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sadielhey there! I'm trying to sync a folder in my home folder with ubuntuone. I have already opened an account, and according to the this tutorial [https://one.ubuntu.com/support/installation/] Y should see some "add this computer" button in my ubuntuone home page at my browser. But there is  no such button, and my computer is not listed in the devices synched with my account! Could I get some hits on how to get this going?02:31
duanedesignsadiel: hello02:37
duanedesignsadiel: that is a bug that has been affecting some  users. Fortunately the work around is easy02:38
duanedesignfollow the three steps here and you should be good to go:02:39
duanedesignsadiel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ#How%20do%20I%20add%20my%20computer?02:39
sadielthanks duanedesing, I'll try that!02:40
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duanedesignsadiel: let me know if you have any trouble02:41
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sadielHey, that worked alright, duanedesign! Thanks a lot!03:00
jdobrienduanedesign, thank you for all the bug triaging. if a user complains about their quota being wrong, feel free to assign the bug to me. I can fix it03:43
duanedesignsure thing jdobrien  thanks03:50
duanedesignjdobrien: i'll keep an eye out on the forums as well. As Forum Staff I try and keep an eye on the Ubuntu One section of the Forums03:57
jdobrienduanedesign, thank you03:58
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Chipacajdobrien: user ajenbo's quota is still wrong04:33
Chipacaand with that, I say good night04:34
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Zeu5hi i have a Pcitures folder in home folder. used to be sync, now no matter how many times i tried it just wont sync even when i did right click > sync with ubuntu one07:24
duanedesignZeu5: hello07:25
Zeu5duanedesign: hello?07:25
duanedesignZeu5: can you run the command:   u1sdtool --list-folders07:25
duanedesignand see if your folder is listed07:25
Zeu5yes it is lsited07:26
Zeu5duanedesign: but the folder does not display the tick sign07:26
duanedesignZeu5: and the contents are not syncing to the cloud07:27
duanedesignZeu5: can you run the command:   u1sdtool -s07:27
Zeu5duanedesign: yup u are right they are not syncing07:27
Zeu5hang on07:27
Zeu5queue is idle07:27
Zeu5duanedesign: queue is idle07:28
duanedesignis_connected and is_online = true07:28
Zeu5duanedesign: yes07:28
duanedesignand connection: With User With Network07:29
Zeu5is_error = false07:29
Zeu5duanedesign: yes07:29
duanedesignhmm. ok07:29
Zeu5duanedesign: connection with user with network des: processign queues connected:true error: false online :true queses: idle07:29
duanedesigncan you try:     u1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l07:30
Zeu5duanedesign: hang on07:30
Zeu5duanedesign: i think the result is 007:30
Zeu5duanedesign:  or the letter o07:31
Zeu5duanedesign:  shd be zero07:31
duanedesignlets restart the syncdaemon. run command:  u1sdtool-d ;u1sdtool -q ; u1sdtool -c07:32
Zeu5duanedesign: complete07:33
Zeu5duanedesign: same thing as before07:33
duanedesignwell give it a minute to do its local rescan and connect07:33
duanedesigncan you look in ~/.cache/.ubuntuone/07:34
Zeu5duanedesign: i have opened up the ubuntu one preferences and looking at it .. it quickly disconnected and reconnected and in progress and quickly says competle07:34
Zeu5duanedesign: ok07:34
Zeu5duanedesign: there is a log and partials folder07:35
Zeu5duanedesign: wat to do next?07:35
Zeu5duanedesign: okie and?07:35
duanedesignis it empty?07:35
duanedesigntry:   u1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l07:36
duanedesignstill 007:37
duanedesignalso check: u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l07:38
Zeu5duanedesign: both 007:39
duanedesignok now look at  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log07:40
duanedesignand paste the contents at http://paste.ubuntu.com07:40
duanedesignpost the address when done and Ill take a look07:40
Zeu5duanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46051107:41
duanedesignZeu5: one other thing to ttry while i look at that. run the command:  touch ~/Pictures07:43
duanedesignor whatever the folder is07:43
Zeu5okie i touched it07:46
Zeu5wat do i expect to see?07:46
duanedesignideally we would see  u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l07:47
duanedesignnot be 007:47
duanedesignand  u1sdtool -s  will not be IDLE07:47
Zeu5after i run touch and immediately followed by wc -l i still get 007:48
Zeu5duanedesign: and -s gives me idle07:51
duanedesignZeu5: at https://one.ubuntu.com/files/    do you see the Pictures folder?07:51
Zeu5yes i do07:53
Zeu5duanedesign: this situation only happens for my PC. on my laptop my pictures sync perfectly07:54
