJortleMy shift key has an arrow pointing upwards.02:22
AAAplum  unmount the partition, then chown plum:plum /path/to/mount/point and then remount it02:22
ZolonMouse X/Y needs Swapped in 10.04 - Can't find xorg.conf file to do this. Can some one point me onto the right path? .. Thanks.02:23
trycilicLorgonJortle: ok  so the shift key has on top of it the TAB key right?02:23
plumi'll try that AAA02:23
LorgonJortleCaps lock is on top of Shift, and Tab is on top of Caps Lock02:24
moesLorgonJortle, Did you burn your iso to a cd-r disc02:24
LorgonJortleI burned it to a DVD-R02:24
moesLorgonJortle, I tried other disc including dvd and only cd-r would allow me to install lucid02:25
LorgonJortleAlright, moes. I'll give a CD-R a go. Thanks, man.02:26
[[thufir]]how do I run nmap against a router?  http://www.netgear.com/Products/WirelessRouter/WirelessRoutersforSimpleSharing/DGN1000.aspx02:26
trycilicLorgonJortle: they key underneath the caps lock key(on my board!)02:26
dylanmakanyone is using Outlook Live in Ubuntu?02:27
AAA[[thufir]]  nmap -sT <ip of router>02:27
moestrycilic, sounds like he on a pc and not a laptop02:27
dylanmaki can't find a good email program for linux that can sync well with Outlook Live02:27
[[thufir]]AAA: right, pardon, kinda thought something like that as soon as I wrote it02:28
trycilicLorgonJortle: one last time     on my laptop caps lock is beneath shift02:28
andrew|hello, could anyone tell me where to change or see my computers security settings?02:28
askhaderDoes the ubuntu server install CD have wifi driver support?02:29
bonhofferi want to zip a bunch of sql files into one bundle -- what is the best way on ubuntu?02:29
bonhofferzip or tar or ?02:29
Ledgichey guys i have a problem with my dvd drives not being detected i installed imgburn under wine and i cant get it to find my drives02:29
Dr_WillisLedgic:  does the normal ubuntu apps see it?02:30
[[thufir]]from this nmap output I see that ports 3000-3001 are blocked?  http://pastebin.org/38579402:30
dylanmakany help?02:30
Ledgicinfact tbh i havent checked how would i do this soz im a bit of a noob to linux02:31
Dr_Willis!manual | Ledgic02:31
ubottuLedgic: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:31
trycilicas moes says    you are on a PC?02:31
Dr_WillisLedgic:  im not sure wine apps can even burn to cd/dvd/ ive never tried. Theres plenty of DVD/cd native tools i use02:31
Ledgicim looking for specifically to backup um my 360 games with02:32
Ledgicand imgburn and clonecd are the only ones tht support the layerbreak functions to my knowledge02:32
andrew|hello, could anyone tell me where to change or see my computers security settings?02:33
AAAbonhoffer  $ tar -cvjf foo.tar.bz2 foo bar02:33
bonhofferAAA: where i could use a glob *.sql instead of foo and bar?02:33
un214insta-poll: who *else* is interested in getting rid of plymouth02:34
AAAbonhoffer  glob --stuff | tar cvjf foo.tar.bz2 -02:34
bonhofferAAA: nice02:34
bonhoffercan i open the tar on a mac easily?02:34
Ledgicanother problem is my sound drivers i have a creative soundblaster audigy 4 sound card it says here its recocgnised but wont emit any sound from my speakers02:34
un214bonhoffer: if you use terminal02:35
[[thufir]]is this true:  "In the default desktop ubuntu install no port is firewalled and you can  use any P2P program without changing anything in ubuntu. Just change  your router settings." ?   http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-911377.html02:36
thune3andrew|: security falls into several categories and there is no "one place" to check them. Is there something specific you want to check?02:37
Dr_Willis[[thufir]]:  tjheres no default firewall/blocking rules yes02:38
andrew|thune3: no not specifically but could you list a couple programs I could use?02:38
iflemaandrew| if your md5sum check your install cd and are not serving anything to the internet and you are careful where you get you software from. Your go to go. But im guessing your a windows user and possibly freaking out......02:38
Dr_Willis[[thufir]]:  i just let teh p2p app  setup the router as needed02:38
trycilicLorgonJortle: did that help you?02:39
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bonhofferAAA: sorry, i don't get your command02:39
RoastedAfter 5 minutes (or so) of being connected wirelessly on my laptop with an Intel Pro 2200 BG Wireless card, I ran dmesg| tail to find this http://pastebin.com/0RUnYsKg output. What does it mean? What can I do?02:40
iflemaandrew| where you point your browser is the biggest concern ;)02:41
thune3andrew|: make sure "sudo ufw status" shows firewall is enabled. Keep your updates current with update-manager or synaptic package manager. Don't run stuff you know is going to be squirrely. That's really about all there is.02:41
andrew|iflema, I getcha02:41
[[thufir]]On my router I enabled port forwarding for ports 3000-3001 TCP/UDP to the IP address of the linux box.  However, those ports don't show up when nmap runs a scan on the router.  How do I know that they're really open?02:41
un214thufir: most consumer routers these days are buggy02:42
un214they can't redirect from inside back where they should02:42
andrew|thune3, shows that my firewall is inactive, geussing I should just go grab one from the software center02:42
jimi_Are there any newer packages for gtk-gnutella? mine says i am running an ancient version02:42
coz_jimi_,  which version do you have?02:43
thune3andrew|: it's built in firewall, to enable it you should just need to run "sudo ufw enable" to turn it on.02:43
LorgonJortlemoes: No deal.02:44
andrew|thune3, thank you02:44
[[thufir]]un214: so, opening that "rule" in the router should "open" the ports for this app, even if nmap doesn't detect them as open?02:44
coz_jimi_,   looks like the lateset is 0.96.8-102:44
RoastedAfter 5 minutes of wireless connection on my laptop (Ubuntu 10.04, Intel BG 2200 Pro Wireless card) I lose connection. No errors. But I just flat out lose connectivity. After pinging a web site continuously for 5 minutes, I eventually lost connection and ran dmesg | tail and found this output:  http://pastebin.com/0RUnYsKg  what can I do??02:44
LorgonJortleJust like before, I was able to choose my language, but when I chose anything else I got got a black screen with a white blinker.02:44
un214thufir: yeah, but only if you scanned _from outside_, not the outside ip from inside02:44
coz_jimi_,   for lucid it is 0.96.6+dfsg-202:44
MaRk-ILorgonJortle: what's your video card?02:44
jimi_coz_, ya, i have 0.96.602:44
LorgonJortlenVidia 9800 GT02:44
LorgonJortleI'm on 9.10 right now, and it's running perfectly.02:45
coz_jimi_,  on lucid I believe that is the correct version  I dont see a ppa for it02:45
MaRk-ILorgonJortle: hhmm try this:  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/02:45
imgx64Stupid vi question: In command mode, do you place your fingers on hjkl or jkl;? I find placing them on hjkl difficult, undoing all I learned in touch typing.02:45
Jordan_Uimgx64: jkl;02:45
MaRk-ILorgonJortle: your option would be "nomodeset"02:45
jimi_coz_, ok, so i am out of luck. Also, I had a java installation die during apt-get, and now I get this error message, [Press RETURN to try again, 'no' + RETURN to abort] no02:46
Jordan_Uimgx64: Try "vimtutor".02:46
LorgonJortleThanks, MaRk-l02:46
coz_jimi_,   sun java or icedtea?02:46
jimi_coz_, sun java, sorry... the jdk02:46
coz_jimi_,  ah ok02:46
MaRk-ILorgonJortle: yw, good luck02:46
Roastedubuntu can run on 1.5ghz single core proc with 1gb ram, right02:46
coz_jimi_,  mm open synaptic package manager and check in there02:46
Roastedcuz its running fing slow on this laptop with those specs02:47
imgx64Jordan_U: Ok, thanks.02:47
Jordan_Uimgx64: You're welcome.02:47
thune3imgx64: standard finger positions, btw.02:47
trycilicthune3: what do you mean by squirrely?02:48
un214I'm starting to believe that plymouth caused quite a few people to jump ship. Now I just need to figure out where.02:49
thune3trycilic: sorry for non-standard usage, i just mean stuff that has a higher than usual probability of being malware infested.02:49
upgrdmanmy mouse has a "find" button that bring up the find program. how can I assign that mouse button to switch windows instead (alt-tab) ?02:49
jimi_My apt-get install of sun java sdk died, and now apt-get says [Press RETURN to try again, 'no' + RETURN to abort]  and wont get past this02:50
julius06117i got a problem, my mutt doesn't work well02:50
qiuzzhow to use google talk for linux02:51
trycilicthune3: thanks   so if im not on XP squirrely dosent matter?02:51
jimi_julius06117, kick it in the butt... rub its nose in the carpet if it pees02:51
jimi_quiz, pidgin?02:52
julius06117i just can recive my mail。。。。sometimes02:52
jimi_that type of mutt :)02:52
thune3trycilic: i'm not one who relies on the belief that linux is immune to all threats.02:52
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:52
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:52
=== molestoso is now known as malo
trycilicthune3: sure (no OS is totally safe) but not malware?02:53
wildbatRoasted, try lubuntu then02:54
julius06117anyone has better tools for auto mail?02:54
Roastedwildbat, not to sound like a prick, but 1.5ghz and 1gb ram should ABSOLUTELY be enough for ubuntu.02:54
Roastedits crazy to see this thing lagging02:54
wildbatRoasted, depends how you use it , and if you have compiz running ... with IGP ~02:55
commander_help.my youtube videos won't play.i installed flashplugin-nonfree and it keep saying error occured02:57
Roastedwildbat, I need compiz running due to using docky - it ran 9.04 fine. why shouldtn 10.04?02:58
commander_or any other videos on any site for tht matter02:58
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde02:58
trycilicthune3: linux is not prone to malware?02:58
jimi_linux is malware02:58
wrinkliezwould anyone like to hold my hand in creating a source package for an incredibly simple script?02:59
wildbatRoasted, check if you have the video driver installed03:00
thune3trycilic: i don't understand which side you are asking. Malware is the broadest term for malicious softwares.03:00
andrew|could anyone tell me how to check which video card my computer is using at the moment?03:00
coz_jimi_,   I just in stalled gtk gnutella and it is saying the same thing about being very old03:00
coz_jimi_,  let me see if I can remedy this hold on03:01
Roastedwildbat, its an ati driver - no drivers came down via hardware driver manager.03:01
Roastedwildbat, er rrestricted driver manager - whatever it is03:01
trycilicthune3: just trying to engage you in conversation!03:01
jimi_coz_, ya, me too, wont connect to anything :(03:01
thune3trycilic: if you wan't go offtopic in pm, i'll engage you03:02
trycilicthune3: but hey np03:02
wildbat!ati | Roasted03:02
ubottuRoasted: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:02
Roastedwildbat, again - none came through te hardware driver manager.03:02
miststlkrallo all03:02
zombie-robothow do i copy and paste a folder with spaces via command line?03:02
Roastedzombie-robot, use quotes03:03
miststlkranyone have experience setting up a persistent USB install?03:03
Roasted"zombie folder with spaces"03:03
wildbatRoasted, you have to DL from ati03:03
coz_jimi_,  on this page are unofficial builds for ubuntu   http://stinker.serveftp.net:8000/gtkgnutella/gtkgnutella.html03:03
wildbatRoasted, read the guide03:03
Roastedare ATI open source drivers any good, or should I use restricted?03:03
coz_Roasted,    Radeon 7000 (or M6). For 7000 to HD4xxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD2xxx and later series cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.03:04
Roastedcoz_, for an older laptop, what would be better?03:04
coz_Roasted,  welll I am not really up on ati configs and which driver to use with what but I believe the people in #radeon for be much more helpful than I can03:05
coz_for = would03:05
Roastedcoz_, you really think theyd know the answer to a linux related question? :P03:05
coz_Roasted,  absolutely03:06
coz_Roasted,   the people I know who know about ati all suggest that channel03:06
coz_Roasted,  and I dont know anyone with windows using ati :)03:06
coz_Roasted,   you could go into #compiz and talk with soreau  if he is not busy  but DO NOT pm him03:07
Roasteddoes he get a little fussy via PM?03:08
coz_Roasted,  yes so dont pm him or I will hear about it :)03:08
fvultee#join openvnc03:08
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:08
coz_jimi_,   I installed the one pacakge from that link and it does work withouth the warning about the age of the application03:09
miststlkror, for that matter, has anyone tried to set up a persistent install on an SD card?  I have a 4GB USB stick running persistent for a bit now, and just picked up a 16GB stick for the next iteration, not sure how big to make the casper though.  This one I did a 3GB casper on a 4GB stick and the system ran out of room REAL fast.. not sure what happens on the casper and what happens on the un-caspered space.  I had presumed anything no03:09
miststlkrt casper was used for SWAP, but I'm thinking otherwise now...03:09
DaekdroomRoasted, #radeon channel is for the open source radeon X.org driver support.03:09
DaekdroomRoasted, of course they answer linux related questions.03:09
Roastedthis laptop is going so slow. its almost unuseable03:09
fxfitzI would like to run a unix command when the computer starts, but not as root, as a user. How would I do that?03:10
Roastedbeen waiting for appearance window to open for the last 3-4 minutes so I can disable compiz to see if it helps03:10
coz_check with #radeon03:10
Roastedwow. yeah. it froze.03:10
Roastedtime for the windows fix. REBOOTING!03:10
DaekdroomRoasted, Alt + F2, type metacity --replace and press enter03:10
RoastedDaekdroom, I'd love to. but.. it was kinda frozen.03:10
DaekdroomRoasted, Rebooting is for people that have no clue how to fix something o.o03:10
rystraumfxfitz: System > Preferences > Startup Applications03:10
RoastedDaekdroom, how doy ou fix a problem when the computer wont respond?03:10
RoastedDaekdroom, so yeah, no clue waht they're doing? I CANT MOVE03:11
fxfitzrystraum: Tried that, but gnome doesn't start on boot.03:11
DaekdroomRoasted CRTL + ALT + F1, killall (insert here name of whatever is freezing your computer)03:11
Roastedtried it03:11
Roastedwas frozen03:11
rystraumfxfitz: So, what do you get on boot?03:11
Roastednothing at all responded03:11
DaekdroomThat should be something way beyond compiz.03:11
Roastedeven the activity lights on the system were frozen.03:11
Roastedlove it.03:11
fxfitzrystraum: I can SSH in. That's what I"m doing.03:11
Roastedits always wicked fast when it boots up tho03:12
Roastedand gradually grows to a crawl03:12
DaekdroomRoasted, does the mouse move?03:12
RoastedDaekdroom, it does now that I *GASP* rebooted it.03:12
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
rystraumfxfitz: Hmmm. You want it to run every time or just once?03:12
DaekdroomRoasted, well, compiz cannot cause such a big lock up.03:13
fxfitzrystraum: Every time on boot.03:13
RoastedI wouldnt think so, but I disabled compiz anyway to check it out03:13
rystraumfxfitz: Have you checked up on adding your commands at the end of ~/.bashrc?03:13
Roastedmight be worthwhile grabbing an ati driver though03:14
Roastedsince nothing is available in hardware drivers03:14
Fishyfor some reason there is no way to change my resolution03:14
=== mike is now known as MikeXz
tenochslbMy lubuntu install on the old laptop brings this error "process 277 glibwarning getpwuid_r(): failed due to blah  blah. You think this is causing problems at all on the system. Most of the time it freezes on password screen03:14
DaekdroomRoasted, if it's not avaiable, it's probably not compatible with your videocard.03:14
fxfitzrystraum: If I add it to .bashrc, wouldn't I have to log in with SSH before the command is run?03:14
fxfitzrystraum: This might be easier: I want to start vncserver on boot.03:15
RoastedDaekdroom, I was told I should still install one regardless.03:15
MikeXzQuestions - just formatted 2 drives as ext3 in gparted and loaded drive into ubuntu - in the file explorer I cannot creat efolders - getting access denied - seems like I should not need to be sudo - what gives?03:15
RoastedDaekdroom, bad idea?03:15
jimi_coz_, Which one do you recommend?03:15
Sam_FisherHowdy Ya'll03:15
DaekdroomRoasted, ATI binary driver probably wouldn't install.03:15
RoastedDaekdroom, Roasted: fglrx dropped support for your card03:16
Roastedwell, fml03:16
DaekdroomRoasted, the opensource driver, on the other hand, should give excellent support for you card.03:16
Sam_FisherHow do i get my Logitech Fusion webcam to work when I need it? I have Cheese installed and had it work before. Now it just starts and spins a wheel and shuts down.03:16
DaekdroomRoasted, because I have a x200 as well.03:16
rystraumfxfitz: Ahh. So that's what you want to do. Hmmm. I can't think of anything else but adding it to /etc/init.rcXd.03:16
lwizardlI was wondering in the openoffice writer program if there is a way to include the Header/Footer but only on certain pages? Like maybe Pages 3-10, 12-19, etc03:16
RoastedDaekdroom, do you use the open source driver?03:17
DaekdroomRoasted, yes03:17
rystraumfxfitz: But then again, that would execute the process as root.03:17
tenochslbcould a getpwuid_r(): failed due to bla bla cause problems loading lubuntu?03:17
coz_jimi_,  are you on karmic or lucid?03:17
DaekdroomRoasted, it should work out of the box, by the way.03:17
RoastedDaekdroom, how can I obtain it? Ive never used an OS driver03:17
RoastedDaekdroom, well, it "works" I suppose03:17
fxfitzrystraum: And vncserver needs to be started as the user, right?03:17
RoastedDaekdroom, how can I tell if its in use?03:17
jimi_coz_, how can i tell?03:17
fxfitzfxfitz: Could I write a script that did like 'su fxfitz; vncserver'??03:17
IdleOnetenochslb: probably, ask in #lubuntu03:17
DaekdroomRoasted, lsmod | grep radeon should return a few lines if it's in use03:17
coz_jimi_,  lsb_release -a   in terminal03:17
fxfitzrystraum: Could I write a script that did like 'su fxfitz; vncserver'??03:17
jimi_coz_, i switched about 4-5 months ago from fedora, this new naming convention for distro versions is weird.03:18
DaekdroomRoasted, well, we better move the entire thing to #radeon o.o03:18
MikeXzQuestions - just formatted 2 drives as ext3 in gparted and loaded drive into ubuntu - in the file explorer I cannot create folders - getting access denied - seems like I should not need to be sudo - what gives?03:18
coz_jimi_,  understood   so just open a terminal and paste this command     lsb_release -a03:18
Sam_FisherLogitech webcam help? Cheese please03:19
RoastedDaekdroom, what for?03:19
coz_jimi_,    what did that spit out??03:19
tenochslbIdleOne, thanks i will try, i being trying to get help since yesterday on that channel but they must be really busy.03:19
jimi_coz_, karmic03:19
rystraumfxfitz: That could work I think. I'm checking up on if vncserver really needs to be run by the user.03:19
DaekdroomRoasted, so I don't have to read the same conversation twice. I'm there.03:19
Sam_FisherWhen i search from Nautilus it looks outside of the folder I am in. How do I make it just look inside the folder I am in?03:19
Roastedahh. lol03:19
rystraumfxfitz: I have vncserver installed on my desktop too so I'm trying to find out.03:20
coz_jimi_,   ok then download the package for karmic  4th one down on the list click the number  17432    http://stinker.serveftp.net:8000/gtkgnutella/gtkgnutella.html03:20
LorgonJortleStill not working... :-(03:20
coz_jimi_,  or the 64 bit  also numbered  1743203:20
rystraumfxfitz: Where did you get the impression that vncserver should be run as user? Any documentation / link?03:20
jimi_coz_, thanks.... i will do that now.. how does ubuntu come up w/ the naming conventions?03:20
=== Srpski is now known as Dannyboy
LorgonJortleI tried installing it and booting from it using nomodeset in lieu of quiet splash, but it still just goes black.03:21
fxfitzrystraum: Well, all of the server information is stored in ~/.vnc/ so I figured it was user-specific.03:21
coz_jimi_,  you mean like 9.04?   or 10.04  ?03:21
jimi_coz_, like karmic / iggy / etc03:21
coz_jimi_,    oh!! those are chosen by mark shuttleworth and they are following the alphabet03:22
MikeXzQuestions - just formatted 2 drives as ext3 in gparted and loaded drive into ubuntu - in the file explorer I cannot create folders - getting access denied - seems like I should not need to be sudo - what gives?03:22
=== kenneth__ is now known as SSgtSpoon
MaRk-Ifxfitz: not sure but I think you want to do this?  http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Remote_Access_to_the_Ubuntu_Linux_Desktop#Creating_Additional_Desktops03:22
oshibanzen_Okay I really need to get rid of the ugly blueish screens @boot/restart, any hints?03:22
jimi_coz_, so it lucid is 'newer' than karmic?03:22
coz_jimi_,   is is  yes  karmic is ubuntu 9.10  lucid is 10.0403:23
jimi_oh ok :)03:23
coz_jimi_,   and those numbers are the dates of the release03:23
coz_jimi_,  10.04   2010  april03:23
fxfitzMaRk-I: Thats actually exactly what I'm doing03:23
fxfitzMaRk-I: But I want vncserver to start on boot.03:23
LorgonJortleAnyone have more ideas on how to install lucid and get past the black screen?03:23
coz_jimi_,  not so confusing now yes?03:23
jimi_coz_, not any more... i was used to like fedora core 6, fedora core 7, F11, etc03:24
trycilicLorgonJortle: hit the button above CTRL03:24
coz_jimi_,  understood  :)03:24
jimi_oh shoot, i gotta go to bed, its 10:3003:25
jimi_nite guys, thanks for the help03:25
CompilingPS. And to get wider distribution for this message: Digg users - you're03:25
Compilingall a bunch of Wanking Walruses. And you can quote me on that.03:25
Compiling "03:25
LorgonJortleYou're saying to hold Shift to bring me to GRUB, trycilic. It won't.03:25
FloodBot2Compiling: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:25
Compiling—Linus Torvalds naming  the next Ubuntu distro03:25
LorgonJortletrycilic: Grub shouldn't be loading... I'm installing, not booting.03:25
MikeXzWhy would I get access denied creating folders on a drive I added?03:26
rystraumfxfitz: My NXServer starts up via /etc/rc[2,3,5]d03:26
Compilinghow is it formatted03:26
trycilicLorgonJortle: NO im saying   press button above  CTRL when you see the black screen !03:26
fxfitzrystraum: NXServer?03:27
LorgonJortletrycilic: The button above control is Shift, and when I press it at the black screen nothing happens!03:27
rystraumfxfitz: I use NX Machine for remote desktop access: http://www.nomachine.com/download.php03:27
trycilicLorgonJortle: maybe it will help but Im not sure03:27
rystraumfxfitz: I think it's the same as vncserver, but it's what we used at school and it's relatively painless to install.03:28
LorgonJortleDoes anybody else have ideas?03:28
rystraumfxfitz: I think su user -c "command" could work.03:30
zombie-robothow can i change the login background and icon without using ubuntu tweak?03:30
Compilingwhy cant you use ubuntu tweak03:30
fxfitzrystraum: Awesome! I'll try that! Thanks! :-D03:30
coz_zombie-robot,  well it is way different than it used to be hold on03:30
zombie-roboti just want to know where the file are to do it manually03:31
airmikeyhello everyone..just loaded 10.04 64 bit...while surfing the net my computer crashes or reboots is there a fix for this ?03:31
RoastedAfter 5 minutes of wireless connection on my laptop (Ubuntu 10.04, Intel BG 2200 Pro Wireless card) I lose connection. No errors. But I just flat out lose connectivity. After pinging a web site continuously for 5 minutes, I eventually lost connection and ran dmesg | tail and found this output:  http://pastebin.com/0RUnYsKg  what can I do??03:31
Compilingzombie-robot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:31
coz_zoidberg1,  first  run this command    gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties    when that opens just choose theme as if you were choosing a system theme03:31
trycilicWhy can't technology be as simple as the box it comes in03:31
coz_zombie-robot,  that was for you    first  run this command    gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties    when that opens just choose theme as if you were choosing a system theme03:31
coz_zoidberg1,   sorry03:32
rystraumRoasted: Could be a driver issue.03:32
Roastedrystraum, I bought this card cause it was marked as 100% working out of box. :(03:32
coz_zombie-robot,  then  open system/preferences/keyboard I believe and then accessibility tab  and untick the  "Accessibiltiy features03:32
coz_zombie-robot,  then restart x03:33
CNLiberalcan someone help me figure out why my serial ports (either /dev/ttyS0 or S1) won't communicate at 14400?  I don't have that option to set in minicom or gtkterm03:33
CNLiberalwhat am I doing wrong?03:33
airman00I need help finding a two way TCP utility, basically something that can listen and transmit on a TCP port, similarly to Hyperterminal on Windows. I searched Google for a while now, and cannot find it. Can anyone suggest such a utility?03:33
Compilingroasted: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/30380203:33
rhettcan anyone help me set up an nfs shared directory?03:33
trycilictry netcat03:34
Roastedwhat is netcat03:34
Compilingrhett: what are you having trouble with03:34
airman00oh wow, that looks excellent. Thanks !03:34
Roastedwait was that directed at me?03:34
rhettCompiling, just setting it up03:35
CNLiberalis it that the kernel doesn't support 14400bps???03:35
zombie-robotno im trying to change the login background and icon, like ubuntu tweak does but i want to do it manually03:35
marine1scanimage -L03:35
marine1device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device. Need help detecting device03:35
Compilingwhy do you have to be difficult03:35
Compilingyou make our lives difficult03:35
IdleOneCompiling: please watch the attitude03:36
trycilicNetcat is a Unix utility which reads and writes data across network connections03:36
Compilingubuntu tweak was made to do this for you03:36
Compilingit works03:36
Compilingthis isnt really a support question though03:36
Phun5tarI am having a very confusing time with the new kernel update03:36
Phun5tarnot only does my matrix screensaver not work like it did before (not a big deal)03:36
IdleOne!grub2 | zombie-robot03:36
ubottuzombie-robot: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:36
Phun5tarbut each time my desktop loads, I now have 3 terminals and Chrome startup03:37
marine1Installed hp4500 everything works except scanner, x-sane does not see it only the web cam??03:37
zombie-robotnot grub the LOGIN screen03:37
Compilingrhett: what have you done so far?03:37
IdleOnezombie-robot: sorry03:37
marine1The is part of the problem::scanimage -L03:37
marine1(10:35:32 PM) marine1: device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device03:37
RoastedCompiling, so its an active bug I take it..?03:37
LorgonJortleSeriously, will somebody please help me with getting passed the black screen when installing lucid?03:37
rhettCompiling, most of this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo03:38
CompilingRoasted: I havent looked too far into it but seems its been around since 8.04~03:38
YELPhey can anyone help me with a LL problem?03:38
Compilingrhett: so you have everything installed? whats /etc/exports look like?03:38
RoastedCompiling, wow. just. wow. really? For 2 years its been an active bug?03:38
RoastedCompiling, perhaps I should look into buying another wireless card, even though this one I just got in--- TODAY...03:39
rhettCompiling, here is what my exports looks like: /srv/nfs,no_root_squash,no_all_squash,insecure,no_subtree_check)03:39
Compilingi think its hardware specific03:39
rhetti made a /srv/nfs directory03:39
Compilingrhett: run a showmount -e03:40
rystraumRoasted: I bought one of those USB Wireless Dongle for $20, worked right out of the box. Though it's pretty weak (can't get through full walls) so I don't know if it could be enough for your needs.03:40
rhettExport list for rhett-laptop:03:40
Compilingthats it?03:40
Roastedrystraum, I do the same thing, except internal cards. the Intel card I bought I got in today was only 13 bucks shipped brand new on amazon.com03:40
Roastedrystraum, I just stick to internal cards since theyre mad easy to swap out03:40
rhett  /srv/nfs
Compilingso its exported properly03:41
Compilingnow what are you having trouble with?03:41
Compilingaccessing it?03:41
Phun5targoddq,,it; noz ,y keyboqrd is totqlly fucked03:41
marine1scanimage -L03:41
marine1(10:35:32 PM) marine1: device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device. 1352 people some one has to have this knowledge03:41
Phun5tarI zish I could zrite correctly; but ,y Linux is fucked03:41
IdleOne!language | Phun5tar03:41
ubottuPhun5tar: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:41
marine1Installed hp4500 everything works except scanner, x-sane does not see it only the web cam??03:41
Phun5tarI donùt give q rqts qss qs you cqn only tell zhen I szeqr by the zord %fuck%03:41
CNLiberalso no one knows why ubuntu doesn't let me set my serial port speed to 14400 but windows has no problem with that?03:42
Phun5tar,y keyboqrd could zrite q szeqr qnd I cqnùt control it103:42
Roastedbye Phun5tar03:42
macothanks IdleOne03:42
rhettCompiling, this is what it says when I try to mount it from another machine: http://pastie.org/103535303:42
loganhatesmathanyone interested in making some money03:42
macologanhatesmath: spam not on topic for this channel03:42
Compilingrhett: can you ping
rystraumI think his q key is stuck. D:03:43
Compilingit says no route to host03:43
Compilingthats telling me you have network issues03:43
loganhatesmathits not spam. i was needing help with a little simple math03:43
Compilingnot an nfs problem03:43
macorystraum: the a is broken so substituting z and q, but that doesnt explain the f bomb03:43
macorystraum: well, explain or excuse03:43
LorgonJortlePhunStar5: run this in the terminal, tell me if it fixes your problem: setxkbmap03:44
rhettahh, nope Compiling , looks like my ip address changed.  :/  thanks! durr03:44
rystraumRoasted: I read the bug report and someone said that reloading the module worked.03:44
rystraumLorgonJrtole: He's out of the room.03:44
momhi, if i manually change my dns on my router, internet doesnt work on my ubuntu computer . . . until i reboot, why is that?03:45
Compilingrhett: also looks like you're in a class C network03:45
Roastedrystraum, reload the module? hm. how doyou do that?03:45
Compilingunless it's been subnetted further03:45
marine1Installed hp4500 everything works except scanner, x-sane does not see it only the web cam??03:45
ekontsevoyWhy is everybody hiding their podcast URLs? That's what rhythmbox wants - a podcast URL. Where the fuck am I supposed to find it? On radio station websites there are just pages and idiotic "listen in iTunes" buttons. WHAT IS a podcast URL and why is everybody keeping it a secret?03:45
rystraumRoasted: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/303802/comments/2303:45
=== deathnight114_ is now known as deathnight114
Compilingrhett: you've provided a class B subnet mask for a class C address03:45
rystraumekontsevoy: F-bomb.03:45
rhettyeah, is that bad?03:45
Compilingrhett: if your router is on DHCP you problably want
marine1The is part of the problem::scanimage -L03:45
marine1(10:37:48 PM) marine1: (10:35:32 PM) marine1: device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device03:45
IdleOneekontsevoy: please keep the language clean.03:45
rhettok i guess that's more secure?03:46
Compilingapple CIDR yo03:46
ekontsevoysorry, I'm just frustrated03:46
LorgonJortleDoes anyone know I can get passed the freakin' black screen of death when installing lucid?03:46
ekontsevoywhat's a podcast URL? why are they hiding it?03:46
marine1The is part of the problem::scanimage -L03:46
marine1(10:37:48 PM) marine1: (10:35:32 PM) marine1: device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device03:46
Roastedrystraum, they said they also still had issues after doing that03:46
rystraumLorgonJortle: BSOD? As in a kernel panic? Or just a black screen.03:46
marine1Need help setting up scanner portion of Hp4500 all in one03:46
rystraumLorgonJortle: And when do you get the black screen?03:47
RoastedIt rages me that I bought this card due to Ubuntu HCL saying it was 100% compatible and here we are - its not working! :) :)03:47
aristohi all. i'm using lynx and i'm having a mouse freezing problem03:47
airman00hmmm I dont think netcat is what I want. I want to be able to do bidirectional comm over TCP with some sort of utility, GUI or no GUI doesnt really matter03:47
marine1The is part of the problem::scanimage -L03:47
marine1(10:37:48 PM) marine1: (10:35:32 PM) marine1: device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device The scanner is not being recognized03:47
aristoeverytime it freezes03:47
LorgonJortleAfter I select any option at the main screen other than "Boot from first HDD"03:47
Compilingaristo: why do u need a mouse in lynx?03:47
rystraumaristo: Are you using a mouse or a touchpad?03:47
LorgonJortleJust a black screen with a blinking cursor.03:47
_SKiTZOim on a laptop that hangs during 10.04 cd boot and that finds no harddrives with noacpi option03:47
rystraumCompiling: I think he meant Lucid Lynx03:48
_SKiTZOwhat should i try next to find the disk?03:48
vu1kanok, so i pulled down GYachi from a ppa, and whenever i click the voice button, it doesn't launch...i ran it from a terminal and it give me: "sh: gyachivoice: not found"...anybody have experience with it, or could someone direct me to a more appropriate channel?03:48
