maekhi. Im a but confused on upstart. when I do status mysql I get this - mysql stop/post-start, (post-start) process 65100:05
maekwhat does that mean?00:05
mbieblmaek: pastebin your mysql job file, please00:09
maekmbiebl: whats that? the /etc/init/mysql.conf file?00:10
maekmbiebl: http://gist.github.com/46742700:11
mbieblmaek: looks like the job is hanging in th post-start script 00:19
mbieblI assume you have a /usr/bin/mysqladmin --defaults-file=$HOME/debian.cnf ping process running00:20
maekmbiebl: there is no process with the word 'mysql00:20
maekmysql running00:20
maekps ef |grep mysql shows only my grep00:21
mbieblyou should show all processes00:21
mbieblsomething like ps aux00:21
maekmbiebl: same, just my grep00:22
maekI thought ef shows everying in linux00:22
mbieblmaek: that is the process with id 65100:24
maekroot       651  0.1  0.0   1828   524 ?        Ss   15:59   0:01 /bin/sh -e /proc/self/fd/800:24
mbieblcould you show the child processes of 65100:25
mbieblthis should help you find out, where it got stuck00:27
maekmbiebl: pstree pid is the only way I can think to do that. is that correct?00:30
mbieblthat should work00:31
maekcdickerson@isodb02:/etc/mysql$ sudo pstree 651 sh───sleep00:31
maekmbiebl: got it working, thanks.00:49
twbWith a job like rc, which terminates, how do I tell the difference between "stop/waiting" (I haven't run yet) and "stop/waiting" (I ran, finished, and stopped) ?07:14
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