Zeu5duanedesign: previously my PC was fine with this as well, until recently07:54
duanedesignu1sdtool --info=/home/kei/Pictures07:58
duanedesigncould you please run that07:58
duanedesignshould look like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/460516/07:59
Zeu5duanedesign: nope i got some keyerror message08:01
Zeu5duanedesign: do u wan me to paste it for you?08:01
duanedesignZeu5: ok i think we are getting somewhere08:02
duanedesignZeu5:  could you please08:02
Zeu5duanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46051708:02
duanedesigni saw this a couple of days ago. Let me grep some logs real quick08:03
Zeu5duanedesign: u are right because on my laptop i get the correct message as you described in 46051608:03
Zeu5duanedesign: alllo? are u still there?08:21
duanedesigni know this was mentioned the other day08:22
duanedesigni am looking for it in the logs.08:23
Zeu5duanedesign: oh thank you very much. i tot you had been disconnected08:24
duanedesignZeu5: ok getting close08:37
duanedesigni found the log :)08:37
Zeu5duanedesign: :)08:37
Zeu5duanedesign: tat is awesome. if u can give me the link i will bookmark it incase the same situation occurs again08:37
duanedesignseems that the UDF root node info ins't in syncdaemon metadata08:38
duanedesignElvis is the user with the same issue as you08:38
Zeu5duanedesign: i have no idea wat you are talking about :D so how do i fix this UDF root thing?08:38
duanedesignZeu5: was the pictures folder already present08:39
duanedesignor did U1 create it08:39
Zeu5duanedesign: i believe it was already created08:40
duanedesignZeu5: can you run08:43
duanedesignpython -c "import cPickle; print cPickle.load(open('/home/elvis/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/udfs/8/b/8/8b8c9fc3-dde8-4a1f-808c-1877effe9097', 'r'))"08:43
duanedesignpython -c "import cPickle; print cPickle.load(open('/home/kei/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/udfs/8/b/8/8b8c9fc3-dde8-4a1f-808c-1877effe9097', 'r'))"08:44
Zeu5duanedesign: okie so now wat?08:47
duanedesignok now the commadn08:48
duanedesignrm ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/udfs/8/b/8/8b8c9fc3-dde8-4a1f-808c-1877effe909708:48
Zeu5duanedesign: i ve put it in my terminal so i see some instructions. i paste it for you hang on08:48
Zeu5duanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46053108:49
duanedesignZeu5: run u1sdtool -q08:49
Zeu5duanedesign: do u wan me to run the rm first or just go straight to u1sdtool -q?08:50
Zeu5duanedesign: i ve only runned the python instruction so far08:50
duanedesignso first u1sdtool -q08:51
duanedesignrm ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/udfs/8/b/8/8b8c9fc3-dde8-4a1f-808c-1877effe909708:51
Zeu5okie the u1 syncdaemon stopped08:52
duanedesignthen the rm command ^^08:52
Zeu5duanedesign: okie the rm is done08:53
duanedesignok now08:53
duanedesignu1sdtool --start; u1sdtool -c08:53
Zeu5duanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46053308:53
duanedesignlooks ok so far08:54
duanedesignlets start the syncdaemon and see what we get08:54
duanedesignu1sdtool --start; u1sdtool -c08:54
duanedesignitll take a minute or so to connect08:55
Zeu5duanedesign: hey i think its working!!08:55
duanedesignit has to scan the local disk first to check for changes08:55
Zeu5duanedesign: i have no idea how u did this08:55
duanedesignZeu5: its a fairly new and not common bug08:55
Zeu5duanedesign: and i ve no time to learn. can i just use these same instructions the enxt time this occurred?08:56
duanedesignyes the hint was the info command08:56
Zeu5duanedesign: i supposed this 8/b/8/8b8c9fc3-dde8-4a1f-808c-1877effe9097 canot be reused?08:56
duanedesignu1sdtool --info=/home/kei/Pictures08:56
Zeu5duanedesign:  inc ase it happened to another folder?08:57
Zeu5okie i am lookin at the info08:57
duanedesignok that nimber comes from08:57
duanedesignline 24108:57
duanedesignof your log08:57
duanedesignyou can also get that number with08:58
duanedesignu1sdtool --list-folders08:58
duanedesignthe format is  a/b/c/abc...08:58
duanedesigndoes that make sense08:58
Zeu5ah i see.08:59
duanedesignit shouldnt happen again but just in case keep the link08:59
duanedesigniths the convo between Elvis, joshua hoover, and veterok09:00
Zeu5okie thanks09:00
duanedesignZeu5: and you can always get help here. During the day there are lots of devs on.09:01
Zeu5duanedesign: i am on +8 UTC09:01
duanedesignwell 'day' in US/Europe09:01
Zeu5duanedesign: so you guys are 12 hours behind?09:02
Zeu5ur time zone is -8?09:02
duanedesignI am -509:02
duanedesignmy client is always on so you can leave me a message too09:02
Zeu5hey thanks duanedesign , so what time is best to come here?09:03
Zeu5u can give me the -5 version of the timing09:03