marine1latest HPlip 3.9.2 installed and copy, fax and printing working except for scanner03:48
Compilinglol i sure hope so03:48
Compilingi like the lucid reference better03:48
LorgonJortleI've tried adding 'nomodeset' to the boot parameters, but that didn't do it either.03:48
MaRk-Ivu1kan: I noticed that from another user yesterday, might want to contact loell the packager03:48
Compilingi dont keep up to date with the codenames03:48
Compilingbut wanking walrus would be an awesome release name03:49
LorgonJortleCompiling, cheers to that one.03:49
vu1kanMaRk-I: thx, glad to know it's not just me03:49
IdleOne!guidelines > Compiling03:49
ubottuCompiling, please see my private message03:49
MaRk-Ivu1kan: I compiled mine from source, works03:49
CompilingIdleOne: Linus said it, not me: http://lwn.net/Articles/290498/03:50
rystraumRoasted: Aren't there any other driver you could possibly use? Then again, you could get far worse errors than dropping connections.03:50
IdleOneCompiling: the leash is short tonight. stay on topic, follow the guidelines. Thank you.03:50
LorgonJortlerystraum: May I PM you?03:50
vu1kanMaRk-I: i'm not quite confident enough to give that a go, i'm still pretty noobish. would the (online ub)manual have instructions on compiling?03:50
rystraumLorgon: Sure.03:50
Roastedrystraum, from what I understand, intel is *THE* card to have for wireless with linux due tot heir support and integrated drivers. I didnt have an option with drivers. Theyre embedded within the kernel or whatever.03:51
MaRk-Ivu1kan: ugh, no03:51
Roastedrystraum, it just worked. Intel has always worked. Yet this one is giving me the finger.03:51
vu1kantsk...off to google, i guess03:51
MaRk-Ivu1kan: I could paste you simple instructions on how to do it, even installing dependencies but... that's it03:51
airman00Can anyone help me find a sort of minicom for TCP sockets? I dont think netcat is it. I've been searching and searching... no luck03:51
momhi so on my DNS table on my router, i added and removed some and internet stopped working on ubuntu, i rebooted ubuntu and it worked again  . . . what causes that?03:52
rystraumRoasted: Then I guess there's not much we can do (but write your own driver)03:52
vu1kanMaRk-I: thx, but i don't wanna put ya out, my google-fu's pretty good these days03:52
Compilingmom: DNS cache perhaps03:53
MaRk-Ivu1kan: ok np03:53
Roastedrystraum, I use ubuntu because it works. Its frustrating when things dont work, especially with reliable brands with intel, etc.03:53
momCompiling, ahhhh ok03:53
Roastedrystraum, writing my own driver shouldnt be the almighty answer...03:53
momCompiling, is there like a bash command for resetting instead of rebooting?03:53
marine1The is part of the problem::scanimage -L03:54
marine1(10:37:48 PM) marine1: (10:35:32 PM) marine1: device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device: latest HPlip 3.9.2 installed and copy, fax and printing working except for scanner03:54
Compilingmom: /etc/init.d/nscd restart03:54
Compilingon ubuntu its probably /etc/rc.d/nscd03:54
Compilingnot sure03:54
marine1Need help installing scanner: The is part of the problem::scanimage -L03:55
marine1(10:54:15 PM) marine1: (10:37:48 PM) marine1: (10:35:32 PM) marine1: device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname WebCam Live!    virtual device: latest HPlip 3.9.2 installed and copy, fax and printing working except for scanner03:55
MaRk-Imarine1: can you please space your posts to about 5 mins if possible03:56
MaRk-Ior at least not ever 3 lines03:56
marine1Well if some one here had the know how I wouldn't have to03:57
rystraummarine1: But does posting your messages so close make a difference to whether or not people know anything about it?03:57
marine11342 and no one has any knowledge of scanner issues03:57
MaRk-Imarine1: if someone knew they would have answered already, flooding doesnt help03:57
IdleOnemarine1: the people here are volunteers, not everybody knows the answer to every question. Please be patient.03:57
marine1well nether does youur post03:57
IdleOnemarine1: you can also try searching http://www.ubuntuforums.org while you wait03:58
Loshkimarine1: Sorry this still isn't solved. Per https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sane-backends/+bug/87312, try removing the v4l line from /etc/sane.d/dll.conf03:58
marine1Loshki: let me try that03:59
rystraumBye guys. :)03:59
alteregoai want a pizza with pineapple and liver04:02
MikeXznewbie: how do I set permission ona new drive or create a new folder when I am lgged in as nmo\\normal user04:03
alteregoado you deliver04:03
IdleOnealteregoa: you have been warned several times already about being offtopic04:03
_SKiTZOactually ubuntu wont find my drive at all04:04
MikeXzdisregard -04:04
_SKiTZOisnt that very rare nowadays? this laptop is 2-3 years old04:04
_SKiTZOwhat should I do to debug this?04:05
marine1Loshki: see that04:06
nimbioticsi need to locate file "mysql.sock" and have no idea where its at; how can i find it04:09
fxfitzCan someone tell me how to give eth0 a static ip address in ubuntu? :(04:12
vu1kannimbiotics: didja try nautilus's search? (Go>Search for Files...)04:12
MaRk-Inimbiotics: in terminal just type:  locate mysql.sock04:13
vu1kanor that04:13
=== DIFH-iceroot is now known as iceroot
aggrav8dhi!  Anyone know which package I need to install to start toying with websockets?04:13
aristofxfitz, r u using gnome?04:13
fxfitzaristo: I would like to do it via command line.04:14
aristoyou can do it with ifconfig04:14
aristocheck ifconfig manpages04:15
fxfitzaristo: But will I have to run the command multiple times?04:15
nimbioticsMaRk-I, vu1kan> Thanks04:15
vu1kanis there a way to verify that a ppa is actually being indexed by synaptic?04:16
MaRk-Inimbiotics: yw04:16
abadabad00hey everyone04:16
mrkleanWhat do I need to do to modify a read only file from live-cd? (I messed up my grub.conf and need to change the default boot number)04:16
nimbioticsMaRk-I> i typed the command you indicated and got nothing back; does it mean file does not exist?04:16
abadabad00i was wondering if someone could help me get my soundblaster audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers in ubuntu 10.04 64bit04:17
MaRk-Inimbiotics: not really, maybe it's not indexed yet you can also try:   sudo updatedb && locate mysql.sock04:17
fxfitzaristo: Would it be the broadcast option?04:18
nimbioticsMaRk-I> same thing ... should i just hang myself now? :D04:19
_SKiTZOnimbiotics: cd / && find | grep -i "mysql.sock"04:19
aristomrklean, u just need to mount /boot and do sudo nano (or any editor of your preference) /mountpoint/boot/grub/menu.lst04:19
MaRk-Inimbiotics: bonzai trees are the best..04:19
_SKiTZOnimbiotics: usually its under /var/ somewhere04:19
aristofxfitz, if u only need to set static ip, you don't need to set up broadcast04:19
aristojust netmask and ip04:19
aristothen add gw with route04:20
nimbioticsMaRk-I>best tip ive had in 3 nites :)04:20
antanyone got netflix working in linux?04:20
=== ant is now known as Guest26091
fxfitzaristo: Hmm... any idea what would be wrong with 'ifconfig eth0 address' ?? Netmask should be the same.04:21
aristotry, ifconfig eth0 down04:21
aristothen set the static ip04:22
fxfitzaristo: Hehe what if I'm SSHing in and hoping it works the first time? ;-)04:22
icerootifconfig eth0 netmask
MaRk-Inimbiotics: Read STEP 6 http://www.davideisinger.com/article/getting-started-with-ubuntu04:22
aristoand finally ifconfig eth0 up04:22
abadabad00i was wondering if someone could help me get my soundblaster audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers in ubuntu 10.04 64bit04:22
nimbiotics_SKiTZO> all i got was a bunvh of permision deinde lines, not a single hit04:23
nimbiotics_SKiTZO> that i can see at least ... is there any way to output this to a file?04:24
_SKiTZOnimbiotics: try cd /var04:24
Guest26091netflix, ubuntu...anyone?04:24
_SKiTZOthen find | grep -i "mysql.sock" > lol.txt04:24
=== pepee_ is now known as pepee
=== relax is now known as xtcx
nimbioticsMaRk-I>YOU ARE THE MAN! thanks a lote04:26
MaRk-Inimbiotics: yw04:26
nimbiotics_SKITZO > thankyou very much, Marks0I's link gave me the answer04:26
MaRk-IOn Debian and Ubuntu, it's /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock04:26
_SKiTZOhehe. i always think its better to teach people how to fish than to give them fish04:27
Wanwanplease give me a fish :(04:27
mrkleanaristo, no matter what I do it just defaults back to the livecd's boot folder and not disk-2's (mounted name) /boot04:27
WanwanI'm having a bit of issues with Ubuntu, and while I don't want to get rid of it, I do want to install Win7 as well04:27
_SKiTZOactually the best thing to do is teach people how to teach people how to fish :P04:27
nimbioticsMaRk-I, _SKITZO > The next thing a was about to try was witchcraft...04:28
Wanwanbut my computer won't let me boot from the CD apparently04:28
aristomrklean, exactly how are u doing it?04:28
MaRk-Inimbiotics: still got bonzais for sale :P04:28
Wanwanit takes me to an OS selection menu but with no options for the installer CD.04:28
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.04:28
nimbioticsMaRk-I> sorry man, get yourself another customer04:28
spasysheepi've just installed gentoo and want to add it to the GRUB2 menu put in place by ubuntu, as ubuntu is still my primary system. how do i achieve this?04:28
nimbioticsgnite yall!04:29
Wanwanany ideas anyone? :(04:30
fxfitziceroot: Okay, so your ifconfig command worked. eth0 was registered to  but I wasn't getting any outside internet.04:30
_SKiTZOwanwan which cd is it04:30
aristofxfitz, did you set default gateway?04:30
iflema Wanwan check ya bios and make sure its set to try cdroms first. Also there is an alternate cd with more options,drivers and what not04:30
aristoor you dns?04:30
icerootfxfitz: then check the output of "route"04:30
WanwanI burned a win7 ISO onto a DVD via ubuntu04:30
fxfitzaristo: No?04:31
spasysheepwanwan: there is a way to boot from a floppy and then pass the system on to a cd, but last time i had to do that was years ago04:31
aristowell you need to set default gw with route04:31
icerootWanwan: enable cd boot in the bios04:31
Wanwaniflema: specified CD boot, and it spits me to the OS selection screen, but they're all Ubuntu04:31
fxfitzaristo: How so?04:31
aristoand your isp dns at resolv.conf04:31
Wanwanspasysheep: floppy? good god.04:31
_SKiTZOwanwan: os selection menu is after it allready booted of the hd04:31
deathnight114Anybody know is starcraft II Runs in wine?04:32
iflema Wanwan try another cd or verify contens with md5sum check04:32
fxfitzaristo: You know, I did this once a few months ago with a server edition and I don't remember it being this complicated. :-P04:32
icerootfxfitz: route add default gw (if that is your gateway)04:32
spasysheepwanwan: exactly04:32
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.04:32
* MaRk-I never heard of "windows 7 nvidia" edition...04:32
icerootMaRk-I: ##windows04:32
fxfitziceroot: My default gateway is right now, and thats what it should be even after.04:32
Wanwaniflema: what would md5sum achieve?04:32
spasysheephow do I add another kernel from a completely different distro to the ubuntu GRUB2 menu?04:33
fxfitziceroot: I basically want my ubuntu box to always start on
icerootfxfitz: ad route is showing that?04:33
fxfitziceroot: Yes.04:33
icerootfxfitz: as static ip? you want
iflemaWanwan make sure the cd is as it should be.... no little extras or things missing04:33
fxfitziceroot: Yes.04:33
icerootfxfitz: sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces04:33
Wanwaniflema: yeah, Ubuntu keeps spitting out the DVDs I keep burning, saying there's an error.04:33
_SKiTZOspasysheep: i would ask around in grub channel. i used to grok grub until grub2 came out, and now im totally clueless. the made a fuzzy ball of scripts and glue that not even I can penetrate04:33
* fxfitz changes 'vi' to 'emacs' :-P04:33
icerootfxfitz: add the address, netmask and gateway, set the nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf04:34
mrkleanaristo, since the disk is already mounted, I am cd'ing into that disks /boot/grub then trying to "gedit grub.cfg"04:34
icerootfxfitz: dont use /me here04:34
spasysheep_SKiTZO: kthx04:34
aristoWanwan maybe you iso image is corrupt04:34
mrkleanI have also cd'd into just disk-2 and then gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg and that defaults04:34
Wanwanaristo: yeah, i'm starting to think that too, but I used it just fine when I installed Win7 with VirtualBox in Ubuntu04:34
fxfitziceroot: So whats the format of the interfaces file? :( iface eth0 ... ?04:34
aristomrklean, you need to browse to the folder where you have mounted that disk partition04:35
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.04:35
icerootfxfitz: have a look at man interfaces, there are examples04:35
aristothen, inside that folder, go to boot/grub/menu.lst04:36
fxfitziceroot: Yeah, just found it. ;-)04:36
icerootfxfitz: if i am correct you have to call /etc/init.d/networking restart after04:36
aristothen you can use ifup a ifdown fxfitz04:36
mrkleanaristo, oh I forgot to include that, yeah I am cd'ing into /media/disk-2/boot/grub04:36
fxfitzaristo: Got it.04:36
_SKiTZOlatest version of ubuntu needs service networking restart instead04:37
lukehasnonameHi, guys. In my "Appearance" tab, when I try to change the theme from the "custom" theme, it won't let me. I click on another theme and instead of loading it, the system "merges" the two themes into a bastardized "custom" theme.04:37
mrkleanaristo, now the file opens but it still is read only even with sudo gedit04:37
fxfitzWell, gents, I'm going to test it out now. I'll let you know in a few mins how it goes. ;-)04:37
harmandeephi guys04:37
iceroot!who | _SKiTZO04:37
ubottu_SKiTZO: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:37
harmandeepGuys , can we chainload Grub from Grub2 ?04:37
niccolihey all, Im on a laptop and my trackpad is real buggy, so I was wondering if there is a way to disable my trackpad?04:37
harmandeepGrub2 is on /dev/sda and Grub is on /dev/sda904:37
harmandeepon /dev/sda9 --- Fedora is installaed ( with bootloader )04:37
_SKiTZOiceroot: tx for the headsup :)04:38
harmandeep i wanna chainload to Grub04:38
lukehasnonameniccoli, it's in mouse options04:38
PythonPupHowdy.  Is there a way to get rid of tooltips in gedit.  They never are useful and frequently get in the way.04:38
harmandeepi had tried a bit , but none works04:38
MaRk-I!grub2 | harmandeep04:38
ubottuharmandeep: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:39
aristomrklean, that's weird04:39
_SKiTZOharmandeep: what do you want to chaniload to grub?04:39
=== patrick is now known as Guest97516
Wanwanalternatively, is there a way to completely wipe my hard drive and start from scratch? :P04:42
harmandeepFedora i.e /dev/sda904:42
niccolilukehasnoname, where is it in mouse options; all I see is to disable scrolling and disable while typing.  I want to disable the touchpad completely.04:42
aristoWanwan, format disk04:42
PythonPupWanman, just start a new install.  Tell it to use the whole drive and everything will be formatted freshly.04:42
lukehasnonameI thought it was there anyway...04:42
mrkleanaristo, I did sudo su and gedit grub.cfg, still read only, any ideas?04:42
WanwanPythonPup: new install from where?04:43
Chaorainhi, I need ato install Mythbuntu 8.10 via a flash drive (long story) does some one know where I can get Mythbuntu 8.10 torrent?04:43
PythonPupA Cd is the most common method.04:43
ChaorainI found the alternate install but will that give me a gui?04:43
aristomrklean, well you can create a mount point at fstab with rw permission04:43
_SKiTZOwanwan: to COMPLETELY wipe a disk i usually do cat /dev/zero > /dev/sda where sda is my disk04:43
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.04:43
PythonPupChaorain, yes.  I almost always use the alternate install cd.04:43
_SKiTZOWanwan: that is seldom necessary though04:44
ANowlinI have an old desktop running Ubu 10.04 LTS Server.  It runs Virtualmin, BIND, Appache, MySQL, PHP4/PHP5, Ulteo, and other associated packeges.  Today, while working on it via telnet, it suddenly goes non-responsive.  Unable to ping the eth0 interface's static IP.  I rebooted twice, with no luck.  Any ideas whats happened? (Yes, the NIC is fine.  Already tested. No, DHCP server is not getting a request for an IP)04:44
ChaorainPythonPup: ok, is there a specific program I should use to put the image on the flash drive? (I'm currently on Windows but can switch to linux)04:45
thune3niccoli: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad says touchpad can be temp disabled with "synclient TouchpadOff=1" command, or permanently disabled by uninstalling xserver-xorg-input-synaptics04:45
aristoAnowlin, iptables?04:45
PythonPupChaorain, yes.04:45
=== charlie is now known as Guest72883
ANowliniptables as in? (Keep in mind, I'm not a linux guru, but know enough of the ropes to be dangerous)04:45
aristoANowlin, and why telnet, you should use ssh04:45
ANowlintelnet because I haven't configured ssh yet.04:46
PythonPupChaorain, I haven't used it, but there is an installer for USB drives in the menu once you are up.04:46
_SKiTZOANowlin: ssh > telent, i wouldnt even trust a box with open telnet04:46
lfitzhi this is the NFS error I am having: http://lfitz.bravehost.com/nfs-error.html04:46
aristoANowlin, iptables controls you firewall rules04:46
ChaorainPythonPup: sorry I ment useing a usb instead of a cd to install04:46
wilmooreI've just installed ubuntu from the minimal CDROM as an ssh-server only. What console packages are needed to make "less" look "normal"?04:46
aristoANowlin, can you ping it?04:47
PythonPupIt is possible.  Sure.04:47
puffI'm having trouble getting my thinkpad t43p to boot this karmic live CD.04:47
ANowlinOh, as far as firewall, 80, 443, 53, 21, 22, 23, 10000-100100 (Virtualmin), and 20000(Virtualmin) ports are open.  Unable to ping.04:47
puffThe CD passed a media check (booted it on a desktop).04:47
wilmooreIn other words, I have no highlighting or anything in less.04:47
_SKiTZOANowlin: since its allready comprimised you could always flush the firewall completely and see if that helps with iptables -F04:47
puffThe BIOS settings seem to be correct.04:47
_SKiTZOpuff: where does it sop?04:48
niccolithune3, when I entered the command it gave me response "Unable to find a synaptics device."04:48
PythonPupBoot the live CD and run the USB creator.  That's what I'd try.04:48
phobos_anomalyAre there any maintainers of the *part libs in here?04:48
ANowlinI'll have to mess with it from work tomorrow.  I'll have to gain physical access (again), which means old CRT monitor and find a working keyboard.04:48
puff_SKiTZO: Well, so far I've rebooted about five times.  Other than the second time, it goes to the existing edgy install.04:48
sebsebseb!8.10 | Chaorain04:48
ubottuChaorain: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.04:48
_SKiTZOpuff: just temporarily disalbe hd from boot selection in the bios04:49
ANowlinI just don't know why it would crap out on me randomly.04:49
Chaorainsebsebseb: yeah I know, I'm trying to get old hardware to work. It worked on 8.1004:49
puff_SKiTZO: The second time, I held down the "Access IBM" key on my thinkpad, which is the BIOS key.  BIOS/startup/boot seems to be in the proper order, the hard drive is seven or eighth, 1) USB drive, 2) floppy drive, 3) CD.04:49
sebsebsebChaorain: 8.04 is still supported04:49
sebsebsebChaorain: untill the end of April next year04:50
puff_SKiTZO: Okay, I'll try that.04:50
Chaorainsebsebseb: not sure if it will work04:50
_SKiTZOpuff: im not familiar with the t43 but you could try getting a bootr media menu04:50
thune3niccoli: what does " xinput list" show for your touchpad?04:50
_SKiTZOpuff: exactly04:50
_SKiTZOjust do that again04:50
niccolithune3, virtual core pointer04:51
Chaorainunless, does anyone know of a list of TV tunners that work ith Mythbuntu04:51
fxfitziceroot: LOL well that didn't work out so well04:52
ANowlinChaorain: I've messed with it a littlebit in a VMWare machine.  I believe there is a selection (from quite a long list) that shows what it works with.  Might check the Mythbuntu site as well.04:53
switch10_anyone know how to open the keyboard shortcut GUI from the command line?  There is a bug in jolicloud, an Ubuntu based netbook distro, and I want to see what is going on.04:54
LoshkiChaorain: see also #mythtv-users04:54
_SKiTZOANowlin: the reason it doesnt always work is probably because the cd drive spends more time "settling" than the timeout for the boot manager in the bios wants to wait04:55
fxfitzaristo: Sooo it didn't work.04:55
ANowlin_SKiTZO: Huh?04:55
fxfitzaristo: Did you say I needed to edit the resolv.conf file?04:55
ANowlinI switched chanels for a sec04:55
aristofxfitz, yes you need to add nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX04:56
aristoreplace XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with you isp dns address04:56
_SKiTZOANowlin: nm. i was talking about why booting from cd doesnt always work04:56
fxfitzaristo: But my ISP's DNS servers are already in there. :(04:56
ANowlin_SKiTZO: Its alright.04:57
aristocan you ping your gw?04:57
techzgon ubuntu 9.10, on every boot I have to disable bluetooth and re-enable wireless network to get connected to internet. Is there a way to fix this please?04:58
lfitzhi i posted this info on a website to allow easier reference to solve the problem.  NFS says /path does not support NFS export when I start the service. http://lfitz.bravehost.com/nfs-error.html04:59
fxfitzaristo: Hang on, I'm actually on irssi from the server I'm trying to change. :-P04:59
fxfitz(bad setup right now, I know hehe)04:59
Chaorainhow long is 10.04 supported?04:59
_SKiTZOi think since its lts its 3 years05:00
xanguaChaorain: 3 years desktop 5 server05:00
Chaorainlol, 3 years will work05:00
Chaoraintime for a new comp by then05:00
Chaorainconsidering its probably 3 years old already05:01
techzgon ubuntu 10.04, on every boot I have to disable bluetooth and re-enable wireless network to get connected to internet. Is there a way to fix this please?05:01
puff_SKiTZO: Bleah... okay, that didn't work.05:01
_SKiTZOpuff: what happened?05:01
puff_SKiTZO: I just tried completely excuding the HDD from the boot order, it still booted off the HDD.05:01
_SKiTZOheh that was odd05:01
aristotechzg, i think you can auto enable wireless by right click on it and edit settings05:02
_SKiTZOpuff: how about using that blue access button again?05:02
puff_SKiTZO: I noticed a bit in the BIOS about enabling the F12 key to pop up a boot selection menu, so I tried that.  f12, got the list of devices, selected CD, nope, still booted off the HD.05:02
puff_SKiTZO: The blue butto bascially just gets me into the BIOS menu.05:02
aristoand bluetooth go to Sistem -> preferences -> startup programs (or something like that)05:02
puff_SKiTZO: Well, it pops up a menu with "ESC to continue, F1 to get into BIOS, F2 to select startup device".05:03
techzgaristo, the wireless networks get discovered when i disable bluetooth05:03
aristoi have my desktop on spanish so i don't know how is exactly in english05:03
fxfitz_aristo: Well, I was able to get it working with ifconfig!!05:03
puffI'm suspecting I may have to download and burn the alternate install CD.05:03
_SKiTZOpuff: is the CD itself put into the slot properly? atleast my w700 and x60 tablet hase removable cdroms05:03
aristofxfitz_ congrats05:03
fxfitz_aristo: The problem before was that the default gateway was deleted. :(05:03
MotilonHi, im geting error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue> what can I do???05:03
puff_SKiTZO: Seems to be in the slot okay, rotates freely.05:03
puff_SKiTZO: Well heck.05:03
fxfitz_aristo: Yeah. But I can't seem to get my interfaces file to work correctly. And /etc/init.d/networking restart doesn't seem to work. :(05:04
_SKiTZOpuff: i ment the cdrom drives.. not the platters05:04
fxfitz_aristo: So I've been restarting the computer every time I had to test (a pain)05:04
puff_SKiTZO: I just opened and closed the CD, and it popped up the "You have just inserted a blank CD".  Which is weird, since it actually did boot the once.05:04
puff_SKiTZO: The drive should be fine.  I burned the CD with this drive.05:04
aristofxfitx, there is a way to configure it for ifup05:05
_SKiTZOpuff: sure you did not at one point remove the cd and put in anoter one by mistake? :P05:05
aristoso when interface is linked up it will reconfigure05:05
fxfitz_aristo: Hmmm05:05
_SKiTZOpuff: does it manage to boot of other cds?05:05
aristobut can't remember exactly which file you need to edit05:06
puff_SKiTZO: Dunno, this is the only one I have.05:06
aristobut you can always google it05:06
puff_SKiTZO: The only live CD I have.05:06
MotilonHi, I cant access anyy OS. im geting error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue> what can I do???05:06
puff_SKiTZO: Hm, googling on: ubuntu karmic live CD thinkpad05:07
puff_SKiTZO: It suggests I'm not the only one :-).05:07
techzgthe default command for 'network applet' is nm-applet --sm-disable. Is it correct?05:08
kunjiWas gnome-mount removed for 10.04?05:09
fxfitzaristo: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/05:09
techzgfor startup applications preferences: for network applet, is the command nm-applet --sm-disable?05:09
fxfitzaristo: Does that look like what you're talking about? The first paragraph sounds a bit like what you were saying.05:10
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.05:11
alec_hello everybody05:12
Blue1is there a way to make nautilus display all the mounted devices?05:12
aristofxfitz, yes that's it05:12
alec_is anyone here05:13
aristoo/ alec_05:13
* aristo brb05:13
kunjialec_: there's 1334 people here.05:13
kunji1335 now05:14
alec_that's a lot of people05:14
red2kicWhat package am I looking for language support? I'm seeing missing characters, I believe.05:14
alec_im new to irc05:14
_SKiTZOi cant find my harddisk when booted from livecd. any ideas how i can go about probing it manually?05:14
red2kic!hi | alec_05:14
ubottualec_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:14
alec_how do you tell how many people are here05:14
kunjired2kic: thanks05:14
loganhatesmathalgebra one course ??05:15
red2kic_SKiTZO: "sudo fdisk -l" -- Try that.05:15
techzgfor startup applications preferences: for network applet, is the command nm-applet --sm-disable?05:15
loganhatesmathmoney ?05:15
iflemaBlue1 if the partition is mounted under /media it will show up.... if its mounted under /mnt i will not show05:15
_SKiTZOred2kic: that shows nothing05:15
alec_is flash 10.1 working with 64 bit ubuntu05:16
red2kictechzg: "nm-applet --sm-disable"05:16
kunjialec_: I use Pidgin as my IRC client and it displays the number of people and all their usernames on the right hand side, so it depends on what client you're using, though I think there is also a way to request it from the server via the IRC protocal, though I'm not sure what that would be.05:16
_SKiTZOalec_: depends on your irc client. most list all the people on the right.05:16
techzgred, nm-applet --sm-disable is correct?05:17
alec_thanks i just installed irssi and was curious05:17
Blue1iflema: no it used to show the mounted devices on the left panel now it just shows the folders05:18
techzgred2kic, i am asking as with that connect i am not able to connect to internet05:18
kunjialec_: at least one person has done it: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-adobe-flash-player-10-1-beta-in-ubuntu.html05:18
iflemaBlue1 just above the left pane theres a drop down box... select places?????05:18
kunjialec_: or well, was that the beta?05:19
red2kictechzg: I see. This is what I found under Startup Apps.05:19
Blue1iflema: yup but I want that integrated into nautilus05:19
kunjialec_: nevermind, was 32 bit05:19
iflemait should persist once selected05:19
iflemaBlue1 it should persist once selected05:19
Blue1iflema: huh?05:19
iflemaBlue1 i have no idea what you want... as you where....05:20
Blue1iflema: iow I have to go to 2 places to get the information - places, then nautilus - I want places to show up when I open nautilus05:20
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iflemaBlue1 yeah... in nautilus does it just show folders in the left pane?05:21
Blue1iflema: correct just folders05:21
MotilonHi, I cant access any OS on my desktop, im geting message " error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>" what can I do???05:21
iflemaBlue1 just above the left pane theres a drop down box... select places?????05:21
iflemaBlue1 savvy05:21
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.05:22
Blue1iflema: okay thanks anyway we aren't communicating on the same wave length05:22
whodatwhat a what's going on in here05:23
iflemaBlue1 one more time and ill leave you alone...... just above the left pane in nautilus theres a drop down box... select "places" from the drop down box.05:24
whodatlinux market share is 1.07 percent guys...what are we going to do about this05:24
whodatwe must increase the foothold05:24
Blue1iflema: yes I see that, but that's not what I wanted - like I said not same wavelength05:25
whodatthat's for desktop usage05:25
macowhodat: thats not on topic for this channel. may i suggest #linuxdairy ?05:25
whodatmac is only 5 percent05:25
macowhodat: thats the channel for the Linux Dairy Council, started by Zonker (of openSUSE) as a cross-distro push for marketshare05:25
whodatyou may suggest whatever you like05:26
whodatalthough actually i do appreciate the info in this case05:26
macowhodat: np05:27
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.05:28
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.05:28
abadabad00Need help getting my Soundblaster Audigy 4 to use 7.1 speakers. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.05:28
FloodBot2abadabad00: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
MotilonHi, I cant access any OS on my desktop, im geting message " error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>" what can I do???05:29
meatbunwhat is the drawback to playing smooth flash video on youtube? cpu, memory?05:30
aristoabadabad00,  is in spanish but you can use google translate http://dudas.wordpress.com/2007/03/24/ubuntu-facil-sonido-51-en-ubuntu/05:31
lwizardli would say ram05:31
aristoi would say cpu05:31
MaRk-Iaristo: he's gone got killed for flooding05:31
aristosome people don't know about google yet05:32
MaRk-Ior any search engine05:32
paranoid_ndroidthey've heard about it05:33
paranoid_ndroidjust don't know how to use it optimizedly05:33
iflemameatbun one option = not so practical = cache them and watch later.....05:34
meatbuniflema: some can't be cached05:36
meatbuni open the temporary folder, i can't cute and paste it out to desktop05:36
meatbunprogram is in used05:36
bullgard'~$ rgrep 'post-installation trigger' /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/Documentation/ 2>/dev/null' does not produce any output. What is the function of "post-installation trigger"?05:37
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valentinexhow to start disk cleanup utility?05:41
valentinexGuest74939: hi, are u new, just ask anything related to ubuntu linux05:41
Guest74939computer janitor05:42
valentinexno, i do not want that05:42
valentinexI want that utility which auto came on screen when i was having low disk space05:42
iflemameatburn have you tried searching and watching through movie player (totem)?05:43
matydi'm running kubuntu lucid, was wondering if i deleted kubuntu-desktop and installed ubuntu-desktop if that would cause me to lose any data (ie. torrents, music, photos, programs i've downloaded etc.)05:43
pehdeni need help with IRC server any suggestions i got a bot to load  into the room but for some reason now all the rooms are invite only.05:43
prince_jammysmatyd: no, it wouldn't. but just removing the kubuntu-desktop package won't remove kubuntu05:44
ridinvalentinex, sudo apt-get install bleachbit05:44
matydprince_jammys: i am mainly wanting gnome because of iphone support. any suggestions?05:45
Sam_Fisherwhere are these chats stored?05:45
prince_jammysmatyd: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome05:45
pehdeni need help with IRC server any suggestions i got a bot to load  into the room but for some reason now all the rooms are invite only.05:46
prince_jammysmatyd: that's if you want to remove all the kubuntu apps.05:46
matydok, thanks a bunch05:46
MotilonHi, I cant access any OS on my desktop, im geting message " error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>" what can I do???05:46
ridinmatyd: make sure you don't check the "Free disk space" and "Memory" options in Bleachbit.05:46
iflemaSam_Fisher http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/05:46
pehdeni need help with IRC server any suggestions i got a bot to load  into the room but for some reason now all the rooms are invite only.05:47
pehdenhelp with IRC server, i got a bot to load  into the room but for some reason now all the rooms are invite only.05:47
BinaryManMotilon: did you make any serious changes to either partition/upgrade the OS?05:47
ridinmatyd: It's like Disk Cleanup in Windows but with more options.05:48
MotilonBinaryMan> Yes, installed another ubuntu and then came back to main install and formatted the other one :/05:48
MaRk-I!ot | pehden05:48
ubottupehden: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:48
matydridin: okay thank you05:48
BinaryManMotilon: I just rebooted my laptop. Give me a minute to load up my browser. I have a walkthrough in mind that might be3 able to help you.05:49
MotilonBinaryMan> THX05:49
valentinexHow to check remaining free space in ubuntu?05:50
Sam_FisherWhen I rigght click a URL in Xchat it says Firefox is already running. In URL handler settings it calls Opera. How do I get it to use the already open Firefox like it used to?05:51
_jesse_valentinex: gnome-disk-utility05:51
_jesse_if you want a gui05:51
BinaryManMotilon: Ran into the same problem. I used to help maintain a computer lab triple booting WinXP/Ubuntu/Fedora. See if this helps.05:51
BinaryManMotilon: http://bit.ly/8YrYRT05:52
_jesse_valentinex: otherwise there's df05:52
Roasted_does anybody have any experience running freeradius on ubuntu?05:52
MaRk-Ivalentinex: terminal type: df -h05:52
iflemavalentinex under the desktopmenu System / Administration / System Monitor     click on the File System tab = one way05:52
MotilonBinaryMan> link wont work05:53
BinaryManMotilon: Try it again. It's working for me.05:53
valentinexthere was some other thing which showed up as low disk space warning, which was showing me all directories and was telling which folder is taking how much space etc, I am looking for that thing05:54
FirstgearDoes anybody know if the Totem Movie Player has an equaliser?05:54
bullgard'~$ rgrep 'post-installation trigger' /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/Documentation/ 2>/dev/null' does not produce any output. What is the function of "post-installation trigger"?05:55
iflema!hi | mili05:55
ubottumili: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:55
milileh gbung05:56
Rokyhello everyone, anyone running 10.10 with the new interface?05:56
MotilonBinaryMan> got it, thanks again!05:56
RokyHow do you guys like it?05:57
Sam_FisherRoky, It Rocks05:57
christmoHi, I have this error when I startup my Ubuntu 10.04, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/460486/plain/ . I must exit to the console to start ubuntu normally05:58
BinaryManMotilon: shout back if that doesn't help.05:58
RokySam_Fisher: I'm thinking of trying it out. Just came back to The Buntu after being with arch for almost a year. heh. I enjoyed it. but I just couldn05:58
Roky get anyone to try it :P05:58
=== loganhatesmath is now known as EliTe
d9500roky, which new interface? you mean gnome-shell?05:58
christmoWhat should I do to no longer leave this console?05:59
Rokyd9500: no,unity interface05:59
Sam_Fisheriflema, Which #ubuntu are we being saved to?05:59
aristoisn't unity for netbooks?05:59
d9500Roky, I'm running 10.10 here, but not unity. Isn't that one mainly for netbooks and instant-on environments?05:59
iflemaSam_Fisher #ubuntu :)06:00
=== EliTe is now known as LyRiczZ
iflemaSam_Fisher its there look again06:00
ezzieyguywufI am trying and failing miserably to get squid running. "start squid" results in "job failed to start". I am doing it as root and I have configured squid.conf06:00
Rokyd9500: You have to install unity yourself. it's not pre-installed by default. They want to see what everyone thinks about it before they push it out, and make a major change like that. Check out some videos of it on youtube bro. It really is pretty great.06:00
d9500Roky, what's the install command? sudo apt-get install unity-desktop?06:01
iflemaSam_Fisher its like 10th from the bottom......06:01
Rokysudo apt-get install ubuntu-netbook-unity I think is what it is d950006:02
CalicoJackquestion: If i update the linux kernel through the ubuntu update manager, will it kill a custom wifi driver that I installed from source?06:03
d9500I'd try it but I'm not on  a netbook..wonder if it would work as well on  a desktop.06:03
Rokyd9500: check this link out. it will tell you how06:03
Flomasterhello I am looking for some help installing an audio driver for my Zotac Ionitx-g-e synergy motherboard I have the instructions but they aren't very detailed06:03
aravind__hi all,i'd installed my new ubuntu yesterday and i'm experiencing an unstable internet connection since then06:03
Sam_Fisheriflema, I found it but oddly I am not showing up. I asked about the nautilus search and something else earlier and neither is there.06:03
Rokyd9500: I am pretty sure, that it will be ported to the desktop environment as well....Eventually. But at least we desktop users /laptop users can use it.06:03
iflemaSam_Fisher youll have to wait an hour or two for recent activity or use logs of ya irc app...06:04
bullgardaravind__: Please report any error messages. "an unstable internet connection" is not precise enough to help you.06:04
Roasted_does anybody have any experience running freeradius on ubuntu?06:04
ezzieyguywufanyone? help on this squid thing? "squid start" results in "job failed to start". any way to get verbose output?06:04
Sam_Fisheriflema, ok thanks. Do you use Xchat?06:04
iflemaSam_Fisher xchat has /lastlog you can view logs in the xchat gui06:04
aravind__bullgard: it says 'server not found'...well i'd been using fedora before where i had no such problems,im hoping to resolve this soon!06:05
iflemaSam_Fisher do   /lastlog Sam_Fisher06:05
RokyRoasted_: What did ya need?06:05
Sam_Fisheriflema, thanks again06:05
Roasted_Roky, I just wanted to pick at someone whos set it up. I got the task of setting one up and I cant seem to find as much documentation on it as I like.06:05
RokyRoasted_: I understand your pain. heh. You do know that your going to need a somewhat prereq of knowing bits of mysql to setup it up yes?06:06
Rokyset it up*06:06
Roasted_Roky, well, yes - but I'm not entirely doing this alone. the network admin knows more about mysql than me, but hes less experienced in linux than I am, so were both kind of tag teaming it.06:07
bullgardaravind__: Yes. Your two messages combined make it a bit clearer what might be the cause. But it is still not enough information to help you out. Because "server not found" may be caused by many things.06:07
Roasted_Roky, we had a microsoft radius server set up, but theres an open bug MS has yet to fix which effects us greatly, so we need to find alternatives - and freeradius sounds to be a good one since uses said the MS bug doesn texist in freeradius06:07
RokyRoasted_: Right on, glad to see some teamwork. First off make sure you have mysql-server mysql-client setup.06:07
Roasted_Roky, okay, so just install mysql straigh from the repos06:08
ringer2anybody know of a good gui for maintaing the defalt ufw firewall application06:08
RokyRoasted_: yep06:08
Roasted_Roky, do I need any users besides, say, administrator?06:08
kiamoHi, what port does samba use?06:08
Roasted_Roky, we will be authenticating roughly (to throw out a padded number) 1,500 laptops.06:08
CalicoJackDoes anyone know if i update the linux kernel through the ubuntu update manager, will it kill a custom wifi driver that I installed from source?06:08
Flomasterhello I am looking for some help installing an audio driver for my Zotac Ionitx-g-e synergy motherboard I have the instructions but they aren't very detailed06:09
RokyRoasted_: Okay, you shouldn't need too.06:09
macoCalicoJack: yes, youll need to recompile the driver06:09
wrinkliezis there a way to tell what packages are inside a virtual package?06:09
Sam_FisherCalicoJack, I don't think so. But back it up anyway06:09
Flomasterhere is my pastebin http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/2pVGDmW006:09
RokyRoasted_: thats a nice little number. Where you guys work? heh06:09
Roasted_Roky, school district.06:09
CalicoJackmaco Sam_Fisher, i'm getting two different answers here >.<06:09
RokyRoasted_: I see the need for urgency. heh06:09
Roasted_Roky, were hoping to use this 1 server for all 7 schools.06:09
aravind__bullgard: well...i cannot successfully connect to websites,google works fine(it maybe because its ip is cached),and certain others like facebook too work good06:09
Roasted_Roky, well we were using standard WPA2 security06:10
CalicoJackmaco I think you are right, though. Thank you for your help.06:10
Roasted_Roky, but high school students tend to get slick with the tools they find on the internet - couple that with usb flash drives and bingo bango - they can dig up the key without too much effort.06:10
aravind__bullgard: i just cant connect to other websites,i'm guessing its a dns issue?06:10
Roasted_Roky, so were hoping to take the key out of the equation with hardware authentication (this is where the network admin comes in and I tend to step back)06:10
BinaryManRoasted_: Try WPA + RADIUS?06:10
Roasted_Roky, I'm just involved cause of my huge linux interest :P06:10
drew212how do i make a folder not need root privelages?06:11
BinaryManRoasted_: I'm 21 and in college. I used to be one of those high school students you're thinking of. :)06:11
drew212i know its chown, but i forget how to make it work06:11
RokyRoasted_ : well the radius server will support 128bit WEP rekeying every N seconds...sooo doubt your kiddies are that smart. lol06:11
Roasted_BinaryMan, I honestly cant tell you if we had or not. Weve done a lot of different things, but all of the radius options have had the same problem - after 30 days, they dont reauthenticate and need to be plugged in to re-authenticate properly. This is a known bug with MS Radius - which is why we dumped it in hopes of using freeradius (something users say works better anyway)06:11
bullgardaravind__: I also believe that this is a DNS issue06:11
Roasted_BinaryMan, I hear ya - Im 24 years old and been @ this place of work for just over 2 years now. I was one of those little punks too :P06:11
kiamoHow do I see what IP my laptop is using on the wireless?  is it eth0?  Or should I look somewhere else?06:12
Roasted_BinaryMan, it gives me an advantage, in my opinion. My relatively young age in the field working in a high school is a unique combo since I tend to be quicker to pick up on potential security holes than others since it wasnt long ago I was in those shoes.06:12
pehdenchanmode "+mnsdt-k"   does this mean invite only06:12
Roasted_kiamo, right lcick network manager - connection information, OR in terminal run ifconfig06:12
Roasted_Roky, hahaha yeah, good point.06:13
BinaryManRoasted_: I know exactly what you're talking about.06:13
Roasted_Roky, anyway, I take it youve set up freeradius before? Or are you just familiar with it?06:13
MaRk-Ikiamo: ifconfig06:13
BinaryManI was playing with Linux before I was a sophomore.06:13
kiamoRoasted, ifconfig only displays ethX connections06:13
Roasted_BinaryMan, I almost feel like a jerk though - its like a big brother feeling. Muahaha! Security hole plugged! *sad high schoolers faces*06:13
RokyRoasted_: I should let you guys know that open radius is fairly complex. And not knowing how to configure it properly could lead too disastrous results.06:13
kiamoisnt that just for ethernet, or does the wifi use that as well?06:13
BinaryMankiamo: No, it doesn't. It'll list all network adapters, even virtual/pseduo ones.06:14
Roasted_Roky, we're setting this up while letting our current security in place, so if it backfires, we can pull the plug and revert to what we've been using.06:14
RokyRoasted_: I have played with it a few times. Some friends of mine use it and have configured it multiple times. They call me in to "test" it xD06:14
Roasted_Roky, we're reimaging all laptops this summer, so what'll happen is we'll set up 2 SSID's in the mix with the proper settings. If the freeradius bombs on us, we just disable that SSID and the laptops re-vert accordingly.06:14
RokyI know the basics of the configuration. But after that your kind on your own bro.06:15
Roasted_Roky, I'm all about backups and plan B/C/D's :P06:15
kiamoBinaryMan, I only see eth0, eth1, and lo.  The wifi will be one of those then?06:15
freezwayi installed lmms by compiling it (i wanted 0.4.6) but it didn't work correctly. how do i remove it. sudo make uninstall doesn't work06:15
Roasted_kiamo, mor ethan likely its eth106:15
RokyRoasted_: You need to be in a world like this. hehe06:15
Roasted_Roky, so anyway, I know I need kerberos, samba, and mysql - right?06:15
kiamook, thanks :)06:15
Roasted_along with freeradius of course06:15
hotfloppyhello guys.. Wine menu on my application menu has been disappeared.. ive open menu editor but its missing in there too.. how to make it re-appear on application menu ?06:15
Rokywpasupplicant as well06:15
BinaryMankiamo: Probably eth1.06:15
kiamothanks guys :)06:16
Roasted_Roky, thats not installed by default?06:16
BinaryMankiamo: iwconfig will tell you which is the wireless adapter.06:16
MaRk-Ifreezway: are you invoking that comand inside the lmms folder?06:16
RokyRoasted_: It might be, It's been awhile since I have used Ubuntu to be honest. But it's more the program your interested in that Ubuntu. So it's not much differant.06:17
RokyI'm on Arch Linux as of the moment.06:17
Roasted_Roky, I have minimal PHPMyAdmin experience from using Wordpress - can I use PHPMyAdmin to add my administrator MySQL user, etc?06:17
freezwayMaRk-I, yes06:17
Roasted_Roky, yeah, I know - were just using Ubuntu since its my happy place :P06:18
Roasted_Roky, we have 2 other Ubuntu servers in place that have done very well, so it made sense to stay consistent06:18
vaibhavhow can i get support of opengl in ubuntu06:18
RokyRoasted_: It's all our happy places. When everything else fails use buntu. haha.06:18
Aciidexcuse me06:18
Aciidwhy is there such a package06:18
wrinkliezanyone know if you can see what packages are in a meta package?06:19
Roasted_hahaha yup06:19
RokyRoasted_: that would be a question for someone else. Like I said, I know how to setup and configure. The true administration part would be someone else. I wouldn't want to mislead you.06:19
red2kicAciid: Silly naming. :o06:19
Roasted_Roky, anything else I need installed that you can think of?06:19
Aciidred2kic: Slideshows allow for unattended presentation of images for _hands-free_ viewing.06:19
red2kicAciid: That was before torrents were invented. ^_^06:20
Rokyred2kic: lmao06:20
red2kicMy pornview went Segmentation fault on me. :-\06:21
prince_jammyswrinkliez: apt-cache show TheMetaPackageName , and look at dependencies06:21
Rokyhandsfree viewing is flippin hilarious. lol06:21
HektoRhello guys... how can i completely disable USB port ??06:21
Pr0jectRec0nAciid, Maybe ppl view pron in that way,  ctually ppl only watch the thumbnails and decide which mov/pic to watch, atleast I do it that way! :)06:21
=== Guest1073 is now known as Ant_c
wrinkliezprince_jammys thanks man06:22
freezwayi installed lmms by compiling it (i wanted 0.4.6) but it didn't work correctly. how do i remove it. sudo make uninstall doesn't work06:24
prince_jammysfreezway: hopefully you installed it in /usr/local, and can track down its files and remove them06:25
prince_jammysor /opt, maybe.06:25
Ant_cHi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone could help with a problem I'm having trying to connect to the internet on ubuntu. Because of where I am I have to use https://prepay.snap.net.nz/06:25
Ant_cThey don't have instructions for linux and their support team were unhelpful when I emailed them.06:25
prince_jammysfreezway: or see if the place you downloaded it from gives any advice06:26
rollmanis it possible to run a symbol table by copying it to the from a web page and pasting it to OpenOffice word processing cause the web page i copied it from is 3 pages long and it's still running like it's trying to execute the ELF06:26
freezwayok got it...06:26
freezwaybut now when i type lmms into the terminal i get bash: /usr/local/bin/lmms: No such file or directory06:26
prince_jammysfreezway: open a new terminal, or type ''hash -r''06:27
prince_jammysfreezway: the latter will make bash 'forget' its hashed location, and look it up again.06:27
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
prince_jammysfreezway: also, note that lmms may have dropped files in other directories of /usr/local06:28
=== Chimera is now known as Guest26350
prince_jammysnot necessarily just /usr/local/bin/lmms06:28
=== downstre1m is now known as downstream
ubclickhow 2 download latest wine in ubuntu06:29
rollmanis it possible to run a symbol table by copying it to the from a web page and pasting it to OpenOffice word processing cause the web page i copied it from is 3 pages long and it's still running like it's trying to execute the ELF?06:30
freezwayawesome worked! ty06:30
pizzleI unmounted a partition on my main hard drive and ubuntu wont boot up anymore.. any help?06:33
Ant_cCan anyone help with using https://prepay.snap.net.nz/ on ubuntu?06:34
pizzleubuntu is unable to mount /dev, /sys, /proc06:35
pizzlefailed or no such directory06:35
MaRk-IAnt_c: if you check the "vista" help you'll see its a pppoe, might want to try that06:35
rollmanOpenOffice word falls into a loop when i copied the symbol table for the ELF anyone have a clue?06:36
Ant_cMaRk-I : thanks for replying, I tried adding a DSL connection in teh network manager with teh user ####@snap.prepay.net.nz and the corresponding password but no joy from that06:39
AciidAnt_c: s/teh/the06:42
MaRk-IAnt_c: yes I take it should be done that way, and sorry I have no more ideas06:42
Ant_cthanks anyway06:42
abhi_navany good html to wiki converto software?06:42
abhi_navdoes this type of software do exists? because i instaalled libhtml but i cand find it anywhere06:44
roo0tHellow abhi_nav06:44
=== roo0t is now known as bihari
bihariHow are you abhi_nav and what you trying to installing?06:45
abhi_navbihari, do you know any html to wiki convertor software?06:45
bihariNOps brother i can google it for you06:46
pehdenset init-server { putserv "MODE $botnick +i-ws" }06:46
pehdenthe +i was my problem06:46
downstreamabhi_nav: doesn't most wiki software let you paste arbitrary html?06:46
downstreamno extra converter necessary06:46
pehdenit sets every room too invite only06:46
abhi_navdownstream, i am completel new to wiki. i even dont know that there is wiki software. can you suggest me one?06:47
downstreami don't know any :) sorry06:47
bihariabhi_nav look at this mate may be it will help ful to you06:47
abhi_navdownstream, ok06:47
rick_fishersay hello to me as a test06:48
=== wildbat is now known as wildbat|sad
red2kicmeek: hello06:48
red2kicmeek: hello :306:48
rick_fishertesting a highlightinh script06:49
MaRk-Ibihari: did you fix gyachi?06:49
abhi_navhello rick_fisher06:49
rick_fisherthank you.06:49
rick_fisherdoes anyone use sounds with Xchat? I want soft tones like Pidgin has but IU can't find any06:50
ManDayWhat should I do so the xscreensaver daemon automatically starts on startup? What's the ubuntu'ish way to do this?06:50
MaRk-Irick_fisher: you can look where the pigding sounds are and use them from there (if you have pidgin installed of course)06:51
rollmanhaha i saved symbol table in windows wordpad OpenOffice won't save it06:51
ridinhow come in rhythmbox my mp3 player unmounts and rhythmbox just crashes after a few seconds, any help?06:52
=== zz_b0w is now known as b0w
rick_fisherMaRk-I, tried that before. No sounds in amy locations where they should be.06:53
pizzleanyone know what to do is the superblock could not be read06:54
pehdennm you can doe06:55
pehdensounds like your hdd is failing06:55
pehdenpizzle what file system06:55
pehdenon linux?06:56
pizzleactually I'm a tad lost06:56
pizzleI played around with a partition in ubuntu.. might have unmounted the wrong one and can't get ubuntu to start up again06:56
pizzlewindows7 starts up fine on the same drive06:56
dugger5688pizzle: did you touch fstab?06:57
pizzlei booted up from my install cd and tried a few things but I think I need help06:57
pizzleno I did not06:57
pizzlebut it cant find it either06:57
rick_fisherpizzle, please state your problem in one post06:57
rick_fisherpizzle, load your Ubuntu install disk and use it to repair your grub. You probably messed it up.06:58
pizzlerick_fisher what information do you need? what commands should I run from a terminal06:58
pizzlerick_fisher how to I repair the grub?06:58
rick_fisherpizzle, are you in ubuntu?06:59
ManDayWhat should I do so the xscreensaver daemon automatically starts on startup? What's the ubuntu'ish way to do this?06:59
pizzlerick_fisher yes the latest version of ubuntu. It was updated yesterday06:59
=== juragan_kopi is now known as jhoni
spartan7love this unity window manager for my netbook. just thought i would drop by and let ya all know. works perfect on my asus 1005ha.07:04
rollmangood thing we have microsoft07:04
MaRk-IManDay: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-add-a-program-to-the-ubuntu-startup-list-after-login/07:05
ManDayMaRk-I, what about BEFORE login?07:07
ManDayinittab only?07:07
ManDaynvm bbl07:07
Joshmuffinhey, anyone know how to get extra visual effects working with ATI card07:07
* gnubu test07:08
MaRk-IJoshmuffin: System/Preferences/Appearance enable visual effects07:10
JoshmuffinYeah but it doesnt work07:10
Joshmuffini need different drivers or something.07:10
soulprowhat driver are you using?07:10
chalcedonyi'm trying to get into grub to run memtest, is that even possible on ubuntu 9.04?07:10
Roasted_If my wireless card is coming up as eth0 in linux, is that a bad sign? (my laptop does not have a wired ethernet port, for what its worth)07:10
chalcedonyroasted as understand it that should be fine07:11
MaRk-IRoasted: no it just names the first NIC it finds07:11
abhi_navin which file mouse pointer information is stored?07:11
Joshmuffinsoulpro, the one ubuntu suggested07:12
MaRk-IJoshmuffin: maybe your card doesnt support it07:13
abhi_navI uninstalled kubuntu. everything is fine except that mouse pointer and mouse pointer busy icons are of kde and not of gnome. i try to change from desktop preferences=customise=pointer but no effect. so i need to change that mouse pointer how to change this? i delted .kde but no use. any suggestion?07:14
JoshmuffinIve been told to use this guide: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Lucid_Installation_Guide to install the open source drivers...07:15
Joshmuffinbut i followed the instructions, which all worked smoothly and it didn't work07:15
soulproJoshmuffi, what kind of ati card do you have?07:15
jigphello good afternoon. ubuntu lucid here.isi t advisable to install downthemall plugin in firefox or not?07:16
jigpjust want to make sure before installing plugin07:16
rick_fisherjigp, yes07:16
buschI am looking for someone residing in france, that can order the new iPhone 4 on the official apple website and I will forward this to germany. 40 euros for one who does this for me.07:16
rick_fisherjigp, and anything else you like07:16
abhi_nav!ot > busch07:17
ubottubusch, please see my private message07:17
jigprick_fisher thanks. no freeze or error in lucid?because in karmic, when i install plugins like downloadthem all, it freeze after reboot07:18
Zeu5how do i get support for ubuntu one?07:19
Zeu5i have trouble sync one folder in my UBUNTU PC07:20
iflemaZeu5 https://one.ubuntu.com/support/07:20
iflemaZeu5 and in here07:20
Zeu5i am there. but who cna i speak to? i have already checked out all the faq and tried to post a bug report didnt work07:21
Zeu5iflema: okie. can i ask you for help?07:21
Joshmuffinsoulpro, HD465007:21
iflemaZeu5 you can try.... it all sorta worked for me07:21
explorealexcan somebody tell me if there is a network simulator for cisco routers that works on ubuntu?07:22
Zeu5iflema: i have a folder that used to be sync to ubuntu one. now recently it no longer is sync . i tried right click > sync with ubuntuone. didnt work07:22
cpfexplorealex, Packettracer does the job.07:22
Zeu5iflema: wat can i do to correct this? the fodler in question is the pictures folder in my home folder07:23
=== maelstorm_ is now known as maelstorm
explorealexcpf:thanks. I'll google that.07:23
KenWRT54GIm running ddwrt micro plus ssh with compressed CFE. Am i able to go back to regular micro plus without bricking tha shit?07:23
KenWRT54Goops sorry :/07:23
cpfexplorealex, It's not downloadable if I'm not mistaken. You should be a member of some cisco program.07:23
explorealex cpf:oops. then what other options do i have?07:24
newboon2ageZeu5: I've gotten help with probs at the #ubuntuone channel before.07:24
cpfexplorealex, None really, network simulation software is hard to get by. Let me check, I might still have the install bin here somewhere.07:24
Zeu5newboon2age: i have tried it now. no answer yet07:24
explorealexcpf:alright. i'm here07:25
iflemaZeu5 i just use the default folder, im not sure.... have a poke around here also = http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=36707:25
JoshmuffinIs anyone running ubuntu cloud?07:25
newboon2ageZeu5: duandesign will help07:25
MaRk-Iexplorealex: something like this? http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/gns307:27
Zeu5thanks iflema and newboon2age07:27
explorealex MaRk-I: let me check this out.07:27
explorealex MaRk-I: Oh yes.. This is it i guess. But i think we need to install dynamips and dynagen for GNS3 to work.07:28
MaRk-Iexplorealex: I think there's ubuntu packages for it too http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/dynamips.1.html07:29
chu_hey guys, does anyone here know much about editting a gnomenu theme?07:30
explorealex MaRk-I: Thanks, Now it became even much more easier, the GNS3, dynamips/dynagen are included in the medibutu repository. You can simply enable the repository and install it very easily.07:30
explorealexi found this here http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-791768.html07:31
MaRk-Iexplorealex: cool, hope it works07:32
explorealex MaRk-I: :) yes so do I07:32
cpfexplorealex, I have a copy, trying to upload to some site now :)07:34
explorealex cpf: A copy of? Packet Tracker?07:35
pehdenwtf my bot is in here07:35
pehdenhow the hell07:35
cpfexplorealex, Yes07:36
explorealexcpf: :) Thanks..07:36
quiritiushi! after boot i seem to be lacking wm: no title bar, shortcuts not working, only one desktop. metacity --replace fixes this temporary (until reboot). i wonder what it might be.07:39
sarabaI have  a problem, but it is about Lubuntu07:40
asfjiohello, when i type man emacs on my ubuntu i've got information about JOVE. what package i really nedd if i want to use the pure GNU emacs without no GUI?07:40
sarabawell, when I safe-upgrade my system, and then restart, my PC freezes and show me a black screen, looks like it was suspended.07:41
cpfexplorealex, It's at 50% xD07:43
explorealex cpf::)07:43
Flannelasfjio: the -nox version is "No X"07:43
mouser--I'm trying to use Linux (or anything else) to copy a hard drive from a DOS laptop to another computer.  I have a parallel cable with Laplink 5 running on it and WinXP Pro/Ubuntu on the other computer.  Is there a Linux program or method that is compatable with Laplink's protocol?07:44
bullgardquiritius: I would look up Launchpad for this error.07:44
abhi_navhow to share clipboard between this desktop session and ctrl + alt + f1 session?07:44
asfjioFlannel: i found this package emacs21-nox. is it right? if yes, what will happen with this JOVE that i see when i type emacs? i mean should i remove it or it will be replaced with the new one? because the binary should be with the same name - "emacs".07:46
mouser--I have tried using WinXP's Direct Cable Connection but haven't had much luck.  I'm hoping the Ubuntu/Linux community has another solution (as they usually do).07:46
Flannelasfjio: emacs21 if you want that version, there's also emacs22-nox and, depending on your Ubuntu version, may be emacs23-nox as well07:47
ranjanHi all.07:49
bullgardabhinav_singh: I guess you'll need to install 'screen'.07:49
asfjioFlannel: understand. what will happen with the old one that i have this JOVE interpretation of emacs or whatever it is? i mean because i have this /usr/bin/emacs but when i run it it says JOVE ...?07:50
bilalakhtarIs the ubuntu keyserver down?07:50
Flannelasfjio: It'll be configurable, if you want to get rid of that other version, uninstall it.  what will happen is the /usr/bin/emacs file will symlink to the other one (/usr/bin/emacs21-nox, for instance)07:51
ranjanis there any way by which we can restrict file copying from our machine?07:52
asfjioFlannel: got it. thank you very much for your time.07:52
abhi_navhow to change mouse pointer lucid 64 bit?07:53
Coudyskhi, I can't write to #radeon or #xorg channel (:Cannot send to channel ) . I have problem with Ubuntu 10.04 and Ati X130007:53
mouser--Coudysk: I have the same problem with the ##Linux channel.07:54
mori1hi.how to gprs mobile connection via cable in ubuntu?07:55
jimlovell777I just got a new laptop and it came with Windows 7 Premium, no discs of course. Does Grub2 handle Windows 7 gracefully or will I cause a problem installing Ubuntu second?07:56
AchrGot a question regarding bcm43xx (yes, shiver). I've tried the fwcutter, ndiswrapper, and using various USB wireless adapters, none seem to want to connect to the network for internet. Is there anything else I can do?07:57
cpfjimlovell777, It'll work nicely together.07:58
kruzzteejimlovell1777, dont worry... it handle very well07:58
AchrSorry, didn't mention what I have... Ubuntu 10.0407:59
kruzzteejust don't accidentally wipe your windows 707:59
kruzzteewhat steps did you do Achr?07:59
kruzzteehave you modprobe the bcm?08:00
jimlovell777cpf, kruzztee: Thanks. I just had bad memories from when I tried with Vista and had to try some weird windows tool that always seemed to mess everything up and make me start over.08:00
AchrI've tried over 10 pages worth of suggestions. All from fwcutter and just taking the .sys file. Done ndiswrapper by blacklisting bcm43xx and followed those steps too.08:00
AchrEven a complete reinstall just in case it was a problem with the installer.08:01
kruzzteehave you use the Hardware Driver program?08:01
AchrI have no hard wire into the desktop atm. So everything is downloaded via laptop on a USB stick.08:02
AchrAnd no, when I goto that, I get an error08:02
lowbudgetlaptopswas up people08:02
kruzzteetry this http://andriesurya.wordpress.com/08:03
AchrOkay, it does something then disappears now.08:03
kruzzteeyou still have to download some files though08:03
AchrChecking it out now.08:03
AchrBut I was running into the version 4 issue. So far this looks promising.08:04
kruzzteethe complete address http://andriesurya.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/enabling-broadcom-4306-rev-3-on-ubuntu-10-04-internetless/08:04
kruzzteeit is my guide, I joined some guides i found before Achr08:05
=== karthik is now known as Guest20010
Guest20010hi ..  My ubuntu  machine went very slow. I did top and saw that evolution is taking much memory.. I have 23000 mails.. Can someone advice how do I back it up, so that it doesnt consume RAM but stored in HardDisk somewhere and bring it back whenever needed ?08:09
AchrRestarting now.08:10
o2oowho know what speed curve is iPhone UI scrolling use?08:12
bullgardabhinav_singh: I guess you'll need to install 'screen'. Got it?08:12
red2kico2oo: Try ##apple08:12
brittaHello, I hope somebody can help me with this. I'm getting a little desperate. No wifi detected on my MSI U135 (RaLink RT 3090). It worked fine till an update on July 6th. ubuntu 10.04.08:14
Jordan_Ubritta: Have you tried booting into a previous kernel?08:15
brittaJordan_U, I'm not sure how to do that.08:16
kruzzteejust select the older kernel on grub2 screen08:16
Jordan_Ubritta: Hold shift during boot and you will get a menu allowing to to select older kernels.08:16
Achrkruzztee: No luck. Still not finding the wireless adapter. lspci lists it as BCM43XG... iwconfig shows "no wireless extensions"08:17
brittaJordan_U, thanks. Will try that and return.08:17
Jordan_Ubritta: You're welcome.08:17
kruzzteeAchr: try to browse the openwrt for your specific BCM08:17
Jordan_UAchr: It this an internal PCI wireless card or USB?08:18
AchrActual card is Linksys WMP54G08:18
o2oored2kic, do you mean goto the apple channel?08:19
red2kico2oo: Yes. :)08:19
Jordan_UAchr: Do you have the directories /lib/firmware/b43/ and /lib/firmware/b43legacy/ ?08:19
kruzzteeAchr, it was BCM43XG?08:19
brittaJordan_U, yess, I'm on wireless now... So how do I roll back the latest kernel - or is there another solution?08:20
Achrkruzztee: Yup.08:20
AchrJordan_U: /b43/ and /bnx2/08:21
AchrNo for legacy08:21
Sicklercan someone shed some light on this, im trying to erase the extras http://imagebin.org/10443808:21
mouser--Hi, I'm trying to use Linux (or anything else) to copy a hard drive from a DOS laptop to another computer.  I have a parallel cable with Laplink 5 running on it and WinXP Pro/Ubuntu on the other computer.  Is there a Linux program or method that is compatible with Laplink's protocol?  I have tried using WinXP's Direct Cable Connection but haven't had much luck.  I'm hoping the Ubuntu/Linux community has another solution (as they usua08:21
Jordan_Ubritta: First file a bug report stating that support stopped working with the kernel update. To file the bug report run "ubuntu-bug linux".08:21
brittaJordan_U, a script fixed the non-support of ubuntu 10.04 already, so the fix needs a fix...08:22
britta10.04 no support for this wifi card, curiously enough 9.10 has support :/08:22
red2kicSickler: Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org :)08:23
brittaor so I hear08:23
=== b0w is now known as zz_b0w
Achrbritta: Mine worked in 9.10... 10.04 won't find it. :P08:23
Jordan_Ubritta: What script? If you aren't using the built in drivers then you will probably need to recompile them each time there is a kernel upgrade.08:23
Sickleri figured bc its based widely off ubuntu its not an issue red2kic08:24
brittaJordan_U, I'm just BP, a total non-geek...no compiling for me, I'm afraid. *sigh*.08:24
red2kic!mintsupport | Sickler08:24
ubottuSickler: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:24
lc_sdf \08:24
lc_sdf as08:24
Jordan_Ubritta: What script are you talking about.08:24
Jordan_Ulc_: Please stop.08:24