duanedesign13:00 - 20:00 utc09:03
duanedesignactually rye shows up in about an hour or two09:03
Zeu5duanedesign: oh i see. so for me it means around 9pm onwards09:04
duanedesignyeah its 8:00 utc09:04
Zeu513 + 8 = 21 hence 9pm - 4am here in +809:04
duanedesignlike i said rye and a few others get here probably 7pm your time09:04
Zeu5duanedesign: so its like 3 am for you there.. sorry.. i kept u up09:05
duanedesignno i keep odd hours :)09:05
duanedesignyou can use u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l  and u1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l09:06
duanedesignto gauge progresss09:06
duanedesignthe numbers will get smaller. It will do metadata first, then content09:06
duanedesignif you take off the | wc -l it will show a verbose output of the files/data it is syncing09:07
Zeu5duanedesign:  i gtg. bye09:11
duanedesigncya Zeu509:11
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ryeduanedesign, morning, i've been testing uploads with rate-limiting, so far setting up 10 Kbyte/s gives 10-16 kbyte upload, so for upload it looks fine12:16
duanedesignmorning sir12:16
duanedesignrye: had a user this morning with the UDF that showed up in --list-folder, but --info=directory returned a key error.12:18
duanedesignrye: removing the offending metadata fixed it.12:20
duanedesignthe user synced three folders. 2 of the 3 synced fine. All 3 showed up onder --list-folders12:29
duanedesignbut a u1sdtool --info=<path> returned  http://paste.ubuntu.com/460517/12:30
duanedesignveterok and josh helped a user with this issue back in May12:31
duanedesignrm ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/udfs/d/b/1/db1c87e3-d0cc-4376-8c12-48bb916cffca   fixed it.12:33
duanedesignrye: what are you using to measure upload/download speed?12:37
ryeduanedesign, iptraf on a vm which has nothing else to upload/download12:40
ryeduanedesign, download rate limiting works as well, hmm13:00
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jdobrienNickL, what's up?15:48
NickLhi, hope someone can help. Over the past couple of weeks when I've gone to purchase something from the u1 music store, I fill my basket, then click checkout, and it says "Connecting you to the Ubuntu One Music Store..." but just hangs there. Is that a known issue?15:49
jdobrienNickL, not that I know of15:51
jdobrienjoshuahoover, ^^15:51
joshuahooverNickL: no, this is not a known issue15:52
joshuahooverNickL: do you have ubuntu one setup on your computer already?15:52
NickLjoshuahoover: yes15:52
joshuahooverNickL: can you open a terminal session and run: u1sdtool --status15:52
joshuahooverNickL: and let me know what it reports15:52
NickLjoshuahoover: State: QUEUE_MANAGER15:53
NickL    connection: With User With Network15:53
NickL    description: processing queues15:53
NickL    is_connected: True15:53
NickL    is_error: False15:53
NickL    is_online: True15:53
NickL    queues: IDLE15:53
joshuahooverNickL: ok, that looks fine15:53
joshuahooverNickL: if you quit rhythmbox and then start it back up, do you continue to get this problem?15:54
NickLjoshuahoover: I'll try again. It's happened a few times in the past few days, but my computer may have just been suspended at night. 2 minutes.15:55
NickLjoshuahoover: looks to be okay now.15:57
duanedesignjoshuahoover: hello15:58
joshuahooverNickL: yeah, that is a known issue, where if rhythmbox or banshee is open for a while, the store will have problems making that connection, i forgot about that one, i mis spoke before15:59
joshuahooverduanedesign: hello15:59
duanedesignjoshuahoover: had someone in here early this morning with an issue that you and  veterok came across in May.15:59
joshuahooverduanedesign: what was that?15:59
duanedesignjoshuahoover: it was the UDF not syncing. It was showing up with --list-folders but when you did --info=<path> you got a key error16:00
duanedesignjoshuahoover: rm ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/udfs/8/b/8/8b8c9fc3-dde8-4a1f-808c-1877effe9097 fixed it.16:00
duanedesignjoshuahoover: just wanted to mention it, just in case. Here are the logs from the original troubleshooting you and veterok did. the user is Elvis. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/05/19/%23ubuntuone.html16:02
joshuahooverduanedesign: ok, i reviewed that chat log...i remember that now...i don't believe we (really verterok) ever found out what may be the root cause on this...he's out the rest of this week...i'm making a note to follow up on it since it's happen again16:06
duanedesignjoshuahoover: here was the users original pastebin of syncdaemon.log  http://paste.ubuntu.com/460511/  and the error from u1sdtool --info=<path> http://paste.ubuntu.com/460517/16:11
joshuahooverduanedesign: thanks!16:12
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