brittaJordan_U, a Danish ubuntu guru sent it to me... would you like me to forward it to you so you can check it out?08:25
Jordan_Ubritta: Yes.08:26
brittaemail, or?08:26
Jordan_U!pastebin | britta08:26
ubottubritta: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:26
brittaJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/460528/08:28
brittaAchr when booting up from a Maverick USB stick it finds the card - but won't connect- still, a step forward ;)08:30
Jordan_Ubritta: What happens when you run that script with the newest kernel?08:31
brittait gives a satisfactory output, but not a satisfactory result :/08:31
brittaeven after reboot08:31
johngilbroughI'm creating a file of commands to execute when I launch xchat.  How do I insert comments?08:32
prawnmouser-- Do you have a USB drive or a USB thumb drive?08:33
lobitowhy Im not able to see the grub menu when I boot my laptop?? o.o08:33
brittalobito, I just learned that if you press shift while booting you will.08:33
steerioguys, any pointers where to start if ubiquity fails to start, but gives no error messages whatsoever?08:34
maelstormhow do i uninstall a program in ubuntu?08:34
lobitooh rly? well, I will give a try x308:34
brittamaelstorm, is it in the software center?08:35
llvllonktry make uninstall08:35
steeriomaelstorm: or "dpkg --purge packagename"08:35
maelstormno, it is a game i installed from a website08:35
maelstormill try that08:35
bullgardman dpkg: "dpkg maintains some usable information about available packages. triggers-awaited: The package awaits trigger processing by another package." What is meant by "trigger processing"?08:36
Achrkruzztee: Found a USB stick that finds the network now... but it won't connect. Not sure if that's a step forward or a jump back now...08:37
kruzzteeAchr, it listed wireless networks around right?08:37
kruzzteeAchr, I currently browse this http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=23992208:38
AchrUSB adapter it shows around my area, yes. My network is currenty open08:38
AchrBut when I try to connnect, it keeps connecting then disconnects.08:38
brittaAchr, you're also having a problem with the same RaLink card?08:40
Achrkruzztee: Giving that a shot.08:40
brittastill, I mean?08:40
Achrbritta: Not that card. WMP54G PCI adapter08:40
brittaAchr, ok, sorry :) good luck.08:41
eckiboxi got a prob with 10.04 ubuntu netbook remix and my huawei umts stick. pls see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1524047 is someone out there who can help08:41
brittaJordan_U, thanks for your help.08:42
thirsthi guys need help installing java plugin on ubuntu 10.04 fresh install ..08:42
kruzzteeAchr, have you try broadcom-wl08:42
Jordan_Ubritta: You're welcome.08:42
R3cur51v3I bought a VPS and it install django 1.0 SVN final by default08:42
R3cur51v3Is that characteristic of the Server edition, or should I change my repo?08:43
Mikey^I need help with svideo. This is my xorg.conf and xrandr -q output : http://pastebin.ca/1896505Please help08:43
Achrkruzztee: I think so. I've tried various things, but that does sound familiar.08:43
maelstormIf i used a .sh file to install from, can i use that file to run an uninstall?08:43
thirstsun-java6-plugin seems to have been taken out.. any pointers that could help me here..08:43
thirsttried manually linking the libs.. but that crashes firefox when i test..08:43
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:44
R3cur51v3maelstorm, depends on if the .sh file was written to allow uninstall. .sh files are just generic shell programs that can do anything they want08:44
Jordan_Umaelstorm: It depends on how the script was written, which is one of the reasons that it's recommended to only install .deb packages.08:44
R3cur51v3maelstorm, use .deb files to install stuff08:44
maelstormR3cur51v3, i want to uninstall08:44
R3cur51v3Does the server version of Ubuntu have ridiculously outdated packages?08:44
Jordan_Umaelstorm: What did you install?08:44
R3cur51v3Or is it just the repos I have wired?08:44
maelstormJordan_U, Heroes of Newerth08:45
Mikey^maelstorm: therre could be an uninstall script08:45
Mikey^check where you installed08:45
maelstormMikeH, nice, didnt think of that. There is one ^_^ Thanks08:46
thirstabhi_nav, i think those instructions are not valid for 10.04 repos. I get this error ": Couldn't find package sun-java6-plugin"08:46
abhi_navthirst, but didnt anser you?08:47
nikolamHmm, If Use Gparted from CD and turn Sda5 (first extended partition) to primary partition on same disk and system is using sda6 and sdb6 for parts of md1 RAID1 for root (/) would it boot the system next time Allright if I have /boot on separate primary partiiton?08:47
bullgardman dpkg: "dpkg maintains some usable information about available packages. triggers-awaited: The package awaits trigger processing by another package." What is meant by "trigger processing"?08:47
abhi_navthirst, ohhh yah yah I answered. i just forgot08:47
suboneIn nano, how can I search and replace tabs with spaces?08:48
kruzzteeAchr, have you uninstalled the ndiswrapper?08:48
abhi_navthirst, try from synaptic08:48
abhi_navthirst, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140257208:48
Jordan_Unikolam: Yes, it should (since fstab and pretty much everything else uses UUIDs rather than partition numbers)08:48
AchrDoing that now08:48
bushwakkohey, I want to do touch <dir>/filename, where dir is a list of dirs08:49
bushwakkohow do I do this magic08:50
Jordan_Ubushwakko: touch {dir1,dir2,dir3}/foo08:52
zabkahi, i need to order many countries, cities to timezones(for DateTime::TimeZone). for example Europe/Berlin. can i get and import  anywhere a table with the cities?08:52
nikolamJordan_U, I remember I was all againsck then when it came to life. And now it should prove very much handy. I just hove Software Raid (md1) thinks the same way.08:53
osrechi - I had Ubuntu karmic and windows 7 installed on my laptop and recently upgraded to 10.04. Now I am unable to load windows - all I get is a blinking cursor on a blank screen after I select windows from grub... is there a fix for this? Thanks08:53
Jordan_Uzabka: Try asking in a language specific channel, I'm assuming #python in your case.08:53
bushwakkoJordan_U: but the list is generated automatically08:54
Jordan_Ubushwakko: You need to give more details then.08:55
shenfeiyou ren zai ma08:55
Achrkruzztee: ndiswrapper removed, blacklist has nothing listed, and retrying what you have on your site.08:55
bushwakkoJordan_U: I found it find . -maxdepth 1 -type d | while read dir; do touch "$dir/test"; done08:55
bushwakkothis worked08:55
kruzzteeAchr... fingers crossed08:55
AchrYeah. It's driving me insane. :)08:56
MaRk-I!cn | shenfei08:56
ubottushenfei: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:56
bullgardman dpkg: "dpkg maintains some usable information about available packages. triggers-awaited: The package awaits trigger processing by another package." What is meant by "trigger processing"?08:57
chandraneeldoes anyone know how to use xcursor?08:58
shenfeiACHR zai ma?08:58
llvllonkwhat's the command to see what kernel version I currently have?08:58
MaRk-Illvllonk: uname -ar08:58
chandraneelas when I click on install theme nothing happens08:58
bullgardllvllonk: uname -a08:58
smikHow can I install gcc-4.5 on Ubuntu?08:59
llvllonkthanks bullgard.08:59
llvllonkhow would i update my kernel version?08:59
bullgardsmik: May be you should ask in #ubuntu+109:00
red2kicllvllonk: "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade"09:00
AchrLast resort... deleting all bcm* and b43. Rebooting now to see if that works after a reinstall.09:00
smikbullgard: I am on Jaunty09:01
llvllonkthank so much09:01
bullgardsmik: You are on an old distribution but want the newest gcc. This is bad.09:02
smikbullgard: Hmm, any way around. Even 4.4 version would do09:02
bullgardsmik: Upgrade to Lucid.09:03
llvllonki'm on live usb...hope it keeps the update...lol09:03
kruzzteeAchr, if it fails? You might want to use these steps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=139097909:04
JonathanEllisI am trying to install a Netgear WG111v3 usb wifi adaptor. I understand the driver is included in kernel 2.6.27 or later. I am running Ubuntu Hardy with kernel 2.6.24-28-generic. I have searched for an updated kernel with apt-cache search linux-image but I don't find any kernels higher than the kernel I am already running. Any ideas please?09:05
kruzzteegoz dealing BCM43XG way different than legacy BC4309:05
vodlhi, I have the latest version of flash player installed on the latest version of firefox, but my flash movie playback is just awful [ very low framerate ]....anyone any clues?09:06
bullgardman dpkg: "dpkg maintains some usable information about available packages. triggers-awaited: The package awaits trigger processing by another package." What is meant by "trigger processing"?09:08
Achrkruzztee: Gonna give it a shot. Be back in a minute. :)09:09
Sam_FisherCan someone help me get Logitech Fusion webcam running?09:09
sinthey, if i broke the configfile of a package in etc, is there a way to get a default one or do i need to reinstall the package?09:10
Sam_Fishersint, which pckg?09:12
Sam_Fishervodl, When you click in a flash movie settings pop up. Try adjusting them09:13
vodlSam_Fisher> i just get the "enable hardware acceleration option" were other options supposed to have been there?09:14
JonathanEllisWhat is the latest kernel for Hardy Heron?09:15
JoazHi, since I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 I have a lot USB hub crashes. Computer runs (for example I can see a screensaver) but not any USB device works anymore09:16
maelstormanyone have a best method approch to learning linux?09:16
Joazthis happens every 1-2 days for me now09:16
ninstaah-lapcan anyone help me installing ipw3945, or at least get the speed of my wifi better (speed is good in win7) ?09:16
aravind_hi all,i just installed awn on my lucid and cant seem to figure out how to get themes on it09:17
Achrkruzztee: Negative. Still nothing.09:18
Sam_Fishervodl, let me try. What website are you having trouble with?09:18
kruzzteeok, i don't know what happen with your BCM43 Achr...09:18
zusis transmission 2.0 stable to use in ubuntu 10.04?09:18
AchrYeah... no clue. I've reinstalled twice.09:19
=== per is now known as Guest96522
kruzzteeI myself would try to do it on a fresh install if all the steps are failed09:19
vodlSam_Fisher> just about all of them...but try http://www.gametrailers.com09:19
AchrThe compiling part?09:19
kruzzteeyup, that also09:20
kruzzteeI've done my steps so many times on my B43 legacy09:20
kruzzteeon a fresh Lucid and Jaunty09:21
AchrYeah, there's "something" going on that I can't find.09:21
AchrGonna reinstall now.09:21
kruzzteeI wont push you to do that though :)09:22
AchrNah, only takes 2-3 mins at most to install. :P09:22
maelstormanyone have a best method approch to learning ubuntu? possible walkthroughs or videos?09:23
red2kic!manual | maelstorm09:23
ubottumaelstorm: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:23
red2kicmaelstorm: If you're having issues, you can always ask here.09:23
Jontyhow do I get upstart to give meaningful error messages09:24
Achrkruzztee: thanks for the help so far. Appreciated.09:24
Jontyright now all I get is "job failed to start" with no indication of what happened, which is much less than i got with /etc/init.d scripts09:24
kruzzteeNot a problem Achr09:25
AchrStupid question... does the server and desktop differ in the network area?09:26
nibbler_Achr, server wont have the gui components (network manager)09:27
Sam_Fishervodl, you should have this menu with flash objects.09:27
sinti've tried to remove a package and install it again but i won't install a new config file in etc. what i need to do to get the default config file into etc?09:28
AchrOkay. So they pretty much contain the same protocol files though.09:28
Sam_Fishervodl, hang on for graphic09:28
sintif i delete the config file, it won't start or stop the daemon it all, since it asks for the missing config file09:28
maelstormred2kic, the Ubuntu manual is very entry level. im interested in command manipulation, closer to system administration09:29
AdvoWorkHi there, im using epiphany for something(email). when i click print, it opens the new window showing the contents to print, it only does this first time, second time i try and print, it doesnt. all other pcs are ok with this, its just the one. Any ideas please?09:30
Achrkruzztee: Which way do you think I should try first?09:31
kruzzteetry to use my guide first...09:31
kruzzteecoz it wont mess around using ndiswrapper and blacklist09:32
Guest85235hi peoples i have some trouble with evolution09:32
Kevin`how can I prevent the ubuntu gui from starting on boot?09:33
bullgardman dpkg: "dpkg maintains some usable information about available packages. triggers-awaited: The package awaits trigger processing by another package." What is meant by "trigger processing"?09:33
bullgard!ask | Guest8523509:34
ubottuGuest85235: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:34
red2kicbullgard: Ask in #ubuntu-offtopic (They're helpful).09:34
Jordan_Ubullgard: Do you understand what triggers are?09:35
JonathanEllisred2kic: Why is bullgard's question off-topic?09:35
red2kicJonathanEllis: I never never said that. He tried his luck here and it wouldn't hurt to expand his luckiness.09:36
bullgardJordan_U: No. Note: The subject is dpkg.09:37
JonathanEllisred2kic: Fair enough09:38
Jordan_Ubullgard: A trigger is a way to keep from doing the same task over and over when installing multiple packages, when it only needs to be done once.09:38
AltreusMy DNS seems to be cached. If I use dig to make the DNS request I get the correct answer back from the correct nameserver, but if I use curl or a browser it says cannot resolve host09:39
AltreusAny idea what could be  doing this? It's a fairly clean install of 10.0409:39
Jordan_Ubullgard: For instance, if you are installing 5 packages that need "update-initramfs" to be run before they will work, those packages can use a trigger so that instead of running update-initramfs directly in their postinst scripts, they register a trigger and update-initramfs is run when all five packages are otherwise completely configured.09:40
bullgardJordan_U: Your answer is wrong. This morning Update manager repeatedly displayed a »post-installation trigger« message.09:40
AltreusAlso, the site works for others.09:40
AchrHere goes the reboot...09:41
Jordan_Ubullgard: Can you give the full context of the message?09:41
=== administrator is now known as Guest82272
bullgardJordan_U: I can not because the message is past away (fade away).09:42
Jordan_Ubullgard: Are you actually having any problem?09:42
Achrkruzztee: Nope. Followed what you had on your site. Going to try the compiling suggestion.09:42
kruzzteeokay... good luck09:43
bullgardJordan_U: Yes. A problem of understanding the role and the mechanism and the function of »post installation trigger«.09:43
Jordan_Ubullgard: Why do you think that my answer is wrong?09:43
xroHI, i have a problem with ubuntu and openvpn... i worked yesterday and today when i connect to the vpn i dont get a tun0 interface... can you help me? error message ---> NOTE: unable to redirect default gateway -- VPN gateway parameter (--route-gateway or --ifconfig) is missing09:44
AdvoWorkHi there, im using epiphany for something(email). when i click print, it opens the new window showing the contents to print, it only does this first time, second time i try and print, it doesnt. all other pcs are ok with this, its just the one. Any ideas please?09:44
ThatGuyOverThereCan anybody help me with changing the login screen for Lucid? I don09:44
bullgardJordan_U: Because you said: "A trigger is a way to keep from doing the same task over and over."09:44
ThatGuyOverThereOops. That's the enter button.09:44
Jordan_Ubullgard: And?09:45
ThatGuyOverThereI don't like how it uses GTK themes on the login screen... I want to use GDM themes. Is there any way to do this?09:45
bullgardJordan_U: Update Manager has done a trigger operation over and over again this morning.09:45
pehdenum what do i do if for some reason my term cant resolve domain.net but can resolve www.domain.net09:46
=== sree is now known as sreR
abhi_navThatGuyOverThere, install this. it allows to change login screen on lucid09:46
abhi_navThatGuyOverThere, https://launchpad.net/gdm2setup09:46
bullgardpehden: Check your DNS (resoution).09:47
pehdenbullgard in what do i use or go to do that09:47
abhi_navThatGuyOverThere, also you install art manger take login screens from there. also ubuntu tweak is useful09:47
ThatGuyOverThereArt manager?09:48
JonathanEllisI am trying to upgrade my kernel with kernelcheck. It fails because of unmet dependencies. "Unable to find the QT3 installation. Please make sure that the QT3 development package is correctly installed and either install pkg-config or set the QTDIR environment variable to the correct location." There is more but unfortunately KernelCheck does not allow me to copy it's terminal output or even scroll it. I would appreciate help, please.09:48
ThatGuyOverThereI've heard of ubuntu tweak, but not the other.09:48
abhi_navThatGuyOverThere, yes have both ubuntu tweak and art manager09:48
ThatGuyOverThereHow do I get art manager? Is it in the repos?09:49
Jordan_Ubullgard: In the "details" area?09:49
abhi_navThatGuyOverThere, yes it is install art manager, ubuntu tweak and that gdm2setup09:50
scarra3I wan't to install vim in ubuntu so should I do sudo apt-get install vim vim-scripts or just sudo apt-get install vim09:50
abhi_nav!who > ThatGuyOverThere09:50
ubottuThatGuyOverThere, please see my private message09:50
induswhats ubuntu tweak09:50
AchrBleh... still nothing. Ugh. This is way too aggrivating.09:50
abhi_navindus, which?09:50
indusThatGuyOverThere, just download from gnome-look.org09:50
abhi_navindus, ohhh sorry misread09:50
rwwindus: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/09:51
abhi_navindus, http://ubuntu-tweak.com/09:51
indusThatGuyOverThere, gnome art manager will  try to download all kinds of crap09:51
ThatGuyOverThereindus: I get the impression that you're saying I shouldn't install it.09:51
ThatGuyOverThereindus: I don't want anything downloading all kinds of crap.09:51
indusThatGuyOverThere, ya i dont like it09:51
indusThatGuyOverThere, and it crashes a lot09:52
xroHI, i have a problem with ubuntu and openvpn... i worked yesterday and today when i connect to the vpn i dont get a tun0 interface... can you help me? error message ---> NOTE: unable to redirect default gateway -- VPN gateway parameter (--route-gateway or --ifconfig) is missing09:52
ThatGuyOverThereindus: So, what? Only Ubuntu Tweak and gdm2setup?09:52
indusThatGuyOverThere, i dont recommend no unofficial packages09:52
abhi_navI use art manger lucid 64bit. it runs well. and it only download anything only when i tell him to do so. otherwise it is sleeping. :p09:52
bullgardpehden: It depends on the layout of your network and on the configuration of your Ubuntu. Check for example in  /etc/resolv.conf the entry nameserver
indusThatGuyOverThere, you should try all of them though, see if it is useful for you09:53
bazhang!cn | wzhk09:53
ubottuwzhk: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:53
ThatGuyOverThereI have another question. When using Ubuntu Lucid, I sometimes get weird horizontal lines flashing across my screen. What the hell?09:53
whitefirehow to install driver Canon-LASER-SHOT-LBP-1210 in ubuntu 10/0409:54
pehdenbullgard ok09:54
erUSULThatGuyOverThere: bug in the graphic driver09:54
indusThatGuyOverThere, what graphics card is it09:54
ThatGuyOverThereIt's an integrated card. Intel model.09:54
ThatGuyOverThereerUSUL: Is there a fix?09:54
alteregoaihr seid alles druiden!09:55
ThatGuyOverThereerUSUL: It's not a huge deal, but it is a little annoying.09:55
JonathanEllisThatGuyOverThere: I had problems on both my ancient Dell machines running any version of Ubuntu later than Hardy. It's because my hardware is too old09:55
erUSULThatGuyOverThere: you can try with newer drivers, i.e. adding the xorg-updates ppa09:55
xevwhat is ubuntu one?09:55
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone09:55
bullgardJordan_U: I did not expand the "details" field. The messages appeared in the normal (main) window area.09:55
JonathanEllisThatGuyOverThere: I also have an integrated intel graphics adapter. However, I also had problems with my matrox card so I am just sticking with Hardy09:55
Zelozeloswhats the command to see what my core temp is?09:56
ThatGuyOverThereJonathanEllis: That's rough, man. Lucid actually fixed a lot of my hardware problems I had had with Karmic. No way am I going back. :)09:56
erUSUL!sensors | Zelozelos09:56
ubottuZelozelos: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.09:56
JonathanEllisThatGuyOverThere: Yes it's a pain. I'm now trying to get a USB wifi adapter working and I find I dont have a new enough kernel so now going through all sorts of hassles trying to upgrade my kernel09:57
Jordan_Ubullgard: I don't normally use update-manager so I don't know exactly what messages it shows and when, but many packages will be registering post-install hooks, and at the end of most large upgrades all of those triggers will be processed.09:57
indusubunu tweak looks like automatix born again09:58
b3wbsMy install doesn't log in correctly- i have changed the settings in the "Login Screen" settings thingo so that it goes straight to an xterm, but it is automatically logging into Gnome every time I boot up09:58
JonathanEllisThatGuyOverThere: Im thinking perhaps it will take less time to just drill a hole in the wall and run a cable from the router to my computer but I dont really want to spoil the walls#09:58
indusJonathanEllis, upgrading kernel is super easy ,09:58
bazhangindus, from what source09:59
indusJonathanEllis, you can either try the plain vanilla kernel which might not work as intended , or use the ppa09:59
JonathanEllisindus: How?09:59
red2kicJonathanEllis: I drilled a hole in my wall (from living room to my bedroom). 25ft cable was only 4 bucks on eBay.09:59
bazhangindus, did you mean kernel.org ? that is not supported here09:59
indusbazhang, dont worry, i will put appropriate warnings09:59
JonathanEllisred2kic: Yes cable is cheap and I can wire it easily. Thats not the problem. Its a rented flat and I dont want to spoil the walls10:00
indusbazhang, there is a ppa also though for ubuntu10:00
bazhangindus, not supported as in don't suggest it here10:00
WXZwhat does the win + n key do?10:00
bullgardJordan_U: What does it mean "to _register_ a post-install hook"?10:00
indusbazhang,if his hardware works , whats the problem, ?10:00
kaushalis there a way to run the log4j appender at a specified time and not as usual midnight ?10:00
xevI had problem with my netbook. 3gb and now full.10:00
Zelozelosty erUSUL , now, can i  change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?10:00
xevSo, I want to remove some application.10:00
xevTo gain freespace.10:01
EpicCyndaquilwhere does wget save files by default?10:01
JonathanEllisbazhang: Whats the problem with kernel.org? I am using kernelcheck to try to install a newer kernel but having problems. It installs kernels from kernel.org10:01
erUSULZelozelos: i do not know the formula offhand :) google --> F = C * (9/5 ) + 3210:02
bullgardEpicCyndaquil: In your current directory.10:02
EpicCyndaquilokay, thanks10:02
erUSULZelozelos: sensors -f prints in fahrenheit10:02
ZelozeloserUSUL, ahh awsome ty again10:03
JonathanEllisindus: What is this ppa you mention?10:03
Zelozelosheh i should have red the manual ;)10:03
* erUSUL this americans and its imperial units ... meh XD10:03
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.10:03
indussee above JonathanEllis10:04
Jordan_Ubullgard: When plymouth gets upgraded it will probably need update-initramfs to be run, so it will register a post-install trigger for update-initramfs. If you also get a kernel update, that kernel package will also register a post-install trigger for update-initramfs (because it doesn't know that one has already been registered by plymouth). After both packages are otherwise finished installing, that update-initramfs trigger 10:04
Jordan_Ubullgard: So registering a trigger is asking that some action (in this case update-initramfs) be performed, and processing the trigger is actually performing that action.10:05
red2kicJonathanEllis: Maybe you can ask the man in charge. I don't know. Use cable grommets to make things look nice. :o10:06
indusJonathanEllis, the mainline kernels do not have many ubuntu patches and will break stuff10:08
bullgardJordan_U: Ah! Excellent! Thank you very much for your explanation and help.10:08
youngmusicweird problem: after upgrading to 10.04, my network interface is known as wlan1 instead of eth0. I wouldn't mind as such, but when starting the network now, i get a DHCPOFFER from the server that doesnt really work out.10:09
JonathanEllisindus: I know what a PPA is. Which particular PPA do you suggest? I need to upgrade my kernel to at least 2.6.27 to get a usb wifi adapter to work10:09
youngmusicand hello :-)10:09
xevhow do i check size of installed application?10:09
Jordan_Ubullgard: You're welcome.10:10
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: What version of Ubuntu are you using?10:10
red2kicxev: "aptitude show firefox | grep size"10:10
JonathanEllisJordan_U: Hardy Heron10:11
indusJonathanEllis, hmm which ubuntu aer you using10:11
JonathanEllisindus: HArdy HEron10:11
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: Have you considered upgrading to lucid?10:11
JonathanEllisJordan_U: I cant run any version higher than Hardy. My graphics adapter stopped working when I tried10:12
xevred2kic, now i'm at ubuntu software center. I wantto remove some application to gain free space.. but I dont know which one and I dont see any size state there..10:12
eokexev: You may need a capital S on "Size"10:12
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: What GPU exactly?10:12
JonathanEllisJordan_U: GPU?10:12
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: Graphics Processing Unit (graphics adapter)10:13
eokexev: This may be of interest to you http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59942410:14
JonathanEllisJordan_U: Its an old matrox twin head card. MGA G20010:14
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: Ouch, matrox is notoriously poorly supported.10:14
youngmusicCould there be any particular reason for a dhcp client not to accept a dhcpoffer? I do get an address offered from the server, but after that there are DHCPREQUEST messages on the client, followed by new DHCPDISCOVER messages and ending with 'No DHCPOFFERS received'.10:14
xeveoke,  thanks :D10:15
[Neurotic]Quick question guys - is there a command to work out the name of the current X display that is running? Or even just list the names of the X displays that are available? I'm trying to send firefox to a particular display through 'firefox --display=0', and I can't work out where to send it.10:15
JonathanEllisJordan_U: Yes. It took ages to get that working (http://forum.tuxx-home.at/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=797&sid=a2008ef8840e4d109e28735551b169dd). Trouble is I was a bit limited for cards as I only have PCI slots, not AGP or PCI Express. Its an old computer10:15
eokexev: I'm still not sure it'll give you what you want as each package has dependencies which might not be used by anything else so removing the parent package means you remove the dependencies.10:16
JonathanEllisJordan_U: And I remember reading there was no driver for anything later than Hardy10:16
erUSUL[Neurotic]: well unless specifically statd it is a sequence :0 :1 :2 etc ...10:16
zatlitehi, how do I set preferred application for opening file types?10:16
MasterZuFuHey guys, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 64Bit server edition on a dedicated host. I'm logged in via putty. I know that "dpkg --get-selections" shows a list of installed software, but it's too long and I can't read it all. How do I list it so I can scroll through everything?10:16
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: VESA should always get you something, but I assume that when you say it's a dual head card you actually want to be able to use dual displays.10:16
JonathanEllisJordan_U: Yes10:17
xeveoke, sorry, I dont understand that url.10:17
eokeMasterZuFu: "dpkg --get-selections | less"10:17
xevbtw, how do I see my free space?10:17
erUSULxev: df -h10:18
abhi_navzatlite, right click on file=>properties=>open with set your preference there10:18
MasterZuFuthank you eoke10:18
[Neurotic]erUSUL, 'firefox --dispay=:0'  doesn't work (or 1, or 2...), any ideas?10:18
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: The problem is that upgrading your kernel will probably break your Matrox setup.10:18
xeverUSUL, the program 'dh' is currently not installed.10:18
erUSULxev: df -h10:19
JonathanEllisJordan_U: Its starting to look like running a cable through the wall is going to be my quickest way to get working. Its a desktop machine anyway so it makes more sense for it to be a wired connection and there is much less to go wrong.10:19
xeverUSUL, thanks :)10:19
JonathanEllisJordan_U: I was alternatively thinking about using ndiswrapper and a windows driver but that looks complicated10:19
eokexev: "dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Installed-Size;10}\t${Package}\n' | sort -k1,1n" however remember that a small package may depend on a very large one so it's not really going to tell you what you need to know.  It'll just tell you the size of the package itself rather than the package and all of the dependencies it requires.10:19
erUSUL[Neurotic]: try :0.010:19
xevspace avail 315mb10:20
[Neurotic]erUSUL, no go, but thanks10:20
nikolamGoogle Earth in Jaunty/LTS is f*ed Up. Does not work displaying ground like it should10:20
erUSUL[Neurotic]: try « DISPLAY=:0 firefox & »10:20
bazhangnikolam, watch the language10:21
erUSUL[Neurotic]: all of this is for a local machine10:21
nikolamWhat do you think one should install to use GoogleEarth right on Lucid/LTS10:21
zagdagAfter installing Ubuntu Server 10.04 x64 the system seems to randomly boot with a blinking cursor and no login-prompt. During one time it did boot, I managed to remove 'quiet' from /boot/grub/grub.cfg, after reboot I got this: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/hR2467fB . After pressing the front resetbutton, as it was unresponsive to CTRL+ALT+DEL, I then got this: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/zbQFEntp . I think it is a hardware problem, because it is ra10:21
nikolambazhang, I am putting ****`s, right10:21
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: What are you going to do in a year when 8.04 is no longer supported on the desktop? Do you think you'll have different hardware by then?10:21
[Neurotic]erUSUL, trying to get Selenium Web Tests to run10:21
erUSUL[Neurotic]: if you are trying to launch it throuh a network you need to specify the hostname too10:21
indusJordan_U, 8.04 is supported10:21
bazhangnikolam, still not acceptable.10:21
indusJordan_U, till 2011 i believe10:21
indusJordan_U, 3 years for a LTS release10:21
[Neurotic]erUSUL, trying with a local machine, but can't manage to get that10:22
nikolambazhang, well, anwer the question about google earth please10:22
Jordan_Uindus: I know, re-read my comment :)10:22
[Neurotic]erUSUL, then will move onto another tty console10:22
AltreusFor reference, the problem I was having with DNS lookups was avahi10:22
indusJordan_U, ah hehe ok10:22
bazhangnikolam, try addressing the channel without the profanity10:22
AltreusI had to change my /etc/nsswitch.conf to say hosts: files dns10:22
JonathanEllisnikolam: Good luck trying to get Google Earth working. I tried and gave up. It was particularly irritating as I paid for the high res version of Google Earth. I emailed google earth support and got no response even when I asked for my money back. Annoying10:22
nikolambazhang, why you are atacking me personally? I just wanted to know what people think abou Google eart. Can you handle that10:23
JonathanEllisJordan_U: I guess I will have to burn that bridge when I get to it. Can't afford to buy a new PC and laptop just now10:23
JonathanEllisJordan_U: And the choice of hardware is bewildering10:23
indusJonathanEllis, so rightg now you have a wireless which doesnt work ?10:23
JonathanEllisindus: Thats right10:23
Jordan_UJonathanEllis: What happens when you boot from a 10.04 liveCD?10:23
nikolamJonathanEllis, I tried with several versions of google eart. Previously (on 8.04 LTS and 9.10) worked quite right.10:23
Heikki123hi. i have a problem with wine + ubuntu screensaver. spotify will stop playing music when screensaver starts. i jhave ubuntu 10.04 and all updates10:24
indusnikolam, you can file a bug with google for google earth , did you know10:24
nikolamJonathanEllis, I am thinking now of using older release of google earth and wondering where to get it10:24
indusnikolam, i have tried earth for many ubuntu versions and it jsut hangs10:24
JonathanEllisJordan_U: Not tried it. As I say, there is no graphics driver later than Hardy. I remember trying the Karmic LiveCD and the screen didnt work10:25
nikolamindus, yeah, you are right10:25
nikolamindus, worked for me till 9.1010:25
indusJonathanEllis, driver for what ? graphics?10:25
JonathanEllisnikolam: NO idea where to get it. I just use googlemaps.com and do screen captures10:25
JonathanEllisindus: Yes no graphics driver for Matrox G200 beyond Hardy10:25
JonathanEllisindus: And it took so long to get that working I am reluctant to start again10:26
nikolamJonathanEllis, oh NO. I was just planning to put new LTS to an Older computer with matrox G400 maybe 400 is ok10:26
eokexev: If you haven't already it may be worth seeing what large files or folder you have in your home directory "du /home | sort -nr | less" the bigger the number the bigger the file/folder.  Only delete files folders if you know what they are.10:26
JonathanEllisnikolam: http://forum.tuxx-home.at/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=74810:27
xeveoke, I just installed ubuntu10:27
xevI dont have my personal file.10:27
eokeHow big was the drive you installed on?10:27
xev3gb only10:27
xevubuntu netbook10:27
indusJonathanEllis, is it a proprietary driver ?10:27
JonathanEllisnikolam: There is no driver for any G series cards later than Hardy Heron as far as I know10:28
lfitzhi, i pasted all errors here: http://lfitz.bravehost.com/nfs-error.html with a descriptions of my NFS problem10:28
eokexev: Ah I missed that bit10:28
xevI think, its better ask you if I can uninstall this application or not..10:28
xevsaba / perl ?10:28
nikolamJonathanEllis, I have issue with free driver for radeon on new Lts, to. AMD refused to make supported driver for integrated graphics, beyond 8.10 and now I have 12 FPS instead of 50-70 FPS with Hardy/losed drivers etc10:28
lfitzbasically, the paths defined in /etc/exports dont support NFS but the are ext210:29
lfitzagain, http://lfitz.bravehost.com/nfs-error.html :)10:29
nikolamJonathanEllis, oh. so after Hardy, one can use.. console and X forwarding...10:29
JonathanEllisindus: Matrox basically gave up supporting linux for these old cards. They have released a newer driver for P series cards I understand. I am using the unoffical driver from tuxx-home10:29
AdvoWorkHi there, im using epiphany for something(email). when i click print, it opens the new window showing the contents to print, it only does this first time, second time i try and print, it doesnt. all other pcs are ok with this, its just the one. Any ideas please?10:29
indusJonathanEllis, is there no open source driver for this card? also. isnt the matrox g 200 like 15 years old ?10:29
JonathanEllisnikolam: Matrox basically gave up supporting linux for these old cards. They have released a newer driver for P series cards I understand. I am using the unoffical driver from tuxx-home10:30
nikolamindus, i think it IS open source, i have 400 i think10:30
waseemHi everyone,  I am facing issues connecting to internet on Ubuntu 10.04.  I have tried everything, but nothing is working. Is there anyone who can help me in pm ??10:30
bazhangwaseem, best to ask here10:30
Jordan_U!pm | waseem10:31
ubottuwaseem: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:31
indusnikolam, so do these cards work out of the box on ubuntu ?10:31
JonathanEllisindus: No idea how old the card is. Yes the tuxx driver is open source. I'm limited to what cards I can use as I only have PCI slots, no AGP and no PCI express10:31
waseemsee i feel asking one expert rather than following 10 opinions10:31
nikolamindus, worked on g400 on Hardy. Did not tried after that on that machine. Will do it in a day or two10:31
Trickshow do I open a port in ip tables10:31
=== limsi_david is now known as LIMSI_david
bazhangwaseem, give as many details as possible, if someone knows they will help10:32
indusJonathanEllis, then i recommend Jordan_U's idea of trying the 10.04 live cd and see how it works10:32
indusJonathanEllis, do u have enought ram10:32
TricksI have just installed a caching DNS server which works locally but no clients can reach it10:32
nikolamindus, I think it have something to do with changing kog graphics cards work with newest kernels. That brake some things.10:32
Tricksi think port 53 needs opening10:32
indusnikolam, ? didnt understand some words10:32
pkkmHow to turn saved mp3 streams into regular mp3 files?10:32
reeniginEesreveRcan i run a script in background such that even if i log off it keeps run and when i come back i can still make it come in foreground?10:32
JonathanEllisnikolam: My experience is that G200 did not work out of the box. http://forum.tuxx-home.at/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=797&p=5252#p5252 There is lots of info on that site that may help you10:33
Jordan_U!pm > waseem10:33
ubottuwaseem, please see my private message10:33
waseemok ubottu10:33
indusheh hehe10:34
indusso polite people are10:34
JonathanEllisindus: I dont think the graphics will work since there is no driver beyond Hardy for the G series cards. I have 1GB of RAM. Who knows if that's "enough" but its the maximum my motherboard will take10:34
ThatGuyOverThereI think I didn't word my question very well earlier... I want to downgrade gdm from 2.28 to 2.20 so I can use all the old GDM themes. Does anyone know how to do this?10:34
nikolamaha ok, JonathanEllis at me, G400 did work with 8.0410:34
MaRk-IreeniginEesreveR: you can execute the script and add an ampersand or script  nohup10:34
indusJonathanEllis, how do you know for sure there is no driver , if it is open source, then it should exist10:34
ThatGuyOverThereI've found several guides, but they're all for Karmic and I'm worried that I'll screw something up.10:35
indusbeyond hardy also10:35
red2kicThatGuyOverThere: Tbh, I don't spend my time admiring the GDM theme. I have it autologin so I can get to the intertubes faster. Do the same?10:35
indusJonathanEllis, but i see your link and seems you have done your research10:35
reeniginEesreveRMaRk-I, when add an ampersand, it keep running in background but if i logoff the process gets terminated as well10:35
ThatGuyOverTherered2kic: I'm just that much of a control freak. I have to customize it. :/10:36
MaRk-IreeniginEesreveR: then try "nohup"10:36
JonathanEllisindus: I suppose I dont know for sure but I remember problems even getting my onboard graphics to work with Karmic let alone the Matrox. When I read http://forum.tuxx-home.at/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=748 I just gave up trying. I think drilling a hole in the wall and running a cable may take less time than trying to upgrade.10:36
indusJonathanEllis, so just try with live cd then, its surely worth it10:36
indusJonathanEllis, if it works etc, then good10:37
JonathanEllisindus: Fair enough10:37
red2kicThatGuyOverThere: Is it worth breaking something? :)10:37
nikolamindus, but it needs to be maintained to work with newer kernel etc. Partially rewritten, etc. Linux kernel does not provide binary backward compatibility for drivers. and newer kernels just, say, changed that way they connect do graphics driver part. So we can Better behaving in the future. I support noone should care too much for so old hardware. I care and therefore I think only solution is to use older Stable kernel distros for tha10:37
nikolamt hardware that works and are suported etc.10:37
waseemi made a full installation wiping out Win7. I first tried to first connect with wired connection. It does not recognize my ethernet.10:37
KulychHi, i've problem with my google searchengine in Firefox. I am from Czech but my google searchs in english language. Know anybody where is file with preferences of google searchengine?Thanks10:38
ThatGuyOverTherered2kic: Eh... It's worth a possible risk of breaking something... But then everything I read said that installing BURG could break something too...10:38
ThatGuyOverTherered2kic: My point is that I'm careful.10:38
bazhangwaseem, open a terminal and type ifconfig   do you see eth0 ?10:38
MaRk-IreeniginEesreveR: "nohup blascript &"10:38
kazagistarsince my laptop has it's whole hard drive encrypted, I thought I would set it to automatically log in, but it always pesters me about unlocking the gnome keyring on login... I don't want to enter my password twice every time I turn on the computer10:38
MaRk-IreeniginEesreveR: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nohup10:39
waseemno it does not show eth010:39
indusnikolam,  i understand10:39
Andy[1]hi guys, I've setup svn on a local server, and started using it and the directories I'm using it on are now unusable. Files time-out or take upto 30 seconds to open10:39
red2kickazagistar: Then don't use any encryption on your keyring.10:39
Andy[1]is there a blatent configuration I'm missing out?10:39
bazhangwaseem, paste.ubuntu.com the output of lspci please10:39
indus!paste > waseem10:39
ubottuwaseem, please see my private message10:39
kazagistarred2kic: could that be a security flaw on a single user laptop?10:40
induswaseem, copy output of lspci to that address in the box provided, then click on send and give the url here10:40
red2kickazagistar: You have it set for login automatically. That itself is a security flaw. When you don't use encryption, the Wifi password and among other things will be stored visibly on ~/gnome*10:41
red2kic(ie human readable).10:42
=== joerg is now known as Guest6165
waseemindus, the problem is that i m chatting from a different system & ubuntu is on some other system & on that system there is no network10:42
waseemhow shud i send that output?10:42
kazagistarred2kic: I like being able to log out when I tell it to, and the whole "Guest User" system for letting friends use it securely.. but when I turn it on, it instantly prompts me for a password, and the entire hard drive is locked until I enter it, so I dont see the problem with afterwards allowing 1 free login10:42
jerryhi all can yyu please someone tell me  how can i edit boot orr grub i have 3 times  ubuntu kernel plus recovery mode10:43
jerrywhen i boot in -)10:44
zagdagTricks, this tutorial explains howto open a port in iptables: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-iptables-12-how-to-block-or-open-dnsbind-service-port-53.html10:44
red2kickazagistar: That's fine. Whatever floats your boat. Look for Encryption + Keys. Delete the keyring so you can generate a new one and leave the password blank (unsecured). Then you won't be pestered for extra password.10:45
abhi_nav!grub2 | jerry10:45
ubottujerry: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:45
jerryabhi thanks  lot what i like to know  is it just comand sudo nano ...but i cant find it  -))10:46
Tricksthanks zagdag10:46
kazagistarred2kic: so there is no way to have the keyring encrypted, but decrypt it on automatic login just like with normal login?10:46
abhi_navjerry, didng got you10:46
iflemajerry you can easily drop the recovery option by editing    /etc/default/grub  (#GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_RECOVERY="true")    followed by, in a terminal       sudo update-grub10:46
iflemajerry just remove the #10:47
jerrygot it  thank you !!!10:48
pkkmIs there a program that automatically scans mp3 file with only title and artist tags (names like 34_the_scorpions_-_wind_of_change.mp3) and adds tags, album cover and lyrics? (like Tagrunner on Windows)10:48
iflemajerry and there for a reason... best to leave.10:48
Trickszagdag do i edit the iptables file directly with a text editor?10:49
preechercan i use a virtual machine to install different programs on ? say for instance different distro of linux or any other programs that i dont wont installed on my harddrive10:49
=== sejuk is now known as matahati`
bazhangpreecher, they will still be on your hard drive10:50
preecheroh i dint kno that10:50
JonathanEllispreecher: VirtualBox is good10:50
bazhangpreecher, a virtual machine is a file on your computer's hdd10:50
=== Guest20010 is now known as karthee
iflemaTricks https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo10:50
preecherthen would i really benefit from it if i only use ubuntu?10:51
kazagistarpreecher: it is sandboxed pretty well though, so those programs should be unable to access anything in your main environment10:51
b3wbsMy install doesn't log in correctly- i have changed the settings in the "Login Screen" settings thingo so that it goes straight to an xterm, but it is automatically logging into Gnome every time I boot up. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?10:51
bazhangpreecher, if you want to use windows for some special program, or try out other distros it is useful10:51
andaiI'm having a weird dependency problem installing the new virtualbox 3.2 (using the virtualbox official debs)10:52
rob_pTricks: What are you trying to do?10:52
piyushmishraHi I cant connect my ZTE Evdo its mobile broadband10:52
bazhangandai, try #vbox10:52
preecheroh ok-thanks kazagistar and bazhang10:52
rwwkazagistar: nope. the keyring can't decrypt itself without a password, and if you're logging on automatically, it can't get the password from gdm.10:52
andaihere's a pastebin of the dependencies http://pastebin.com/BTETqB1jq10:52
arcadeHow does one get sun java, with sun java plugins to work with lucid ?10:53
bazhangarcade, enable the partner repo10:53
andaihttp://pastebin.com/BTETqB1j *10:53
bazhang!partner | arcade10:53
ubottuarcade: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »10:53
piyushmishradoes anyone know how to run mobile broadband for BSNL in India? EVDO10:54
arcadebazhang: Thanks.10:54
=== dns is now known as __dns
arcadebazhang: Maybe I can finally log onto my internet bank again. :P  openjdk not supported.10:55
om26erpiyushmishra, connect it to the computer and click on the netwokr icon in the top panel and see if it shows the connection name10:55
piyushmishraonly reliance and tata fro india10:55
piyushmishrano bsnl om26er10:55
Tricksrob_p, I have setup a caching namesevrer. Informed DHCP of the DNS server change. used dig on the DNS server got reply 50ms then dig to the same domain name got 1ms reply so caching is working10:56
om26erpiyushmishra, try the latest kernel10:56
TricksHowever, clients are receiving the DNS change but can't reach the DNS server10:56
piyushmishraom26er???? cant get you10:56
TricksI'm guessing a port needs to be opened but I have had little exposure to iptables10:56
andaii have a weird dependency issue http://pastebin.com/3Xu2WD7510:57
om26erpiyushmishra, using 32bit ubuntu?10:57
rob_pTricks: The port is opened by the nameserver.  iptables has nothing to do with it unless you have a firewall policy defined and active, which includes a rule to specifically block udp port 53.10:57
=== LIMSI_david is now known as limsi_david
om26erpiyushmishra, install this if you are using 32bit and reboot then check if it may help http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.34-lucid/linux-image-2.6.34-020634-generic_2.6.34-020634_i386.deb10:58
piyushmishraom26er: yup10:58
b3wbsMy install doesn't log in correctly- i have changed the settings in the "Login Screen" settings thingo so that it goes straight to an xterm, but it is automatically logging into Gnome every time I boot up. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?10:58
rob_pTricks: By default, there is NO firewall active on Ubuntu systems.10:58
piyushmishraom26er: and a newbie so plz dnt mind10:58
om26erpiyushmishra, :)10:58
rob_pTricks: So, unless you know you have a firewall policy defined and active, don't waste your time debugging and, "iptables" issue.10:59
piyushmishraom26er: could I call u up if u r in India? I am on 4 kbps gprs10:59
om26erpiyushmishra, not from India.11:00
moldyhow do i get a java plugin for firefox to work on 8.04?11:02
moldypreferably, the sun one11:02
moldyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/226911 does this mean there is no (sun) java for 8.04?11:02
TricksI have ran nmap to see what services are listening and there's no port 53 I can see ???11:02
moldyTricks: did you scan udp?11:02
rob_pTricks: Then you need to configure your nameserver to listen on the interface which serves the clients.11:03
JonathanEllisindus: Jordan_U: Thanks for all your help. I'm just off to buy some cable11:03
avastreghi to all11:04
avastreghow can i list only directories with 775?11:04
rob_pTricks: I'm guessing it is listening on *only* the loopback address.  Therefore, local lookups work fine but clients can't use it.11:04
dkamHey guys - currently have an 8.04 host I want to upgrade - do-release-upgrade  tells me "No new release found" - any idea why?11:04
Tricksrob_p ah that makes sense11:04
indusdkam, try sudo update-manager -d11:05
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
Tricksrob_p lemmie check mate, thanks for everybodies help btw11:05
erUSULavastreg: find -perm ? « man find »11:05
MaRk-Imoldy: http://www.mkyong.com/java/how-to-install-java-jdk-on-ubuntu-linux/11:05
erUSUL!java | moldy11:05
ubottumoldy: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.11:05
avastregthx erUSUL11:06
avastregneed an hint :P11:06
rob_pTricks: Here's an easy way to tell.  Do, "netstat -ulpn | grep 53" and see if it shows a listening socket on anything other than
moldyerUSUL: i installed the sun-java6- packages from multiverse, but firefox does not seem to take notice of the java plugin11:07
dkamindus: thanks - I didn't have it installed - it's trying to open an X session - but it's a server, so no X setup.11:07
erUSULmoldy: sun-java6-plugin ? are you in 64 bits ?11:07
indusdkam, ooh11:07
moldyerUSUL: yes, sun-java6-plugin. i am on 32bit11:07
indusdkam, you might need to edit the /etc/releases file wait11:08
rob_pTricks: If it doesn't, then you need to tell the nameserver to *also* listen on the desired address.11:08
andai"Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6 (>= 2.11)"11:08
dkamindus:  - I don't have an /etc/releases file11:08
erUSULmoldy: "about:plugins" in firefox url  does not show the plugin ?11:08
indusdkam, patience man, iam checking actual file name11:08
dkamindus: ahh - soz - and thanks.11:09
Elninohello ppl11:09
moldyerUSUL: right. it does show the gcj/icedtea plugin if i install that, but not the java one11:09
pkkmIs there a program (like Tagrunner on Windows) that automatically scans mp3 file with only title and artist tags (names like 34_the_scorpions_-_wind_of_change.mp3) and adds tags, album cover and lyrics?11:09
om26er!hey | Elnino11:09
ubottuElnino: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:09
Tricksrob_p one entry another and another ::1:53 not too sure what that means11:09
Elninoi am finding it difficult to install "libbluetooth2-dev"11:09
MaRk-Imoldy: sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun               https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Choosing the default Java to use11:09
Elninois it that the package does not exist anymore11:10
erUSULmoldy: maybe you have to configure default java to be sun0's ? « sudo update-alternatives --config java »11:10
indusdkam, btw, did you know you can also upgrade from 10.04 cd alternate11:10
om26erElnino, why do you want to install it?11:10
moldyMaRk-I: did that, about:plugins still only shows the gcj/icedtea plugin11:10
andaihow do i install a package even if dependencies are not met?11:10
rob_pTricks: Yeah, it's not listening on your local address.  Go in to your /etc/bind/named.conf.options file and find the stanza that begins with, "listen-on {" and add your local ip to the list.11:10
dkamindus:  No I didn't - I'll look into it. This looks like it may be the issue: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeProblems11:10
Elninoi need to compile a file that uses the library in it11:10
pehdenhow do i get the bot that is in here11:11
moldyMaRk-I: btw, it said "no alternatives for xulrunner-addons-javaplugin.so."11:11
Jordan_UElnino: What are you trying to compile?11:11
pehdenis it available as a .deb11:11
om26erElnino, check if libbluetooth3-dev might be the package name.11:11
erUSULpehden: the source code is aviable in launchpad afaik11:11
indusdkam, i hate those docs , so old11:11
rob_pTricks: Pay special attenion to the syntax because bind9 is *very* syntaxy! :-)11:11
erUSULpehden:  join #ubuntu-bots11:12
indusdkam, its our fault though, we dont update it11:12
pehdenerUSUL thanks11:12
rob_pTricks: It's easy to leave off a semicolon, etc.11:12
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
moldyerUSUL: i tried that update-alternatives stuff, it seems to have no effect at all on firefox11:12
dkamindus: Ha - turns out it was full of HTML telling my my broadband quota had run out. Removed the file and re-run, but I still get "No new release found"11:12
erUSULmoldy: then i dunno; sorry. i'm on 64 bits so ican not check myself if it really works...11:13
indusdkam, nano /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades11:13
indusdkam, check that file11:13
reubencan any1 help me i have one problem11:13
andaihow do i force a .deb to install even though it THINKS dependencies are not met (they are)11:13
reubeni am a new be11:13
dkamindus: Prompt=lts11:13
jribandai: why do you and apt disagree..?11:13
moldyerUSUL: ok, thanks anyway11:13
indusdkam, hmm11:13
reubenindus: can u help me with ubuntu 1011:13
andaijrib Cause when I install the dependencies they're already the newest version11:14
indusdkam, just change to normal and try11:14
dkamindus: Can I upgrade with the 10.04 install cd?11:14
dkamindus: ok11:14
andaiDepends: libc6 (>= 2.11) but 2.10.1-0ubuntu17 is to be installed11:14
andailibc6 is already the newest version.11:14
jribandai: please pastebin commands to show what you are talking about11:14
indusreuben, hi what is problem11:14
erUSULandai: but maybe that newest version aviable is not enough for the package (or too much )11:14
jribandai: oh.  What are you installing?  What unofficial repositories are you using?11:14
reubenmy screen is flickering often with ubntu 10.0411:14
dkamindus: that looks better11:14
reubenthere was no sucjh problem with 911:15
Elninoom26er, i tried that i got this message11:15
andaijrib: Virtualbox 3.2, deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian lucid non-free11:15
ElninoPackage libbluetooth3-dev is a virtual package provided by:11:15
Elnino  libbluetooth-dev 4.32-0ubuntu4.111:15
ElninoYou should explicitly select one to install.11:15
om26erElnino, install libbluetooth-dev then11:15
indusdkam, also , is the package update-manager-core installed?11:15
ThomasBerendshttp://easy-upload.nl/f/zn6XoJSQ < (screenshot of my desktop), how can I get the stuff on the bar on the top, all transparent? It looks very weird now...11:15
rob_pTricks: Here's my named.conf.options file if you want to see an example of how mine is setup: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460573/11:15
MaMoUshow to restart all network settings, files and connections in ubnuntu 10.0411:16
indusdkam, the 10.04 alternate cd lets you upgrade but i have no idea if it works for server also, hmm wait if there is ubuntu server cd then it might11:16
Elninoom26er, i did, still can't compile the bluesnarfer11:16
dkamindus: Looks like it's working now.11:16
rob_pTricks: As you can see, my local subnet is defined as, ";" withi the, "listen-on" stanza.11:16
indusdkam, hmm it is?11:16
moldythe update-alternatives / update-java-alternatives stuff is not working. i see that the symlinks are unchanged.11:16
indusdkam, cool11:16
dkamupdate-manager-core *doesn't* look like it's installed - that's weird.11:17
indusreuben, hey what is the problem tyou have11:17
reubenindus my dell inspiron 1440 screen often flickers11:17
indusdkam, then that is the issue i believe11:17
dkamindus: I was sure I'd done that. Thanks for the help.11:17
indusdkam, but since you sayh its working , wait and see11:17
jribandai: what ubuntu version?11:17
indusreuben, what graphics card ,? intel ?11:17
erUSULMaMoUs: sudo restart networking ?11:17
reubenindus my notebook screen often flickers in ubuntu 10.411:17
rob_pTricks: By adding that, the server knows to bind to port 53 on the address which belongs in that subnet.11:18
reubenindus ya intel 4500mhd11:18
dkamindus: I cntl-c out of the upgrade, but aptitude looked like it might be confused about which distro I'm running, so I left it as is and restarted the upgrade.11:18
andaijrib: Uh... karmic... apparently11:18
andaijrib: LOL. fuck11:18
jribandai: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads use the ubuntu karmic links?11:18
andaijrib yeah11:18
MaMoUserUSUL: not working Cz my small brother played with all network files and i want to restart them to default11:18
om26erreuben, please pastebin the results of lspci11:18
erUSULMaMoUs: what files exactly ?11:19
gpathyhiredgoon, i am using ubuntu-9.10, i need to installed both libxul-dev and xulrunner-dev. But installing one removes the the other. Is there any solution for this? Thanks...11:19
indusreuben, i dont know much about intel11:19
indusreuben, someone here might help11:19
MaMoUserUSUL: idk exactly he was installing Hotspot Shield and he almost play with every file11:19
om26erreuben, add this as a grub parameter "i915.powersave=0"11:19
indusreuben, also if you dont find help , ubuntuforums.org is a great place to post a question or search for it11:19
reubenom26er:here are the result of lsp11:20
rob_pTricks: One other thing, once you make the change to the config file, you will need to do, "sudo /etc/init.d/bind9 reload" in order for the nameserver to pick up the change.11:20
reubenom26er:reuben@reuben-laptop:~$ lspci11:20
reuben00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Memory Controller Hub (rev 07)11:20
reuben00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)11:20
reuben00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)11:20
reuben00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #4 (rev 03)11:20
FloodBot2reuben: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
reuben00:1a.1 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #5 (rev 03)11:20
MaMoUserUSUL: now my network is slow and keep disconnectiong11:20
andaijrib: lol, get the same thing11:20
MaMoUsbut all other ubuntu in my network is ok11:20
erUSULMaMoUs: well without knowing exactly what happened is hard to give advice ...11:20
moldyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java6/+bug/226911 i think this is indeed the bug that is hitting me11:20
jribandai: what are you running exactly?11:21
moldyand there seems to be no fix for hardy :(11:21
gpathyhi... i am using ubuntu-9.10, i need to installed both libxul-dev and xulrunner-dev. But installing one removes the the other. Is there any solution for this? Thanks...11:21
indusreuben, always use pastebin.org to paste stuff11:21
indus!PASTE > reuben11:21
ubottureuben, please see my private message11:21
jribgpathy: why do you need both?11:21
andaijrib: Oh hey it works now ( a second ago i had BOTH repos active lol )11:21
andaijrib thanks :)11:21
rob_pTricks: I've got to run for a bit.  I'm actually at work.  I'll check back later.  I think you have what you need to get it going though.  Good luck!11:21
indusdkam, is it upgrading ?11:21
andaiOh, while i'm here: The issue that's leading me to actually install vbox and use windows instead: No sound in skype11:22
dkamindus: looks like it is11:22
om26erreuben, my best guess you might be facing this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/53864811:22
jribandai: did you follow the wiki to install skype?  sound "just worked" for me11:22
andaiwiki? i used synaptic11:22
gpathyjrib i need libxul-dev for compiling app which uses gtkmozembed and xulrunner-dev for firefox and all11:22
jrib!skype | andai11:22
ubottuandai: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga11:22
om26erreuben, the bug description have different workarounds11:23
MaMoUserUSUL: is there any way to get the defult to normal files11:23
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om26erreuben, try workaround2 there.11:23
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erUSULMaMoUs: if we know the files we can do « dpkg -S /path/to/file » to find out what package the file is. then purge and install the package to get a fresh copy. but you said you do not know the files ...11:24
SegoHow do you bring up an 'Internet Explorer' from the command line???11:24
om26erSego, type firefox and press enter11:24
jribgpathy: apparently they share some files.  I guess pick one and install it somewhere like /opt manually11:24
MaMoUserUSUL: Well i don't know11:25
abuayyoubHello everyone. I have a question. I keep getting some GPG errors ( here http://pastebin.com/V3KpEwbc ) when I do an update or upgrade, I just wondering how I can fix or remove these errors.11:25
jribSego: x-www-browser ?11:25
Segoom26er...that was just too easy...thank you.11:25
erUSULMaMoUs: that'as why i said that is hard to give advice  ( other then complete reinstall )11:26
shruggarWhere can I find information regarding installing nautilus extensions which is more thorough than "Nautilus extensions are typically installed by your system administrator." ?11:26
MaMoUserUSUL: complelet install of ubuntu ?11:26
dkamindus: weird - when I run do-upgrade again it says it's going to upgrade me to Jaunty11:27
dkamindus: the /etc/issue still says 8.04 - that should have been upgraded yeah?11:27
jribshruggar: http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/11:27
moldyok, i am currently trying to manually install (dpkg -i) the newer java packages that have the bugfix11:27
moldybut there seems to be a circular dependency between sun-java6-bin and sun-java7-jre. how do i work around this?11:28
dkamindus: ahhh - it upgraded me to 8.10!11:28
dkamindus: and now to jaunty11:28
alex87anyone know a command that lists how many files are in a folder?11:28
shruggarjrib: that appears to be a collection of scripts, not extensions11:29
indusdkam, lol what ? from which version are you upgrading?11:29
indusdkam, ya thats true, it upgrades step by step11:29
dkamindus: 8.0411:29
indusdkam, ah wait, let me check if it upgrades directly to 10.0411:29
abuayyoubHello everyone. I have a question. I keep getting some GPG errors ( here http://pastebin.com/V3KpEwbc ) when I do an update or upgrade, I just wondering how I can fix or remove these errors.11:29
indusdkam, hmm it does actually11:29
ineedhelpHow can I copy two partitions to DVD for recovery purposes? I just got a new laptop and it has two recovery partitions which are getting in the way of what I need/want.11:30
indusdkam, ok can you roll back?11:30
jribshruggar: ah, what do you mean by nautilus extensions?  They're usually in packages, no?11:30
indusdkam, i think update manager core was the problem11:30
dkamindus: yeah - I think you're right.11:30
dkamindus: I'll just let it go.11:30
shruggarjrib, I mean some_extension_I_just_compiled_from_source.so11:30
indusdkam, it should take you direct from one lts to another11:30
Segoom26er: How do I bring up 'GoogleChrome' from the command line?11:30
jribshruggar: what extension?11:30
JoshmuffinHey guys ive been following: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1773710 and a couple of other guides in trying to setup my ati card for dual monitors, nothing is going wrong but for some reason, with two seperate (both very bad) monitors I get a PC no sync error on the screen. any suggestions?11:30
dkamindus: it's a VMWare host for dev / test so no stress.11:30
RudyValenciaSego: chromium-browser11:31
indusdkam, now i guess you have to go from 8.10 to 9.0411:31
indusdkam, becausae we changed that line to 'normal'11:31
dkamindus: I think so11:31
indusdkam, ah shucks this is my mistake11:31
RudyValencia(if you don't have it, install the 'chromium-browser' package)11:31
dkamindus: yep - that sounds right.11:31
ineedhelpAlso oddly the wifi card works but will only show the neighbors AP, not mine. The neighbors are using WPA2 and I'm using WPA (I have to for compatbility with other gadgets :-\)11:31
abhi_navabuayyoub, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1221323.html11:31
shruggarjrib, git-cheetah11:32
dkamindus: Haha - it's no sweat - thanks for the help. I'm having the same problem with a real host (a laptop) at work so I've a much better idea about how to go about it now.11:32
Segoom26er: thanks...it is telling me to install it...so I gather I can't use the version I have downloaded...thanks again...will go try.11:32
abhi_navSego, where is om26er i want to talkt to him?11:32
SegoActually I made a mistake, it was RudyValencia that ansewred the last question.11:33
abhi_navom26er, you there? may I pm you need to talk about gwibber11:33
SegoMy apologise :P11:33
om26erabhi_nav, yes sure11:33
magicianlordCan someone provide a name of a good console-only ipod manager for ipod shuffle.11:33
matteo1990In my last ubuntu update my pc turned of during the installation of new geeforce drivers. Now if i turn on the pc i get in low graphic mode and if i log in i can see only  a blanck screen. This happens also if i press ctrl F1 to go to the terminal. What can i do to recover the system?11:34
magicianlordmatteo1990: go into terminal, and nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, then add 'blacklist nouveau11:35
indusdkam, always remember, update manager core :)11:35
jribshruggar: https://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/MSysGit:GitCheetah gives install instructions.  It's likely a matter of just copying the result to ~/.nautilus/extensions or similar11:35
magicianlordblacklist nouveau11:35
abhi_navSego, :D11:35
matteo1990magicianlord, how to get in terminal? If i press ctrl F1 i get blank screen11:39
abhi_navmatteo1990, press alt f2 and type gnome-terminal11:40
abhi_navmatteo1990, to go to terminal that is11:40
shruggarjrib: I don't want to install it, I want to get documentation on how to install extensions. git-cheetah's "make install" puts it under /usr/lib, and I'm looking for documentation because I would prefer something such as ~/.nautilus/extensions11:41
magicianlordwhats a good terminal only ipod manager?11:41
magicianlordi need this.11:41
magicianlordwhat backend does gtkpod run on11:41
abhi_nav!ipod | magicianlord11:42
ubottumagicianlord: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod11:42
magicianlordthat's too much to read this morning11:42
jribshruggar: try the same directory but under ~/.nautilus... like ~/.nautilus/extensions-2.0 apparently.  Documentation is sparse, see http://www.hvoigt.net/dev/nautilus-extensions-tutor.html11:42
magicianlordjust need a name11:42
matteo1990abhi_nav, I can see only the log in screen11:43
jribshruggar: my guess is "make install-user" from the wiki link earlier does what you want11:43
matteo1990abhi_nav, if i log in i get blank screen, same if i press ctrl alt f111:43
abhi_navmatteo1990, Application=>Terminal11:43
abhi_navmatteo1990, ctrl alt f1 is different11:43
matteo1990abhi_nav, I can't see anything11:43
matteo1990I am in the xterm login screen, how to open a terminal?11:44
rob_pTricks: How did it go?11:45
shruggarjrib: the "make install-user" command is for a different platform, and doesn't exist for nautilus. I had already tried ~/.nautilus/extensions-2.0, but it didn't have any effect. I'm not going to sit around guessing directories it might be checking. I already looked at the "extensions tutor" link before, but it is not by any means what it says on the tin :)11:45
abhi_nav_hey I was lost connection. now I am reconnected.11:46
abhi_nav_matteo1990, or press ctrl alt T11:46
abhi_nav_matteo1990, Application=>Accessoried=>Terminal11:46
jribshruggar: read nautilus source I guess11:46
Tricksrob_p, yeah I'm getting another error now but the DNS server is listening now nmap show listen on 53 for domain11:46
Tricksfrom a windows client I get unknow can't find google.co.uk: query refused11:46
jribshruggar: http://live.gnome.org/Nautilus/Development/Extensions from that tut link only specifies the system-wide path (but includes the path in ~ for python extensions)11:47
Tricksrob_p, thanks for the help though mate it's really appreciated11:47
rob_pTricks: You're sure the Windows client is using your server for name resolution?11:47
Tricksipconfig /all11:48
Tricksshows my local cache dns server ip11:48
matteo1990abhi_nav, Is not difficoult, i am stucked in login screen, and i can't see anything11:48
magicianlordso, how are you?11:50
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SegoRudyValencia: thank you...Chromium-Browser works just fine :)11:51
RudyValenciano problem11:51
rob_pTricks: Do you have ACLs established?  You didn't just copy my named.conf.options file did you?  If you did, you will need to configure ACLs for, "allow-recursion" and, "allow-query" within named.conf.11:51
bugs_buggerhi. i m having problems with my ubuntu graphics. x-server displays correctly but neither boot-screen nor the  Terminal layer behind X are displayed properly. they look like colored domino glass bricks11:52
=== gaveen_ is now known as gaveen
bugs_buggerah, and that problem occured just after the upgrade to lucid11:53
moldyi symlinked the java plugin into ~/.mozilla/plugins manually now, it is still not recognized by firefox :(11:54
Tricksrob_p, erm I copied the listen-on part. Shouldn't those two default to all hosts anyway unless otherwise specified?11:55
rob_pTricks: Yeah.  Just making sure you didn't just copy/paste what I have.  I use ACLs because my nameserver is on a public-facing network and I don't want to provide name resolution to the world! :-)11:57
rob_pTricks: I also have it firewalled appropriately so it's realy a non-issue but I still have the ACLs defined.11:57
Tricksrob_p I have a class C (is it?) subnet 192.168.2.x so would the listen-on be
indusmatteo1990, heya11:58
indusmatteo1990, where are you stuck11:58
rob_pTricks: Yes.11:58
Tricksrob_p ok so it's not that then11:59
Tricksrob_p ah think I've found it mate one sec11:59
rob_pTricks: Ok, let me know what you find.11:59
Tricksrob_p sorted mate12:01
rob_pTricks: Yeah?  What was it?12:01
Tricksallow-query{} allow-query-cache {} both set to localhost lol12:02
bugs_buggersomebody got an idea?12:02
Tricksrob_p it's working! that was so much easier to setup than samba I didn't think it's be that easy12:02
rob_pTricks: Ah,ha!  That would be your ACLs set to allow localhost only!  That would do it!12:03
rob_pTricks: Glad you got it up and running.  Congrats! :-)12:03
splashotehi, i use ices2 and icecast to stream the sound of my soundcard. it works (!) but the volume is far to low.... how to raise it?12:05
shaw1337is dere anyone who can ...name few good AUTOCAD  n matlab ..softwares ...for  ubuntu ?12:05
matteo1990indus, I am stucked in the login screen, if i press ctrl alt f1 i get blanck screen and the same if i log in12:06
bugs_buggershaw1337: id say there are none, at least nothing close to be an equivalent12:06
indusmatteo1990, what do you mean stuck, cant you enter login details12:06
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TheOm3gawhat's the best software to create an screencast on ubuntu?12:07
jrib!screencasts | TheOm3ga12:07
ubottuTheOm3ga: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.12:07
LjLbugs_bugger: Octave is very close to being a MatLab equivalent. actually, it's a clone12:07
bugs_buggermhh. ok. didnt know that. but do you have to pay for it?12:09
TheOm3gano, it's open source12:09
matteo1990indus, i mean that i can log in but then i get blank screen12:09
odb|fidelhi - shouldnt apt offer a libpam-modules update already for 10.04?12:09
bugs_buggershaw1337: there you go ^^ sorry, i was wrong12:10
indusmatteo1990, tried booting in safe graphics mode?12:10
bugs_buggerLjL: you happen to be able to help me on my graphics problem?12:11
odb|fidelthe security document is mentioning: in general a standard system update will make all the necessary changes12:11
odb|fidelwhile it doenst for me12:11
matteo1990indus, I am in safe graphic i think, xterm12:11
indusmatteo1990, you mean the console12:12
LjLbugs_bugger: sorry, i don't know about that (Octave is free, it's in the repositories, shaw is gone however)12:12
indusmatteo1990, ah no inside a small window12:12
indusmatteo1990, did you select xterm from options during login >12:13
odb|fidelanyone into the libpam-modules security issue?12:13
matteo1990indus, i am inside a small window and xterm is going12:14
bugs_buggerLjL: hmm, thanks. i guess i hit a bad time to post my question. more "customers" than "servicecraft" ^^12:14
kaushalI have a wierd issue about disk space. my pastebin is here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/460588/12:14
Bublik A question about raid. i have an array of 4 drives. in raid 10. i turned on my pc today and the raid card was beeping. reboot and the automaticly went into the raid card bios and now it shows me 2 arrays both as raid 10 with 2 drives missing from each. Anyone have any clue what may be going on? Can i simply use the 4 discs as JBOD without having to format and loose all my data?12:14
indusmatteo1990, any issue with graphics?12:14
kaushalI dont get count of approximately 43 Gb12:14
indusmatteo1990, when did this start happening?12:14
matteo1990indus, my nvidia driver is gone.12:15
razz1I am unable to connect using ssh, could someone tell me what wrong, this is the command: ssh -C 202.xxx.xx.xxx -p 22 -L 5900:10.xxx.xx.xxx:5900 -l pat12:15
LjLbugs_bugger: it's often like that. anyway if you're using the open-source ATI driver, maybe switching to the proprietary one would fix this; if you're using the Nvidia one, there are more than one version of it available in the repos, so you might possibly try another. it's just guesses though12:15
indusmatteo1990, gone where ?12:16
indusmatteo1990, ok then i xterm you can install it12:16
bugs_buggerLjL: thanks for the advice, i already tried out the different packages. im using nvidia12:16
ubuntu51i need ur help12:17
rob_pubuntu51: What's the problem?12:17
ubuntu51any idea of default password of root in new ubuntu12:17
odb|fidelubuntu51: use sudo12:17
Vroomfondleubuntu51: there is no root in ubuntu by default.12:17
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:17
ubuntu51my problem is i can't uninstall my codeweavers12:18
wizard_can anyone tell me how I can find out if I have the latest version of xbmc installed12:18
Vroomfondleuse sudo12:18
matteo1990matteo1990, i have xterm on. My nvidia driver was updating and my system crash, i need only to open a terminal but i dunno how12:18
anodesnihow about 'sudo su'?12:18
odb|fidelwizard_: check if apt offers something newer ;)12:18
odb|fidelif you got it via apt at all12:18
wizard_odb|fidel, how12:18
Tricksrob_p, thanks for all your help mate name resolution seems to be noticably quicker now12:18
odb|fidelwizard_: did you install that app using apt/aptitude?12:19
rob_panodesni: Probably better to just use sudo.12:19
rob_pTricks: Welcome.  Take care.12:19
wizard_odb|fidel, I added a repo then updated it then took it from it, find it online12:19
Tricksrob_p, I'm going to annoy you now but how do i make a entry in the databse for local clients?12:20
indusmatteo1990, you can install from xterm, dont you see a $ symbol12:20
odb|fidelwizard_: so run update/upgrade and you are done based on the repos you have12:20
wizard_odb|fidel, you see it wont play video and it sometimes crashes when I exit it12:20
rob_pTricks: As in create local zone files for local name resolution?12:20
wizard_odb|fidel, so sudo apt-get update ?12:20
dannbrownhi anyone understand how to modify blogspot?12:20
Tricksbasically i set this up so my samba share will function correctly with hostname12:20
razz1I am unable to connect using ssh, could someone tell me whats wrong, this is the command: ssh -C 202.xxx.xx.xxx -p 22 -L 5900:10.xxx.xx.xxx:5900 -l pat12:20
abhi_nav!ot | dannbrown12:20
ubottudannbrown: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!12:20
indusmatteo1990, xterm is just an ugly version of the gnome terminal12:21
odb|fidelwizard_: before adding sources in general you should read about apt12:21
dannbrownanyone know how to upgrade firefox in lucid?12:21
rystraumdannbrown: sudo apt-get install firefox?12:21
odb|fidelits not a good idea to use such functions if you dont even know the basics - take that just as a good hint ;)12:21
wizard_odb|fidel, ok12:21
rob_pTricks: There are tons of tutorials on bind9 zone file creation. Not sure I could do any better explaining it than what you'd find with a few Google searches.12:21
ubuntu51how to uninstall sofware using root account12:21
matteo1990indus, if i try to login with xterm like with the other modes i get totally blank screen12:21
Tricksrob_p ok mate thanks again and you have a nice day12:21
wizard_ubuntu51, sudo12:22
dannbrownmy firefox cant restart12:22
rob_pTricks: I'd be glad to assist if you get stuck, however.  :-)12:22
dannbrowni think lucid is bad than karmic??12:22
indusmatteo1990, hmm did you try ctl atl f2 or f312:22
Tricksrob_p that's reassuring to know :) thanks again. hope work doesn't drag too much for ya :)12:22
matteo1990indus, yea... blank screen :S12:23
indusmatteo1990, can you reboot into another older kernel12:23
Heikki123so, any ideas on the sound problem? Sound is stopping from wine programs when screen saver gets on. also native linux programs will get a short silent moment when the screensaver gets on12:23
rob_pTricks: I love my job!  I get paid while I sit here frequenting the Ubuntu support channel! :-)12:23
ActionParsnipmatteo1990: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html12:24
Dr_Willis!apt | ubuntu5112:25
ubottuubuntu51: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)12:25
Tricksrob_p i have to admit I'm supporting a range of ubuntu and centos webservers and they never give me any hassle. It's the windows clients that cause the trouble12:25
ActionParsniprob_p: same here, esx is fine. VM hosts running win 2003 give the grief12:25
Tricksrob_p I think I've had to restart mysql on one server once cause it crashed and that's all I've had to do lol12:26
phretorhi, what's wrong with this? sudo mount -o remount,noatime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid,nouser,data=writeback /dev/sda6 ? It says "mount: / not mounted already, or bad option"12:26
matteo1990ActionParsnip, Thx alot :) I'll give a look :)12:26
ActionParsnipphretor: you havent specified a mount point12:26
phretorah, damn it12:27
Dr_Willisunless fstab had an entry for /dev/sda612:27
rob_pTricks: CentOS is solid.  I use it for a VOIP gateway device for 2-way radio comms.  It's been very reliable.12:27
ActionParsnipphretor: the mount point must exist too, its not mounts job to make mount points12:27
phretorActionParsnip: I am remounting /12:27
ActionParsnipphretor: / will always exist :)12:27
Dr_Willisthats a lot of options to be using also. :)12:28
phretorDr_Willis: what's wrong with their numerosity?12:28
Tricksrob_p same here we have asterisk running on it never gone down, never been rebooted all i have to do it login once a month to clear down the call recordings12:28
indusphretor, yeah dont need that many options12:28
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: noatime is ood for speed boots (a tiny bit)12:28
indusphretor, i have mounted partitions just with vfat12:28
phretorindus: I do need all of them.12:28
indusphretor, or whatever12:28
indusphretor, ok12:28
rob_pActionParsnip: I have a handful of servers running on a Vmware server host.  They are most Ubuntu VMs but I've got a couple of other flavors runing as well.12:28
indusphretor, better add it to fstab then12:28
ActionParsniprob_p: we virtualise a lot of citrix and web boxes12:29
phretorindus: I cannot reboot.12:29
rob_pActionParsnip: Sounds pretty slick.12:29
Tricksrob_p centOS 100% uptime in over a year, windows host would probably be about 80%12:29
kaushalchecking in again for the query ?12:29
ActionParsniprob_p: its good fun but they are crappy IBMs so don't reboot properly on schedule which mean I gotta button the suckkas12:29
rob_pTricks: I run Asterisk on one of my VMs under Ubuntu.  Rock-solid thus far.12:30
Dr_Willisphretor:  most of those options i think are the defaults anyway12:30
phretorDr_Willis: not noatime12:30
Dr_Willisphretor:  so you need one option then? :)12:30
rob_pActionParsnip: Yeah, sometimes you have to deal with crappy hardware. Software can only do so much!12:30
Dr_Williswell remount and noatime.12:30
phretorDr_Willis: at least that, but I'd rather be sure all the others are applied.12:30
ActionParsniprob_p: last job used some new dells and they were flawless :)12:31
John1010Good Day,12:31
Dr_WillisIm not even sure what 'nouser' even does12:31
John1010I need help installing my W/C card12:31
rob_pActionParsnip: Dell seems to have a nice server product range.12:31
ActionParsniprob_p: one acronym: DRAC12:31
ActionParsnipJohn1010: whats w/c ?   water closet?12:32
John1010:) Wirless card12:32
ActionParsnipso you want to install a wireless card card?12:32
John1010is this the right place to ask ?12:32
rob_pActionParsnip: Yeah.  Out of band management is *very* handy!12:32
ActionParsnipsure if you are using ubuntu12:32
John1010well i am using backtrack 4 which is based on ubuntu12:33
ActionParsnipJohn1010: please dont abbreviate things unless they are defacto standard abbreviations12:33
ActionParsnipJohn1010: its not supported here12:33
ActionParsnip!bt4 | John101012:33
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:33
ActionParsnipJohn1010: its based on ubuntu but isnt ubuntu, its backtrack. you need to join #backtrack-linux12:34
John1010how to join that channel please advice12:34
ActionParsnipJohn1010: /join #backtrack-linux12:34
Dr_WillisJohn1010:  how did you join this one?12:34
AciidDr_Willis: dont assume the IQ level12:35
ActionParsnipits an honest question12:35
John1010I just open the chat and select the channel then i clicked on it12:35
John1010thanks for those who want to help12:35
Dr_WillisAciid:  i was just wiondering if backtrack is so good that they dident bother to change their default channels for their chat programs.. :)12:36
arkheI'm looking to switch from Windows to Ubuntu, but have one question: Will Ubuntu handle some core drivers automatically like Windows? Like, will it recognize a mouse when I plug a mouse in, and any needed drivers for the hardware on my PC?12:36
Dr_WillisAciid:  or if he actually selected #ubuntu12:36
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: i doubt it ;)12:36
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  lets go file a bug on the backtrack forums/bug thing then. ;)12:37
rob_parkhe: Most common things, yes.  Less common things, maybe.12:37
abhi_navDr_Willis, lol :D12:37
AciidDr_Willis: yeah i hate that, I've actually seen the discussion at bactrack and aircrack related channels. 90% is "does it run on windows" "will my wireless dongle work" "how do I shoot the wep"12:37
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: never uderstood it, you can install ubuntu then instal all the garbage which makes up a backtrack install and get support in the official cannel.12:37
Tricksrob_p I have had a look on the net and found a few example zone files12:37
AciidIRC should be disallowed by morality Default before you have actually researched by yourself12:38
arkherob_p I'm planning to save a few personal files, then wipe my hard-drive. I just want to make sure that if I tried to install Ubuntu on a clean HD it will work. So I shouldn't have problems with that plan?12:38
rob_parkhe: Nearly all mice, keyboards, sound cards, network interface cards (wired), usually just work.12:38
ActionParsnipAciid: people are essentially lazy12:38
rob_parkhe: You don't even have to do that!  Simply boot-up to the live CD and give it a test run!12:38
arkheOkay. Thanks. :)12:38
rob_parkhe: Welcome!  Good luck!12:38
ActionParsniparkhe: make sure you backup all the hidden files in $HOME and you will retain configs12:39
AciidActionParsnip: I have lost all fate in humanity12:39
ActionParsnipAciid: not faith?....12:39
h-kanhi, some quick questions. How do you set runlevel 3 when there is no inittab and is there an easy way to manage what starts in different runlevels? like chkconfig on redhat systems?12:40
rob_pTricks: Yeah, pretty straight-forward.  Just keep in mind that the syntax of pretty much *all* config files for Bind9 are very particular.12:40
erUSUL!runlevels | h-kan12:40
ubottuh-kan: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.12:40
seasonfiveHi all ! I've a question for you guys: Why did ubuntu still perform a complete check disk from times to times ? i though that the need of complete check disk disappeared with ext212:40
ActionParsnipAciid: the saying is lost faith, not fate12:40
rob_pTricks: It's very easy to leave out a {, }, or a semi-colon, etc.12:41
erUSULseasonfive: what ws eliminated was the fsck after unclean shutdwon ( power outage ) no the periodic fsck performed every 30 mounts or so12:41
erUSULseasonfive: man tunefs12:41
Tricksrob_p, the only part that's a little confusing is that there's alot of reference to a TLD being used but in my case this isn't necessary because I mine is local12:42
seasonfiveerUSUL, thanks. But i though that ext3 has a fast recovery thanks to its journal ?12:42
Tricksrob_p, do I leave that stuff out?12:42
kaushalcan some one please guide me about my post on ubuntu mailing list https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2010-July/222568.html12:42
rob_pTricks: Yeah. You can make one up if you like.12:42
seasonfiveerUSUL, I mean i think i never had trouble reported by this periodical check12:42
rob_pTricks: I think it will complain if you leave it out.12:42
erUSULseasonfive: yes; that has nothing to do with periodic shceduled sanity checks that you can disable if you want12:43
erUSULseasonfive: i advice you not to; btw12:43
purveshcan some one help me to Announcement of Translation Team and other Guideline Details12:44
Tricksrob_p, ok cool, what's it used for then? Is it for large domains where there will be more than one DNS servers?12:44
h-kanubottu: tnx. is there any frontend for !upstart than or how does it know what to start?12:44
seasonfiveerUSUL, thanks for your answer. Do you have an idea of what errors can be discovered this way ? I though ext3 was near unbreakable (in regards of data inconsistency). Is it more a hardware check ?12:45
rob_pTricks: I never bothered with name resolution of local hosts.  But I do recall seeing examples of local only zone files floating around the 'Net.12:45
rob_pTricks: What's what used for? The TLD?  That12:46
rob_pTricks: That's what the zone is going to define.12:46
erUSULseasonfive: maybe an alpha ray comming from space flipped some bits in your no ECC RAM ( so no error detected or correctd) that affected filesystem metadata ..... :)12:46
NigelS!upstart | h-kan12:46
ubottuh-kan: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/12:46
Dr_Williskaushal:  you could at leaast summarize the issue - if you excpect anyone to go to a site to discuss it.12:46
NigelSh-kan: ubottu is a bot :)12:46
erUSULseasonfive: i do not find a chack every 30 mounts that cumbersome; you can up that number ( say do the check every 40 - 50 mounts )12:47
h-kanNigelS: i noticed that now ;)12:47
rob_pTricks: So you make up a local domain and then create the zone file for it.12:47
Tricksrob_p found a good thread so i'm going to read through that :)12:47
seasonfiveerUSUL, But then what about servers wich "never" reboot (so never remount) ?12:47
kaushalDr_Willis: will summarize the issue12:48
=== tachyon is now known as Guest21635
rob_pTricks: Ok. Have fun!  I'm sure it will make more sense as you become more familiar with it.12:48
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)12:48
kaushalI dont get count of approximately 43Gb12:48
erUSULseasonfive: well thats a problem the sysadmin has to cope with himself :) servers have ECC RAM poor pc's do not12:49
erUSULseasonfive: again; disable the checks if you want. is really up to you12:49
kaushalI have run du -hs /* /.[^.]* on hardy server12:49
kaushaldf -h reports differently12:50
kaushalDr_Willis: Please suggest12:50
ActionParsniperUSUL: servers simply offer a service to client(s) hence server, it's nothing to do with quality of ram12:50
=== adan0s_ is now known as adan0s
seasonfiveerUSUL, sure i know i can disable it. I ask that only to know "why its needed". Though modern file system didn't need off-line check (perform error recovery "on fly" when possible)12:51
erUSULActionParsnip: i'm only saying that *typical* server hardware has ECC RAM as opposed to *typical* pc hardware12:51
seasonfiveerUSUL, you were really patient :-p Thanks a lot for all your answers12:51
joobonghow do i install a web server on my machine?12:51
ActionParsniperUSUL: possibly ;) depends on many factors, but its offtopic here12:51
erUSULseasonfive: (perform error recovery "on fly" when possible) <<< that's not true. what ext3 did by adding a journal was avoiding the fsck after unclean umount; that and *only* that12:52
Dr_Williskaushal:  some tools are using MiB these days instead of the old MB. and 5% of a filesystem is normally reserved also (tuneable with the tune2fs command)12:52
bazhang!lamp | joobong12:53
ubottujoobong: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)12:53
kaushalDr_Willis: tools ?12:53
kaushalnot understood12:54
wizard_my videos wont play in xbmc get blocks of colour, can anyone point me in the right direction for the codecs used please12:54
Dr_Williskaushal:  in the newer ubuntu many of the programs are now using MiB for their measuerments.  No idea what hardy is using. I dont run that one.12:54
SegoHow do you run Evolution from the command line?12:55
ActionParsnipSego: type: evolution   press enter12:55
ActionParsnip!codecs | wizard_12:56
ubottuwizard_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:56
SegoActionParsnip: didn't work!12:56
joobonghow can i ignore somebody in pidgin?12:56
joobongon irc12:56
kaushaljoobong: /ignore ?12:56
ActionParsnipSego: type evol   press tab a few times12:56
joobongkaushal: tried that, didn't work12:57
wizard_ActionParsnip, my dvd rips wont play in xbmc but will in say mplayer you know what could be up ?12:57
ActionParsnipjoobong: right click the nick -> ignore12:57
SegoActionParsnip: that worked...thanks.12:57
joobongActionParsnip: thanks12:57
purveshcan some one help me to Announcement of Translation Team and other Guideline Details , purvesh12:57
Lo2EQuestion about Ubuntu 10.04 upgrade. Is GRUB 2 stable enough to update to on my web server since updating the bootloader and something goes wrong. I don't need to have to reinstall all the services I have on a fresh install.12:57
ActionParsnipwizard_: check your codecs is all i can suggest, make sure xbmc has access to the full lot. i'd ask in #xbmc too12:58
wizard_ActionParsnip, cheers12:58
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me a shell command to convert html files to text files12:58
ActionParsnipPerryArmstrong: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man1/html2text.1.html12:59
slinker1PerryArmstrong: html2text12:59
PerryArmstrongActionParsnip, slinker113:00
PerryArmstrongActionParsnip, slinker1 thank you13:00
PerryArmstrongActionParsnip, slinker1 the problem is that i have more than 1000 pages to convert as text....is it possible to convert all of them with one command?13:01
jribPerryArmstrong: for loop?13:02
kaushalActionParsnip: can some one please guide me about my post on ubuntu mailing list https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2010-July/222568.html13:02
PerryArmstrongjrib; but how...I am not versatile with the shell script13:02
Sliferhello all13:02
jribPerryArmstrong: for file in *; do echo $file; done   as an example13:03
Sliferi need some help from you plz13:03
bazhangSlifer, ask a question13:03
Sliferi am new with linux ( 2days )13:03
jrib!here | kaushal13:03
ubottukaushal: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com13:03
Sliferespecially with Ubuntu ( 2days ) and first time using it13:04
PerryArmstrongjrib; is $file the output text file13:04
kaushaljrib:  sure13:04
bazhang!manual | Slifer here is a good read13:04
ubottuSlifer here is a good read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:04
Sliferi wanna know how to download and install a software ( for eg mIRC ) bazhang13:04
kaushalI have a weird issue about disk space on Ubuntu Hardy Server 8.04. I do not get count of approximately 43Gb, I have rebooted the server too. It did not worked too. Please suggest.13:04
jribPerryArmstrong: no, it's a variable.  Each time the loop runs, $file contains the name of a file13:04
jribPerryArmstrong: run the command, you will see13:04
Sliferthnkx bazhang13:05
bazhangSlifer, there is no mirc for Ubuntu. you could try xchat or some other for example. please have a read of the manual I linked you to13:05
PerryArmstrongjrib; ok i'll test it...i think i need to save in a .sh and then run it13:05
Sliferyes i am going to do that bazhang  thnkx a lot13:05
jribPerryArmstrong: well, you can if you want, but you don't have to.  Just type it in your shell13:05
bazhangSlifer, welcome13:05
blue_annahey since the new libc packages came my system has been freezing hard every so often13:06
blue_annajust the other day the libc packages updataed on lucid13:06
GArReTHey guys. I was here yesterday. I'm trying to make my USB modem work on my Ubuntu PC, but is in some way unsuccsessful. I plugged it in and I did a "lsUSB" and my modem was shown there, but I dont know if Ubuntu installed it or not... It needs to connect via PPPoE... Do I need software that i need to install or what?13:06
kaushaljrib: Did i posted it correctly now ?13:06
ActionParsnipGArReT: websearch for the 8 character ID to find guides13:07
EgyParadoxGArReT:Have you tried Network Manager?13:07
Sliferone thing bazhang .. my sound system isnt 'loud enough' wen i use it wiz the Ubuntu Gnome13:08
GArReTActionParsnip, EgyParadox, the problem is that I dont know if Ubuntu Supports my modem.... i still need to find that out13:08
blue_annathere's nothing in the logs why its crashing13:08
bazhang!cn | ylmfos13:08
ubottuylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:08
mikelifeguardHow can I open a .docx file? This seems to be a new version of the MS Office .doc format13:09
blue_annabazhang, you sure that's chinese?13:09
seasonfiveblue_anna, crash or freeze ? btw i would suggest you to perform a memtest13:09
blue_annathe characteres are different widths13:09
bazhangblue_anna, yes13:09
=== edward_ is now known as no-name__
slinker1mikelifeguard: openoffice should open it just fine13:09
EgyParadoxmikelifeguard: openoffice supports .docx format13:09
=== limsi_david is now known as david_limsi
blue_annaseasonfive, it's coincided very precisely with the libc, etc updates that just came down the pipe the other day -- I'm doubting its my RAM13:10
bazhangylmfos, this is english only /join #ubuntu-cn13:10
ActionParsnipmikelifeguard: its not that new but yes OOo will open it13:10
mikelifeguardslinker1, EgyParadox, ActionParsnip: So it will. I was double-clicking and nothing happened, but opening from the open-file dialog works. *shrug*13:11
PerryArmstrongjrib; i did it the way you told me...but it didnt work out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460608/13:11
bazhangylmfos, english here13:11
ActionParsnipmikelifeguard: change your default app for docx then13:11
bazhangylmfos, join the chinese channel ---> /join #ubuntu-cn13:11
seasonfiveblue_anna, do you succeed to use your system a bit before crash ? any segfaults ?13:11
mikelifeguardActionParsnip: how can I do that?13:11
ActionParsnipmikelifeguard: right click the file select open with, its all tere13:12
blue_annaseasonfive, lots .. like I was saying, since the libc updates on lucid just the other day, now suddenly my machine hard freezes for no reason :)13:12
blue_annaseasonfive, there's no segfaults, nothing in the logs13:12
ylmfosthank you bazhang13:12
blue_annaseasonfive, not even if I remove and plug in USB hardware does it interrupt13:13
blue_annaseasonfive, or if I let it run for an hour13:13
seasonfiveblue_anna, from what i know, nothing crash without logs. Sounds like hardware/driver problem more than libc related. But i can be wrong :)13:13
blue_annaseasonfive, hmm -- well like you pointed it, it isnt technically crashing. it's freezing13:14
blue_annabut it just keeps on freezing all day long :P13:14
seasonfiveblue_anna, So everything was fine, then installed this new libc, then just after everything froze ?13:14
blue_annashortly after, its been like 3 times now that it's frozen13:15
blue_annathe most recent was just this morning -- as soon as I logged in and connected all my internet apps13:15
seasonfiveblue_anna,  cpu temperature ?13:15
zetheroogthumb and gimp are still broken in Lucid after most recent updates :(13:15
blue_annalow -- I run my cpu at 50% frequency because it keeps the fan noise down13:15
razz1I am unable to connect using ssh, could someone tell me whats wrong, this is the command: ssh -C 202.xxx.xx.xxx -p 22 -L 5900:10.xxx.xx.xxx:5900 -l pat13:15
[diablo]hi all, does Ubuntu have a UUID stored anywhere to identify the computer please?13:15
blue_annaseasonfive, low -- I run my cpu at 50% frequency because it keeps the fan noise down13:15
dubeyi am trying to connect my USB 3g Data Card on Ubuntu 10.04, but not able to detect it13:16
PerryArmstrongActionParsnip: Can you check this: i tried to convert files from html to text but it didnt work out http://paste.ubuntu.com/460608/13:16
dubeywhen i plugin my card and do lsusb it show me the details of device but not able detect as modem device13:16
seasonfiveblue_anna, does it freeze on the desktop ? does it freeze before desktop ?13:16
blue_annaseasonfive, it's after the desktop -- the last log mssage was at 1100 seconds13:17
dubeycan anyone help me ?13:17
EgyParadoxrazz1: ssh -C ?13:17
slinker1PerryArmstrong: can you post the sh file13:17
blue_annaseasonfive, althoguh most of that time was idle :P13:17
Tricksrob_p, got a bit of a problem13:17
VCoolio[diablo]: not sure what you mean, but try 'sudo blkid'13:17
seasonfiveblue_anna, if you are on the desktop, a lot of programs using libc has been executed yet ...13:17
Tricksrob_p can i post what I've done and you take a look if you're not busy13:17
PerryArmstrongActionParsnip: the sh file contains the same code....13:18
seasonfiveblue_anna, NVIDIA drivers ?13:18
blue_annaseasonfive, I wish -- nop, powerpc architecture, no binaries13:18
Dr_Willisrazz1:  ssh has a -v and -vv and -vvv option that give more verbose error messages13:18
PerryArmstrongslinker1, the sh file contains the steps that i ran on the shell13:18
seasonfiveblue_anna, is freeze commong on ppc ? :p13:18
EgyParadoxrazz1: ssh -C is an option for compression remove that ip addres after it13:19
slinker1PerryArmstrong: sure but what you posted does not show what commands you ran so hard to debug :)13:19
neil_dI am running the KVM virtual machine... using the 'Virtual Machine Manager 0.7.0'... which uses libvirt... on my AMD 64 bit CPU the guests are 32bit... can I make it start 64bit guests?13:19
seasonfiveblue_anna, how many times after boot the freeze happen ?13:19
blue_annaseasonfive, I've had it freeze for other stupid reasons, yes -- but running lucid-official packages in the manner they were intented, not so much :P13:19
razz1EgyP, even with out compression it will not connect13:19
dubeyanyone ?13:19
ariel#/join ubuntu-es13:19
PerryArmstrongslinker1,  this the contect of the file:  for file in *; do echo $file; done13:20
blue_annaes /join #ubuntu-es13:20
[diablo]VCoolio, I want a UUID exclusive to the computer, not a specific device13:20
=== Robertf is now known as Guest89249
=== Jungli is now known as Dr|Troll
dubeyariel: is this for me13:20
seasonfiveblue_anna, i think my linux never froze by itsef : always hardware/driver related problem.13:20
Wil_sydneil_d: 64 on 64? Why not?13:20
=== tech__ is now known as tech_
neil_dWil_syd: yes but how?13:21
tech_how i can change nick here via command ?13:21
razz1Dr-will,this is what I get with -vvv debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config13:21
razz1debug1: Applying options for *13:21
seasonfiveblue_anna, but perhaps linux is bugged on ppc13:21
razz1debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 013:21
askhadertech_: /nick newnick13:21
razz1debug1: Connecting to 202.xxx.xx.xxx [202.xxx.xx.xxx] port 22.13:21
razz1debug1: connect to address 202.xxx.xx.xxx port 22: Connection refused13:21
FloodBot2razz1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:21
blue_annaseasonfive, there's always one good egg in every dozen, just so they have a chance of selling ;)13:21
tech_tech_: /nick purvesh13:22
blue_annawho is nick pervesh?13:22
askhadertech_: No, I was addressing you13:22
askhader /nick purvesh13:22
dubey#/join ubuntu-es13:22
EgyParadoxrazz1: Are you sure that the server is running actually on port 22?13:22
PerryArmstrongslinker1, is there any solution??13:22
=== tech_ is now known as purvesh
Picidubey: /join #ubuntu-es13:22
dubeyes /join #ubuntu-es13:22
purveshaskhader, thanx13:22
seasonfiveblue_anna, do you have memtest ? cost nothing to perform a check ...13:23
razz1egyp, nmap says its port 2213:23
purveshaskhader, can u solve my problem ?13:23
askhaderWhat problem?13:23
blue_annaseasonfive, hmm this is true -- but just in case -- any idea how I can scope out the changes that came down the pipe recently and revert them?13:23
EgyParadoxis it open?13:24
EgyParadoxdoes nmap say its open?13:24
razz1EgyP, yes13:24
seasonfiveblue_anna, i have no idea, sorry.13:24
purveshaskhader, i want to announce that my team accepted at Ubuntu Translation team13:24
razz1EgyP, does it matter that uSB modems on ppp013:25
seasonfiveblue_anna, but i will be surprised that your problem is libc related13:25
blue_annasince it happens to so closely fit the pattern of freezes happening only after the install, I think it's a lot more likely than a spontaneous combustion of hardware ;)13:26
EgyParadoxrazz1: Have you enabled port forwarding ?13:26
[Screamo]whats the difference between nvidia-96 and nvidia-glx-9613:26
seasonfiveblue_anna, then libc works until desktop then stop working ?13:26
=== ylmfos is now known as taoli
razz1EgyP, SSH portforwarding? or firewall portforwarding?13:27
blue_annawell, -- I agree, maybe its some specific combination with one of the desktop apps I launched13:27
seasonfiveblue_anna, looks strange to me13:27
blue_annathe one that always gives me the most problems is empathy -- it might be something that only empathy uses in the packages that updated13:28
EgyParadoxrazz1: Have you tried ssh pat@202.XX.XX.XX?13:28
tristanfont dammit! i can't figure out how to get it, i have a launchpad account13:28
tristani want it so bad, the new font13:28
razz1EgyP, server doesnot have a firewall. It uses a USB 3g modem13:28
seasonfiveblue_anna, which use memory (memory problem) or perform intensive cpu task (cpu overheating).13:28
joker_89anyone have a laptop using i3,i5 ? i hear an high pitch noise from processor where is in idle state. when processor is at 100% then the noise dissapear.13:28
TriciaHey, I noticed that if I open up gnome-terminal bby clicking a button is uses gnome keyring fine..... but if I use a keyboard shortcut to start it, it doesn't use gnome keyring13:28
seasonfiveblue_anna, i bet for hardware/driver problem :p13:28
ubu_hallo  thare i need i small suport13:29
razz1EgyP, same message, refused connection13:29
ubu_Nike+ iPod uploader for linux/ubuntu13:29
ubu_any one now ezy way13:30
tristani have a launchpad account but i can't figure out how to install or sign up to install the new ubuntu pretty font13:30
dubeydoes anyone tried 3G USB Data Card on ubuntu 10.04 ?13:30
nchasehi, do any of your use a console-based rss reader?13:30
vu1kanok, so I found myself an alternative to Yahoo!messenger, GYachE, but whenever I click the voice button, nothing happens...I did install the .deb with codecs(that is, the .dll and .acm files needed). If i run GY from terminal, the chat loads correctly, but when I click voice it returns "sh: gyachivoice: not found".  I got the program through baudm's ppa(loell's doesn't appear to be working) is anyone aware of a method to repair this...or could someone di13:31
ubu_Nike+ iPod uploader for linux?13:31
rwwtristan: you can't install it yet unless you're an Ubuntu Member.13:31
rww!membership > tristan13:31
ubottutristan, please see my private message13:31
tristanwhat is an ubuntu member?13:31
smt-mobilhi all, just a small question, ive got different scripts to do the same, they get called by different users, they both utilize cp (with -f) and chmod afterwards to set permissions to 777, now when i call that script that didnt initially create the target file(s) i get an permission denied on chmod, shouldnt the -f switch in cp remove the old file and create a new one with the right owner?13:31
tristanthank you13:31
MaRk-Ivu1kan: contact the packager "loell" and let him know about it13:31
Wil_sydrazz1: cat /var/log/messages13:32
vu1kanMaRk-I: thanks again, but it appears loell has stopped upkeeping the ppa, i've sent a message to the more current maintainer, i was just hoping that at a different time of day someone might have a quick fix for me13:33
pkkmHow to convert .flac to 320kbps mp3?13:33
dubeyanyone ?13:33
Euthanatosi can't update because i have broken packages.  I can't fix the broken packages because I can't update WTF?13:33
MaRk-Ivu1kan: no he hasnt because 1.2.9 is the latest version13:34
razz1will_syd, what am i lookin for, lot of messages!!13:34
blablubbpkkm: You can use ffmpeg for this task.13:35
captaincDoes tracker have an interface where I can see the surrounding text from a search query instead of just the files?13:35
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?13:35
MaRk-Ivu1kan: another method is to post your problem in the gyachi sourceforge forum13:36
Wil_sydrazz1: Attempt to connect, then check the end of the log.13:36
miazgatorwill flash player issues ever be fixed in Ubuntu? Kubuntu doesn't lag on fullscreen youtube clips when hovering over controls and Ubuntu does on all my 4 machines.13:36
miazgatorit's Ubuntu related issue13:36
downstreamdoes anyone know if anybody knows if i could ask a question? :P13:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:37
vu1kanMaRk-I: i'll give 'em both a go, +2 karma to ya!13:37
downstreamRudyValencia: if you didn't notice the pun, oh well13:37
Misteriomiazgator: That depends, if there is official-flash, ubuntu won't be able to fix it. If is free-flash or godknowswhat free programm, canonical will fix it (if there is a real bug)13:38
RudyValenciadownstream: ah lol sorry13:38
SegoRudyValencia: How do you find out what programs are on your computer that you can run from the command line?13:39
miazgatorMisterio: it's Ubuntu related bug, same flashplugin same browsers in Kubuntu and Ubuntu, and in Kubuntu everything is fine13:39
MaRk-Ivu1kan: If I remember correctly I offered you the steps to compile from source which you declined13:39
miazgatorMisterio: I am having this bug since like half a year now, and still no fix13:40
Misteriomiazgator: DId you check in another browser?13:40
vu1kanMaRk-I: yeah...i'm beginning to re-think that...i'm gonna give a day or two, hope that the ppa gets updated, i've never tried to compile and i don't wanna muss up13:41
miazgatorMisterio: Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Chrome and lots of smaller ones like Empathy etc13:41
miazgatorMisterio: definately an Ubuntu bug13:41
razz1will_syd,  last message was around 2 hrs ago. no new messages13:41
Misteriomiazgator: I would say gnome's13:42
zikzhi guys I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 notebook , I have to say I am very impressed with the speed however how can I change the applets I want to put the traditional gnome look again?13:43
=== xcv is now known as DaZ
MaRk-Ivu1kan: ok, then I suggest you keep an eye in gyachi/sourceforge forum ghosler is the main maintainer and loell the PPA packager ;^)13:43
EuthanatosHow do I fix a broken package that needs to be upgraded??13:43
otswinhello, why do i get "Password for 'default' GNOME keyring" on kubuntu every time i try to use svn?13:44
EgyParadoxrazz1: I believe it is a network issue13:44
EgyParadoxmaybe there is a firewall13:44
EgyParadoxSince the ssh server is running13:44
funkyweaselIn Ubuntu 10.04 desktop when I add a second Notification Area to the panel on my second monitor it is not populated by any apps launched.13:44
EgyParadox& there is no connection established13:45
=== rsfaze is now known as FUBP
funkyweaselOr rather - is it possible to add a second Notification Area to a panel on a secondary screen?13:45
DjAngo23I know the function "rename -v ’s/\.htm$/\.html/’ *.htm" but i want to rename all the files without extension to .txt How can i do that ?13:45
Wil_sydrazz1: cat /var/log/secure13:45
=== FUBP is now known as rsfaze
soreau_funkyweasel: Are you using two separate X screens? ie, cant drag windows between monitors13:46
funkyweaselsoreau_: No, one desktop split over two monitors13:46
atrkl_hi people13:46
DjAngo23Any idea guys ?13:47
atrkl_do you know a client of mysql to make sql queries ?13:47
razz1EgyP,  ufw status -> inactive. I havent used ssh to connect a system with USB 3g modem, they have internal Ip starting with 10.XXX.XX.XXX. I can ping the external ip.13:47
zikzwas it hard q?13:47
funkyweaselsoreau_: Ah, you can only meaningfully run one Notification Area per desktop?13:48
soreau_funkyweasel: Can you drag windows between monitors?13:48
DjAngo23I know the function "rename -v ’s/\.htm$/\.html/’ *.htm" but i want to rename all the files without extension to .txt How can i do that?13:49
razz1will_syd, cat: /var/log/secure: No such file or directory13:49
soreau_DjAngo23: Try13:49
soreau_DjAngo23: Try #bash or #sec13:49
EgyParadoxrazz1: Have you created an account named pat? , try changing the port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config13:50
EgyParadoxthat might work as well13:50
Wil_sydrazz1: your sshd should be logging somewhere.13:50
DjAngo23soreau, Thanks, totaly forget that ..13:50
isieohi, i can't seem to get my sound card working, it suddenly stopped working, i tried following the debugging sound problem, it didn't help so i reformatted and still no sound. my alsa info script generated: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=0394c1a81515e630d8b20b1180f1b3f7d686541613:50
PiciWil_syd, razz1: It logs to /var/log/auth.log13:50
cheater99how can i make an app start up with ubuntu?13:51
cheater99say an IM13:51
cheater99or Vuze13:51
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot13:51
miazgatorwill I be able to play .264 files in ubuntu with standard restricted extras?13:52
Ranjan_Cheater99 :: add the applications in start up application ..13:52
isieoanyone else having problems with: Realtek ALC892 audio card?13:52
Wil_sydPici: Thanks.. I don't have Ubutu open atm.13:52
soreau_miazgator: it might depend on whether or not your graphics driver supports this decoding type13:53
cheater99sweet, thanks13:53
miazgatorsoreau_: I've got Nvidia :P13:53
cheater99another thing13:53
cheater99i've got 9.10, how can i get packages from 10.4?13:53
Saturn_Neptuniis anyone from germany around who switched to 10.04?13:54
soreau_miazgator: it should kinda work, as far as I understand it13:54
Picicheater99: Upgrade to 10.04.13:54
blablubbcheater99: You shouldn't do that. Just upgrade to 10.0413:54
Ranjan_Cheater99 :: go for update or add repos for 10.0413:54
blablubbSaturn_Neptuni: Me13:54
PiciSaturn_Neptuni: Have you tried asking in #ubuntu-de13:54
cheater99pici: i just want some packages13:54
Picicheater99: You shouldn't do that, it is unsupported.13:54
EgyParadoxcheater99: It is not recommended , It is better to upgrade to 10.0413:54
Saturn_Neptunithanks. hello blablubb. and pici: I'll do that next if this doesn't work out.13:55
cheater99EgyParadox: i cannot do that right now13:55
cheater99EgyParadox: my internet connection does not allow it, i'm on mobile internet13:55
Saturn_Neptuniblablubb: Did you have problems with your alt-gr key in gnome-applications before and got rid of them through the update?13:56
razz1will_syd, its loggin this error, Error: bind to port 22 on failed, address already in use: Error: bind to port 22 on :: failed, address already in use; fatal: cannot bind any address13:56
Ranjan_Cheater99 :: just try to get an copy of 10.04  from your friends along with all the updates files ...13:57
soreau_cheater99: all the more reason not to do it - without a good connection to fix it when you break it13:57
cheater99when i upgrade, i have to update all the packages i have installed to 10.04 too, right?13:57
EgyParadoxI am not sure if you can upgrade from karmic to lucid using alternate cd13:58
blablubbSaturn_Neptuni: No I hadn't any problems with ALT-GR, neither before nor after.13:58
Picicheater99: You don't need to do anything special, it is all handled by the updater.13:58
Saturn_Neptuniwell, thank you anyway. I'll try the german channel.13:58
cheater99Pici: does the updater update the packages?13:58
Picicheater99: Yes. Automagically.13:59
Ranjan_Cheater99 :: I am not sure about that13:59
cheater99i can't do that then13:59
MaRk-Ivu1kan: these are the steps if you're interested: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/eZY5H48h13:59
Wil_sydrazz1: I can't help but "address already in use" is a good hint.13:59
EgyParadoxPici:Can he update to lucid using alternate cd?13:59
Picicheater99: Then you are stuck with the versions offered in 9.10.13:59
mouser--Are there any Ubuntu/Linux programs that are compatible with LapLink for DOS?  I'm using a parallel port connection and don't have a modem/serial cable on the source computer.  The only thing I found that was close was using PLIP, but I don't think that is compatible. .13:59
PiciEgyParadox: Yes.13:59
EgyParadoxim mean upgrade*13:59
indusEgyParadox, you can upgrade14:00
arunkumar413hi,i want to connect to internet using my mobile.But i cant find the APN option under moible broadband14:00
EgyParadoxcheater99: You can do that as well, but you have to download the alternate CD on your own.14:00
razz1Will_syd, appreciate your help, so from what I understand port 22 is not binding to any internal address, right?14:00
indusarunkumar413, still stuck ?14:00
cheater99alternate cd?14:00
arunkumar413indus: ya14:00
cheater99mouser--: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Serial-Laplink-HOWTO.html14:01
induscheater99, alternate cd is a text only installer14:01
EuthanatosHow do I fix a broken package that needs to be upgraded??14:01
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal14:01
s7Hi, my HP Scanjet G3110 using xscane scans with a blue hue. Need some help14:01
cheater99thanks guys14:02
vu1kanMaRk-I: thanks...i'll give it a go later today, if i can't get it to go through the ppa14:02
Ranjan_arunkumar413: I think wdial 'll help you in this regard14:02
patdk-wkanyone know how to get a thinkpad sd slot to work in initramfs? I added ricoh-mmc, sdhci, sdhci-pci to initrd, but it still can't seem to locate it14:02
remoteCTRL1is there a metapackage for kubuntu? or in other words how do i get rid of kde?14:02
cheater99also, i have a fairly complex problem with my touchpad14:03
MaRk-Ivu1kan: make sure you uninstall gyachi first, I'll be here for another couple of hours and it takes about 15 mins or less after installing all the dependencies14:03
cheater99maybe someone knows how to debug it?14:03
vu1kanIs there some way to determine whether or not synaptic is indexing a particular repo?(in this case a ppa) cause I'm not seeing loell's pagkages...i think I'm going to have to pull 'em down manually(no big deal, it would be nice to have this ppa work, i have a previous ver. through a different ppa)14:03
phil42what changed in  2.6.24-28.71-generic ?14:03
mouser--cheater99: Thanks, but that document appears specific to a serial cable.  I'm using parallel.   Also, I thought that the Laplink program used a non-TCP/IP connection.  Am I incorrect?14:04
cheater99mouser--: i don't know...14:04
Wil_sydrazz1: sounds like sshd cannot listen to port 22 because something else is using it. This post has some troubleshooting steps to find what is using a particular port....   http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-331673.html14:04
cheater99mouser--: do you mean the laplink from laplink.com?14:04
mouser--cheater99: Yeah. I have version 5 running on the source computer.14:05
vu1kanadditonally, it appears to be updating when i hit the button or when i <apt-get update>, but i'm still not seeing the packages in synaptic (sorry 'bout the multi line)14:05
cheater99mouser--: i bet you it's just a normal parallel cable.14:06
cheater99mouser--: in which case you can just use the faq :)14:07
mouser--cheater99: I'm also dual-booting with WinXP Pro, but from what I've read, XP doesn't support parallel the same way as previous versions of Windows do.  Sure, it's a normal parallel cable.  I just bought it the other day.14:07
cheater99oh right, the faq is for serial14:07
* cheater99 looks again14:07
KobeyBazhang can u give the link again plz ( for the manual for using ubuntu )14:07
[Screamo]Anyone know why ubuntu would start in low graphics mode for one user but completly fine for others?14:08
cheater99mouser--: this might help? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/30562114:08
mahen23[Screamo]: what do you mean low graphics mode? 16bit colors?14:09
bazhang!manual | Kobey14:09
ubottuKobey: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:09
KobeyThnkx bazhang d:o)14:09
mouser--cheater99: That was one of the first things I've tried.  It might be a configuration error on my part, but I couldn't get LapLink to recognize the direct cable connection.14:09
=== tech__ is now known as purvesh
cheater99mouser--: i don't think you use laplink for that.14:10
cheater99mouser--: it's just seen as a normal network connection.14:10
Trickscan anybody help with me setting up a local DNS server14:10
mouser--cheater99: The other computer only has Win3.1.14:10
cheater99so what do you have? 3.1 and linux?14:10
cheater99or 3.1 and xp?14:11
blablubbTricks: That's a complex topic. What have you done so far?14:11
Tricksthe problem I'm having relates to creating a zone file for local machines14:11
[Screamo]mahen23, erm everything is all gray14:11
blackswanin a dual monitor setup, how do you control which monitor windows get created on by default?14:11
blablubbTricks: That shouldn't be any different from any other zone files.14:12
Tricksblablubb, I have setup a cache ns which works fine, now I want to create a zone file for my local servers to enable hostname resolution14:12
sc30317does anyone know how I can get a gpg key from keyserver.ubuntu.com?  It seems to be down?14:12
mouser--cheater99: I have Win3.1 with PC-DOS 6.3 on the source computer and on the other computer Ubuntu 10.4/WinXP Pro.14:12
Tricksblablubb, indeed but for some reason I'm getting errors on mine, can i post it and you have a look?14:12
cheater99mouser--: just follow that ms article, and set up a normal 'network connection'. should work.14:12
blablubbTricks: Just add a regular Zonefile, and for each server ad line: "Servername IN A ipaddres"14:12
blablubbTricks: Sure, post it somewhere.14:13
jribsc30317: if it's down, use a different key server14:13
cheater99you might have more luck using something like norton commander.14:13
cheater99i think it had special options for parallel port links14:13
Tricksblablubb, I'm kinda new to this so I've probs done something wrong14:13
sc30317jrib, do you know where else would host the vserver key?14:13
mahen23[Screamo]: you can try these http://www.osguides.net/operation-systems/217-how-to-create-xorgconf-in-ubuntu-910.html14:14
jribsc30317: you can probably pick any keyserver you want, they all sync up.  Try MIT's for example14:14
[Screamo]mahen23, http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/5144/screenshot1id.png14:14
nangeI have a problem using 3 different monitors with ubuntu 10.04, Is this the correct channel for help?14:14
[Screamo]its not really in low graphics mode, just my user14:14
sc30317jrib, you mean php.mit.edu?14:14
MaletorI've got some stuff in my Applications=>Sound and Video that I don't want appearing there that came from when I upgraded ALSA. How do I get rid of them?14:14
sc30317jrib, *pgp.mit.edu14:15
jribsc30317: pgp I suppose, yeah14:15
s7Hello, I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , and I liked it a lot, however I'm having a little trouble.14:15
[Screamo]and the theme is old/gray looking before i changed it14:15
s7My PC freezes randomly for about 5-10 minutes and after that everything works fine again, then it freezes one more time and so on...14:15
s7I've been doing a little research and found nothing useful.14:15
s7I'm kinda new to this Ubuntu system so I might be missing something...14:15
s7I've got an Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2Ghz Processor and an Intel DGCC101 Motherboard with an Ati Xpress X200 chipset.14:15
FloodBot2s7: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:15
s7If you need anymore info just let me know Any help would be much appreciated.14:15
hotfloppyMaletor: right click on the Application, choose Edit Menu.. untick which one you dont want..14:15
[Screamo]what the hell14:15
TestSaoOkay I guess you're being flooded with help questions, right?14:15
mahen23[Screamo]: you are runningas root!!!!!!14:15
sc30317jrib, is there a way I can bypass the gpg check?14:16
mahen23[Screamo]: you are running in root account, and is bad14:16
[Screamo]mahen23, no, i just open a root nautilus to show you its fine with other users =/14:16
[Screamo]look at the other instance of nautilus14:16
jribsc30317: why don't you just get the key?14:16
Tricksblablubb, http://pastebin.com/KR60GgWQ thanks for your help mate14:16
sc30317b/c I can't find it jrib14:16
sc30317jrib, nm got it14:17
mahen23[Screamo]: i see  no difference14:17
EuthanatosHow do I fix a broken package that needs to be upgraded??14:17
nangeIs there anyone here that can help me setup 2 monitors + a laptop monitor, for a total of 3 working at once?14:17
blablubbs7: Could be anything. Maybe a hardwareproblem. Linux uses RAM different than MS does, so a faulty memory can cause problems on linux but not on windows.14:17
[Screamo]mahen23, then you blind >.>14:17
[Screamo]*you are14:17
=== administrator is now known as Guest87680
Maletorthanks hotfloppy14:18
hotfloppyMaletor: my pleasure :)14:18
sc30317thanks jrib!14:18
mahen23[Screamo]: only in root you are getting this ?14:19
[Screamo]root is fine14:19
[Screamo]my user account is not14:19
[Screamo]my other user is fine aswell14:19
mahen23[Screamo]: you messed with gnome themes14:20
mahen23different user have different themes14:20
[Screamo]i didnt mess with anything14:20
[Screamo]forgot to mention this was after experimenting with nvidia drivers14:20
Anarchy7hi all I am using ubuntu and win at the same time can I access windows files ?14:21
blablubbTricks: I think I found the error. I'm correcting the file. Just a second.14:21
mouser--cheater99: Thanks.  I'll try one of those.  If I could figure out how to dual-boot with FreeDOS and XP/Ubuntu and could find my old copy of Laplink, I'd just use that.14:21
Dr_WillisAnarchy7:  clarify what you mean 'at the same time'14:21
mahen23[Screamo]: you know how to change gnome themes, try playing around, see if it gets ok?14:22
cheater99mouser--: just get an old hdd. or even boot off a live cd.14:22
cheater99there's a freedos live cd floating around.14:22
[Screamo]mahen23, it doesnt, i have tried it several time14:22
nangeIs there anyone here that can help me setup 2 monitors + a laptop monitor, for a total of 3 working at once?14:22
Dr_Willisnange:  your laptop has 3 video outs?14:22
nange2, plus the monitor on the laptop14:23
Anarchy7Dr_WillisI am on ubuntu now an I want open a movie which was installed on my computer ... it is in win now ...14:23
iksikanyone knows something about a patch for bug which allows to get root on ubuntu ?14:23
Dr_WillisAnarchy7:  you can access windows filesystems. They should show in the places menu. Unless you are using the 'wubi' (linux inside windows) type install. Not sure where  they show up then14:24
Piciiksik: Can you rephrase or provide more information than that?14:24
rystraumnange: A friend of mine is using a sort of video splitter he bought for something like $200. He can extend to up to 3 monitors (+ his laptop) to a total of 4. It works fine with Xubuntu.14:24
Anarchy7I am using wubi ...14:24
mouser--cheater99: Oh, of course.  Thanks14:24
iksiksimple example14:24
iksikrm -rf ~/.cache && ln -s /etc/shadow ~/.cache && ssh localhost14:24
Ranjan_hello every body I am on ubuntu 10.04 and I am facing problem with gwibber  it is not showing all the msgs can any body can help me on this regard14:24
iksikenter > password14:24
FloodBot2iksik: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:24
iksikls -la /etc/shadow14:24
cheater99mouser--: that should solve your problem :)14:24
nangeI know the hardware supports it, it works in windows14:24
coz_rystraum,   yes I have seen this but not on linux14:24
ibbuhai is there any one14:24
Dr_WillisAnarchy7:  No idea then.  the thing may allready be mounted some where . check output of the 'mount' command and whats in /media14:24
coz_ibbu,  what is the problem14:24
iksikPici, same thing for everything else ( almost ), ie. for /etc/passwd14:25
ibbuhow to nstall mac theme to ubunt 9.1014:25
tim__Ranjan_: I can never get gwibber to work...14:25
coz_ibbu,  hold on14:25
tim__ibbu: Where did you get the theme?14:25
Dr_Willisnange:  the big issue will be the video drivers.. what is the chipset? ive never seen a laptop with 2 video outs. :)  perhaps a svideo + vga.14:25
cheater99so guys, my synaptics ps/2 touchpad just doesn't work, i don't even know how to troubleshoot it. it's like i'm not touching it at all. it works under windows xp, so i know it's a software problem.14:25
coz_ibbu,    http://ubuntuguide.net/install-mac-os-x-theme-mac4lin-in-ubuntu-9-10karmic14:25
mahen23[Screamo]: sorry, am going home, bye14:26
ubuntu_giantI have an ATI Radeon HD 5100.  With the past two upgrades, my graphics card doesn't seem to be supported: windows take forever to paint, and running Compiz is out of the question.  Anyone else having this problem?  I've tried reinstalling the graphics driver, but this didn't seem to help.  Any ideas? Thanks.14:26
Tricksblablubb, excellent thanks for your help14:26
nangeDr_Willis: Sorry, I'm not being clear.  It's on a docking station: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82Q33 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)14:26
arunkumar413how to connect two internet connections using wvdial14:26
ibbui got from surfing net14:26
rystraumcheater99: It doesn't really work or it works and then stops working after some time?14:26
blablubbTricks: Have a look.14:26
cheater99ryanakca: doesn't at all14:26
arunkumar413indus: r u there14:26
indusarunkumar413, yes14:26
KungFuBearOk, hi folks. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 and I have no audio. This is my output of lspci -v and aplay -l. http://pastebin.com/cUSsma4u   I tried looking for an alsa driver but my chipset is not listed as supported14:26
Ranjan_ibbu__:; have an look at moc4lin project14:26
coz_ubuntu_giant,    Radeon 7000 (or M6). For 7000 to HD4xxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD2xxx and later series cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.14:26
om26erubuntu_giant, which version of ubuntu ?14:26
indusarunkumar413, i suggest file a bug while you try solving, someone might take it up14:27
arunkumar413indus: do u know how to connect two create two connections using wvdial14:27
[Screamo]arunkumar413, at the same time?14:27
indusarunkumar413,i dont know , never done it14:27
vaibhavhow I can start transmission at particular time??  I tried with at command but it seems not working for me.14:27
Tricksblablubb, is it at the same address? http://pastebin.com/KR60GgWQ - that right? looks the same14:27
ibbuubutu 9.1014:27
Piciiksik: I don't see how doing any of that will do anything.  /etc/shadow isn't even readable by a normal user.14:27
iksikPici, well normal user OWNS this file!14:28
mib_skynetCan someone tell me ho to show the user colum on xchat?14:28
blablubbTricks: Ah - not it isn't, its here http://pastebin.com/wC9JrM9p14:28
iksikPici, $ ls -la /etc/shadow14:28
iksik-rw-r----- 1 xk xk 2922 2010-07-04 18:22 /etc/shadow14:28
Piciiksik: Not on a default ubuntu install.  /etc/shadow is owned by root:shadow14:28
Traveler6I'm trying to install ubuntu however I keep getting gpu lockup errors. I'm using nVidia GT 240 GPU. How do I prevent nouveau driver from being used with the live installer?14:28
arunkumar413indus: filing a bug is of no use. There are many people like me.They might have already filed a bug14:28
Ranjan_vaibhav:: try to lok at chron job part14:28
[Screamo]mib_skynet, View> userlist14:28
Tricksblablubb, nice one mate sec14:28
indusarunkumar413, have you checked yet ?14:28
iksikPici, damn... just try it, and then arg ;-)14:28
iksikPici, on my ubuntu, /etc/shadow IS owned by root, but after symlinking it into .cache14:29
arunkumar413indus: what is needed to file bug14:29
iksikand ssh'ing on localhost14:29
[Screamo]mib_skynet, or cntrl f714:29
ubuntu_giantom26er: 9.10.14:29
iksikit is owned by your user14:29
Dr_Willismib_skynet:  it should be on the right hand side, sometimes it gets resized to be hidden. mouse over to the right side and see if your cursor changes  so you can grab/resize it.. (theres also a setting to hide it i recall)14:29
iksiktested on most of ubuntu versions ( 10.04 is mine )14:29
ibbuok bye bye14:29
cheater99ryanakca: any ideas? :-)14:29
mib_skynetthanks you guys14:29
om26erubuntu_giant, Please try with the latest version of ubuntu14:29
indusarunkumar413, hmm a command ubuntu-bug <network manager>  i think14:29
ibbuc u latr14:29
rystraumcheater99: Have you tried this? http://rystraum.com/blog/2010/05/ubuntu-workarounds-fixes-1-of-many/14:29
iksikPici take a look https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6696197/ubuntu-bug.png14:30
vaibhavRanjan_: am newbie to ubuntu I dont know how to..14:30
ubuntu_giantom26er: Isn't 9.10 the latest version?14:30
cheater99rystraum: looking14:30
milk_er einhver herna fra islandi ?14:30
indusarunkumar413, yeah do that14:30
Traveler6I keep getting gpu lockup errors when trying to run live installer; how do I get around this?14:30
rystraumcheater99: It's not _exactly_ the same problem but maybe it could work.14:30
indusarunkumar413, and tell me what you see,14:30
om26erubuntu_giant, ubuntu 10.04 is the latest14:30
mib_skynetstill didnt work14:30
indusarunkumar413, give device details as much as possible14:30
arunkumar413indus: getting syntax error14:30
mib_skyneti tried to drag it and Cntr f714:30
om26er!torrents | ubuntu_giant14:30
ubottuubuntu_giant: Lucid can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/lucid/desktop/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/lucid/server/ubuntu-10.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture.  Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/14:30
ubuntu_giantom26er: Oh, yeah, I have that version...sorry, got a little used to typing 9.10. :P14:31
nangeIs there anyone here that can help me setup 2 monitors + a laptop monitor, for a total of 3 working at once?14:31
indusarunkumar413, ubuntu-bug network-manager14:31
Tricksblablubb, same error :S14:31
Piciiksik: /etc/shadow is owned by root:shadow on all 3 of my Ubuntu installs.14:31
rystraummilk_: Not really from Iceland but I can understand you, sort of. (OT)14:31
iksikPici, after symlink?14:31
indusiksik, yes it is owned by root14:31
om26erubuntu_giant, did you try to install the driver from System>administration>hardware drivers?14:31
TricksI don't have a reverse lookup file is that what's causing the issue14:31
indusiksik, dont know about the symlinkl thing though14:31
iksikPici, indus, https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6696197/ubuntu-bug.png after THIS 3 commands ?14:31
Dr_Willisnange:  you proberly should expand your info/question to mention intel video and a docking station. You may want to check the forums also.14:31
ActionParsnipnange: does your laptop have 2 outputs for display?14:31
=== Traveler6 is now known as trizicus
iksikindus, look and try it yourself14:31
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  aparently the Dock station does.. or somthing :)14:32
indusiksik, sorry dont want to run those commands14:32
nangeThe docking station does14:32
mib_skynetIm using Xchat on ubuntu14:32
ActionParsnipi see, funky14:32
ubuntu_giantAh, thank you om26er, I forgot about that. :P14:32
nangeDr_Willis: My forum entry is burred so fast, no one has a chance to see it.14:32
iksikindus, there is nothing dangerous with it if you are running it on Your box... but now... having ubuntu on the server machine is A BIG MISTAKE14:32
indusiksik, looks interesting though :)14:32
trizicusLive installer is giving gpu lockup errors, how do i get around?14:32
cheater99rystraum: didn't work14:33
ActionParsniptrizicus: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded?14:33
Piciiksik: What is the output from 'id' ?14:33
Dr_Willisnange:  Search the forums.. theres problery some posts similer to ir.14:33
trizicusActionParsnip: yes14:33
trizicusActionParsnip: I've even tested other recent distros14:33
cheater99rystraum: in the meaning of, the touchpad still doesn't respond14:33
iksikPici 1000, but i can change it in /etc/passwd ( with same steps like with shadow )14:33
Tricksblablubb, dns_master_load: lingray.uk.zone:2: extra input text - in /var/log/messages14:33
trizicusActionParsnip: I've come to realize it's a nouveau problem14:33
ActionParsnipcheater99: try i8024.reset and i8024.nomux=1 boot option14:33
Tricksblablubb, so confused14:34
nangeDr_Willis: I did, most people want to run to, those that run 3 use xorg.conf (sp?), something that isn't used in 10.0414:34
koskosim having problem with installing python modules plz some one help me sir/madam14:34
Dr_Willisnange:  you can use xorg.conf in 10.0414:34
iksik$ ls -la /etc/passwd14:34
iksik-rw-r--r-- 1 xk xk 3657 2010-07-08 15:19 /etc/passwd14:34
iksikedit it... change it14:34
iksikbox is owned.... ;/14:34
cheater99ActionParsnip: what do they do?14:34
ActionParsniptrizicus: you may need to do some jiggery pokery to blacklist or remove te noveau driver14:34
ActionParsnipcheater99: sometimes they are good at making touchpads work14:34
koskosim having problem with installing python modules plz some one help me sir/madam14:34
induskoskos, what problem14:34
nangeDr_Willis: How do I create the starting file with my current settings?14:35
trizicusActionparsnip: I've tried to no avail14:35
rystraumVerified with my VM what iksik said.14:35
koskosi need to install libhash or md514:35
induskoskos, from file import file14:35
Ranjan_vaibhav:: ok .. then please have an look at this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/schedule-tasks-using-gnome-schedule-a-cron-at-gui-in-ubuntu.html14:35
cheater99how do i set them? /etc/default/grub ?14:35
Piciiksik: hmm.. actually I was able to recreate it on my other computer.  interesting.14:35
iksik* SECURITY UPDATE: root privilege escalation via symlink following.14:35
iksik? debian/patches-applied/pam_motd-legal-notice: drop privs for work.14:35
iksik? CVE-2010-083214:35
koskoswher is that?14:35
FloodBot2iksik: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:35
rystraumrystraum@rystraum-desktop:~$ ls -la /etc/shadow14:35
rystraum-rw-r----- 1 rystraum rystraum 1063 2010-07-08 21:34 /etc/shadow14:35
ActionParsniptrizicus: you could customise the livecd and remove the nouveau package from the cd, then burn your new iso14:35
iksikok, sorry :P14:35
trizicusActionParsnip: I blacklist the nouveau driver and then startx but then it uses nouveau still.14:35
indusiksik, but wht is the point you are making ?14:35
trizicusActionParsnip: how to customize?14:35
rystraumindus: It's a security issue.14:36
indusiksik, its a known issue >14:36
ActionParsnipcheater99: in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= quotes14:36
iksikindus, i want to know is there any patch for ubuntu on this issue14:36
Ranjan_vaibhav::  hope the above link 'll help you14:36
indushmm ok14:36
Piciiksik: What day is that CVE from?14:36
Dr_Willisnange:  not sure. I use nvidia. You could use one of their forum posts xorg.conf's if they have one14:36
iksiki see there is something in debian repo14:36
ActionParsnip!customise | trizicus14:36
cheater99ActionParsnip: what file?14:36
iksikbut what with ubuntu?14:36
nangeDr_Willis: I also need to be able to un-dock my laptop and use it, something that currently works.  If i add an xorg.conf i think i will lose that ability.14:36
indus32 8 2010 it says14:36
iksikPici i have no idea14:36
ActionParsnipcheater99: like you said /etc/default/grub14:36
Dr_Willisnange:  no idea on that. just have to try it and see14:36
TestSaoMy hard drive is not recognised by Ubuntu14:36
cheater99ActionParsnip: file doesn't exist14:36
trizicusActionParsnip: nothing came up14:36
TestSaoDoesn't show up in GParted, etc...14:36
barfsterIs there a channel dealing with bios?14:37
ActionParsnipcheater99: do you use grub or grub214:37
vaibhavRanjan_: ya let me check...14:37
koskoshow to install python models14:37
TestSaoI'm on 10.4 (Gnome)14:37
indusPici, iksik so in laymans terms, what can be possible with this vulnerability14:37
cheater99ActionParsnip: i think grub14:37
TestSaoThe HD is SATA3, no RAID,...14:37
cheater99grub 2.14:37
ActionParsniptrizicus: if you'd websearch a little using my guidance you'd have found this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization14:37
induskoskos, i told you already how to import into existing file14:37
blablubbTricks: http://pastebin.com/hy80enEi14:37
induskoskos, also no such thing as a python 'model' you mean module ?14:37
cheater99ActionParsnip: actually, i'm confused. not sure. how do i check?14:37
trizicusActionParsnip: I found a link however it requires linux installed... I can't install linux so I cant customize ubuntu...14:37
ActionParsnipcheater99: then you will need to add it in /boot/grub/menu.lst to the end of each kernel line14:37
iksikindus, erm, everything... when You gain a root privilages, you can do enything... i'm using ubuntu on one local server, thats why i'm veeeery interested with some patch on this issue ;/14:37
koskossorry im new14:38
koskosbut how i do that :$14:38
cheater99ah there's menu.lst, found it14:38
induskoskos, tell me clearly what is it you are trying to do14:38
ActionParsniptrizicus: you'll need a workbench to work in so yes you will need linux installed, or if you have a tone of ram you can do it in the live cd14:38
cheater99so for example i have: kernel    /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUID=91998c61-9582-4840-9ef9-5c467deaf1f8 ro quiet splash14:38
koskosmaybe pv? indus14:38
indusiksik,if iam correct, /etc/shadow is symlinked to ./cache?14:38
Piciiksik: Let me do a little digging and I'll get back to you.14:38
iksikindus, right14:38
koskoscan i pm u ?:O14:38
barfsterIs unetbootin a GUI app? or console?14:38
rob_piksik: There is NO priv escalation on /etc/shadow following the alleged sym-link attack on my Ubuntu 10.04 install.14:38
iksikPici ok14:38
induskoskos, ask here man, its better14:39
Dr_Willisbarfster:  gui. and avail for linux and windows14:39
mnemochello, is there any mirror of keyserver.ubuntu.com?14:39
trizicusActionParsnip: This problem is live cd related... The live cd doesn't work... How can I do it on a live cd when I am having nouveau errors?14:39
koskostell me commands to do that plz14:39
rwwiksik, Pici CVE-2010-083214:39
iksikrob_p hum, your user is not an owner of shadow after this?14:39
rww.. stupid paste key14:39
cheater99and i'd change that to.. kernel    /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUID=91998c61-9582-4840-9ef9-5c467deaf1f8 ro quiet splash i8024.reset i8024.nomux=1          right?14:39
ActionParsniptrizicus: any ubunu livecd will do14:39
induskoskos, to do what , what do you want to install?14:39
rwwiksik, Pici: CVE-2010-0832 looks fixed to me: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2010-July/001117.html14:39
barfsterIs there a command line version of unetbootin?14:39
ActionParsnipcheater99: thats the one, try different combiniation14:39
rob_piksik: Nope:  rob@hostserver:~$ ls -l /etc/shadow14:39
rob_p-rw-r----- 1 root shadow 875 2010-02-05 03:30 /etc/shadow14:39
cheater99ActionParsnip: different combination?14:40
Tricksblablubb, wicked thanks dude14:40
induskoskos, python is installed by default on ubuntu, to run a program type in a terminal python filename14:40
Dr_Willisbarfster:  check the pendrivelinux web site. they may have scripts.tools to do it14:40
Tricksblablubb, I have more errors though lol14:40
ActionParsnipcheater99: like only using one, or the other. You will need to play to see what you need to make it work14:40
koskosi know14:40
iksikrww hum, then why 10.04 is still vulnerable ?14:40
koskosthis program i try to run14:40
cheater99ActionParsnip: ok thanks14:40
koskosneed some new modules14:40
iksikrww i've updated to 10.04 few days ago14:40
blablubbTricks: What errors do you get now?14:40
koskosits not on my computer14:40
FloodBot2koskos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:40
indusiksik, i dont understand the ./cache thing though, can any file be screwed like this14:40
pam_indus, i believe koskos is trying to ask how to install a python module which does not come as part of the standard distribution14:40
Piciiksik: Update.14:40
Piciiksik: The update came out yesterday.14:41
iksikhm hm14:41
koskosthat wht i mean14:41
Tricksblablubb, now my zone is a "bad" zone (that's not very nice is it) apparently there are no NS records for zone lingray.uk14:41
induspam_, you should help him then :)14:41
=== emergion_ is now known as emergion
koskoswhen i type python and i got that >>14:41
iksikPici, I see libpam-*14:41
induspam_, you waiting for me ? :D14:41
koskoswht should i type then ?14:41
ubclickis gentoo dead14:41
arunkumar413cannot connect to internet using my mobile.14:41
koskosto get one modules like libhash or sha14:42
induskoskos, ok you have to learn python now :)14:42
induskoskos, this is #UBUNTU channel14:42
koskosi have:$14:42
Piciiksik: I just patched and tried it again after resetting the ownership and it didn't work.14:42
blablubbTricks: Did you add the zone to named.conf and told Bind that it is the master for it?14:42
barfsterI need to make a bootable memory stick, what is the way to go?14:42
mnemocis there any mirror of keyserver.ubuntu.com?14:42
koskosits very good14:42
induskoskos, tell me which module is this14:42
cheater99ActionParsnip: let me try that now, i'll check back14:42
koskoswait scn14:42
ActionParsnipcheater99: have fun14:42
FloodBot2koskos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:42
barfsterI need to make a bootable memory stick, what is the way to go for command line?14:42
koskosthe md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead   import md514:42
Dr_Willisbarfster:  deoebnds on what you are wanting to boot. You can set up grub2 on it to boot a ubuntu ISO file if you wanted to14:42
Piciiksik: see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pam14:42
iksikPici ok14:42
koskosthis wht i got brother14:42
Picirww: Thanks for the links14:42
Dr_Willisbarfster:  or use the ubuntu usb-disk-creator tool14:42
induskoskos, any module in your home can be imported just by typing 'import modulename'14:42
Picimnemoc: use pgp.mit.edu14:42
TricksI did indeed14:43
barfsterapt-get install usb-disk-creator then?14:43
=== Ranjan_ is now known as Ranjan
mnemocPici: the ppa-related key i want isn't there :(14:43
rwwPici: np. I knew there'd be a use to subscribing to ubuntu-security-annouce ;P14:43
Dr_Willisbarfster:  its in the default ubuntu system/admin menu14:43
Tricksblablubb, I'm wondering if I've missed a step though...14:43
Anarchy7hey guys I just installed ubuntu and I was able to see 5-6 wireless networks, I rebooted now I see none :S14:43
koskosimport: command not found14:43
induskoskos, heh not possible :D14:44
rystraumkoskos: Are you in the python shell or in the regular shell?14:44
induskoskos, wait 1 sec14:44
blablubbAnarchy7: Is the wireless activated?14:44
Pici!enter | koskos14:44
ubottukoskos: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:44
induskoskos, you need to enter python shell14:44
rob_piksik: I was mistaken!  I was ssh'd into an older box when I tried it.  On Ubuntu 10.04, it does indeed give the user ownership of /etc/shadow!  WOW!14:44
rystraumkoskos: import works within python.14:45
induskoskos, type python in terminal14:45
Anarchy7blablubb , yes I told you I was able to see 5-6 networds, I rebooted now I see none14:45
iksikrob_p :-)14:45
Tricksblablubb, is it because DNS can't resolve it's FQDN14:45
industhis is not the channel for that14:45
Picirob_p: Please update. There was an update yesterday to fix this.14:45
koskosImportError: No module named libhash14:45
^mNotIntelligenthi all !14:45
rob_piksik: I'm glad I don't have 10.04 in production!14:45
bobfcincinnatican anyone reccomend a stats program that will let me open minitab *.mtw files?14:45
blablubbAnarchy7: Is the wireless still acticated _after_ the reboot? You can deactivate the wireless card from within the Desktop14:45
Tricksblablubb, do i need to make a entry for lingray.uk to point to my name server do you think?14:45
rob_pPici: Will do!  Thanks for the heads up!14:45
induskoskos, try #python14:45
^mNotIntelligentcouple of days back i did dist-upgrade from 9.10 to 10.4 now still have those old tray icons, thought they would be upgraded to the new one in lucid...can some one help me in this14:46
iksikrob_p AND 9.10 ? :-)14:46
Anarchy7blablubb:  I right clicked and I see wireless enabled ... also the wireless light is ON , on my computer14:46
Picirob_p: It was also bugged in 9.10: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2010-July/001117.html14:46
induskoskos, http://www.ibiblio.org/g2swap/byteofpython/read/14:47
blablubbTricks: Ok, I thought that lingray.uk was your domain. You shouldn't use existing toplevel domains like .com .uk. Use something like .mine or .internal (not .local) instead.14:47
Picikoskos: The python help channel is #python14:47
induskoskos, if the module is not in your namespace, it wont import for custom modules14:47
Tricksblablubb, ok no worries14:47
induskoskos, there is no standard module called libhash14:47
koskossha this name ?14:48
Anarchy7blablubb:  yes the wireless is still active ...14:48
Picikoskos, indus: This isn't on-topic for this channel. #python would be the best place to continue this conversation.14:48
koskosi tryied to install this to hash brother but i dont get any14:48
blablubbAnarchy7: Try iwlist scan on the console. Did you do any updates before the reboot?14:49
indusPici, ya i told him14:49
barfstersha1 and md5 are two different methods to do the same type of hash, the two hashes however are not the same14:49
Anarchy7I just installed wubi 5 mins ago14:49
Anarchy7fresh ...14:49
rystraumkoskos: I think you should learn python first.14:49
koskosyes this my dream14:50
koskoslearning learning untel i die14:50
koskosis good14:50
induskoskos, subscribe to python tutor mailing list , its very good14:50
induskoskos, start from www.python.org14:50
om26erhow can I remove the ubuntu logo in top panel?14:50
koskosbad english:(14:50
koskosits my big problem14:50
hotfloppyguys, is GTK+ available from Ubuntu repo ? i tried 'apt-cache search gtk+ | grep gtk+' but no luck..14:50
Dr_Willisom26er:  You mean the logo on the appklications menu?14:50
Misterioom26er: why would you want do it?14:51
azurephalangesJust a quick question. Can I use a SD card instead of a USB pendrive in order to trial run Ubuntu?14:51
om26erDr_Willis, yes14:51
Anarchy7Interface doesnt sipport scanning14:51
koskosi learn english frist14:51
indushotfloppy, its installed default and is an essential package i believe14:51
rob_pPici: All patched now!14:51
koskosthen python14:51
Dr_Willisazurephalanges:  not all machines can boot from SD card.14:51
blablubbAnarchy7: So you saw the wireless networks on Windows?14:51
om26erMisterio, cuz top panel dont resize to 22px14:51
koskosfrist bash14:51
azurephalangesNetbook I'm looking at, basicallu14:51
indusinfo !GTK-2.014:51
koskosthen python then perl14:51
rob_piksik: Yeah, the latest updates fixes the vuln.14:51
Misterioom26er: that logo is gnome's theme logo14:51
azurephalangesand my USB pendrive is deader than a dodo14:51
erUSUL!info libgtk2.014:51
ubottuPackage libgtk2.0 does not exist in lucid14:51
Anarchy7blablubb:  no on ubuntu just 5 mins ago on my first boot, I even tried to connect to one of them14:51
Dr_Willisom26er:  ubuntu-tweak tool can let you change it. not sure about deleting it.. and there is some quirk where changeing it only works with some themes.14:51
azurephalangesergo, SD card option14:51
erUSUL!info libgtk2.0-014:51
ubottulibgtk2.0-0 (source: gtk+2.0): The GTK+ graphical user interface library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.20.1-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 2455 kB, installed size 5944 kB14:51
koskosis that good thinking14:51
erUSUL!info libgtk2.0-0-dev14:52
ubottuPackage libgtk2.0-0-dev does not exist in lucid14:52
indusWHY is it optional i think14:52
erUSUL!info libgtk2.0-dev14:52
ubottulibgtk2.0-dev (source: gtk+2.0): Development files for the GTK+ library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.20.1-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 3679 kB, installed size 14920 kB14:52
indusisnt gtk required14:52
rwwindus: no14:52
blablubbAnarchy7: Ok, did you run any upgrades that caused the reboot? I'm trying to figure out if an update could have broken the wireless.14:52
indushmm i thought that draws all the windows14:52
iksikrob_p just downloading it now ;]14:52
indusin laymans terms14:52
om26erDr_Willis, I could try using a smaller icon with ubuntu-teak maybe that will work14:52
rwwindus: Windows aren't required to boot the OS.14:52
indusrww, i mean after desktop14:53
Dr_Willisom26er:  make an icon thats the same color as the panel :)14:53
io!hi | dubey14:53
ubottudubey: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:53
rwwindus: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-policy/policy.html/ch-archive.html#s-priorities14:53
rob_piksik: It was an eye opener to see it first-hand! :-)14:53
rystraumrww: I think indus meant drawing windows.. as in.. the application space.14:53
rwwindus: the graphical desktop is also not required14:53
om26erDr_Willis, u-tweak says the icon should be 24x24 :(14:53
rwwrystraum: I know what he meant. He's confused about package priorities.14:53
indusrystraum, you understood me correct :)14:53
Anarchy7blablubb:  I just clicked edit connections and then it asked me something is trying to acces ... I said allow only once and then it kept me asking forever, I said deny, closed it a little bit difficult after a few times deny deny deny ... and then the networks werent there after the reboot14:54
Dr_Willisom26er:  so? make a blank 24x24 icon. :)14:54
hotfloppyerUSUL , rww: so, the package name is libgtk2.0-0 or libgtk2.0-dev ? which one should i get to implement GUI in my program ?14:54
vaibhavRanjan: Thanks a lot man....14:54
dubeyi am using ubuntu 10.04, when i tried to update my os e.g # sudo apt-get update i am getting GPG error and some error saying that Failed to fetch http://x.x.x.x14:54
Dr_Willisom26er:  make it totally transparent. :)14:54
Anarchy7now I clicked always allow but nothing changed ...14:54
indusrww, you mean on the desktop install, its not mandatory?14:54
rwwindus: Package priorities have nothing to do with whether something is mandatory for the desktop install14:54
erUSULhotfloppy: you need the -dev package to be able to program agains the library ( it has the header files and all the stuff )14:54
rwwindus: consider actually reading the link I gave you14:54
=== gb_ is now known as GaMeBoY
hotfloppyerUSUL: thanks :)14:55
datacrusheris there a straight forward way to capture dv video via firewire on ubuntu?14:55
dubeywhat is the problem14:55
indusrww, who is talking about package priorities14:55
datacrusheranyone had success doing that?14:55
erUSULhotfloppy: if you are using C. if you use some other language you need the correct bindings14:55
rwwindus: you, when you expressed surprise about ubottu saying "is optional"14:55
blablubbAnarchy7: That was the password manager that saves the wireless passwords. You should "always allow" the network manager to access the password manager.14:56
rystraumAnyone knows how I can turn off the IRC status changes (entering, leaving, etc.)? It14:56
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »14:56
barfsterInstalling new machine now.14:56
indusrww, ah yes , i read the link , but optional is meant in a different sense14:56
rwwindus: that's what the bot means; it has optional package priority14:56
Dr_Willisrystraum:  totally depends on your irc client14:56
erUSULrystraum: depneds on the irc client14:56
blablubbAnarchy7: Let me have a look how to restore that.14:56
ubnuntu_giantHello.  Still having trouble with my graphics card.  I have every driver under the sun compatible with my graphics card installed.  When I go into System -> Administration -> Hadrware Drivers and click "Activate," the application downloads and then just hangs.  Anyone else having this problem?14:56
dubeyanyone ?14:56
rystraum... Stupid ENTER key. I was supposed to type I'm using Pidgin as my IRC client.14:56
rwwindus: not when ubottu says it in !info listings, it doesn't14:56
hotfloppyerUSUL: if i'm using, lets say code::block, do i need to do the binding manually ?14:57
indusrww, if you read my comment , i said its essential from a desktop perspective, not what a package priority means14:57
tuliohmhi people, i'm configuring my gmail with evolution client, but i can't set it up to only delete mails from the server if i delete them locally.14:57
erUSULhotfloppy: code::block is for c++ isn't it ? and it uses wxwindows not gtk+ ?14:57
rwwindus: You asked why libgtk+ is optional. The only message that used the term "optional" before you was ubottu. I was explaining why ubottu said it was optional.14:58
Damien123Enter text here...14:58
Damien123anyone good at ubuntu14:58
mouser--tuliohm: You're using an IMAP connection?14:58
indusrww, ok14:58
indusrww, thanks14:58
Damien123like fixing mic wise14:58
erUSULhotfloppy: i expect the instaloing the codeblocks package install all the needed libs to program with it14:59
Damien123sorry, bout spamming messages will be much longer since i got bandated14:59
erUSUL!info codeblocks14:59
hotfloppyerUSUL: not sure myself.. just start to learning..14:59
ubottucodeblocks (source: codeblocks): Code::Blocks integrated development environment (IDE). In component universe, is optional. Version 8.02-0ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 4096 kB, installed size 10604 kB14:59
indusrww, ah yes i see now14:59
R3cur51v3I got error: cannot allocate memory when upgrading on a VPS with 256 MB of RAM14:59
usr13 Damien123 Ask your question14:59
Damien123is there anyone here that can help me fix my mic on ubuntu it works on xp, i have capture turned up i can hear the mic but it wont record14:59
hotfloppyerUSUL: nope.. got an error about gtk.h or something like that when compiling..15:00
ubnuntu_giantAlright, I do get an error with the Hardware Drivers install.  I looked at the log file and this error keeps popping up:15:00
ubnuntu_giantWARNING: modinfo for module fglrx failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module fglrx15:00
indusrww, but my question is, on a desktop install gtk will be required or not15:00
rystraumDamien: When you say you have capture turned up and you can hear it, is that on Ubuntu?15:00
usr13Damien123: What application are you using to record?15:00
erUSULhotfloppy: install the mentioned libgtk2.0-dev15:00
ubnuntu_giantfglrx is another module at some spots.15:00
usr13Damien123: Audacity?15:00
rwwindus: GTK+ is installed by default on Ubuntu Deskop, yes.15:00
hotfloppyerUSUL: okay.. thanks..15:00
Damien123yes 9.1015:00
Damien123alsamixer, with pulseaudio15:00
Damien123tried original sound record too, and kmix15:01
usr13Damien123: What application are you using to record?15:01
indusActionParsnip, hi , but also gtg so bye, good day15:01
rystraumindus, rww: I think you're talking about the term optional in two different context (rww in package management and indus in desktop) and thus miscommunicated.15:01
Damien123audicity is a sound recorder, and the orgi15:01
usr13Damien123: Try Audacity15:01
indusrystraum, yes, but rww wants me to be correct :)15:02
Damien123no levels15:02
Anarchy7what is your favourite movie player in ubuntu? which one plays all of them and how to install it ?15:02
BluesKajubnuntu_giant, which ati graphics card do you have?15:02
indusok i have to go15:02
usr13Damien123: No levels?  where?15:02
hotfloppyindus, rww: sory to both of you.. i should state 'gtk+ for development' :P15:02
ubnuntu_giantBluesKaj, ATI Radeon HD 5100.15:02
rystraumAnarchy7: Try VLC.15:02
indushotfloppy, eh you are the culprit :D15:02
Damien123in audicity or in the volume control and the regular recorder15:02
roo0tany one using gyachi?15:02
indushotfloppy, ah the dev libs15:03
=== roo0t is now known as bihari
Damien123but the mic works i can hear it15:03
indusroo0t, dont use it, its old , unsupported, but ubuntu has a ppa15:03
rystraumbihari: The previous Pidgin?15:03
hotfloppyindus: lol15:03
dubeywhere to get fresh source.list file for ubuntu 10.04 ?15:03
usr13Damien123: alsamixer  # What sound chip does it show?15:03
biharipidgin does not support voice chat in rooms15:03
indushotfloppy, yes package exists to install to lucid i think, one fella called lloeb maintains it15:03
Damien123realtek alc86115:03
mhall119If anybody is interested in learning about the Ubuntu LoCo Directory project, please join #ubuntu-meeting15:03
bihariindus what is ppa?15:04
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.15:04
indusActionParsnip, hi15:04
R3cur51v3How do I determine how much swap I have and where it's located?15:04
bihariyes i got it now15:04
indusActionParsnip, good day, got to go now so bye15:04
usr13Damien123: so that's the one that's in the computer?  And is that the only one in it?15:04
indusrww, thannks for the link15:04
Tricksblablubb, just realised I didn't have the full stop after each hostna,me15:04
icerootR3cur51v3: free -m and df -h15:04
indushotfloppy, did you get the package name ?15:04
Damien123yes its integrated15:04
biharibut i have installed that gyachi but the problem is that it does not suport voice chat in yahoo rooms15:05
blablubbAnarchy7: Have look here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2008-November/015392.html15:05
ActionParsnipdubey: i can give you mine if you want15:05
indus!info libgtk2.0-dev15:05
ubottulibgtk2.0-dev (source: gtk+2.0): Development files for the GTK+ library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.20.1-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 3679 kB, installed size 14920 kB15:05
hotfloppyindus: yeap.. its exists.. will install it tomorrow at office.. my ISP limiting the bandwidth usage :P yeap.. got the lib name already..15:05
dubeyActionParsnip : yes, pls.15:05
usr13Damien123: And audacity will not record from mic?   Is it just that mic is muted or turned down to low?15:05
blablubbTricks: You don't need a full stop. If there isn't one, bind will add what is after "ORIGIN" to the hostname.15:05
Damien123got all set right15:06
Anarchy7weird I switched to windows and no networks here as well :S15:06
Damien123had to mute "line"15:06
Damien123but, i tried it low too15:06
ActionParsnipdubey: http://pastebin.com/itqCvevU15:06
Damien123even tried mic boost scripts or something15:06
usr13Damien123: Well, I dont know then.  There may be a problem with your implementation of audacity15:06
Damien123from sypnatic15:07
Damien123well can i tell what my pc is without opening it15:07
Anarchy7blablubb:  I dont understand how will this help ? I cant see them on windows as well now ...15:07
bihariso no one is using gyachi15:07
=== joerg is now known as Guest4822
rystraumAnarchy7: Hardware problem?15:08
blablubbAnarchy7: You're right - if you don't even see the wireless networks on windows anymore, than the problem is not related to the password manager.15:08
biharii think ubuntu have to take certain step for this problem coz large no of user using yahoo clint for chating15:08
Anarchy7it was working 5 mins ago ...15:08
arunkumar413cannot connect to internet using my mobile.15:08
usr13Damien123: Your pc "is without opening it"?   Can you elaborate on that just a bit?15:08
Damien123what type of thing im plugging my mic in15:08
Damien123im not sure if it needs realtek15:08
barfsterIs there a how-to on how to make a bootable linux system in the command line without all those fancy tools?15:08
rystraumarunkumar413: Is your mobile running Ubuntu?15:08
=== ellis is now known as Maletor
Tricksblablubb, ah ok thanks for that, so how does bind know where lingray.internal is? I get this error: localhost_resolver/lingray.internal/IN: bad zone15:09
barfsterIsn‘t it possible to make a bootable memory stick with dd and fdisk?15:09
rystraumbarfster: Make your own Live CD without GUI tools?15:09
arunkumar413rystraum: no,i wanna use my mobile phone as a modem15:09
Damien123man i sound better than lil wayne15:09
Damien123this blows15:09
barfsterrystraum: Yes, please, all those icons and all that crap confuses me15:09
Damien123one person on earth could explain, i can use blender ftw, looks better than quake but more like runescape but guess what15:10
Damien123no sound..15:10
martianbihari: isn't there an 'offcial' yahoo messenger for linux that supports it?15:10
usr13barfster: Ctrl-Alt-F615:10
ActionParsnipbarfster: use the minimal cd and only install the minimal system, you can build from there15:10
=== jcdury is now known as dury
Damien123from the mic anyway15:10
rystraumusr13: That's not particularly helpful.15:10
dubeyActionParsnip : getting GPG error15:10
Tricksblablubb, shouldn't there be a DNS entry so any requests made to lingray.internal goes to my internal DNS server15:10
slavhello :)15:10
blablubbTricks: In the named.conf (or somethimes named.conf.local) you tell Bind that it is reponsible for lingray.internal and where to find the zone file. There should be a paragraph starting with "zone "lingary.internal" in {"15:10
bihariyes there is no one which supports voice chat in rooms15:11
ActionParsnipdubey: ok whats the error?15:11
usr13rystraum: What exactly are you wanting to do?15:11
barfsterActionParsnip: Now we are talking :-)15:11
usr13rystraum: You said you wanted just command line?  Right?15:11
Tricksblablubb, ah so that's how bind knows15:11
barfsterActionParsnip: You are suggesting I should use the MiniCD and install on the memory stick?15:11
ActionParsnipbarfster: if you want to go even lower, use gentoo15:11
dubeyActionParsnip : http://pastebin.com/spam.php?i=6ZDixrsX15:12
rystraumusr13: barfster wants to make a bootable external device via CLI.15:12
barfsterAnd the memory stick should then be bootable from anywhere?15:12
blablubbTricks: Yes, the clients know by asking their nameserver. Which in this case should be the same machine where your bind is running on.15:12
usr13rystraum: Ok, sorry.  I missunderstood.15:12
ActionParsnipbarfster: theres a minimal iso (12mb) you can install and get just a boot loader, kernel and some modules with a few commands15:12
_genuser_Hello People.15:12
Anarchy7this can be the reason ...15:12
rystraumbafster: Unetbootin has command line options.15:12
^mNotIntelligenthi !15:13
_genuser_I have checked multiverse in the source repos. but a package that is supposed to be (chntpw) in the multiverse isn't being downloaded.15:13
lhavelundDoes anyone have a clue why I can't ./run this file? -rwxr-xr-x 1 lhavelund lhavelund 1235200 2010-07-08 16:12 gc.run15:13
_genuser_Is there anything I can do to verify that the changes took effect?15:13
barfsterActionParsnip: That is my regular install CD :-) So that one I know.15:13
rystraumand for the record, the ability to boot from external devices would depend on the BIOS settings of the particular computer.15:13
ActionParsnipdubey: gpg –keyserver subkeys.pgp.net –recv-keys 47E7FC8D; gpg –export –armor 47E7FC8D | sudo apt-key add -15:13
barfsterActionParsnip: Are you telling me I can use this CD, Choose command line and install on the memory stick?15:13
ActionParsnipbarfster: that will install the whole system, if you want to build up you need to start lower15:14
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Maletorhey Maletor15:14
Maletorhey Maletor15:14
ActionParsnipbarfster: if you have the desktop cd and install to the usb it will install a full install to the usb, nothing special15:14
JeffjsHello room!15:14
usr13barfster: rystraum  See:  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/15:14
martianbihari: http://www.phrozensmoke.com/projects/pyvoicechat/15:14
dubeyActionParsnip : gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.15:14
MaRk-Ibihari: contact loell the PPA owner and also, go to gyachi forum in sourceforge.net and post the same problem, because there's another user that gets no voice15:14
erUSULlhavelund: what error you get when you try ?15:14
ritinardohi there. how can I print more than one page on one sheet with gnome on ubuntu 10.4? I thought I had done it already but currently it doesnt work. Any hints?15:14
ActionParsnipdubey: you also have a duplicate repo some place15:14
xchapter7xI am having issues with 10.04.... starting up ssh from if-up.d seems to cause a conflict when loading multiple interfaces and crashes sshd... anyone experiencing anything like this?15:14
ActionParsnipdubey: gpg –keyserver pgp.mit.edu –recv-keys 47E7FC8D; gpg –export –armor 47E7FC8D | sudo apt-key add -15:15
usr13lhavelund: We would have to see it to know why.15:15
lhavelunderUSUL: I get "No such file or directory." -- after a bit of Googling, it seems like it might because it's a 32-bit binary15:16
MaRk-Imartian: that's the old maintainer (or the original) it's been forked15:16
lhavelunderUSUL: I'm on 10.04 server (64-bit)15:16
erUSULlhavelund: could be you have to install ia32-libs15:16
rwwlhavelund: that would be why, then15:16
erUSULlhavelund: could be; you have to install ia32-libs15:16
* lhavelund installs ia32-libs :)15:16
lhavelundthanks, erUSUL15:16
caps_lockHow can you view the files included with a package listed in synaptic?15:17
erUSULcaps_lock: dpkg -L package ?15:18
caps_lockerUSUL, so you cannot do this within synaptic?15:18
erUSULcaps_lock: packages.ubuntu.com ?15:18
=== Guest51387 is now known as madmax_x
erUSULcaps_lock: dunno; i'm used to cli apps15:18
caps_lockerUSUL, it's a solution nonetheless, thank you15:18
barfstercaps_lock: dpkg -l | grep -i package15:19
Anarchy7after typing this command it started working gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath_pci.conf15:19
milk_can anyone help me with configuring conky ? when i type in zcat /usr/share/doc/conky/examples/conkyrc.sample.gz > ~/.conkyrc it just says No such file or directory15:19
durydifferences between 9.10 & 10.415:19
rystraumcaps_lock: You can view the files